July 30th, 2013

Why We Need to Privatise Royal Mail
Public Sector Efficiency in Action

Parked on a double yellow line just a few metres from the Mount Pleasant sorting office, possibly the largest sorting office in the world, is this Royal Mail van. There this morning with no sign of movement whatsoever, blocking the road for passing traffic.

What could explain this prolonged period of inactivity? Take a peek through the window and all is revealed:

Roll on privatisation…


  1. 1
    Could be worse says:

    Glad he wasn’t pulling his plonker.


    • 9
      Wankers Annonymous says:

      The only thing postal workers toss is fragile parcels!


      • 17
        Aaron D Highside says:

        It’s Andy Burnham! New job already – thank goodness for Tory job creation!


        • 48
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Mount Pleasant sorting office used to have it’s own underground railway system across London.

          Perhaps they should revive that, to avoid road congestion.

          They could even introduce sleeper carriages for the staff.


          • Lady Astor's Son-in-law says:

            Parked on a double yellow line just a few metres from the Mount Pleasant sorting office, …

            A few feet or yards if you don’t mind.
            Bollocks to metrication!


        • 98
          Postmaster General for New Media says:

          “The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys.”


          • Privatised Western Union says:

            “The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication”


      • 43
        Gordon McDoom says:

        He is a public sector worker, who works hard and deserves his rest, if I were still PM a pay rise would be in the offing.


      • 88
        The General says:

        Very relevant number plate don’t you think ?


    • 41
      Alan Johnson a.k.a. The Postman says:

      All postman are worth their weight in gold.

      I used my knowledge of hard work (graft) to grant Wonga their Credit Licence & to really crash the NHS into the buffers.

      Now I blame it all on the evil Tories.


    • 46
      AMB says:

      First victim of the bedroom tax? Forced to sleep in a van.


      • 63
        BBC News says:

        We understand that, as well as being homeless because of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ he has been forced out to work because his disability benefit has been savagely ‘slashed’ as well. BBC London will be running a full week of programmes following the harrowing life of this man who suffers from a horrific case of chronic Plumbum Vibrantur.


      • 129
        Owen's mum says:

        Surely a victim of the bedroom tax could sleep in his own spare room.

        Oh dear. I’m very worried about this. Owen told me that now he’s gone on the school trip to Spain, The Tories will make me pay a bedroom tax for his empty room if I don’t get someone to use it. But I can’t rent his room out to lodgers because the sheets are all sticky agaihn


    • 62
      Xh says:

      Rubbish idea is rubbish.


    • 64
      City link says:

      We are worse than royal mail.


    • 65
      Hyperbole and hysteria says:

      This is like saying Nadine Dorries is an idiot ripping off the taxpayer, we should ban all Tories.


  2. 2
    Zzzzzs says:

    The number pale is fitting



  3. 3
    PaedoFinder General says:

    I’m sure he’ll be fired for that!

    Won’t he?


  4. 4
    Eric Pickles says:

    If he was asleep for 15 minutes or less there is no problem.


    • 22
      Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the perfect example of the real reason for double yellow lines. Nothing to do with shops.

      Always in PICKLES! One day he might consult first.


    • 50
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      Rubbish moddy botty at it again


    • 79
      Highway Code says:

      If you are feeling sleepy at the wheel it’s best to pull over.


      • 124
        The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        … and buy yourself a coffe on expenses to wake you up .

        and if that doesn’ t work …… take a nap .


  5. 5
    Feet and Inches says:

    It’s yards Guido..not metres. We are not in France.


  6. 6
    SportsDirect.Com says:

    Put the fucktard on a zero hour contract that’ll show him.


  7. 7
    The Communication Workers Union says:

    So what!!!


  8. 8
    Len McCluskey says:

    He has obviously worked way beyond the EU working time directive for minimum wage.


  9. 9
    Simon B says:

    HAHA. Of course, I and everyone else are sitting here typing on this website while we’re at work. But then again, most of the people who comment here are decent wealth creators (like myself who employs 25 people) who work in the private sector, where real value lies.

