September 4th, 2013

Dave Fires Jesse Norman Over Syria Vote

jesseCoffee House reports that Jesse Norman’s abstention in last week’s Syria vote has cost him his job on the Number 10 policy board. Given Dave forgave Justine Greening and Mark Simmonds for their Rwandan discussions that’s quite a slap down. Guido returned to Westminster wiser after reading Jesse’s Edmund Burke biography this summer. He’ll be back…


  1. 1
    Witty Moniker says:

    Another enemy made.

    Good good, carry on Dave.


  2. 2
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Oh, really?


  3. 3
    edmartin says:

    i’m taking a ‘Broons’ annual on my hols – if wisdom sits in parliament do let us know guido


  4. 4
    lukewarm says:

    Are Rwandan discussions the new Ugandan relations?


  5. 8
    Maqboul says:

    I really have no idea.


  6. 9
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Abstaining is the right thing to do, and it was wrong for him to have done it. I was going to abstain but then I voted against the motion in which I was in favour. In conclusion, I condemn Mr Norman for abstaining, for which he is to be congratulated.


  7. 11
    That's Labour. Spend Spend Spend. says:


    • 13
      dai gratefully says:

      that reeks of non-jobe, subsidies and higher gov’t spending – therefore higher taxes


      • 19
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Back to the nonsense of Wilson’s Britain – orders for BMC vans for Post Office, Forces, British Railways; orders for Trident and VC10 airliners for BOAC & BEA regardless of quality, orders for ICL computers for HMG.

        British Goods for British Workers…


        • 27
          EU Watch says:

          Whilst in the EU such a procurement scheme would be considered illegal and could be challenged by European firms if thought to be discriminatory.

          Exit the EU then such a plan may be possible, otherwise this is just idle rhetoric.


        • 35
          Fishy says:

          Quite right Ghengiz.

          And those policies meant that civil servants specified aircraft that would be OK to take off on short runways in Kenya, but were totally irrelevant for no-one else…which is why no fuckers brought them and Boeing thrived.

          Those policies were a disaster for Britain and sowed the seeds for our industrial declinne


        • 60
          dai penniless says:

          yes – that’s why i’ve renamed HS2 TSR2 – its the same bollox


      • 21
        Bill Quango MP-x says:

        Sounds like the usual made on the train to work meaningless political tweet of the day to keep the British Obama’s lefty activists happy.

        He could tweet
        “Coffee always makes me feel more awake in the morning..As long as its Fair Trade.”
        His gullible activist followers would be retweeting it as if was the wisdom of Mao.


    • 22
      What did Labour do to deserve a mong like Chuckup? says:

      If he wants to support British industry, how about scrapping employers’ national insurance contributions? A tax on job creation.. yeah, brilliant.

      And, while he’s at it, scrap “green” taxes on energy. Because it makes British industry uncompetitive.


      • 36
        Engineer says:

        Chuka’s reply would be, “But if we didn’t tax the rich, like big business, we couldn’t support the country by buying stuff off big business.”

        Can you spot the slight flaw in this approach, Chuka?


      • 61
        dai penniless says:

        most of commercial rates should be abolished too – only a smal part of them pay for local auth services – the rest is overhead that makes our goods/services less competitive


    • 23
      Godfrey Bloom says:

      This is what happens when you have a party with women quotas, their solution to everything is to go shopping.


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      Could Chuckie translate that so the trash element in Streatham can understand it.


    • 31
      Engineer says:

      Chuka – sorry to upset you, but that’s been happening for centuries, and continues today and into the future. It’s not exactly a new idea….


      • 33
        Give the boy a break. He so wants to be Obama III says:

        It is a new idea for Chuka though.


        • 40
          Seriously, Listen to Chucka says:

          Word is that he decided today should be called Wednesday.

          Truly original thought – never occurred to him before.

          Chucka is a thinking man’s politician.

          Everybody knows that today is Wednesday, that is undeniable and a commonly accepted fact.

          But Chucka ‘decided’ that ‘today’ should be called Wednesday.

          Superb leadership qualities, genius insight, subtle politic, very polite.

          What one would expect for Wednesday’s politician.


    • 32
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      So Chucka will be supporting UKIPs policy to increase defense expenditure and re-arm.


      Now to part pay for that, Chucka should make his referendum position clear.


    • 37
      ferking genius says:


      we could buy stuff


    • 41
      Translation for the enrichment says:

      *** BLING !!! ***


    • 44
      Irony says:

      Talk of boosting procurement on a day when Labour has its Union funding cut.


    • 46
      Fag End says:

      Yep public cash poured into ‘innovation’ (usually means outsourcing something we already do to someone who will no longer do it, but the consultancy fees not to do it will make some people very wealthy). Utter bell end.


    • 50
      Where the debate should go on procurement says:

      Making local authority contract bidding easier for Small to Medium sized businesses so as they can compete would be a smart move.

      Would Chucka like to start by addressing this in Streatham ?


  8. 17
    Tom Thump says:

    Unity is strength
    Strength is joy
    Joy is work
    Work is production
    production is power
    power is the party
    The party is unity.
    unity is strength….


  9. 18
    S.B.S. says:

    Dave not man enough to give him a snake bite fires him, poof Dave.


  10. 20
    Anonymous says:

    The other two aren’t old Etonians.Supposed to stick together like porridge to blankets.


  11. 26
  12. 28
    lukewarm says:

    If we actually fired Jessye Norman over Syria, then Assad would be crushed.
    She could be singing Im Abendrot as she flew…


  13. 30
    Lexander says:

    He was always going to find life difficult with a Christian name like that!


  14. 38
    Vote Liblabcon - get Barroso, Rompuy and Merkel says:

    So he’s sacked Postman Pat’s cat?


  15. 45
    Anonymous says:

    “Guido returned to Westminster wiser after reading”

    Seems unlikely.


  16. 47
    Bob the Builder says:

    I believe Jesse is one of the very few Tory MPs I would call honest

    And it is an honour to be sacked by the Poodle’s Poodle Cameron

    Who can now only be described as the Failed Heir to Blair


  17. 48
    Eton Dave and his ex black and white cat says:

    It was a beautiful day in Greendale. All those horrid factories had closed down and so the valley was quiet and peaceful. Eton Dave was on his way to Mrs Goggins to explain why her household energy bills had risen 15% because of those pointless wind turbine subsidies. You see it had all gone wrong when Nigel Farage had stolen the Tory’s policies and he’d had to get some new ones. But he’d got them all muddled up with those of Labour and the Lib Dems. Oh what a calamity.


  18. 49
    Gone down on a ginger minger says:

    Here’s someone Dave could do without.–going-world.html

    Who needs a useless bumboy, who gets overexcited by the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd?

    Not to mention the opportunity to meet a sweet young thing for some “special advice”.


  19. 53
    Tachybaptus says:

    The opera ain’t over until Jessye Norman sings.


  20. 56
    Jeffrey M says:

    So Dave fires Norman as a foreign policy adviser

    And has just hired this EUSSR neo con plant

    Whoi is not even British

    We know where Dave’s loyalties are


  21. 57
    albacore says:

    There’s a Policy Board in Number Ten?
    Cameron’s fabulous ideas men
    Or there to soothe his ego (and bad back)?
    Either way it’s crap, alas and alack


  22. 65
    Discussing Uganda says:

    Just curious, how big was this room Justine and Mark found themselves in while discussing Rwanda? Was there anyone else present?


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