September 11th, 2013

Bonkers Barroso: It’s EU or War

Who could have guessed Jose Manuel Barroso’s State of the European Union address would turn out to be a rant against Eurosceptics and Tories. Former communist Barroso reckons a Tory can never be President of the European Commission. As European Conservatives and Reformists leader Mark Callanan says: “a bit rich coming from an unelected bureaucrat”. UKIP loved Barroso’s line that they will beat the Tories into becoming the “first force” of Britain. Apparently their Euroscepticism is “real” and the Tories are “copycats”. Barroso’s main argument seems to be that if any country withdraws from the EU, Germany will invade Poland again. The argument that the EU keeps the peace in Europe is a complete myth, NATO does that.

The rest is probably best left to Nigel Farage:

He went on to call Belgium’s Guy Verhofstadt “the vilest person in Europe”. A tough contest…


  1. 1
    V1le disgusting toxic Labour trashed my Country says:

    We don’t need this additional level of corruption and bureaucracy, we need to leave the eu now.

    • 10
      Eponymouse says:

      New UKIP slogan:

      “F*ck EU”

    • 14
      The EU Accounts says:

      We need to arrest Barosso. The man is the fraudster in chief of a fraudulent organization

      • 85
        Common Sense says:

        I thought Barosso sounded quite mad, almost H i tleresqe, screaming away in his high pitched rant.

        Pls someone give Barosso the keys to a bunker and some b u l l ets…

        • 153
          Llareggub says:

          Is it just me, or does Barrosso actually resemble a bullfrog?

          And why do I feel this irresistible urge to slap that stupid smirk right off his fat smug face?

          As for Verhofstad, absolutely perfect for the role of Gollum. Eurocrats should be told to shut up more often. And I’m not a kipper, but Farage is absolutely right. There’s no way he would be tolerated if he started barracking other speakers.

          • Anonymous says:

            Farage is speaking for many in both of the clips.

            I find myself agreeing with everything Farage says and being proud to be British when he speaks.

            This is in direct contrast with the feelings of utter gutteral revulsion when Cameron speaks about this country, ditto that awful Clegg and that joke of a man Milliband.

            When each of them speaks I feel ashamed to be British, I feel they do not represent the people of this country and I simply do not belive a word they are saying. Furthermore, their own body language seems to scream out that they don’t even believe their own words !!

      • 96
        A N. Other says:

        It’s Martin Callanan, not Mark. Says it all really.

    • 19
      Teddy in mouth. says:

      I’m short on laughs Nigel, so inform everyone which currency is the model if the Euro is the devil.

      The Pound or the Dollar?

      • 35
        Engineer says:

        The national currency of whatever country you happen to live in, perhaps?

      • 154
        Llareggub says:

        How about neither the pound or the dollar, but neither has generated 50 percent youth unemployment in half a dozen countries.

        But an answer like that’s probably a bit technical for you, isn’t it?

        The Canadian dollar’s not a bad one. Australian dollars are pretty stable, likely to become more so now that Australian government has its sensible hat on again. I’ve never heard a bad thing said about New Zealand dollars.

        I guess it all rather depends on what you mean by a model currency. Do feel free to give us a definition, if you can.

        • 186
          FFS says:

          How abnout the Swiss Franc? The only problem withg it is that it is so good thart everybody everywhere wants some. Fact is the Swiss carefully protect their currencies reputation by limiting the amount of debt that can be created. Consequently the Swiss economy has unbelievable stability and almost zero unemployment.

      • 160
        Germanic says:

        It would have been the Deutsch Mark.

      • 193
        Teddy in Mouth. says:

        What are the interest rates in Britain and the Eurozone?
        Which is proving to be the most successful, and why?

    • 78
      Yeah, right... says:

      Must we accept an unelected politician telling us that he has decided that another politician, elected by the people, cannot hold a top post because his views are at odds with Barroso’s?

      It probably isn’t Manuel’s fault; his native Portugal was still a dictatorship as recently as 1974. We’ve got no excuse for putting up with this, let alone paying for it all.

    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      Anyone see the TV program last night on eastern European pickpockets in Madrid, well this is what is coming here on Jan 1st 2014

    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      I see someone has sabotarged the Farage vidio is it the EU I wonder?

  2. 2
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Maoist unelected fanatical unelected despotic insane anti-demos

    Barroso is a very dangerous man & will if not removed bring about war in Europe.

    He is blinded by his zealous Euro fanaticism.