    Once Royal Mail is privatised, we can move on to the police and the justice system.


    • 16
      Ketts Fracking Rebellion says:

      Wealth creators for the Govenment to piss away….good on yer! 10 house points and a gold star.


    • 27
      Owen Jones says:

      By employ did you mean subjugate or imprison?


    • 28
      Charlie Kray says:

      I’m not at fucking work you cheeky fucking nonce. Some of us are clever enough to be able to retire at 35 and then just sit back and watch the rest of you thick c’u’nts slog your fat fucking guts out while the inbreds and the molesters in London fuck you all right over. it’s OK though UKIP will save you won’t they? Won’t they?


  10. 13
    Ketts Fracking Rebellion says:

    Oh dear the world revolves around Mount Pleasant could it be one was delayed on route to the pie shop!


    • 30
      1960s comedienne says:

      Excuse me, sir, do you know the way to Mount Pleasant?


      • 127
        The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        no … but i know the way to san jose ‘

        they’ re famed for their Afternoon siestas there.


  11. 18
    Anonymous says:

    And when privatised the waste will be in bonuses to absent executives. They will claim they run the most important service in the UK and that there are no others that can possible manage it. This will also mandate huge salaries. Profits will not exist as these are not necessary.

    The type of corruption and waste is just a reflection of the organisation. The amount of waste and corruption is due only to the calibre of the people.


    • 92
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      Only now the waste is in incompetence, inefficiency and huge bonuses to the public sector bosses. Reducing two out of the three is obviously well worth it.


  12. 19
    jax says:

    Agreed, we need one of dc’s uni mates to sort out a nice private equity firm to make the royal mail nice and efficient. Just what smith and ricardo would have wanted.


  13. 20
    pick litter for bennies says:

    he,s testing out the Government proposal of “15 minutes on a double yellow line”


  14. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope it’s sold to Serco, eh?


  15. 23
    Postman Crap says:

    Early in the motherfuckin morning


  16. 25
    Postie says:

    I had a first-class snooze.


  17. 26
    Postman Crap says:

    Why do conservatives always want to privatise everything? British Rail was privatised and look how great that turned out.

    Some things ARE done better by the private sector but not everything.


    • 32
      Mrs Doyle says:

      Name something the state does better….. go on .. go on——go on????


      • 35
        NHS says:

        Death camps?


      • 57
        Village Idiot says:

        ….Cruelty to Cripples,we do that quite well…Adolf would be proud!!


      • 73
        Capt. Charles Ryder says:

        To be fair the last ‘private army’ I saw in action went around killing children and old people just for fun, and then started shooting each other for the looting. So I think on the whole I’d prefer military operations to be a public sector thing.


    • 37
      Sir William W says:

      Passenger numbers doubled after 70 years of decline, safety greatly improved, punctuality improved, more trains, stations re-opened, yes, it’s been a disaster.


      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        Sir William, I am given to understand that punctuality was improved by the simple expedient of “adjusting” timetables to give longer journey times.


      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        Quite right Anon.

        Other ‘improvements’ have occurred because the public subsidy to these shit useless train companies is vastly greater than what used to go to British Rail.

        Thick fucking Tories too dumb recognise reality until they’re swinging from it.


        • 80
          Old Bling Pugh says:

          And don’t forget the massive debt mountain with Network Rail, you know the company that was formed by the government to run the rail infrastructure after Railtrack plopped.


        • 97
          The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

          And without that privatisation little or no money would have been spent on upgrading the lines. The old BR system was on its last legs before it was saved by private investment. You see the government has always got a far higher priority for its money than railways. Like welfare, the bloody awful NHS and public sector pensions. And the EU, of course. We couldn’t possibly spend that wasted 55 million a day on anything useful in this country, could we?


