July 23rd, 2013

The Invitation Westminster Advisers Won’t Comment About

As reported last night, the Guardian have added some important details to their Lynton Crosby/healthcare yarn, after Guido’s little fact checking yesterday. Lobbying firm Westminster Advisers “declined to comment” last night over Guido’s revelation that the firm “run by the Labour supporter and former councillor Dominic Church, organised a cross-party meeting at the end of 2010 which was shown the Crosby Textor research.” They told the Guardian: “I’m not going to go into that. I have given you the statement we are giving out. That is all we are saying.” For the sake of clarity, here is the invitation to their event:

“That is all we are saying.”


  1. 1
    Meanwhile Chuks goes ntive says:


    • 6
      ßilly, a poo-shiner says:

      I think I outgrown my blog, hasn’t I, Gudoi? Can I come on you’re – more professional – effort, where people, actually, write comments? Thanks.

      “i’ll defend the right for you to say it, whether it offends me or not.”


      • 13
        Guido Fawkes says:

        That’s twice in one day you’ve made me chortle. Now, get on with your work, troll.


    • 7
      Arsebandit Dave says:

      I think I speak for the whole country when I say ‘Mazeltov!’ on the occasion of the new Royal Parasite.


      • 40
        Dave is a liar and hates the UK says:

        I think I speak for the whole country when I say Ramadan Kareem and may mohammed bless the royal baby, inshalla.


    • 12
      Chinese Businessman says:

      No trade,You keep slaves we have plenty worker already.


  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, so Labour cronies were setting up this claret and canapés lobby meeting for a private healthcare lobby?

    Funny how Nicolas Watts and The Guardian skipped this vital information. Have they published a full apology yet? Or are they still hiding behind “legal” reasons for their incompetent and biased reporting?


    • 9
      Peter Grimes says:

      It is all part of their masterplan in conjunction with their masters, ZaNuLieBor, and with the eager co-operation of the fellow-travelling British Bullshit Corporation, aka Al JaBeeBa.

      It worked too; the mass market 70-80% of news market which is reached by Al JaBeeBa will never see a retraction and will post the ‘irrefutable proof’ of the initial lie at every opportunity.

      The dumb clucks who vote for them will believe it too, as always.


      • 18
        BBC Employee says:

        Yes, we are a highly corrosive influence on public life. Do we have any other purpose?


        • 35
          Andrew Efiong says:

          I enjoy the nature documentaries. But the news is rubbish. And don’t get me started on business reporting, useless!


          • Peter Grimes says:

            Business Editor – leftist stooge Peston.
            Economics Editor – Steph the leftist Cyclist

            What else would you expect.


  3. 3
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Why am I reading this shite?


  4. 4
    Evil Tory Weather says:


    • 17
      20 RE-TWATS? says:

      Thank fuck I’ve never heard of her and that it’s raining, at LAST.


      • 23
        Arthur Haynes-Manual says:

        If you walked into Halfords, Owen Jones would be the reason you stuck with your failed windscreen wipers.


    • 20
      Owen Jones says:

      Weeks and weeks of sun and the day I want to go for a nature wank,it rains.
      S’not fair.


      • 30
        BBC executive says:

        Owen that’s hilarious.
        Please come down to the studios to enlighten the nation asap.


  5. 5
    Mike Hoxard, Front Bench Labour shallow spokesman, saying NOWT, Pal says:

    Don’t do as we do – do as we say!

    And now from the BBC and the Grauniad … the Royal Baby and corrupt Tories.


  6. 14
    Oooops says:

    I hope The Queen hasn’t rang the hospital this morning. They’ve already lost one nurse.


  7. 18
  8. 21
    Back1woodsman says:

    Look, what’s a little factual omission between fellow travellers ? We’ve got a totemic sacred cow to protect from the evil baby eating Tories here.


  9. 22
    Ratrded Militwat, fish faced fuckwit, but with the BBC, Guardian and Shagger McCluskey behind me... says:

    Why dothent everwybody thee that thith ith all ve fault of ve evil, FATCHERITE, evil, baby eating, money making… erm.. thorry, money thquanderwing, hwwible EVIL TORIES. Bathdardth.

    Ve people of Gweat Bwitain need uth NOW! Ve will be THO good for ve economy, full employment, rithing taxes… erm… thorry rising FTSE and fithcal probity and thtability.

    Don’t judge uth on what we did in the 1960’s, 1970’s, ve late 1990’s and the naughtieth when we were actually able to put thith rambling and dangerwous nonethenth into pwactith.

    That ith jutht tho unfair if you do. Don’t judge us on what we do, judge uth on our thoothing wordth telling you what you want to hear!

    Vote Labour.

    Or UKIP – itth all a vote for me! AND one leth for ve EVIL, baby eating, EVIL, corrupt, (etc.. etc…)


    • 27
      Man from the street says:

      See when someone writes a couple of lines like that its fine but a full blown paragraph is just hard work to read.


      • 31
        RetardEd Militwat, fish faced fuckwit, but with the BBC, Guardian and Shagger McCluskey behind me.. says:

        Thowy! I’ll keep it thort and thweet in future.


  10. 24
    Magic 8 Ball says:

    Oh come on, totally synthetic anger.

    But let me first of all, let me say I do not condone any slanted journalism from The Guardian (even though it pales into insignificance with the briefing of 13,300 avoidable deaths in the NHS and the gleeful take-up by The Fail and other red-tops).

    However, it was not just ‘research’ that CTF entered into. The website of C/T Group states “The C|T Group offer an unmatched pedigree combining comprehensive experience in market research, strategic communications and campaign execution.”

    Whether the interface with MP’s came via Westminster Advisors, or not, is a valid but very minor detail.

    Does Lynton Crosby still have private health care amongst his clients?


    • 28
      Gypsy Rose Lee says:

      Like Labour,Magic 8 balls are useless when it comes to recalling the past.


      • 38
        Peter Grimes says:

        Or even telling it like it is. It wasn’t ‘slanted journalism’, fuckwit, it was pure lies and propaganda. Just compare, if you are able, the Guardian’s initial output with the facts.

        How are this year’s tractor production statistics coming along?


  11. 26
    Lynton Crosby says:

    PM warns that that Owen Jones is ” holding back sometimes British businesses and the British economy.”

    His tweets are making Britain a laughing stock (See 4 above)


  12. 32
    Sun Reedur says:

    Why wazznt their a Sun tooday. Wen I went down Sadiqs Genral stors thay only had the Son.


  13. 33
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Interesting quote in the House (on a different issue) from the sponsor Brian Brinley MP

    “It is generally accepted that there were some serious management breakdowns. …………… In my business, I would want to know what was happening. Does the right hon. Gentleman accept that he should have known what was happening?”


  14. 34
    Puzzled & Confused says:

    I am being slow on the uptake. The event was sponsored by Brian Binley – a Conservative MP. Who coincidentally chose to announce his retirement from politics …. yesterday: see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-23403102


  15. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Victoria Parker has great legs. Tory Totty.


  16. 41
    John Tandy says:

    They said enough didn’t they Guido ?


  17. 42

    Front end of the on going lobbying process.


  18. 43
  19. 44
    Kunst der Fudge says:

    This page is No.10 Quality St.

    Nice work


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