September 9th, 2013

New Plan B: Re-Write History

A rather kind piece on the BBC website from Stephanie Flanders about how Ed Balls will react to Osborne’s speech. She helpfully lists possible lines for the Shadow Chancellor:

“In reply, Mr Balls will say:

1. He never said that austerity was the only thing holding back the recovery
2. Nor did he say that recovery was impossible without Plan B, though observers would say he came pretty close”
3. There have been many factors holding back growth since 2010, including the eurozone crisis.”

Really? Balls may well say that, but that does not mean it is true.

Firstly Balls told the BBC in May of this year that the Osborne was sticking to a plan that “isn’t balanced, which is a drag on growth, which has choked off recovery in my view.” Which sounds a lot like austerity holding back the recovery.

Secondly, Balls told the Commons in January 2011 that he believed the Prime Minister ‘is going too far and too fast with deficit reduction and that that is what is inhibiting growth in this country’. Yet growth has come without Balls’ Plan B for slower defect reduction.

Thirdly, Balls wrote in the Mirror in January 2012 that “now it’s the Eurozone crisis – why do the Tories never take the blame? Cameron and Osborne have only themselves to blame for what has happened on their watch.” So when it’s going badly the Tories can’t blame the Eurozone, yet when it’s going well, he can? 

Balls made these claims over and over again for three years, yet somehow Stephanie is giving him wriggle room. Guido didn’t realise that they were still friends withbenefits…


  1. 1
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondelboys says:

    Stephanie must love being reminded of her dalliances with the two Eds!

    • 8
      Glanaman says:

      Looks like she is wearing one of her dads old dresses.

      • 30
        Butch blackmailed bumboy Dave says:

        Bomb, bomb, bomb, … , bomb, bomb the Goyim!

      • 84
        10.4 highway pa -TROLL says:

        Aren’t you getting Flanders and Swann mixed up with Flanagan and Allen or did they all wear moth eaten fur coats and bag lady dresses back in the day ?

        • 107
          Telly Tax Protester says:

          Isn’t our Stephanie an unreconstructed Marxist? Perfect choice for the BBC Economics Editor. Watched her piece on the British Comitern Club tonight….lots of interview with Mili Tant and a vox pop in Cardiff, Left Wing home turf on what they thought about the recovery……good balance from the Comitern….not

    • 17
      Felching Watch says:

      I wonder if they exchanged bodily fluids?

    • 20
      Andy Burnthem (1200 deaths and counting) says:

      It’s why I haven’t shagged her. I would not want to be in the same dark wet place the 2 Eds have left their deposits in. I might catch the red pox.

    • 72
      Corinth says:

      Yeah – I think she’s trying to suck up to Balls!

    • 83
      10.4 highway pa -TROLL says:

      Hell hath no fury like Stephanie scorned … does she get on with Yvette ? … do they compare notes/ appraisal scores ?

    • 95
      David Milliband says:

      Cant wait for the day his lady wife gets the top job and the Suns headline will be:
      “Balls Up”

      • 115
        Sir Barrington Minge says:

        Thanks a lot, that’s really spoilt a decent breakfast!!

        Balls is and always has been an arrogant bastard and it’s well to remember
        that it was he sitting at J Gordon Brown’s shoulder as they paddled this country up shit creek.

        Socialism is a mental disorder and the Labour Party is the asylum.

  2. 2
    Scottish Chav says:

    Stephanie Flanders is about a bias a commentator as you can get. Theres definitely something there for the man of the house, yvette, to be concerned about.

    • 21
      What a plonker. says:

      No, even Stephanie Flanders is not that hard up.

    • 121
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      The BBC Website is written by Guardian-wannbee journalists. It’s totally biased to the left, a fact which has been evidenced by several reports.

  3. 3
    Faceless Bureaucrat says:

    “Guido didn’t realise that they were still friends with favours…”

    However, a large number of us did, Fawkes Old Chap…

  4. 4
    Lord Sir Domly Dom says:

    “Balls wrote in the Mirror in January 2012 that “now it’s the Eurozone crisis – why do the Tories never take the blame? Cameron and Osborne have only themselves to blame for what has happened on their watch.””

    And yet he never took the blame for the longest and deepest recession for over 60 years on his watch.

    Disgusting idiot that he is.

