September 12th, 2013

Trinity Mirror in Corporate Criminal Investigation

Trinity Mirror has announced that the Met are investigating whether the group was criminally liable for alleged phone hacking by, for now, the Sunday Mirror:

“The Group does not accept wrong doing within its business and takes these allegations seriously.”

Tick tock, tick tock…

Here is a list of some of Guido’s stories about the Mirror and hacking allegations:


  1. 1
    Cinnamon Buns says:

    Like the trial with the redhead and the spiv, nothing will come of these investigations, just a lot of cops and lawyers raking in overtime fees.


    • 8
      Mirror, Mirror on the Wall says:

      Exactly. Half the hacks on Fleet Street were involved in this. Sports desks, celebrity diarists, royal watchers and many more.

      It’s keeping the police busy. Meanwhile GCHQ listens to everything.


  2. 2
    Living in 97.222% white Merseyside says:

    The Mirror sells well up our way. Pity it’s not the great paper it used to be but then are any of them.

    Remember the “Shock Editions” of the 1950/60’s.


  3. 3
    Ctesibius says:

    I’m just dreading the non-stop wall to wall coverage on the BBC.


    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      You must be joking – the Mirror is how the BBC and Guardian views are broken down into bite sized chunks for feeding to what I suspect would be referred to by staff at the two above mentioned outfits as “those ghastly common people who need to know their place, but whose votes can be relied on”.


    • 96
      Cecil B DeMiliband says:

      But when will the BBC itself and other TV broadcasters be investigated? Are any media organisations really squeaky clean?


  4. 4
    Ma­qb­oul says:

    They could always shut down the Sunday Mirror and re-open another one when the dust has settled called, say, The News of the Mirror.


  5. 6
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Mirror mirror on the fall :-)


  6. 7
    Alex Taylor says:

    Hopefully, no stone left unturned, and maybe young Sand-dancer Kev might be one of those leftys soon to be feeling that little tug on his collar


    • 87
      Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

      I dream about that day! Sadly it’s up there with the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow….


  7. 9
    Will says:

    When plod starting arresting all the now employees I said at the time that it was widespread in the industry given how staff move around between papers etc. seems the mirror is getting its comeuppance in this matter. The guardian will be next despite its sanctimonious stance. In the guardians case it’ might have to look out for an investigation of its financial affairs in the BVI as this could prove interesting !!


    • 41
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      As a Lawmaker, anyone who breaks the law should feel the full force of it, except, of course MPs, because they are the Lawmakers. Boaz.


  8. 11
    Bernard Hyphen-Howe says:

    Only the Sunday Sport is safe from the long arm of the law, as my lads like “reading” that.


  9. 12
    nellnewman says:

    Well piers has nothing to fear if he gets arrested for phone hacking. His bosom pals gordon and sarah brown will stand by him through all the humiliation of it – won’t they?


    • 17
      Joe Normal says:

      Gordon and Sarah stand by him? That would require Gordon and Sarah to be in the same room. When was the last time they were in the same country? Do they still talk to each other, or only through solicitors?


  10. 13
    Wendi says:

    about time too…..


  11. 15
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Owen Jones accused Thatcher of selling off family silver, Cameron is selling the table it stood on,…… Royal mail.


    • 16
      Postman Pat says:

      It’s high time it was privatised. Let’s get rid of the incompetence, unions, and have a decent service.


    • 19
      Joe Normal says:

      And Gordon did off the gold, for about 60p, never for it to be seen again.

      At least when Mags sold the silver, we were able to buy some of it.


      • 33
        Gordon Brown says:

        When I sold off all the gold, I rather brilliantly sold it for lots of Euros.

        They must be worth a fortune by now surely?


    • 30
      Postman Pat says:

      Mail chauvinist.


    • 43
      Man from the street says:

      You can thank your beloved EU for that ha ha, not that you will hear that from Dianne Abbott.


    • 44
      Gog says:

      Get ready for a worse service at a much greater cost, eg water, gas, electricity


      • 69
        Prime Numbers says:

        The size of utility bills is more to do with government taxes and enforced subsidy of inefficient primary sources than rapacious capitalists.

