September 2nd, 2013

POLL: 71% Say Parliament Made Right Call on Syria
Miliband Loses Public Approval Battle

Despite 71% of the public thinking that Parliament made the right call over Syria, it’s Ed Miliband that comes out of it worse according to an ICM poll for the BBC. The full tables can be found here but, here are top line figures:

On which leader got it right:

On the UK’s image abroad:

Ed may have won the day on Thursday, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much for him.


  1. 1
    E. Robot says:

    We need to be clear egged …clear egged….clear egged…clear egged….clear egged…about this.


    • 13
      Lord Sir Domly Dom says:

      Miliband was revealed as an opportunist little prat over that commons vote. He deserved no credit for Parliament coming to the right decision to stay the hell out of it.

      There has only been one party leader who has been consistent on Syria and also correct over whether we should intervene or not. That is Nigel Farage.

      UKIP accurately reflected the country’s mood over Syria. Liblabcon have not.


      • 36
        Anonymous says:

        Please stop dragging ukip into this, they havent even registered with normal people.They are a joke, nothing to do with “real” politics, just an amusing diversion !


        • 47
          Rip Van Winkle says:



          • M16 says:

            Showing the World what Real democracy and Politics looks like Can only put GREAT back into Great Britain,. Something to be proud of.


        • 49
          Major Disaster says:

          An amusing little diversion that called it right, and has got Dave on the run….

          I’d suggest that these days UKIP are more representative of what the public want, and that the conservatives are an ‘amusing diversion’…


          • Anonymous says:

            Im sure they are quaking in their boots ! a party with NO MP`S and now the icing on the cake—– Neil and Christine Hamilton.You have got to Larf — Ha Ha Ha


          • Vote Liblabcon - get Barroso, Rompuy and Merkel says:

            UKIP, a party with no MPs but who Liblabcon are so fearful of they will stoop to any level to smear them. Also a party that is getting 17% of the vote (regularly more than the Lib-Dums who have plenty of MPs) and could easily decide the result of the next election. An amusing diversion my arse.


          • broderick crawford says:

            is your arse really an amusing diversion ?
            ha silly vague been apprised of this fact ?


        • 52
          Alfie says:

          Are you joking?? Have you bothered to look at the local election results?? When they’re not trashing Labour they’re certainly trashing the Lib Dems. Wake up and smell the coffee. They are far more representative of the general public’s views than any of the other parties.


          • Anonymous says:

            You mean council elections i take it ? it certainly hasnt been Parliamentary elections ! local councils are unimprtant.


          • C.O.Jones says:

            Wait till the european elections next year.


          • Vote Liblabcon - get Barroso, Rompuy and Merkel says:

            The idiot will be saying the EU elections are not important next despite the EU making most of our laws. He is just too stupid to realise it.


          • broderick crawford says:

            alfie ??

            are you michael cane in disguise ?

            or alfie moon of eastenders ?

            or just plain old alfred the great of cake burning lore ??


        • 53
          Anonymous says:

          Don’t trade with Tory traitors.
          The time when Conservative supporters could plead stupidty as an excuse is long gone. Don’t trade with businesses owned by tories.


      • 109
        broderick crawford says:

        in the photo dave looks like a poor man s bryan ferry of roxy music trying to dance their hit ” The Strand ” —– badly!!!


      • 141
        Anonymous says:

        We are looking at a potential loss of 12000Tory party members and it is clear that they have not yet all joined UKIP but that does not mean that they will continue to vote Tory. If an individual is so disenchanted with the Tories that they resign their membership they are hardly going to rush out and vote for an organisation the have resigned from in disgust. Those who do vote will be looking for a more conservative organisation to support and UKIP may well be their choice. Like myself I am not a member of UKIP but I will vote for them from now on. Incidentally I have never been a member of the Tory party but I have always voted for them for the past 50 years.
        Two things are perfectly clear, the Tories are losing members and UKIP are gaining members. Therefore if the paying Tory members are resigning in large numbers as they are it is because they no longer support Cameron’s party, why on earth should we believe that non paying Tory supporters will behave differently?
        If I were a Tory MP with a majority of less than 5000 I would be looking for a new job opportunity for after 2015 if not before.
        Cameron is a total plonker and fucks up everything he touches and tries to con both Tory members and the public at large. He is shit scared of Farage who has challenged him on a debate about the EU but Cameron the tosser has bottled it


        • 171
          Common Sense says:

          Cameron simply doesn’t command the respect of the British public for two reasons.

