September 11th, 2013

Brazil Nut Apologises For Bedroom ‘Tax’ Lie

Raquel Rolnik has apologised for erroneously calling the spare room subsidy a “bedroom tax”. Since it is obviously not a tax, she has now admitted she should have called it by its accurate name, reports Chris Mason. The perils of basing your entire report on a handout from the Daily Record. Rolnik is however still insisting that her bonkers conclusions are fair. You can watch her defend herself hereThe Tories are no doubt awaiting Ban Ki Moon’s judgement with baited breath, once that whole Syria thing has been sorted…


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    Centre Parting says:

    Deport her.

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      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Why, can’t you feel the enrichment she brings?

    • 20
      Maq­boul says:

      Who is paying for her all expenses paid trip when there are children dyin of malnutrition in de ghettoes of Rio de Janeiro ?

    • 33
      Penfold says:

      Diplomatic passport from the UN………..

    • 73
      10.4 highway pa-TROLL says:

      I REQUIRE to live alone in a six bedroom property in Eaton Place SW1 as it is my Human Right .

      Please arrange this via our Sao Paolo office .The person to contact is Fabulous Favelan Fabio c/o Lord Pietro HoL lLondon . Thank you .

    • 106
      Kris Hoon says:

      Vicky’s pretty twin. Had a threeby with them once.

    • 132
      Simon B says:

      Yes, deport her AND sell off all remaining “social housing” to the private sector. The whole concept of “social housing” is nothing more than a subsidy for people who are life’s losers: people who cannot afford proper homes paid for by a mortgage or private rent.

      Mind you, the only good thing about housing benefit is that it goes straight into the pocket’s of landlords like me and it’s the scrounger tenants who get the blame in the press.

    • 205
      Glyn H says:

      Thinking of deportation; has anybody seen the ‘Silver Line’ offering from Esther Ratstails? What a stonkingly hypocritical piece of shite: she stole Desmond Wilcox from the first Mrs Wilcox; was that lady left to a lonely future? Celebrity crap in spades is that woman say I. Anybody agree?

    • 298
      M says:

      What does she think of the patients of mid staffs who died . Was that unnecessary suffering ?

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      pigs in space says:

      Didn’t spot Raquel in that video, after watching it a few times, just to make sure.
      However she does look exactly like Fenella the Kettle Witch from Chorlton and the Wheelies (apart from the green skin).

      • 139
        Chorlton, the unhappiness dragon says:

        Au contaire, Pigs, I think you’ll find that Fenella the Kettle Witch also has green skin.

    • 92
      Keitho says:

      The AVNE 2013 with Nerd Reactor that follows that clip is a total hose.

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    Anonymous says:

    Understand the Culture of both Syria & Russia… Understand America can not see shades of Grey and realise this Chemical thing will run and run,,, perhaps another point, much has been made of Chemical Weapons, forgive me but was and is not, “Agent Orange” a Chemical Weapon, did it not or was it not responsible for the death of human beings, perhaps it did not count because it was used by the Americans, however has there been a legacy of it’s use.

    • 6
      NSA says:


    • 17
      Maq­boul says:

      It was a defoliant, used to remove the leafy vegetation in the jungle canopies so that the Vietcong could be seen beneath. So no, it was not a weapon.

    • 22
      Dr Strangelove says:

      No it’s not, any genetic damage down the generations is purely an accidental bonus to the primary objective of defoliation.

      • 42
        Tojo says:

        If this is the case, why are the Americans paying compensation to those who used it on the Vietnamese and perhaps another small point, how has it affected generations of children on both sides..

        The link below might give an indication, but there are 100s of others.

        • 94
          Keitho says:

          My understanding is that there was a contamination of some of the AO with dieldrin but it was unintentional and a small batch. Mind you that hasn’t stopped a shit load of folk climbing on and milking it. The fact that Monsanto were the producers meant deep pockets were available.

          • God's Holy Trousers says:

            I think the contamination was actually dioxin. Pretty nasty stuff. The two herbicides minus the contaminant are not that toxic, though not the sort of stuff you would want to drink by the pint.

    • 37
      Bill Quango MP - Y says:

      A lot of countries tried to declare Agent orange a chemical weapon at the UN in 1970.
      Ruling was that it was a herbicide and not a chemical weapon. So its in the white phosphorous camp. Legal, because the primary function isn’t the mass slaughter of innocents.

      Now, because it was the Americans using it WAS a big reason it didn’t make it onto the banned in warfare list.

      However you should consider why chemical weapons are banned and why the ban came into effect in 1925.
      because bombers could drop mustard and chlorine gas onto cities and kill hundreds of thousands at a stroke.

      The ban was never intended to protect a few hundred, but a few hundred thousand.
      The Geneva protocol was the nuclear non-proliferation treaty of its day.

      • 157
        Yeah, right.... says:

        Interesting; Paraquat is a herbicide but if I spray it in your face during hostilities, it surely becomes a weapon?

        • 206
          Bill Quango MP - y says:

          Deliberate misunderstanding?
          The Geneva Protocol exists to try and prevent the wholesale slaughter of non combatants.
          It’s not really about killing with weapons. It’s about mass killing with weapons.
          Which is why no one gave a shit if Assad or the rebels flamethrowerd their supporters.

          So no…paraquat or weedol or magic Mr Muscle would not be a violation of the protocol.

          • Point of Information 6 says:

            The UN human rights report on Syr!a recently released did raise concern over the use of cluster munitions and thermobaric weapons.

            These are every bit as indiscriminant, and unlike CW the cluster munitions remain problematic for years after use.

            It should be noted that the US has repeatedly refused to release details on how to safely dispose of un-exploded bomblets.

    • 40
      FFS says:

      Hmmm, and the US dropped nukesd on Japan so they’ve got no right to expect everyone else to not fling nukes around.

      Not sure I like the way your logic is taking us…..

    • 219
      Gideon says:

      My word she has stirred up the Cons with her little speech, same thing happened with the poll tax, all the usual ones rise to the surface when someone is not using the prescribed title, it is like a deduction as income tax on earned income. I did like the poll tax as it reduced my council tax bill, I cannot understand why a family with 4 or 5 or even more in a house cannot pay a contribution to their local council, they use the facilities.

  4. 5
    Lord Ed of Pwimwose Hiwl says:

    Since when need that ugly parasite’s imprimatur on anything we do here?

