August 8th, 2013

George Galloway “Exploring” Bid for Mayor of London
“I Can Win, Yeah”

That well known Londoner George Galloway is preparing a bid for Mayor of London in 2016. In an interview with the Artist Taxi Driver, the MP for Bradford coughed:

“I have a committee exploring it now. It’s a shrunken field – Boris Johnson won’t be running. Ken Linvingstone won’t be running, I would never have run against Ken Livingstone as he’s a very old friend of mine. Labour will run Ken Livingstone minus, the Tories will field Boris Johnson minus… I can win, yeah.”

Guido is not sure Boris would fancy a job swap…


  1. 1
    Anon says:

    Breaking News…..

    Simon Hughs to run for Mayor of London on popularist ticket.

    • 9
      Nige says:

      award for most deluded person in politics goes too…

    • 14
      Penfold says:

      He’ll appeal to the AC/DC vote.

      But, how can anyone choose to vote for the Shameless Little Tosser.

      • 19
        Demographics says:

        But does the AC/DC voting bloc outnumber those who may support Galloway’s line in London ?

        • 21
          Nige says:

          even full blown lefties i know hate George.

          utterly deluded

          • Mohammed Mohammed says:

            You forget, that there are many of us (sometimes 20 to a room) and we have plenty of relatives that love the Royal Mail. We can muster 20 million votes in London. The block vote will carry it, it worked for the mayor of Tower Hamlets that got over 50% of the votes.

          • Postal Vote says:

            The Gorgeous Mayor of Londonistan has already won

          • Shariah Respect says:

            He’s got the cats milk vote but dogs are forbidden & accursed

          • Respect the Convert says:

            I support/do not support the Assad Regime

        • 31
          OPP says:

          Simon Hughes could do well:-
          Positives – he speaks the right language.
          Negatives – g@y people are often stoned to death according to certain religions.

      • 23
        Anonymous says:

        Positives – He speaks their language
        Negatives – Mossies usually stone g@ys to death

        • 39
          Demographics says:

          Am not sure if full support of St Johns Wood / Swiss Cottage is enough to guarantee Hughes victory – could be ‘proven’ wrong.

    • 33
      Eufa Mism says:

      By popularist did you mean ćunt?

  2. 2
    shooty* says:

    If it comes to postal voting, he’s a certain winner.

    • 5
      spanows says:

      exactly what I was about to post! Yes, and he’s a shoo-in in a few boroughs with a certain ethnic profile.

      • 17
        Anonymous says:

        First they vote labour, then they set their own political parties up.

        George would do very well.

        I wonder if this will cause the sanctimonious champagne socialist Islington bubble to wake up…. it’s a bit closer to home than Bradfordistan.

        George could for example pass new planning laws that places of worship have a deemed right of permitted development with no planning permission required.

        Come on George…. shake things up…….

        • 29
          Demographics says:

          This could split the Labour vote.

          Who are UKIP running ?

          • Anonymous says:

            Abu Quatada

          • Jabba Le Chat says:

            You need to consult with Niggle Farridge and find out what disguise they are using next time round. What was it last time? Oh yes, Fresh Choice for London…

          • Simple facts says:

            I wouldn’t worry about that, London is a safe Mossie seat now.

            Strategy will be to consolidate power and influence, Galloway would be a brilliant step in the right direction with Anjem Choudary and Simon Hughes running up the rear as deputies.

            Expect Xmas to be cancelled, no more Oxford Street lights, cancel that tree in Trafalgar Sq and replace it with a minaret.

    • 106
      Mahatma Coat says:

      Yeah and parts of the smoke have much in common with the likes of Bradford. The postal votes will roll in.

    • 149
      Just Saying. says:

      Not just postal voting as a main weapon for Galloway to win in Londistan.
      Nearly 500,000 new babies in UK in one year, most of them in Londistan due to immigration (BBC in denial, but they always are on immigration) so they will eventually breed the original English inhabitants out of influence.
      This is well under way in USA and Israel (which the BBC are celebrating) and even the Germans and Scandinavians are getting jittery on this issue.

  3. 3
    Calm down dear says:

    Try not to lose your head George.

  4. 4
    SleeplessInKirkaldy says:

    Well that would split the Left vote…

  5. 6
    Owen Jones says:

    If the plague returned to London and everyone died I could become mayor.

  6. 8
    Mahmood I'm a dinner jacket says:

    , I would never have run against Ken Livingstone as he’s a very old friend of mine.
    Both presented programmes on Press TV, the propaganda channel run by the thugocracy of Iran. Editorial control in Iran. Galloway and Livingstone, principled men, only when it suits !

