July 23rd, 2013

Boris and Gove on a Smashing Night Out

Guido would not like to suggest that Boris and Gove had wet the Royal Baby’s head last night, though then again these photos do suggest they were in somewhat jovial spirits after a dinner at Scotts:

Boris clearly just fancied a stroll rather than riding his bike home, while Gove’s difficulty walking in a straight line can obviously be explained by the heat:


Via Mail.


  1. 1
    Anti-Rentier Alliance says:

    Gove is becoming a right little porker. He’s on the Diane Abbot diet


    • 6
      Lynton Crosby says:

      Didn’t Boris want to rid Londons streets of drunken yobs?

      and riding a bike while pissed is against the law.


    • 12
      The State Alcohol Police says:

      Some how I don’t think minimum priced booze would have helped these two.


    • 14
      Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

      Lets hope Gove didn’t strangle Boris…


    • 31
      Garry's Bushell says:

      They were off to Dolphin Square to violently butt fuck a couple of 8 year olds.


      • 37
        tube_thumper says:

        you cock


        • 50
          Garry's Bushell says:

          Ah, another one who likes to protect child fuckers, when they finally put you inside you will be eating ground up glass and drinking piss for the rest of your life you fucking n0nce.


    • 58
      Diane Fartbott says:

      Disgusting slur. I have never been on a diet.


    • 69
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      If Gove and Borus were drunk as skunks it is about time they he grew up, both in their mid late forties, it’s a sort right of passage in your late teens/early twenty’s, probably they have not grown up since leaving Oxbridge.


      • 96
        Maximus says:

        More likely to be some light peer-grouped alcohol therapy for the traumas experienced by exposure to all those reverse ferrets they had to see in connection with their work as journos. Not to mention the reverse chutney ferrets that just happened to get D noticed.


      • 124
        Pothead says:

        ….Wha who mentioned skunk????


      • 141
        Lynton Crosby says:

        when they were that age they smashed places up at Oxford, or at least Boris, Dave and Gideon did. Gove was probably too busy showing his educational brilliance in getting a 2:1. you would think an education sec would have a first.


  2. 2
    Magic 8 Ball says:

    Come on, I’d imagine Gove gets smashed after just a couple of dwinkies.


    • 5

      He’s a Scot. It’ll take more than a couple.


      • 120
        Village Idiot says:

        ..They could not have had much of that dangerous,socially acceptable drug,alcohol.as they are still standing up???


    • 23
      Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

      Who paid for the dinner ?

      a) HoC expenses Visa Card
      b) Lynton Crosby
      c) Big Tobacco
      d) Big business tax dodgers
      e) The EU
      f) Charles Saatchi
      g) Ordinary Tax Payers
      h) All of the above


      • 32
        economy is improving after Labour nearly destroyed it says:

        A thousand new jobs created by Bentley in Crewe.


        • 42
          Magaluf Engerlander says:

          Who paid for Farage and his magic garage to set up an off shore education trust?


          • Maqboul says:

            That’s easy, Farage did.


          • Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

            As Hodge will tell you, there is nothing wrong in setting up offshore trusts.

            Plus he never used it.



          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            For a given definition of “Farage did” that is true. But “his” money, from his EU stipend, came from…..? come on… I know you know this one……..


          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            Plus he never used it…? That’s it? That’s your argument in a nutshell? He hadn’t got around to using it?

            Lets explore that:

            “Yes your honour my client, Mr Winston Alvarado of Brixton, no longer denies having a 9mm pistol , but as he hadn’t got around to using it, can we move on to more important matters and let him off, m’lud?”



          • Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

            Your barking, barking mad and barking up the wrong tree.

            Off shore trusts are perfectly legitimate legal structures.

            Hodge’s family shares, Im sure Osborne wallpaper company and thousands of other MP’s and Lords companies are structured in a similar manner.

            EU expenses are not expenses as such, they are allowances, and paid to every EU MP at the same rate.



          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            Almost right, but missing the salient point, you little wag! The others have never denied setting up legal, legitimate off shore trusts – Farage did.

            Ad hom, ad hom,
            UKIP will still bomb
            Like a lead baloon
            They’ll be over soon,
            Ad hom, Ad hom.

            There – fixed it for you.



      • 52
        Len McCluskey says:

        Unite members always pay for me and my mates.


        • 104
          Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

          You didnt use “mates” when you sh@gged your assistant though did you…


      • 146
        Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

        Wrong again Magaluf, you really are barking.

        He didn’t deny setting the trust up.

        More accurately he denied receiving dividends, which is true.

