July 19th, 2013

Misery Index: Summer Sunshine

With temperatures hitting the thirties, the Aussies capitulating at Lords and borrowing down last year, it’s smiles all round this summer. Unemployment fell again this month and, crucially, Public Sector Net Cash Requirement is down at 3.1 from last month’s high. Which all gives us a summer Misery Index of just 12.03. Pimms o’clock…

N.B. stats bods can check Guido’s adding up here.


  1. 1

    Your calculation misses a *100 but never mind, eh?


    • 2
      Django anti socialim says:

      Maybe just maybe the economy is turning the corner….I know the socialists on this site wish failure on anything that doesn’t have a red flag stuck on it but dare we believe that “things can only get better”?


      • 12

        I think you raise a very interesting point about the misuse of the song Things Can Only Get Better which developed into a meme.

        The following should be remembered for posterity: The socialists sang it at the beginning of their period in office whereas they ought to have reserved it for the Grand Finale.


        • 15
          Officer Dibble says:

          I’ve always imagined of a Tory Party Political Broadcast highlighting all of Labour’s failures and broken promises in office, with a soundtrack of a piano playing “Things Can Only Get Better” in a mournful minor key…


          • Bill Quango MP x says:

            I like it.
            Maybe on a very old village hall style piano. Like at the end of black adder IV.


          • TV viewer says:

            Ah, party political broadcasts. I remember them from the 1960s, but surely they don’t still do them. I’ve never seen any for at least 20 years.


          • Fairs fair in love and war but I will never be beaten at this game – I am as close to a professional at the top of my game as one can get. Love or or hate it but don’t pretend it is not the case.


          • @8:35 pm

            …except you are a fake.

            Do you have such a low opinion of yourself that you want to be me, ffs!


        • 30
          Sit Petra says:

          More like:


        • 114
          Class Interests says:

          Since then did Socialism and Tony Blair have ANYTHING in common?


          • West Country Man says:

            They were both the future, once.


          • Actually says:

            Didn’t St. Tone always refer to himself as a ‘progressive communitarian’ code for the new globalist left?

            He was also a devout follower of the ‘third way’ also known as corporatist fascism.

            So what is fascism? It’s an offshoot of collectivist socialism, it’s only difference with socialism is that instead of nationalising the means of production, government merges with it.

            The end result of both are indistinguishable, misery for the many, privilige and wealth for the few.

            Your whine that Bliar was not a true follower of collectivist leftism is entirely hollow.


      • 93
        Ippikin says:

        Please dear G*D, don’t remind me of 1997.


        • 195
          Message in a bottle says:

          Ah 1997, I was a young man and things really could only get better after the grey years of Major.
          Like millions I fell for it and lived to bitterly regret it.

          The Labour party relentlessly went about ruthlessly politicising every aspect of life and transforming a country, largely at ease with itself into a modern hellhole.

          The motive for their poisonous behaviour was not even based in ideology, but spite.
          A desire to ‘rub peoples noses in it’ after being rejected three times previously.

          So what kind of country did Labour’s spite build?

          Well, if you live in a city or large town, just look around. If you have a job, lucky you, but why are the wages such that you have to scrape by, month to month?
          Why are your energy bills sky high and rising? What kind of country are your children going to grow up in, a free one, or a virtual police state, where everything is monitored, watched and recorded?
          A country where free speech is allowed, but only if it is the ‘correct’ kind of free speech? A country where democracy is decided by a narrow tri-partate socialist alliance, who demonise and ridicule any who dissent?

          Things can only get better, was just a cynical exercise in deciet, a self enrichers charter and a poisonous dogma, designed to install socialist government for all eternity.

          Thankfully it’s dying already, I won’t miss it when it’s gone either.


          • Ippikin says:

            Gosh, that’s very perceptive for a hot day! Your are absolutely correct of course.
            Whilst no longer in the first flush of youth like yourself I was just starting a new business venture and oh my, did they make it difficult for me.
            Amongst other things I came up against a manifestly corrupt ‘prospective member of parliament’ as he, a Lib Dem of course described himself; who along with his best mate did everything they could to thwart my plans because they wanted my land at a knock-down price for their own nefarious project.
            It took £30k in legal costs etc to see them off, but I’m delighted to say they have both since reaped the reward for their activities. I went on to complete the project successfully but with a bitter taste in my mouth.


