September 13th, 2013

List of Shame: Every MP Who Employs a Family Member

Adrian Bailey: Jill Bailey £9,999
Adrian Sanders: Alison Sanders £29,999
Aidan Burley: Jodie Jones £29,999
Alan Campbell: Jayne Campbell £4,999
Alan Haselhurst: Angela Margaret £44,999
Alan Meale: Diana Gilhespy £19,999
Albert Owen: Samuel Blyth £29,999
Alec Shelbrooke: Susan Shelbrooke £14,999
Alex Cunningham: John Cunningham £9,999
Alistair Burt: Eve Burt £39,999
Andrew George: Jill George £4,999
Andrew Miller: Frances Miller £29,999
Andrew Robathan: Rachel Robathan £24,999
Andrew Smith: Valerie Smith £14,999
Andrew Turner: Carole Dennett £19,999
Angela Smith: Steven Wilson £39,999
Angus MacNeil: Jane MacNeil £24,999
Angus Robertson: Carron Anderson £29,999
Annette Brooke: Eleanor Perera £4,999
Barry Gardiner: Caroline Smith £24,999
Ben Wallace: Liza Wallace £24,999
Bill Cash: Bridget Cash £29,999
Bob Ainsworth: Gloria J Ainsworth £14,999
Bob Blackman: Nicola Blackman £34,999
Brian Donohoe: Christine Donohoe £24,999
Caroline Flint: Phil Cole £39,999
Cathy Jamieson: Ian Sharpe £14,999
Charles Walker: Fiona Walker £29,999
Cheryl Gillan: John Leeming £19,999
Chris Grayling: Susan Grayling £39,999
Chris Ruane: Gillian Roberts £24,999
Chris Williamson: Margaret Amsbury £29,999
Christopher Chope: Christine Chope £49,999
Clive Betts: James Thomas £34,999
Craig Whittaker: Sophie Whittaker £19,999
Dan Jarvis: Rachel Brookes £9,999
Dan Rogerson: Heidi Rogerson £9,999
Daniel Poulter: Carol Poulter £39,999
David Amess: Julia Amess £19,999
David Burrowes: Rebecca Chard £39,999
David Crausby: Enid Crausby £39,999
David Davies: Aliz Harnisfoger-Davies £9,999
David Davis: Doreen Margery Davis £34,999
David Hamilton: Jean Hamilton £29,999
David Mundell: Oliver Mundell £29,999
Dennis Skinner: Lois Blasenheim £39,999
Derek Twigg: Mary Twigg £29,999
Desmond Swayne: Moira Swayne £9,999
Diana Johnson: Kevin Morton £39,999
Frank Roy: Ellen Roy £4,999
Gareth Johnson: Wendy Johnson £14,999
Gary Streeter: Janet Vanessa Streeter £14,999
Gavin Williamson: Joanne Williamson £4,999
George Howarth: Julie Howarth £34,999
George Young: Camilla Young £34,999
Glenda Jackson: Clare Fletcher £9,999
Glyn Davies: Bobbie Davies £19,999
Graham Brady: Victoria Lowther £44,999
Graham Evans: Cheryl Evans £24,999
Graham Stringer: Eleanor Carr £29,999
Graham Stuart: Niki Roberts £34,999
Graham Morris: Michelle Morris £14,999
Greg Knight: Janet Knight £24,999
Gregory Campbell: Frances Campbell £19,999
Helen Grant: Simon Grant £9,999
Helen Jones: Michael Vobe £39,999
Henry Bellingham: Emma Bellingham £14,999
Henry Smith: Jennifer Lois Millar-Smith £24,999
Hilary Benn: Sally Clark £24,999
Hugo Swire: Alexandra Sasha Swire £34,999
Hywel Francis: Mair Francis £44,999
Iain McKenzie: Alison McKenzie £4,999
Iain Wright: Tiffany Wright £29,999
Ian Davidson: Morag MacKinnon £34,999
Ian Lavery: Hilary Lavery £24,999
Ian Liddell-Grainger: Jill Liddell-Grainger £34,999
Ian Lucas: Noah Lucas £9,999
Ian Murray: Hannah Woolfson £9,999
Ian Swales: Anne Marie Swales £9,999
Jackie Doyle-Price: Mark Steven Coxshall £19,999
James Gray: Phillipa Gray £34,999
James Paice: Ava Paice £14,999
Jeffry Donaldson: Eleanor Donaldson £24,999
Jim Dobbin: Mary Dobbin £34,999
Jim Hood: Marion Stewart Hood £24,999
Jim Sheridan: Joanne Riley £29,999
Joe Benton: Doris Benton £24,999
John Healey: Jackie Bate £14,999
John Mann: Joanna White £34,999
John Robertson: Laura Robertson £4,999
John Stevenson: Tracy Nixon £9,999
Julian Brazier: Katharine Elizabeth Brazier £19,999
Julie Elliott: Miles Elliott £24,999
Karen Bradley: Neil Bradley £44,999
Karl McCartney: Cordelia McCartney £39,999
Kelvin Hopkins: Patricia Hopkins £14,999
Kevin Barron: Andree Deane £14,999
Laurence Robertson: Anne Marie Adams £44,999
Lee Scott: Estelle Scott £34,999
Liam Byrne: Sarah Harnett £9,999
Linda Riordan: Stephen Roberts £39,999
Lindsay Hoyle: Catherine Hoyle £14,999
Malcolm Bruce: Rosemary Bruce £35,000
Margaret Beckett: Lionel Beckett £30,000
Mark Garnier: Caroline Garnier £40,000
Mark Pritchard: Sondra Spaeth £45,000
Mark Simmonds: Lizbeth Simmonds £25,000
Mark Tami: Sally Tami £20,000
Martin Caton: Bethan Caton £35,000
Martin Vickers: Ann Vickers £10,000
Meg Munn: Dennis Bates £25,000
Menzies Campbell: Elspeth Cambpell £30,000
Michael Dugher: Joanna Dugher £35,000
Michael Fallon: Wendy Fallon £20,000
Michael McCann: Tracey Ann McCann £35,000
Michael Moore: Alison Moore £20,000
Mike Penning; Angela Penning £35,000
Nadine Dorries: Phillipa Dorries £45,000, Jennifer Dorries £35,000
Neil Parish: Susan Parish £20,000
Nigel Adams: Claire Adams £20,000
Oliver Heald: Christine Heald £40,000
Owen Paterson: Rose Paterson £35,000
Patrick McLoughlin: Lynn McLoughlin £40,000
Patrick Mercer: Susan Gray £40,000
Paul Beresford: Julie Beresford £30,000
Paul Farrelly: Victoria Perry £5,000
Paul Flynn: Lynne Flynn £20,000
Peter Aldous: Mark Bee £10,000
Peter Bone: Jeanette Bone £50,000
Phil Wilson: Margaret Brown £40,000
Philip Davies: Deborah Davies £25,000
Phillip Lee: Anthony Lee £10,000
Rehman Chishti: Nusrat Ahmed £25,000
Richard Ottaway: Nicola Ottaway £15,000
Richard Shepherd: Davida Catleugh £40,000
Robert Buckland: Sian Reed £5,000
Robert Goodwill: Maureen Goodwill £20,000
Roger Gale: Susan Gale £40,000
Ronnie Campbell: Deirdre Campbell £15,000
Russell Brown: Gillian Carey £25,000
Sharon Hodgson: Alan Hodgson £35,000
Simon Danczuk: Karen Burke £30,000
Simon Hart: Abigail Hart £25,000
Stephen Crabb: Beatrice Crabb £20,000
Stephen Gilbert: Jaqueline Bull £15,000
Stephen Hammond: Sally Hammond £45,000
Stephen Pound: Maggie Pound £25,000
Teresa Pearce: Paul O’Neill £10,000
Tim Loughton: Elizabeth Loughton £10,000
Tom Harris: Carolyn Harris £35,000
Tony Lloyd: Angharad Lloyd £10,000
Valerie Vaz: Paul Townsend £40,000
William McCrea: Robert Watters £25,000
Yvonne Fovargue: Paul Kenny £25,000