    Take her down Stockwell Tube station, they don’t muck about there.

    • 26
      Anonymous says:

      Isnt Brazil the place they shoot street children scrabbling around on rubbish tips for food ? pray how is she qualified to talk about housing in the UK ?

  5. 8
    Obama is Putin's bitch says:

    She is only doing this to get back at her Father for the way he treated her as a child.

  6. 9
    Tojo says:

    Understand the Culture of Syria and Russia, and Americans who can not see shades of Grey, this Chemical thing will run & run. Forgive me but was and is not ” Agent Orange ” a Chemical Weapon whose usage resulted in the deaths of Human Beings, or is it different because the Americans used it ?

  7. 10
    Spellcheck says:

    …awaiting Ban Ki Moon’s judgement with baited (?) breath …

    Should be interesting.

    • 46
      Wilfred Pickles says:

      ‘Bated’ as in ‘masturbated’

      • 111
        Fowler's Modern English Usage says:

        “Baited” with a lugworm, no doubt.

        Ignorance is now the norm. There is no hope for our language and literary heritage. It has been deliberately wrecked by forty years of cultural Marxism in the sewer that is our government-run “education” system.

  8. 11
    nellnewman says:

    I suppose she’s not bothered about the housing in Br az il because they don’t even have bedrooms there, just one roomed shacks in slums without running water or toilet facilities.

  9. 12
    Maq­boul says:


  10. 13
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Being popular on this blog is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital.

    • 31
      FFS says:

      How do you know?

      • 44
        Bill Quango MP - Y says:

        Do you mean how does he know what its like to sit at the mental table or what its like to be popular?

        I suppose Mehdi might know a little about the former.

        • 89
          Colonel Mustard says:

          It is like sitting at the cool table which Gordon Brown headbutted into existence from the remaining loose change left behind the Treasury sofa shortly before being kicked out in 2010.

  11. 16
    Anonymous says:

    shes not the only one. Few days ago BBC reporter used the term several times in a report in the forrm of THE bedroom tax …not even so called bed tax?

  12. 19
    G Dough says:

    Perhaps Grunt Schweppes (or Penshurst as he seems to be calling himself today) is terribly upset because he’s just a piffling nonentity Minister without Portfolio.
    Perhaps if we had a whip-round and bought him a portfolio to play with, he just might do us all a favour and shut the fuck up and fuck the fuck off.
    (….and maybe when he’s finished fucking off, he could fuck off a bit further)

  13. 21
    Casual Observer says:

    So, according to Rolnik, she was invited in with the knowledge of the FCO.

    Implication, Grant Shapps doesn’t know what he is talking about because Hague hadn’t briefed him ?

    Has the UN been informed that the reason why the spare room subsidy is being passed on by local authorities is because local authorities are not willing to trim their costs by 10% as this would impact authority staff’s pensions ?

    And also that the people predominantly impacted by this reform are in Labour boroughs, and are being impacted as they have been coerced into a state of living beyond their means as a result of this welfare subsidy being introduced in the first place by Labour ?

    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Its strange how the people in overcrowded accommodation dont seem to get much sympathy on here.

      • 49
        Bill Quango MP - Y says:

        Isn’t this subsidy abolition a means of reducing the number of families in overcrowded accommodation?

      • 52
        Casual Observer says:

        It is.

        But as a lot of that overcrowding problem was purposely created by Labour with their housing policies (not encouraging suitable accommodation to be built in the boom), and an insane immigration policy that has still not been fixed, then really these people in overcrowded conditions do not deserve any.

        Many of them voted for it in the Labour years: When you make your own bed…

        The single biggest criticism of the spare room subsidy withdrawal is that it does smell of unwanted social engineering.

        Capping the immigrants who are not really welcome in the first place, dealing with the real cost of living without state subsidy and building some proper housing stock are the best solutions.

        • 65
          FFS says:

          Jesus, if we got rid of the immigrants we’d have 5million spare houses, most of them in London.

          Remember Tony Blair and his “joined up thinking”?

          • Casual Observer says:

            With the conversion to slum style accommodation that took place, the five million homes would translate to about 25 million bedrooms.

            Capping immigration and pricing them out through this subsidy withdrawal sounds like a vote winner.

            Building some new proper housing for the real locals would not be a bad idea though.

            As would allowing the asset bubble in which housing is trapped to deflate properly, rather than propping it up with Help-To-Buy scams.

        • 103
          Trust not Liebour says:

          Not heard anybody mention here, all the housing trusts that Liebour made and then pushed them to take over the council housing mostly done to spite the Camorons conservatives, by doing that the councils are mostly out of the “bedroom tax” loop, so as the houses are now owned by a trust why hasn’t the “bedroom tax” already kicked off on these houses just as Liebour kicked the tax off on people living in private housing.

          • Anonymous says:

            The whole Help-To-Buy, in it various guises, targeted at different groups, along with the “contributions” given to the inhabitants, is an extremely complex system. What happens for council owned housing is different from private or association housing. Both have an equivalent penalty for spare rooms.

            An example of the complexity is that the simple concept of the “right to buy” ended up being a called “staircasing” in shared equity. However, at every stage, all the solicitors fees and valuations have to be repeated. The ability to get out of the system is beyond the average occupant. They are totally dependant on the valuations. It is not a free market.

            Years ago it was predicted, on this site, that the exploitation of the poor through these ideas would be the next money boom. I can now confirm that the plan has achieved its target.

  14. 24
    Fishy says:

    Still no sign of Cressida Dick?

  15. 25
    Casual Observer says:

    For some reason, Cameron forgot to mention the bedroom tax when he was telling Putin about what Great Britain gave the world. ps He also forgot to tell him about the one million on zero hours contracts as a way of fiddling the unemployment figures. Tut, tut, what you are you like? Dave!

    • 50
      The past must not be remebered says:

      Yes! Now…remind me…why did the last lefty government introduce both those things?

    • 56
      Anonymous says:

      The reason is that he had already made Putin feel small(geddit ?) by listing our achievements, he didnt want himm to feel worse tut, tut CAZ you are a thicko !!!

    • 128
      Red Ed Milliyellowband says:

      Casual observer or should I just call you knobhead for short.

      Zero hours contacts commenced under Labour and before Brown usurped the leadership. it did not seem to be a problem for you leftie CNuts then. So why don’t you just fuck off.

