September 19th, 2013

At Least Seven Millionaires in the Shadow Cabinet
Thirteen Other Miliband Millionaires Around the Labour Leader

The Sun this morning points out it’s not just the Cabinet that is stuffed with millionaires. Crunching their numbers, there are at least seven in the Shadow Cabinet, and Ed has surrounded himself with another thirteen millionaire advisers or supporters. And of course, as regular Guido readers will know, Ed and Justine are not doing too badly themselves…

The research is based on a comprehensive study by Neo-Guido in this month’s edition of Spectator Life, Guido’s favourite bit concerns Ed’s millionaire spinner:

“When Baldwin is up late plotting new attacks on Tory toffs, he can do so from his £4 million villa overlooking Highbury Fields. Cruel former colleagues in newspaperland still fondly remember Tom loudly declaring after his wedding, ‘I’m on the deeds, I’m on the deeds.’”

So that’s a blow to the Old Etonian attacks and the “cabinet of millionaires” line in one week…


  1. 1
    Shane Warne says:

    Aw shit !

    Liz has given me the elbow.


  2. 2

    Labour Shadows thinking.

    It’s a bit rich, isn’t it?



  3. 3
    Ma­qb­oul says:

    But they’re not toffs ! It may come as a surprise but you can be a working class millionaire, dontcha know.


    • 7
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      They may not be toffs but they certainly are dross.


    • 11
      Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

      I do hope I’m not on the list of trash and C-list wannabes.


    • 18
      screwlabour says:

      Ludicrous, William Hague, Eric Pickles, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Maria Miller, Chris Grayling, Philip Hammond, how on earth any one of those can be described as a ‘toff’ is quite beyond me.


    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      There cant be many countries where the proles are as jealous of success as the UK, its fecking pathetic.


      • 34
        Joe Normal says:

        France is worse, they have a serious attitude problem when it comes to wealth and success.


      • 41
        Casual Observer 2 says:

        Pointing out that there is an oligarch cabal running the party which claims to be for the people exemplifies the hypocrisy at Labour’s core. Perfect allegory are the animal farm pigs.

        This is expected in the Cons and is only hypocritical there as they seem to be pushing an SDP agenda and have been promoting anti competitive policies whilst in the coalition.

        But it could be a mistake to interpret oppressive economic and social policy which restricts mobility and business growth with ‘jealousy’


  4. 5
    Ron Barras says:

    Miliband has never worked in a real job.


    • 21
      Nickolarse Clegg says:

      Ha! What a loser! I worked for the FT for a couple of months 20 years ago, so never let it be said that I lack real-world experience.


    • 82
      Gideon says:

      Neither has our beloved leader Dave or his able assistant Georgie Boy, they are nearly all career political politicos now, true some do have directorships but a lot of them have their directorships for political access and connections. Say Geedes, how many of the cabinet (Tories) and ex politicos in the HoL are not just millionaires but multimillionaires. I could DO NOT really care if they are millionaires or not what is theirs is theirs, as long as they do a good job and use their common sense, and while favouring one part of the population take into account the effects on the other population.


  5. 6
    melvin says:

    Oh for heavens’ sake, we all know it doesn’t count as bad if you’re a Socialist millionaire, our religion is Hypocrisy.


  6. 8
    MB. says:

    The Mail has a story about Clegg this morning headed ‘Just an ordinary guy in the same old home?’. Shows the mansion that this ‘ordinary guy’ lives in.


    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      Clegg actually sounded bonkers yesterday in his speech, he seems to forget that they werent elected to Government but are only there to keep Labour out !


      • 49
        Casual Observer 2 says:

        Surely they only formed coalition with Cons as this seemed better for their objective than one with Labour.

        The Libs only have casting vote of sorts as no party was given an outight majority, particularly not the Libs. They have a king maker role at present but are not kings themselves.


        • 87
          Gideon says:

          The LibDems should have remained independent, voted with the Cons when they agreed with them and voted against them when they didn’t, they, the leadership, would have retained their integrity instead of just being the aunt sally in the partnership.


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Labour and Tories – two cheeks of the same @rse.


  8. 10

    I am sure that as a good socialist he will be encouraging them to spread their wealth amongst the poor


  9. 12
    MB. says:

    Interesting report on last night’s Big Debate about the Referendum on BBC 1 Scotland.

    ‘Uncontrolled mob rally: BBC ‘Scotland Decides’ debate’

    Very partisan presenter and anyone against independence shouted down by a very organised group in the audience.


  10. 13
    Handycock whipping it out says:

    I’m a millionaire, thanks to my boys. I could join the Labour Cabinet, after all I used to be a member of the Party. Boaz.


    • 98
      Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

      Don’t forget my villa in Spain, just like yours, from your boys, Handy, you promised. Jahbulon.


  11. 14
    Eats Shoots & Leaves says:

    Or even ‘crunching THEIR numbers’ Guido.


  12. 16
    Lord Blair of Wonga says:

    Look at my WAD!!!!


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Whats the latest on the Daughter in Law refusing to let her step Mum go to the wedding Tone ?Im feeling sorry for Euan already, she must be a right b*tch.


      • 42
        Lord Blair of Wonga says:

        I’m the Middle-East Envoy dontcha know…. I can solve any dispute. Must dash the chauffeur has arrived to take me to Netto


      • 63
        Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

        I notice Cherie’s half-sister was notable by her absence. Was she afraid she might be tempted by all the alcohol that was no doubt on offer?