£4 million-a-year of your money goes straight into their pockets…


  1. 1
    Andy Burnthem (1200 deaths and counting) says:

    So fucking what. If they didn’t employ the missus then they would have to employ someone else. A big fuss about fuck all.


    • 7
      You Marxist Kuntz says:

      Quite right comrade, nothing wrong with nepotism.


    • 12
      Troughing motherfuckers says:

      No, because it’s widely known that their spouses/daughters etc have a “job” in name only. In other words, taking OUR money for doing fuck all.


      • 24
        Joe Public says:

        Do you have any prof ?

        You are making an accusation that many could class as libellous – the opposite is widely known ! Go and spend a few days working with some of these people first and you will see the what they really do.


        • 39
          Passholder2Parliament says:

          I do work in Parliament. Most of the blood researchers are useless and do nothing. Every job they hold on taxpayers expense is one that somebody almost universally better qualified does not.


        • 56
          ... says:

          You are obviously one of them. The type who wouldn’t last five minutes in the private sector, by the sound of it…


        • 74
          FFS says:

          Oh wow, now we see just how many commenters posting here are part of the Westminster establishment, defending the indefensible.


        • 102
          Troughing motherfuckers says:

          Is that you, Mrs Beckett?


        • 114
          The only good MP is a dead MP says:

          “spend a few days working with some of these people first and you will see the what they really do

          Assist their bosses in totally f*cking up our country?


        • 154
          Fag End says:

          Well can we see the reviews of these ‘staff’ how are they performing in relation to their job specs and performance indicators for instance? If they for a ‘bonus’ what for? What is their sick record etc..
          These are not seen as real jobs by MPs, but as a means of padding out their incomes and helping out their families. MPs should be allocated administrative staff from the civil service who are already trained and assessed on a formal basis. There is no requirement for them to ‘recruit’ staff at all, if they need more specialised staff then again the civil service recruitment and selection process could easily handle it and provide full visibility on the process.
          It’s a trougher scam and needs ending.


      • 307
        feisanne says:

        My friend is the wife of one of the above MPs and let me inform you here and no that she earns every penny of her salary!

        Before she was an MPs wife she was a very successful PA to the director of a large worldwide company and earning more than stated in the above list. She gave that up to suppor her husband and raise her family.

        I don’t see what the problem is, the money would still need to be spent employing someone. Have you seen the amount of mail and phone calls an MPs office gets in one day? An MP alone couldn’t handle that AND the job we elected him to do.

        My brother’s a local councillor and could do with a secretary.
        This list is a waste of time.


    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      You are dead right. Leave it alone Fawkes its a non event.


      • 20
        The Public says:

        You are a thieving MP and I want my stolen taxes back.


      • 23
        Engineer says:

        That’s the problem, though. It isn’t a non-event. Some MPs relatives work genuinely hard for their salaries. Some, however, do not – and that is undeniably thieving off the taxpayer.


