July 30th, 2013

Judge: You Elect Politicians For This Crap
High Court Rules “Bedroom Tax” is Not a Tax

The High Court judgment on housing benefit is pretty sound stuff. Leaving aside that the bit where the judge claims the case “looks very like a list objections to the policy under the guise of a litany of matters”, Lord Justice Laws’ most important paragraph will be used again and again:

“…it is not generally for the courts to resolve the controversies which this insistence involves. That is for elected government. The cause of constitutional rights is not best served by an ambitious expansion of judicial territory, for the courts are not the proper arbiters of political controversy.”

He’s right. The only thing more dangerous than the rabble in SW1 are unelected and unaccountable judges siding with an angry mob. Taxpayers money is wasted on such spurious legal challenges.

Meanwhile, guess which phrase does not appear once in the entire ruling? Nowhere will you find the ridiculous term “Bedroom Tax”. Quite the opposite in fact.

Lord Justice Laws has ruled that these are changes to “a means-tested benefit”.

Amusingly he points out that this “is well known”.

Try telling that to the BBC…


  1. 1
    Antipo-dean says:

    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off the European Court of Human Rights we go…


    • 2
      Spartacus says:

      so wont see that again before cameroon is booted out . . .


      • 41
        or well donkey benjamine says:

        it may not be a capital T Tax
        definitions and labels are for the anally retentive

        but in feel
        intellectually and socially

        it is a huge lower case t
        and will have negative effects beyond money savings

        the indentured slavery is relentlessly on the march

        using the rulking class collapse of system
        to crush all further
        very victorian or even middle aged
        or dark

        why did thatcher wreck cheaper costed housing structure
        why cant we let people build their little shacks and thus drop rental costs

        the reason is landed gentry and institutions not pp


        • 47
          you must be 'avin a laugh says:

          the problem with unreasoned unfelt ‘democracy’
          is divide and rule
          everyone likes a democracy
          till they are in the minority

          the minorities between then often have the useful progressive ideas

          there are other objections to not democracy but the argument that it is the bottom line

          basic psychology and gentic observations and other aka anthropology


          • you must be 'avin a laugh says:


            and *then should be them

            apologies but you pedants all knew what we sayin


        • 56
          Sir William Waid says:

          A tax is the Government taking money away from you. The Government refusing to give you money is not a tax.


          • The Fifty Seventh Earl of Perineum says:

            Unfortunately, they teach the opposite of that at most comprehensives.

            May I take it that you did not attend such a place of learning?


          • Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

            I use the expression place of learning with some hesitation :). I myslef attended a proper minor public school and continued my education with the bank and thus the university of life. Whilst my devotion to my work meant that I have retired with very few friends, it does mean that I have a lot of time to post here under this new moniker, and my more favoured and rather clever SC, and even cleverer more recently as Two Dogs. I do have other but the connection has not been made and I keep them a secret. Contrary to public opinion I am not, and have never been 8illy.


        • 125
          Four-eyed English Genius says:

          It is not a Tax or tax, period!


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      *off to


    • 11
      Richard Head says:

      If you don’t agree with the way the benefit withdrawal affects disabled people then vote for someone who will amend the law to take disabled people into account in the way you want.
      If you can’t find a suitable candidate you can stomach, then stand yourself. Better still, vote for a local councillor who will vote to give them a discount. In a democracy, electors representatives make the law. Judges just apply it. And I’m sure Laws LJ knows all about the Human Rights Act as well.


      • 24
        Simon B says:

        The “disabled” should simply be grateful to those of us who are productive that we even let them live in homes rather than putting them back in workhouses where they belong.


        • 101
          Anonymous says:

          So speaks a true Cameroon


          • The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            i say bring back the laundries staffed with all one parent mothers who
            can’ t be arsed to get their inseminators to marry them and pay for the sprog s upbringing himself rather than offload yet another edpense to ” the taxpayer”


        • 126
          Anonymous says:

          That is vile. And uncivilised.


        • 130
          jane. says:

          Not very civilised, are you? And a bit lacking in brain power if you don’t realise that people with disabilities contribute to society – in most cases, more than you if this comment is anything to go by.


        • 140
          Anonymous says:

          If that was not some kind of bad “joke” – then you are a Nazi.


