August 15th, 2013

New No.10 Head of News

The Number 10 comms team is getting beefed up with Scot Marchbank, the Head of News at the Ministry of Justice moving over to become Head of News and a deputy to Jean-Christophe Gray. A Whitehall source describes Marchbank, who cut his teeth at the Home Office as “hardcore…with a good reputation”.  Just that Press Secretary role to fill now….


  1. 1
    Wow says:

    Its official the recession is over.


    • 40
      Money Grubbers says:

      OT: Never mind Diane Abbott charging £1750 for a speech to students. How the hell does Jon Snow think a speech by him is worth £7000?

      What does he eulogise on, the merits of wearing garish socks that make one look like a pretentious tw*t?


      • 44
        Jon Snows Timex says:

        £7k will buy me a new Rolex


        • 69
          Simon B says:

          Why would anyone pay £7k for a watch? I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing one that was worth less than £20k.


          • Engineer says:

            Mine cost twenty quid. Seems to work alright.


          • Simon B says:

            You obviously have no class and don’t care what your image says about you.

            Just like those filthy soap-dodging commies.


          • A Free Man says:

            Only twats and servants wear watches. I have no need for a watch. I am a free man.


          • Engineer says:

            According to Lord Prescott (when he was still Two-Jags), we’re all middle class now, so I do have a class. Same as everybody else.

            Anyway, I’m a northerner, so the twenty quid watch fits nicely with the flat cap and the whippet.


          • Prodnose says:

            Rolexes are so vulgar as to be disgusting! Naffest bling anywhere.


      • 89
        BBC Dynasties inc: Attenboroughs, Dimblebies, Snows et al says:

        I’m guessing he might talk on the successful deployment of nepotism as a strategy to building a dynastic fortune.


    • 48
      Simon B says:

      Of course the recession is over, the Conservatives are in Power. Sometimes I do think democracy is overrated: if they had any stomach they would outlaw the Labour party itself (but not the LimbDumbs, as they’re totally ineffectual and, let’s face it, good for a laugh.)

      Next time those Labour public sector scroungers go on strike and protest, we should do to them what Egypt just did to their very own Enemies Within. Thatcher’s only mistake was to not crush the unions in their entirety.


      • 51
        I am Spazticus says:

        Simon, fancy joining our show?


        • 55
          Simon B says:

          Sorry, I didn’t find that programme funny at all. These “people” who go around playing tricks on healthy people is like snobbery in reverse. We can’t take the mick out of invalids and nutters any more, but they can take the mick out of those who have all our limbs and a fully functioning mind? Another example of ZaNuLieBore thought control, where two legs is bad but any one-legged lesbian mental patient is actively championed and promoted. Of course I’m a white heterosexual male, so I’m the most discriminated section of society.

          Thank the lord the Tories have ATOS dealing with these “people”.


      • 57
        Engineer says:

        How are things in Labour Rapid Rebuttal these days? A bit boring I’d imagine, especially since that nice Mr Tom Watson had to resign for being dodgy.


        • 64
          Simon B says:

          I hope the Good Mr. Murdoch finds something on Fatson and he is either wholly disgraced or, even better, locked up for the rest of his life. People like him don’t belong anywhere in the public sphere.


          • Engineer says:

            Well, I suppose he IS a public sphere…


          • inside out says:

            Wait until after the court cases of Sun journalists,then the floodgates will open. All the sleaze collected over the years on our “elite leaders” will be discharged.Squeaky Bum time for quite a few I think!


    • 53
      Engineer says:

      In other news, some bloke has been appointed Production Director of a medium-sized West Midlands engineering firm nobody has ever heard of, and a woman in Yorkshire has been appointed Manager of a branch of a well-known chain of high-street stores.


      • 56
        BBC says:

        As this sounds like progress (UK rather than EU that is), we will pass thanks.


        • 62
          Engineer says:

          Don’t worry. I’m sure Stuart Wheeler or Geoffrey Bloom will be along shortly to say something eminently sensible that you can twist into a supposedly sexist comment.


  2. 2
    Wolverine says:

    Jean Grey.

    Isn’t she that telepath of the X-Men?


  3. 3
    Vote LibLabCon says:

    - If you want criminally minded neighbors with funny accents who will price you out the workforce and give you TB.


  4. 4
    Speed Reader says:

    Bit bad saying you can clean if you fail your A levels. What are the immies gonna do?


  5. 5
    RK says:

    A roll from Greggs?


    • 85
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Yes, ‘Press Secretary roll” FFS. Guido’s minions are getting more sloppy and ignorant by the day.


  6. 8
    Anti-Rentier Alliance says:

    I bet Guido has applied for it!


  7. 9
    Just Wondering says:

    My FTSE 100 page is all red today, has somebody said anything untoward that I might have missed?


    • 15
      Stephanie Flanders says:

      Apart from my usual talking down the economy report I’ve heard nothing.