          Firstly his policies are not conservative, he has repeatedly shown he is a social democrat with left wing tendencies.

          Secondy he is a cast iron liar. The embarrassing thing is he is a bad liar and you can see in his eyes when he speaks that he does not believe what he himself is saying. This makes him untrustworthy, duplicitous, dismissive, arrogant and contemptuous of the British public.

          This awful spineless shill like traitorous liar of a man has to go, he is damaging this country every single day he is in parliament.

          The quicker he leaves parliament for good and gets back to Notting hill or Cornwall with his awful fat jelly belly and pasty skin, the sooner this country can choose a leader which will lead this country, for the good of this country.


    • 21
      The British Public says:

      Ed did not ‘win’ the day. His motion was rejected.

      The people who won were the British Public. We forced a debate and stopped a headlong rush into war.


      • 60
        Dr Faustus says:

        We also forced the Magic Negro into outing his administration as a Carter-grade shambles.


      • 70
        Fuck off Straw you hoon says:

        My boy will certainly won the day, so much so that I’m not too depressed just now. Wonder how Harriet and Jack’s sprog will do.

        Oh, the depression is on me again. I need sympathy and understanding. Luckily those Iraqi’s that Tony, Alistair. Scarlett, myself, et al murdered don’t have to suffer the terrible headaches and faux-pain that I have too.


    • 32
      A message for my stupid Little Brother says:


      • 148
        Egg Millionaireband says:

        Hahaha! You worthless prick, Dave. Did you enjoy watching my statesmanlike performance as I saved the world from nuclear holocaust, while you drew your silly little sign in the corner of the job centre?


        PS you don’t mention whether we should bomb Syria. I could do with a bit of advice on that one.


    • 45
      Anon says:

      The disgusting MSM and newspapers saying pressure on Cameron for
      aanother vote is plain journalistic propaganda and war mongering.

      The only pressure is from the morally bankrupt UK press singing the governments
      song and ddesperate not to goto jail over phone hacking. Despicable press behavior.

      The only real pressure is from the good British public who do not want another war.


    • 61
      On Reflection says:

      Most people think that Thursday’s decision was correct because Dave had rushed it and it made people suspicious. Second time around (if there is one) a majority would support the limited action proposed. But Hague needs to address the arming of Al-Qaeda issue first, people do not like that one little bit.


    • 124
      Dudley Zoo says:

      Of course Dave was going to come out of this OK


      • 167
        The Cleggster says:

        So am I…


        • 173
          Anonymous says:

          Clegg and Cameron come out of this like US sponsored war mongers.

          Good to see 71% of the population agree.

          Time for those two traitors to fcuk off back to Notting hill and Holland and leave the serious business of running this country who cares about our national interest rather than two corrupt lying cnuts.


      • 168
        Enoch says:

        Tip for the Day, (DudleyZoo)

        Down by the old freightliner terminal, under the wire, up the bank, past the elephant house, and you’re in near the meerkats.


  2. 2
    Kiss Ass says:

    Love your PutinPicture of Dave, but would be more impressed if his shirt was off.


  3. 3
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Hodges puts the boot in nicely to Milimongs nuts…


    • 33
      Blairite cuckoo says:

      Hodges couldn’t put the boot into a paper bag. He’s the worst kind of armchair “progressive interventionist” (his repulsive words), especially when he’s urging young men who are not from his class to get killed for his Blairite interventions. If he wasn’t such a hypocrite he would realise that it is precisely his idol Blair who bears responsibility for the failure of the war vote


      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        On the contrary. Dan Hodges is saying what a lot of us think.Stop banging on about Blair, Milliband is the problem now! good luck.


        • 128
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Err really? On what planet is Hodges saying ‘what a lot of the public think’? Last time I looked, 70% don’t want any more Bliarite style wars or interventions. Presumably you can’t count either.


      • 65
        Historian of our times says:

        In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King Kong of the Labour Shambles


    • 83
      Maximus says:

      Tosser Hodges showing the inner bedwetter.

      A far better read:


      • 98
        Anonymous says:

        Maxie, you are showing your inner vile nature.Very sad.


        • 158
          Not waving but droning says:

          Anonymous, you are a sad and deluded fecker or a lickspittle for the politicons. The Spiked article is accurate as far as the emotional way the war is being sold, and is way better than Hodge who missed the target altogether. If anything it does not go far enough, by omitting any reference to the underlying causes of O’Bomber’s new crusade. It is Sunni on Shia action, with an overlay of petrodollars vs national currencies. The Saudi / US alliance will do anything – ANYTHING – to keep the petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency.