  13. 19
    TobyG says:

    The shadow cabinet…. proof that money can’t buy class


  14. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, Guido, Guido, why do you spoil everything for this old retired schoolteacher who loves to read your blog first thing?
    Their and there, it’s and its, principle and principal, compliment and complement, it is all so easy. When I see these howlers I just stop reading. One of these days I’ll ask for a refund…


  15. 35
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    Are they millionaires by virtue of the value of their homes or do they also have millions to splash around.

    Gosh, if I had millions I would be on Amazon 23 hours every day.


    • 40
      Sunderland is a Labour rotten borough,thats why it shyte says:

      I am on Amazon all of the time now that Binns and Joplings have closed


      • 57
        Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

        Take it you don’t care for Peacocks, Wilkinson’s, Pound Shops and Charity Shops.

        Also, why don’t you just hop on the Metro and shop at Fenwick?


  16. 37
    lord mandelbum of fondleme says:

    Dont forget me,Ilove being a millionaire and mixing with those who have loads of dosh Geoffrey has been very good to me.


  17. 39
    You think I am going to disclose my name? :-) says:

    Education starts on the day one is born and continues, at a minimum, until the day one dies.

    It has become fashionable to deride a good education. As a result, anyone who has applied themselves, in or out of academia, is often insulted by hominids whose brains are closer to lesser apes whilst their physiognomic features still resemble those of a human being.

    Given that, one could almost excuse the eugenicists!


    • 46
      BOB CROW says:



    • 56
      Hide behind the curtain says:

      Nah the problem is all the plastic universities convincing their mug punters that they have a good education.

      There should be a student promotion system, so if someone is shining on a Micky Mouse campus they are invited to move up to a proper place of learning.

      Nowt wrong with the Open University route either. It’s considerably cheaper and its students have strong self motivation skills.


    • 91
      Cock up the arsehole time says:

      “Education starts on the day one is born and continues, at a minimum, until the day one dies.”

      So profound, so sensitive.


  18. 47
    I'm Bob from Pinner and I call myself Elsie Beattie says:

    …… , dear?


  19. 55
    You think I am going to disclose my name? :-) spotter says:

    You are either Ron Broxted or Tuscan Tony and I claim my free plastic toy.


  20. 60
    Handycock says:

    Leave Tom Baldwin alone.He used to work on the Portsmouth News and was always flowing in praise for me , infact I wish he would come back as I need a good PR man at present as Things
    Are getting tricky.I’m starting to feel rather unwell.


  21. 62
    Seven Deadly Sins says:

    Seven Millionaires. The Seven Seas. The number Seven.

    Seven is the number of men who allege Nigel Evans committed sexual offences against them. Can all seven be lying, what are the odds on that?


  22. 67
    Slotgob says:

    They’re mere upstarts in the gold accumulation stakes — nowhere near the class of me n’ my Tone.

    P.S. I hope all you plebs were suitably impressed with our Euan’s wedding — who gives a shit about excess — we’re New Liebour Plutocrats now — oink oink


  23. 69
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    Seen the absolutely ridiculous headline on the DM’s website? Housewife who won’t do any chores and only let’s her husband get his mouse out of the hole once a year!

    I suppose it’s stories like this that enables it to sell 2 million copies per day and goodness how many hits. Yes, I’m guilty too. My Current Bun substitute one may say.


  24. 74
    Medicated Gordon says:

    I’m surrounded by a Rich Cabinet, I made it out of Rich Tea Biscuits.


  25. 76
    Sunderland is a rotten borough thats why its shyte says:

    Just been readin listings for fringe events for Labour Party conference Own Jones Polly feature widely no doubt staying at the Grand.


  26. 79
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    I am intensely relaxed about people becoming filthy rich.


  27. 86
    b-b-p says:

    Under the 30 year rule the National Archives released documents concerning Thatchers Blueprint for the Dismantling of the Wefare State including the NHS.This is borne out by the employment of Nicholson by her and still overseeing those reforms take fruition.As I have stated in previous posts ‘they are all in it together’was by no means a flippant comment.When Blair came to power his first visitor to number 10 was Thatcher.Any Governments Radical Reformation takes decades to implement because of the very nature of the size of the task and the different Departments involved.Forget the Economic structure & the Deficits of Different Parties.The Financial Sector control our Economy & virtually everything else.Why is it that different Parties can jump into bed easily with another because the overall common purpose is the same.They don’t tell us to minimise resistence.BSB


  28. 90
    Lost in Clacton says:

    I want to live in a low inflation country full of millionaires.


  29. 99

    Go on, get that bottle of Krug down yer lefty throats!


  30. 104
    nick says:

    When do you suppose that the diehard Labour support will realise that Labour MPs are the same as the rest of the MPs- liars, frauds, expense cheats, self serving, me first mentality, more money please and rather juvenile in intelligence. Totally an unelectable party .


    • 111
      cynic says:

      It does not matter. Postal voting and councils run by the cultural enrichers will ensure the desired outcome even after the diehards are dead.


    • 115
      Amy Winehouse's Dad says:

      Sad but true.
      Socialism is an ideology of the Academics who then acquire the thugs to carry out their Agenda.
      It is not, and never will be, the party of the workers.
      Sadly the uneducated Workers will NEVER get it.
      Drop Languages and teach Economics in every school as a key topic.


  31. 114
    Amy Winehouse's Dad says:

    BBC Question Time.

    Left Wing as you can get and THREE Left Wing Feminists on Panel

    Why is the BBC allowed to get away with this bias ?
    Labour is no longer in government.

    Where is Erin Pizzey on this Agenda.

    Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace. why are we paying for this State indoctrination from Harperson and her cronies?


  32. 116

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