September 16th, 2013

LibDems Will Put Up Taxes on Those Earning £50,000+

Most of the LibDem lines to take that were accidentally leaked to the press were pretty dull, yet their plans to put up taxes on anyone who earns more than £50,000 has piqued the attention of hacks. Especially given it will hit many senior political journalists. The memo points out:

‘We are looking at how the richest 10% of people, those earning over £50,000, could make a further contribution. The vast majority of people in the country would consider £50,000 a very large salary: these are not the middle income earners.’

That one could become an election issue…


  1. 1
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    Fortunately my bennies and pensions don’t come to that much.


    • 11

      And they are taxing those who they have recently taken out of tax with a 5p carrier bag tax.

      By the way any scientist will tell you that modern thin film carrier bags are very environmentally friendly, much more so than paper bags or the thick plastic bags that will replace them. They also readily and harmlessly break down in contact with the soil or UV radiation. To ban them or rather tax them to charity IS PURE POLITICAL TOKENISM.


    • 112
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I earn far, far more than that but I am not paying more taxes, it would certainly cramp my style. Boaz.


    • 121
      Overfortyandsuffering says:

      My pension is £34.50 a week. Anything over that should be taxed at 75% – that’s only fair. The greedy bastards. Vote Limp-Dem, you know it makes sense.


  2. 2
    Nick Clegg the Bagman says:

    Even rich people will have to pay 5p for a carrier bag.


  3. 3
    A Voter says:

    Quite right. This government has run out of ways of squeezing any more money out of the lower and middle classes, and so inevitably the rich are just going to have to cough up.

    The national debt has risen from 800bn to be a projected 1.4tn by the end of this parliament, due to George Osborne’s deficit reduction program.

    Someone has to pay, and it won’t be the people who have nothing more to give.


  4. 4
    fabians ARE EVIL says:

    They are not content to be fools – they actually go out and practice to be twats


    • 13
      Nick Cleggover - The Unthinking Man's Bonker says:

      Do not worry Saint Vince and his cohort Limp Dim MP’s will now pad up their expenses and hidden income by about 25% to make up for their increased taxes.


  5. 5

    MP’s earn, sorry, are paid over £50,000. Looks like expenses will have to rise to compensate. SPJ’s are the scum of the earth – take all their money in tax.


  6. 7
    Ron Barras says:

    Typical, always looking to tax more.

    Why don’t they stop wasting money instead?


  7. 8
    Car-Boot Tax Dodgers says:

    It won’t effect us chavs, we nick it in the week and flog it at the weekends. Never see a taxman here


  8. 9

    They might even emigrate…



  9. 12
    The Happy LibDem Care home for Barking LibDems says:

    MATRON, Vince has got out again just seen him on the TV he is up in bloody Glasgow and he taken the hat from the dressing up box.


    • 14
      Gor Blimey, Wisdom from Westminster is not an option says:

      But there are no rabbits available for the hat. Dead rabbits are more in Vince’s line.


  10. 17
    Bi Curious George says:

    My head says Conservative,
    My heart says Labour,
    My willy says LibDem,


  11. 18
    Vote UKIP, get Edman Van Milibandrompoy says:

    The Lib Dems cannot do this.

    Only if they get into coalition can this happen and only with Labour would it happen.


  12. 20
    Scots LibDem says:

    What about the tax relief on Buckie?


  13. 21
    widescreen2010 says:

    It is OK – the Tories will say ‘No’ when we have the next ConLab govt.


  14. 23
    Really pissed off says:

    I have worked fucking hard to get where I am on a good salary with no help from anyone along the way. I pay huge amount in tax anyway and see it pissed up the wall or given away to bennie scroungers of fucking effnics. Given I get no benefits of any kind, I am the single earner in my house and having to support two kids in Uni because I don’t get anything back like everyone else seems not enough for these cnuts. My disposal income as a result is far below that of someone below that 50k and probably even the 26k top bennie sucker. Well the lib dummies clegg and cable can fuck off if they think I am paying any more. I hope they are truly decimated at the next election. They are now dead in the water now if these guys even had a chance of winning even a few seats.


