September 10th, 2013

GuyNews: Chris Huhne 14 Lies in 60 Seconds


  1. 1
    Maq­boul says:

    He should be given speeding points for 14 lies to the minute in a built-up zone.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    hey! it got him a gig at the Guardian.


    • 3
      Reporter says:

      Yes, but on zero hours. They aren’t paying him, he’s just an intern.


      • 11
        Old Holborn says:

        Your blog is more boring than mine, Ḃilly Botty. CONGRATULATIONS! Wanker.


        • 20
           Ḃilly Bowd n says:

          THANKS OH!!!

          I hits my site from the moment I wakes up doesn’t I Guidpo ??

          How a bout you ??


          • Old Holborn says:

            The same, dear fellow. Pretending to be a Libetarian is a 24/7 pain in the arse, isn’t it? I have met some real ones along the way, though.


          • Ḃilly Bowd n says:

            I don’t, actaually, know what “Libertarian” means, OH.

            You’re typing seems to of descended into realms of farce and I guess that means you have lost interest/self respect, big boy?


          • Old Holborn says:

            My typing is fine. I procured a free pouch of Old Holborn Drum from Tescos today.
            The Baccy-wallah was so entranced by my chitter-chatter that she failed to ring it up. Now, THAT is Libertarianism in action, Ḃilly Boredom.


          • Ḃilly Bowd n says:

            Nice one !! I doesn’t smoke though do I Giudo ?


          • Guido Fawkes says:

            Only from the sphincter. Post on-topic if you feel able.


          • Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

            Yes, but with Nigel Evans in mind, whose sphincter?


          • A reader says:

            Tat is off his meds again.
            Surely after all the billions poured into the NHS some psychiatrist could help the poor wanker?


  3. 5
    Dr Strangelove says:

    beeb is saying USA and GB have tabled a UN resolution, but not the frogs ?, does this mean we are all lovey dovey again ?


    • 6
      Churchill says:

      It means the frogs are twats.


    • 8
      Dr Strangelove says:

      ah, not beeb was skynews


    • 14
      Point of Information 5 says:

      BBC may be spinning, or just mis-reporting:

      Separately, France said it would ask the UN Security Council to approve a resolution demanding that Syr!a place its chemical arms under international control, Foreign Minister Laurent Fab!us said today in Par!s. The draft also will call for Assad to be punished for an Aug. 21 chemical-weapons attack that the U.S. and allies say was carried out by his forces, Fab!us said.

      US / UK and France will likely submit the final resolution together. The pun!shment aspect France are trying to pursue will not fly.

      At present US / UK are ‘probing’.

      Obama really should wait for Congress / House votes to come back so as his affirmation can be made with the People behind him. Could be a good political turn around for him, but will only get him back to J!mmy Carter territory.


  4. 7
    Point of Information 5 says:

    Obama’s apparent agreement to discussions of the Syr!a issue at the UN is perhaps a welcome relief for now.

    Looking at the rhetoric from No. 10, either Cameron is out of the loop or this development is perhaps not in the interests of the UK.


    • 10
      timinsingapore says:

      Why could it not be in interests of UK? You want to resume the special poodle position?


      • 19
        Point of Information 5 says:

        Only mentioned as it is a potential explanation for the apparent disconnect.

        If the UK Foreign Policy somewhere had a component which relied on the UK taking direct control of something in that region, that would do it.

        One can only speculate on something to do with strategic territory gain or control of resources. Perhaps not direct control.

        You can be assured that these will be components in Russ!a’s calculus.


        • 22
          timinsingapore says:

          The notion of control would be illusory. The downside risk of getting one’s tie caught in that machinery is enormous.


          • Point of Information 5 says:

            Agreed on downside risk: We are seeing that right now.

            Interest for the UK would be in making the market and influencing distribution. Coming out of this, UK is likely to be on wrong side of the trade, so it may be costly over time. (One has a nagging feeling that the economic bribe for 2015 has just been lost to the electorate)

            From a foreign policy perspective the damage may be greater, but will perhaps only be a problem for the next sixth months. The UK should take this opportunity to purge itself of the Bla!r legacy and flush the tubes of public opinion so to speak.

            Public opinion was broadly right this time, but the seeming inability of government to influence it is a bigger problem that has likely caused much concern behind closed doors.

            Brand Bla!r and the entire school of New Labour press management technique has been proven conclusively to be toxic.

            Any rational Tory MP must realize that the transformation under Dave of the Conservative Party into a Social Democracy movement has critically undermined their credibility, and has significantly compromised the safety of their individual seats: Unreasonably so in many cases.