      • 32
        Married man with children who feels unrepresented in Parliament says:

        These look suspiciously like the figures from a report in which wages are put into a range (as in company acounts – not the actual payments. The only ones I would query are those outside the relevant IPSA pay scale:

        Most constituency parties (if given a choice) would prefer to select a husband and wife team (whichever way round) rather than a metrosexual apparatchik nominated by the party hierarchy or union bosses. They also tend to get upset (and are less well served) when their MP’s marriage breaks down (because he or she has got embroiled with their secretary, researcher or AN other in the Westminster hot horse). I therefore really do feel this story is silly.


        • 76
          FFS says:

          I notice that some of the amounts seem to be just below the personal allowance limit for attracting tax. It seems that those that set the taxes would rather not be paying them themselves.


        • 199
          SleeplessInKirkaldy says:

          There’s a Westminster Hot Horse?

          (Being facetious – I think you are right about the impact on marriages, etc.)


      • 115
        Just Saying says:

        Most of them do a good job, especially the spouses having to cope with weird working hours and work requests that a normal employee could not do effectively; so where appropriate spouses should be part of the MP’s team.
        My experience with foreign and British embassadors is to always be aware that their wives could be the ambassador’s chief advisor.
        My horror is Denis Skinner, the Beast of Ballsover, paying a fraction under £40k to a relative. Interesting to note he is also a trougher and hypocrite, as well as being well past his best and a loony voice in the wilderness.
        I can only presume the £40k is a tax threshold?


      • 118
        coopercap says:

        I agree. The only thing that puzzles me is why most figures end in 999. As far as I am aware there is no banding that would make it appropriate..


    • 16
      Ron Barras says:

      Name another job where you can put your friends and family on the public sector payroll?

      These people are scummers.


      • 19
        Andy Burnthem (1200 deaths and counting) says:

        Most small businesses would do the same. As long as they are doing the job then I don’t have a problem with it. When their hubby’s (a la Jacqi fuckwit Smith) are watching porn at the taxpayer’s expense then I do have a problem.


        • 27
          The Public says:

          Small businesses don’t usually do it with taxpayers’ money


        • 59
          Ron Barras says:

          Being an MP is not a small business. It’s a job paid for by taxpayers.

          If these scummers want to start up a family business, off they go. Until then they’re taking money and should live by the same rules that apply to everyone else in the public sector.


        • 63

          +1. Exactly.

          However if they cheat the system then hang ‘em high pour encourager les autres.


          • Taxpayer says:

            If? They are all at it.

            The list is above.

            Sack these leaches and ban the MPs involved from holding public office


        • 106
          The common man says:

          Small businesses have to make a profit and lose everything if they f%ck it up and don’t get their salaries paid by the public purse idiot!


        • 232
          FFS says:

          By the way , if you are a small business employing family members the tax office will take a very close interest in what you are doing. They are well aware of us plebs using means such as spreading income over family members as a means to maximise income whilst minimising exposure to tax and they take a very dim view of it indeed. They will be careful to make sure your family members really are doing work that justifies the salary.


    • 17
      Bored? says:

      Eurosport live – Davis Cup. Croatia vs Great Britain.
      Murray versus a 16 year old Justin Bieber lookalike.


      • 93
        Robert Roy o'Glenmorangie. says:

        I feel slightly sorry for Murray. Why did the midwife smack him in the mouth instead of on the bottom? And several times at that! It’s not his fault the ‘howdie’ hated his pushy mother.


    • 38
      It's not difficult is it? says:

      Why should they directly employ anyone?

      The civil service should provide them with an office, stationary and secretary. The MP should have no say in their pay, perks and sex life.


    • 72
      Fishy says:

      Agreed Andy.

      I’m sanguine about this….with the exception that the Dorries coven does seem a bit OTT (and did I read that that one of them was paid for only part of the year).

      While I’m not arsed, neither do I like troughers. Dorries seems like she might be taking the piss…she seems to have all of the characteristics of the UKIP troughers to me. wouldn’t surprise me if she joined them (but I suspect Nigel wouldn’t put up with the competition)


      • 84
        FFS says:

        She needed someone to open her mail while she was getting paid tax-free at her second job in the Australian jungle.


    • 139
      Lord Stansted says:

      WFT do they need to employ anyone? Being an MP is hardly rocket science, or do their egos not allow them to do any office work?


      • 161
        Sir William Waid says:

        They need someone to fill in letter templates:

        Dear ……

        Thank you for your letter. ……. has been a concern of mine since ……. and I will certainly take the matter up with ……. My party has made strenuous efforts to …….. which have so far been frustrated by …….. but I am confident that we will see real progress on this issue in a short time going forward.


        False Friend MP


    • 182
      Corinth says:

      we’re all innit together


    • 214
      MoreTransparencyPlease says:

      I suspect these disclosures have hit a few raw nerves. The number of people responding along the lines that it’s all a non-story (or “a big fuss about fuck all”) reinforces my impression.

      They wouldn’t have bothered to read this and related posts, let alone comment, if they really felt that.


      • 233
        FFS says:

        Looks like our MPs have actually got their wives to do something for their £40K p.a. – post “nothing to see here” remarks on Guido’s blog.


    • 259

      They’d be giving a job to someone who really needs it though wouldn’t they? It’s usually their partner they employ too so that’s two salaries going into one house, and did they advertise the job before they gave it to a family member? If not they are breaking the law. Plus the partner usually actually doesn’t really do anything, they are just taking the moeny.


    • 262
      EmpyScum says:

      Andy Burnthem – If they employed someone else it would cost the fucking taxpayer a lot less cuz they’d pay the prole (or Intern) doing the job fuck all, but cuz it’s going in the family pot, different story.