  15. 24
    Tony Blair says:

    I went into the bank this morning and asked the cashier if I can have the amount I can withdraw from the ATM increased, she said it depends, and asked if I earn more than 50,000 pounds, I replied, some days I do and some days I don’t!


  16. 25
    Liblabcon Party machine says:

    Looks like who ever wins the 2015 election they will have to take their retard libdem brother with them.


  17. 26
    Nick Clegg says:

    I’m so very very sorry.


  18. 27
    Hodge the dodge says:

    £50,000 is a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of money


  19. 28
    Nick Clegg says:

    The latest poll shows that 75% of the population hate me.

    The remaining 25% just think I am a cünt.


  20. 31
    Vince Cable says:

    I predicted the last financial crisis and nobody listened.


  21. 32
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Nice round figure hauled out of the air. Gives the lazy media a headline. Gesture politics by LDs just like the ineffectual 50% tax rate brought in for the final weeks of Brown’s reign of terror.


  22. 34
    Tojo says:

    Is not the BAG TAX enough, 20% VAT will go direct to the Government and not I suspect…. to charity. now this really is…. a TAX we do not have at the moment and mostly, a Tax on the ELDERLY.


  23. 35
    A veiled shape says:

    Tax all face coverings.


  24. 36
    Casual Observer says:

    As the next election is going to be fought on who is going to cost the individual voter less, Lib Dems have just nudged UKIP ahead.

    Perhaps as a hat tip to Labour, as this announcement will only serve to split the Tory vote further ?


  25. 50
    Sarah Teather's Size 16 bloomers says:

    Is this policy or just a briefing?


  26. 63
    Anonymous says:

    Fortunately the Limp Dems will be nowhere near office come 2015, mostly due to the toxic Clegg.


  27. 67
    Andrew Rawnsley says:

    Sources close to the Lib Dems tell me they are looking at plans to introduce extra taxes on high earners


  28. 68
    Tommy says:

    “A Muslim family who were sold a cheese and onion pasty which mistakenly had meat by Morrisons were … then offered them a bottle of champagne as an apology. The blundering supermarket sold the meat product – which is banned in Muslim culture – then apologised by offering them a bottle of alcohol, which they are not allowed to drink. The devout Khan family was ‘highly insulted’ by Morrisons supermarket over the meat and alcohol double offence to their culture and religion.”
    Morrisons sold cheese and onion pasty with meat in to Muslim family by mistake… then offered them ALCOHOL as an apology | Mail Online


  29. 72
    Voting Floater says:

    LibDems stop playing with themselves or anyone in their immediate vicinity to announce this?
    Don’t give up your wank job Vince.


  30. 73

    Well they have no new ideas.


  31. 74
    Swivelly says:

    Wonder if the rich people of Richmond will want to vote for Cable?


  32. 75
    Penfold says:

    Well that puts the Lib-Dicks fully on the side of Labour, tax aspiration and success.
    No doubt we will see once these beggars are in government a piece of legislation to make politicians pay and expenses and allowances tax free.


  33. 80
    The Overweening State says:


  34. 83
    An absolutely, absolutely , tiny, little point says:

    MPs on £65K voting to increase their tax bill? Not this lot.


  35. 84
    Err says:

    Is there a stand flogging purple ties again. What’s going on?


  36. 85
    Vince Incapable says:

    I didn’t say £50,000. I said £5,000.

    £50,000 Who earns that kind of money? Pop stars like George Lennon and Paul Harrison..and film stars like that pretty young Elisabeth Taylor.
    They earn up to £12,000 a year, so I heard.
    £50,000 would be the GNP of France for goodness sake!… The tax needs to be set at a reasonable rate of say 3/6′ up to £500 and say 45d for anyone earning an excessive £2500.
    Now..I’m off to buy some ceiling wax so I can wrap a parcel.


  37. 87
    Displaced Brummie says:

    One person on £50,000 gets hit by this tax.

    A couple each earning £49,000, they’d avoid it?

    How is that fair?