  16. 29
    Common sense says:

    The thing that I don’t get about the bedroom tax is that most people who live in council accomodation didn’t get much choice about the place they were moved into in the first place.

    I mean, the council just says, here you are, take it or leave it basically. There isn’t much choice is there? You can’t like, say “Oh I don’t like the area” or “oh its a bit far from the local park” or “oh I don’t like the view from the windows” etc. You just apply to the council and wait for ages and then, they just give you one right?

    So they give a family a place and it has one too many bedrooms. Not the fault of the family who were given the place is it? Because they don’t get much choice in the matter.

    Or maybe they get given one and they make it their home, live their for years etc and maybe jnr grows up and goes to uni or he grows up and leaves home or maybe someone dies or whatever.

    So then the council, the same council that gave them the place in the first place, now comes to them and says “sorry, you have too many bedrooms now in the house that we gave you in the first place without giving you a choice in the matter, and now, because we have decided you don’t use that spare room, you have to pay a tax on it or you have to move.

    So, you reluctantly say “oh ok I will move,” and you prepare to leave your home of years, leave your friends and neighbours that you made, uproot your kid from school etc.

    Then the council say. “Oh sorry, you can’t move., We don’t have anywhere smaller for you to move to”.

    So you say, oh great. I didn’t want to move anyway.

    and the council THEN says. “Yeah but you still have to pay the tax anyway!!!

    That is taking the piss

    • 47
      Penfold says:

      It’s not a TAX.

      Please do not repeat the agit-prop of the radical, extreme left and opposition Labour types.

      • 51
        Common sense says:

        ‘Bedroom fine’ then

        • 59
          Casual Observer says:

          It is not a fine either. It is withdrawal of a benefit.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you lived on a street that was swept every morning due to the night club around the corner, would you expect to get less benefits than some one two streets away. Why not, you are getting a better service.

            Why should the service that is allocated, due to a choice made by a council, alter the available money given for living?

            If that lower level of money is appropriate, then why do they not take that money away from all the tenants? It is obviously right to do it for some, without hurting their ability to survive, so take it away from all.

          • Casual Observer says:

            The benefit should not be there in the first place.

            If councils were to find 10% cuts elsewhere – which they have refused to do – then the current subsidies could be preserved.

            This policy is fine as it will impact people living in Labour boroughs mainly. It should be a lesson for them in why they should not vote for parties who will encourage them to live beyond their means, and who manage local authority finances in such a way that they have to pass on in full central govt funding cuts wholesale to their most vulnerable.

    • 58
      FFS says:

      You’re right! It’s almost as bad as having a job and having to determine the size of your living accomodation according to what you can afford on your salary! That can’t be right can it?

      Oh, it is.

      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        A lot of benefit recipients are used to living in cloud cuckoo land where the size of their family and houses is not their responsibility as the state will pay, you couldnt make it up !

        • 77
          Point of Information 6 says:

          You are accurate.

          This is the moral hazard of easy welfare period.

          The state creation of clients through the benefits system puts people into a state of dependency. If this is allowed to run for some time then the state ends up create a class of people who are not capable of supporting themselves.

          This should be regarded as a form of oppression as such dependency is denying the individual from realizing their own potential.

          It is this oppression which is at the heart of the collectivist social model.

    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      I dont care to be honest, but i dont want to be subsidising larger houses than people need from my taxes, that goes for the union bosses and MPs living in council houses as well.

    • 148
      Chorlton, the homeless dragon says:

      > Then the council say. “Oh sorry, you can’t move.,
      > We don’t have anywhere smaller for you to move to”.

      This is a fair point. I hope the rent rules allow them to take in a lodger.

      Mind you most of the problem in my experience was people not using the council flats and sub-letting. Often girl and kid get flat, boyfriend has own flat but moves in with girl and they rent out his flat. That needs to be clamped down on.

  17. 34
    George Smith says:

    I thought it all through myself!

  18. 39
    Jimmy says:

    Brazil Nut! Geddit! Because she’s from Brazil and she doesn’t agree with the conservative party.


    • 54
      Those in Glass Houses says:

      Ed Miliband.

      Nope, still don’t get it.

      • 66
        Jimmy says:

        Brazil is also the name of a kind of nut. Do you see? It’s genius!

        • 71
          Those in Glass Houses says:

          Ed Miliband.

          Nope, still don’t get it.

          • Jimmy says:

            I’m probably not explaining it very well.

            Did I mention she’s from Brazil?

          • Those in Glass Houses says:

            Ed Miliband.

            Nope, still don’t get it.

          • Mr Leader says:

            So she’s from Brazil and Jimmy is a nut?

          • Liebour/Cuntservative - two strains of the same EU disease says:

            “Did I mention she’s from Brazil?”

            Brazil: A third-world shit-hole full of substandard housing a poverty?

            Yeah. So, er, when it comes to lecturing us (us, you know, the people who pay her wages), her qualifications are.. ?

            The bottom line: like all foreign scum in the UK, she shouldn’t have been let in. Smack her around a bit, let her ‘fall down the stairs’, put her on the tube and.. you get the rest.

          • Casual Observer 2 says:


            Degree in Hand Wringing, with Hons., Univ. Sao P@ulo
            Masters in Bed Wetting, with Hons., Univ. Rio De Jane!ro
            PhD in The Political Relevance of Samba and the economics of carnival, Univ. Rio De Jane!ro

            Honorary Doctorate: How to irritate Gringos, Univ. Havana

            3 years hanging around the compound with parents watching telly
            10 years as Human Rights Beard for some fasc!st in Braz!l when it was clear was not going to get married.
            5 years with the UN on its mission to pi$$ off the developed world with lefty b/s

          • Sir William Waid says:

            It’s what literate people call a ‘pun’, Jimmy.

          • Jimmy says:

            So what do guidophiles call it then?

          • Anon says:

            Guidophiles call it ‘the truth which socialists never like to hear.’

          • Universal Hiss says:

            Sometimes I think Jimmy is one of Guido’s friends just posting for the lolz & clickz.

            Seems to be working.

          • She is from Brazil and she has nuts.

            Must therefore be a ladyboy?


  19. 41
    Larry the Cat says:

    If you just got them all into jobs this problem would be solved overnight.

    • 160
      Depressed says:

      You must be joking? most of the fuckers round our way wont have work,upsets their little sidelines.No rent to pay,don’t buy food- go to the local food bank,well looked after.Hull has always been a shithole due to Labour run councils.