  5. 5
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Chris Patten to Owen Jones : Let’s talk

  6. 7
    Glanaman says:

    You have got to wonder about our Stephs state of mind, because in the long run the probability is that she has gone down on the two Eds

  7. 9
    Suzie says:

    Balls is a complete idiot! Why can’t he and the rest of the labour rabble take any responsibility for the mess they got the country into. The laughable thing is that the will more than likely be voted in next election and sink the country back into the mire!

    • 73
      Officer Dibble says:

      The ballot papers at the next general election should say -

      If Labour had won the last General Election, do you think Gordon Brown would have:

      (a) acted decisively to regin in public spending and address the deficit
      (b) stuck his head in the sand for another couple of years, and continued to spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave, eventually trying to borrow his way out of debt

    • 77
      Pollytwaddle says:

      “will more than likely be voted in next election and sink the country back into the mire!”


  8. 10
    dont matter what Balls says says:

    The European Parliament is to launch this week an “awareness-raising” campaign costing £5.6 million. The aim is to raise the EU’s “public profile” and boost turnout in euros.

    The campaign is called, “This time it’s different”. It will be formally launched in Strasbourg on Tuesday. Approximately £2.5 million will be spent on “publication, information and participation in public events”. Just over £2 million goes on “audiovisual information” and £649,000 on organising “seminars, symposia and cultural activities”.

    Defending the expenditure, a spokesman for the European Parliament said: “With the majority of laws now being shaped at EU level, the Parliament is at least as powerful as any national parliament. It is therefore important for voters to know what decisions are taken and how they can shape those decisions”.

    There you have it –”the majority of laws now being shaped at EU level, the Parliament is at least as powerful as any national parliament”. The denials are over. Power speaks the truth.

  9. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Should she still be working for the BBC?

  10. 13
    Newsnighted says:

    Flanders does alot of that, asking question and answering them herself, journalism

    we should be told why

    but not by her

  11. 16
    State education strikes again says:

    “Yet growth has come without Balls’ Plan B”


  12. 18
    bergen says:

    I can only suppose that the BBC is so fatally infected with lack of self-doubt that it doesn’t comprehend how biased this item appears to all who do not follow the BBC’s own views given of its writer’s own history.

  13. 19
    Fishy says:

    Echoing Brown’s hopeless bunker dwelling companion, the hopeless ‘economist’ Blanchflower, Balls has always benchmarked Osborne’s ‘failure’ on the OBR’s 2010 growth forecast. ‘Too far too fast’ was Balls’ explanation for that ‘failure’ and Flanders knows it. That the OBR forecast was made before the world changed and the olive zone economies went bankrupt is something that Balls conveniently ignored.

    Flanders has also got form, in the last few weeks, qualifying the improvement in Britain’s economy by saying that unlike other countries, we have not got back to pre-crash levels of growth.

    Well blow me down – what, Ms Filanderers, was the size of the hole that your boyfriend and his boss created?

    Recovering at the pace of Germany for example is like asking Britain to cover 1500 metres in the same time that Bolt would get to the 100 metre finishing line. But Flanders omits to mention the relative sizes of the holes that our competitors were in (or in our case, created for ourselves).

  14. 23
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Have you got that picture of Flanders on a bike? You know, the one that came with the story about her dating the more unpalatable members of the opposition front bench?

  15. 24
    Harriet Harman says:

    Looking at Justine and Yvette one can see that the two Eds are not that choosy – but what is Stephanie’s excuse?

  16. 25
    PAC Watch: Meet Marcus Ag!us says:

  17. 27
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    Flanders is an utter disgrace.

  18. 28
    Owen Jones says:

    So a £1.022 million is spare change to the BBC. No matter £3.5 billion is required & the bastards want even more. Well fuck you BBC!

  19. 29
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:


    The BBC executive under Mark Thompson and the BBC Trust under Lyons and now Patten have a vile stench about them. None of them give a flying fuck about the license fee payer.

    • 32
      Cookery, dancing, antiques, Eastenders, more dancing, yet another property programme.. says:

      Judging by the sea of shit the BBC puts out, they don’t give a f*ck about the viewer, either.

    • 50
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Time for the BBC to be funded by voluntary subscription and run by a board elected by subscribers.