    Or aren’t the Lib Dems about fair, any more?


  38. 88
    john77 says:

    Ed Millionaireband thinks those on £50k+ are “the squeezed middle”, remember


  39. 89
    Rob says:

    Most people who earn £50k or more will be in London or within 20 miles. That won’t buy you a 1 bed flat in London, not even in some shithole.

    So you are rich, but you cannot buy even the cheapest property.

    Meanwhile, you can live in a house worth £2m which you bought 30 years ago for £395, earn £25k and be terribly poor.


    • 97
      JH943590345093450934 says:


      Even in the economically depressed areas there will be people on £50K plus.

      They will all work in the public sector of course, but still.


  40. 94
    Nigel Evans boyfriend says:

    Oh god please don’t tax my KY supplies, i cant take the pain anymore.


  41. 96
    The Critic says:

    Indeed -so MPs want 75K because 65K is not enough to survive on? Yet 5oK + is rich?

    The only think thatisi rich is these non-events wanting to tax us to death whilst bleating baout their own poverty stricken existence.


  42. 98
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    “£50,000 a very large salary: these are not the middle income earners.”

    so MPs get £65k and you lot keep telling us it’s not enough!!

    btw you havent mentioned if you lot are exempt ?


  43. 100
    geordieboy says:

    It won’t happen all the MP’s are on £65k


  44. 104
    geordieboy says:

    Mansion Tax on £2 million properties. Havn’t the Lib Dems heard of the expression “Asset rich cash poor” The bastards need exterminating.


  45. 110
    Jack the Ripper says:

    I like the word “contribution.”


  46. 111
    Jeremy Clarkson's alter ego says:

    i’m going to to stand in Twickenham and give Vince a piece of my mind – Ed who?


  47. 114
    Drunk Lawyer says:

    £50,000 is, relatively speaking, a large salary. It is not, and never again will be, a very large salary.

    This policy will only appeal to angry Trots who think that anyone earning above the median is an establishment goon. Since such people have sworn never to vote Lib Dem again, you really have to wonder what donkey has been put in charge of strategy.

    However, if they proposed that all earnings below £50,000 were to be at the basic rate of income tax, and made earnings above that level subject to 45% tax, they might be onto a more popular policy. That said, I doubt the sums would add-up: successive Governments have been utterly dependent on fiscal drag.


  48. 115
    Mathers says:

    FFS !! Just spend less money if you’re collecting less !!

    So a liberal’s advice to shop owner seeing hard times would be to just increase prices ??


  49. 116
    Mathers says:

    Hey, nice to see £50K being a large salary. You could afford a £150K house with that, and that as we all know is a mansion.


  50. 117
    David says:

    £50 K p.a. is not enough to buy an average house in London.
    Why not scrap income tax and have a land value tax instead?
    Much fairer as it is not just salary that makes someone well off but also what assets they have.


    • 119
      Tony Blair Says says:

      Too complicated to implement – let the middle class plebs pay – someone needs to or how else will we finance my next war.


    • 128
      Vote UKIP says:

      If I’ve already paid 40% income tax and 12% NI on my salary. If I spend it on a house, why should it get taxed again?


  51. 118
    Anonymous says:

    The top 10% currently give the government 50% of its tax take. Vince thinks that they (and I am included in this) should pay more because that would be fairer?

    From BBC Web
    Currently the top 10% of all income tax payers in the UK pay about 59% of all income tax


  52. 126
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    If you earn over fifty grand why dont they just imprison you?


  53. 127
    Vote UKIP says:

    40% of £50k is already more than 40% of £32k.



    • 131
      Still voting UKIP says:

      and someone earning £50 will already have at least 47.7% of their salary deducted due to PAYE and NICs.


  54. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Seems they have learned the lesson and wont be pushing policies they cant implement in any future coalition.

    But that indicates they think a coalition with Labour is more likely next time as I can’t see the Tories going with this one.

    Is that the real reason they didn’t go along with the boundary changes, keep that unfair and undemocratic advantage to Labour and hope that Miliband’s uselessness prevents an outright win?


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