  3. 3
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Did I mention unelected?

  4. 4

    “Former communist Barroso….” There is no such thing as a living former communist. Those infected with this particular political AIDS-like disease only become “former” when deceased.

  5. 5
    Our EU membership fee: 20 billion reasons to vote UKIP says:

    “Former communist Barroso reckons a Tory can never be President of the European Commission.”

    What a coincidence – it seems a Tory can never be head of the Tory Party any more, either.

    • 26
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Dismal Dave is on board with that idea too.

      Perhaps someone should remind Dave that ‘only obeying orders’ was not an excuse then, or now, or will be, any time in the future.

    • 42
      FFS says:

      It’s a typo. He said a Tony can never become president of the EU. He was referring to Blair.

  6. 7
    The Underdoug says:

    People who believe in democracy to Barroso:

    “F*ck EU”

    Should be UKIP’s slogan.

  7. 8
    Just askin says:

    Sounds like Barroso is a bit peeved, just out of interest how the hell did he get where he is, was he voted in?, did he join the EU as a cleaner and someone gave him a job as whatever the hell he is now, can he be sacked or just gotten rid of by someone like von rumpy pumpy.

    • 13
      If it stinks cut it off says:

      He could be invited to tension a piano wire with the aid of his neck & a lamp post.

  8. 9
    Sir William Waid says:

    Reasons for peace in Europe:

    1945-1955: we were all too exhausted and frightened to want another war.

    1965-1990: the Cold War formed Europe into two blocks and forced us to swallow any nationalistic differences.

    1990-2000: the EU played an important part in integrating the new democracies of eastern and central Europe with the rest of us, although open markets would have tended to do that anyway.

    2000: we’ve been getting on together for so long that solving bilateral tensions by force just seemS out-of-date and silly, but increasingly the EU is creating those tensions.

    The problem is that the EU is unstable, in that unless it continually moves towards a uniary European state it does not work.

    • 17
      Naughty Nige - feel the love says:

      What happened between 1955 and 1965?

    • 33
      EU Watch says:

      The reason the EU is unstable in its quest to transform into a full Federal Union is because the original Treaty of Rome was worded in such a way to prevent that.

      In the process of approaching Federal Union of member states, the gap in the original agreement has been patched by stealth using new Treaties.

      This has fundamentally weakened the structure of what has evolved into the EU resulting in the unstable edifice we see now.

      Winding back treaties to just before M’aastricht and getting shot of the Euro would restore the Common Market structures which all originally joined and which was stable. Doing this with the new members included would be good.

      If Europe wishes to forge a Federal Union it will need to start with a new founding treaty and get rid of the chimera which is currently in place.

      • 68
        FFS says:

        The reason the EU is unstable is because it can only forge forward with the EU superstate if it remains undemocratic. If it allowed democracy to govern the EU then the anti-EU parties across Europe would be the largest power bloc within the EU, being as they have common-cause. They would then dismantle the EU. Thus the EU is forced to deny real democracy which then denies it the legitimacy of being the elected government of the European people.

        It follows from this that any European superstate can only be formed and survive long-term if it remains undemocratic.

        Scary huh?

        • 76
          EU Watch says:

          The fundamental problem is that for democratic Federal Union the Treaty of Rome needs to be replaced with a common agreed European constitution.

          Absent a European constitution adopted by all member states, a political union will be impossible at a federal level, and any notion of demos cannot be realized.

          The Treaty of Rome cannot be bent into a constitution by attempted modification using further treaties.

          Political Union cannot be forged without a common agreed constitution replacing sovereign state constitutions for all people of Europe.

          • Anonymous says:

            I think you are missing the point

            I for one want nothing to do with the group
            And I certainly don’t want a foreign imposed constitution foisted on us

        • 115
          Anonymous says:

          The EU does not exist. You can not invade the EU. It is a figment of some bureaucrats mind. It might have two working bases to operate from, but it is in essence invisible.

          It can not be overrun, as it has no land to overrun, it is just a mobile group of people. Not too different from a group of insurgents living in various innocent villages and fighting a guerrilla war against anyone does not agree with them. An entity that uses each of the villages to antagonise and threaten the other villages in return for favours funded from forced contributions from all villages.

    • 41
      Engineer says:

      What makes anybody think that a uniary European state would be stable? The former Yugoslavia and the former Czeckoslovakia turned out to be ‘unstable’, and unscrambling the mess cost a lot of lives.

