September 5th, 2013

WATCH: Universal Credit UQ Cat Fight


  1. 1
    William says:

    Will we have any Civil Servants left, if the other Ministers follow his example and start sacking them for incompetence ?


  2. 2
    Vote UKIP says:

    The LibLabConners are incapable of doing anything properly. This is yet another of their expensive fuck ups.


    • 6
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Must be great putting the world to rights down at the Dog and Duck, again…


      • 16
        One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

        Guffff- haw haw haw haw haw! Jolly good joke, old chap! Super!

        The only way to put the world to rights, as all my chummies know, is to borrow tens of billions of pounds and give it all away, to countries with space programmes and nuclear arsenals, what what.

        Oh, and giving £20billion every year to the EU. That also makes the world a spiffingly good place, what what.

        Tally ho!


        • 21
          Fruitloops and Nutcases says:

          Ah yes, absolutely right. How awful of us to spend 0.002% of our GDP to prevent children from dying of disease. Far better we spend our money down the golf club.


          • Little Englander says:

            So kids in Britain have no need of that money then?
            Glad you cleared that up now go and tell your fucking mates at the BBC.


      • 43
        Common Sense says:

        Windmills, windmills, windmills.
        Doubling the price of electricity through green subsidies.
        Gay marriage.
        £50m per day to the EU.
        Billions spent on foreign aid to countries with Nucelar weapons and space programmes
        Severe shortages of school places accross the country resulting in 3 day week for some children
        A race to the bottom of wages
        1 million new people in London and another 1 million over the next 7 years with 10 million increase in UK population over next 10 years
        Health service creaking from massive abuse by immigrants who should be paying but get treatment for free
        Doctors who refuse to check patient elegibility to treatment
        Uncontrolled immigration and massive abuse of the Human Rights Act that is not fit for purpose
        UK Border force cuts, the stopping of fingerpriting of illegal immigrants, the census being stopped.
        Councils desperate to concrete over any spare green fields accross the country to house millions of new immigrants.
        A deficit that continues to spiral out of control and increase.

        Vote LibLabCon


    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      Considering ukip cant even hang on to a Chief Executive for longe than 6 months, that a good one !


      • 28
        EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

        Vote UKIP.


      • 45
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, like a war mongering prime minister who cant even win a vote condemming chemical weapons becuase the man is a proven cast iron liar who nobody trusts and who is completely out of touch with ordinary voters.

        Do get a life you CCHQ paid troll.


        • 54
          Red Ed Millibandwagon says:

          I was so good with my treachery on the issue of the vote.
          Problem is that no-one was supposed to know of it.
          Now the unions also believe I am treacherous, and the voters, and the world leaders, and ……


  3. 3
    Bollocks says:

    Where did all the money go?


    • 25
      Liam says:

      There’s no money left


    • 29
      Fag End says:

      Most would have gone to over paid IT sales reps and ‘consultancy’
      Since all the tin and coding is done either in China or India the actual ‘IT’ bit is cheap it’s just the ‘sales and consultancy engine of innovation’ you’re paying for. Give it to Amstrad at least it’s cheap crap instead of expensive crap.


  4. 4
    Bollocks says:

    Why it it none of these counts can get IT systems right, be it the BBC or the NHS yet the private sector can?


  5. 5
    Toby Young's Dad says:

    Gosh Toby

    All this soul searching about standing to become an MP?

    It is such a deep moral nightmare

    You should write another lengthy and crashingly boring book about it

    Like that one about Vanity Fair which I used to send me to sleep

    Just save yourself all this agony FFS

    Tell Dave you want that Peerage, and be done with it

    You know it is the right thing to do


  6. 7
    Mong the Merciless says:

    I am here from the planet Sponge to claim my Universal Credit.


  7. 8
    David Aranovitch, the neo cons discredited character assassin says:

    I craft my poisonous words so well that even you admire me Guido

    Do you remember when I did the same thing over Iraq?

    And became totally discredited?

    Thank God for the criminal Murdoch paying us

    But he will get his investment back from financing drilling in the :s reali occupied Golan don’t you think?


    • 12
      Dr Freud said all women suffer from penis envy says:

      Why so much hate David?
      I think you are the one who is ill
      You are projecting
      Go and see a shrink
      You lost the vote
      Get over it and get a life


    • 13
      Casual Observer says:

      The ‘non-brown’ motif is almost enough to absolve the rest of the vitriol.

      Does Aaronovitch seriously think that anyone considers Brown to be a notable or credible leader to denigrate ?

      The toxicity of Bla!r’s legacy catching up will discredit this piece further.

      In less words, the following would be more effective:

      Ed Miliband is a politician without policy who places party above country.

      Aaronovitch is hardly an English name either.

      Why is this foreigner attacking UK politicians in our press ?


    • 17
      Tony Blair (godfather to one of Murdoch's kids and filmed kissing Rebekah) says:

      That criminal Murdoch, paying people like him. *tsch* Murdoch has a lot to answer for, doesn’t he?


