August 28th, 2013

Mystery Undercover Reporter ‘Had Sex With Sting Target’

Worth keeping an eye on this one. An unnamed undercover Sunday Times reporter has been accused of having sex with the target of her sting, a dentist believed to be involved in female genital mutilation. Particularly awkward that Omar Addow will not face charges after the CPS suggested the journalist’s version of events was not credible. She denies the claim that she recorded her target offering to carry out FGM on a camera during a visit to his flat in which the pair, as he puts it, “did sex”. Tom Kark QC made the claim yesterday:

“It appears he and the journalist have sexual intercourse. We may form the view that the journalist had gone to extra lengths to get her story.”

Interesting further reading in this Greenslade piece last year as well…


  1. 1
    How to get banned from this site says:

    So, who does Guido have to shag ?

  2. 2
    Chris Bryant says:

    I wish someone would do a hatchet job on me!

  3. 3
    Lukewarm says:

    “Extra lengths” indeed…

  4. 4
    John Bellingham says:

    So not the first person to have been f***ed over by the ST, then?

  5. 5
    A Dentist says:

    Open Wide….

  6. 6
    I made my excuses and left... says:

    Whoever’s behind him or in front of him.

  7. 7
    Cwispy pants Bwyant says:

    Everyone’s seen my chopper.

  8. 8
    This is how you deal with pig coppers who try to bully innocent people says:

  9. 9
    Owin Jones says:

    I think the Syria War is quite simple really, like most wars… we want the good guys to win. Anyone got any idea who they are?

  10. 10
  11. 11
    Allan, you at t'bar says:

    The ones who don’t wear towels round their heads and order their women to walk round in black bin bags.

  12. 12
    If you don't like it give it a bad word says:

    Why is it called mutilation?

    Tats, piercing, nose jobs and circumcision are not labeled as mutilation

  13. 13
    Joss Taskin says:

    Before or after the Egyptian immigrunts ?

  14. 14
    How to make a good story a great story says:

    Replace reporter with dubious Labour MP, like Berger.

    Replace dentist with Middle East arms salesman, possibly of !ranian extraction.

    Replace FGM with a kinky sex game gone wrong.

    Shove it on the front page of Vanity Fair, with a ten page special inside focusing on history and background by a reporter who can no longer get a visa to enter the UK.

    Job Done.

  15. 15
    fang farrier says:

    Lets hear it for The Trendelenburg position.
    It works every time. ;)

  16. 16
    Jamie Oliver says:

    Yes please.

  17. 17
    Ugh says:

    They are by me. Tattoos and piercings render a woman unshaggable.

  18. 18
    Grrr says:

    The ones who refuse to pay the BBC license fee?

  19. 19
    Mr No Fee Lawyer says:

    Dear Syrian Citizen.

    You may have read in the papers or heard on the TV and radio that the United Kingdom will be sending missiles and bombs into your neighbourhood over the next few weeks. If you feel that these have an impact on your life in any way please contact us and we will be pleased to act on your behalf and extract compensation and our entire fees from the government of the United Kingdom on your behalf. We recommend that you make written records and take digital photos whenever possible.

    We also offer competitive rates for visas and work permits to the UK.

  20. 20
    Maqb­oul says:

    Dentists performing female genital mutilation, if you please! I trust he brushes his teeth afterwards.

  21. 21
    Labour Activist: Spotting a bandwagon says:

    And what about manicures, shaving and haircuts ???

    Come on comrades, rally UAF: We burn down the barbers at dawn !

  22. 22
    Bill Quango MP -x says:

    Journalists shagging their way to a story?
    He should be grateful it wasn’t Toynbee.

  23. 23
    Owen Jones says:

    I “did sex” once.
    Does it count if you are on your own?

  24. 24
    Plastic will do nicely says:

    If cutting a tit open and stuffing a plastic bag full of gunge into it is not mutilation, then I don’t know what is.

  25. 25
    The Killing of Tony Blair Interview says:

  26. 26
    reamer says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to ‘root canal’ therapy

  27. 27
    Arry says:

    Or Geedo.

  28. 28
    Cherie Blair-Matric-Chambers says:

    The good times, they are a’ commin’

  29. 29
    albacore says:

    Pretty much, then, like Dave, playing the strumpet
    And going for blowing O’Bummer’s trumpet
    Much like the rest of the House of Ill Repute
    Whipped and so compliant. Still, ain’t they real cute?

  30. 30
    Living in 97.222% white Merseyside says:

    What has this got to do with the important issues of the day?

    Namely Miley Cyrus twerking and Syria (in that order).

  31. 31
    Jimmy says:

    Clearly a Downing St. press officer in the making.

  32. 32
    Propaganda Watch says:

    It could be said that Labour mutilated the UK economy with their ill conceived policies on immigration and expansion of social security.

    The UK remains unhealed and blooded to this day.

  33. 33
    Sir William Waid says:

    They are reversible.

  34. 34
    Sir William Waid says:

    No male journalist would ever do that, because male journalist are all ugly.

  35. 35
    Sally Barecow says:

    I’m a journalist you know! I’ve used that technique for ages. Only problem is story normally comes out as “Slapper Sal in sleazy Soho supper shag”

  36. 36
    Chuka says:


  37. 37
    A dentist says:

    Open wide

  38. 38
    Ed Milliwatt says:

    I will let you know my policy on Syria when it’s all over.