      • 25
        Antipo-dean says:

        Who said I didn’t agree with it? I think it’s marvellous that a judge has finally stood up to this sort of rubbish.


        • 68
          Richard Head says:

          OK – point taken – I misunderstood the tone of your comment. Still, if people do disagree then they should take the democratic road and not clog up our busy barristers’ wallets.


    • 16
      Bulls Eye says:

      Try telling that to the BBC…



      • 94
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:



      • 113
        Anonymous says:

        So called bedroom tax,made up phrase by the so called neutral bbc


      • 121
        The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        try telin that to antonio bliar

        he spends so much time with his wallet slotgob is considering filing for divorce on the grounds of desertion .

        ( he’ s even taken to giving his wallet a name …. wendi.


    • 44
      tax??? rolf says:

      ha ha ha ha ha ha lefty twats


    • 134
      ids says:

      not for long


    • 144
      More Correctly says:

      “Judge: it is not a tax”? Since the High Court judgment does not seem to mention the word Bedroom Tax – how can anyone take it to mean that it is not a Tax?


  2. 3
    Aaron D Highside says:

    If your telly is in the spare room, do you still have to pay the TV tax?


  3. 4
    Ed MilliBrain says:

    It is a twax …….. it is, it is!!
    Ed Balls told me,


  4. 5
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Scrounger class will now just got to get judgement from Socialist ECHR.

    The EU will do everything it can to undermine British control over its own affairs – everyone knows that.


  5. 7
    Texas Ranger says:

    Now let me see,who CAN fill a three bedroom house with kith and kin?


    • 23
      Texas Ranger says:

      Give you a clue.They aint Limey’s


      • 31
        The EU says:


        You are not allowed to think like that, if you do, we will send our own Army to arrest you.


        • 69
          Capt. Charles Ryder says:

          Yes and I’ve seen your ‘army’ in action when I served in Bosnia so no one is worried. Toodle off and assault a wine lake some where and let sovereign nations get on with running the world.


      • 127
        jane. says:

        The Royal family. No bedroom tax for them.


    • 73
      sitting bull says:

      With a nom de plume as yours , you can’t seriously be thinking that Native Americans will arrive and would want to swap their moveable wigwams for actual fixed accommodation?


  6. 8
    Bob the builder says:

    Common sense from a judge? How did he get past Cherie Blair? I bet the BBC abd Guardian are not pleased.


  7. 9
    Point of Information 2 says:

    The problem now though is that having entertained this case in court to the extent of making a judgement, the judiciary have got involved with politics.

    It would have been better for the case to have been dismissed with the above statement issued sans the judgement on ‘tax’ but perhaps directing the parties to the legal definitions of what is a tax, and what is a benefit change.

    At least this judge does not appear to have been co-opted by the left.

    But what about the next ? And maybe those across the channel in the ECJ ?


    • 37

      I would disagree on the basis that the judge ruling that, this being a matter for politics and not for the judiciary, a dividing line has been clearly drawn and cannot now be overturned unless by a senior court. So we will not have any return to this at such level.

      What transpires afterwards is part of the normal ebb and flow of the matters of man. But any challenge will have a steep hill to climb, maybe less so with the ECJ, which is largely not manned by proper judges anyway. With a referendum coming up, they will only add fuel to the not inconsiderable fire that is raging anyway. Good luck to them on that one.

      Who am I to know? But I think that this judgment will not only stand but go into the history books and law training study books.


      • 111
        Point of Information 2 says:

        I do agree with the judgement and would say you are accurate that this will be an important one for legal training moving forward.

        It is not clear if this judgement would be overturned at UK Supreme or European court level – this particular matter may not be considered further.

        In making the judgement, this court has judged on what is an issue of political policy which contradicts the correct statement in the judgement that ‘the courts are not the proper arbiters of political controversy’.

        It would have been much cleaner to dismiss the case on the basis that ‘the courts are not the proper arbiters of political controversy’ which is right and proper, and for a ruling to be made by the supreme court on the purely constitutional matter of whether the lower courts have jurisdiction or should be arbiters in areas of political policy, if such judgement was necessary.

        Am not trying to offer a circular / tortuitous argument as the boundaries of the judiciary are well defined as is their separation from the sphere of the political.