    • 185
      peech imspedment says:

      Sir William,

      Like debt-based economies, they only work with more debt. Same model.

  9. 11
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Barroso is a Dog’s Mickey & his eyes are migrating to the back of his head. Any sane veterinary would put him down.

  10. 12
    Scottish Chav says:

    standing here on germany’s eastern border I feel a song coming on …

    Ob’s stürmt oder schneit, ob die Sonne uns lacht,
    Der Tag glühend heiß, oder eiskalt die Nacht,
    Verstaubt sind die Gesichter, doch froh ist unser Sinn,
    Ja, unser Sinn,
    Es braust unser Panzer im Sturmwind dahin. (x2)

    best listened to in the Battle of the Bulge movie

    • 20
      Our EU membership fee: 20 billion reasons to vote UKIP says:

      That was a pretty crappy film, wasn’t it? Unless the Ardennes Offensive really was fought in a desert, in summer.

      Germany’s national anthem, first verse, sums up their attitude to their European ‘friends’:

      Germany, Germany above all,
      Above everything in the world,
      When always, for protection,
      We stand together as brothers.
      From the Maas to the Memel
      From the Etsch to the Belt -
      Germany, Germany above all
      Above all in the world.

      Not very ‘community spirited’, are they?

  11. 15
    bathugeo says:

    The reason that the Germans haven’t attacked anybody recently is because in 1946 we took their guns away. The EU has contributed nothing to peace except to stir-up old enmities by re-establishing the German hegemony through Euro-denominated debt.

  12. 16
    Hava Nagila says:

    If the only thing stopping Germany from beginning yet another war is the EU, we should be asking what the hell is wrong with the German national psyche and we should be re-arming pretty heavily.

    • 23
      EU Watch says:

      He is being a bit irrational as AfP are picking up support getting close to the election in G’ermany.

      G’ermany leaves the Euro, a large part of what is left of the EU dream ends overnight.

      • 37
        Confucius, he says:

        The man is a coward: he really wants to have a go at the Germans but dare not. The Chinese call this behaviour ‘kill a chicken to scare the monkey’. Only his attacks on British politicians are water off a duck’s back.

    • 58
      FFS says:

      The only reason the EU is stopping Germany from starting another war is because the EU is the war “by other means”

      • 118
        Hava Nagila says:

        Yes and no. Don’t forget that when the European Coal and Steel Community was formed, the Schumann Declaration stated that the goal was to entwine the economies of Germany and France so completely as to make war impossible while giving France the resources needed to prop up its colonial empire in Africa.

        Go read the original Schumann Declaration – not the bowdlerised one that they put on the EU website nowadays – and you’ll see that, from day one, the purpose of economic union was to give Germany control of Europe while giving France control of Africa. Didn’t work out very well, but that was its original rationale.

  13. 21
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:


     | \;;;|  |;;;//| U::::U     U::::UK:::::K    K::::KI::::::IP::::::::::::P  
     |\ \;;|  |;;// | U::::U     U::::UK:::::K   K:::::KI::::::IP::::PPPPPP:::P 
     |\\ \;|  |;// /| UU:::U     U:::UUKK::::K  K::::KKKII::::IIPP:::P     P:::P
     |;\\ \|  |// /;|  U:::U     U:::U  K:::K K::::K      I::I    P::P     P:::P
     |;;\\ |  |/ /;;|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::K::::K       I::I    P::PPPPPP:::P
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::::::K        I::I    P:::::::::PP 
     |______  ______|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::::::K        I::I    P::PPPPPPP
     |;;/ /|  | \\;;|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::K::::K       I::I    P::P
     |;/ //|  |\ \\;|  U::::U   U::::U  K:::K K::::K      I::I    P::P
     |/ //;|  |;\ \\|  U:::::UUU:::::U KK::::K  K::::KKKII::::II  P::P
     | //;;|  |;;\ \|   UU:::::::::UU  K:::::K   K:::::KI::::::IPP::::PP
     |//;;;|__|;;;\_|     UU:::::UU    K:::::K    K::::KI::::::IP::::::P
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        UUUUU      KKKKKKK    KKKKKKIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP
  14. 22
    Sarah Teather says:

    Barosso doesn’t tell much of a joke. Wouldn’t recommend he tries his hand at democracy: he won’t get very far with the public.