    • 51
      John Bellingham says:

      I am watching the PAC grilling and it occurred to me that not one of the grilled is paid less than the Prime Minister, in fact the lowest paid has a salary higher than the US President. The quite scrumptious HR Director, Miss Juicy Lucy Adams, gets a pay packet of £330,000 per year basic yet to hear of her management performance one thinks of whelk stalls, breweries and booze-ups. One wonders how many other politically motivated Quangos are run on similar lines by “chums” and “pals” whose importance and ability is measured only by the size of their Harrods account.

      • 54
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

        All of them, and most of the “charities”(tax dodge sector) too.

      • 64
        Reader says:

        That is why none of them seem to think it remotely odd that they have pissed away public money with no regard to the public interest.

        • 87
          10.4 highway pa -TROLL says:

          I still think the £714 taxi ride for the executive cat taxi ride charged to Govt . expenses takes the biscuit .

          I wonder if Schroedinger ‘ s feline has to pay that much every time he/she hops in a cab ?

      • 97
        Anonymous says:

        Juicy Lucy’s salary = 2275 licence fees.

  20. 31
    Winning for Britain says:

    Ed Balls has been wrong on every single judgement call. George Osborne is right.

    George Osborne is winning for Britain.

    • 38
      High Street shops RIP - killed by Giddy Osborne says:

      Any chance Giddy Osborne will re-appraise business rates? You know, the long overdue re-appraisal?

      • 53
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

        any drop in business rates = rises in rents (Ricardo’s law of rent)

        They should do every other tax before that one.
        VAT, so your money buys more.
        Income Tax, so you have more money.
        Corp Tax so businesses have money to expand and buy things from shops.
        Fuel taxes, so it’s cheaper to supply shops.
        Import duty so goods are more affordable.

  21. 33
    PaedoFinder General says:

    Her boobies seem to be going walkabout.

  22. 35
    New Balls please says:

    Ed Balls is a walking disaster. He’s been wrong on the economy, wrong on expenses, wrong in supporting Gordon Brown, wrong in bullying colleagues.

    He should do the right thing and resign in shame.

  23. 36
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    Let’s go back in time.

    Mark Thompson – well matey how much do you want for your pay-off?

    Mark Byford – well a nice round million would be good.

    Mark Thompson – no problem, leave it with me.

  24. 37
    Heidi Alexander MP says:

    I just asked the PM on the floor of the house if he was prepared to relax the rules to allow Syrian refugees into the UK. I’m sure we could accommodate thousands of them in my Lewisham constituency. The PM said no.

    • 40
      Was it a cast iron "no"? says:

      Don’t worry, Heidi, Dave’s a compulsive liar. He promised us he’d reduce immigration to “tens of thousands” but went a let half a million in last year. And he’s invited the whole of Romania to join us from January 1st.

      And a couple of months back he told everyone in India that they could move here, too.

  25. 39
    Ippikin says:

    This demonstrates yet again, the left-wing bias of the BBC.
    It demonstrates yets again the desire for our ‘news reporters’ to not only shape the news to their own ends, but now to write it as well.
    It is high time the BBC was held to task over this, which leads to the third demonstartion – or lack of it. Where has our government gone; hiding under the table presumably!

  26. 43
    Owen Jones says:

    European Union has wasted up to €3bn (£2.5 bn) building motorways that were not needed the EU: building roads to nowhere.

    Get Britain out !!!

  27. 44
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Meanwhile Russia pulls Obamas pants down geopolitically:

  28. 52
    Tachybaptus says:

    Balls is looking more and more like the incubus sitting on the woman in Fuseli’s Nightmare:

  29. 57
    Dr Strangelove says:

    the suggestion for Syria to allow it’s chemical weapons stockpile to be put under International control is a good one and a counter to the argument, ” if we don’t bomb the shit out of them they will do it again”.
    Not agreeing with this proposal would indicate other reasons for being so keen to attack.

  30. 58
    Mitch says:

    Thompson is in full-on b*tch fight with Patten. He’s not going down without a struggle..

  31. 61
    Gordon the medicated says:

    Just remember..I saved the world.

    Without me that meteorite would have smashed you all to bits.

  32. 62
    Jus wondrin ( one for the legal beagles) says:

    O/T a bit, but are the jury in the Le Vell case likely to know the relationship, if any, of the girl involved, to the accused?