    • 298
      liberal says:

      Yep – they probably, pound for pound, given the hours and fiddley bits, work out cheaper than any other type of employee. They’re also a ‘more bounded’ security risk, as a whole. Did anybody ever do the/any sums to check out the real difference, or is it the same old?
      I’d like to see EVERYBODY able to employ whoever the hell they wanted at whatever rate the market will bear and at what ever optimal [= absolute minimim] tax they can legally get away with.


    • 306
      broderick crawford says:

      congratulations to guido and the team for what appears to be a very
      exhaustive and thorough piece of research.

      well done all !


  2. 2
    BarryW says:

    Somebody has done some homework.
    Thank you


  3. 3
    johnpreid says:

    Why is it shameful to employ a family member, if you’re single, and you dare your secretary and marry her, so what, should she resign?


  4. 4
    bergen says:

    All those “999”s.

    Reminds me of Woolworths.


    • 101
      Which Trough do you Require says:

      Is it a reminder of what number to dial when fraud is suspected?

      But really, why the 999s? Is it to keep them below some declaration level?


      • 221
        I can't remember my name any more. Thanks Obama. says:

        The 999s because on a first pass it makes the number look smaller.

        29,999 initially looks a lot smaller than 30,000 even though the difference is tiny.

        Basically, the 999s are a sign that that MP is profoundly dishonest.


    • 123
      From Limmerick says:

      An MP who shouldn’t have oughta
      Employed his wife, his son, and his daughter
      When shown the hard fact
      They went on the attack
      And put the blame on the reporter


  5. 5
    Orson Cart says:

    Just mischief-making drivel, which is a great deal of the content here these days. Those that are two weeks behind with the news are not alone. Concentrate on uncovering wrongdoing.


  6. 6
    Hmmm? says:

    What do these parasites deliver that an upgraded Citizens Advice Bureaux couldn’t?


    • 34
      Dem Bones says:

      They make the Laws that prosecute benefit cheats.


    • 55
      Married man with children who feels unrepresented in Parliament says:

      Hidden within this comment is a good point.

      Do we expect our MPs to scrutinise legislation and hold the executive account or to do that which the should be done by the local CAB?

      Either way, they need more adminstrative support (perhaps akin to that for a US congressman) not less.


      • 112
        The Public says:

        They mainly simply rubber stamp what Brussels says or regurgitate briefings from lobbyists. When Parliament cuts the ties with the EU, you may have a case to make, but not these days.

        Most of the rest of what MPs do is self-aggrandizement or parish council level casework


  7. 8
    Troughing motherfuckers says:

    Can you amend the list so their parties are listed next to their name?


  8. 9

    There’s a theory that with a family member nearby Ugandan relations may be averted?


  9. 10
    Dr Strangelove says:

    Has Vaz had a sex change ?


  10. 11
    Having to pay for it... says:

    It’s not just family members. Publish the lists of ones employing their girlfriends and boyfriends, including employing their gay lovers. That’ll make interesting reading!


    • 289
      I.M. Upjohn says:

      I wish to become an MP. Will I be able to pay off my rent boys by giving them jobs as my assistants? If yes. are there any checks or inspections to see if these people really are working and not just (ahem) steering my agenda? Is there any way of the authorities finding out if I pocket two thirds of the money myself, as Raphael and Fabio are used to living on the smell of a oil rag?


  11. 13
    Alf Garnett says:

    So what family relationship has Mark Bee to Peter Aldous MP?

    The only Mark Bee I know of is the Conservative Leader of Suffolk County Council.

    There can’t be 2 Mark Bees in this particular Bonnet.


  12. 15
    All in it together says:

    I like this on the Beast of Bolsover

    A “bit of London posh”…


  13. 18
    John W says:

    Why is it a problem? If MPs work many unsociable hours, often into the night/weekends, then it makes sense to employ a family member to support this role, particularly a spouse. So long as the family member is undertaking a job and their remuneration is fair for the tasks they undertake.


    • 35
      In the real world says:

      Nonsense. Lots of workers work unsocial hours. No MP ever works at 10.00pm till 7am, day in day out.


    • 70
      Dem Bones says:

      You forgot to add that MPs also often have 2 or 3 other day jobs.


      • 235
        FFS says:

        Being on “I’m a Celebrity” doesn’t usually count as a “day job” although I admit the hours are unsociable.


    • 77
      ... says:

      You are apparently not quite right in the head!
      How about shift workers take their spouses along to work “because they work antisocial hours”. You must be another ineffective pubic sector “worker” who thinks he is special.


  14. 21
    Dahlit boy says:

    Guido you naughty boy, these are high caste people with a status to maintain, it does not come cheap !

    For those of us of lower caste we can apply as an Intern and see if we can live off the bus fares.


  15. 25
    Two Bogs says:

    At least if they are married, they won’t be spending time shagging them eh Tracy?


  16. 28
    Living in 97.222% white Merseyside says:

    As they used to say in Hollywood:-

    Uncle Carl Laemmle (Head of Universal)
    Has a very big faemmle.

    People lost count of the number of relatives he employed. There was even one who had to look out of the window of the front office and raise the alarm if any ice-bergs were spotted drifting down Santa Monica Boulevard.

    Just a bit of useless information for you!


  17. 29
    Hang The Bostards says:

    This is pure Nepatism . Wouldn’t occur to such an Andover extent in the real world.

    These thieving bastards just don’t get it.

    Also why are so many of the salaries £xx,999. Is this to keep it £1 under specific troughing limits.

    Thieving bastards, their family don’t do as much work for the money. HMRC need to get a grip of this.


  18. 30
    Ed Balls says:

    I employ my wife and she does nothing, NOTHING!