          • Anonymous says:

            NOT WAVING BUT DROMEYING. Why do you think your opinion is always right and others not worth considering ? you cant even express yourself without being offensive.Go and chat on facebook, theres a good boy.


  4. 4
    Gibraltar says:

    help us Egg! Help us Egg Miliband!


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Miliband’s approval ratings have risen by 9 points and Labour are 10% ahead in the polls


    • 10
      UK Border Agency says:

      That’s correct, when the polls swing in Cameron’s favour we let in a few hundred thousand more culturally enriching asylum seekers for balance.


    • 50
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Right of Centre poll (Tories plus UKIP) is well over 40 per cent and more than enough to win an out right majority. The Tories know what they need to do to win, get rid of the Cameroons and bring in a manifesto for prosperity and the future e.g.

      Dramatic reduction in public spending

      Dramatic reduction in red tape for industry

      Update employment law to make it easier to get rid of under performers

      Terminate the green agenda and bring in a coordinated energy policy

      Stop all immigration and control the UK population

      Scrap the Human Rights Act

      Leave the EU

      Make it attractive to save for retirement

      Use the money from the public spending cuts to pay off the national debt and to reduce taxes

      Overhaul trade union laws to stop us being held to ransom by Crowe and the like

      Scrap HS2 and use the money to improve existing railway system

      Please add as you think fit


      • 73
        Tony Blair's Office on a Gin Palace says:

        I did not have sex with that woman

        Oh..wrong script…sniff sniff

        I am the Kiss of Death

        Sniff sniff…

        Give me another line

        I will be walking on water this afteroon

        Ah…that feels better


      • 126
        Not in My Name says:

        Execute the entire political class who haven’t had a real job ?


    • 179
      Anonymous says:

      Those morons would vote for a monkey if it had a red rosette on,.


  6. 6

    No it didn’t do much for Ed?Labour were only two points ahead before last Thurday,now ten points ahead.Fact!


  7. 7
    John Presclott says:

    I’ve been compared to Meatloaf, someone call me a Twat out of Hull


    • 127
      Not in My Name says:



    • 131
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      And of course, you would know a thing or two on the subject, as you would most certainly not be unfamiliar with meatloaf– what’s your record for most consumed at one sitting, Your Obesity?


  8. 8
    Owen Jones says:

    1st post


  9. 9

    It took a log time for the media to catch up but it was quite obvious that Cameron played a blinder.

    He has avoided a really messy and unpopular intervention whilst appearing “willing” to the US. He has also handed Obama a way out/spread the responsibility.

    Ed Miliband – despite desperate BBC and left wing media spin – has just come out as a spoiler and an untrustworthy jerk.

    Luvvin’ it !


    • 174
      Anonymous says:

      Your joking right.
      71% of the public don’t want this war.
      Cameron is desperate to get involved as the USAs pet dog and to feed his faux moral outrage.

      History will show Cameron to be the duplicitous lying Cnut he is, but more interesting it will also show what a war mngering traitorous bastard he is as well.

      Overthrowing Syria will result in the hacking to death of 2.5 million Christians who currently live peacefully in Syria.

      And it is our friends from the religion of peace who have been practicing their skills all over the middle east for thousands of years and most recently in w00lwitch who Cameron wants to support in Syria.

      He kills alqeeeeeeda in Ir aq and af gan is stan resulting in 750 lost British lives and billions of pounds being spent, but come Syria, he wants to support alqeeeeada and muss ie de ath squad rebels so he can overthrow a secular Christian accepting regime….

      The MSM propogannnnda is disgusting as is the faux moral outrage and support of alqeeeeeda rebels by davidncameron.

      It was only 4 months ago that two of our friends from the religion of peace ha cked to de ath one of our sold IRS in wool which.

      If David Cameron supports the rebels he has the blood of wool which on his hands.

      The man has no shame and is an utter disgrace.


  10. 12
    Raving Loon says:

    Ed didn’t win the day. We know what Dave thinks, he lost the vote but at least we know where he stands. No one has any idea what Ed stands, he’s just motivated by narrow party interests and how to upset the Tories.


    • 16
      Pissing his panties in terror, Ed Miliband says:

      I am in favour of taking action against Assad. Gassing women and children is wrong.