  15. 27
    Lancashire Procurator Fiscal says:

    Lets hope Barrosso visits Sarajevo on June 28th next year. You never know there might be a 21st Century ‎Gavrilo Princip who could deal with him the way his 20th Century namesake did.

  16. 28
    Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

    Claiming the title of vilest person in Europe certainly is a tough contest when Parker is competing.

    • 55
      Tax everyone back to serfdom says:

      Agreed, who in their right mind want’s national sovereignty, control of our borders, the freedom to remove undesirables and not be taxed into poverty, under the guise of combating, non-existent man made global warming?

      I like the cut of your jib old boy.

  17. 30
    FFS says:

    OK, I’m a bit puzzled. WWII ended in 1945. The Maastricht Treay was signed in 1992. So for 47 years we had peace in Europe without any plans to make it a federal European superstate.

    So, explain to me again, why do we need the EU?

    • 40
      Angela Merkel's Charlie Chaplin Moustache says:

      We don’t. Unless you believe that freeing the East Germans was a prelude to war.

    • 138
      Teacher says:

      The EU is needed because trade blocks are the new thing worldwide and individual countries can’t compete against them. It’s the old Commie Mantra: “United we stand, divided we fall”.
      But don’t let me stop you from completing the GB train wreck and becoming an even more insignificant Island off mainland Europe.

      • 148
        polygenesis says:

        And if you had three more brain cells you would be a moron Mr Teacher.

        Trade blocs do not need political unions/giant federal states, they can be and should be a collection of free sovereign states, the danger with forced unions of different nation states can be seen in the USSR tragedy and the Balkans. Big supranational superstates like the EU cannot work and always fail not least because they seek to ignore the nature of regional differences and needs, a one size all run from the centre by unelected kommissars is a recipe for disaster. The UK is only ever insignificant in the eyes of people who have no pride and self confidence in their country, we are a great nation only if we believe we are.

      • 189
        FFS says:

        EFTA is a trade bloc that openly trades with the EU but no nation within EFTA is under the control of the EU, nor has anyone sensibly suggested that peace within the EFTA nations is guaranteed by its relationship with the EU, so go back to school teacher and read something about the “general agreement on tarriffs and trade”.

        As for GB being an insignificant island I’ll consider that view having some merit when Germany has the same cultural impact on the rest of the world as GB has had since WWII. The French can’t win their own cycling competition anymore, Sweden can’t make movies, the Finns are only known for the Moomins, Belgium only known for TinTin and not one of them can put together a team to win a basketful of medals at the Olympics. The Germans build great cars but somehow we hold the world land speed record and run practically the whole of F1. The German parliament building had to be designed by a Brit.

        The whole of Europe, once a powerhouse of culture at all levels, has been infected with the kind of socialism that believes “the nail that sticks out gets hammered in” and consequently it has no discernible culture at all. No worthwhile movies, theatre, books, music, or television. Nothing. The only good things coming out of Europe are BMWs and champagne and we told them how to make both of those.

        Furthemore if the EU ever becomes “significant” it will only be because they have formed themselves into the EUSSR and will be using French nukes to threaten the USA by which time “peace in Europe” will become a distant memory.

  18. 31
    nellnewman says:

    barrosso is as much a vote winner for staying in the eu as militwit is for voting labour.

    • 44
      EU Watch says:

      If you are a UKIP supporter, Barosso’s State of the Union speech is a gift.

      If you are David Cameron, this speech is perhaps not good news.

      If you are Ed Miliband or Clegg, then your ability to make the case to stay in has just been seriously compromised. Particularly if your party’s position is to deny a referendum.

  19. 32
    Officer Crabtree says:

    I would love to one day see the UK leave the EU whilst merrily sticking two fingers up to those unelected, sanctimonious leeches that run the EU. We have a rotten enough political system here without having to import more of the same.

    As for the Climate Change tosh: unproven scaremongering at its very worst. Even when shown the facts these warmists refuse to face reality instead entrenching themselves in dogma and hyperbole. Another ‘problem’ created to rob the people of their freedom and money. Saying 99% of scientists agree does not cut it I’m afraid. As Gandhi said; “Even if you’re in a minority of one; the truth is still the truth.”

    As Jim Royle says, “Global Warming, my arse.”

    • 51
      Engineer says:

      Not sure where this ’99% of scientists agree’ phrase comes from. Probably about 95% or more of scientists work in fields other than climate research, for a start – so they’re no better able to give an authoritative answer to the question of how the climate works than the rest of us.

