September 2nd, 2013

Reshuffle Mystery as Stephen Twigg Cancels Speech

Insipid Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg was scheduled to give speech at IPPR an hour ago, although it was mysteriously ‘postponed’ without explanation. Guido is less worried about missing out on a pearl of wisdom from the under-performing one time Blairite and more intrigued by the timing. Speculation is rife that Twigg is for the chop. His office are not taking calls.

Are there movements afoot?

A Labour spokesman says:

“This is a very important speech about school standards. As Syria is dominating the news agenda Stephen decided it would be sensible to make it in a few weeks time.”


  1. 1
    The Gardener says:

    He’s getting pruned..


  2. 2
    Mexican General Dave, stunned by the honesty of his own party says:

    I will reshuffle my bunch of incompetent nonentities to assuage my ego after my humiliation last week

    My spin liars tell me it is now called a victory for,democracy (and I am not yet out of my head like my Hero Tony Blair)

    But I am afraid it will fool no one…

    PS Wish I could be on those boats in St Trop with all those oligarchs


  3. 4
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Who he?


  4. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    Egg is re-shuffling his cabinet – he’s moving the Campari in front the Vermouth and putting the Peach Schnapps to the side of the Angostura Bitters


  5. 7
    A little consistency never hurts says:

    Re your referene to Dan Hodges article

    I am suurprised you attack Will Straw as the “Red Prince” and not Dan Hodges

    His claim to fame, after all, is being Glenda Jackson’s son

    How about being fair and balanced, as Fox News would say Guido?

    And do you still back the appaling Blair?


    • 23
      Confused says:

      If Dan Hodges is selected for a seat on the basis of nepotism within the Labour party then I guess he should be highlighted.

      Hodges seems to be up for a second vote, following the EU model of democracy in the face of decisions which do not suit it.

      In this respect Hodges perhaps wishes to see the Labour party properly split ?


      • 26
        Let's be transparent says:

        Hodges, like Guido and co, is taking orders from the !sreal First Lobby

        War war against Syria (and then Iran) at the expense of the British and American and French people

        and against their will


        • 29
          Confused says:

          True. But the ‘!srael first’ lobby will likely not get past Congress on this one.

          The ‘shrewd’ (read constitutionally bound and no other real choice) move of Obama to push back there at this time is smart. Congress is somewhat dysfunctional right now so any attempt to push this up the agenda will likely stall, and even when it comes to debate they may just say ‘no’ and take a while in saying that.

          Still, while Hodges is coming out with stuff like this on Ed Ms decision making faculties:

          ‘That should not be hard to do, even for someone as congenitally incapable of making up his mind as the Labour leader.’

          – All the better.

          It is fun to watch the ‘!srael firsters’ take chunks out of each other.

          And worthwhile exposing so as people can get an idea of what others are talking about :-)


  6. 11
    Mr Bean says:

    I used to prefer Twiglets when they were made from real twigs dipped in Marmite.


  7. 15
    The Stern Gang says:

    This is a massive exclusive, almost on a par with Rawnsley’s imminent dismissal a few weeks back.


  8. 16
    Beware The Constant Gardener says:


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      What has Syria done to deserve Unite (£3 a week and we get our own MP’s)


      • 46
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        ‘Unite for Syria’ is of course an anagram for ‘I’m a pathetic little money-grubbing hoon making my pile out of a “charity” while I wait my turn to be leader of the opposition’.


    • 42
      Crowin Bob Crow says:

      This is ridiculous as we never gave him permission to use our name.


  9. 17
    Labour are Splitting says:

    Jim Fitzpatrick resigned the other day over Syr!a:

    Shouldn’t Abbot be tendering her resignation ?

    Would give her plenty of time to irritate the voters for the London Mayoral…


  10. 18
    Twiggy says:

    If he rented out his homes. Would they be called Twigg Lets?


  11. 20
    John Paul II says:

    I was right on Iraq

    And you must stop answering war crimes with further war crimes


  12. 22
    JP II says:

    was right on Iraq

    And you must stop answering war crimes with further war crimes


  13. 25
    He He she's setting herself up for a High publicity resignation. Abbott 4 Mayor is her goal. says:


  14. 27
    Theoi Meteoroi says:

    They’ve just viewed this set of videos and realise that the green syllabus has to be changed sharpish.


  15. 34
    Jimmy says:

    “His office are not taking calls.”

    It aren’t?


  16. 37
    Displaced Brummie says:

    It’s so vitally important that it can be left unuttered for several weeks, perhaps a month? Oh. So it’s that important, hmm?


  17. 43
    Pipedream says:

    Twiggy was my MP for a short while and he was useless. Had a big say in downgrading our local hospital, Chase Farm, to the state of decay its in now.

    Spent most of the time hiring different “assistants” who strangely turned out to be as gay as he is. With MPs like this it’s no wonder Labour have problems.


  18. 44
    Mike Portaloo says:

    So, did you stay up to watch the Twigg-getting-fired moment?


  19. 45
    Loser says:

    Twigg is useless!


  20. 47
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    He has helped make Michael Gove look good.

    When Balls was shadowing him Gove was all over the place.

    Just shows the difference an effective Opposition can make.


  21. 48

    Blair a pal of his a war monger


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