August 20th, 2013

Cabinet Office Must Reveal Charles Spy Secrets

Spies all over the place today. This morning Guido revealed the chief suspect in the Prince Charles Cabinet Office mole story to be Nick Hurd’s former private secretary Laura Osbaldeston. Unsurprisingly still no comment from them. Guido isn’t holding his breath, but here are the further questions this blog has asked the Cabinet Office under the Freedom of Information Act today:

  • What record do you have of any meetings between your former employee Laura Osbaldeston and any representatives from the Household of the Prince of Wales?
  • Please provide all correspondence between Laura Osbaldeston and the Household of the Prince of Wales, including from her official government email account.
  • Please search Laura Osbaldeston’s official government email account for the terms ‘Prince of Wales’ and ‘Charles’, and provide copies of all emails that meet this criteria.
  • On what date and for what reason did Laura Osbaldeston cease to be on secondment at the Cabinet Office?

Guido has never understood why there is not more anger that the Royal Family is effectively exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. The Cabinet Office have the chance to prove us wrong…


  1. 1
    Owen Jones says:

    first you capitalist dogs!

  2. 2
    M15 says:


  3. 3
    The Public says:

    Guido, give it a rest who cares ?

  4. 4
    Mo Ham Head Al Fired says:

    *Where are the keys to the dented white Fiat Uno that is parked by the clock tower at a Hereford army base?

  5. 5
    The UK is Special says:

    “Royal Family is effectively exempt from the Freedom of Information Act”

    As is every other family.

    Get over it Geedo. You are only jealous because Ireland is just another political state run by politicians for politicians.

  6. 6
    Propaganda Watch says:

    Could be interesting if it can be shown that the Green Energy scams and screw up of UK Energy policy does have a royal link…

  7. 7
    SaltPetre says:

    He who is first shall be last. (Matthew 20 : 16)

  8. 8
    Owen's mum says:

    Owen, sweetie, the postman’s just delivered your new iPhone 5 on the 2 year Vodafone contract. Mummy’s going to keep it on top of the kitchen cupboard until you’ve tidied your room.

  9. 9
    Owen Jones says:

    I just wanted to be more important than Guido’s blog entry…and today I succeeded!!
    Coming Mum

  10. 10
    Consipracy Nut says:

    The royal family are really alien, shape shifting lizards.

    Also the JOO’S secretly run the world

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Quite right.

    Decent patriot people support the Royal Family.

    Greedo wants Ireland to steal Ulster, and he wants England swamped with even more fucking immigrants.

  12. 12
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Royal link? No. It was jutht my doing when I wath rethponthible for energy and climate change.

  13. 13
    Church of Scientology says:

    Fuck off, we do!

  14. 14
    SaltPetre says:

    Charles believes in homeopathy. Even astrologists think that is crazy.

  15. 15
    fruitcake says:

    And coming soon, Guido will be having a family friendly newsblog, sponsored by Mumsnet

  16. 16
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    Is she now, or has she ever been, a dunker of Duchy biscuits? We need to be told!

  17. 17
    Casual Observer says:

    Look at her eyes and nose compared with one’s own. Is she the result of one’s dodgy extramarital condom a few years ago?

  18. 18
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Get back to important matters Guido.

  19. 19
    Consipracy Nut says:

    Are you tom cruise?

  20. 20
    Lawra says:

    If I was a muncher then gay Dave would have shielded me from all this media scrutiny as part of his LGBT team.

  21. 21
    British Citizen says:

    I care. Prince Charles, nice chap that he is, is not the Head of State and even if he were, the involvement and activities of one of his office’s officials in the Cabinet Office should be open and transparent

  22. 22
    Church of Scientology says:

    Gaze upon our works and despair!

  23. 23
    Casual Observer says:

    For all his faults Charles is not a homeosexual. He needs a Cabinet spy to find out what gay Dave will legalise next.

  24. 24
    The White Queen says:

    Quote: Please search Laura Osbaldeston’s official government email account for the terms ‘Prince of Wales’ and ‘Charles’

    You should also have asked for the names “Camilla” and “Witch” to be searched. Sometimes the real power behind the throne is a woman. The men often have no idea what is going on.

  25. 25
    The EU says:

    Was this job advertised?

  26. 26
    Consipracy Nut says:

    Where are the JOO’S?

  27. 27
    M15 says:

    Is that something you found out from the BBC?

  28. 28
    The BBC says:

    Why can’t he just read it in the Guardian?