    • 108
      1237561361 says:

      London is ruined already so were talking about small margins of awfulness.

      My thoughts are why not vote George, sod it.

      Boris only wants to give the illegals an amnesty so its no difference really.

      And if George won, it would really put the fear of all@h up the estblishment in Westminister.

    • 110
      Mahatma Coat says:

      Unfortunately, some of what the odious twat spouts rings true, especially terrorist threats raised by western intervention.

  7. 10
    The Stilton Eater says:

    I salute his courage, his strength, his indefatigability

  8. 11
    Penfold says:

    Oh dear, Christ on a cross.

    He’ll bore the shit out of everybody with all that vapid prosing of his.
    But, at least he’ll win Tower Hamlets with 250,000 postal votes.

    Boris, have a rethink…………..

  9. 12
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    That’s sheria law for London then – yeah

  10. 13
    Cat with the milk says:

    If Galloway is going to run for London Mayor, it sort of proves the point that he cared nothing for the good people of Bradford West. Or is it because he thinks he might not get elected in this constituency in 2015. Tower Hamlets !

  11. 15
    Totty Watcher says:

    I do respect a nice pair of bongos.

  12. 16
    Cock au Vin says:

    In DM “Australian MP quits after sexting pictures showing him with his penis in a glass of red wine”
    Class those Aussies!

  13. 17
    Newsfox says:

    Galloway clearly has some strange views and isn’t PC per se, so he’s got no chance in my view. Ken was a more moderate Galloway and he lost for same reason.

    • 62
      mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

      In fairness though, he did win the first time around.

      • 139
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        He was standing on the “I’m an old London political character and you haven’t heard of the other blokes” ticket.

        The last two elections it was “I’m not that nasty posh r@cist and Make London a beacon for the ropers” ticket Both of which were clearly bullshit. Not to mention that 8 years of Ken and his cronies ripping of the tax-payer and lining their pockets royally, had even Labour voters p1ssed off.

  14. 20
    Harman would make a good mare says:

    So how’s this whole gay marriage thing going down with your constituents George?
    Or do you operate a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy with them?

  15. 22
    A Fishmonger says:

    David Miliband is a Red Herring

  16. 30
    Gorgeous George says:

    If I win I’ll also be changing the job title from Mayor to Caliphate.


  17. 32
    Keen Observer says:

    Once again a report comes out showing how ‘net migration’ is down. But of course migration is what birds do, these people aren’t going home and are therefore immigrants.
    And if they were truly ‘migrants’ and intent on going home again, that means the sole raison-d’etre of the free border policy over the last 40 years, to rebalance an aging population, is shown to be rubbish.

    • 68
      mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

      Using immigration to overcome an ageing population is just one massive ponzi scheme. We all know globalisation is about bringing cheap labour to industrialised countries.

      • 84
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

        Not just that.
        Everyone remembers Lower wages for prole-kind
        but more importantly Higher Rents for Prole kind.

        They pay you less, you pay them more.

        • 92
          Economist says:

          Monetary policy stated to keep unemployment at a certain level, whilst continuing to drain money out of the economy at about 5% / year also doesn’t give help peoples chances of survival.

          Especially when the !nflation is caused by supply shortage.

        • 155
          Toot toot, Charlie? says:

          You think that they pay tax??

    • 71
      The EU says:


  18. 34

    All the ladies get a free burka, no more alcohol for the gents, peppermint tea tummies
    instead of beer bellies. What future innit?

  19. 36
    Spammer in Werxs says:

    Dream ticket – George Mayor and Boris PM. Bullshit baffles bullshit!

  20. 38
    Lord Fruitcakeishness of BongoBongo says:

    Would love to see BoJo running for mayor wearing full mossie gear

  21. 42
    CIA Funded Sleeper Cell says:

    Vote Galloway

  22. 46
    London under Mayor George Galloway says:

  23. 47
    Ed Balls says:

    The walls are breathing……i can hear in colour……the secrets of neo-endogenous growth theory are clear to me, so clear……

  24. 50
    Indefitigabiilitfibity says:

  25. 51
    Yeah, right on, socialism, man, fuck Tories etcetc says:

    ‘The artist taxi driver’

    What a tedious cùnt he is!

  26. 52
    Yeah, right on, man etcetc says:

    ‘The artist taxi driver’

    What a tedious cùnt he is!

  27. 53
    S.B.S. says:

    Sadly he could win, with all the muslim terrorist supporters that the blair government imported to destroy Britain, if they all vote along with Labour he will win.
    Let it happen let the muzrats kill more soldiers and one day there will be a backlash.