      • 60
        Officer Crabtree says:

        Agreed, although with the state funded science we now endure with its blatant politic slant, a scientist says what they are paid to say. Scientific principles are secondary to money.

        • 71
          Engineer says:

          Why do they go along with it though? When nature steadfastly refuses to conform to dodgy theories (as it currently seems to be doing), how do they convince a derisive public that the lies they peddled were somehow excusable? How will they then convince a sceptical public of something unrelated that might crop up in the future? You can cry wolf once too often.

          • Officer Crabtree says:

            Not when they have the power of mass media behind them. Your average drongo who believes what he’s fed by the television is more likely to get angry about some reality show than the fact that we are being lied to and robbed.

            The powers that be have been very good at creating fantasy scare stories in the past and I can’t see it changing any time soon. The ‘terrorist’ myth is still alive and kicking yet there is ample evidence that it is a straw-man threat to frighten the population into acquiescence.

          • FFS says:

            According to Richard Dawkins there are no scientists that believe in God, thus no scientist that believes in the “hereafter”. Consequently scientists only need to worry about how they are perceived in the here and now.

            Professor Phil Jones is 61. Frankly he’s told old to give a shit. Chances are he’ll be dead before we find out he was fleecing us for years with his global warming scam nonsense.

      • 70
        Tax everyone back to serfdom says:

        Barroso is probably correct in his 99% assertion, though not for the reasons he gave.

        99% agree that the climate changes, it’s always changed and always will.

        The dispute is, what is the cause. The climate alarmist camp have a fatally flawed theory, that does not stack up, in any meaningful way and has been shown to be wrong on many occasions.

        That Barroso clings desperately to it, says more about him than anything else.

        • 79
          EU Watch says:

          Does Barosso hang on to Global Warming for ideological reasons, or because he has a vested interest in some of the companies which rely on it ?

          Ideologically the Green agenda does not tally with his Maoist roots as he should be committed to wholesale urbanization and equalization.

          The Green agenda is retrograde for European industry and the type of revolution it will stimulate will not be one which will benefit the EU.

        • 101
          Anonymous says:

          CO2 levels change
          CO2 Level changes due to Mankind
          Climate changes
          Climate changes partially due to CO2
          Climate changes partially due to Mankind
          The World is being destroyed by Climate Change
          The World is being destroyed by Mankind

          The World will survive. Probably without Mankind.

          Which of the above do you think is the most probable and relevant?

          • Daily Mong Reader says:

            Of course releasing millions of tons of buried Hydrocarbons into the atmosphere in a mere 100 years can’t possible have any effect.

      • 165
        gotanology says:

        83.751% of Archaeologists may* support climate change … but they’ve no idea why.

        *but probably don’t

  20. 34
    Hoe Zay says:
    • 43
      FFS says:

      Maybe 27 separate boats is better than being on board the Titanic. Just a thought.

      • 57
        If it stinks cut it off says:

        hehe +1

      • 143
        Daily Mong Reader says:

        Yea! The Titanic was a glorious example of good old British Engineering!

        • 159
          The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

          A fine vessel and a glorious example of good old fashioned British Engineering, sadly it was not designed to run smack in to an iceberg at 22 knots. Still a naval architect cannot think of everything!

        • 190
          FFS says:

          The Titanic’s sister ship “Olympic” had a long and illustrious career both as a cruise ship and as a troop carrier in WWI.

          So yes, the engineering was top notch. Just not a good idea to run them into floating ice-mountains.

    • 46
      Cap'n Bligh says:

      You can say, ‘chuck that bastard overboard: he’s sinking the boat and will be a total drain on rations if we have to man the lifeboats’

    • 47
      Casual Observer says:

      Perhaps throw the dead weight out ?

    • 88
      Anonymous says:

      Of course you can. The term you need to look up is: bulkhead.

      The analogy is having country borders that only allow a controlled flow.

      It is however dubious to say that one end has “sunk” as it is probably going to pull the other end down with it. But one end can definitely be sinking while the other is still perfectly dry.

    • 112
      Sir William Waid says:

      To be fair, Barroso was an active anti-Fascist in Portugal when it was still dangerous to be one.

    • 167
      Cap'n Hadoque says:

      Yes you can.

      You could also say ‘get in the lifeboat, this ship’s had it’.

    • 188
      Tom tWatson says:

      Made me think of this!

  21. 38
    A Proper Tory says:

    “communist Barroso reckons a Tory can never be President of the European Commission”

    How could anyone disagree with that?