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Stop getting hung up on trivial training. They are killing people by neglect, and you want to know about getting experience for support staff. If there was anything worth keeping secret it would not go via this route.

    The staff swap around, is always happening. It happens in industry as well. There is no better way to understand a problem that put someone in the firing line for a while.

  30. 30
    The White Queen says:

  31. 31
    British Citizen says:

    What would be embarrassing about what you speculate might have been going on being out in the open? Why keep it secret?

  32. 32
    The Fabian Society says:

    No-one is being killed by neglect. Not since Mid Staffs was uncovered. OK, Whipp’s Cross is also shit and they managed to bury that bad news. But no-one is being killed by neglect. No-one is being killed by neglect. All decisions are deliberate.

  33. 33
    Propaganda Watch says:

    Because GCHQ apparently censor them using hammers.

  34. 34
    Lampshade says:

    If this is trivial, why does everyone involved want to hide it?

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    BC: Why should everyone that works for a living be the subject of investigation by the media. What is wrong with wanting a job without being harassed.

    One person on here keeps using the phase: nothing to hide, nothing to fear. But you support putting fear into every worker just for existing. Even when that they are getting on with life and gaining experience.

    The result is that these posts will be filled with the careless incompetent.

    You deserve what you get.

  36. 36
    Middle England says:

    You must be mistaken. The British don’t do that kind of thing. That is the style of jackbooted dictatorships, not gay-friendly folk from Chipping Norton.

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    FB: We know they were deliberate as we have the recordings.

  38. 38
    Democracy is a Scam anyway says:

    Nowt wrong with Prince Charles keeping an eye on the Politicians Guido. Someone should.

  39. 39
    G'day, bludgers! says:

    Is Geedo’s antipathy towards Prince Chuck anything to do with his paymaster the Digger loathing the royals and wanting a republic?

  40. 40
    British Citizen says:

    This is not ‘every worker’. It is not even ‘any worker’. It is an alleged spy in the Cabinet Office, allegedly working for someone who may well be heir to the throne – and is a very fine man too in my humble opinion -but he is not the Monarch yet. He should stop meddling in democratic politics, especially in secret.

  41. 41
    The BBC said there would be no Snow in Winter because the Science is settled says:

    Loads of doctors do too. Just because the NHS does not believe in it does not make it wrong.

  42. 42
    Straight Outta Weatherfield says:

  43. 43
    David Starkers says:

    Since the restoration of the monarchy the Royal Family has always had representation in government. Unofficial usually, but always influential. The monarch themselves meeting with ministers and prime ministers.
    Sometimes the prince regent.

    There is no example of any king or queen where this has not happened.

  44. 44
    Gay vicar says:

    The new term is LLBGT – Need to get Ladyboys there own classification so they can claim minority status.

  45. 45
    Propaganda Watch says:

    Even though such censorship for this publication does make one smile, according to the Guardian this did happen.

    Perhaps to your point (I get the irony) the other myth that the English security services do not kill UK citizens or children, or are involved in the cover up of sexual abuse should be revisited.

    It’s not all bad, but the notion that the UK does not use children’s homes and minors who are in its care as ‘honey traps’ for gathering dirt on people some wish to control is becoming much less credible now.

    The slander revealed in a certain BBC interview a few months back against the American services which suggested that the US is engaged in these activities whilst the English are the ‘good guys’ and are not, is perhaps no longer moot.

    The real irony is that despite doing all this, the UK continues to lose its grip on itself and is being subverted by a communist insurgency.

    It is that insurgency which must be crushed, and the hammers at the Guardian could be the start. So long as the libertarian perspective is kept this re-tuning should be fine.

    Any repeats of D a v i d K e l l y should not be tolerated.

    Freedom of the press and the rights of journalists to protect their sources and carry their craft without fear of state mandated persecution is paramount.

    Perhaps now the fears that Assange expressed as publisher being persecuted, which drove him ultimately to hide in an embassy, are perhaps not so incredible.

  46. 46
    Bill Quango MP says:

    fracking test mod bot

  47. 47
    HRH says:

    It really is appalling.

  48. 48
    DtP says:

    Decent patriot idiots who couldn’t give a toss about how the constitution is meant to work. Charley is meant to be apolitical yet he’s clearly a blithering loon who thinks his mum’s gig is just ceremonial and that she’s obviously fucking it up. Why doesn’t the guy go through his mum’s office? Because she told him to go fuck himself.