        So who is more guilty….

        The man who set up a trust and didn’t receive any dividends and closed it down.

        Or the 100’s of MPs and Lords who structure their business affairs offshore and in trusts, and continue to do so, again think Hodge here. Let alone Starbucks, Google, Amazon et al.

        Your screaming hypocrisy is quite Andy Burnhamesque.

        You must be a liberal or a closet socialist.


        • 149
          Magaluf Engerlander says:

          Nice try – but wrong on just about all levels, but hey, thanks for the attention.
          However Barking is the province of the delusional and the power mad – Hodge and the BeeNP – a sort of amalgam of UKRAP really.

          But just to be fair, let me summarise the position:

          Crash Bandicoot sets up an off shore Educational trust on the Isle of Man, but gets questioned about it so doesn’t actually use it – if it’s an OK thing to do, why not use it? If it’s not, why set it up in the first place? Cake and eat it defence.

          No one mentioned expenses, the word I used was stipend – which is defined as “a fixed or regular amount of money paid as a salary or allowance”. We agree on that.

          However, as you brought allowances into it:


          So – got caught with his hand almost in the off shore till so pretends that he was never going to use it anyway and got his hands caught in the EU petty cash till.

          Fixed it for you again! Just a quick thanks will do, no flowers or dinner, it’s just embarrasing.I’m not THAT kind of Engerlander.


    • 55
      Michael Gove says:

      You don’t want to see me when I’m REALLY smasheroo, trust me on this one– here’s a picture of me that way, in my misspent youth:


    • 94
      bergen says:

      Gove’s definitely got the early signs of a drinker’s nose there.


    • 157
      broderick crawford says:

      did you mean Twinkies ??


  3. 3
    Arthur Haynes-Manual says:

    It’s a shame that Boris doesn’t wear his “safety helmet” in every bed he parks his “bike” in.


  4. 4

    Well that’s two fingers to the Nanny Dave’s conniptions over excessive alcohol intake. Well done the pair of them!


  5. 7
    Boris says:

    I’ve put more women into labour than Ed ever will.


  6. 9
    Silly tart from the Indy on Newsnight says:

    The birth of this baby means that there wont be a black,lesbian,homosexual,one legged,chinese muslim on the throne for at least seventy years.
    Is that fair?


  7. 17
    tube_thumper says:

    Kate Burley made a right twot of herself on TRB coverage on sky last night. Everytime she gushed over someone in the crowd they couldn’t speak English and one joe dakis said he had heard the baby was black.

    When they asked a woman in hospital who had just delivered and unsightly lump was asked if she might name him after TRB the woman who was clearly just off the boat from Africa didn’t know it was TRB day and could hardly speak English. I wonder if she is paying the NHS?


  8. 18
    Yes Great news....For toffs says:


    • 41

      Most of those will be sold in rich counties like China, India and those parts of the ME that aren’t being democratised by the O’Bummer-Dave axis. But why stick to facts when a little class-warfare is in the offing?


      • 70
        Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

        UK specializes in producing high end goods for export, and better for those rich folk to buy a Bentley (or Rolls ?) rather than a Mercedes or the producing company outright.

        Agree it would be better for the workers to be able to purchase their own produce, not sure what staff deals are extended to Bentley workers but they may get a discount.

        A job is a job, a sale is a sale, and a thousand new jobs created at this firm is a positive sign for UK exports and the health of the global economy.

        The problem is, the rich countries are not in the EU.

        So – why the hell are we still involved with that and not able to directly negotiate trade deals without the rest of the mongs on the continent getting in the way ?


        • 78
          Maqboul says:

          +1. Quite , why does the EU take a slice of this success?


        • 85
          Penfold says:

          Rather a shame that Bentley’s parent company is VW (Volkswagen), established by that bogey man of the left Adolf Hitler.


        • 92
          SauerKraut says:

          Bentley is owned by Volkswagen Group Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

          What Dave did not say, was also in that picture is Dr Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen Group.


          • Cameron hates the UK & loves the EU says:

            VW owned 17% by the Govt of Qatar..


          • And IBM provided the technical expertise for recording, numbering and processing "prisoners" says:

            VW, able to buy a failed hedge fund, Porsche, in a closed sale meant to be illegal under EU rules.

            For YOU, ze bidding iz over!


      • 76
        Big Brothers in Arms says:

        Obama and Dave are no more democratic than China.

        Dave is trying to censor the internet that ordinary people see.

        Obama is trying to overturn a jury verdict

        And both are monitoring ALL our electronic communications


  9. 20
    Dennis Farina RIP says:


    • 33
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Nooo! Why is it always the good guys that go first?