  19. 33

    Reblogged this on Semi-Partisan Sam and commented:
    Yikes. Guido Fawkes has done a wonderful job of listing all of the sitting Members of Parliament who currently employ one or more family members on their parliamentary staffs at the taxpayer expense. To my mind, the only acceptable scenario for doing so would be if your family member just happens to possess vast prior experience of working on a political staff, or is a renowned expert an a particular issue or cause championed by the MP. This would reduce the number of MPs employing family members to the comfortable single digits, I’m sure. Just look at the list – as Guido says, this is a personal family enrichment scheme being perpetrated by a long and alarming list of our nation’s elected representatives, to the tune of four million pounds a year. This needs to stop. No more employing your wife to be your secretary. I don’t care to hear about individual cases where the husband and wife parliamentary team are wonderful – the risk for fraud and abuse is too great. Only when we introduce strict term limits and ban the practice of MPs hiring their own family to their political staffs can we begin to eradicate the scourge of the the career politician, and that even worse phenomena – the career MP who sees his public duty as a free ticket to enrich his or her family at the taxpayer expense.


  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    And some are more worthy than others……….If I was Jayne Campbell, or Jill George I’d be demanding a bloody big increase….


  21. 37
    JH943590345093450934 says:

    I don’t remember any other story that prompted the same number of panicky ‘rapid rebuttals’ from finger puppets.

    Go after these troughing bastards. We all know they regard this as little more than a topper-upper for their own salaries.


    • 236
      FFS says:

      Right. Exactly what would be the motiviation for writing a piece in defence of this practice unless you were one of those benefitting financially from it?

      Guido should try and track down where these “nothing to see here, move along” comments are coming from.


  22. 41
    HypocritFawkes says:

    Fawkes jumped the shark


  23. 42
    Pig Watch says:

    Nadine Dorries is taking the Piss.


  24. 46
    Voter says:

    If it is a genuine job, I see no problem. One would need to know, for one thing, whether they employ other people as well.


  25. 49
    Nepotistictastic says:

    Are you sure that David Anus should not be on the list, I’m fairly sure that in addition to needing multiple homes it is a family firm.


  26. 52
    P l e b says:

    The real scandal, mentioned yesterday, was that some of them didn’t know they were employed.


  27. 54
    Peter Ellis says:

    Hardly a List of Shame ! Which ones do you claim are not genuine workers ?


  28. 58
    jmf says:

    Mrs Bone seems to be raking it in, does she have to give extra special specials for this?


  29. 60
    Ron Barras says:

    The Cash family live to their name.

    Scummers, the lot of them!


  30. 61
    Pig Watch says:

    Looks like you have got the MPs greedy pigs’ attention Guido. Never seen so many comments trying to diss a post of yours.


  31. 65
    Nadine Doris' Dog says:

    I’m the only member of the family not on the payroll!


  32. 68
    Dougie says:

    Why have the figures changed halfway down the list from £xx,999 to £xx,000?

    Just askin’.


  33. 69
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Owen Jones confirms Gareth Bale will make his Real Madrid debut against Villarreal tomorrow.


  34. 75
    Troughing motherfuckers says:

    Dennis Skinner Lois Blasenheim £39,999

    Oh, the great socialist crusader for justice! Do his constituents know their socialist firebrand is raking in £39,999 on top of this £65,000 salary?


  35. 78
    Troughing motherfuckers says:

    Margaret Beckett: Lionel Beckett £30,000

    That must buy her plenty of hanging baskets. C-unt.


  36. 79
    Bill Quango MP -*y says:

    Test the sod


  37. 82
    Anon says:

    Hi – I’m interested in getting into politics, perhaps as a researcher or admin assistant. Can anyone suggest how I get into this profession?

    Oh, that’s right, my Dad needs to be rich enough that I can do an unpaid internship for a year, or my Dad needs to me an MP so he can give me a job.

    That is the problem.


  38. 83
    roger says:

    From my long experience in business the most cost effective and reliable people to employ are members of your own family. These MPs should be encouraged not frowned upon for getting the best value for taxpayers money.


    • 103
      Anon says:

      That’s fine, so I’m sure you won’t mind when the Chairman of the NHS Trust employs his brother to do your heart surgery….


      • 184
        roger says:

        What an inane comment. How do you compare heart surgery with these jobs that are being undertaken?


      • 201
        WoRaft ChIHUAHua says:

        If his brother is a heart surgeon, then no, not bothered. Why should it worry me, so long as he is doing a proper job?


        • 241
          FFS says:

          So you reckon that there is a good chance that these MPs have wives/husbands that make such good PAs that they deserve to be paid £45,000p.a. do you? More than double the national average?

          Well I think it is unlikely and I reserve the right to call any MP doing so a lousy tax-cheating, salary rigging utter scumbag until the MP proves otherwise. And the next time any one of them turns up at my house they will be getting a bucketful of kiddie vomit on their head and a punch in the face because I really have had enough of the war-mongering, cheating, lying, hypocritical bastards.


    • 146
      Pull the other one. Everyone knows that it is a SCAM says:

      If they are so good then they would have no problem winning a job selection process held by the civil service and if successful accepting a civil service pro rata 5 year fixed term contract then?


      • 176
        roger says:

        Why should the taxpayer have to pay for that prolonged process?


        • 186
          Pull the other one. Everyone knows that it is a SCAM says:

          The process only has to be done once. Only an MP would say having his missus as a secretary is vital. Goodness knows how captains of industry cope with having to make do with a company secretary.


          • roger says:

            I certainly wouldn’t trust the civil service to select any posts for my business. On behalf of the taxpayer I would happily trust my own judgement and select someone close to me who I know would be available for work 24/7.


    • 268
      danny nolan says:

      roger says:
      September 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm
      From my long experience in business …

      Oh hark at her.