      • 115
        Dave Cam The Scrounger In Chief says:

        Yes the economy will get better since the benefit cap still pays more than the vast majority of employers

        Still I’m an MP so I’m alright Jack


    • 55
      Scunthorpe Cat says:

      Modbot’s broken:-)


  2. 3
    Dweeb says:

    Just looked at your spreadheet, Guido. It’s all about money. Since you mention them, shouldn’t you factor in the weather and cricket results (and football if you must)?

    You might also include how many times Miranda Kerr has appeared in the Mail.


  3. 4
    Harry Balls. says:

    Has Ed Balls disappeared of the face of the planet? Maybe his popularity is flatlining.


  4. 5
    Bill Quango MP-X says:

    Ed Balls has been absent from the papers and telly since the union funding/NHS deaths stories began.

    That’s worth 6pts on the smiley side of the index by itself. Would have been 10 points but Owen Jones worked overtime.


    • 8
      Harry Balls. says:

      Everything time I google Ed Balls he has hit on Stiffany Flanders about 45300 times. Chancer.


    • 14
      H@rry Balls n Dick 'Ed says:

      Labour are not even credible opposition. :)


      • 146
        BBC - Bring Back Communism says:

        We do not believe that the government is doing a good job, and do not believe their figures.
        As normal we support our Labour Party comrades and keep rubbishing the government.
        Today we took aim at Fracking and totally rubished it as a future energy, even though we had no facts to the contrary at all. Its all about spin, spin, cuts, cuts, Labour says, Labour says.


        • 211
          Haribo Halfwit says:

          Agreed. Very bizarre coverage, which used the government announcement of a tax cut for exploration (much as Labour did with North Sea oil) as an excuse to show a hundred protestors with an enormous NO TO FRACKING banner framed against the backdrop of Pugin’s neo-gothic palace.

          Rent-a-mob must have a props department hidden somewhere backstage.


    • 16
      Officer Dibble says:

      They should get Owen on Top Gear and let Clarkson loose on him. Is he old enough to drive?


  5. 6
    Harry Balls. says:

    Has Ed Balls disappeared of
    the face of the planet? Maybe
    his popularity is flatlining.


  6. 7
    Winning for Britain says:

    Osborne is winning for Britain


  7. 9
    Labour = misery in the NHS. says:

    On the downside.13000 deaths caused by Labour mismanagement of the nhs. Not one apology & not one resignation. Disgraceful!


  8. 10
    Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

    No matter what my benefits and pensions remain as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.


    • 18
      fractions says:

      Your Percentage is diminishing. Now 97.333.
      What do you consider a minimum percentage number that would not rub you up the wrong way should the London and country UK weighting of spare room subsidy result in an influx of foreigners [ Manchester United supporters the exception]?


    • 69
      M102 says:

      I would rather go to work and earn enough not to live in the toilet that is Merseyside.


    • 194
      D cameron says:

      FFS you are a twat


  9. 11
    H@rry Balls says:



  10. 13
    meteo says:

    I put it down to the weather.
    But then if the good weather keeps on it will be difficult to seperate the guest workers, [I use the term loosely] from the locals.


  11. 19
    Bill Quango MP x says:

    Free with tomorrow’s Independent. An Owen Jones CD. No, not the little choir boy..the other one, but we can see how the confusion could arise.
    .This is a CD of his ideas. Please play it this summer as you sit by the pool to keep your privileged checked.

    Evil Tories..baby hating…capitalist ..bankers..payday loans..Ashcroft…food banks..progressive…unions…hardworkingfamilies…millionaires….99%…Occupy…
    The illegal occupation of the Golan heights … NHS is the envy of the world…oppression…offshore…shareholders…poorest and most vulnerable…uncaring…TUC…American involvement in…..Eton… students…Murdoch…immigration is a positive thing because….gender awareness…boo hoo..boo hoo….society…Privately educated…miners…Fox news…health insurance…….etc etc

    And don’t forget..Coming free with Monday’s Independent – Tuesday’s Independent


  12. 20
    Dark cloud on the horizon says:

    Why doesn’t the murdering fuck Tony B.liar fuck the fuck off. Preferably to the Hague. War Criminal!