        The companies themselves don’t make a huge profit in percentage terms. (3% or thereabouts).


      • 125
        Captain Foulenough says:

        How do you know it’s a worse service, cretin? Are you able to observe some sort of parallel universe where these things remained nationalised? Remember that simply comparing present conditions with the past is meaningless. Not that you’re doing even that.


    • 89
      Dr Strangelove says:

      I think that was Harold Macmillan said that


  12. 18
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    In my will, I’ve specified that my DNA is placed into 1024 titanium canisters and blasted into outer space to start new life in far away planets.


  13. 21
    Piss Organ says:



  14. 24
    shooty* says:

    Piers is famous now, and above such petty concerns. He’s immortal.


  15. 26




  16. 27
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    You really couldn’t make this sh*t up. Demos, the left wing think tank have pronounced that older people who live in their own homes should be ‘helped’ (code for forced) to downsize. Compare and contrast that to those in social housing who are subject to the so-called bedroom tax who have a human right to a couple of spare bedrooms.

    [quote] Older people who want to downsize their homes should be helped to do so, “freeing up” billions of pounds of housing stock, a think tank says.
    Those interested in downsizing are “sitting on £400bn of housing wealth” in England alone, according to Demos.
    Its report, funded by the Home Builders Federation, says people aged over 60 own £1.28 trillion in housing stock.
    It says more retirement homes are needed and if built, would help others move up the housing ladder.[/quote]


    • 34
      Heil Cameron says:

      Why does the Bedroom Tax not apply to pensioners, when they are the group most likely to be under-occupying? The government wouldn’t exempt the disabled – why not pensioners?


      • 49
        Common sense says:

        The thing that I don’t get about the bedroom tax is that most people who live in council accomodation didn’t get much choice about the place they were moved into in the first place.

        I mean, the council just says, here you are, take it or leave it basically. There isn’t much choice is there? You can’t like, say “Oh I don’t like the area” or “oh its a bit far from the local park” or “oh I don’t like the view from the windows” etc. You just apply to the council and wait for ages and then, they just give you one right?

        So they give a family a place and it has one too many bedrooms. Not the fault of the family who were given the place is it? Because they don’t get much choice in the matter.

        Or maybe they get given one and they make it their home, live their for years etc and maybe jnr grows up and goes to uni or he grows up and leaves home or maybe someone dies or whatever.

        So then the council, the same council that gave them the place in the first place, now comes to them and says “sorry, you have too many bedrooms now in the house that we gave you in the first place without giving you a choice in the matter, and now, because we have decided you don’t use that spare room, you have to pay a tax on it or you have to move.

        So, you reluctantly say “oh ok I will move,” and you prepare to leave your home of years, leave your friends and neighbours that you made, uproot your kid from school etc.

        Then the council say. “Oh sorry, you can’t move., We don’t have anywhere smaller for you to move to”.

        So you say, oh great. I didn’t want to move anyway.

        and the council THEN says. “Yeah but you still have to pay the tax anyway!!!

        That is taking the piss


        • 110
          You couldn't make it up! says:

          A recent TV programme about getting a Council House showed that the prospective tenants have several choices . One family declining a flat because it had no adjacent parking space ! Applicants have several opportunities to select the best place for them

          However, don’t let the facts get in the way of your bias!


      • 50
        A Council house is for life not just for sprog production says:

        Except the disabled are paid an bedroom subsidy if it is required for their care.

        Labour know full well and were planning to do the same that providing a single person a four bedroom council house had to stop.

        The greater problem is that council house tenants have come to believe that a council provided house is theirs for life and many are not liking the reality one little bit.


        • 61
          Casual Observer says:

          Perhaps they will realize that being mere property of the state is not a good place to be and perhaps consider not voting Labour in 2015

          They’re stuffed right now in any case but should rethink their future


      • 80
        Anonymous says:

        Cameron might be a weak and spineless Pygmy, but your pathetic attempt to suggest he has shades of Hitler (use of the word “Heil”) not only shows you up as a pathetic and immature little moron, but is also rather insulting to the memories of tens of millions of people who died fighting the real thing.

        Grow up you ignorant child.


