September 10th, 2013

PICTURE: Pickles Flies Gibraltar Flag


  1. 1
    Bingo says:

    That is the Pie Castle flag


  2. 2

    Well done that man!


  3. 3
    Winning for Britain says:

    Eric Pickles is winning for Britain


  4. 4
    Loopy Lou says:

    What is the link between Gibraltar and local Government?


    • 6
      Rock Solid says:

      He’s the communities minister and Gibraltar is part of OUR community.


      • 40
        Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

        No he’s just photo opportunist like his boss Cameron, do i smell a leadership bit here?


        • 47
          Our EU membership fee: 20 billion reasons to vote UKIP says:

          A photo opportunity?? Are you saying that he’s not really flying the flag, but just holding it up in front of a camera, before chucking it in a bin and heading off to Greggs to shovel more pies into his big fat face?


  5. 5
    No to war says:

    Best article i’ve read on why NWO apparatchics Barry and Dave are so keen to invade Syria. And it’s got nothing to do with chemical weapons.


  6. 7
    Jimmy says:

    I’ll show that John Hume….


  7. 9
    Ivor Welsh says:

    I have this morning been forced to pay five pounds to park for two hours in a Council car park. I was also threatened with a 60 pound fine if I did not.

    Why is this man standing outside a Government Building waving a flag?


    • 12
      The "Bad Bank" division of Bradford and Bingley says:

      I would be far happier if he put the flag down, went back into the building and did some work to reduce Council Tax and improve local services.


    • 20
      Nanny Knows Best says:

      Do you own the land? No, so you must pay to rent it. A fiver for two hours is still cheaper than a cinema ticket.

      Next time try walking or you’ll get a girth like Mr Pickles.


  8. 11
    Border Terrier says:

    Give it [and Gibraltar] back to the Spanish.


    • 14
      Barcelona says:

      Good idea. The same treaty enslaved Catalonia


      • 17
        Barcelona says:


      • 21
        Eccles says:

        Are you suggesting going to war to free Barcelona?


        • 24
          Bluebottle says:

          I want to bomb Halifax and put it back together with Airfix glue.


        • 26
          Logic says:

          The Catalonian people are entitled to their freedom of self-determination in the same way the people of Gibraltar. How they choose is their business.

          Britain’s claim over Gibraltar is as good as Spain’s over Catalonia.


        • 42
          Rafael Casanova says:

          It would right a terrible wrong done to the Catalan people. They were a free people, and British allies at that time. By the Treaty of Genoa signed in 1705 between the Catalan delegates and the plenipotentiary agent of Queen Anne of England, Catalonia agreed to engage in the war as allies of England, with a special emphasis on England ensuring the defense of the Catalan Constitutional system, whatever the outcome of the war. But in the Peace of Utrecht the Catalans were betrayed by the English ministers in the peace negotiations and signed the Treaty of Utrecht without having provided for their continued liberty:

          “The Catalans, thus abandoned and given up to their enemies, contrary to faith and honour, were not however, wanting to their own defence; but appealing to Heaven, and hanging up at the High Altar the Queen’s solemn declaration to protect them, underwent the utmost miseries of a siege; during which multitudes perished by famine and the sword, many were afterward executed, and many persons of figure were dispersed about the Spanish Dominions and dungeons.”

          —Nicolas Tindal; History of England (1745)


        • 43
          Honesty says:

          Why not, we seem to want a war with everyone else !! Don’t we David.


          • Armchair Civilian says:

            Breaking up Spain into its historical entities (and defending Gibraltar) would be a more useful war aim than pissing about in Syria in an alliance with Al Qaida under hopeless American ‘leadership’.


          • Casual Observer says:

            A break up of Spa!n is possible.

            The division between left and right never properly healed following the end of the c!vil war. The economic problems which the Euro has caused are not helping.


    • 18
      Paella Pete says:

      We don’t want Pickles, gracias!


  9. 19
    Caption Comp. says:

    Gib’s only skinhead supporter.


