September 5th, 2013

Brown’s Favourite Economist David Blanchflower Wrong Again
Economist Who Advised Brown To Privatise, Ronald Coase R.I.P.

Yet another installment in the series of David Blanchflower’s Terrible Tips. The former Prime Mentalist’s favourite former appointee to the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee got his faulty crystal ball out again at the end of March, predicting growth for the year of 0.2%. In April he said that a triple dip remains a real prospect. In May he nearly fell over laughing at the suggestion a recovery was in sight. He regularly predicted rising unemployment, when it fell. So did he fare any better this time round?

Well this week the OECD doubled its outlook for UK growth to 1.5%, now the OECD expects Britain to even outstrip Germany and France over 2013. What’s more, in the last quarter, the UK grew at an annualised healthy 4.5%, with growth across all sectors. The fastest for decades. Even Ed Balls now admits we are on the road to recovery…

Ronald Coase Obituary

David Blanchflower is a poor excuse for an economist, compared to Ronald Coase, who sadly died on September 2nd aged 102. The Nobel prize winner enjoys nowhere near as much fame as media-savvy left-wing economists like Blanchflower. Coase should be more famous because it was his idea originally to sell off radio spectrum rights, a policy idea which led to Gordon Brown raising £22.5 billion from the privatisation of the 3G spectrum. The greatest one-day privatisation ever seen in Britain, carried out by a socialist. That was genius… 


  1. 1

    Political football.


  2. 3
    Shandy Handy says:

    Hey Guido, no one gives a flying fuck. Do some proper fucking journalism you money grabbing fat mick fuck.


    • 17
      PC Dixon says:

      As usual Guido the left cant keep their bitterness in check can they with their foul teenage utterances.- Obviously you annoy them – RESULT!


      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        Apparently Shandy Handy is also a rampant xenophobe too – proof of what anyone with half a brain knew already, that such bigotry exists on both sides if the fence.


    • 23
      Lenin McClusterfuck says:

      Publish his IP address Guido !!


    • 35
      John Maynard Keynes says:

      Once a left wing Wanker, always a left wing Wanker


    • 46
      Gideon says:

      Geedes has to do what his paymaster tells him to do, watch out for more Milli bashing, the Two Geedoes have targets to match now, fail, oh dear.


  3. 4
    Howzat1932 says:

    Please tell where the money went .


  4. 5
    Ed Milliband says:

    Oh dear. Can we find a day to bury good news?


  5. 6
    Harry the Bastard says:

    Brown was never right, Blanchflower is a self promoting fuck wit like the vast majority of socialists and fellow fantasists


    • 61
      Big Momma says:

      Blanchflower is the BBC’s favourite outside left “economist” full of doom and gloom as is normal when they are out of “POWER” and influence.


  6. 7
    Steve Miliband says:

    Surprised Blanchflower doesn’t work at the BBC


  7. 8
    spek saver says:

    Almost a perfect reverse barometer.
    I say almost, because there is no such thing as terrible tits.


  8. 10
    The General Public says:

    If the last 15 years have taught us anything, it’s that the opinion of anyone calling themselves an “economist” can be safely disregarded.


  9. 11
    bergen says:

    Blanchflower reminds me of someone I worked with years ago. He was always so heroically wrong on everything that he used to be consulted to confirm that the opposite should be done.It’s a rare gift.


  10. 12
    Point of Information 4 says:

    Osborn isn’t so keen on this recovery:


  11. 14
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    But you’ve got to admit he IS consistently economical with the truth :-)


  12. 15
    MI5 says:

    Here is a good analysis from your chums at CPS

    How long before the devastating loss of confidence in the bond market?


  13. 16
    Owen Jones says:

    Just spoke with Iranian Foreign Minister,Javad Zarif- who confirms he IS tweeting and wishes J*ws in Iran & around the world a happy new year! — Ditto!


  14. 19
    Bingo says:

    imagine how sucessfull the UK would be if we didn’t have the BBC and dense left wing twats speading doooom


  15. 20
    rollo57 says:

    The country is growing on the back of Osborne’s Ponzi scheme! Ed Ball’s has to go along with it as he will have to keep it going! If we start to building, as we surely must, interest rates will rise and house prices will come down. This is turn will create a crash, as there are STILL billions tied up in mortgages and derivatives. So Ball’s will have to keep the drip, drip, of taxpayers money to HA’s for affordable homes, rather than let councils build Social housing. This is how the public are being fooled into accepting the weak standard of living.
    We should build now, 250,000 homes a year between now and 2020, just to keep up with present population, according to NHBA. Let the banks fold and start printing and issuing our own money, not the Privately owned BoE!