      Gassing women and children is wrong, but now I’m against taking action against Assad.

      Although now I’m in favour of it again.

      And now I’m against it. In fact, I’ve always been against it.

      Although it might be the right thing to do. Although it won’t. And that’s why I’m in favour of it. I always have been.

      I’m going to be an incredible PM, aren’t I?


      • 133
        Actually says:

        The problem with your post is, there is no evidence that Assad did anything of the sort. Repeating yourself endlessly also ‘proves’ nothing.


  11. 14
    Sir William Waid says:

    Why don’t we fake an attack on Syria and post it on YouTube?


  12. 17
    Miliband of Effingsea says:

    Where was Gordon on Thursday.

    Looks as if The Union is now doomed.


    • 104
      Maximus says:

      Why so glum? On the evidence so far, Dave will make sure that anything the Scotch lose from the Barnett Formula they will have topped up in foreign aid from DfID. Copper-bottomed ringfence, you might say, if you’re not fussy about your metaphors.


  13. 18
    Point of Information 4 says:

    It was a pyrrhic victory for Ed.

    But will prove to be Dave’s defining moment: Positive over time.


    • 23
      Tyke says:

      What victory? How so for a lying, scheming hypocrite called retardED!


    • 27
      Extra Extra says:

      Positive for Dave ?
      Are you joking. He is desperate to go to war.
      The vote proved how out of touch he is with popular opinion and his arrogent contempt for voters.
      The fact he got caught on the wrong side of history and was forced to stop, doesn’t make him strong. It just proves what a duplicitous lying little shit he is.


      • 44
        Point of Information 4 says:

        He was desperate to go to war last week, but not desperate enough to actually do it.

        He decided to play Parliament for cover, which was the right thing to do.

        With what is now coming out, that loss is his victory.

        This will be very easy, and somewhat correct, to spin as a positive as:

        i) Cameron did the democratic right thing
        ii) Cameron stood by the decision of Parliament
        iii) Cameron’s judgement has been sound throughout.

        He ironically has preserved his personal credibility by not flip flopping on party political lines, but has only shifted position with Parliament. This is a significant difference to the position Ed is now in.

        When Congress come down against US intervention, Ed incidentally will be owning all the atrocities in Syr!a as it will become his war. Dave has avoided being left with that poison chalice.

        All will become clear in a few months, but Dave may be able to resign safe in the knowledge that history will not treat him too harshly.

        (He still has the gauntlet of the AC/RB trial yet to come, which will likely finish him off).

        William Hague’s position is untenable now, and he should go ASAP.


      • 101
        Anonymous says:

        As it is developing, the PM is coming out of it all streets ahead of opportunistic Milliband, you have got to laugh, be honest !


        • 129
          Anonymous says:

          Dave is a lying arrogant shit who would rather support that I R A loving Kerry and send our boys to war, than look after the uks interests.

          Cameron is detestable and a liar. Last week’s vote merely reinforces this fact that we all know
          to be true.


      • 176
        GDS says:

        what’s this “war” shoite. Parliament never debated a motion for war. It’s all in your tiny, stupid head.


        • 185
          Anonymous says:

          If Syria fired missiles at the UK we would rightly say we are at war with Syria.

          If I am not at war with someone, why am i firing missiles at them ?

          If we fire missiles at Syria, we would be at war with them from both their, and our perspective.

          Lesson over, now fcuk off you war mongering shrill.


    • 43
      widescreen2010 says:

      ‘pyrrhic’ – what an excellent word.
      This really is the most erudite of swivel-eyed websites.


  14. 22
  15. 24
    Peter Hain does not understand what an Insurance Premium is. says:


    • 28
      Metrosexual BBC News Editor (Elite class) says:

      So why did the BBC phrase that Tweet as if UKIP are wrong and Hain is correct?


      • 106
        C.O.Jones says:

        Because the BBC are the media arm of the Labour Party.

        The BBC employ enough ex Labour twats at senior level.

        The vast majority of the BBC job advertising newspaper spend goes to the Guardian newspaper (which has less than 3% of market).

        The BBC – you pay for it whether you like it or not.


      • 107
        Anonymous says:

        I presume the fact that its a stupid comment by ukip ! what would the extra 40% be spent on if nige isnt keen on conflict ?


    • 34
      Peter Hain is a poisonous piece of shit says:

      On the basis of questions like that he should just fuck off out the UK.


