August 2nd, 2013

Harman’s Son Grasses Mean Media to His Mummy

Joe Dromey, a red prince of the Labour aristocracy, stands accused of using his mother’s position as Shadow Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport to try to threaten a national newspaper. Crowing about a minor clarification that he had won on the back of reporting the Mail to the PCC, Harriet Harman’s son Joe insisted that the complaint was solely his and he “used the PCC, as anyone else can”. He later confessed that he had CC’d his mother in an email to the newspaper. Given her sensitive role around the implementation of the Leveson recommendations and the setting up of a new media regulator, Guido will let you draw your own conclusions on whether this was in anyway appropriate conduct for any politician’s child, let alone one that told comrades that he aspires to be an MP himself one day. Running to mummy is one thing, running to mummy the shadow media regulator is quite another…

Dromey Jr is claiming that he did not have his mother’s permission to CC her in his email to the newspaper, though he is asking us to take him at his word on that one. Once again we have politicians, albeit in this case a wannabe one, throwing their weight around in an attempt to bully the media. Joe is right when he says anyone can go to the PCC, only a red prince however can use his mother’s prominence in public life as a stick to try and beat away scrutiny. If Harriet Harman didn’t give permission for her son to use her name in his complaint, what action did she take when she saw that she had been CC’d in the email? 


  1. 1
    Maqboul says:

    Grow up son.


    • 53
      Jo says:

      Im not a mammie’s boy…I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.. Ohhhh maaaam I’ve poohed my pants!!!


    • 83
      Hope Springs says:

      He’s upset that the Press and Internet keep reminding people about his Extremist Marxist mother’s defence of the Pedophile Information Exchange back in the day. How embarrassing for the chap.

      Who’s his father by the way ? Self insemination ? Or unknown IVF donor ?

      Has he a tattoo saying. “No sex wss involved in the creation of this androgynous nonsexual being”

      Come to think of it. Ignore the above wind up. He is after all a Victim of Marxism. As good people we should not mock the afflicted.


    • 114
      Anonymous says:

      Well I live in magnificent splendour
      I am honoured wherever I go
      I sit in my ivory tower
      And pass judgement on all those below

      I criticise government actions
      Though nobody elected me
      I always want more and I cadge from the poor
      My organisations tax-free

      I criticised all bankers bonus
      Shout for more equal shares of the pot
      In reality we are far richer
      And what’s more were keeping the lot

      I preach that we are all equal
      And demand laws that heed what I say
      But I’m just a snob for your barred from top job
      If you’re female or worse still your gay

      Who am I? Have I got you Guessing?
      Well believe me I have no remorse
      For the habit I have of cross-dressing
      I am an Archbishop of course


  2. 2
    Point of Information 2 says:

    So all the toys came out the pram ?


    • 56
      Spoilt Barsteward says:

      I will do as I like old bean.


    • 104
      Eloc Yrrah says:

      Harry old fruit, you are wearing a nice RED tie or is it puce, haven’t you brushed your hair for that photo looks as if you have just got out of bed.


  3. 3
    Owen Jones says:



  4. 4
    Maqboul says:

    Classic inflammatory tactic to intimidate the receiver: cc the boss.


  5. 5
    Cardinal Richelieu's mole says:

    But after this, surely anyone can cc Harriet on their PCC complaints? Labour – helping the many.


  6. 6
    Baroness Jack Dromey of Unite - Winner of the all female candidate selection says:

    I told him to man-up like me!


  7. 7
    Simon B says:

    See? Commies everywhere. Thank GOD for Guido and Neo-Guido. These people should be put in camps, or better yet, stripped of their British citizenship and deported. If they like Communism so much, they should be sent to North Korea.


  8. 10
    Batteries all women shortlists + hubby and now baby HAtes says:

    I and utterly sick of the dromey s Harmans and their ilk. They are just fucking odious scum


  9. 12
    but says:

    Poor kid’s probably easily confused.
    After all, his daddy did win an all-women shortlist.


