September 5th, 2013

BoJo’s Road to Downing Street

Interesting story in the Sun this morning that Boris is considering changing his mind about a third term as London mayor and may run again in 2016. Not even BoJo’s biggest fan would take past assurances that this would be his final term too seriously. This is Boris after all. Looking ahead there is a clear road to Downing Street. If Cameron is still Prime Minister after 2015, as Labour are clearly determined to make happen, that would obviously dash Boris’ hopes of becoming leader post-election. Boris wouldn’t want to serve in a Dave Cabinet, so running for a third term as Mayor would keep him on the front line. Then, in the run up to 2020, the handover would make perfect sense. It could be Blair and Brown all over again…


  1. 1
    Hasn't anyone noticed? says:

    That building is falling over.


  2. 2
    Lady DingDong says:

    Go Boris.


    • 34
      Teasy weasy says:

      Boris’ path to Number 10 will be littered with girls with their knickers round their ankles.

      It would be good to have someone as PM who doesn’t obsess about bumboys and lezzas.


    • 52
      Boris Barclay says:

      Better to change your mind than to change your name.


  3. 3
    the cat says:

    turn again whittington


  4. 4
    Dave is Poodling and Piddling Everywhere says:


    I though you said “Boris is considering changing his name for the third time”

    Johnson – Barclay – what will be the next one?


  5. 5
    P l e b says:

    If that clown gets to be Prime Minister then this country is finished.


  6. 6
    Gordon the medicated says:

    I shall retie from my positions as head of the UN, the world bank, Médecins Sans Frontières in 2018 and seek my reelection as Prime Minister of the UK for 2020.

    I shall still be retaining my zero hours counter clerk position at the Fife Poundland in case…well…you know…it all goes like it did the last time.


  7. 7
    retardEd Miliband says:

    “If Cameron is still Prime Minister after 2015, as Labour are clearly determined to make happen”

    I think you over-ethtimate my abilitieth. Not even I can thave mithter Cameron.


  8. 11
    Boris-Barclay-Banker - 3B for short says:

    This is simply not news

    I am troughing big time with the bankers and assorted scum in the City

    Fucking billions floating around just for the take,man

    Why on earth would I get involved with all that shyt at No 10?

    And just look at Dave

    Even the Tory Party has realised that he is a wannabe imposter

    No one would ever call me a Poodle

    A Banger, yes

    A Buffon, yes

    A Bullshitter, yes

    But never a Poodle


  9. 14
    Red Len says:

    He could lose in 2016 against a strong, high profile Labour candidate, leaving his pathway in ruins.


  10. 15
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    << Owen Jones calling for IDS's resignation. No surprise there.


    • 22
      jmf says:

      I think that a lot of people are calling for Owen Jones extermination


    • 51
      My dog Spider says:

      Scumcan-smith is a lying, incompetent free-loading arsehole, the worst by far of a very, very bad bunch of sociopathic vermin.

      he has no responsibility for anything – he merely holds the office.


  11. 23
    She's got MY vote! says:

    I’d like to see Esther McVey as the new leader and PM.


  12. 26
    jmf says:

    Esther McVey seems to be a good MP only problem is when she speaks


  13. 27
    pitts says:

    do we really want a prime minster who is such a clown . In London he has built a cable car that goes from nowhere to nowhere , a bike scheme which cost £1500 per bike p.a . What London needs , and so does all England is a further crossing east of the Dartford Crossing . Plus a major upgrade to the M25 , M20 and M2 .In the short term how about a ferry crossing from Sheerness to Southend .


    • 33
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      How about 2 dozen new nuclear power stations and an massive increase in fracking.


      • 37
        WSC says:

        Now that is what I call a policy

        Rational and with a vision

        Sadly my people have deserted me


      • 47
        Cameron says:

        What about gay marriage, massive subsidies for diesel powered electricity generators to stop the lights going out and sucsessfully closing all the UK’s gas and coal fired power stations so that electricty bills will double in the next 10 years.

        Now thats what I call progress and a legacy that poor people can remember me by, oh and being a war mongering lying cast iron traitourous commie loving bs’tard in love with the EU.

        Toodle pip.


  14. 31
    jmf says:

    What this country needs is a Dream Team like Chucka Urmoney and D Fatbot


  15. 32
    Bumming for Britain says:


  16. 35
    Dr Spock, the Downing Street vet says:

    I was called in yesterday, Guido, on a top secret mission

    There is a poodle in Downing Street whose bark has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared

    I inspected his balls, nothing there

    It seems to be mental problem

    Never seen that before


  17. 46
    To Be Honest says:

    It is time for the Conservative Party to kick out all of these Hooray Henry play boys and get back to serious Politics, the Public are fed up with them, three cheers for Nigel Farage !!


  18. 50
    P l e b says:

    3% inflation, wage inflation at 1%
    the majority dipping into their savings or payday loans to survive.
    3 million parttime workers wanting full time hours.
    250,000 0 hour contracts
    Energy and fuel prices the highest ever

    The idea that the economy is working for anyone but the rich is a complete and utter bust


  19. 55
    You heard it here first. says:

    Boris Johnson will never be prime minister, never!


  20. 56
    Tojo says:

    Kerry is showing just why he did not make President and Boris is showing us just why he will be PM.


  21. 58
    Irritable Drain Syndrome says:

    Well Boris lies about everything else, so why not this?


    • 59
      Jay says:

      Exactly, giving Boris the opportunity to break his promises, lose in 2016 and sink any chance of getting to no. 10 sounds like a good idea to me.
      ‘Don’t unseat Cameron’.


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