    • 49
      Nelson says:

      A proper Tory would abolish the commission.

      • 66
        Darth Vader says:

        A proper Tory would privatise it – trouble is I don’t think anyone would want it. Turn it into a theme park maybe?

        • 107
          Sir William Waid says:

          A proper Old Etonian would turn the EU into a facsimile of School, with the different countries as Houses. Think of the scope for silly costumes, ludicrous sports, compulsory pederasty, precious slang and bumptious arrogance!

    • 50
      Casual Observer says:

      Dave in control of the EU ? Interesting thought but I don’t really see it happening.

      • 117
        FFS says:

        Just let a few more immigrants in and the UK will soon have a bigger population than Germany and a bigger economy as well.

        That’s why the UK political elite are so willing to go along with the EUSSR. They’ve seen that Germany has gotten to be top dog because its the biggest of the players, and they’ve worked out a cunning plan to take that top spot away from them. We’re all just cannon-fodder for their EU power-play. I suppose we should just be grateful we aren’t getting shot-at anymore.

    • 183
      The EU is not a democracy says:

      That’s because he thinks the EU project is fundamentally a socialist one, and he would move heaven and earth if he could, to prevent a tory from gaining any power or influence.

      That’s EU democracy for you.

  22. 39
    Rob says:

    A huge US and British force camped in Germany may have had something to do with keeping the peace.

    • 52
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      British & French nukes are enough to maintain the peace without the corrupt EU.

    • 56
      Dr Strangelove says:

      Mutual Assured Destruction is what is keeping the peace

    • 144
      Teacher says:

      Eeer no! Do yourself a favour and relearn history without the propaganda!

      • 192
        FFS says:

        Utter moron. The UK lost almost 1million lives due to WWI but that never stopped us getting involved in WWII within just 21 years while the memory of the losses of WWI were still fresh in the mind.

        Russia lost over 3 million lives but that didn’t stop it getting involved in WWII.

        My grandfather fought in WWI at Paschendaele but that experience was not enough to get in the way of him seeing his two sons go off to join the Navy defending the Atlantic convoys.

        Sadly the appalling human carnage of war seems not to assuage the thirst for yet more war.

  23. 53
    FFS says:

    If the EU is so good at keeping the peace can someone explain to me why Barosso hasn’t intervened to point out to his fellow Spanish compatriots that Gibraltar and Spain will soon be part of a huge federal EU superstate where the borders between these two countries will be of no more importance than the border between Somerset and Wiltshire.

    Oh, now I remember. Because if the EU made it that “in yer face” that Spain was about to be washed out of the history books by an EU superstate that will soon make it part of France and Portugal they might actually get a bit pissed off about it.

    • 63
      Darth Vader says:

      Barroso is Portuguese and Gibraltar is not part of the EUSSr

    • 64
      EU Watch says:

      I wouldn’t go pressing your point too loudly in Somerset / Wiltsh!re. Could upset the locals.

      The realization that Spa!n’s identity could be washed out by the EU superstate could be part of what is driving the apparent break up of that country.

      Balkanization of European member states so as new regional boundaries can be drawn is one of the objectives, and helps deal with the problem of national borders and associated cultural identities.

  24. 59
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Hands up all those who have *ucked Catherine Ashton. Hands down now.
    Now the other hand up for those who have tried but failed.

  25. 61
    Darth Vader says:

    These EU muppets need to get a grip – science now knows that Gleenlands glaciers are melting from below due to the earths mantle which has nothing to do with the climate

    • 73
      Casual Observer says:

      The earths hot core generally has a cooling effect on climate.

      This is realized through volcanic eruptions.

      The ash which is released into the atmosphere (in addition to huge amounts of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide etc) reflects sunlight causing less heat to be absorbed into the atmosphere.

      The last freezing of the Th@mes and mini ice age is believed to have been caused directly by Krakat0a.

      Combine increased volcanic activity with the sun itself cooling (as it has been past few years) then you will end up with the atmosphere cooling.

      Global cooling case was last pressed in the 60s, before it was switched to warming in the mid 70s / early 80s to present.

  26. 62
    If it stinks cut it off says:

    Yeh gods… why try?

  27. 67
    Champion says:

    I did like the polar ice cap photos which Farage held up as Barroso waffled on.

  28. 69
    Loony Left want muslim women to have the "freedom" to wear the burka says:

    Really, you couldn’t make it up.