        It is curious that the lower court has invited a challenge to this through making such a judgement which is unnecessary and which it itself is likely not strictly qualified to pass judgement on.

        Will be interesting to see what happens next.


  8. 10
    BBC says:

    we are only interested about covering the human angle


    • 14
      BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

      Questions BBC won’t ask the victims:
      Do you drink?
      Do you smoke?
      Do you have a car?
      Do you have Sky TV?
      Do you play Foxy Bingo?
      Do you wear named brand clothing?
      Do you have take aways?
      Are you shit at managing money?


      • 18
        BBC 'Producer' says:

        Are you below the age of consent?


      • 21
        BBC PR Dept says:

        But on QT, we WILL be having planted questions on why the govt is so heartless, why they fought the judicial review, and why won’t they reconsider to help our comrades in this obvious socialist struggle.

        Now pay yer TV tax


      • 26
        You've forgotten says:

        Do you use food banks when you don’t need to?
        Do you sell weed on the side?


      • 42
        Anon says:

        Are you an illegal immigrant
        Do you live in a council house
        What benefits do you recieve
        Have you ever worked and paid tax in this country
        What was your immigration status when you first arrived in this country
        Are you registered disabled
        What are your skills and earnings potential ?
        If you had a job what house could you afford to live in, and how many children could you afford ?
        If you don’t have a job why should tax payers support a wealthy lifestyle (house and children) way in excess of what you could provide for yourself ?


        • 72
          They can fuck right off says:

          Apparently I am going to court because I have never answered their TV tax demand letters.


          • Biffo says:

            Have they actually got your name? If not, they’re s*** out of luck as they can’t issue a summons without a name – suspect it’s just another of Crapita’s bully boy tactics but Google ‘TV Licence Resistance’ or similar & double check what the people who are resisting say.


        • 136
          Anonymous says:

          So, in the land of the rich tax-avoiders, there is No Such Thing As Society? No need for such an out-dated idea?


      • 91
        Jon says:

        Do you understand what the word “tax” means?
        Do you spend all day every day whining on the internet about how you simply couldn’t spend 4 hours a day working behind a computer?


  9. 12
    Doctor Oiane Clörke says:

    But it’s so unfair! I like having a spare room at your expense.

    Who cares about needy families stuck in B&Bs because I’m hogging a house?


    • 137
      Anonymous says:

      Do you consider it fair that the Party of the family and home are kicking people out of their family homes? And do you care about needy families stuck in B&Bs because – under “Right to Buy” – most Council Houses were sold off?


  10. 13
    BarryP says:

    Just watched the somewhat biased, set up interview of the couple on the BBC who are affected by the ruling. Can’t help but wonder why the BBC never showed their lounge. Maybe because all their damn furniture is piled in the bedrooms. Anyone here got 2 leather armchairs in their bedroom along with a bureau, stand chairs, desks etc.
    Typical BBC bias, yet again.


    • 60
      Anonymous says:

      Just noticed the Sky TV controller on her bedside table. Get rid of Sky and they may break even


  11. 17
    The Peoples Republic of Broadcasting says:

    Contributing to the telly fund sets you free.


  12. 19
    leftie hypocrites says:

    Only one house?
    We simply couldn’t survive without a second.


  13. 20
    Soap Dodger says:

    If I let my mate doss in my spare room, can I claim gift aid?


  14. 22
    The Beginning of the War says:

    Well said that judge.

    Parliament makes laws and the courts should enforce them. Not retaliate with an amendment to the law.

    Do I see a major battle with the ECHR about to kick off?


  15. 27
  16. 28
    Mary Whitehouse was right. says:

    God. I am just fed up with the minority liberal elite politicised BBC.


  17. 29
    The Impartial BBC says:


    • 39
      Doh! says:

      So hasn’t Smith bothered to properly read the judgement from Lord Justice Laws?
      I would have thought that was required of a BBC reporter before making a comment.


      • 70
        N.Smith says:

        F*ck off! I work for the BBC!


      • 97
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Don’t worry, Newsnight tonight will have a half-dozen aggressive, marxist, whinging representatives of ‘charities’ (aka left-wing pressure groups) saying the judge is a fascist.


