September 12th, 2013

Official: Government Ignore UN Loon’s Report

The report of this morning’s Lobby briefing claims “there was no audible reply” when the PM’s spokesman was asked if “the Government would be taking into account the views on housing and benefit policies from a Brazilian UN academic who ‘allegedly dabbled in witchcraft and allegedly made animal sacrifices to Karl Marx'”. Some people heard the reply though, Paul Waugh points out it was: “I think you’ve answered your own question.”

So that went well for the witchdoctor activist posing as an independent expert…


  1. 1

    She should try some maths.



    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      Would it be safe to assume from the amount of time that you spend posting comments on here that you do not have many friends?

      I think I have answered my own question.


      • 26
        Rachel Reeves says:

        He had some, but bored them to death


        • 34

          You do not even begin to understand me.

          I do not measure the number of friends that I have but rather the depth of the friendships I enjoy with my true friends. Contrary to the impression given by my numerous sock puppets, I do not spend the whole day dashing into town for coffee with my friends, and I do not think it is necessary to do so in order to have a friendship. The fact that I choose to live so far from England means that many of my friendships are maintained by writing not meeting.

          Whilst it is difficult for me to count my acquaintances on this blog as true friendships, I think that the depth of support that I receive here rather disproves your assumption.




          • Bruno Mars Bar says:

            I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at that comment.
            Bravo, you made my day.


          • 4398 is not a prime number and therefore this has been posted by my sockpuppet.

            He should beware that he cannot post any old prime as I have a series that is discernible to any competent mathematician of which he certainly does not appear to be one.

            The comment is also far to egocentrically based to be mine.

            I may well change my algorithm soon in view of this poor attempt.



    • 23
      Yeah, right... says:

      There should be a very simple way to tell if a country has a human rights issue.

      For example, if people from countries with real human rights issues are prepared to stow themselves into the landing carriage of a 747 in order to come here, then it’s safe to assume that this is actually quite a nice country to live in and we don’t need HR advice from the UN.

      For her next mission, why doesn’t she go and investigate housing conditions in Yemen, or Somalia. She could get some real time experience of just how well the UN is respected.


    • 32
      Old Blue Eyes says:

      or meths


  2. 2
    British Citizen says:

    Moving on, what are we going to do about a corrupted, unrepresentative Parliament which is more interested in showing its teeth to protect the people of Syria than dealing with our own problems in the UK?


  3. 3
    I fuckin luvs Marxist spunk i does, Stephanie says:

    get back to your Brazilian slums where people breed like rabbits to create more slum dwellers you fucking Marxist twat


  4. 4
    Sunny Jim says:

    What does Ed think? *innocent face*


  5. 5
    Oy Vey says:

    So when we ignore the UN it’s because the person is a loon, but when Iraq do it it’s ok to go to war?


    • 42
      Club Of Rome says:

      Only a leftie could make such a ridiculous comparison. Iraq ignored multiple UN injuctions and used chemical weapons to murder hundreds of thousands of his own people. We simply ignored a ranting fruitcake and respected the human rights of working people not to be forced to provide unnecessary luxuries for others.


  6. 6

    This time it’s get on yer broomstick innit?


  7. 7
    PC Dixon says:

    The witch should be dunked in the Thames and deported. On the other could take over Millbands job – couldn’t do worse than him and the Unions would love her.


    • 47
      What also floats? says:

      If she sets foot in Northern Ireland theycan get her under the 1735 Witchcraft act which remains in force there


  8. 8
    Voodoo Child says:

    Dave’s got his mojo on……oh wait…


  9. 9
    Raving Loon says:

    The only reason this story went anywhere is because she works for the UN, but why does working for the UN make one an authority on anything?


  10. 10
    Gaffaws says:

    I loved how Guardianistas rallied behind her.

    I look forward to Polly Toynbee or Zoe William’s next piece on how animal sacrifice could be the next big trend in UK politics.