            Dave may be able to avoid a Callaghan style legacy, but Obama perhaps is now locked on a Carter.

            If history is rhyming, then a leader of Thatcher caliber will emerge from 2015. This should shorten the odds on UKIP.


        • 36
          Garry Kasparov says:

          It is always a good idea to look for motives.
          But Britain is currently fighting the Jihadis in Afghanistan and supplying them with arms in Syria.
          Not exactly coherent.
          I would think it more likely that British foreign policy is being made up on the hoof (see Charles Crawford’s article – How could this happen?) by a bunch of incompetents (or incontinents) who cannot keep up with Vlad’s chess game and Obama’s “not wanting to go to war but being forced into it by dark forces” policy…

          PS You see our friends the Q a t a r i s and Saudis objecting to this peace move?


          • Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

            Look, you have to understand the limitations. Little Willy cannot focus on both world affairs and affairs with his driver at the same time.


          • Point of Information 5 says:

            Yes on Q / S’Arab!a.

            They are certainly playing an odd hand here and for sure do not want a large bear taking up residence on their doorstep.

            If someone suggests the Jihadi’s are resettled in Saud!, that would be both a good solution and highly entertaining. Perhaps enough to make Saud! consider withdrawing from the UN ?

            One suspects a big concern of the UK / US may be any possible Russ!an designs on Suez.


          • Garry Kasparov says:

            Let’s call them Squaudis now – NSA/Google wont have figures that out yet

            On the Bear point, I would prefer to have Vlad on my doostep rather than the gangster oligarchs squatting in my back garden in London
            At least I could play chess with Vlad, the Oligarchs are just interested in doing dirty business and trying to find hookers and stolen Patek Philippe watches

            Brillitant point re settling Sunnis in Squaudia – That’s where they all came from FFS – return to homeland strong argument – and very amusing

            Last point, don’t worry about Suez…Vlad not interested


          • Point of Information 5 says:

            I do agree on Suez to a point: That would be overreach, but should not be overlooked.

            Note that some journals were talking credibly of an !sraeli interest in the canal, which is why it should be kept in the frame.

            No one should welcome the bear to their doorstep hastily.

            Whilst one has respect for Russ!a, one should not desire their armed forces to act as your gatekeeper, or for your government to be under their de-facto control. The experience of the !ron Curtain should not be forgotten.

            The oligarchs are a separate issue.

            Depending on how UK-Russ!an relations develop moving forward the UK may see a number relocate.


    • 12
      The British public says:

      Who cares? Syria is none of our business.


  5. 9
    Too many Ed's says:


    • 18
      E Wing says:

      Been there, done that.


      • 32
        Chelsea Handycock says:

        It is a scandal that Chris, a lifelong Brother, was thrown to the wolves by Murdoch and his puppet journalists, just like they are trying to do with me. What is democracy if hardworking, dedicated MP’s of the highest integrity, cannot holistically represent their constituents without pervert journalists trying to twist and pervert their highest motives? Anyone for a shag? Boaz.


  6. 13
    shooty* says:

    Is that Liam Gallagher in the red coat at 31 seconds in?


  7. 15

    Porkie Pies all fresh. One over there! One over there! One over there! One over there! Another one over there! One more over there!


  8. 16
    The perpetrator of terminological inexactitudes says:

    Hi, it’s Chris here.


  9. 17
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    This a lying little c**t
    like most of the lib dems


    • 41
      Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

      Speaks the double of the man who boasted of scamming £2 million from the EU and denied tax avoidance, before his trust arrangement was exposed.


      • 52
        Margaret Hodge (£18 million quid in the bank, all stashed away from the taxman) says:

        Tax Avoidance is WRONG. Without exception!

        Except when Lefties do it.


  10. 30
    Juandayatatime says:

    Bit cheeky Guido.. Yes, he’s a lying twat but last night on Newsnight he said.. “I DIDN’T WANT TO LIE UNDER OATH” and you managed to crowbar the last 3 words into your compilation.


    • 89
      Hamish Macbeth says:


      Indeed Chris …. cos that would be “perjury” rather than “pervert course of justice” which has even more jail time !


  11. 31
  12. 33
    Fishy says:

    How many lies in this Gweedo.?


  13. 34
    can he just crawl away under a stone says:

    How can you tell when Huhne is lying?
    His lips move.


  14. 35
    a mother says:

    I feel sorry for his kids.
    He’s a total embarrassment.