    • 24
      nellnewman says:

      Maybe after chilcot is published next year . Just maybe!!


      • 28
        Dark cloud on the horizon. says:

        P!gs will fly. The murderer is lobbying the Labour so that he & Mandy can line their pockets. Shameless!


        • 121
          Anonymous says:

          By the way, how did the Tories vote when it came to the the IRAQ WAR?


          • Hallo there says:

            …. after they had been misled and lied to in the Commons? Good question.


          • A dodgy dossiers and a Internet thesis says:

            Given the Labour spin machine along with their BBC comrades they would have been accused o talking Britain down. That’s normally what Labour did when shutting down dissent


  13. 21
    A teechur says:

    Goodie, another 6 weeks off. I will be telling everyone that at least 5 of these are spent preparing for next year. In fact, I will be lolling about on a beach, and getting ratarsed in Benidorm for most of the time. Hoping for even more hols and strikes next year. Toodle pip!


  14. 26
    David Cameron says:



  15. 27
    David Cameron says:

    I am the crisis that will leave you homeless,
    The heart attack you have through stress,
    The reason the hospital you need is closed,
    The prescription you cannot afford,
    The food shopping you cannot buy,
    The reason you feel ashamed to be disabled,
    The reason you no longer have a job,
    I am the reason you are called a scrounger,
    I am David Cameron,
    This is the Tory Party,
    We are your crisis,
    And we don’t care who or what you are


    • 29
      Dark cloud on the horizon. says:

      Fuck off Owen. Bullshit!


    • 31
      D.N.R a Labour Government. says:

      McCluski would have us Spend! Spend! Spend! Like a manic depressive on a high!


      • 119
        Dave Cam The Scrounger In Chief says:

        I spend lots of money on things like aid to India and lucrative contracts with failed companies like A4E and Seetec

        But I earn silly money and get lots of time off for little work. I truly am a scrounger


    • 39
      In my day a pint cost less in the pub but twice as much from the off licence says:

      The food you can’t buy?
      Even the notoriously expensive co-op have J2O on buy one – get two free.
      That’s 50p a bottle for J2O.

      Imagine what the deals are on the crappy drinks at crappier supermarkets.
      The truth is there are pound shops everywhere. And value supermarkets too.
      It’s never been cheaper to be poor.
      Even booze is cheap.

      Think how cheap it is to get booze from the shops nowadays. Only fags are expensive. And petrol.
      So ditch them and you could have plenty of full size 28p tins of beans for the family.


      • 98
        Ippikin says:

        LPG only 65 cents in Flanders. Pack of Players Richmond £3.80 and as many moules frites as you can get down your neck.
        Note I said Flanders, not Belgium.


    • 40
      Trim says:

      No one listens to you red ed. no one.


    • 117
      The cat in the hat says:

      I am the crisis that will leave you homeless through uncontrolled immigration.
      The reason the hospital you need is under special control
      The prescription you cannot afford because there’s no money left
      I am New Labour,
      And we never cared about you. We didn’t give a toss.
      But we all got very rich.


    • 197
      M Gove says:

      Stick it to him


  16. 32
    Pippa, a socialite says:

    Just wait until I become an auntie and can be seen at society weddings across England. Misery? No, the people will be enjoying street parties!


    • 35
      Harry Hewitt says:

      Thought you and your immortal arse were already seen at society weddings across England. Pimms all round!


  17. 33
    Anti-Rentier Alliance says:

    Ford shuts down its UK plants and moves them to Turkey.


    Oh well, there is always Buy To let and property flipping.


    • 86
      Everybody aout!! says:

      Another win for the unions


      • 177
        Maqboul says:

        Nothing to do with the unions. Wage rates get significantly lower as you move East. Turkey is significantly cheaper to manufacture goods in. The West cannot compete on this level so it must keep ahead in its technology.