  10. 15
    Joe Dromey or is it Joe Harman-Dromey or is it Joe Dromey-Harman or am I just a tosser says:

    Mummy, mummy they are picking on me. Tell them off mummy.


  11. 18
    john77 says:

    Blimey! What sort of a Mummy’s boy needs permission to CC her on an email?


  12. 22
    Jimmy says:

    You need permission to cc people? What about to email them? If so so can you request it by email or do you have to write?


  13. 23
    How very dare they stop people to check their immigration status says:

    Meanwhile…LibDems, Guardian and BBC getting worked up over Home Office Street stops to locate illegal immigrants…don’t think the French would have these concerns or any other country in the EU for that matter…they would regard it as the police doing their job but the left have really fucked up this country


  14. 24
    George Galloway says:

    David Ward issued a new worldwide travel alert today warning citizens of potential terror attacks in the Middle East and North Africa by al-Qaeda and its affiliates.
    “Current information suggests that al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August,” David Ward said. The attacks are seen as occurring in or emanating from the Arabian peninsula, according to the statement, and “may involve public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure.”


  15. 25
    Michael McIntyre says:


    Mugabe wins parliamentary majority.

    That’s Paddypower in deep doodah.


  16. 26
    The MP who earns 3 times the national average wage plus tax free expenses + pension + resettlement says:


  17. 28
    Popeye says:

    Typical self important socialist scum.
    Now let me see, this is the son of the bloke that got dressed up in his wife’s skirt to get on a woman only short list, isn’t it?


  18. 30
    WillReed says:

    Joe Dromey was at Warwick Uni when I was there. He had special privileges then too.'s+son+'let+off'+over+drugs.-a0113045868


  19. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t Ms Harman take out an injunction some time ago to protect her children from anyone reporting anything they did while children?I believe I read about before she was an MP. It may be interesting to ask young master Dromey if this is true and if he agreed with it. Also did he do anything ‘notable’ while a child?


    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      Does being a child cover the time he was at Uni…


      • 111
        Anonymous says:

        No idea. If there was an injunction it may have included an option to include the ‘child’ until finished full time education. Just thinking given Mr Dromey’s influence with the unions it may have been in the back ground that “we let Master Dromey off or we get a load of trouble with university unions.” Same thing with the press barons at the time of the supposed injunction. It was just after Grunwick and when the press were starting to think of more automation.


  20. 35
    mayor of the eighth emirate says:

    And he wants to lead the Cons and become PM, never. May all the way.


  21. 36
    Joe Dromey - The Lumberjack song says:

    “I want to be a girlie just like my old papa.”


  22. 38
    Die axt von Leonard says:



  23. 39
    SingalongaDave says:

    I was in the army, I looked after the privates, you know,
    Proud and erect I was in Parade
    A magnificent picture I made.
    Through my galloping here, and my galloping there,
    This ridiculous habit I got,
    And I’m hanged if I don’t think I’m galloping now
    Whether up in the saddle or not!
    And the people they glare at me so,
    For it matters not where I may go, It’s –

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    All the girls declare That I’m a gay old burgher.
    Hey! hey! clear the way! Here comes the galloping traitor! ♫ ♫

    I always was a ladies’ man, favoured for doing bum-sex;
    Well, I called upon one yesterday,
    Though I won’t give the lady away. [trust me !]
    She started to talk of my riding career,
    And was quite interested, you see,
    But’twas she I admired, so we talked about her,
    She was more interesting than me.
    And she said I’d been shooting a line,
    For as soon as we sat down to dine I went –

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    I don’t tell ev’ryone, but still, I was married some time ago.
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    But one day, alas! and alack!
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  24. 42
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Harperson and Droney’s – yes DroNey – pathetic, hypocritical thirst for power and influence shames even that of the risible socially myopic Union barons they so revere. Joe’s just following in the family footsteps.


  25. 48
    Viscount Stansgate says:

    Labour Aristocracy? that`s nothing new.


    • 52
      Stella Creasy says:

      There are more of us aristocrats about in the Labour Party than you might think. Did I mention that I am a woman?


    • 77
      Frank Skinner says:

      Another tosserfor the trough.