      • 93
        Tom Catesby says:

        A close relative who lived alone in a council flat with a spare bedroom, for about twenty years and paid rent and council tax promptly and without fail all those years, was recently ‘council taxed’ out of the flat. financial assistance was available for the move, after months of ‘red tape’ and expense, she ended up in a better flat in a nicer area with,you guessed it! a spare bedroom.


      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        Well the cynic in me would say that pensioners are more likely to be Tories, and benefit scroungers Labour.

        You really don’t want to be peeing off your own core voters now do you…


    • 37
      DEMOS can go carry out a self anal viewing says:

      Put simply.

      It is not any business of Demos, the State, the Archbishop or the ASDA chav what size bleeding house I choose to live in as long as I am not demanding money off the taxpayer to pay for it.


      • 60
        Dreaming just dreaming says:

        Even simpler, STOP immigration now, let’s sort out our problems, the rowing boat is full up and full of water and the more we bail out the more the boat fills with people, the more people the more we then have to bail out, the boat will sink and lives will be lost.


      • 98
        Tom Catesby says:

        Could our current housing crisis have something to do with the consequences of demolishing(no pun intended) the social housing system we had, selling them off at ‘knock down’ (oops! sorry again) prices, starting in Thatcher’s time and continued by Tony.B. Liar and the rest?


        • 109
          Common Sense says:

          A combination of selling council flats to tenants and also giving them to millions of immigrants has led to the current shortfall.

          Questions –

          1) If the council tenant can afford to buy a council flat – why don’t they buy one on the open market ?

          2) Why do the council sell these flats ? By selling they are removing flats from their estate that more derserving persons could occupy

          3) Why give a discount on the sale of the council flat to a council tenant ? that is unfair – I am not a council tenant but why can’t I have the right to buy a discounted flat ?

          Of course, what isn’t clear is what the current housing benefit bill is.
          This must be in the many £ billions and is the hidden cost to all tax payers of this whole debacle.


    • 45
      bergen says:

      Around here second hand retirement flats are hard to sell. There seems to be little demand for them and some of them have almost halved in price since new. People are starting to avoid them as it is. Good wheeze by the builders to try to compel people to buy them.


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        “flats” is the key word.

        No older person wants to go back wards in quality. They just want smaller.

        The Alms house style bungalow with courtyards, and windows that can see who is out side the door area, is what they want. The court yard idea allows the similar situation occupants to look out for their neighbours. The care costs of older people fall rapidly when other older people are there to help.

        The current trend to make houses of multiple occupancy an impossibility, and to force the use of care homes, is what is driving up the costs of the elderly. But some people are making millions out of these laws.


    • 46
      Actually, there's a simple solution says:

      You could end the so called housing shortage by not inviting 500,000+ people to come to the UK every year and handing them ‘free’ everything, the moment they arrive.


    • 51
      Living in 97.222% white Merseyside says:

      I have a spare bedroom. I use it as a study.

      Where else am I to store all the hundreds of books I’ve bought on Amazon?


  17. 28
    Owen Jones says:

    After RM and NHS nothing left to sell excpt government itself. Oh, sorry. That already sold to it’s donors


    • 37
      Heil Cameron says:

      Privatisation. Making the majority poorer and the minority richer since the 1980s


      • 52
        Another thick leftard says:

        Yeah, I hear you comrade. British Leyland was a real money spinner for the British people. We only had to pay millions of pounds to subsidise it every year. What is wrong with those asset stripping bastards?


      • 65
        Engineer says:

        I know. Let’s renationalise British Steel so that it can go back to making a loss of a million pounds a week like it did in the 1970s. The taxpayer can pay for it, like they did then. And the loss-making railways. And the loss-making car industry. And the loss-making mining industry.

        Yeah, let’s go back to spending 45% of the annual public purse on propping up loss-making industries, just like we did in the late ’70s.


        • 102
          Dr Strangelove says:

          at a time when, apparently, there is a global shortage of shipping containers how can you not make a profit making steel ?


          • Anonymous says:

            You dont make a profit making steel, when the electricity and gas costs are twice the price in the UK becuase of EU green carbon rules.


        • 114
          Village Idiot says:

          …What happened to all the money made and saved that finds us in this parlous state???? …..Have we stopped putting taxpayers money into the railway????…..and why does the taxpayer have to pay for HS2 if it has been privatised?????