  8. 18
    In defense of IDS says:

    Surely Labour must realize that their bloating of the welfare system in an attempt to make permanent the welfare state has failed grandly as a strategy.

    The client state model was doomed to failure from the outset, but Britain was perhaps terminally damaged by their desire for the UK to be the last man standing globally on this.

    The defeat over time should be welcomed: It is morally unsound for government to trap people in an economic stasis of dependency, denying those people the freedom of choice to realize their individual ambition and potential.


    • 35
      Fag End says:

      Have you ever seen how many mobility scooters can gather round a Greggs on Benny pay out day? I think that is pretty much the extent of the ‘individual ambition and potential’ of many today.


  9. 19
    Labour suck balls says:

    Pathetic is rather an understatement when it comes to Baldemort. More importantly, I love the blonde honey sitting behind IDS. Forgotten her name but used to be a TV presenter.


  10. 22
    Dogs of War: Cameron - The Poodle's Poodle says:

    Wings clipped in Parliament, Dave now takes another key issue firmly by the horns…


    • 27
      Engineer says:

      Good to see that some people have their priorities in order. LGBT rights are clearly far more important than civil war in Syria, the use of chemical weapons, or wider Middle East political stability.


      • 34
        A dumfounded psychologist says:

        I find it incredible that this all all Hague and Cmeron can come up with as UK Government policy

        Who is paying these people?

        Or who is blackmailing them?

        Or are they addicted to cocaine now?

        Those are the only explanations I can see for this madness


      • 39
        Not That There's Anything Wrong With That says:

        Dave knows what his priorities are! He’s at one with the Gay community just at odds with everyone else. Would imagine Putin will tell him to f_ck off and mind his own business.


      • 50
        Anonymous says:

        In a fight Putin would beat the sh1t out of podgy pasty faced jelly belly Cameron…


    • 33
      Tachybaptus says:

      Wings and horns. This is getting like the Book of Revelation.


    • 36
      Realpolitik says:

      Fly on the wall G-20:

      Dave enters meeting room carrying the tea tray, and makes way over to Mr. Putin

      Dave: Uhum. Hi, Vladimir ?
      Putin: Yes. Ah tea, no thank you.
      Dave: No, it’s me Dave. You know, from UK.
      Putin concentrates for a few minutes…
      Putin: Dave, yes, what do you want ?
      Dave: Well, I really wanted to have a word with you about your domestic laws which target the LGBT community.
      Putin: Yes. What of our laws ?
      Dave: Do you not think they are a little, you know, bad ?
      Putin: No. Why ? Do you think Russ!an law bad ?
      Dave: Oh, no, not at all. But, isn’t it a little off to ‘be a hater’ and be in denial about LGBT issues ?
      Putin, looking unimpressed, and a little irritated.
      Putin: What are you meaning by denial ? Are you calling me gay ?
      Dave: Oh no, you know, well, I’d better go and speak to Mr. Obama. I think he needs some tea. Coffee should be here soon. Nice to chat. Toodle Pip.

      Dave heads over to the American side of the table with the tea tray…


    • 37
      Dave is Poodling and Piddling Everywhere says:

      If I were Putin, I would present Cameron and Hague with two dildos before the world’s press…

      Plus perhaps a pink plastic arsehole for good measure “With love from Mandy” (his new friend)

      PS Note to Gabby Bertin at No 10

      Please tell Dave to take a grip on himself as you used to

      He is becoming the laughing stock of the world


  11. 31
    Tragic says:

    An ‘education underclass’ in Britain is starting school at the age of five with some still in nappies, unable to speak or not even recognising their own name, according to a controversial new study.

    Headteachers told researchers that in some cases children from the poorest backgrounds arrived at their first school still behaving like they were 18 or even 12 months old.


  12. 46
    Anonymous says:

    ‘It needs fisting’, says Mr Byrne on the Daily Politics…. Watch it on iPlayer.


  13. 47

    Nice shiny heads. But the geezers don’t shine too much do they?


  14. 49
    Iain Duncan-Cough says:

    Cough. I’ve got a frog in my throat. Cough.


  15. 51
    Jimmy says:

    To think you once made him leader. You must really hate Ken.


  16. 53
    b-b-p says:

    ID Smith has not only been taken to the Hague over his Welfare Cuts but now the UN are here to inspect the impact & rise in Poverty caused by the Bedroom Tax.
    Universal Credit is still an ‘Embryo’ & not fit to be rolled out in October.Although Smith in his ‘wisdom’ has brought in the Ex Head of a Building Firm “to cement it together”.
    Nicholson with NHS Deaths on his hands has so far collected £8000,000,000 for the sell off of the NHS.Austerity – “were all in it together”,BS.
    Compulsive Liar & Expenses Thief Grayling stated in February that Prisoners watching TV would be restricted & they must work harder to earn Privileges.From 2009 to 2013 we have paid £15 million on TV’s.
    The Funding we give to Al-Qaeda against Syria’s Assad is being spent on Engineers to examine the Vulnerabilities in Drones. Lying Public Purse Thieving Lunatics Run the Asylum.BSB


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