        • 105
          David Dimblebore says:

          And I’ll let them whine on and on ad infinitum, despite the fact that
          I own two homes myself.


    • 109
      BBC kontroller says:

      From henceforth all spelling of reaction and react during bulletins are to be changed to ‘reaxtion’ and ‘reax’.


    • 114
      Anonymous says:

      You are neutral and not allowed to be pleased or displeased, therefore you are dismissed for being biased, and sorry but no big uninvited pay off…bye


  18. 33
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Bedroom tax – how do I avoid it?


  19. 33
    basic facts says:

    Would he like one of my teenagers explain to him the difference between a tax and a benefit?


  20. 35
    Cast-Iron Guarantee says:

    “Nowhere will you find the ridiculous term “Bedroom Tax”. Quite the opposite in fact… Lord Justice Laws has ruled that these are changes to “a means-tested benefit”.

    Ha! Yet Spectator/Coffee House still determined to give oxygen to the lie. Its headline on this refers to bedroom tax, as does caption to the picture which immediately follows headline, as do first and second paragraphs. Oh, last para too.

    Not a single reference to judge calling it a change to a benefit.


  21. 38
    Mr Man says:

    Now Fuck off with your EU agenda BBC and become he neutral man of politics you are supposed to be.

    And start off by sacking your entire news department and only re-hiring those who swear to be a-poltical.


  22. 40
    Another Bender Going to Sitges says:


    • 45
      Thomas the Cook says:

      Travel by train.


    • 46
      a lifeform says:

      stay there ?


    • 48
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:


      Stay there.


    • 57
      Bob Fleming says:

      Yes, don’t come back


      • 63
        a little white bull says:

        bright red is the traditional garb, trousers with gold tassles and a tightly fitting waistcoat. and remember to say “Ole” at the end of each sentence for example in a bar or restaurant.


    • 58
      Penfold says:

      He’s missed the Sitges Gay Pride week….!


    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      Any recommendations? Yes ikle Owen child don’t come back !


    • 63
      Ever-loving Priapus says:

      The new memorial at Talavera is a gay dogging hotspot.

      (The Battle of Talavera July 28, 1809)


    • 67
      Paniagua v5 says:

      Recommendations, why not.

      1. Sprain both your ankles so its hard to run

      2. Wear bright red clothing

      3. Visit Pamplona during early July it’s lovely.


    • 78
      Lady Britain says:

      don’t come back you little c’unt


    • 79
      Minced meat says:

      Wear an I love gibraltar tshirt


    • 80
      Capt. Charles Ryder says:

      Hang around a Basque bar with a ‘I Love Franco’ T-shirt on. You should find out pretty quick the meaning of European unity.


    • 82
      Ms Jones your mummy says:

      Yes, drop dead there you shitty arsed brat who has never done a day at a proper job.


    • 89
      Mike Hunt says:

      I wonder who is paying for this trip?
      If he is emigrating, I might contribute.


    • 93
      Owen's mum says:

      Wear your factor 50 sunscreen and don’t eat any of that funny foreign food. I’ll pack you a case of baked beans and Cadbury’s creme eggs. Make sure you hold hands all the time with one of the big boys and girls. Be a good boy and listen to what the teacher tells you. I’ve got you your own little telephone and I want you to phone me up every day! Also I’ve given the teacher ten pounds so he’ll be able to give you spanish money to buy sweets and stamps. Don’t forget to send me a nice postcard! If the teachers go off to drink wine at the local guest house, don’t let enayone into your room. If you get lost find someone who speaks english like a policeman and if you forget your name and address remember I’ve sowed it into a label in all of your clothes. Ooh, I’m going to be so worried!


      • 98
        Owen's Mummy says to Owen's Daddy... says:

        Quick! Let’s move house while he’s away….and not tell him.


    • 100
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Jones, I recommend you stop being a twat.


    • 120
      Prescott's chipolata says:

      Put a C in front on your luggage tag.


    • 131
      Thomas Cook says:

      Go via Gibraltar.


  23. 43
    What a Gay Day. (in the gay sense) says:

    There is hope. A judge with sense at last.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      What exactly was his motivation to protect these people?


      It would only cause the Judges trouble. So insult their lack of ability in the law and get rid of the annoyance. Seems reasonable.