      From my long experience in basic common-sense they are troughing barstewards.


  39. 84
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Of the twenty most expensive MP’s only t


  40. 86
    Troughing motherfuckers says:

    Yvonne Fovargue: Paul Kenny £25,000

    Judging by her appearance, £24,999.99 of that is spent on chocolates and cakes.


  41. 87
    Troughing motherfuckers says:

    Yvonne Fovargue: P*ul Kenny £25,000

    Judging by her appearance, £24,999.99 of that is spent on chocolates and cakes.


  42. 98
    Bill Quango MP -*y says:

    The Office of Bill and Sarah Quango

    – Office manager – Szencek Wilonavich – £41,000
    – Office secretary – Gavin Womble – £38,000

    Deed Poll.
    £10 and Porsche-Reggiana Quango and Chaucer Ulysses Quango are on the gravy train and lazy list checking journos are none the wiser.


    • 124
      Tachybaptus says:

      Is £38,000 pa an adequate reward for having to go through life with a name like Gavin Womble?


      • 137
        Bill Quango MP -*y says:

        Its only £10 to change it back when he leaves whatever ghastly university the idle loafer gets in to.

        Mind you. he was still the best candidate for the job..oh yes..first class…Sailed through the interview process which his mother carried out.
        She used to be both office manager and secretary … but had to retire and go and ‘work’ for another MP once IPSA started fiddling with a perfectly adequate system.

        Which reminds me. I am obligated to take on a certain son of an MP in 2018.


      • 143
        Zdzislaw Cygiel says:

        These English have such weird names!


      • 178
        Anonymous says:

        Is he one of the Wimbledon Wombles?


  43. 100
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Liam Byrne’s wife is called Sarah Hairnet ????!!!!

    ROFL !!!


  44. 105
    Squeeling like a Pig says:


  45. 110
    Casual Observer says:

    Crunching some numbers:

    Total troughers: 153

    Percentage troughers by party (not reflective of total amounts troughed):

    Conservative       : 48.37%
    Labour             : 37.25%
    Liberal Democrat   :  6.54%
    Labour Co-op       :  4.58%
    Democratic Unionist:  1.96%
    Independent        :  0.65%
    Scottish National  :  0.65%

    Combining Labour / Labour Co-Op Labour total is: 41.83%, still behind Conservatives.

    Next stop: Calculate the amount troughed by each party…


    • 121
      The only good MP is a dead MP says:

      An interesting one would be % of MPs of each party who are troughers.


      • 165
        Casual Observer says:

        As requested:

        Breakdown of troughing percentage as percentage of troughers vs. total representation of parties in Parliament:

        Democratic Unionist:  37.50%
        Labour Co-op       :  29.17%
        Labour             :  25.00%
        Conservative       :  24.42%
        Liberal Democrat   :  18.18%
        Scottish National  :  16.67%
        Independent        :  16.67%


        • 202
          The only good MP is a dead MP says:

          Blimey, well done! :-) I didn’t think you’d actually calculate it. The percentages are a lot lower than I’d assumed.


          • Casual Observer says:

            The figures used for total numbers of MPs currently representing in Parliament are:

            Conservative       : 303
            Labour             : 228
            Liberal Democrat   :  55
            Labour Co-op       :  30
            Democratic Unionist:   8
            Independent        :   6
            Scottish National  :   6

            This data sourced from:


            Parties not affected which have representation in Parliament:

            Social Democratic & Labour Party
            S!nn Fe!n
            Pla!d Cymru

            and of course the other ‘Independents’ not listed above.

            I have considered ‘Independent’ to be a singular party which can be considered inaccurate. Considering the independent candidate to be singular would lead to an odd anomaly suggesting the Independents have a 100% claimant rate.

            There was a slight error on Labour Co-Op figures above due to miscount of total MPs in house, their percentage is:

            Labour Co-op:      23.33%


    • 140
      Sir William Waid says:

      The Conservatives have more MPs, clot.


    • 158
      UKIP says:

      No UKIP.


  46. 111
    Handycock says:

    Ddisgraceful. Has Parliament no standards left. I employed a young Russian woman who worked day and night for me. An example other Mps should follow.


  47. 113
    Adolf Burley MP says:

    That’s the last press release you’re getting from me.


  48. 117
    skintmanwithoutajobinthenortheast says:

    Wish I could get my snout in the trough ……….


  49. 128
    wonkotsane says:

    Bit tactless including Mark Pritchard when his wife (she’s his PA) is divorcing him.


    • 152
      MIKE OXHARD says:

      He wasn’t paying her enough


    • 155
      Taxpayer says:

      Not at all. its a good illustration of the potential problems which can occur when the public is forced to pay the salary of a relative of an MP.


    • 159
      bergen says:

      And that’ll be an entirely seperate employment contract. If he gives her a redundancy payment I hope we’re not funding it.


      • 191
        Dr Strangelove says:

        Working with your wife/husband is not to be encouraged in my experience. It’s great to start with but then being together 24 hours a day you are really cramming 40 years of marriage into a ten year period and not many these days last 40 years.


  50. 138
    Sir William Waid says:

    1. Employ family member on generous salary.

    2. Get an unpaid intern to do his/her work.

    3. Wave two fingers at the electors.


  51. 142
    MajorFrustration says:

    Nothing wrong here – its the rules. MPs NHS BBC – state organisations stuffing the public again – great and the good always trump the voters


    • 173
      A Yank says:

      Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.


  52. 150
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Parasites All , now lets have an enquiry into just how much so called work these
    leeches do for Our money


    • 162
      Lessons Will Be Learned says:

      It would be chaired by an MP and addressed by MPs. Guess who will set the terms of reference and guess what the ‘findings’ would be.