  29. 72
    Loony Left want muslim women to have the "freedom" to wear the burka says:

    If this comment by one of the signatories to the petition is indicative of the level of intellect of muslim students there, they may want to focus more on their literacy than the bullshit strictures of their fucked up religion.

    Da niqab should NOT be a ban FULL STOP!

  30. 75
    Owin Jones says:

    How come all these Marxists seem to come from privileged backgrounds and have few million pounds in the bank?

  31. 77
    Adolf says:

    Why didn’t I think of the EU?

  32. 83
    EU is Out of Control says:

    I’ll vote Conservative at the next general election

    But I can’t wait to vote UKIP to send a LOUD message to Brussels in the next Euro-election.

  33. 86
    Obama is Putin's bitch says:

    rope lampost

  34. 93
    Anonymous says:

    The only reason that the Europhiles love the EU so much is because they get paid thousands to love it so much, paid for by us.

    Their salaries are gigantic, and that’s why of course they love it so much; they are completely bought!

  35. 95
    Jack the Ripper says:

    Shouldn’t Barroso take a salary cut for having spare room in his brain?

  36. 97
    Barak Obama says:

    Can anyone lend me a paddle? Please?

  37. 100
    Jimmy says:

    Nice to see that Guido referred to the Bedroom Tax as a tax in an earlier thread.

    • 104
      Everyone says:

      Did you see everyone referring to you as a twat?

    • 108
      Bill Quango MP - Y says:

      It was also nice to hear radio 5 live PMQs prog referring to it as
      “The spare room subsidy – which some are calling the bedroom tax”.

      Some being the labour party and the BBC?

    • 109
      Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

      The bedroom tax is an arbitrary reduction in the money people previously received, in order to make poor people poorer. It is spiteful in the extreme, although IDS would never acknowledge this.
      A simple analysis shows it is illogical, so the conclusion is that it is cruel.
      Mr. Shapps( and Mr Pickles) despise the common people and resent spending a single penny to help them.

      • 122
        FFS says:

        Hardly, it is a financial disincentive to people living on benefits to stay in housing that is bigger than they need.

        It is a bit like being a working man and having a financial disincentive to living in a mansion.

        You’re argument might hold water if there was no such thing as a rented one bedroom appartment, but since there are many of such places the incentive to move people to smaller dwellings will free up space for larger families that would otherwise be difficult to place, whilst making the whole housing benefits budget smaller.

        • 137
          Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

          Regardless of the merits of each argument I am very suspicious of any idea supported by an exposed interwebthingy scam merchant.

      • 182

        So socialists don’t care about those who are unable to be housed where that is solely due to the fact that others have paid-for housing in excess of their requirements?

        What a dystopian example of liberal and progressive socialism you appear to support!


    • 119
      FFS says:

      Another typo. It’s Bedroom tacks

      • 139
        Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

        No, you are confusing this discussion with Theresa’s habit of scattering tacks around her bed to prevent her victims escaping whilst she sleeps.

    • 166
      Anonymous says:

      Tax is what working people pay you fucking cretin. Your so called bedroom tax is a benefit that is being cut in the hope that families stuck in overcrowded accommodation might have a chance at getting some decent living space, whilst people who are funded by the taxpayer to have more space than they need make way.

      Grow up you pathetic little clown.

  38. 105
    Bill Quango MP - Y says:


  39. 113
    Frank Leopold says:

    I saw Grant Shapps / Michael Green / Sebastian Fox on the one o’clock news and all he could moan about about was that she didn’t call it by the correct name….if it looks like a bedroom tax and smells like a bedroom tax.. it is a bedroom tax… he could not engage on any other level because that is what it is….I believe the Queen is in receipt of public funding (benefits?) how many surplus rooms does she have? How about any other stately home owners with tax relief, should we claw that back if they don’t use all their rooms?..I could go on but quite frankly I rather sharpen my pencil and tick off another day on my calendar which brings us closer to this kicking this bunch out of office..

  40. 114
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    The Bedroom Tax is quite an absurd policy anyway. Only a short sighted Government like this one would bring in a policy to force people in receipt of housing benefit who are under-inhabiting their home to move into properties that don’t exist and take money off them when they can’t. It may have worked if we weren’t going through a housing shortage both in the public and private sector. It may have worked if it wasn’t a blanket change, i.e. by including disabled people without looking at their individual needs. And totally cynical by excluding pensioners when they are more likely to be under-occupying than any other group.
    It may not actually be cost effective to move some people. But as with everything this government do they don’t think ahead, not even by 5 minutes!

