September 4th, 2013

PMQS Live: Back to School Edition


  1. 1
    Cinnamon Buns says:

    Does Dave still have his stiffy for dead Arab kids?


    • 12
      un brit says:

      A Middle East problem needs a Middle East solution.

      None of our fucking business.


      • 33
        rick says:

        The Indy : ‘Libya left in lawlessness and ruins….’

        Destabilization is the name of the game, and is what the oligarchs want for Syria and any other ME country they deem a threat (Iran next?).
        Their present “concern” over dead children is about as cynical as you can get.


        • 50
          Warmongering Elite says:

          Dead children are awfully good ‘prop’s’ when drumming up support for our many, many wars. They ‘hit the spot’ every time.


    • 61
      Wankers Unite says:

      A middle east problem requires a middle east solution, bomb Tower Hamlets.


  2. 2
    Casual Observer says:

    Dave – definitely should big up the figures. Keep it up Dave.


  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    G20 – aid commitment to Syria…perhaps Ed should ask brother David about International Rescue…


  4. 4
    Casual Observer says:

    Ed is a bit downbeat today.


  5. 5
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Wee Dougie looks miserable, who wouldn’t as Ed is about to screw up again.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    I see labour have abondoned the compulsory wearing of red ties… They are all anaemic colours now


  7. 7
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Revulsion about Chemical Weapons in Syria – is that why Labour had a whipped vote?


  8. 8
    Dick Scratcha says:

    It’s. not. our. war. oy. pillock.

    We don’t want democracy there – they are all nutters


  9. 9
    Casual Observer says:

    Oops Dave: The UK doesn’t need a solution, Syr!a needs to find its own solution.

    And now is making a ‘peace and democracy’ for Syr!a speech.


  10. 10
    it was all shiite says:

    Noticed how the BBC and MPs do not sound off about climate change any more?


    • 21
      Gawd Help Us says:

      That’s probably because they think they’ve squeezed that last pound of tax out of it that they can for the time being.


  11. 11
    The Archbishop of Cunterbury says:

    Harriet’s looking scrummy


  12. 14
    jmf says:

    Wee Willie Hague Uk is the second biggest donor. Why?


  13. 15
    genghiz the kahn says:

    What happens if neither side wants to talk? Is Ed going to squeeze their balls until they do so?


    • 53
      Everything else is a distraction says:

      The Saudi’s and their allies, the USA and UK, don’t want talks, they want regime change and a new lsI@mist government for Syria.


  14. 16
    Casual Observer says:

    Perhaps one way to deal with alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syr!a is to not make it a profoundly partisan issue for the UK Labour party.


  15. 17
    PMTs says:

    Almost sounds like an orchestrated old boys club scratching each others backs.
    PMQs it aint.
    Dave and Ed frightened of each other.


    • 19
      Casual Observer says:

      No – frightened of the people they screwed over last week.

      See Genie energy / Golan Oil Exploration rights.



  16. 18
    Alex Harvey says:

    Who is the swamp donkey behind Millitwat? Looks a a bulldog who has swallowed a wasp.


  17. 20
    jmf says:

    Jack Straw wants Iran involved, looking for a job is he?


  18. 22
    Casual Observer says:

    Jack Straw talking sense on !ran.

    Even the US has altered its stance on !ran now as they know there is a government there that can be dealt with.


  19. 24
    Steve Miliband says:



  20. 26
    Little Englander says:

    The PM and most of the house think the death penalty is wrong and would have no deterrent effect.
    Yet here they are talking about killing mass killers in Syria to send a message to other potential mass killers.
    Piss off all you grandstanding big world Neo Liblabcons.


  21. 27
    Steve Miliband says:

    Cam is fucking livid with Egg.


  22. 28
    Casual Observer says:

    One of Nick Clegg’s mob may be better for coming to see the water sports in Gosport.


  23. 30
    You're on your own Barry says:

    I get the impression that Dave is rather pleased we are not going to have to Bomb Syria. Parliament has probably given him the excuse he neededto say no to Obama without him having to say No.


    • 69
      Village Idiot says:

      …It was part of a very clever plan,the outcome of which I totally agree with…Well done,but,phew!!! it was close….


  24. 31
    Point of Information 4 says:

    The G20 cannot do anything about !ran.

