September 18th, 2013

LibDem Deputy Leader Opposes Free School Meals Policy

This is what Simon Hughes thinks about free school meals, revealed in a letter to constituents.

When the policy belongs to his local Labour council it amounts to “wasting extraordinary amounts of money”, behaving “like they have money to burn” in order to “fund handouts for those who don’t (need them)”. This is what his local party said about the idea on leaflets delivered to voters:

For some reason Hughes has been very quiet today…

Via @susiemesure and @victoria_mills


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, looks like Guido’s flushed out some Lib Dem hypocrisy. They’re on the run now, exposed and diving for cover!

    It looks bonkers to pay for all kids to have school meals when most of them have parents who can afford to pay.

    Schools are for teaching, not catering.


  2. 2
    just sayin says:

    When the Libs first took control of Richmond-upon-Thames LBC one of the first things they did was to scrap hot school lunches and offer sandwiches instead.


  3. 3
    Nickelarse Cleggover says:

    Don’t look now ladies, but I’ve raised another cock up


  4. 4
    not J K Galbraith says:

    No such thing as a free school meal.


  5. 5
    William and Kate Wales says:

    Our little George is looking forward to his free scoff when he’s five.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Just like the rest of his party;useless,snouts in trough a*seholes. The sooner they are cast into oblivion the better.


  7. 7
    Guidogram says:

    After 2015 you will be able to bugger the whole of the limpbums in a phne box, good luck.


  8. 9
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Like when he admitted at a meeting at the Ecology Party Conference in the 1980s, in Scarborough, I think it was, that he would be joining the Liberal Party, rather than the Ecology Party, as it was his intention to become an MP.

    Even though, he told us, that he knew he should join the Ecology Party, but had ambitions to become an MP.

    Yeah! Simon Hughes! Man of principal? Don’t think so.


  9. 10
    Sodexo says:

    Lobbyists work OK !


  10. 12
    Bill Quango MP-9 says:

    Mr Hughes will be giving a statement as soon as he can decide which of his two faces to speak from.


  11. 15
    BBC Political Propaganda says:

    BBC political indoctrination now infecting Radio 2 – starting today we are being treated to a series of programmes called Immigrants’ Desert Island Discs at 1.30 pm.


  12. 17
    Billy Big says:

    When I were a lad school dinners were for the posh, I got bread and dripping


  13. 18
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    The only hypocrisy with this idea is that it undermines the responsibility of parents to provide food for their children, and also undermines the rights of the parents to decide what their children eat.

    It would be more appropriate for those families which are in genuine need to be allocated resources outside of the school environment so as they can provide food for their children at school. This is already in place ?

    (NB: Special schemes involving lunch tickets etc. would lead to unnecessary emphasis of socio-economic division within school which would likely be counterproductive to learning)

    Schools should be able to decide at a local level whether they wish to provide catering and budget accordingly, with direct input from the parents association and governors.

    What all this wheeze does not cover is what can be done about those in positions of responsibility within schools who turn a blind eye to clearly malnourished children who are dr!ven to look for food in bins on site.


    • 39
      Mumsnet says:

      Hey Great. No need to give them breakfast, now they are getting a ” Good Hot Meal” at lunchtime.

      What’s that you say ” Free school breakfasts ” will solve that problem.

      And latch-key kids free school teas too.


    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      In my day the “butty eaters” were the ones with parents that cared. All the ones I know that went on to better lives all had packed lunches and sat together. Was it a cause, or a symptom, I do not know, but it was freedom.


  14. 23
    Ed Moribund says:

    For fuckeddy-do! I mean..snipper-tits.
    Why didn’t you lot warn me about free school meals..I could have promised that. ..Where were my advisers? Wonking on about ‘the economy’ as if any one gives a shit about that!

    I am going to look very foolish at conference unless we can pull something out of the bag…A free kitten for families? A Labour party appointed to Santa to give everyone a present on Christmas or alternative religious festival day?

    What !! Come up with something! Quickly!


    • 27
      Labour are Splitting says:

      Universal employment for all party members – particularly those who have union membership may help ensure continued funding from some.


    • 58
      Honest View says:

      Your ideas have some charm, but we need something BIG!
      How about family allowance that grows exponentially to encourage large dependent families- say £10 a week for one child, £100 for the second, £1000 for the third etc.
      This would prove a vote winner amongst all but the childless, and they can pay tax at 100% to help fund it, if you really want to be bothered raising the dosh. Why not just borrow it?


  15. 24
    Just thinkin says:

    What a shambolic bunch of amateurs.
    Only a fuckwit would vote for them


  16. 26
    Hawkeye says:

    Half the kids I see are obese. They should have free sports drills.


    • 30
      Whatever happened to that Olympic Feelgood Spirit says:

      Whoever decided to sell off shool playing fields en-masse shot the sensible notion of more exercise to help curb obesity in both feet.


    • 49
      Anonymous says:

      Most kids are not obese around here. It is another stupid statistic that is been put around to take more control away from parents.

      The old method was to plot the child on a graph as they grew. The development of the child should follow certain lines. It they divert suddenly away from the graph then they would need investigating.

      This was then converted into the idea of an average child (the middle line) and a way to determine how far away from average they were at any instantaneous point in their lives.

      The first method recognised the diversity of genetic background. The second is just eugenics by targeting negatively those outside the norm.

      This is another symptom of the degrading of the quality of health care to the lowest mental capability of the work force.


      • 50
        Anonymous says:

        It is also why malnutrition is not looked at with concern. They are targeting the fictitious obesity epidemic and any help to correct the statistics is seen as good.

        So no one cares about those getting rickets etc. They will help the performance figures and rewards.


  17. 28
    Dinner Lady says:

    Not more of the cheeky little buggers to feed! FFS


  18. 29
    jmf says:

    A bit of thread but I was listening to R4 yesterday and there was this women chuntering away who was introduced as a “Social Technologist” and today there was a quote from a “Professor of International Gaming”. Is there a Dept that deals with silly job titles or do you have to buy one like a Peerage?


  19. 33
    Simple person says:

    Why can’t we just abolish political parties, then MPs can speak for themselves and their constituents?


    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      That is how 2015 will to be run. We need individuals that represent the voters.

      For that the people must source their own campaign to choose the most capable local representative. The parties will not understand what has hit them.


  20. 45
    the Bubonic Plague says:

    How’s the badger cull coming along ?


  21. 51
    Pete Tachel says:

    It’s just a straight choice. Free school meals or unfree school meals


  22. 54
    Rob says:

    How about free meals for everyone? Why discriminate on the basis of age? I know my fucking rights!!!


  23. 55
    Anonymous says:

    Pupil premium is given to schools for those children on free school meals. Are all children to get the pupil premium now and how much would that cost?


  24. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Mind you if you have the opposite views promoted by your leaders it’s impossible to u-turn!


  25. 60
    Lib Dem Hater says:

    This is clearly an attempt to con people into voting Lib Dem something I would never do. It is a crap idea like most things that come from Clegg’s mouth.


  26. 61
    nick says:

    Simon Hughes? Oh yes the LibDEm wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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