  11. 11
    The Major says:

    I’ve just Google Brazilian and I was quite shocked!


  12. 12
    Village Idiot says:

    …Jo Co wound up by George!!


  13. 14
    Anti Fabian says:

    To be fair, witchcraft and animal sacrifices have a much better success rate than Marxism.


  14. 15
    Kevin Trew says:

    It just goes to show the strange people who live on the left.

    Raquel Rolnik, Ed Miliband, Owen Jones or “Doctor” Eoin Clerk and others, they’re all bonkers to the point of comedy.

    Endless material for Guido and readers to enjoy.


  15. 16

    She resembles Dame Edna, sisters/brothers?


    • 52
      FFS says:

      Are you suggesting that under the wig and glasses there’s a male Australian comic?

      Could be I suppose. Would explain a lot.


  16. 17
    Tachybaptus says:

    We still have to pay when they answer their own questions.


  17. 22
    A test for Miliband? says:

    Will Labour condemn her for slapdash methods?

    The public support these reforms massively.


  18. 24
    Jock Mc Sponger says:

    The dickheads at the Daily Record have excelled themselves- speaking up for the spongers: they know their readers!


    • 49
      What also floats? says:

      Those of you that wear ginger wigs, get drunk and thenuse your trousers as a toilet piss off to your park benches now.


  19. 27
    penseiveat says:

    There’s only room for one witch to have any influence in this country and Cherie Blair has already blagged that.


  20. 30
    geordieboy says:

    Hope she has crotchless knickers so she can get a better grip on her broomstick.


  21. 31
    You couldn't make it up! says:

    Off topic- but Jo Coburn just got owned by George Galloway on BBC 2. It’s not safe to mix it with Georgie!


  22. 33
    Living in 97.222% white Merseyside says:

    Time we were given a taste of our own medicine. We are very fond of finding fault with other countries especially South America.

    Perhaps Brazilian students could use their gap year by coming to the UK and helping out our poor.


  23. 38
    Club Of Rome says:

    This woman is obviously a right-wing plant designed to discredit the UN and people who use the term “bedroom tax”. It is hilarious to see all the leftie idiots lining up to defend her.


    • 50
      Anonymous says:

      Many charities. local government officers and councillors, including Tory councils and councillors all oppose the Bedroom Tax. Government took no notice of them. We now see record levels of rent in arrears, people being moved out of their homes and still the idea behind this silly tax, to free up larger homes is failing.
      Simpletons. There are just no smaller houses for those the government want to move to move to. So this UN woman is simply telling it as it is.
      Truth hurts.


      • 55
        FFS says:

        The fact that you used the phrase “Bedroom Tax” marks you out as yet another of those Labour activists that somehow feels that if you post here you will make your point in such a forceful manner we’ll all find ourselves agreeing with you and voting Labour at the next election.

        No doubt the same thinking led you and other Labour activists to believe that inviting this loony from Brazil to comment on UK housing and benefits matters would be credible and not make you all look as daft as she obviously is.


  24. 39
    Peter Grimes says:

    I wonder if this Brazilian nutter would like to take a tube journey rather than a hike!

    The result might be interesting.


  25. 40
    Kate MccCCAANNN says:

    Witch Doctor? Did somebody call?


  26. 41
    Snaplegs says:

    Hmmmm, if the Govt ignore her findings/report – how long till some jumped up, knob-jockey human rights lawyer begins proceedings against the Govt for breaches of HR based on her report?


  27. 56

    The Tory right are either just reducing people to numbers and pounds or it was just a nasty attack on the poor.

    Turning people’s lives upside down over a few square metres of space while the bankers walk away with millions….


  28. 57
    WelshOriginal says:

    Looney???? Loony???? Now come on, make your mind up.


  29. 58
    gerrydorrian66 says:

    So now do we have to campaign to leave the United Nations as well? Might not be a bad thing.


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