    It is just a convenient gathering where perhaps the key players can have a chat.

    Dave should lay off the war mongering / red line shtick.


  25. 34
    That was a classic from Dave says:

    Well that Labour MP fell into the food bank trap, never to be seen again


  26. 35
    genghiz the kahn says:

    disadvantaged 2 year olds – question from purple witch.


  27. 37
    Mark Wouters says:

    We Have an elected upper chamber for this country and it should be the European union,Scrap the house of lords and all their titles ,scrap the monarchy and have full integration with a single currency in the european union,NO MORE WARS.
    Can USA and British fighter jets and tanks carry out nhs operations ,NO ,so why waste billons letting the Tory Elite, Cameron and those in the MOD have crafty shanks on us ?
    Cyberknife would be money well spent.?
    Those poor people in Syria only want their freedom ,but without Fighting,a non violent uprising should be the tonic.the yanks can get themselves into as many Vietnamish wars as they Like or Can they ,without public opinion on their side, i doubt it very much,world opinion is against war in all countries of the world.


  28. 38
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Can’t find the Bedroom Tax on the HMRC site?


  29. 39
    Qustion of the Day, week, year term? says:

    Very poor answer by Dave to a very good question by Tapsell


  30. 40
    Casual Observer says:

    Good question.

    Would NATO be forced to confront Russ!a if Russ!a confronted the US as a result of an illegal US intervention in Syr!a ?

    Dave has fucked up the answer.


  31. 41
    jmf says:

    Peter Tapsell comes over as a bumbling but he does ask the right questions.


  32. 42
    The Archbishop of Cunterbury says:

    Under the Tories we have

    Inflation at 3%
    Wage inflation at 1%
    3 million people working part time who want to work full time
    Energy and fuel prices the highest ever.
    Not enough schools
    Not enough housing – and an incredibly stupid housing scheme which is just pumping up housing prices into yet another bubble.
    And a policy of joining in on the attacks on Syria when there is no strategy for it, 100,000s more Syrians will die and 80% of the UK did not want it.
    The NHS not funded properly and stealth privatisation


    • 47
      The Archbishop of Cunterbury says:

      We had healthy growth when Labour left office, followed by a double dip/flatlining for three years under the ConDems.
      These are facts.
      Now the ConDems have finally begun to slowly move us back to where we were when Labour left, we are supposed to all forget their three years of appalling and unfair financial mismanagement so far?


      • 55
        Rotten to the core says:

        The debt is growing and will be double what it was when the coalition took office, by the time they leave office.

        If you ask me, names aside, there is nothing between any of the LabLibCon scum.


    • 49
      jmf says:

      Dear Arch Bish could you please tell me why your flock is deserting you, is it cos you you spend all your time talking crap.


    • 67
      The Pope says:

      and that is a thousand times better than they would have been under Labour

      as for funding the NHS deth kamps, the tories are merely continuing Labour policy and have increased funding every year

      you are a clueless fucktard


  33. 43
    Pissing his panties in terror, Ed Miliband says:

    The Prime Minister is being nasty to me. If I pretend he doesn’t exist, I feel much safer.


  34. 44
    genghiz the kahn says:

    School Uniforms, Free schools, Wonga – must be word association game.


  35. 45
    No Dave, putting down a rebellion is not illegal says:

    I would have thought any state has a legal right to defend itself from armed rebels.


  36. 46
    Casual Observer says:

    Dave should not be declaring foreign governments illegitimate.

    One could start to believe that Dave’s government is illegitimate.

    Removal of regimes on that basis is completely illegal of course.


    • 51
      Dave lost it at the end says:

      Exactly what ran through my mind.

      The Assad government is certainly not illegal. Why else would the Queen, the foreign secretary and the PM meet with him?


    • 68
      Obamalamdingdong says:

      I may have to do some regime change in yo’ little country some day


  37. 48
    Casual Observer says:

    I think a UKIP coalition government after the next election will deliver the modern UK deterrent. How can you have a credible deterrent when you are giving away sovereignty to foreigners ?


  38. 54
    Mr J Cummins says:

    Remember the start of banking deregulation and an economy fuelled by unsustainable levels of debt? That was Thatcher’s idea, and don’t ever forget it


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