      • 151
        Class Interests says:

        You lot should not be overly quick to welcome this unwillingness to act. For what if you need a Judge to control/limit a future Labour policy?


  24. 49
    Ever-loving Priapus says:

    *ebekah makes a clean breast of it.



  25. 51
    Tony Packham says:

    Top work by IDS. It’s legal and legit.

    Time to downclamp on whingers who brought this case.


  26. 52
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Some so-called “housing trusts” and lefty councils are ‘accidentally’ charging the so-called “bedroom tax” even when they are fully aware that they have no lawful cause to do this.

    Labour = stealing from the poor and the disabled.


  27. 53
    Penfold says:

    Good, for once a Judge has been sane and sensible.

    Additionally he has killed off that piece of agit-prop, “bedroom tax”, coined by the left.

    Given that he has rubbished the case, did he award costs against the litigants? or are the taxpayers once again having to foot the bill.

    And you’re darn right Guido, no-one wants judge’s making policy, they’re civil servants, tasked with implementing the law, not making it.


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      We have laws that make sure people are treated equally.

      A converted house is not something that is readily available for the disabled. Why should one person get a different benefit to an identical person due simply to availability.

      The principle is right but the implementation is flawed.


  28. 54
    BBC bosses says:

    We are still going to call it bedroom tax and we will continue to do so. So there.


  29. 55
    Person from Porlock says:

    Britain is losing the war against internet crime, order-order is still online.



  30. 62
    Anonymous says:

    “If you don’t agree with the way the benefit withdrawal affects disabled people then vote for someone who will amend the law to take disabled people into account in the way you want.
    If you can’t find a suitable candidate you can stomach, then stand yourself. Better still, vote for a local councillor who will vote to give them a discount. In a democracy, electors representatives make the law. Judges just apply it. And I’m sure Laws LJ knows all about the Human Rights Act as well.”

    This clown still thinks that voting has some kind of significance.


    • 85
      Richard Head says:

      People who voted for Tony Blair will breathe a sigh of relief on discovering that their votes didn’t make any difference.


  31. 65
    Jimmy says:

    He has a point. People don’t vote conservative because they want disabled people to be treated well.


    • 74
      The Jimmy movie, alternative Directors ending says:

      Scroungers don’t vote labour because they want taxpayers to be treated well.


  32. 76
    A leftwit @ BBC says:

    Proves that it’s essential to make benefits handouts a ‘umin right for the lifestyle idle.


  33. 84
    One time Tory voter says:

    So nearly all posters on here agree that it’s feabible for the spouse and/or carer to share a hospital bed located in the home if the disabled claimant has spina bifida? Lord have mercy on all of us.

    I’m all in favour of rooting out the liars, cheats, scroungers, idle, feckless, useless, lazy, illegal etc etc but go for the weak, the vulnerable, the sick, the disabled?

    What kind of people are you?

    So you carry on being self employed and cheating the tax, having your offshore trusts, avoiding IHT, one time bankcrupts avoiding creditors with assets in their spouse’s name etc etc.

    Those who can hold their heads up on PAYE and NI are the ones who can morally judge.

    This country has truly had it.

    I hope and pray none of you ever become disabled. But should you ever do so, remember the words you have written on here.


    • 86
      Socialism Costs Lives says:

      It is right that the Government have made some exceptions from the new rules. A carer for a disabled person who lives in the accommodation as their home is included when making the the assessment of the number of bedrooms required. A bedroom is also allowed for a non-resident carer where the claimant or their partner requires overnight care. Children who have a disability such that they cannot share a bedroom with a sibling are exempt from the housing criteria.


      • 115
        One time Tory voter says:

        Ok fair enough, thank you for the explanation. But I assure you the PR is now so bad that if life long Tory voters like me are sick to the back teeth with Cameron and his cronies they will be wiped out at the 2015 GE. I am no socialist, but we are reaching a point where the rich are now so rich and the poor so poor with a middle class almost financially wiped out, I truly do not see the tories ever getting in power again.


    • 96
      A Right Fucking Bastard says:

      There is nothing moral about tax, spunkbubble.