      • 195
        Lard Pissclott of Shithull says:

        I’ve always done alright and now I’m trying to get my son on the gravy train.

  20. 43
    Penfold says:

    Perhaps she would like to pop over to Pyongyang and give the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) a clean bill of health as a thriving Demos with a popular, freely elected leader.

    Another person who seems to inhabit a parallel universe……………..

  21. 53
    Rt. Hon. Iain Dunning Kruger MP says:

    I’m still confused. How many is a brazillion?

  22. 55
    The UN says:

    All we really care about is our salaries, pensions and the ability to park anywhere in the world for free.

    Did you know that t75% of our funding comes from the USA.
    How grateful are we? Not very.

    • 63
      Banky Moon says:

      I am pretty useless, aren’t I

    • 138
      Truth seeker says:

      If you want to see atop civil servant on a mega-salary give excuses why he didn’t do his job properly I suggest you watch Robert Devereaux of the DWP on (Public Accounts Committee today) re the implementation of the Universal Credit.

  23. 57
    Owin Jones says:

    Keep the insults coming mes enfants. I like to think they help you feel better.

  24. 68
    P l e b says:

    Do MPs’ second home allowances pay for excess bedrooms?

  25. 69
    cured lefty says:

    rolnik a fully revved up Marxist rocket! since she got her crib sheet from the Scottish daily Pravda here’s one from another crib sheet Get yerself tae fuck !

  26. 72
    Tachybaptus says:

    Before he became extinct was Eric Pickles a woolly mammoth?

  27. 75
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Favela beens, washed down with a bottle of Chianti.

  28. 79
    b-b-p says:

    UN investigator Raquel Rolnik said this morning that David Cameron’s bedroom tax breaches human rights and should be scrapped, after spending weeks travelling around UK homes and foodbanks to meet those affected by the controversial policy.
    Grant Shapps the Nasty Party Chairman & part-time Internet Conman said the Inspectors comments are “disgraceful” the reason being that it can’t be covered up similar to the Majority of Draconian Measure introduced by this shambles Coalition.Clegg has now started to backpeddle on numerous issues he supported, obviously he is trying to regain some popularity hugely lost by supporting Victorian values reintroduced by the Coalition.This once Great Nation is now no more than a Backwater Island being investigated by the Outside World concerning the Poverty Agenda of the Regime in control here.As Corporal Jones would say “ they don’t like it up em”

    • 80
      cured lefty says:

      lefty fudd alert!

    • 97
      Liebour/Cuntservative - two strains of the same EU disease says:

      “Grant Shapps the Nasty Party Chairman”

      As opposed to sweet and wonderful not-at-all nasty Liebour, which gleefully murdered 500,000 Iraqi men, women and children, and which happily murdered tens of thousands of British people in the NHS deathcamps.

      Yeah, it’s only the Tories who are nasty.

      • 104
        Labour says:

        Nothing happened before 2010.

      • 282
        Anonymous says:

        Its hilarious how people still wheel out the “nasty party” comment forgetting that it was labour, and their feral supporters ,who were dancing in the street when an 84 year old woman died earlier in the year.

    • 110
      REALWORLDER says:

      The UK only became a third world sink because of the deliberate malfeasance of the
      BROWN /BLAIR Regime ,with their mass immigration reckless spending ,and the corruption
      of anything that they got their filthy hands on.

    • 280
      Anonymous says:

      The irony of the UN sending a BRAZILIAN (of all countries) woman to lecture us on the number of bedrooms people on benefits can have, when they are quite happy to sit back whilst Syria gasses its own people is breathtaking !

  29. 93
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    my ‘giveafukcometer’ barely flickered.

  30. 98
    Tim Farron says:

    Vote Labour!

  31. 99
    Manual Bruisero says:

    I like zis woman. She should be on ze board of ze new EU Federal Republic of La la.
    She can be in charge of ze growing of ze money trees.

  32. 100
    Tojo says:

    Small point but is not the so called ” Bedroom Tax just about the most Socialist / Communist thing you ever did see in your life..
    Remember Dr Zhivago, in the 50s my friends Grandfather was a Farmer on the Family Farm going back generations, it was seized by the state without any compensation save a free flat on the estate built on his land, however he had to work building the estate without pay, when finished he got a flat with the title to the unit, the ground floor comprised two separate flats.
    A few years later the state decided he had too much room, so took two rooms from his flat and two from the one opposite and created a third flat between the two original units… again there was no compensation.
    My Bulgarian friend who now lives in her grandmothers flat, still has the original title deeds to both the Farm & Original flat.
    So as I said, in the best Socialist / Communist tradition.

    • 102
      Lefty loon in low slung pants says:

      Allocation according to need.

      Why that’s practically our strap line!

    • 108
      Casual Observer says:

      As it is not a tax, no.

      It is different to what the communists were up to as well as the state is not confiscating anything.

      The best way this could be viewed is that when Labour brought the subsidy in they considered it to be a part state ownership in the property in which people lived. The withdrawal of that subsidy is akin to the state selling its stake.

      Now, the people affected are free to pay the difference and remain where they are.

      If however the people were truly clients of the state, ie. living beyond their means, then if they cannot afford this they may have to move on.

      The original subsidy was explicitly socialist.

      The withdrawal of the subsidy is explicitly not socialist.

      Lesson learned: Do not live beyond your means at the expense of the state.

    • 225
      Abigail Hulton says:

      Really, during the sixties, the land and properties owned by my family were compulsary purchased, in Salford. They do not like landed families in Salford. Title Deeds were put forward, indeed land dating back to 1172, everything gone, houses, Landed Houses, huge places boarded up. Listed buildings, puff, gone up in smoke, conveniently. I was away overseas, and my family here were so ill educated, by Salford Council, they had no idea whatsoever, bred out you see.

      Council houses and apartments built on our land, the whole of the town socially destroyed. The building that was carried out in the sixties is now destroyed and that once historic city has gone, destroyed by one thing, Socialism. The worst thing that happened to the North West was the vunerability of the workers, and the opportunism of Socialism. As a Hulton, whose whole DNA is built on the revulsion of Trade Unionism and the reality of Socialism I despise them.

  33. 105
    John Bercow says:

    I look up to a Brazilian.

  34. 116
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    She is on C4 News soon.