      • 75
        Capt. Charles Ryder says:

        Not sure you travel by rail much around this country old fruit? I travel by train daily to London from the Midlands or further North. The service is more expensive, unreliable and shoddy (poor food, poor rolling stock and over crowded). I’m not saying that making a public sector plaything would make it better, but it’s clear the current ‘private sector’ flavour is not doing all that well.


        • 99
          The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

          Whereas the NHS system is failing all over the country.


          • so there says:

            I’m happy with my postal service.
            My post gets delivered on time and
            stuff I post arrives when it should.


  18. 29
    Royal Mail Parcel Farce says:

    We have signs on the back of our trucks “If this driver is snoring too loudly call 0800 222 500″


  19. 31
    Union boss says:

    My members are entitled to breaks every 15 minutes as they are so hard working………….


  20. 33
    Heel Patch says:

    Well, he might have just finished his shift or been on his lunch break, that I can understand, what I find disturbing is the fact that he parked his van on double yellow lines with impunity, obviously not worried about getting fined like the little people… Obviously Royalty.


    • 56
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      If we gort a ticket, the taxpayer would end up paying the fine.

      Impunity and immunity.


    • 82
      Old Bling Pugh says:

      Well it does say Royal Mail. Ever seen a plod parked on double yellow lines?


  21. 34
    Diseased Anus says:

    This selfish me me me arsehole votes labour


  22. 40
    Diseased Anus says:

    Smash the Post Office
    Smash the BBC

    and smash all leftist, inefficient, 20th century monoliths wot staffed by lazy arseoles


  23. 44
    Bert Postie says:

    It’s ‘Job and Finish’, mate.


  24. 51
    Mungo&Passiondale says:

    He’s waiting while Jess has a bonk.


  25. 58
    SFG says:

    Will the CWU pay the fee to take his dismissal to tribunal, or is it straight into the ballot to save the job of their awareness challenged brother


  26. 59
    Stamp it out says:

    Was he drunk?


  27. 61
    s says:

    is there no end to this government’s abuse of the population – nevermind twitter – just plug in a tory – old or new style – they’re all the same …..


    …. C’UNTS


  28. 66
    The BBC and all of their lefty activists says:

    A vile, offensive and outrageous post.

    This is stalking – tantamount to an infringement of liberty. It is a threat to the safety, freedom and self expression of the postman.

    Expect a visit from Cherrie’s Human Right’s Chambers, Guido.


  29. 77
    Chris says:

    Yes Guido, let’s privatise Royal Mail and allow it to be bought by a foreign competitor such as the French or German post office.

    It’s worked well for our utilities.

    Guido is starting to look like one of the red tops.


    • 83
      Old Bling Pugh says:

      He takes his money from the Dirty Digger who probably has an interest in this blog.


    • 120
      Bob Diamond Geezer says:

      Well quite – the big money agenda which Guido signs up to is to talk big for the little taxpaying hard working man but really it is all about privatising services such that the little taxpaying hard working man ends up with a worse service but pays more – yep real progress. See rail privatisation (all together now on the back benches) taxpayer subsidy “UP”, Water privatisation, user bills “UP”, utility companies, fuel bills “UP and UP”, NHS part privatisation, taxpayer subsidy “UP”, etc etc….order order


  30. 78
    Ronnie Biggs says:

    Me and lads could rob that mail van and be away on our toes before the Sweeney were out of bed.


  31. 84
    Pykie Van says:

    Just as well the police weren’t called.

    That van is now the Postie’s home and to move him out would infringe his human rights.

    (PS if I were this couple I would sue the plod)



  32. 89
    Law maker accuses Queen of Racism for obeying the law says:


    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      ‘His visa had run out and although he was eager to stay, he has now gone,’

      What does FAbbot not understand about that ??


      • 110
        Phillip - House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg says:

        Why can’t HM the Queen employ Brits? It’s not as if she is from an immigrant family herself.


    • 105
      Big Chief Sitonbum says:

      Was he one of those illegals that saw that van and rushed straight off to Heathrow?