    • 37
      Extra Extra says:

      Peter Hain was a disgusting war mongering shit on R4 today.

      Also the disgusting BBC had to pro war guests against Farage and they kept interrupting him and wouldn’t let him speak.

      Also the BBC were presenting the anti war argument as if it was Ukips fault that Cameron
      lost. No mention of liliebor or 30 Tory mps. No. The BBC try to dress the whole thing up as a ukip smear.

      One of the most disgusting examples of BBC war mongering I have ever seen.


      • 108
        Anonymous says:

        ukip dont like it up them, Captain Mainwaring sir !


        • 136
          Welcome to Fail. Population: You says:

          You know they are rattled and shitting themselves, when the BBC have to resort to lying and smears, regarding UKIP.

          The game is up for the establishment and they don’t like it one little bit.


        • 137
          Anonymous says:

          I think if you look at the voting records in Hansard. It was 30 Tory mps and liebor who voted against Cameron ?

          The man is s lying cast iron traitor who would rather support that I R A lover Kerry and send our boys to w arrr than uphold a single honest principle in his body.

          This has proven beyond doubt that Cameron is firmly on the wrong side of history. We know this to be true and he will be judged accordingly.

          The sooner Cameron resigns the better for this country.


      • 154
        But why? says:

        Is Peter Hain still alive?


      • 161
        Not waving but droning says:

        Agreed. Was prompted to join UKIP. Just sent off my initial fee.


        • 170
          Capt Farrage says:

          No refunds BOY!


        • 180
          Anonymous says:

          Proof indeed, if it were needed.


          • Anonymous says:

            We have all the proof that Cameron is a failure already, thanks very much.

            The sooner he fcuks off and we can get a prime minister to lead this country, in this countries interest, the better.

            Every day Cameron stays is a disgrace. How on earth he sleeps at night I do not know, he must have the same sleeping pills that tony Blair has.


    • 88
      The British Public says:

      Because it is going to take an army 40% larger than the one we currently have to round up all the illgela immigrants and show them the door.


      • 187
        Anonymous says:

        More like show them the door to a brand new tax payer funded flat they can have for free on benefits with a brand new car for free every 2 years parked outside.

        Never again must we allow these politicians to destroy our country with their enforced colonisation and lottery inducing benefits.


  16. 25
    widescreen2010 says:

    Lots of helicopter action over the past week – is something going on?


  17. 30
    Fishy says:

    And now, this morning, the c.unt Umunna is being given the freedom of the BBC (after taking time out from reporting burst water mains and the Streatham LBGT Knitting Circle) to criticise Cameron for refusing to consider a re-run of the Syria vote in the Commons.

    Clearly Labour are shit scared they will be seen to have encouraged further murders and they’re looking for a way out.

    You couldn’t make it up.


  18. 31
    Anonymous says:

    OMG have you guys completely ignored that Cameron lost out on this?? Wow. Wow. I’m speechless.


    • 38
      Hotpoint AQUALTIS @ 8500 rpm says:

      I know, it’s amazing!


    • 41
      Sir William Waid says:

      This blog is not, on the whole, pro-Cameron, but would reluctantly admit that Ed Miliband is Stalybridge Celtic to Dave’s Coventry City.


      • 80
        a non says:

        Breaking news.
        With the transfer window closing, Bob Crow is set to quit the RMT Union and join Arsenal as a recognised striker.
        Despair for Ed, hoping for a comeback, but he will remain sweeper, the only suitable position available.


      • 102
        Sports Fan says:

        To my eternal shame I once wasted the entry fee to a Coventy home game. I can’t now remember a thing about the game.


        • 183
          Shame says:

          I watched them humiliate Liverpool at Anfield in the cup. That was great. Darren Huckerby tortured them if I recall correctly.


      • 135
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Oi Sir Will– how’s about we send Dave to Coventry? Now there’s a thought…


    • 177
      GDS says:

      er, wasn’t the Labour motion also defeated?


  19. 35
    nellnewman says:

    well that’s what you get for jumping on bandwagons and treating matters of national importance as a party politics game.

    poor militwit.


  20. 39
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Dave or Ed??? Can we have the Devil on the ballot paper in 2015 I think that he would be far more popular.


  21. 67
    The Voice of the Mysterons says:

    G uido hasn’t come up smelling of roses, that’s for sure!


    • 75
      The Oirish Public says:

      To be shure, to be shure.