        • 182
          Unions screwed my country says:

          Everything to do with unions but you are so fick you still can’t see why


      • 198
        Big Len says:

        Yet again


    • 120
      IDS says:

      The UK workers were greedy

      How dare they ask for a proper wage

      They don’t know well off they are

      Sanction the whole lot my Jobcentre Gestapo


  18. 34
    Sue Neil says:

    Why do we still think Ed is crap? Ed is most definitely not crap! He is merely misunderstood, and I put it to you that is the chief reason why he is so maligned and ridiculed by the evil right-wing media.

    I am certain you will agree with me that Ed is magnificently charismatic and eloquent. He is an inspiring and refreshing standard bearer for the social democratic tradition in our great nation. Yes, indeed: One Nation. Nay, his performance at PMQs yesterday must surely have been amongst the greatest (if not the greatest) ever given by a leader of the Labour Party, or indeed of any party leader! Such magnificence, such poise, such alacrity. Wow! He absolutely wiped the floor with his Tory opponents!

    He is articulate, passionate, an accomplished orator, and I think a real progressive alternative to the smarmy posh boy Cameron.


    • 42
      Bill Quango MP x says:

      Are there perhaps two Eds? The one we were watching was like a wonk from the Thick of It.


      • 57
        Sue Neil says:

        The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that Ed, for lack of a better word, is good. Ed is right, Ed works. Ed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Ed, in all of his forms; Ed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And Ed, you mark my words, will not only save the Labour Party, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the UK. Thank you very much.


    • 49
      PDubya says:

      Well done Sunil, your phraseology and eulogising of virtually every trait that Ed does not nor ever shall possess tickles my funny bone.
      Are you slumming or has Smithson booted you off PB for taking the piss out of one of the greatest political snots ever to crawl out of Gordon’s hooter?


      • 64
        Sue Neil says:

        Appreciate you mixing me up with Smithson’s trainspotting side-kick, but Sue Neil’s my name, thank you very much!


    • 50

      A standard bearer?

      No! A gold standard bearer. A beacon of light in the political and moral firmament. A veritable Milky Way of spiral galaxy (no, not the chocolate type). The surface brightness may not be there but the globular clusters more than make up for this.

      Provided he had no more wind-up problem with his spiral arms, then his peculiar velocity will move him in the direction of being the Great Attractor and we should all get pleasantly red-shifted towards a more acceptable galactic habitable zone.

      His presence is truly cosmic.


  19. 36
    Chillaxing Dave says:

    C’mon everyone, celebrate with me!


  20. 38
    Howard Beale says:

    ‘Government Borrowing is down’ – Bullingdon Broadcasting Corp, 5 minutes ago.

    Pick a figure, any figure, and spin until you are dizzy.

    ‘We will eliminate the deficit within 5 years’ going well, is it?


    • 78
      Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

      Evening, Ed.


      • 87
        Left wing mong spotter says:

        ‘We will eliminate the deficit within 5 years’ going well, is it?

        Actually no because it was found just recently Labour spent more than was admitted and they fucked us up more than was originally known


  21. 41
    one flew over the cuckoos nest says:

    Its all going wrong fir the two eds and Labour
    All their prophesies of doom have failed to materialise
    They tried to con the public in finances, the health service and employment and found to either be lying, utterly wrong from the start or probably both
    Keep the labour scumbags out


    • 43
      Ed Moribund says:

      I know. I was lying. And you know I was lying.
      But what’s great is I’m still going to be Prime Minister because not enough of you like Cameron and everyone hates the liberals.

      So I will get in with a workable majority.


  22. 46
    A GP on £150,000 + private work says:

    My NHS patients are still seeking health advice in this hot weather.

    The body loses salt through perspiration and it’s important this is replaced. I recommend you follow my example and increase consumption of Iranian Karaburun Ossetra Caviar, served on blinis with lemon wedges and ice-cold Stolichnaya Elit vodka.


  23. 47
    Blimp says:

    Why is ok for men to have all-male marriages but not all-male clubs?


  24. 48
    Fishy says:

    Economy on the up, unemployment down, borrowing down, jobs up, deficit down, exports up, Abu Qatada up and away, crime down, the sun’s shining, the birds are singing. Girls are getting their kit off, cricketers winning, Lions roaring, Labour’s getting found out on the NHS and selection fraud !!! It just gets better and better.