    • 39
      RED LEN says:

      We own Ed, lock stock and ballot box.


    • 53
      Common sense says:

      Despite every other example of ‘privatisation’ failing abysmally the Tory dogma continues blindly ahead.
      Yet again the Taxpayers of the UK fatten up the ‘fatted-calf’ just in time for the Tories to be able to sell it off to their rich mates, to make more money.
      Wake Up Britain you’re being screwed in the most cynical manner!!!


      • 67
        Gog says:

        Just about all the institutions in this country are up for sale or have been sold off.
        That is the direct result of Thatcherism putting a price on anything and everything and the unending worship of money.
        I despair, there is so much more to life than the “God” money.
        Is this short shortsightedness really in the best long-term interests of the country and its people?


        • 75
          Engineer says:

          Erm – would you be kind enough to tell us where the magic money tree is? Then we could go on spunking taxpayers’ money away. Otherwise, who pays for it all, because the taxpayer has run out of money, and we can’t afford to keep borrowing the shortfall.


      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        The problem is that “privatisation” is done without regard to monopolies.

        Private companies are good. Public unique bodies are good. (both can have corruption and both have a means to remove the cause)

        Private unique bodies (charities trusts etc) are a criminal waste of money. They use their unique laws to gain power over people and exploit. There is never any control over them.

        The current Tory idea is just beyond arms length monopolies. it is not free market privatisation.


    • 77
      EU to me says:

      Reckon Owy you will be mighty pissed off when you find your beloved EU has forced the LibLabCon to sell off publicly owned businesses years, just as they have done in the other slave countries or will you?.


  18. 31
    albacore says:

    Dearie me, all this naughty, alleged, eavesdropping
    Funny, though, when I went electronics shopping
    This week, the legal bugs had vanished overnight
    Summat else the E U’s slamming the lid on tight?


  19. 32
    Casual Observer says:

    Stop fulminating about the gutter press, whose dubious practices are obvious.

    Concentrate instead on crucifying all our corrupt hypocritical LibLabConner politicians.


  20. 35
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Good , i hate the patronising fetus faced twat


  21. 36
    Happy Days says:

    It is about time.

    Morgan should be prosecuted.


  22. 42
    Joss Ayinglike says:


  23. 56

    Sunday Mirror on the wall,
    who is the biggest Hacker of ‘em all?????


  24. 71
  25. 72
    Owen Jones says:

    Mehdi Hasan says the £750 buy-in for public is not too high – Direct Line was £1000.


    • 76
      Mehdi Hasan says:

      Anyone buying shares in Royal Mail will have to spend a minimum of £750. Which, coincidentally, is the new price of a first class stamp.


  26. 74
    This is an Unstable Website says:

    The modding is ludicrous today


  27. 79
    Owen Jones says:

    Just read ‘Quids In’ and seen something l have always wanted – a manure fork for £5. 2nd favourite cream tea cost for £2 – WTF!


  28. 84
    Michael Gove,The original champagne socialist says:

    Britain is being broken and sold off so the Tories and their chums can richer. Get them out NOW!


    • 92
      Phoney Blair the grinning chancer says:

      They’ll never be as rich as me.


    • 99
      Calling the braindead, europe needs you says:

      Somebody must have voted to force us into the EEC, oh yeh! Liebour and Wilson with their yes yes vote, were all paying for the industries that have been sold off to keep us in the EUSSR, LibLabCon none of the above.


      • 118
        MIKE OXHARD says:

        And there was me blaming Ted Heath ?


        • 119
          Calling the braindead, europe needs you says:

          Heath took us in but Wilson promised a referendum if he got in, he kept his promise, but the referendum was a yes yes vote, the newspapers and tv just kept quiet when people moaned.


  29. 104
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    “The Group does not accept wrong doing within its business and takes these allegations seriously.”

    As opposed, presumably, to taking them frivolously? And these people say they’re in ‘communications’?


  30. 120
    I'm No Mug Merkel says:

    Why is it that we only hear about the Press being investigated. What about the other bunch who SOCA have known about for ages yet done nothing


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