  35. 119
    Anonymous says:

    Lefties, please note one and for all….


    The scrapping of the Spare Room Subsidy amounts to a reduction in a means-tested benefit, namely Housing Benefit.

    • 121
      I d on't n eed no d octor says:

      And if labour wouldn’t reverse the so called tax, then what would labour call it if they were in power.

    • 256
      The BBC says:

      We now prefix ‘bedroom tax’ with the words ‘so called’ as it allows us to still spread the lie and misinform the public. Labour told us to do that.

  36. 120
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    What about labour’s plan B tax, how much would that have cost?

    • 137
      Ed Bollox talking says:

      I never mentioned a plan B so there. Did I mention this recovery that I said would not happen and is the wrong sort of recovery? I did? You sure?
      Triple dip Noooooo not me, anyone? Anyone know?

    • 140
      nellnewman says:

      OMG Labour have a plan? Do tell !

  37. 123
    Assad Vader says:

    Obamas line is getting so wide now I bet Assad starts demanding the US hands over all its caches of red paint.

  38. 129
    Andy Burnham says:

    The NHS death rate was zero when we were in power.

    • 131
      Alan Johnson says:

      In fact we brought the dead back to life.

      • 135
        Emergency Ward Zero says:

        Yeah well given the count is done in the morgue and you were killing them in the wards I am not surprised

      • 230
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Alan … Alan, “ALllll…AN!” (could someone .. anyone … please tell Alan) you are required on “Planet Zog ” at present – so please fuck off there immediately you ZERO – OF ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS.

    • 284
      Anonymous says:

      How does Andy still cling to his job ? he has zero credibility following Stafford, and is a real embarassment as he walks around pretending nothing happened !

  39. 130
    anon says:

    Anyone seen Cress ida Di ck

  40. 134
    Poopadollopus says:

    I remember a few years ago back in the 80′s when the Greek PM or foreign minister criticised the toilet systems in the Uk as 3rd world. This was the time when Greek toilet systems were so bad arse wipes had to be put in a bin as the Greek sewer system could not handle it.
    Just chuck her on the next plane and tell her not to come back

  41. 143
    A Trougher says:

    Getting a ‘job’ at the UN is the very pinnacle of troughing. The gold-standard for fraudulent expense claims. The final stand for 1st class travel on the tax-payer. The last stand against accounting transparency. The natural home of the bung and back-hander. The nexus of international socialism. The premier place for shmoozing with dictators.

    • 145
      Antony b lair says:

      Did somebody call?

    • 288
      PC 53 says:

      Oh really? And here’s me thinking that honour went to the International Olympic Committee and the FIFA clowns (my spellchecker won’t allow me to write the word ‘crooks’).

  42. 144
    Point of Information 6 says:

    UN Inspectors report on Syr!a has been published.


    NB: According to JPost:

    The conclusion:

    ‘The report called for a political solution to Syr!a’s civil war and urged other states to: “stop weapons transfers in view of the clear risk that they will be used to commit serious violations of international law.”

    !raq is the Ach!lle’s heel in preventing weapons flow to the insurgents. !raq is still broadly dysfunctional due to the war enabled by Bla!r and the UK Labour party.

    On allegations of CW use by government forces the report says:

    ‘On the evidence currently available, it was not possible to reach a finding about the chemical agents used, their delivery systems or the perpetrators. Investigations are ongoing.’

    This means that there is no actual proof of any use of CW by government forces anywhere in Syr!a: There are only unsubstantiated rumors of such use. (In line with J!C :-) )

    Further note: The UN inspectors on this mission should not be considered the same brand of loony as the woman who is getting embroiled in the ‘bedroom tax’ fiasco.

    • 154
      Universal Hiss says:

      FFS. Really. How surprising.

      I & a few million others could have told you that for free.

      • 170
        Point of Information 6 says:

        The UN report is available here:

        Direct link:


        Agree with your sentiment, but the findings of the investigators constitute the official public domain picture of what has been going on.

        The conclusions / recommendations are worth reading through.

        The accounts of the human rights abuses correlate with the uTube videos.

        • 180
          Universal Hiss says:

          Thanks for the link. Will have a look tomorrow.

          I’m painting the bathroom atm.(first world problems)

          I’m sure you realise the FFS was not aimed at you.Just the world in general.

          *Waves paintbrush.*

          • Point of Information 6 says:

            With the emotional roller coaster ride that people in the UK have been unnecessarily put through on this issue, you FFS is perfectly understandable. No worries – did no take personally :-)

            The report is pretty awful reading: Worst when one fully connects that this is reality.

            The conclusions fully vindicate the UK Parliaments decision and what seems to be overwhelming public opinion both in the UK and US.

            Should be interesting for many to see actual source on which a lot of the international media have based their reports. Can help gauge bias.

            Enjoy your painting. :-)

    • 156
      Middle East War Envoy Blair says:

      Thank you for this report

      You will note that the UN inspectors state that both sides have been committing war crimes

      I therefore propose that both sides should be attacked with US and French missiles

      It is called fair and equal treatment

      And Tel Aviv Central, where I am stationed, agrees with me

      • 165
        Putin for PM says:

        Cameron, Hague, Obama and Kerry have been shown up to be idiots. Another reason not to vote for Dave at the election.

        • 171
          MI5 says:

          The Generals are revolting behind closed doors in the US, UK and France

          They cannot believe the amateurism, incomptence and irresponsibility of these people

          One General in Washington said this week (Fox); “Noone in the White House knows what war is or what it means”

          Bloody serious when we were blindly marching towards WW III

        • 214
          H.M.S. Rodney says:

          Harsh. Kerry has been shown to be little short of an idiot.

          • Anonymous says:

            Kerry (married the HEINZ heiress, so not such an idiot)was the first to suggest the Syrian gas being removed by inspectors.Pooters then grabbed the idea !

    • 164
      Vlad the Chess Player says:

      Washington is waiting for its orders

      “This deal is the best thing to come out of Russia since vodka”

      Rule Britannia

    • 167
      Putin for PM says:

      Guidos credibility lies in tatters after this along with Cameron, Hague and Obama who wanted to take us to war on no evidence. Shameful.

      • 174
        Point of Information 6 says:

        I would not agree with shooting this messenger.

        Perhaps a question mark over the news wires he has followed, but given the nature of this blog, perhaps the coverage here reflected the more disturbing line which UK government desired to be pushed.