    • 37
      Dr Spock says:

      I agree

      He should quietly disappear from public view and get a life

      His children must curl up in shame when they see all of this, poor things


      • 40
        Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

        Why have we diverted into a discussion on Guido’s family life?


  15. 39
    Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

    No need to worry Guido – you still hold the record by miles.


  16. 53
    Scottish Chav says:

    lies? …… ed balls!


  17. 55
    Chuka says:

    I never lie. Just like I never edited my Wikipedia profile.


  18. 56
    Dr Strangelove says:

    anybody know what’s going on at the UN ?


    • 70
      Point of Information 6 says:

      Syr!a urgently wants to sign the CW Convention.

      Massive development and provides huge credibility of Syr!a’s commitment to the plan.

      Russ!a has withdrawn from the emergency UN meeting which was called for today, they considered the F’rench UNSC motion tabled unacceptable.

      F’rance had included ‘punishment’ clauses in addition to the CW handover for Syr!a. This is probably the problem.

      M0scow is now drafting its own UN resolution which will be forwarded.

      Next meeting may well be vetoed by US / UK as they will wish to table their own draft.

      Russ!a / US / UK motion will be tabled and implemented, but probably by end of next week.

      It does not make sense for the US to sign off until Congress / House have voted.

      For the d!plomacy to work a united front is required.


  19. 58
    Baz O says:

    By thinking aloud, Kerry deliberated a timely solution. This could be dangerous however, …..that`s Kerry errr….thinking. This man should get discount on his shavers, man that jaw is soooo BIG.


  20. 59
    Enriched Eric of Enfield says:

    Muhammad Shafiq Khan, 44, of Brassary Terrace, Bradford had heroin worth more than £4m hidden in the lining of his suitcases.

    How much longer do we put up with this game, these people are dealing in death.


    • 66
      Wreckless Eric of Bradford says:

      “Bride Aged 8 Dies After Suffering Internal Sexual Injuries During Wedding Night With Man, 40″
      Coming soon to a town near you – lock up your daughters.


  21. 60
    Charles 'bevying' Kennedy says:

    I can down 14 scotches in 60 seconds. On a good day, 14 doubles!


  22. 64
    Moussa Koussa mark 16.1 says:

    “House of Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans has been re-arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and sexual touching of two further alleged victims. The Swansea-born 55-year-old had previously been arrested by Lancashire Police on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and three indecent assaults.”

    Is it too much to ask that this fucker resigns?


  23. 65
    Moussa Koussa mark 16.1 says:

    House of Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans has been re-arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and sexual touching of two further alleged victims. The Swansea-born 55-year-old had previously been arrested by Lancashire Police on suspicion of r@pe, sexual assault and three indecent assaults.

    Is it too much to ask that this fucker resigns?


  24. 67
    Nigel Farage is the Prophet says:


  25. 68
    Yellow Ed who runs from the unions says:

    Labour threaten to boycott BBC after one little comment. Jeez the Tories get hours and hours of abuse day in and out and say nothing

    Labour really are chicken shit, yellow backed, hypocritical dont do as i do odious fucking scumbags … Just fuck off all of you the country would be better off without you.

    Labour vows to boycott BBC after Newsnight’s new editor brands frontbencher ‘boring snoring’ in Twitter gaffe just TWO WEEKS after joining from Guardian


  26. 69
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    It was Rupert Murdoch wot made him lie. Wonnit?


  27. 71
    Yellow Ed who runs from the unions says:

    So the threat of force from the west has so far made Syria sign the chemical weapons treaty and handing over its chemical weapons — Result.
    Yellow ed meanwhile bottled telling the unions where to get off — failure


    • 75
      Casual Observer says:

      Where would the UK be right now if Miliband was in power ?

      Where would Miliband take the UK if he was put in power in the future ?

      If Labour want to stand a chance in 2015, they need to change their leader now.


  28. 73
    Rachel Reeves says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say I’m boring. I’m actually very, very…zzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry, sent myself to sleep for a second there.


    • 80
      Vox Populi says:

      Your voice is so ugly no one can bear to listen to you long enough to find out if you’re boring or not.


  29. 77
    The British media are cunts says:

    What a fucking shock. i post a link about being fed more lies about Syria (a freed hostage claiming that the rebels did the gassing) and guess what? F&wkes blocks it.

    Who says the corporate media are not all in it together. Clearly when F£wkes took the Murdoch shilling he had to swallow his cum as well.


    • 78
      Casual Observer says:



    • 82
      Propaganda Watch says:

      The video of the Belg!an guy is suspect.