      • 108
        aren't you forgetting someone? says:

        “star of the royal birth”?
        I think Kate,you know the woman in labour
        for hours, was the star.


    • 130
      Owen's mum says:

      What the fvck are you blathering about, Diane, you gob-flapping bl00dy idiot. What For fauke’s sake do you mean? Star of the birth? Racy van? If you have ane to say, (ie, not in-ane) then don’t bloody tweet anything.

      Oh it’s so nice to be able to post what I want to now Owen’s away. He ruined the Queen’s jubilee and the royal wedding and all the news about lovely Prince George by moaning away and taking the remote off me.


  33. 91
    Postman Crap says:

    RM isn’t perfect but privatise it and you’ll have first class stamps at £1 which will be for a 3 day service, 95p for second class which will be 1 week, and extra charge of £2.50 for first class if you want it delivered next day.


    • 94
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Is this based on any facts, or did you get the crystal ball out?


      • 104
        Postman Crap says:

        Based on what usually happens when greedy profit obsessed worshippers of Ayn Rand get their hands on anything.


    • 96
      Macca says:

      So ? At the moment the post is subsidised by the taxpayer at least when privatised the user will be paying.

      Lefties are strange people and would have the taxpayer subsidising the arts and museums hat only Guardianistas visit……oh they already do.


      • 100
        Postman Crap says:

        Museums are a bad thing are they? Dinosaur bones, ancient relics – all a tool of marxism? Are you a creationist or or do you just rant any old drivel?


      • 102
        Postman Crap says:

        So now museums are leftie now as well. Watch out kids, that dinosaur bone will force you to be a leftie!

        Batshit insane are you.


      • 121
        Bob Diamond Geezer says:

        Oops no RM made a profit this year.


    • 119
      Owen's mum says:

      Stamps have already gone up


  34. 93
    The Fire Service says:

    Do try not to get your penis stuck in a toaster.


  35. 111
    dave says:

    clue in the number plate zz——-


  36. 114
    hampshire hound says:

    C’mon Guido. MPs taking the system for millions and you focus on a postman having a nap.
    This was a great site for outing the political class and there abuses of power.its now turning
    Into a bad edition of the Sun.


  37. 116

    Call that Public Sector Efficiency? I call that a liberty!


  38. 117
    mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

    Guido, I thought better of you.

    The real reason the Royal Mail is being sold off.



  39. 128
    lexander says:

    He could be drunk or ill. No matter…STOP explaining distance in metres. We still used yards and feet for all matters to do with speed and roads in GB. The BBC of course can’t make up its mind. This is your last bloody warning Guido.


  40. 131
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Where was plod? MIA yet again.


  41. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Combined with a “delivery” service that puts the SAS and SBS to shame. The “Stealth” abilities of a common postman are regularly exhibited when you actually see them arrive, stick a “while you were out” card through the letterbox and then disappear are quite legendary. Three blasted times in three days! Once when I was actually collecting the last blasted parcel from the “sorting office”.


  42. 135
    znepj says:

    Yeah, let’s privatise it. Because that’s worked *so* well for other industries – water, gas, electricity, phones, the railways….

    It’s obvious, really: take an industry starved of funding for a decade or so, the only way to improve it, obviously, is to add a layer of corporate jackals creaming off fat bonuses while underpaying the staff, letting the infrastructure decay even further, and compromising on safety. And probably raiding the pension fund.


    • 137
      Bob Diamond Geezer says:

      Couldn’t agree more except for the bit about the pension fund the liability for which has already been passed to us the taxpayer to make RM more attractive to a buyer so yes a private company will take the profits whilst we pick up the pension tab that’s neo-liberal economics for you or should we call it neo-guido?


  43. 136
    High Dudgeon says:

    Royal Mail should investigate and punish this shirker.

    Make an example of him, that’s what I say!


  44. 139
    bubbles says:

    Yeah! Privatization has been great success hasn’t it …….not


  45. 140
    could be worse says:

    memo,tinted windows privatisation


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