    • 76
      Living in 97.223% white Merseyside says:

      As I stated in a previous post most of the notorious ones were already here in 1997.

      1997 – start of the Boom Years.

    • 90
      Demographics says:

      There already was a backlash for the last transgression.

      Med!a didn’t really report it, and it was mild and measured.

      Next time they step out of line it may be a bit less restrained.

      • 117
        Anonymous says:

        The media has moved on since George won that election in Bethnal Green.
        The media is openly pro musl1m and anti UK.

        No TV prog or interviewer would not be allowed to ask questions like that again and would be called a racist for doing so, as we’ve seen this week with Godfrey for doing far far less…

        The fact is, the tide has turned and George would be pushing on an open door with the media and sanctimonious pro musl1m BBC in London.

        Go on George, get in there son !

        • 164
          Anonymous says:

          One, I Love My Country

          Two teams of well-known British faces from the worlds of sport, entertainment and music battle it out in a bid to prove who knows Great Britain best, and win the ‘coveted’ I Love My Country commemorative plate.

          I don’t know, that left-wing/UK-hating BBC.

          • Anonymous says:

            And now on BBC One: I Love My Country

            Two teams of well-known British faces from the worlds of sport, entertainment and music battle it out in a bid to prove who knows Great Britain best, and win the ‘coveted’ I Love My Country commemorative plate.

            I don’t know, that left-wing/UK-hating BBC.

  28. 54
    Yeah, right on, man etcetc says:

    ‘The artist taxi driver’

    What a tedious cûnt

  29. 55
    If I have to jump on the Respect bandwagon so be it. says:
  30. 64
    nellnewman says:

    The only spring that comes to mind when I think of galloway is Zebedee of the Magic Roundabout!

    • 81
      Buttered Parsnips says:

      He’s always reminded me of papa smurf, but your association is much funnier.

  31. 69
    Michael Adebolajo & Michael Adebowale says:

    Will we get a pardon, should we be convicted of the beheading we were vidoed doing?

  32. 75
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest politician in Britain says:

    I invite all ex-pat Scots in Londonistan to came awa’ hame to bonnie Scotland in a mass Mcwhite flight.

    • 83
      Living in 97.223% white Merseyside says:

      Come to Merseyside. I,m sure property is cheaper than Edimburgo.

      In fact, if you’re prepared to live in Skem, they’ll just give you the keys there and then.

  33. 79
    Sue Doughty says:

    I was on a London bus when he got on. Most people got off at the next stop preferring to wait for another bus, nasty filthy creature he is.

  34. 85
    Heel Patch says:

    Why doesn’t he run for the mayor of Islamabad?.

  35. 94
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Peter Tatchell would stand a better chance.

  36. 96
    EU Watch says:

    The Gib / Spa!n border issue has not been resolved.

    What people are perhaps missing is that this could be signalling the end of free access across borders in the EU. That would be a clear indication of EU collapse imminent.

    Just how are those federal elections in G’ermany going…

    • 101
      Heel Patch says:

      Somebody might be trying to annex the Sudetanland.

      • 112
        Peter Hain says:

        Look, they have every right to feel aggrieved, so we’ll let the Sudetenland people keep their Czech nationality but just be good Germans, simples

    • 121

      Sorry, but disagree with you on some aspects here. Your first sentence is correct of course but describes a typical Spanish ploy for distracting attention from domestic affairs, as we well know of old.

      There is a tendency to over-estimate the chances of EU collapse in the UK. What I see from here is the integration that happens when land borders are no longer an impediment to the transfer of goods. That has been happening for so long now that to go back on it will cause huge job losses and loss of appetite for any political party who espouses it.

      The passport issue is another matter but really does not figure. They could reintroduce this at borders but so what? The batter way is to target those who may be engaging in criminal, dangerous or other activities at any point. The Bavarians have been very successful at this, having the autonomy that they do.

      The Euro is a third issue. It is immensely problematical but again it is easy from our position in the UK to over-emphasise the acceptedly bad situation and project a catastrophe which will in all probability not happen.

      Short of an earthquake, Merkel will still be there after the elections IMO (but also in many of the Germans whom I talk to), she may have some strange bedfellows but she is a survivor.

      You sound as if you could use a holiday. It is silly season, after all. :-)

    • 166
      Living In Wonderland says:

      Border issue not resolved with 24 hours, clear evidence the EU is about to collapse? Meanwhile, back in the real world.

  37. 97
    MB. says:

    Why does Galloway need a committee to ‘explore’ it? I can understand getting a minion to look at the figures but a committee!