      • 82
        who'd have thought it says:

        Didn’t realise Creasy was related to the aristocracy, went to a posh school and Cambridge.


        • 100
          It takes a cunt to catch a cunt says:

          Don’t knock it.

          Posh birds looking for a bit of rough can be very fruitful territory if you’re looking for a quick shag


  26. 49
    Penfold says:

    Speak quietly and carry a big stick….

    Or, if that fails use nepotism.


  27. 50
    Jimmy Savile Jr says:

    I once thought my dad’s name would open doors for me in children’s television. Sadly it has not quite worked out like that.


  28. 54
    Bleeding Twat says:

    If a mother has a different surname to her son she is clearly a slut.


  29. 55
    retgwte says:

    Isnt Harriet Harman the one who was driving around for months with an out of date tax disc. And when it came to the authorities attention she was let off, as opposed to the automatic prosecution that any non MP gets?


  30. 57
    Observer says:

    Joe’s daddy’s a mummy, too, since he got in on an all-women Labour shortlist.


  31. 59
    have you noticed how the Islamic for Allah looks like the Loch Ness monster ? says:

    problems like this come about when a person thinks that they can obtain personal advantage from their or their friends and aquaintances position in the hierarchy of government. Clearly this is an unhealthy state of affairs.
    For example if we could all agree on a set of rules and behavior then better if we are all chipped and all progress achieved by merit monitored by central computer brain


  32. 60
    have you noticed how the Islamic for Allah looks like the Loch Ness monster ? says:

    I hope all you media types are claiming your TV license against costs for tax purposes ? I know I did .


    • 62
      have you noticed how the Islamic for Allah looks like the Loch Ness monster ? says:

      I read somebody did it and I said to my accountant look there is a precedent and it (claim) was accepted by the revenue


  33. 63
    have you noticed how the Islamic for Allah looks like the Loch Ness monster ? says:

    I’ll stop after this.
    does anybody remember the guy worked at the post office and opened a bank account in the name of Inlandi Revenue so he stole cheques made out to inland revenue and added an i and paid them into his account. How can something like that happen ?


  34. 71
    Jackaline Dromey says:

    I’m the man of the house. I came first on an all-woman shortlist. How cool is that?


  35. 79
    Hibou says:

    … that’s not a man, that’s a PWICK !


  36. 81
    Lynmouth Campbell says:

    Welsh cleric:

    Crown them ye martyrs of the few
    Ye ransomed of Bob Crow, ye ransomed of Bob Crow
    And crown them, crown them, crown them
    and crown them lords of all.


  37. 84
    Graham says:

    Dromey junior is a piss brained little shit just like his morinic parents.


  38. 87
    Prince Joseph Harman-Dromey-Harman says:

    I only CC’d Mummy because she has much bigger balls than Daddy!

    Once Euan, Will and I get parachuted into safe seats – where the cloth-capped idiots would vote for even a pig wearing a Welfare Party rosette – then Mummy and Daddy can safely be kicked upstairs to the Lords.

    They can retire on £300 a day while we young princes of privilege carry on the war against Thatcherism/Capitalism/any -ism that seeks to deny the Welfare Party its rightful place as the provider of all things bright and beautiful to the grateful drones that we need to keep enslaved for our own good.



  39. 96

    Lying , cheating , postal fraud , forgery

    He’ll be a model politician !


  40. 99
    Hacking victim of law firms and big business says:

    It cant be too long before Tom Watson and the Grnuad spill the beans on this one can it ?


  41. 102
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Oh give the poor lad a break. His great granny was a Countess so in a family of Marxists he has a lot of class hatred to live down


  42. 103
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Look who in the media would pay ANY attention to Harriet anyway


  43. 105

    Like anuvver potential dishonourable growing up innit?


  44. 106
    Oldrightie says:

    So Harriet the Harridan is still suckling the wee lad.


  45. 113
    Spermalicious says:

    Harriet his mummy?
    Who fooked her?
    Give the guy a medal.


  46. 117
    Lost in Clacton says:

    Has Leveson Part Two started yet?


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