  33. 63
    BBC RED BOTTOM says:

    Not been a good day..not good at all.
    We need a war to shift bad BBC news from the front pages. Can’t Ed get Dave to attack Syria? He should .. after all we’ve done for him.

  34. 67
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    Is the BBC’s Norman Smith on drugs. He certainly has issues.

  35. 68
    PAC Watch says:

    Is the Hodge vs. Lucy Adams battle a case of cougar vs. milf ?

  36. 71
    cured lefty says:

    milliband is a loser ,his team know it but are shit scared of the fallout of doing a brutus on him (you’d think the same angst about brown would have taught them a lesson ) Cameron the fudd only has to bide his time

  37. 76
    Pleb says:

    I used to think Flanders was ab it of a sort and worth a fumble, after knowing that both eds have been there i think I would rather circumsize myself with a sheese grater.

  38. 80
    optional says:

    I do disagree with Balls’ comments; it’s not history Osborne is trying to rewrite, it’s reality.

    The economy remains smaller than it was before the crisis, and far below where it should be, which is a disgrace. After recessions economies typically rebound strongly to “make up” for the lost output. Some people argue that because pre 2008 was a bubble, we shouldn’t expect the economy to be significantly larger than it is, but this is nonsense; take a look at the aftermath of the Asian crisis of the 90s (a huge bubble), those economies were in far better shape by this point.

    The cuts in spending made by this Government *have* been a drag on growth; if you take money out of an economy suffering from inadequate demand due to de-leveraging by consumers and businesses then it’s bound to continue operating far below capacity for a protracted period, which is exactly what has happened.

    The response to the crisis has been a huge failure (and not just in this country) and one quarter of reasonable (hardly stellar) growth doesn’t change that.

    The problem I have with Labour’s attitude is that they (correctly) complained about Osborne’s approach without offering a meaningfully different alternative.

    • 91
      Jim says:

      The Media print stories not information. The UK was living above its earnings for many a year. When Labour ran out of money (yet again) the standard of living could not be maintained for those on benefits or tied jobs. Its a basic unknown truth that Labour are using to give the Media a story, sod the truth about economic rules.

      • 93
        optional says:

        Are you under the impression that the crisis was caused by Government spending? It wasn’t, it was a financial sector crisis. Labour did not “run out of money”, the financial sector did.

        At most you could argue that Labour engaged in a little too much deficit spending (more on this later) at an inappropriate time (i.e. while the economy was still growing), but if you look at the status of the deficit and debt you will find that the spike in the deficit and, in turn, the national debt occurred *after* the crisis hit, not before. Pre crisis the deficit was never larger than ~£40 billion, it only hit ~$160 billion (for one year) under Labour, after the crisis hit. The notion that Government spending caused the crisis is indefensible.

        Had better fiscal policy decisions been made, the deficit could have returned to no more than ~£40 billion without any cuts rather quickly. At that point you could make a case for some cuts to reduce what structural deficit did exist (while noting that, contrary to popular belief, a modest deficit can be maintained in perpetuity without ill effect).

  39. 85
    Raptor says:

    The BBC are public-sector parasites. The Labour Party promises to spend lots more (of other people’s) money on the public sector.

    Not hard to work out what Stephanie and the two Eds see in each other, is it?
    Apart from their loose flabby bits, that is.

  40. 88
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Does anyone listen to the ramblings of Ed Bollox?

  41. 100
    Stiffanny Flounders says:

    I will say anything to make Ed look intelligent.

  42. 102
    Beau Gwagwa says:

    Ghastly Flanders: always worships at the altar of Hobsbawm …

  43. 109
  44. 110
    Harry the Bastard says:

    Typical BBC socialist arse licking, next thing Blair on strictly come dancing billed as the saviour of the known universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 112

    Poor ed send him a get well card

  46. 114
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Q) What is the difference between Stephanie Flanders and Moll Flanders?

    A) Sorry, that was a trick question as there is no discernible difference.

  47. 116
    Not round here. says:

    What recovery?

  48. 119
  49. 122
    Graham says:

    Perhaps Stephanie Flanders could now be calle ” The Liebourite Bike ” , having been ridden by Balls and Miliband. She must have been desperate for a shag to have taken those two wankers.

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