        Let us not forget Ed Miliband and Clegg have lost a lot of credibility.

        Nigel Farage of UKIP appears to be the only senior politician to have called this one right from the start, and has provided a consistent line throughout.

        • 178
          We, the People says:

          The great victors are the British People

        • 181
          P l e b says:

          Miliband led the way in opposing Cameron’s stupidity. He deserves praise not opprobrium.

          • Point of Information 6 says:

            Ed changed his mind for partisan political reasons only.

            For that he deserves more opprobrium than Cameron for trying it on in the first place.

            You are correct that Ed apparently helped stop Parliament making a catastrophically bad decision, but he did so for party reasons, not national or moral.

      • 185
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Comments noted so ..

        Here is some real Irony:-

        Now what was that saying again … Oh Yeah

        “K E E P C A L M and carry on”

        Unlike of course the impetuous “Yo, Yo, let’s Kick Rse!” brigade – who have been chomping at the bit to loose off all them fireworks.

        Me – I’d say that the “One eyed ones” have had a fucking good poke in their “One-eyed-agenda” over the past week courtesy of The Public (world-wide) – but I would say that wouldn’t I?

    • 189
      Bob The Knob says:

      This isn’t the chemical weapons inspector report. It’s a general humanitarian one which predates 21st August events.

      • 198
        Point of Information 6 says:

        Yes: But this is the report which is being reported on widely today.

        The general human rights report released today is important as it destroys the notion of good guy / bad guy part of the case that the west were trying to sell for supporting the insurgents.

        This will not have changed much in the intervening months.

        The CW Inspector report is due to be released next Monday.

        On that report:

        ‘The U.N. weapons inspectors have a fairly restrictive mandate that only authorizes them to determine whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria, not to cast blame on the culprit.’

        The UK has already confirmed that CW were used at the site, based on analysis of samples, as have other governments. The UN report should just be the rubber stamp on this.

        The lack of credible proof that Syr!an government forces, insurgents or other third parties were responsible for the attack means that direct blame is not directly attributable.

        On the basis of circumstantial which is available, cui bono shifts balance of probability towards the insurgents or third parties.

        There is no reason for diplomacy to be unduly impeded whilst waiting for the CW report. However, the final draft on UNSC motion and vote will take place shortly after that report is published.

  43. 147
    nellnewman says:

    Can’t help thinking that this brazilian nutcase, in denial about the abject housing poverty in her own land, would make an ideal bedroom mate for comrade barrosso who is in complete denial about the economic disaster his eu has created in greece , spain and italy.

  44. 150
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I suggest the Tories hold their breath until Ban Ki Moon issues an edict. That should solve the problem (and many more).

  45. 151
    Ed Miliband and Ed Balls says:

    The recovery is too far and too fast.

    • 155
      Blank piece of paper Inc. says:


      • 161
        Silent Bob says:


      • 197
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Did someone mention a piece of paper and or of its worth / worthlessness?

        That reminds me of something

        No court order in any court is worth the price of the piece of paper it is written on – if it ain’t got a proper seal and “the proper signature” of the judge on it.

        Any letter written by an administrative officer of any court ‘implying’ that judge x,y or z’ has instructed ‘blah, blah blah’ ain’t itself worth the price of the piece of parchment it has been written on either. But don’t tell everyone eh! nudge, nudge, wink, wink it’s just our little society of bloggers secret.

        • 223
          Anonymous says:

          Really? Or is that like knocking a copper’s hat off his head? (They can’t arrest you if they’re not wearing their hat.)

        • 226
          We Must Be Told! says:

          If you’re the one against whom enforcement is sought, BW, and you say, Sod off!, and you don’t follow the order– if they take it to a real full hearing in Court, and then the Rt Hon Lord Justice Horace Hayre-Whigg DOES sign it, then, can they enforce costs against you?

  46. 159
    nellnewman says:

    What is militwit going to do now to recover his popularity and get himself elected into no 10 in 2015?

    Perhaps he will be promising us all food parcels or something and money handouts so that none of us have to get out of bed before lunchtime . Oh and how about free bottles of vodka (ugh!!) or something.

    • 163
      Beeny Fizscrounger says:

      I whats me bedroom back ‘n’ full compo for the stress of it init.

      • 269
        Beat the bedroom Tax says:

        ….Turn your spare room into a “Grow Room”,mmm, fresh tomatos’ all year round!!!

    • 173
      Labour set for a 76 seat majority says:

      “What is militwit going to do now to.. get himself elected into no 10 in 2015?”

      Sit back and let Dimmy Dave Camoron lose.

    • 179
      P l e b says:

      Change the record PLEASE

    • 187
      Universal Hiss says:

      As you well know certain people have a religious fervour for a limp sort of leftist something or other as displayed in this country.

      It ranges from millionaires on the Labour front bench to illiterate postal vote cannon fodder.

      As far as I’m concerned it’s fuck all to do with socialism.Some sort of brain dead cult.

      And as far as I’m concerned the cultists in the conservative party are not much better.

      I don’t understand why you rant so.

      I hate every jackass of them. I’ll vote for Scottish independence & for the SNP not because I believe a word of it.It’s just not THEM.

      *Waves paintbrush again.*

      • 193
        Bob The Knob says:

        The SNP are fucking windmill mentalists with a 70s statist view who are either thick or filling their pockets. Same old shite.

        Vote UKIP.

        • 196
          Universal Hiss says:

          I quite agree.If I lived in England I’d vote UKIP. I don’t so I won’t.

          However the SNP have not frightened any horses while in power & have surprised most folk in not being total bampots.

          Look at the alternative in Scotland & despair.

          • Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

            Scotland is a proud and valued part of the United Kingdom.

            UKIP is for the United Kingdom, not just England.

          • Universal Hiss says:

            What you say I would like to think is true.

            However UKIP will never field many candidates in Scotland.They just don’t have the money.

            I live in the safest SNP seat in Scotland.Labour & the Libdems do not bother the tellers. It would be totally pointless for UKIP to bother.

          • Bob The Knob says:

            I live in Scotland in what used to be Labour stronghold. I voted SNP last time not because I’m a nationalist or a “green economy” loony but because I wanted to kick Labour in the balls. Which they duly were.

            I’ll do the same at the General Election except this time it’ll be UKIP (if they field a candidate which I hope they do).