    • 91
      Point of Information 4 says:

      Don’t shoot or blame the messenger / host :-D

      He has kept the modding to a minimum of late, which is Kudos to the team.

      It is not clear if his personal opinion can be inferred as some have done, likely not. Only the editorial decisions can be.

      If he ever decides to publish his own op-ed on this matter, it would be an interesting read.

      Either way: Respecting his position, as he has respected those who post here by not deleting posts on this matter is the right thing to do.

      Am still confused as to why the cross-hairs have been taken off Hancock…


      • 97
        Vote Liblabcon - get Barroso, Rompuy and Merkel says:

        Maybe they think Hancock has had his half-hour?


      • 100
        Bill Quango MP - x says:

        He’s already dead…he just doesn’t know it yet.

        Dead man walking.


      • 140
        Sarah Palin says:

        “Am still confused as to why the cross-hairs have been taken off Hancock…”

        Guido’s afraid they’ll do to him what they did to me after that nutcase shot that Congresswoman– suppose Hancock conveniently turns up shot (and that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility if he were really in a position to drag a lot of people down with him)? I’m sure the gentlemen in robes and wigs have spoken to Guido on the subject.


    • 139
      Anonymous says:

      Dave only smells of the sh1t you put around roses. Hague must be the pr1ck in all of this.

      Cameron is a duplicitous
      shit smelling liar and unashamed war mongering b#stsrd.


  22. 82
    Vince Cables Silly Hat says:

    What I will do is sell all them lovely chemicals to the Free Syrian Army. Problem sorted.


  23. 94
    Vote Liblabcon - get Barroso, Rompuy and Merkel says:

    All those ignorant idiots who said we need to be in the EU in order to influence world events must be feeling pretty stupid now that Britain has scuppered Obama’s jingoistic intervention in Syria.


    • 130
      Pigs and flying says:

      Notice how Barroso and pumpy have brought the EU into the front of the worlds stage and trying to get China and Russia and the USA into discussions over Syria, they are defiantly worth the money they get paid, must clean my rose coloured glasses


  24. 95
    David Cameron says:

    Conference speech

    p1. draft.

    “Swivel eyed UKIP loons don’t want intervention in Syria because they are anti-gay marriage.

    Well the sad fruit loop, half a picnic, not the sharpest tools in the lunchbox, blimps and blusterers of the FaR RAGE ( see what I did there?) have no place in the hearts of decent, hardworking British people. Norwich isn’t representative of Britain you know. You loonies need to wake up and smell the rich aroma of yams, hemp, red bull, hash, bagels, curry, sick, kebabs, halal meat, noodles , heroin, strongbow and borscht that makes multiculturalal Britain the envy of the world in the diversity arena.”


  25. 105
    Tojo says:

    In light of the American action, this was a supremely shrewd political maneuver, Dave is off the Hook, Millyprat is left with Mud on his face, however Obama copying Dave, buying time and shifting responsibility back to others… priceless.


    • 111
      C.O.Jones says:

      It is, makes Miliband look a total opportunist. Gives Cameron an out.


    • 116
      Sports Fan says:

      I am also waiting till we see all the merde that is due to splatter Hollande


    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      Do you think Dave and Barack cooked this up between them ,as they arent really keen on bombing Syria ? Its all working out well for them both so far,”Parliament/congress voted against us M`lud” maybe Miranda could find out from the woman he got the memory stick from.


      • 132
        Point of Information 4 says:

        Your suggestion does imply that perhaps Dave and Obama are beholden to a greater power, and perhaps not the will of the people which they are clearly aligned with now.

        The more interesting question then is to which power were they beholden ?

        For the record, I do not believe you to be wearing a tinfoil hat ‘n’ :-)

        The cock up theory rather than conspiracy theory is more credible in Dave’s case, and a very smart move.

        The Zio-loon overload which will now be lost in the long grass of Congress is the other.

        Oil rights recently issued inside Syr!a in the disputed Golan heights area a factor ? Google for further details of !srael’s latest scam involving other peoples land.


      • 142
        Anonymous says:

        Dave couldn’t cook an egg. The man is a useless lying war mongering and morally bancrupt liar.

        The sooner he returns to Notting hill and fcuking Cornwall in his boden shorts and fat pasty jelly belly, then the sooner this country will be free of a cast iron liar and be free of his social democratic bullsh1t.

        The man is a liar.


        • 156
          Anonymous says:

          Why are you so unpleasant ? Havent you got some inane pictures to put up on facebook from your school holidays instead of wasting our time on here ?


