September 10th, 2013

Happy Gibraltar National Day!

The flag of Gibraltar flies proudly above the Foreign Office and DCLG this morning, marking Gibraltar National Day in defiance against Spanish aggression. It is 46 years to the day that the people of Gibraltar held their first sovereignty referendum, in which 99.64% voted to remain British. A resilience that has not wavered nearly half a century on. Representatives from the Falklands are also visiting Gibraltar as a show of strength, along with a delegation from Parliament. One of those MPs, Alec Shelbrooke, wires his message to Guido from the Rock:

“As we celebrate National Day, we know the actions of the Spanish have not a shred of justification or a scrap of legality. We are proud that Gibraltar stands as British territory and we will never surrender as long as the people of this land wish to remain so. May the Union Jack fly over this fine Rock forever more and the Judas hands of Labour never touch it again.”

Someone should put that to music…

UPDATE: Pickles has his say:

“As the Gibraltarian and United Kingdom’s Union flags flutter in the breeze side by side, they send a message that Britain’s commitment to Gibraltar is solid. Flying flags unites communities. Recognising the national day of Gibraltar here in Whitehall sends a clear message of support that we stand together under our shared sovereign.”


  1. 1

    I am prepared to back this war.


  2. 2
    Ron Barras says:

    Gibraltar is rock-solid British.

    • 6
      traitors one and all says:

      The last Labour Government tried to
      negotiate “joint” sovereignty with Spain.

      • 13
        British Citizen says:

        The last Labour government were a bunch of twats and foreigners.

      • 44
        Tojo says:

        Should Blair be tried for Treason??? wanting to destroy the Monarchy, and change us into a Socialist / Communista State… do a deal with Spain and Argentina, Weapons of Mass destruction, selling the Gold for a pittance… I am certain those more learned than me, will add to the list.

  3. 3
    Best of British says:

  4. 4
    it goes without saying says:

    The Royals should visit.

    • 16
      Andrew says:

      Yipee, something to do.

      • 38
        Royal Gibraltar Police says:

        ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello. Wot have we got ‘ere then?

        Sir taking a stroll through Alameda Gardens at this time of night? You looks a big dodgy if you don’t mind me saying so, Sir.

        Oh! you own the gardens…and the Rock? I bet you own the monkeys too…come on, you’re coming down to the station with me, Sunshine.

  5. 5
    davidc says:

    the Judas hands of Labour never touch it again.”

    add to that the judas hands of the fco !

  6. 8
    BritBob says:

    ‘The 16 remaining territories that still do not govern themselves must have complete freedom in deciding their own future,’ Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon told a forum on decolonisation (2010).

    • 17
      British Citizen says:

      They do. (Except for the people of Diego Garcia, which the Labour Party treated disgracefully in order to facilitate shenanigans by the US Government)

  7. 9
    i reckon says:

    If Cameron wants to get tough over an issue- this is the one.
    Syria will lose him votes. Gibraltar will win them.

  8. 12

    We watched the fall of Communism with satisfaction. The European and world economy started to grow after the ex-satellite states started to trade with us again and become customers.

    Then it seemed we had an almost worldwide lurch to the left which I have never been able to account for satisfactorily.

    Now these administrations of the left are beginning to fall like dominoes. That to me is quite explicable as unsurprisingly they all fucked up badly.

    What a pity we had to endure all their ramping up of debt to pay for … well, nothing really.


  9. 15
    try arguing against this one Balls-up says:

    Jaguar Landrover to create 1,600 jobs in UK.

    • 18
      British Citizen says:

      Profits go where? Taxes paid on those profits go where?

    • 27
      Bewildered Luxury Car Buyer says:

      Obviously I can’t buy Jaguar, because they’re Indian. And I can’t buy BMW or Mercedes Benz, because they’re German and it would help to keep the Euro going.
      So… what can I buy?

      • 37
        Banned says:

        Get yourself a nice Rover SD1 – with either the venerable 3.5 V8 or the more frugal (but smoothly powered) 2.6 or 2.3 six cylinder engines. Last ones were made in 1986…but you can get a nice one on eBay sometimes for just a couple of thousand.

    • 30
      British Citizen says:

      It is far more impressive when 1600 British small businesses are able to take on one more employee each.

    • 35
      Winning for Britain says:

      Good news is coming almost every day.

      George Osborne is winning for Britain.

      • 40
        Stephanie Filanderers says:

        No he’s not. Not at all. That’s a horrible thing to say.

        Things would have been much, much better under my Ed (s)

  10. 19
    Chuka Umunna says:

    I back/oppose* war, back/oppose* zero hours contracts, back/oppose* payday lenders, back/oppose* arms manufacturers, back/oppose* spending cuts, back/oppose* free schools.

    * Delete according to which audience I’m addressing.

  11. 20
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    One easy way the government can ease the cost of living is to axe the telly tax and make the BBC raise its own finances via subscription/advertising.

    What’s not to like ;-)

  12. 22
    Balls says:

    HS2 is a flat line.

    • 46
      Cameron should be rail-roaded out of town forcewith says:


      That being the case, HS2 will ultimately end up in space.
      It should therefore be funded by the Indian Space Programme and not by the UK tax-payers.


      Oh ! ….. wait a minute …..

  13. 29
    Schrödinger's cat says:

    ” and one from the top please Rachel”

  14. 33
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    No EU flag ? :-)

  15. 34

    Reblogged this on Semi-Partisan Sam and commented:
    Rather than continuing their futile and unwanted efforts to pick off British territories close to their shores, perhaps certain countries should be focusing on more pressing domestic problems much closer to home (a 27% unemployment rate, for example)… Should it not tell these countries and their jingoistic leaders something that despite the potential benefits (and lack of future harassment) that could come from being governed by the country closest to their shores, the Gibraltarians and Falklanders overwhelmingly choose to associate with Britain? That should make certain leaders extreme pause for thought, not go running to the UN.

  16. 36
    Hypocrisy now says:

    ‘Flying flags unites communities’……

    Pity the Conservatine Party are entirely complicit in the denying such to the British people of Northern Ireland ….. And costing the police budget £50k a night in the process.

  17. 45
    Jimmy says:

    “in defiance against Spanish aggression.”

    They’ll be shitting themselves.

  18. 48
    Snaplegs says:

    Well it’s been a lovely day here in Gibraltar, Cameron’s televised speech went down well. So did the Chief Ministers, not as aggressive as last year and it seemed much calmer.

    Shame that there’s nothing like this celebration back in the UK, the national pride here is something to be proud of.

  19. 49
    Atualpa says:

    While all this has been going on we have quietly ordered a training vessel for British Sea Cadets – from a Spanish shipyard! What is wrong with this country?

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