    Clearly the misery index sample consisted only of lefty BBC and Channel 5 biased, carping ‘news’ gatherers. Economy? Yes but…Qatada, No but…crime down, Yes but….etc etc,. ad bloody nauseum.

    As the news gets better and the election approaches, the noise of the left’s misery will get louder, amplified by Labour’s BBC.


  25. 51
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    So unemployment is falling is it ?

    Fatboy and his mates must think we are a load of twats.


    • 183
      Better for someone to think you are stupid rather than pixel and prove it says:

      Obviously you are a twat because it actually is.


    • 203
      Cuba Libre says:

      Of course they think you are a twat, armed response is the only solution, you know it makes sense.


  26. 54
    Scunthorpe Cat says:

    SHunthorpe rocks


  27. 56
    The BBC are cunts says:

    EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD IF YOU’RE REPORTING FOR THE BBC…..( That’s what you wanted us to tweet, wasn’t it, Eds ? )


  28. 63
    Aids Riddled cunt in Edinburgh says:

    How many Labour MPs does it take to change a light bulb? None! They are so fucking useless.


  29. 74
    Allan, you at t'bar says:



  30. 75

    Government offers Millions in tax breaks for any company taking up fracking
    i wonder how many of our vile corrupt political types have been lobbying for this with promises of huge cash handouts and seats on boards ?

    If this business is so fucking lucrative , then why do they need handouts ?
    A chance for yet more American companies exploiting Britain and paying No tax


    • 122
      Ed Moribund says:

      Fuck off you green mong.
      Listen..When I was energy and climate wassit..Well..I was so busy plotting for Gordon that i completely forgot to build any power stations.
      Just acres and acres of useless wind farms that haven’t produced a kw as there hasn’t been any wind for weeks. Luckily the solar panels manage to power the socket they are plugged into or the lights would be off now.

      So fuck off! ‘coz When I’m PM in 2015 this fracking is going to save my little arse.


      • 139

        I’m about as green as your teeth pal
        i just don’t like governments giving my money to people in return for bungs
        i would re open the coalmines tomorrow and fuck all these fuckin hairdryers on sticks


    • 123
      The cat in the hat says:

      Quite so. Me, I’d rather freeze my bollocks off than see someone else make a few bob doing something useful.


  31. 84
    Sir William Waad says:

    Better still, our Clydesdale mare is in foal at last.


  32. 92

    Trayvon Martin could have been me – Barack Obama

    He really knows how to rub it in, doesn’t he?


  33. 100
    A non miserable person says:

    I am so happy, after 28 years overseas and 2 years on that stinking Island Mallorca, I have waited 3 years here on this Island to be comfortable and warm, yes, warm, the sun is shining, I have just moved into my new house, a garden at last. All my nice sun dresses out of the wardrobe, nice glowing feeling on my skin, the lid down on my Mazzie 5, pure bloody bliss. Officially my feet are now, after three years here, warm.

    Screw the lot of them, my index is sated. It feels good to be alive just now. Sod the moaners.


  34. 103
    Saffron says:

    I see a lot of liebour assholes on this blog lately trying to convince people that the liebour party will be the salvation of this land.
    Have the liebour party whenever they have been in power which in terms of years is minute ever left this land in a better condition,no they have not,if you don’t beleive me have a lookback at their history.
    You will find that past liebour government had their problems but the absolute worst liebour governments were in the Bliar/McDoom period,who by their actions changed this land from being community orientated to a hellhole of lets say peoples who want to destroy our culture aided by our so called guardians of this land.
    The politico’s of this land need to understand that we as a country are fecked off big time as to how we are being given away to the highest bidder.
    To summerise politics today is a pile of shite which we should not stand for.


  35. 113
    Daniel Pipes says:

    Conspiracy theory at 10:01 pm above.


  36. 126
    Dave Cam - The Scrounger in Chief says:

    It’s nice to see that so many have fallen into our trap of setting the benefits cap higher than the wage paid by the vast majority of employers

    That way the blame will be directed at scroungers instead of greedy Scrooge employers

    It feels great to be paid a large wage plus expenses plus lobbying plus so much time off

    And yet those who have been made redundant and end up on the dole are the problem



  37. 129
    UKIP or bust says:

    Oh, so Detroit has gone bankrupt because of racism, as implied by NN.