    • 102
      slotgob says:


    • 114
      Heel Patch says:

      It’s in the mindset, before you send somebody out to get the lunchtime sandwiches you have to have a committee to debate it for four hours, by which time everybody else has fucked off home.

  38. 113
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Galloway should stand for mayor of bongo bongo land.

  39. 129
    Brother Galloway says:

    The 100,000 postal votes from Pakistan will swing it for me.

  40. 130
    Uncle Fester says:

    Twat of the highest order

  41. 135
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Galloway standing will split the core Labour vote in Londonistan.

    Conservatives and Liberals will be most glad.

  42. 138
    Fed Up Reader says:

    I wonder how many of you would be brave enough to produce this xenophobic comment without the anonymity of the web?!

    • 140
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Oh fvck off back to the Guardian or BBC would you. The MSM won’t allow any sort of discussion on race, so no one would be allowed to make those comments.
      But to assert that r@cial minorities of a 1sl@mic persuasion, favour the likes Respect of Livingston, is hardly xenophobic, given that very direct targeting of those voter groups by those two parties.

      The web is just much freer than the constricted Marxist controlled London MSM.

      • 143
        Fed Up Reader says:

        My issue is not with individuals asserting links between sections of society and their presumed political bias, my issue is with ignorant, inflammatory and disrespectful language about one section of society.It is unnecessary and adds nothing to any debate bar inflaming emotions.

        As a reader of this blog I feel uncomfortable with the language and general atmosphere of the discussion in this comments section. Once more, as British citizen born and bred in London, I feel I have personal connection to this particular topic.

        • 144
          pp Client Satisfaction Monitor says:

          Under the terms and conditions of the House, you may be offered a full refund by the Acting Manager. He doubtless would thank you for visiting. Your contributions are noted.

        • 146
          Anonymous says:

          Which bits don’t you like – the head cutting off bits, the banning women from schools or the banning of xmas, or the postal vote rigging or the p@kista ni peado sex gangs in Rotherham and 6 other cities ?

          Pls explain which bits make you feel uncomfortable, because they all make me feel uncomfortable.

          Note – its not the peoples skin colour which makes me feel uncomfortable, it is their actions and deeds in our society.

          • Fed Up Reader says:

            And white men haven’t groomed young people, either in gangs or individually? White men haven’t used aspects of their culture to justify such appalling crimes to themselves and others? Are anglo-saxon communities free of corruption?

            But that’s okay, I mean if you’re not fussed buy their skin colour just their religion then that’s fine!

            The idea that societies ills and the, at times, truly evil acts of man can be the fault of a religion or a culture is highly flawed. The continuing blame placed of entire communities only alienates those communities from society at large, something which could easily lead to vote fraud in to enhance their further isolation out of nothing but fear and mutual ignorance and reactionary gestures of both sides.

            And while their may be some men who use whatever justification that comes easiest and has the most power to subject women and deny females fundamental rights and equality, last time I checked they’ve had no success in the UK. Same could be said for Christmas.

            Is a Weston-Christian and white culture devoid of harming society’s weakest, denying its women equality in every respect, protecting those who are different or misunderstood, or possessing of fair and transparent politics and power?

            The fear and prejudice some have that led to such crimes as those you listed is the same that creates hostilities and division, through ignorance, between communities

          • Anonymous says:

            So it’s NOT the colour someone’s skin? Thanks for making that clear.

        • 159
          Hey! Geoff............ says:

          You’re being wilfully obtuse, knob-end!

      • 158
        Terre de Bongeau-Bongeau says:

        Well said, COAB!

    • 168
      Class Interests says:

      Could it be that, having friends in high places (Tory HQ?) this site can be as nasty and racist as it likes?

  43. 141
    A White British Nationalist says:

    Well, he has the majority of London’s Muslim votes sown up.
    When will London return to be a white man’s city?

  44. 142
    A White British Nationalist says:

    The idea of repatriating all the Ne**oes and other brown shaded people is excellent and needs implementing sooner rather than later.

  45. 151
    Robin Hood says:

    Now Enough Muslims in London for him to win.

  46. 152
    Robert Mugabe says:

    I will teach Brother Galloway how to win election, I have learned a lot about democracy since the Zimbabwean people embraced it.

  47. 153
    Rusty Lee says:

    who wants to try me Rice & Pea?

  48. 154
    lexander says:

    I am obtaining positive evidence that will see him in jail before the election!

    • 170
      Working For Uncle Sam says:

      Positive evidence? What, just like they happened to found after the Iraq War?

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