    • 168
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      B&Q will have to stock up on whitewash again.


      • 210
        Dissappointed consumer says:

        FWIW, I’ve just come back from B&Q where I tried to buy some white gloss exterior wood paint plus undercoat (10 year guarantee) and they were out of stock.

        Prior to that, I went – foolishly – to Homebase, which did have the paint I wanted but, when I tried to get served, didn’t have any staff who could see me. Damn that cloak of invisibility.


  53. 153
    Casual Observer says:

    Total troughing amount breakdown by party:

    Total Amount: £ 3,979,898

    Conservative	   : £ 2,054,955   (51.63%)
    Labour	           : £ 1,419,958   (35.68%)
    Liberal Democrat   : £   194,995   ( 4.90%)
    Labour Co-op       : £   169,994   ( 4.27%)
    Democratic Unionist: £    69,997   ( 1.76%)
    Independent        : £    40,000   ( 1.01%)
    Scottish National  : £    29,999   ( 0.75%)


    • 166
      Casual Bystander says:

      Average troughing amount per MP for each party could be interesting.


      • 185
        Casual Observer says:

        Average amounts as requested:

        Average amount per MP overall: £ 26,012.41

        Independent        : £ 40,000.00
        Scottish National  : £ 29,999.00
        Conservative       : £ 27,769.66
        Labour             : £ 24,911.54
        Labour Co-op       : £ 24,284.86
        Democratic Unionist: £ 23,332.33
        Liberal Democrat   : £ 19,499.50
        NB: Independent / Scottish National are slightly anomalous as there is only 1 MP in each who are listed above.


        • 190
          Casual Observer says:

          NB: Independent / Scottish National are slightly anomalous as there is only 1 MP for each who are listed above.


        • 213
          Curious says:

          Just out of interest, how do you format your table data when posting? HTML? Looks rather neat.


          • Casual Observer says:

            Little bit hasty:

            Notepad in courier to get alignment and then wrap in ‘pre’ tags before post.

            Can do the same direct in spreadsheet with some formula’s and pre. Just preview in a fixed width font.


  54. 157
    GORDON BROWN cock says:

    Outrageous ! you wouldn’t find me abusing tax payers money in this way !


  55. 163
    P l e b says:

    Why no UKIP figures here?


  56. 169
    JM says:

    This is pathetic. What do you want them to do? Employ a non-family member and then get found out for shagging him/her because they are never at home with their partners?


  57. 174
    Bexie says:

    To be fair I know that some of these people work very hard for the constituency, Mrs Gale, for one, was an agent, and is a very effective executive.

    What needs to be rooted out are those who have the “post” as a sinecure.


    • 175
      Jackass Straw says:

      Totally agree.


    • 180
      Not so fast chopper. says:

      No. To be fair they go through the same competitive job selection process as any other public servant and have the same pay and conditions as any other public servant.


      • 197
        Bexie says:

        For new appointees I would concur, for ones that have been in the job for years, I dont think the expense is necessary. The decision tree is quite simple:

        Is your partner employed by you.

        If Yes, Is your partner really doing the job they say? Do they survive a review by IPSA? If yes do nothing, all is well

        If not, then put it to open selection.

        Simples as a certain rodent of African origin might say


        • 206
          The Solution is Easy says:

          Sack them all.

          Those who are actually competent can apply for the thus created and openly advertised vacancies to work with MPs to whom they are not related. They should compete with the public at large and the process should be monitored with an independent expert sitting in on the shortlisting and interviews.

          Those who are shit can piss off.



    • 195
      Nepotism is Bad says:

      Tough. The public interests are more important.

      None of these people should work in Parliament at public expense if they are married to, related to, living with or sleeping with an MP.


    • 249
      FFS says:

      Mrs Gale can continue to keep Mr Gale in the manner to which they have both become accustomed by working for free, but Mr Gale should employ someobdy recruited in the usual manner and at the market rate, not some rate he has plucked out of the air to maximise his income – i.e. exactly how do you justify paying her £40,000, more than a nurse, teacher or chartered engineer, for doing Mr Gale’s legwork because he can’t be arsed?


    • 269
      danny nolan says:

      Define work hard – 60 hours, 70 hours, 80 hours a week? Or 10 to 20 hours a wee.

      It seems to be that everyone in the public sector is a brilliant x and works fantastically hard.

      These MP hires are all sinecures.

      They should be civil service appointments – end of.


  58. 183
    a non says:

    Expect it has been mentioned above but for the record wont MPs now submitting ‘reasonable expenses’ for a family member now consider upping it to the full 45000 [44999].?
    Guido’s quest for tranparency might just be informing those in politics and elsewhere that they can crook the system even more, should they be of such a mindset.


    • 198
      Spin Watch says:

      Not the best argument I have ever read for hiding the truth from the taxpayers, but you may have a Mars bar for trying.


  59. 192
    Robbed Roy says:

    Ellen Roy valued at £4,999 by Frank must be a bit envious of the 45 grand that Mad Nads has valued her student in full time education daughter at.


  60. 193
    Lord Touchcloth says:

    Never trust a fart


  61. 203
    It's a Scam says:

    Of course the easiest solution would be not to provide a back bench MP with any staff and let them write their own letters.

    It’s not as if for example Hancock was so over worked that he needed to outsource the shagging of constituents or attending of full expenses paid Portsmouth Council meetings is it?


  62. 204
    Anonymous says:

    not sure what the problem is, loads of folks employ family members, Im not a great fan of politicians or wouldn’t be here but recon you are ott on this one guido.


