August 21st, 2013

Tribune v Tories Bitch Fight Rumbles On
CCHQ Accused of “Zimbabwe Style Censorship”

Failing socialist rag Tribune’s bitch fight with CCHQ over conference press passes has taken a particularly shouty turn. There has been an impasse after the Tories said they would only award the paper one pass, despite editor Chris McLaughlin demanding two. With Tribune only having three members of staff and a circulation that plummeted to just 4,000 in 2011, in fairness giving 66% of their employees free entrance to Tory conference does seem a bit silly.

McLaughlin isn’t giving up without a fight though. He accuses CCHQ of “discriminatory restrictions and politically motivated censorship, Zimbabwe-style”, insisting “this amounts to a ban on Tribune attending conference, defended by trumped up, false claims of justification. It is an attack on press freedom and a disgrace”. Tribune are now accusing CCHQ of taking away the one pass they did offer, though Tory sources stress this is because the magazine refused to provide a name to put on the pass. Nonetheless amusing to see the loony left jumping on the press freedom bandwagon…


  1. 1
    Pollytwaddle says:

    Tell ‘em, “Shut up or we’ll take that last pass off you too.”

    • 26
      Vote UKIP get Hard Labour says:

      Some people just don’t like going to a party alone.

      • 29
        Guardian Angel says:

        They are probably scared CCHQ will demand to check their laptops, for up to 9 hours, as they go through security.

  2. 2
    James Delingpole says:

    I crave prizes.

  3. 3
    b-b-p says:

    Dictators hang on to Power because the Draconian methods they use to keep order involve underhand dirty tricks.Without the protection that Power affords, makes them vulnerable to the same fate as those they oppressed.Blair held on until he repealed the Treason Act and put in place a 100 year ban on his Lies & Deceit and now is ostricised.
    Similarly Cameron & Clegg sold their principals to the Devil,let their social class override their duty to the British Public and implemented Thatcher’s original agenda promoted by Blair.
    Miliband has been trying to steer a rudderless Party back towards some of the social values of old Labour but too many have skeletons in the cupboard that would expose them as hypercritical frauds.
    For any credible Political Party that wants to serve the British Public in future has to assure us that they will clean up Politics and do the job they are paid to do that of Serve .

  4. 4
    Ex-Conservative says:

    I would have thought CCHQ would be handing-out tickets to anyone and everyone – Dave’s pissed-off so many Conservatives in his desire to woo socialist freaks like himself, most seats at the conference will be empty.

  5. 5
    Owen Jones playing on the swings says:

    Did you see that?he pushed me.

  6. 6
    Jernalist says:

    I want free entry. And some canapes. And drink.

  7. 7
    Let The Guardian admit they sell fewer copies than Tribune says:

    Old codgers like myself might remember the time when Tribune was the genuine conscience of the Labour party…no room for conscience in the labour party these past thirty years, though.

    • 10
      The Fabian Society says:

      The Labour Party never had a conscience.

    • 21
      Ed Miliband and his band of metrosexual men says:

      Ah the old labourites and union members who built this party.
      Or as we like to call them today,bigots and swivel eyed loons.

      • 24
        Unite says:

        One man, one vote
        One union man, ten votes

        • 27
          Ed Miliband says:

          The Labour Party does not believe in One Man One Vote.

          We think that a vote in England should be worth afifth of a vote in Scotland

        • 38
          Len McCluskey says:

          Let’s clarify that:
          One Unite vote, you do what I bloody well tell you to Ed

    • 30
      George Brown says:

      You mean when Labour stood for the British worker, was anti Common Market, anti Lords and its MPs were in touch with real people?

  8. 9
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    Appropriate picture to illustrate the post with. Robert Mugabe has always had a good friend in the Conservative Party, back to Lancaster House and even before.

  9. 11
    Hand the Dosh Back says:
  10. 12
    PC Mugabe says:

    Sorry to tell you this Mr McLaughlin but we found 4000 copies of the Tribune tied up in a ditch.

  11. 14
    The baseball bats of democracy says:

    Shut the fcuk up or we’ll send the boys round to ‘fix’ your hard drives.

  12. 22
    Bill Quango MP-x says:

    They can have one of my passes if they want. £300 is what we usually refer to as the Mercer rate.

  13. 25
    Living in 97.223% white Merseyside says:

    This is all in line with Our Dave’s new stance. He has been displaying his dictatorial powers of late what with internet porn, twitter,, The Guardian, Gib, 9 hours of detention etc.

    He probably hopes that he will emulate the late Hon. and Noble Lady and go on to win the next two elections.

    Ye Gods!

    • 28
      The Public says:

      Dave has not come up with any of these ideas. The civil service are twirling him and the rest of the coalition round their little fingers

    • 34
      Lynton says:

      You get the idea then. Don’t tell anyone.

  14. 32
    Depressed says:

    Swan barbequed:

    I would guess this was a ‘British’ or ‘EU’ passport holder’s doing.

    • 37
      Romany Holiday says:

      My country people don’t feeds ducks,ducks feeds people.
      Must go I see brass thing with names on just hanging on wall.I take.

  15. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Re: “Britain’s blind faith in intelligence agencies” – that’s “Spiegel” not “Speigel”

  16. 41
    Penfold says:

    Rather typical of the entitlement groupies of the left.
    Your conference but we will tell you how many free tickets we want which you will supply.

    Give them nothing, they would in your shoes.

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