September 16th, 2013

WATCH: Wind Karma Hits Ed Davey on the Back of the Head


  1. 1
    Guffaws says:

    Ed Davey, outclassed by a falling hoarding


  2. 2
    Ron Barras says:

    A pity it wasn’t a brick wall


  3. 3
    Health and Safety Officer says:

    Lucky it’s made out of a flimsy material otherwise the sign could have been damaged.


    • 69
      surlyscot says:

      pity it was’nt a 40 ton truck that hit the tosser! the shit is planning to cover the scottish islands with more fucking useless windmills, why does’nt he plant them in Berkshire the south downs or wherever posh manor he lives in, he does’nt realise being a half wit that the scottish islands are populated by English ex-pats!! wanker.


  4. 4

    Couldn‘t have happened to a nicer fella!


  5. 5
    Global Cooling says:


    • 47
      Gideon says:

      Geedo would like a trip on one of the windmill blades, on the other hand either of them would probably stop the thing rotating due to the extreme weight


  6. 6
    Brillo says:

    Lucky he wasn’t wearing a syrup!


  7. 6

    Hit Davey on the head? Any damage to the hoarding?


  8. 8
    Jay says:

    Didn’t flinch. Tough guy.


  9. 9
    Worried from Lincolnshire says:

    Every time I drive past the wind turbines near my parents house at least half of them aren’t turning.
    Most times none of them are turning.
    How the fuck are we meant to base energy production on this shit?


  10. 11
    Subdural Haematoma says:

    No where near hard enough.


  11. 12
    Tom Catesby says:

    Yet more piss and wind .


  12. 13
    Fatbott meets at the Bakery says:


  13. 18
    Paniagua v5 says:

    Just another thinly veiled attempt at a cover up.


  14. 19
    go Now says:

    Deportation would be best, probably with a bung. If they don’t like Britain and the British way of life then the solution is simples.


  15. 24
    John Ward (Medway) says:

    “Warmist’s hotair generates an excess of wind…”


  16. 27
    Tommy says:

    “A Muslim family who were sold a cheese and onion pasty which mistakenly had meat by Morrisons were … then offered them a bottle of champagne as an apology. The blundering supermarket sold the meat product – which is banned in Muslim culture – then apologised by offering them a bottle of alcohol, which they are not allowed to drink. The devout Khan family was ‘highly insulted’ by Morrisons supermarket over the meat and alcohol double offence to their culture and religion.
    Morrisons sold cheese and onion pasty with meat in to Muslim family by mistake… “then offered them ALCOHOL as an apology | Mail Online


    • 31
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      Did the child die? Was he hospitalised? No, did not think so. Anyways I’m sure that this type of thing would not happen in the Islamabad equivalent. They know what to do.


    • 33
      Paniagua v5 says:

      They can always give the alcohol away as a Christmas present.


    • 42
      Bert Simpson says:

      I’m sure the family will make the most out of the issue, to the detriment of one of Britain’s better supermarkets. Clearly, they are a careless family. Would you allow your three year old child to eat a pasty that’s even discounted because it near its sell-by date? Surely, caring parents would be offering their child more healthier food than a pasty? Will the compensation that they know will be coming their way still be spent on junk food for their child?


    • 50
      Feel Free to go home says:

      Stupid ain’t it? Mohammed says they can’t eat pork because in the hot shitty lands were they come from pork meat is full of worms. It won’t do them any harm here.

      As for being insulted by the booze then that’s their problem as Morrisons were not trying to insult them. It was a mistake, have you got that twats? It was a mistake and you are purposefully making it into an insult.

      Now as you clearly do not like life in Britain please feel free to go back home to whichever Stan you fled from because you didn’t like being there either.


    • 57
      Dweeb says:

      May I suggest this family fucks off and only buys from shops that deal in their style of food. Did you know most of the meat served by a certain hamburger chain in Muslum areas is Halal? Just the thought makes me puke, yet I’ve no choice and would probably be in big trouble if I complained. So I just avoid. Why can’t they?


  17. 39
    Ruprecht says:

    The fact that people may have left my employ and even written books about how bad I am does not mean they are still not in my employ. That’s just one of my clever tricks. Some people call it controlled opposition, I call it clever.


  18. 40

    Even with the burka it was obvious that she is an ugly cow!


  19. 44
    geordieboy says:

    Give Ed Davey a job at the Met Officethen close it down.


  20. 45
    Paniagua v5 says:

    This sign is a rollup type and is clearly not a liberal democrat one, as it doesn’t fold.


  21. 46
    Red Ruth says:

    In 2013, in Britain, the 7th largest economy in the World… poor people have to rely on charity to be able to eat. Not just the unemployed but working people… not just part time working people but those in full time work in receipt of the minimum wage

    This is appalling – and if a political commentator in the year 2003 had have written that this was going to happen ten years later in 2013 they would have been dismissed as a fantasist.

    Once Universal Credit kicks in – 500,000 using food-banks will in all likelihood become 5 million.

    Most right wing government since WW2… yep – I think so.


    • 51
      Gordon Brown says:

      I ended boom and bust.


    • 52
      Global Cooling says:

      Show me a family using a food bank and I will show you a mother who doesn’t know how to cook.


    • 54
      Your violin is broken says:

      Or they could get a job. Nows there’s a thought.


    • 59
      We are the losers says:

      Great free food, Iam poor people, we knew it would happen in 2003 because we had already had a session of Liebour crap being in charge, by the way Brown stole £100billion pounds from the private pension system, Argentina did the same trick to their pension system, if Brown had left the pensions alone, pensioners with private pensions would now have got us out of the sh1thole we are still in, Liebour for the people of this country, hah, for immigrants and politicians.


    • 71
      Right wing person? says:

      It’s be ause we’re the 7th biggest economy in the world that we can afford vanities like food banks.

      I’m eating a 90%-off sandwich bought at supermarket-closing-time. Very affordable, and I paid for it with my own earned money (after taxes paid)

      BTW, weren’t we the 4th or 5th largest before New Labour got in.


  22. 48
    You've Been Framed!! says:

    Naughty Sarah Teather gets her own back and earns £250!!


  23. 56
    Concensus says:

    Save us from this pie faced t u r d


  24. 60
    Penfold says:

    Possibly nine grams from a Nagant revolver might be a tad more effective…..


  25. 61
    Timmytour says:

    There once was a Liberal so boring
    He had DP’s viewers all snoring
    But they woke with a start
    And all started to laugh
    When they saw he’d been hit by the hoarding


  26. 62
    Just saying says:

    Ed, bet you’re reading this, being the self absorbed little man that you are.
    I think you are a useless cùnt.


  27. 65
    Rats says:

    He should be hit by an exploding windmill next


  28. 70
    Latimer Alder says:

    Can we have nice Mr Huhne back? He was so much more competent than Davey. Whatever happened to him btw?


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