            I’ll be voting against independence next year too.

            PS It’s only £30 to join UKIP. Every penny helps.

          • Bob The Knob says:

            PS the SNP are even more EU federalist than the 3 big parties. Independence in Europe? Excuse me?

          • Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

            That’s fine: Was just clarifying another misconception about UKIP, not trying to give you the hard sell on UKIP :-)

            For the Euro elections UKIP are worth a look.

            UKIP are a good center right libertarian choice for Scotland, particularly if Scotland is interested in preserving its sovereignty and rich individual cultural identity.

            The UK has always respected Scotland’s cultural values.

            A future in the EU, as the SNP propose, will likely see those values airbrushed away.

          • Universal Hiss says:

            Yes I know. On paper the SNP are everything I dislike.

            However I really,really hate Labour,hate this particular flavour of Conservatives & of course the Libdems are hoons.

            So over the last few years I’ve become pragmatic,jaded,fuck you westminster.

            So I have voted for a party that’s better than the rest in my view,at that time,with a fair wind.

            Ten years ago I would not have believed I’d vote SNP.

            Times change but cliches stay the same.

            I’m a strong believer in voting but politicians have really tested this for me over the last decade.

          • Say no to the EU and yes to the UK says:

            Those values are already being eroded away. An example of this is the Scottish Executives intention to do away with the legal requirement for corroboration in court cases. This has been a distinct feature of the Scottish legal system for centuries. The reason they are proposing it is because Brussels has ruled it has to go. Ironic dont you think that this is occurring under an SNP administration. So much for independence.

          • Universal Hiss says:

            Yes I know all this.Eck has been very keen on windmills & Europe. He’s been quiet of late on windmills.At last he sees which way the wind is blowing in bloated subsidies that Scotland would not stomach.

            I can see the total bonkeredness of independence within the EU. Also keeping the Bank of England.That is not independence.

            Despite all this I want independence.

            It will be interesting what the great SNP document contains later in the year.

            O.K. hands up. I’m totally confused.My hatred of all things Westminster is clouding my judgment.

            I still want to be free in 83.(That didn’t go too well.)

          • Bob The Knob says:

            The old rebellious alternative to Labour in Scotland has been seen to be the same old corporatist bag of shite as the rest of them.

            The SNP hubris has been incredible over the last few years. It’s their turn for a kick in the balls.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Hey “Keep Calm, Vote UKIP” – did someone mention an ironic twist about the saying ‘Keep Calm and carry on” which you picked up on without any acknowledgment to BW for that? No … Oh really – bit of a Johan Hari / Andrew Rawnsley moment there me thinks – but flattered anyway. Grow some.

          • Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

            Check back through threads over past few months.

            If they haven’t been deleted out then you should find my comments going back a while.

            No connection with your earlier comment today, but did enjoy your comment.

            Vote UKIP

          • Tachybaptus says:

            Is the ironic twist the fact that the original ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters were printed to be distributed if the Germans invaded, to keep the British from futile resistance that would get them killed? That is, of course, why they were never issued and only rediscovered decades later. So the slogan is associated with yielding to force, rather than with the bulldog spirit.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            KCV,UKIP – the months ago is known of but as of ‘today’ you ‘picked up’ on my point of “supreme irony” – well done for latter acknowledgment and btw heard Christine Hamilton’s comments on the radio tonight – she’s right. But I still hate Barristers who are ‘suborned and craven to the Bar Council’ and who tell porky pies to the public – e.g. Stuart Wheel dealer / Lisbon Treaty charade JR.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Tachy – please read carefully > have you ‘got’ a pre-conditioned male chauvinist, pig, bully mindset of a lifetime bully-boy attitude?

          • Tachybaptus says:

            Not really, BW, and certainly not trying to score points off you. Just commenting on an odd twist in the history of a slogan.

  47. 162
    Putin for PM says:

    I thought she looked like a bit of a nutter. Mind you after I read what Guido had to say about attacking Syria I thought he sounded like a bit of a nutter.

  48. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Why are you giving this lady such abuse. She came here to do a job and its not surprising if you don’t like what she said. The Bedroom Tax is abhorrent they way it disrupts the lives of the most under privileged in society.

    It’s Shapps that should get the abuse for lying about her not speaking to government.

    Just let the Tories get their head and it will be many of you posters who are complaining about what they are doing to you.

    The Tories use stealth and cunning to do what they are doing, putting out misinformation. They are the really nasty party.

    • 175
      Anonymous says:


    • 176
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      “The Tories use stealth and cunning to do what they are doing, putting out misinformation. They are the really nasty party.”

      As opposed to Labour, the Party that lied about WMD, started an illegal war, and killed half a million civilians.

      But remember: It’s the TORIES who are NASTY.

      And Labour sat on their backside whilst the NHS murdered tens of thousands of British people.

      But remember: It’s the TORIES who are NASTY.

      And Labour trashed the nation’s finances.

      But remember: It’s the TORIES who are NASTY.

      “Why are you giving this lady such abuse.”

      Because she’s a fucking Leftie bitch and she’s a fucking liar.

    • 177
      P l e b says:

      Well said

      • 182
        Liebour enemies of the people says:

        Total Ed Balls.

        • 190
          P.S says:

          It’s not a tax.

          • Universal Hiss says:

            I’m not a fan of the “bedroom tax”. It’s ill thought out as a policy & will save not a penny.

            However this silly excuse for a newspaper manages to come up with the stupidest of stupid people who I feel no sympathy for in the tearing at the heartstrings copy………….


          • Anonymous says:

            “It’s not a tax.” Pathetic comment!

            We all know that it’s not a tax. The Tories and their supporters have told us often enough (ad infinitum). This is a mere detail in comparison to the effect the bedroom tax is having on peoples lives.

            “It’s not a tax.” This feeble response is directed at taking our eyes off the big picture. The real situation.

            The headline way up there says she apologised. The apology for using the wrong name was insignificant compared to the sterling job she has done in busting this Tory policy and showing up the Tories for what they are.

            People in Britain are scandalised by the sight of millions of Syrians displaced from their homes and living in tents, if they are lucky. This Tory policy (in Great Britain no less) is no better than what is happening in Syria.

          • Tachybaptus says:

            Anon, I think your last sentence earns you this week’s OTT prize.

