July 22nd, 2013

Guardian Puts Record Straight


The Guardian has done a follow up which largely corrects the record after Guido pointed out the factual errors in their healthcare lobbying story from this morning. Namely that they had got the target audience completely wrong and that the firm organising the event wasn’t Tory leaning CTF, it was in fact Labour leaning lobbyists Westminster Advisers. A statement issued by Mark Detre from Westminster Advisers confirms the accuracy of Guido’s version of events:

“Crosby Textor Fullbrook provided research and advice into public attitudes on healthcare to H5. H5 is a predecessor to the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations and they did that in 2010 and 2011. The arrangement between CTF and H5 ended in mid 2011. AIHO is a new organisation formed in March 2013 and has no relationship with CTF.”

Nicholas Watt at the Guardian reports that

Detre declined to comment on a report on the Guido Fawkes website that Westminster Advisers, run by the Labour supporter and former councillor Dominic Church, organised a cross-party meeting at the end of 2010 which was shown the Crosby Textor research. Detre said: “I’m not going to go into that. I have given you the statement we are giving out. That is all we are saying.”

Judge for yourself…


  1. 1
    Pollytwaddle says:

    The Graun couldn’t “put the record straight” if you paid ‘em.


    • 8
      before Leverson says:

      If the BBC ran it should not heads role without pay-offs.

      As the Guardian is set up to avoid tax perhaps HM tax inspectors should review it.


  2. 2
    Another angry voice says:

    For the lazy they will only see the spin by Guido but if you dig deeper, here is an extract of one of the links provided which paints a rather different picture:

    But in the main, cold financial considerations will make a political preference for NHS provision, purely because it is publicly provided, untenable. Councils and, importantly, the CCGs who will hold the purse-strings, will be under pressure to choose the provider who can offer NHS standards of quality and price, most efficiently. As seen already by tenders in Devon and Suffolk, on these business considerations alone, private providers are already winning. While not Labour councils, as Labour do not have overall control of any counties at present, I believe this trend will be followed after likely gains in county elections next year. So the fiscal situation, even if adjusted in the next spending round, dictates that Labour will need to work more closely with private health providers at a local level. This will have been forged by financial necessity and a realisation that, by the time the party will hopefully regain national power in 2015, many of the Lansley reforms will be very hard to undo in practice.

    The CCGs hold the budget and they are forced to put everything to tender so they have no real choice really. This will be the race to the bottom for the NHS. So much for patient choice eh? The problem is you can’t see or understand the consequences of this reform that will only benefit the private health sector and Tory donors including Lynton Crosby.


  3. 3
    Keitho says:

    It does seem the left are in disarray and are backing away from anything that questions their belief system. Even their hideous climate wars columnist Dana Nuticcelli has been shown up to be working for big oil and gas while trashing all that his paymasters stand for yet the Guardian will not let that be known.

    The Guardian has devolved into an undergraduate toilet wall of establishment bashing. No substance and no morals in their pursuit of leftist advantage.



  4. 4
    Hey Baby says:

    It’s a boy! That was lucky for Kate. The royals would’ve had to dump the baby in a bin if it had been a girl.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Australian shitstains like Lynton Crosby and Rupert Murdoch must be the karmic retribution for Britain’s use of Australia as a dumping ground for Britain’s criminal classes


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    It’s a boy.


  7. 9
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Well done Guido, you’ve got them on the run and scampering for cover. We can all see they’ve been flushed out for crony “journalism”, printing nonsense to support their Labour chums.

    I must say I’m enjoying Nicolas Watt’s public humiliation!


    • 11
      Helen Boaden says:

      Typo. It’s Nicholas Twat.


    • 22
      Anonymous says:

      The guardian has been going downhill for a while now, i dont know where they get the people who post on line from, they are the strangest set of people i have ever read. When Snowden was first in the news, they were all saying they wanted to live in Venezuala !


  8. 10
    Helen Boaden says:

    Assistant heads will roll for this.


  9. 13
    Crosby Steals & Cash Ltd. says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. Let’s have no more nonsense about conflicts of interest now.


  10. 14
    Ivor Welsh says:

    Glaxo are now admitting that their managers who have been accused of bribery have broken Chinese law.

    This Company has brought shame and disgrace to this once proud country.

    Mr Cameron is clearly a man of action.

    Not only should he be waging a war on porn but he should be insisting this Company is wound up immediatley on the just and equitable ground.

    If this is not possible then all contracts between Glaxo and the State should be frozen.


  11. 17
    Ctesibius says:

    So just so I get this straight: Nick Watts, Political Editor of the Guardian, self-evidently fakes a wholly spurious story in order to rubbish the Conservatives, slavishly following a Labour attack line. And that’s OK for Rushbridger and everyone else? I’m quite happy with that too but it you’re not, Nick, would you mind posting? I’d much prefer it if someone like you wasn’t Millionaireband’s pathetic poodle.


  12. 18
    Anon says:

    Great work, Guido, for exposing this.


  13. 19
    One man, one vote. says:

    Know what’s weird? Every day last week Owen Jones attracted exactly 152 twitter followers….. every day…..



  14. 23
    Saffron says:

    The Guardian is not a newspaper in that it is a bunch of leftie assholes acting for the Red Len/Red Millicrap Union organisation.
    The Beeboid scum are also no better and for a supposedly unbiased state broadcaster the left wing bias they churn out is to all right thinking people frankly the pits.
    The parliaments we have had over years now have proved as to what their morals are all about and it is me,me and me and we don’t give a toss about you.
    Wake up people and at least try to rid this land of these parasitic vermin who would rule you,time for change I say.


  15. 27
    Howzat1932 says:

    Take away the television tax,make them stand on their own feet then watch all the fancy salaries and job titles vanish.Its even worth having to watch some more mind numbing adverts,that’s if they would be able to attract any.There would be massive job shedding,gone taffy tele jock tele Irish tele,all those managers asst. managers,deputy assistant managers.All those orchestras to give one superb well funded one no more constant winging for more finance.The tickets for the performances are out of the range of most people,tho. Perhaps Evan Davies Ch4who lives in a special rarified group,so he self consciously informs us is in a position to afford the seats then again he most gets the usual freebie.The organisers feel privileged if he and his ilk.attend.


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