    • 216
      Bill Quango MP -*y says:

      Well said.

      Unfortunately some silly people insist on pointing out that unlike private businesses we employ our family members at public expense.


      • 250
        FFS says:

        And indeed you seem to insist on paying them at least double the going rate whilst aiming to get them under certain tax thresholds, a practice that the Inland Revenue would normally consider illegal.


  63. 205
    Live from Costa says:

    Waiting in line in a branch of Costa and who should I see sitting with two friends drinking coffee and using their laptops but Owen Jones. Nothing interesting to report. They’re just laughing loudly. But I do like the irony of socialist firebrand Jones drinking in a coffee chain, an emblem of the very opposite of socialism. They’ve left now. It’s hard work making a comfortable way-above-subsistence living writing on an American manufactured laptop about people you live nowhere near because you wouldn’t be caught dead living next to chavs when you can live in a nice comfy middle class area.


  64. 207
    Lily Savage MP says:

    I’m #1!!!!

    What do I win?


  65. 208
    Casual Observer says:

    Ranges of claims by MPs broken down by Party:

    	              Upper	  Lower
    Conservative       : £ 80,000    £ 4,999
    Liberal Democrat   : £ 55,000    £ 4,999
    Labour             : £ 44,999    £  4,999
    Independent        : £ 40,000    £ 40,000
    Labour Co-op       : £ 39,999    £  9,999
    Scottish National  : £ 29,999    £ 29,999
    Democratic Unionist: £ 24,999    £ 19,999

    NB: Independent / Scottish National only have one MP listed above hence the anomaly.


  66. 209
    Anonymous says:

    Worth noting that Gordon Brown claimed £15k+ in expenses for ‘travel’.

    He’s turned up, what, twice in Parliament in the last year?

    There isn’t anything awful that could happen to him that would be too severe.


  67. 215
    A nincumpoop says:

    Bit harsh on Jenny Dorries – surely she should receive the same as her better-paid sister?


    • 252
      FFS says:

      Well it seems Jenny got her £35,000 for working for 5 months while her sister worked for 7 months so they’re both laughing.


  68. 223
    RIK says:

    MPs have been employing the people they most trust and can rely upon. Scandal.


  69. 224
    Casual Observer says:

    What are you doing about it Dave? Cleaning up the HoC? Ha Fucking Ha

    Get out of the way, you weak ineffectual gay loving bastard.


  70. 229
    Sandancer says:

    Good to see that the sanctimonious Labour MP’s from the North East are troughing away as usual – Wright, Lavery, Hodgson and Elliott etc. Nothing changes here.


  71. 238
    trolls are tossers says:

    I am not sure what the difference is between these cases and Or*a using her Russian connections to steer contracts to Guido.


  72. 240
    Rusty Sheriff's Badger says:

    the other three quarters are homersexuals, paedalos, badger-botherers or hate their spouses and want to cop off with the staff / vulnerable public without disturbance


  73. 260
    Nigel Evans boyfriend says:

    Back Scuttle Nige wouldn’t give me a job but he gave me something else I can tell you.


  74. 261
    Nigel Evans boyfriend says:

    Just received a phone call from my financial adviser. He says its time to go long on piano wire and lampposts. I think he may be right.

    PS. I wish I could sit down but my arse is killing me.


  75. 270
    Jim says:

    Just don’t vote for ANY of the filth ever again.


  76. 273
    C Turner says:

    Now another list please, all those MPs that are Buy To Let Landlords and the number of Properties they own.


    • 282
      Madman says:

      They will soon be sending out postcards saying “Is this a Mansion?”
      On the front a picture of ONE of their properties.
      It’s part of a campaign to stop a Mansion tax.


    • 294
      Totally fed up PAYE Taxpayer says:

      Well said. Let’s see the list of MP’s on the Buy to Let bandwagon.


  77. 274
    Anonymous says:

    Guido you’re banging your head on a brickwall here – go for something important


  78. 281

    Its no good moaning about this lot we the taxpayers are to blame for allowing nepotism,the political class are corrupt and voting for them only condones their behaviour,we have lot zip from the expenses scandal.


  79. 287
    childoforwell says:

    Actually some of the spouses work bloody hard and in my opinion would make better mp’s. Christine Heald being a perfect example.


  80. 288
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking greedy bastards ,I for one do not wish for my taxes to feed their families


  81. 290
    John Bellingham says:

    I have a jolly wheeze. MPs should be paid directly by their constituents off the council tax and the rates. Each MP can negotiate and bid for a full-cost fee– salary+expenses+ staff+office costs. Quite a few MPs would work for nothing and quite a few would be offered what they are worth—fuck all.


  82. 292
    John Tandy says:



  83. 293
    Totally fed up PAYE Taxpayer says:

    So spouses, sisters, daughters, sons get emplyed as assistants. Average say £37,500 pa Gross. Then add PENSIONS. (Don’t forget the expenses)


  84. 295
    Anon says:

    A day on, and I’m still fuming about this.

    1. They get the jobs through nepotism, not based on merit.
    2. They get paid far more than the going rate.
    3. Along with unpaid internships, they increase barriers to ‘normal’ people from entering politics.
    4. Some of them at least, dont appear to actually spend much time on their ‘job’.
    5. Finally, the relatives get an unfair boost to their CV because of who their parent is, not because of merit.



  85. 299
    Anonymous says:

    With the current habit of MPs not marrying or their spouses retaining their unmarried names, are we sure this is a full list. I wonder how many (ahem) close friends are employed to do little.


  86. 305

    And they (?) define this nepotism as some kind of altruism amongst family members. Isn’t altruism demeaning?


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