  34. 87
    well thats all right then says:

    so as long as its not realised that council tax is a regressive means tested tax the needy farmer keeps their spare bedrooms and their ec benefits package


  35. 90
    Greychatter says:

    See the fellow in the middle of the photo abusing IDS can still afford his fags!!


  36. 92
    Tax Payer says:

    …..and HMRC have never heard of it. HMRC deal with TAX. DWP deal with BENEFITS. Only the Labour party could insult our intelligence and think we would fall for their lie.
    If you hand over mpney to the government you are paying TAX. If you are in receipt of money from government your are in receipt of BENEFIT. Ed, stick your so called bedroom tax where the sun don’t shine…..can’t believe I used to vote for this lot !


    • 118
      One time Tory voter says:

      HMRC cannot or will not collect tax from numerous sources even when they are tipped off with really easy targets like buy to let cash operators and elected councillors taking cash payments from everything like waste disposal and approval of golf clubs into inert waste dumps, to bungs for planning permission. The list is endless.


  37. 99
    kenallys says:

    GOOD policy yes but ……
    Penalising couples needing two rooms to sleep separately because one of them is disabled is stupid and cruel.
    There are a multitude of reasons why they generally need two rooms. For example medical equipment noise or maybe the disabled individual has very restless broken sleep etc which would stop the partner sleeping.
    This person may i remind you is probably a unpaid carer who along with thousands of others saves GO BILLIONS a year in free care they provide. This failure to exempt them will save pennies.
    I would say after years of thinking lefties crying ” Evil Tory Scum” were idiots, i’m starting to think they may have a point.
    Yes Labours client state needed smashing and i say that as a user of DWP support after a accident has left me a quad, but shafting the generally disabled is just bad politics. It giving the opposition/BBC a baseball bat and saying “please smash us around the head”
    I really wonder if anyone is at home at HQ.
    Considering the fact that DC has personal experience of the difficulties resulting from a life blighted by disability that he would allow the targeting of the generally disabled is frankly disgusting maybe even “Evil” like the Loon brigade always cry.
    Watch SKINT on 4OD catch up thats the culture that needs smashing not the disabled.
    UKIP protest vote here i come.


    • 116
      One time Tory voter says:

      Well said! I totally agree with you. And like tens maybe hundreds, perhaps even millions – will be voting UKIP in the future.


    • 148
      Biffo says:

      Agree with you. Also, lets not forget that Camoron, despite his wealth, claimed for every last penny he could claim for his little boy. Greedy?


  38. 103
    Prince Rupert says:

    The court case was a stunt, nothing more. the lawyers knew they would not win, and they know that most disabled people will be exempt from this benefit reduction. However, disabled people make good headlines, and shame on the Labour party and the BBC for participating in this stunt. this will not go further, it has in a small way backfired, but lots of coverage about nasty Tories and disabled people. It is a stunt.


  39. 110

    ‘The only thing more dangerous than the rabble in SW1 are unelected and unaccountable judges siding with an angry mob.’ And of course last but not least, the Archbishop of Hunterbury!


    • 112
      Post Gay Marriage, Queen Dave Bible Sermon says:

      Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle with a Wonga loan. They have sliders you know. Enjoy sodomy, schmucks.


  40. 123
    Anonymous says:

    Hypocrites labour have voted to keep the bedroom tax.


  41. 124
    Anonymous says:

    This bedroom tax will cost a fortune in moving costs and adaptions for disabilities, debt collectors, court costs, extra council non jobs.
    The biggest cost will be when people have to move to a private smaller property, needing to claim more housing benefit because this bedroom tax will only apply to council property.
    This is why UKIP are scrapping it, as well as Asos which costs a fortune, but puts a bit back in camerons direction.


  42. 133

    The Bedroom Tax – BS Name – under occupancy .So the Government have done nothing and intend to do nothing to build more housing to cater for the influx of immigrants.
    Around 1.2million immigrants now live in social housing. They account for around one in eight of the total occupants, with the figure even higher in London, thought to be as much as one in five .Four million migrants arrived in Britain between 2001 and 2011, and of those 469,843 were allocated council or housing association properties, according to national census statistics released yesterday.



  43. 146
    Adam says:

    Well done to the judge for seeing sense on this. I’m Generally ok with the under-occupancy penalty, although I think it should only apply to people who turn down reasonable offers of alternative social housing.


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