      The !talian journalist Quirico has said of the Belg!an teacher Pierre Piccinin claim that he could confirm Piccinin’s claim that it definitively was not Assad:

      The claim stems from a Skype conversation in English between Syr!an Liberation Army soldiers that the pair overheard.

      Should be treated carefully.

      It has not been officially confirmed who was holding them.

      They were kidnapped, and were introduced to people who claimed to be members of the Syr!an Liberation Army, but otherwise were kept in relative isolation from the conflict.


      • 84
        The British media are cunts says:

        Sure, where as John Kerry, Obumma, Vague and Cameron are honest and truthful. The US and UK never lie do they?

        Thee question is why the British media haven’t even reported it. The reason is it doesn’t play into their corporate media narrative that Assad did it and it doesn’t matter what the facts are or the truth.

        It’s Iraq all over again.


        • 86
          Propaganda Watch says:

          It is odd that UK media seem to have bypassed, but then UK media does not report on a lot of European issues. This is explicitly a Belgian / !talian story, but has been widely reported.

          For real news one should keep an eye on the real sources: B’Berg / R’euters / AP / AFP, and a chunk of the blogosphere.

          The lack of confirmation as to who was holding the pair is immediately whiffy.

          There is a very strong possibility that they could have been held as part of a counter intelligence strategy. By whom is pertinent, but may never be known for certain.

          By the Syr!an’s – this would provide cover for an attack that they did in fact commit.

          By covert foreign operatives, this would provide get out clause if a situation such as is transpiring emerged. (Think carefully about that and your complaint…)

          If it was by the ‘rebels’ then this is probably enough to get Assad clear off the hook.

          Timing is odd, and the circumstances of their release have not been disclosed. Certain details of their experiences whilst kidnapped should be treated with caution.


  30. 79
    Bill Quango MP -X says:

    Its just the US and the French now.
    Rousing speech from Obama, I must say

    I see you stand like gayhounds in women’s slips
    Straining upon the Tarte-Citroen.
    The game’s afoot:
    Drink some spirits, and upon this chargecard
    Cry ‘God for Barry, Frenchland, and Saint Georges!’
    Let slip the frogs of war!


  31. 81
    Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate Syria says:

    Check these lips out…


  32. 87

    Frоm thе BBC (whо еlsе).

    Аlmоst а quаrtеr оf mеn ‘аdmіt tо rаpе іn pаrts оf Аsіа’

    By Tulіp Mаzumdаr Glоbаl hеаlth rеpоrtеr

    Аlmоst а quаrtеr оf mеn survеyеd іn а UN rеpоrt lооkіng аt vіоlеncе аgаіnst wоmеn іn pаrts оf Аsіа hаvе аdmіttеd tо cоmmіttіng аt lеаst оnе rаpе.

    Thе оnly thіs pоssіbly wrоng wіth thіs rеpоrt whіch І cаn sее іs thаt іt wаs cоmmіssіоnеd by thе UN, publіshеd by thе BBC аnd thе rеpоrtеr wаs cаllеd Tulіp.



    • 88
      Casual Observer says:

      So according to international feminism, a quarter of all asian men are rap!sts ?

      That is a 75% improvement on western feminism which maintains that all men are rap!sts.


    • 92
      Dr Strangelove says:

      there was something on a similar subject on the radio this morning.
      What are the numbers of men from (which) cultures who groom girls from (which) cultures.
      The interviewer said ” what do you think needs to be done ?” and the researcher said ” I think we need more research”


      • 93
        Noose Watch says:

        I can help with that. By the way, have you seen Mr. Bla!r around ?


      • 97
        Enriched Eric of Enfield says:

        “Muhammad Shafiq Khan, 44, of Brassary Terrace, Bradford had heroin worth more than £4m hidden in the lining of his suitcases.” Sent down today-8 years.

        Yet another of the multi talents of this “culture.”


    • 100
      Sue Grabbit and Runne says:

      I have a rose on my piano, but I prefer Tulips on my organ.


  33. 96
    Sue Grabbit and Runne says:

    He kept it down to 14. He is a reformed character.


  34. 101
    Trigger says:

    Continuing too gloat long after the fact is a tad boring, he was found out and sentenced, job done. He is yesterdays news..


  35. 106
    'News'?! says:

    ‘Chris Huhne lied 14 times in 60 seconds’


  36. 107
    nick says:

    We all follow the Syria story. Why do I keep hearing that the start to the whole debacle was caused by Ed” the dead” Milliband and the whole membership of “new labour leader enquire here”?. very much the same story of Ed and the unions?


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