    • 24
      annoyed user says:

      The BoE isn’t privately owned, it was nationalised in 1946. It is the QUANGO of QUANGOs.

      If you are going to spout conspiracy theory bullshit at least get the simple facts right.


    • 25
      Lenin McClusterfuck says:

      Tractors! We need more tractors, comarade. More, more, more!!


    • 29
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      The BOE was nationalised in 1946.


    • 36
      John Maynard Keynes says:

      Pray explain how Councils would fund social housing if not 100% out of taxes. If you bothered to look at the facts, the more efficient housing associations have to fund around 60% of the cost of new houses out of their own surpluses so the taxpayer actually is not required to contribute so much


    • 37
      John Maynard Keynes says:

      Pray explain how Councils would fund social housing if not 100% out of taxes. If you bothered to look at the facts, the more efficient housing associations have to fund around 60% of the cost of new houses out of their own surpluses so the taxpayer actually is not required to contribute so much


      • 41
        Tom Catesby says:

        Thatcher stopped local authorities using their rent receipts to do exactly what you are talking about. That is, to maintain and build housing stock.


    • 66
      Gasparinho says:

      Our “present population” of immigrants, you mean! Yay! Let’s concrete over the countryside to keep the fat fucks of the NWO and Bilderbergers happy!


  16. 38
    Johnny says says:

    “The greatest one-day privatisation ever seen in Britain, carried out by a socialist”

    It was also a greedy cock up that precipitated massive job losses in the european telecommunications sector, saw european mobile phone companies surrender their position at the top of the tree to asian competitors and gave telecoms companies massive debts which they offset (and still are?) against taxable profits.

    The idea was sound. The execution here and in Germany was a grubby short sighted affair. In the US IIRC they stopped their sell off and ran it again after seeing the ridiculous figures companies were offering and thinking through the consequences.


  17. 40
    Tom Catesby says:

    He was great when he played for Northern Ireland, but he should stay away from economics.


  18. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Danny B is unemployable. He is being paid for being continually wrong. how can universities such incompetence when the money could be used to give bursaries to the needy!


    • 59
      Entrepreneur says:

      Why should universities care? It’s not their money! And besides they are accountable to nobody, just like in the rest of the public sector. The parasites in Whitehall won’t see anything wrong with it, because they are judging by their own standards – and they never get fired for fcuking up the country or wasting taxpayers’ hard earned cash. Welcome to the world of crony socialism…


  19. 48
    Larry the Cat Burglar says:

    being consistently wrong wont stop the BBC frequently consulting his “expert opinion”


  20. 52
    Winning for Britain says:

    Just goes to show how wrong he was. Ed Balls was even predicting a “triple dip recession” when there was never even a double-dip.

    George Osborne has been right all along and he’s winning for Britain.


  21. 53
    Mickey Most says:

    Is Danny a Tottenham Hotspur supporter


  22. 56 says:

    “a policy idea which led to Gordon Brown raising £22.5 billion from the privatisation of the 3G spectrum. The greatest one-day privatisation ever seen in Britain, carried out by a socialist. That was genius…”

    So where’s the money now?


    • 57
      Entrepreneur says:

      It wasn’t privatisation. It was a tax on the consumer.

      As for the money – GB was p***ing away amounts like this every 6 weeks at his peak.


  23. 58
    Paxman's Beard says:

    It is always a treat to read or hear Danny’s views because he is always & I do mean always wrong. His duff predictions never dent his confidence & he is always game for another Danny prediction. Danny, Gordon & Balls what a team & what a mess they left the country in.


  24. 60
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m still alive


  25. 64
    Warden Hodge says:

    Brown’s privatisation of the Spectrum was accompanied by giving tax relief for the purchase of IP. The effect of this was that the city wonks all run that through their models and bid more. Brown got the discounted present value of future tax relief up front to spend wisely, repay the national debt or piss up the wall. We know which he chose.

    Obviously, the companies overpaid for the spectrum, made losses by writing down the IP and so didn’t pay tax. Or “failed to pay their fare share of tax through aggressive tax avoidance” in Hodge speak.

    Well thats broadly what happened


  26. 67

    Just look at the stupid looking twats face! economic advisor to
    Gordon Brown , who,d want that on his CV?


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