  49. 49
    A Lawyer says:

    Some doctors are also unfit to practice. I know this, having given legal advice to a number regarding evidence they intended to submit for legal purposes (not diciplinary proceedings) and been shocked at how high a proportion of them were unable to present a rational argument based on the actual clinical evidence (rathert than untested suppositions and unconsidered prejudices) and, more scarily, how many were prepared to be dishonest to further a ’cause’.

  50. 50
    Lord Boothby, Harvey Proctor, Ted Heath, Derek Laud, Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Crispin Blunt, Alan Duncan, Nigel Evans says:

    No gayers in our party. We’re all butch heterosexuals!

  51. 51
    Trail Guide says:

    And we know this because …? It was not a secret.

    What Prince Charles is up to is being hidden from view. Why?

  52. 52
    Anonymong OE says:

    This isn’t the Irish Geedo’s campaign – it is his Wiki-spittle’s campaign…

  53. 53
    Someone at Buckingham Palace says:

    When did Parliament appoint Prince Charles as Prince Regent for Her Majesty?

  54. 54
    Bill Quango MP says:

    OR MI5 have taken that particular hard drive of information and smashed it up in the Guardian’s basement.

  55. 55
    Sir William Waid says:

    If homeopathy worked, every glass of water would cure every ailment.

    Homeopathy had its place in the early 19th century, when many of the treatments offered by conventional medical practice were harmful and useless. A treatment that had no effect, except as a placebo, was often preferable. Not now.

  56. 56
    David Starkers says:

    It was always unofficial. At the abdication of Edward VIII the state gave him a grand settlement and allowance, even though it never had to. This was done through negotiation with the future king. The public were never told. No details emerged.
    Few know even now how the monarchy lied about its wealth to force the cost of Eddie 8 onto the tax paper.

    That is one example from the hundreds available.
    It has never been public. Always private. And the mandarins have always been informed.

    Charles didn’t have a spy. He had a channel so he could send and receive information, concessions, favours etc.

    Only the public are not aware. And really, they don’t care.

  57. 57
    dai laughing says:

    and what’s her favourite filling station?

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    He is a breath away from being Head of State so should be ready ! Its a non story

  59. 59
    Dinger says:

    They’re on top of the paint tin behind the boathouse.

  60. 60
    period says:

    Didn’t Charles aspire to being a tampon?

  61. 61
    Wanna be as miserable as me says:

    Majesty? Majesty?
    You ‘avin’ a larf mate?

  62. 62
    Chucka says:

    “provide copies of all emails that meet this criteria.”

    That’s why you didn’t get a reply, Chubby, they’re wondeering whether you meant “this criterion” or “these criteria”

  63. 63
    broderick crawford says:

    Royal baby growing uncontrollably

    THE royal baby is growing at an alarming rate.

    Prince George is already the size of an adult elephant, and weighs approximately seven tons.

    A source said: “I don’t know what they’re feeding it, but there’s something terribly wrong. Every day it doubles in size.

    “Its giant eye is pressed up against the window and when it cries it sounds like a furious sea monster.”

  64. 64
    Tojo says:

    As I understand it, the PM has to keep the Queen up to speed on what is happening in her Realm, behind the scenes and as head of the Commonwealth, she is known to have acted as mediator between members who have disagreements, what is the problem, with the next King being au fait with the same information.

  65. 65
    comrade delta says:

    laura is one of ours

  66. 66
    Liar.Politicians says:

    Police state Cameron doesn’t like you journalists sniffing around the 1%’s crimes.

  67. 67

    I admire the prince he provides jobs

  68. 68
    Menopause says:

    No. Read the transcript with more attention.

  69. 69
    Kredulous Kriss says:

    Yes, Guido would be SHOCKED if he knew what is being done in his name!

  70. 70
    William says:

    Using ‘or’ instead of ‘and’ might have got more hits.

  71. 71
    Jim says:

    Just read the proper story on this at The Telegraph.
    Guido seems to have the same unethical standards as The Guardian here?
    What we need is a proper State Broadcaster to keep the public informed of the truth. (report the casualties but hide the information that is of use to an enemy).
    If The Guardian copied that security information within the UK and sold it to South America should not somebody go to prison in the UK?

  72. 72
    Sesachili says:

    Seem to be a lot of posts deleted – could they be those that draw attention to how worthless this story is?

  73. 73
    jmbonni says:

    You will never get secure messaging as textual informations passe, they are encrypted in a way or another and as metadata are used / stored.

    A new approach with Missive1 by placing trust on the side of people rather than on the side of the machines.

    Total user anonymity.

    No textual data (transfer and storage of images only)

    No metadata stored / transferred (ip, from, to, when …)

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