  10. 27
    Caption Comp. says:

    ..without foundation. ( see shiny head )


  11. 30
    Calpe Hunt says:

    Is that a cardboard cutout?


  12. 38
    BBC Cunt who works on the News says:

    In light of the great leader Ed Miliband’s triumphant speech today at the glorious TUC conference, we at the BBC will be using the great Kim Jong Un’s fantastic and genuine receptions as a model to our reporting on Ed’s great speech.

    We do not accept the lies from the Murdoch media that it was a disaster and as popular as a shit in a swimming pool.


  13. 41
    Honesty says:

    Eric Pickles certainly seems to be one of few Politicians that see what the people see and works on their behalf.


    • 45
      Londoner says:

      He seems that way. Unfortunately, he is not very effective. The Town Hall Pravdas are still churning off the presses in corrupted socialist strongholds like Waltham Forest, where massive taxpayer-funded comms budgets are wasted on Labour Party propaganda and spin.


    • 59
      mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

      I’ll 2nd that, not sure why he’s getting so much stick here. There are fr worse politicians out there.


  14. 44
    Maldonito says:

    When will we get an artificial reef round England?


  15. 49
    Penfold says:

    309 years British.

    Bombed by the Italians and Vichy French during WW2.

    And the best bit…….A force of Catalan volunteer’s joined with the Anglo-Dutch Marine forces in the assault of 1704.


  16. 62
    Anne says:

    Had Churchill been Prime Minister NOW-this debacle would have been well and truly “sorted” by now.


  17. 63
    Anne says:

    Gibraltar’s Battle in War 1939-45. 18.8.2013.

    So long ago in Wartime days,
    Gibraltar’s lives changed in so many ways,
    Many were evacuated to far away shores,
    Others remained ready to fight in that War.
    That stalwart rock bombed by enemy ‘planes,
    T’was said “The Rock” would n’ere be the same,
    For the ones now left were there to “take stock”,
    Gibraltans proved stronger than “the Rock”.

    Inside “The Rock” miles of tunnels were excavated,
    An underground hospital, X-Ray Theatre completed,
    Man made caverns, Barracks and new headquarters,
    Dwight D Eisenhower, in Command, giving orders.
    How they survived the bombing no one knows.
    A miracle surely to survive such wicked blows
    A feverous attack on Gibraltar and its seas,
    Until VE day in ’45 and Gibraltar was free.


  18. 66
    Drake's Drum says:

    I’m the King of t’Castle
    And you’re the Dago rascal!


  19. 70
    Anne says:

    The British fortress of Gibraltar,
    Is weathering the Spanish Government’s tricks,
    Holding ALL innocent workers to ransom,
    Whilst to and from the Rock they trip.
    The brave people of that unique Rock,
    Are now under attack once again,
    But this time from their Spanish neighbours
    Holding up the traffic for hours, now and then.

    The Mail is run by the Royal Gibraltar Post
    Which was granted the title “ROYAL”
    By Her Majesty the Queen of Gibraltar.
    The one Commonwealth Country out of all.
    The Rock itself may not “welcome”
    But the people most definitely will,
    For they certainly are part of our family,
    And “Welcome” us with open arms still.

    It is “The people” of our Gibraltar,
    That are “the rock” and for them we stand.
    They went through a terrible War for us,
    And they are more British than some in our land.
    Giberaltarians expected our leader to help them,
    Which is what they thought he would do.
    But our stalwart brave P. M. Cameron
    Contacted those in the blessed EU.


  20. 71
    Irritable Drain Syndrome says:

    I am fed up with my taxes having to prop up a place like Gibraltar, a tax haven which pays nothing for the defences we provide.


  21. 72



  22. 73
    Atualpa says:

    With reference to the Gibraltar problem, I’m sure many people would be angry to hear that a new offshore training vessel has been ordered for the British Sea Cadet Corps-FROM A SPANISH SHIPYARD!


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