    • 34
      Anti-Rentier Alliance says:

      US jobless down = bad as it increases chances of Fed tapering (free money for wall street), then the Phillie Fed figures came in below expectations = Good so the Fed free money tree can keep on giving.


  8. 11
    broderick crawford says:

    ” hardcore … with a good reputation ” ??

    does that mean he is a linda lovelace version of malcolm tucker ??


  9. 13
    LOL says:

    Brilliant comment on the Telegraph in reply to what lefties should tweet …

    1. Your tweets about poverty must be sent from an iPhone.

    2. Condemn those who doesn’t share your opinion as trolls.

    3. Inform those to the right of Stalin that they’re Nazis.

    4. You must ignore sexism, homophobia and racism if it comes from a Muslim.

    5. You must retweet Laurie Penny at least once a day.

    6. When you lose an argument with someone on the right you must insult them before blocking them.

    7. You must attack UKIP at least once an hour, having the foggiest idea of what UKIP is isn’t a requirement.

    8. Threaten to call the police when you see a tweet that hasn’t originated from within the left wing hivemind.

    9. Don’t call for the abolition of private schools until your children have left.

    10. Blame Thatcher.


    • 17
      JMF says:

      You forgot condemn Israel at least once a week by calling for boycotts


      • 65
        and don't tweet... says:

        Brown/balls/miliband Treasury economic performance
        RBS, HBOS, Northern Rock, B&Bingley
        Comapny Pensions
        Future Energy provision
        Overseas Military Adventures
        NEETs, Long Term Sick, Europe, Common Purpose


    • 20
      The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13 3/4 says:

      AMERICA IS SATAN..tweet that once a day for extra cred.


      • 25
        Mong Watch says:

        And paradoxically tweet about how great Obama is, pbuh.


        • 50
          Lefty student says:

          Bradley Wiggins is a hero for hacking the USA military industrial complex and giving a data card to willyleaks.

          And he’s transgenderist. A bloody hero that Bradley Wiggins is


    • 27
      Diane Abbotapotumus says:



    • 72
      Simon B says:

      This is why anyone who has left-wing opinions should be seen as subversive to Western interests and put in prison. The left-wing rot set in when this country allowed people to form unions. Ban them now and charge anyone who tries to form one with criminal conspiracy.


  10. 14
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Rolling with a PS could have terrible repercussions.


  11. 16
    Deport this cunt says:

    This man is the enemy within. Someone Owen Jones calls one of the greatest journalists in the country.

    Let’s see what this great journalist says in private:


  12. 18
    The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13 3/4 says:

    The great hope for the left that was Ed Miliband seems to have evaporated.

    I am feeling low and sad and quite depressed when I think of the uphill struggle the revolution faces before it can ever form a council of the worker’s parliament

    But on the upside Mum says we are going to Throrpe Park Saturday..Yeah!


  13. 23
    Real Bloke #376451 says:

    The tories can play around with their roles and their ministers all they like, they’ll still be Quislings, they’ll still be increasing immigration, they’ll still be increasing taxes, they’ll still be devaluing the currency, they’ll still be hammering annuities, and I’ll still be voting UKIP.


    • 29
      Unless UKIP get 326 seats says:

      Vote UKIP get hard labour


      • 31
        Not so sure says:

        Hard labour? is that blue or red Labour then?


        • 38
          UKIP minister for women says:

          Women are all a bit silly and need to stay at home knitting and not worry about having careers.
          Ladies, there are plenty of magazines with pictures of celebs you can read all day.
          Or why not try learning singing and dancing to entertain your man when he arrives home from the office.

          Now..less fussing and more quilt making!


      • 86
        Real Bloke #376451 says:

        Makes no difference whether tories or labour win – they are the same.


  14. 36
    The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13 3/4 says:

    The great hope for the left that was Ed Miliband seems to have ended.

    I am feeling low and sad and when I think of the uphill struggle the revolution faces before it can succeed. I could weep ..

    But on the upside Mum says we are going to Throrpe Park Saturday..Yeah!


  15. 37
    The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13 3/4 says:



  16. 52
    Ed Moribund says:

    You know what? .. I’m thinking of packing it all in.


  17. 60
    Bystander says:

    Can they find a job for “The Hairy Cornflake”


  18. 66
    Another arsehole says:

    While Jean-Christophe Gray. Is a bag of shite!


  19. 78
    It's enjoyable to see racists get beat silly says:


  20. 79
    Dougie says:

    “Just that Press Secretary roll to fill now….”

    I’ve seen filled rolls advertised in cafes but it’s usually ham or BLT. Never yet seen a Press Secretary roll.

    Or did Guido mean role …?


  21. 82
    Judges 'ammer says:

    Sky news reporting DLT under arrest on 11 counts. When did we move to the ” counts” word instead of “charges”


  22. 92
    robbie says:

    with a Lorne suasage ?


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