  41. 124

    Speeches like this are a very simple reminder of the obvious short-comings of the EU commission.
    The management are unelected, and seemingly irremovable.
    That’s the way they like it!
    UNLESS UKIP has its way, or the rest of Europe wakes up to the danger of this small group of bureaucrats exploiting their power, many tears will be shed in the future.

    • 195
      FFS says:

      Europe wake up to the danger of an undemocratic govering body having complete control of their futures?

      Like they woke up to Hitler? or Mussolini? or Franco? or Tito? or Kaiser Wilhelm? or Napolean?

      Europeans LOVE unelected dictators governing their lives. They can’t get enough of them. They resent the UK and the USA having forced democracy down their throats with re-written post-war Marshall-plan funded consitutions and they invented the EU so they could transfer power back to yet another Napoleon inspired facist dictatorship without the Americans cottoning on to what they are doing. I give it one more generation and they will be going on about how the destiny of Europe is to follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and must expand its borders into Turkey and the Middle East.

  42. 132
    Get us out of this EU dictatorship says:

    Most of us have had enough of the having the grand design and the minitia of our lives dictated by unelected and self serving, braying donkeys like Barosso.

  43. 142

    How many cruise missiles would the taxpayers of Belgium and Portugal end up
    paying for?
    It would seem that the most vociferous war mongers at the EU parliament are from
    countries that have no capability whatsoever to participate in any attack on Syria.

  44. 145
    The squeezed middle says:

    Farage for PM!

  45. 146
    Golden Godders says:

    2:06 and 4:21.

    Let his part not be forgotten…

  46. 149
    Jack the Ripper says:

    What’s with the stuff about the European continent never having known such a long period of peace? What about Yugoslavia?

  47. 150
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Another sad lefty aresewipe telling us what is good for us as he draws his vast salary for doing fuck all. Total wanker.

  48. 161
    Foxie says:

    Barroso’s “99% if scientists…”

    It was actually 97%. And two Harvard researchers drilled down into the figures to discover only 79 out of 30,000 originally canvassed agreed human CO2 emissions caused climate change. And most of those 79 were Green activists without a single scientific qualification to their name.

  49. 169
    optional says:

    “The argument that the EU keeps the peace in Europe is a complete myth, NATO does that”

    No, it’s not a myth, and nor has NATO been entirely successful in keeping the peace in Europe, as even a cursory glance at European history post 1949 clearly demonstrates. NATO plays a role, so does the EU; imperfectly, but that’s no reason to throw away either.

    • 201
      Pablo_the_Scot says:

      No member state of NATO has ever attacked another member state of the Alliance. NATO was not set up to stop non-member states attacking each other or their citizens. NATO kept the Russians out, the Americans in (Europe) and the Germans down.

      Where exactly has the EU kept the peace in Europe? It has certainly not kept the peace in the Balkans and the way things are going we could soon see members states seeking a solution to their problems by other means.

      It is disingenuous in the extreme to take a peace fostered by NATO since 1949 and then give the credit for it to the EU.

  50. 191
    Anonymous says:

    The likes of Barroso, Ashton, Van Rompuy, Verhofstadt, Vicky Pryce, Mandelson…..these pro-EU fanatics all make me feel sick to the pit of my stomach, and that’s before they even open their mouths. The more these parasites feed, the greedier they get. It’s an unstoppable and insatiable desire to dispense with democracy and the nation state and dictate to the peasants. They will without doubt end up killing their host countries. The project is in its final years now, and it will once again take the Brits to up and leave to bring this to a head. Invoke Article 50 – start our exit negotiations.

  51. 196
    A kipper says:

    Nigel is a wonderful sight to behold when in full “kick the EU” mode!

  52. 200
    Pablo_the_Scot says:

    I loved the Barroso comment 99.9% od scientists agree the science! Shows what he knows. Over 2,500 scientists were quizzed back in 2000 about mankind-induced warming. Only 13 were climate scientists; of that 13, 11 answered yes to the question: do you think that humans may have had some impact upon the climate. Most of the other scientist questioned either did not respond or answered in the negative.

    And on that house of cards they have built the future energy policy of 500 million people. Makes you want to cry!

  53. 202
    Toxoplasmobotica Acta says:

    Barroso! Does his name mean “red line”?

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I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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