      • 87
        Dennis Farina RIP says:

        I know. James Gandolfini, Mel Smith and now Farina in the space of a few weeks. Meanwhile, Tony Blair is still alive.


        • 98
          Jabba Le Chat says:

          “Tony Blair is still alive”

          Pah! Gordon Brown is the evil c u n t long past due to go to the great void…


  10. 22
    Anonymous says:

    And he’s being touted as a future Prime Minister!


  11. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Boris and Michael discussing who’s going to be leader after Call Me Dave bombs at the next election. Labour = Granita; Tories = Scotts (Lib Dems = HMP Ford)


  12. 30
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Whatever happened to Boris’s spread sheets showing his bike scheme reaching break even point?


  13. 38
    Owen Jones says:

    With rumours that the Royal Baby Boy will have a common English name, please give a warm welcome to Prince Sanjeev Mohammed Bogdan Cambridge.


  14. 43
    NUT member says:

    Gove is evil he is trying ruin our Marxist school system.


  15. 44
    Harold Harman GP says:

    Their children should be taken into care immediately.


  16. 56
    Anti Royal and Proud says:


  17. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Gove drunk has a face even inviting assault.

    Who would have guessed?


  18. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Nice they can afford a night out,


  19. 61
    Pleb says:

    What’s Benson and Hedge funds up to today then?


  20. 63
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    I suspect that that rucksack is the only thing holding Boris up


  21. 74
    Penfold says:

    Bloody toffs, repressing the working class.

    Haven’t the piccies made the Morning Star’s early edition?

    BBC haven’t made this a news story….

    Grauniad running on-line editorial?

    Oh dear another non-story………


  22. 75
    Chucky's (International) News says:

    I know that you are all enjoying my tweets so here’s some more Chucky (International) news, this time from Peking, where I am pretending to be an important statesman and trade envoy.

    * Mrs Wan Hung Low is watering her garden in Baotai Road.

    * The children in Number 7 Middle School have just finished for the day.

    * Someone has just fallen off their bike outside a restaurant near Guanyuan Bridge

    * And finally, here are a few words of greeting that I have had passed to me from my Chinese Government hosts. They translate as, ‘O great Obama of the south wind, silken panther born of greatness.’ 你是个该死的白痴


  23. 89
    Skynews Viewer says:

    Geez, they’re talking about Kate breastfeeding now. Haven’t they noticed how small her Charlies are yet?


  24. 90
    Ben Elton says:


  25. 91
    Boris & Michael says:

    Tonight tonight tonight
    We’re gonna make it right


  26. 93
    Joyce Thacker says:

    I’m disgusted that this baby has been born into a white upper class family who, if they could vote, would probably vote UKIP. I demand that the baby be taken immediately into care so that he can be given to a caring, decent muslim foster family. Mr Ibrahim and his 14 cousins from Rochdale have offered to foster the baby and promised to raise him in a warm, nurturing environment.


  27. 99
    Ah! Monika says:

    BBC photos of babies born yesterday all coloured.


    • 113
      illogical says:

      Would not surprise me either if the Beeb or Guardian will be claiming in a day or two that the royal Baby’s first words were ” Did Crosby ask about plain packaging”


  28. 101
    Ah! Monika says:

    Phillip, Louis You heard it first here.


  29. 105
    Ed Miliband says:

    David once spiked my orange squash with Shandy Bass!!! He’s so funny!


  30. 117
    Chars says:

    I’d be as happy as that if the tax-payer was funding my night out too.

    Mine’s a treble! Hic.


  31. 118
    meanwhile says:

    Mehdi Hasan.
    Political director of The Huffington Post UK

    “Without Immigrants, Our Country Wouldn’t Function – So Let’s Give It a Go for 24 Hours”

    Go on then……..fuck off.


    • 152
      The Daily Obvious says:

      Immigrant promotes immigration shocker.

      The logical corollary would be during that 24 hours, no immigrants would be able to use any services, shops, roads, hospitals etc., either.

      The more immigrants you accept, the more you need to look after and pay for them, in a small island with limited resources, such as this.

      It’s another government unsustainable Ponzi scheme.


  32. 137
    Post hoc says:

    That was nothing – you should have seen us. Good on ‘em for properly wetting the baby’s head!!


  33. 139
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Were they making a deal, like Blair and Brown, as to who should b party leader first?


  34. 148

    Thhash a jol..joll…..jolly evening old lovies innit!


  35. 151

    Boris for pm job


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