          • Common Sense says:

            A British prime minister supporting alq eeeeeda rebels in Syria who will destroy a secular Syria and mur der 2.5 million Christians by ch0ping their heads off is unpleasant.

            Why don’t you go to Syria and stand guard outside the local Christian church and protect it from alq eeeda mill1tants. Then if they don’t chop your head off you can take videos on your phone of dead children hac ked to death that are Christian, and post the videos on you tube and play them on the 9’oclock news every night.

            Or you could sit behind your w@nking screen you despicable war mongerer as the coward you are.

            This is not our war, it is purely a proxy for America to attack Iran, Syria is merely collateral damage. the uk should provide humanitarian aid, thats all.


  26. 110
    a clockwork orange says:

    violence is poetry


  27. 123
    change of tune. says:

    I see NATO is getting in on the Syria war act, WTF has it to do with them or is PM going to use our troops via NATO, if so, Dave’s so called Conservatives will never be in charge of the country again, you did right by basically pushing Russia to help sort things out.


  28. 143
    tigerowl says:

    Ed lost the debate? Seems everything that has been said since the vote has been what Labour asked for. Labour did not rule out action but said that action could only follow if the UN sanctioned it. Cameron pressed for a vote to take action. Did these people watch the debate? Do they understand their own argument? Most against action without UN mandate was Labours view. Ed won and the after talk has all been about what happens now. That is the fault of Cameron who should not have taken it to a vote so tying Parliament to one view.


    • 147
      The Public says:

      The only people who won were the public who oppose any involvement in Syria at all. Both Labour and the Government have made a total pigs ear of the Syrian question by the fundamental error of seeing the rebels as people they are willing to make common cause with. Syria is none of our business.


  29. 145
    genghiz the kahn says:

    re Photo: Dave as Air guitarist or air head?


  30. 146
    Nemesis says:

    Miliband the great appeaser, peace in our time piece of shit.


  31. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Does that mean something ? or just them jumping on the bandwagon ?


  32. 152
    Anonymous says:

    TSE nails Milliband

    Now is my way clear, now is the meaning plain:
    Temptation shall not come in this kind again.
    The last temptation is the greatest treason:
    To do the right deed for the wrong reason.


  33. 159
    Backstairs Billy says:

    Oi, Eton Boy,
    Put on a shirt and tie, you scruffy Hunt.

    You’re supposed to be Prime Minister.


  34. 160
    Gok Wan says:

    Eton Boy,
    Put on a shirt and tie, you scruffy Hunt.

    You’re supposed to be Prime Minister.


    • 189
      The Wild Colonial Boy says:

      Obviously he is trying to pose as a Man of the People. You might at least appreciate his effort, even if you can’t applaud the result.


  35. 164
    Spineless MiliCoward says:

    Milicoward would have more respect if he said no from the very beginning & stuck to his guns. But he is an unprincipled, dithering, opportunistic coward.

    Dave must continue to respect democracy. The anti war machine will soon dwindle when the G-e-nocide continues and the CWs get into the wrong hands. They are within H-ez-bollah’s reach.


  36. 165
    Lord Hardon says:

    I thought I saw Cameroon at the Helicopter museum in WSM?
    He was sniffing around for for spares for a Westland Scout, just in case things turned bad when was still at no.10.


  37. 175

    Talk about a picture of a bloke who thinks he has two dicks


  38. 184
    Shame says:

    Any mention of the 5 put on trial,in Belfast for IRA membership, including a top Sinn Fein official and a brother of Pat Finucane.


  39. 191
    simmo70 says:

    Who actually runs Britain ? We are fed so much BS it is very difficult to fathom out.G20 the EU or the USA.Similar to Offshore Trusts it is very Difficult to follow the trail.Germany ie Merkel the unelected voice of the EU & the USA have a special trade deal.G20 an International body decide Major Policy affecting Individual Member States Consumer Pricing.The EU affect this Countries Social Fabric with 1000’s of obscure Laws.The USA’s influence in this Counties Domestic & International Policy.Is it that they are all in the same swim in murky waters.UNUM the USA’s not fit for purpose International Disability Insurance Company Run NEST our new Pension Fund,initiated ATOS assessments and the new Working Contracts being introduced this week.G4S another useless Agency of the Work Programme is sponsored by the European Social Fund.Our Armed Forces Equipment has been shared with France.Who Knows.


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