  39. 39
    Another dentist says:

    Just a little prick, now.

  40. 40
    in the foot says:

    I too am reminded of Bad Al Campbell

  41. 41
    The same dentist, again says:

    “Have you been on your holidays yet?”

    She: “Mmflpfllgh!”

  42. 42
    Owin Jones says:

    Chuffed to bits to see David Cameron all excited about pouring cash saved by slashing benefits into his Syrian war with the Americans.

  43. 43
    Maq­boul says:

    Quite, they made a right c­unt of it.

  44. 44
    Moham Jesus Cohen says:

    My parents had my foreskin removed. I will never forgive them.

  45. 45
    BDS LDS RCS says:


  46. 46
    Solve the Immigration Crisis says:

    Round up all the East Europeans in Britain and send them off to fight in Syria. Women and children first.

  47. 47
    Labour Activist: Spotting a bandwagon says:

    Ok – Amputations, tumor removal and abortions !

    Why discriminate against perfectly healthy cancers and dysfunctional limbs ?

    Come on comrades, let’s burn down the NHS at dawn !

  48. 48
    The Piss soaked tramp known as TAT says:

    I voted Lib Dem at the last general election, HAHAHAHAHA. I thought I was doing the right thing, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  49. 49
    Point of Information 4 says:

    Wait until he starts pouring the unemployable ex-claimants into uniform and putting them into the battle field :-)

  50. 50
    Why do Politicians always fuck things up? says:

  51. 51
    A new Labour'ism says:

    In the spirit of Labour’s labels and bastardization of the English language mission, a new word:


    Derived from vandalism: It essentially involves damaging something and making a right c’unt of it too boot.

    Labour vaginalized the UK during their terms of office 1997 through 2010.

  52. 52
    Huffie Puffie Wuffie Arianna Post It All says:

    Oh no

    We want it on our front page like this recent beauty

  53. 53
    Sally Bercow Undercover Reporter says:


  54. 54
    I trust Dave will explain all tomorrow says:

    All seems a rum do to me.

    We fight alongside Al Qaeda in Syria to take on the Russians?

  55. 55
    The proud fascist Bibi Nat -you knwo the rest) says:

    No you won’t my boy

    Our policy is to eliminate all goys within 200 miles or so of our frontiers

    Then you can go back you your usual i d i o c i e s

  56. 56
    Maximus says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to ‘activist journalism’ too – not to mention ‘action research’ (when it’s paid for by the public teat in Ivory Towers).

  57. 57
    Ippikin says:

    So did mine, but never knowing what difference it made, who cares. At least I always have a clean knob!

  58. 58
    Naughty Nev says:

    Apart from me, fuckos! Check my massive wang!

  59. 59
    A new Labour'ism says:

    This sounds exactly like what happened to the UK economy as a result of Labour’s abuse:

  60. 60
    Bryant with fancy man says:

    I think the Ruskies approach to dealing with Bryant sexuality is right. Every time he is with his fancy man in a public area make him explain himself. He will talk to much and everyone will hear. Bryant may see himself in a different light and change his ways.

  61. 61
    The proud fascist Bibi Nat -you knwo the rest) says:

  62. 62
    Iain Duncan Shithead, Chief Supporter of Blair's Iraq War says:

    Send in the troops.

  63. 63
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Looks like Dave is the Grand old Duke of York of the Tory party.

    He stupidly marches his troops to the top of the hill and then has to find a face saving way (UN resolution vetoed by Russia & China) to march them down again.

  64. 64
    Jooboys r us says:

    I get Gaydo to suck mine.

  65. 65
    Vote UKIP says:

    Dave is a cnut. Pure and simple.

  66. 66
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Does this bring into question any of the other “investigations” of Mazher Mahmood?

  67. 67
    Mrs Jowell says:

    Not my DD?

  68. 68
    Anonymous says:


    “Soon after arriving, the journalist – described on the hidden film as being 33 and of Ghanaian origin – disappears into the bedroom with Dr Addow for over an hour, the hearing was told. “

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Surely not Eleanor Mills! Have you seen the woman?

  70. 70
    From The Dark Ages says:

    Well her clit is obviously still there, so it’s a shame she compromised bringing the mad mulla dentist mutilator to justice just for the sake of a shag.

  71. 71
    MB. says:

    I saw the story in the Daily Mail. It seems unusual for one newspaper to run stories like this about another newspaper, I wonder if the gloves are now off and we will start to get newspapers reporting on wrongdoing at other newspapers? Mighr help clean up ‘Fleet Street..

  72. 72
    Timmytour says:

    She’s pretty easy. You simply have to visit her website to be given an invitation to enter…

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Police should have torched him and his car

  74. 74
    broderick crawford says:

    ” a dentist believed to be involved in female genital mutilation .. ”

    Sorry i am getting a little old for this sex thing but what have orthodontics and genitals got in common ? in my day there were no teeth down there as i remember .

    perhaps he’s got his “lips” confused .
    indeed its a wonder that the journalist did not end up with some root canal work between her legs after their “encounter”

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