          • Ma­qb­oul says:

            Yes and token Looney Lefty of the Week. Incisive comparison of Syria and modern Britain.

            So the evil Tories are using Sarin gas to flush out the empty taxpayer subsidised bedrooms of benefit claimants?

            Actually, not a bad policy. At least we know that nobody will intervene.

  49. 172
    Anonymous says:

    ‘…baited breath’??? Might be a bit smelly, depending on the bait used.

    Or you could try ‘bated’, held back, from ‘abated’, I imagine (not having consulted a dictionary, an unwise move for a pedant!).

  50. 184
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Hard to tell which is softer on the arse, the record or the Grauniad but that’s all they are fit for.

  51. 192
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    Newcastle City Council says benefit cuts will take £30,000,000 out of the local economy.

  52. 194
    Raving Loon says:

    People only took notice of her because she works for the UN, but why does being part of the UN suddenly make you someone worth listening to?

    • 203
      Hans Blix says:

      Fucked if I know!

    • 227
      Abigail Hulton says:

      When I left South Africa I was offered a position as an Consultant for the UN. It is a cash cow, if you are a Minister of a Country then you will be paid. But, if you are given a Consultancy you submit expenses. It is a total nonsense. I had people working beneath me who did it for nothing. Just to get it on to their C.V.’s. It really is toothless. It uses the name UN that is all. It is only the propoganda that allows it to justify itself. Just like the EU. The problem lies within ourselves, we allow this sh@t to happen.

      This Brazillian lady has no more right to stand up in front of people than I do. I also have UN Letterheads, are you going to allow me an audience?

      • 228
        Anon says:

        I used to work for one of the more effective bits of the UN. It was still a stupid organization full folk who were right up their own arses.

        • 236
          Blowing Whistles says:

          I do “BELIEVE” – Or perhaps know that I called the shot on the UN’s many predispositions and invertebrate worldview in a certain one direction on this blog just a while ago … still never mind eh – they’re a bit like the IMF / ECB …. knowing where their bread is buttered – spineless cowed and craven bastards.

      • 229
        Landlord of the Whitehorse says:

        Can you pole dance?

  53. 213
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder it the Guardian cuunt now in charge of Newsnight will get Her on? She’d be a real hoot compared to Rachel Reeves.

  54. 232
    Daniel says:

    Look at the state of housing in Brazil:

    • 253
      UKIP or bust says:

      Ah, but like the orange man, there is nothing to be gained in staying there for her and many other rats like her, who like to leave their shit holes and ponce off of the nasty capitialist countrys.

  55. 243
    albacore says:

    What a hoot, this indignation about “bedroom tax”
    When immigration is invasion, control’s that lax
    And an E U referendum’s not even rumour
    Taking the mick is Cameron’s idea of humour
    LibLabCon policy, whatever you label it
    On real British people, all it does is shovel shit

    • 252
      UKIP or bust says:

      S’s funny ain’t it, we can go to war at the drop of a hat, yet a vote on our sovereignty has to be put off for years and years and years and . . .

  56. 245
    y says:

    britain – justice – oxymoron

    the tories are the new nazis


    • 250
      Anonymous says:

      turned down for you bennies were you?

    • 255
      Stu says:

      Thick headed lefty with no rational argument alert resorts to insult it doesn’t understand.

      NAZI = National Socialist dumbo. The clues in the name and the Tories, even this lot aint no socialists.

  57. 246
    Bill Wagstick says:

    International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    The UK commits (via Article 11) to “recognise the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions”.

    • 249
      Anonymous says:

      indeed but not too keep giving these people money so they can achieve that end without mving 3 foot from the remote.

  58. 254
    a non says:

    MGN Sunday Mirror hacking probe finally launched !
    Guido must be doing cartwheels while eating his Frosties this morning ;)

  59. 257
    UKIP or bust says:

    Just like a Methodist minister preaching the word of god to his flock, the overgrown student woman from Brazil is preaching to the converted.

    All those in the audience had come along to hear the socialist religion of fantasy.

    And just like the church goers of old who were prepared to forget all the heinous crimes of burning non-believers at the stake, wars and multiples of other crimes, those listening to the skinny trougher from Brazil are prepared to ignore all the death and suffering of socialism throughout the 20th C. including the Nazis (International Socialists) the khmer rouge, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.,

  60. 258
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    The Pae dophile MP: How Cyril Smith Got Away with It

    12 Sep, 11:05PM C4

    Dispatches reporter Liz MacKean investigates Smith’s pae dophilia and uncovers the inaction by police officers, Security Services, politicians and the Crown Prosecution Service

    • 262
      Tellyfor says:

      Ie C4 are out of ideas for ways to attack the coalition so have commissioned a program after reading a few blog sites which they know they cannot be sued for libel for on content.

      The blog sites did turn up new source through foi requests and people coming forward but most of this doc’d previously by the press. Smith did use libel laws to suppress and there did appearto be collusion by security services.

  61. 259
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Owen Jones says Royal Mail sell off is a “politically motivated fire sale”and as usual,Owen Jones is right.

    • 265
      Postman Pat says:

      Postman Pat’s a really unhappy man.

    • 268

      The Royal Mail is rather like the Labour party:

      It no longer serves a real purpose and what it delivers to the recipient is unwanted at best or downright harmful at worst.


    • 270
      Not postman Pat says:

      Of course it is , it was ordered by the EUSSR and Liebour didn’t have the nerve to do it, the only thing they did do was get Mandy to give it some bad pr , you remember the post being thrown away etc, wondering if it will be taken over by the privatised German post office.

  62. 261

    The Mirror is now in Breaking News.

    That is what I like to hear. :-D


  63. 263
    Maria Miller says:

    The BBC is not being very nice and if it doesn’t improve quickly I will make it stand on the naughty step. So there.

  64. 266
    This Fatt'un says:

    Time for lunch yet?

  65. 267
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Is it me or do those two evil fuckers in the picture (Rolnik & the other guy) look like camp guards at Belsen or Auschwitz.

  66. 273
    Brown Mess says:

    This is a first, a leftie making an apology.

    Labour have yet to apologise for Gordon Brown’s recession.

  67. 276
    Tom Catesby says:

    If the UK is found ‘guilty’ by the UN of infringing ‘human rights’. Will we be next for a good bombing after Assad?

  68. 295
    Pedant#1 says:

    FFS, it’s not “baited” breath – it’s “bated” breath.

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