  38. 131
    UKIP or bust says:

    UKIP or bust says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Why? wadi say? mama mia.


  39. 133
    The cat in the hat says:

    You really haven’t got the hang of this language thing, have you.


  40. 134
    U.R Nuts :- Get a life says:

    The PSNCR is financed by borrowing – principally by means of the sale of government gilt edged stocks, usually known as gilts.[1] Since 2009 large quantities of gilts have been created and repurchased by the Bank of England under its policy of quantitative easing, with a view to stimulating economic growth.

    A zero-hour contract is an employment arrangement where an employee has agreed to be available for work as and when required, so that no particular number of hours of times of work are specified.[1] The employee is expected to be on-call and receive compensation only for hours worked.


  41. 137
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Lack of transparency, zero accountability, utterly shameless. It’s LibDem ideology in action.


  42. 138
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Emily Chumless was showing rather a lot of cellulite on NN there a moment ago.


  43. 140
    Rab G. McTotton says:

    Your havin a laff – and u don’t give a bugr anyway cos u r a tax exile livin in the emerald isle.


  44. 141
    R. Burns says:

    Is there for honesty poverty
    That hings his head, an’ a’ that;
    The coward slave – we pass him by,
    We dare be poor for a’ that!
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    Our toils obscure an’ a’ that,
    The rank is but the guinea’s stamp,
    The man’s the gowd for a’ that.

    What though on hamely fare we dine,
    Wear hoddin grey, an’ a’ that?
    Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine,
    A man’s a man for a’ that.
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    Their tinsel show, an’ a’ that,
    The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor,
    Is king o’ men for a’ that.


  45. 142
    Rab G. McTotton says:

    Aye, and are ye, Fawkes an honest man? Frankly I doot it


  46. 143
    jesus is real says:

    I love political propaganda, I did 4 TV ads for the CDU, I don’t care who it is I just love the statements.


    • 145
      Rab G. McTotton says:

      And u r really Guido Fawkes?


    • 148
      Rab G. McTotton says:

      I understand if u don’t want to admit it.

      BTW ……..”If you have a £250,000 portfolio” hahaha. Either u have won the lottery or u must either b a crook or a a greedy and exploitative bstard!!!!!!


      • 164
        jesus is real says:

        I think you misunderstood what I meant by “statements”
        by attaining a certain level of understanding it is possible to view statements people might make as a whole thing. for example my experiences in creating political propaganda for germans has helped me to understand somebody like Mandelson.


        • 170
          Rab G. McTotton says:


          Over and out


          • jesus is real says:

            FFS you cannot say over and out
            “over” means I have finished sending I am waiting for your response.
            “out” means I am gone.
            who the fuck was your radio instructor ?


  47. 149
    Stating the Obvious says:

    Isabel Oakenshot on SKy news , what a stupid cow, but then again we knew that, just ask Vcky Price( another thick bastard) . Bottom line, who is her father cause thats the only way a dim Hunt like this would have such a high profile.


    • 151
      The State We're In says:

      Chief economist at Williams & Glyn’s Bank (now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland) from 1973 to 1983;

      chief economist at Peat Marwick McLintock and KPMG from 1986 to 2001;

      corporate economist for Exxon Europe from 1983 to 1986

      joined the Department for Trade and Industry in August 2002 as Chief Economic Adviser.

      visiting professor at City University’s Cass Business School from 2002 to 2006 and from 2008 to 2011,

      visiting professor at Imperial College Business School since 2010;

      visiting Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford since 2008;

      Fellow of the Society of Business Economists since 2005,

      sat on the Council of the University of Kent since 2005

      sat on the council of the Royal Society for the Arts from 2008 to 2009.

      Member of the Council of the Royal Economic Society (REconS) from 2002 to 2007.

      In 2010 became the Master of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.


      • 153
        Stating the Obvious says:

        That explains it cause his daughter is as stupid as they come.


        • 158
          I am a true capitalist and I hate the Highgate socialists children getting all the ice cream says:

          Could we please stop having the elites children getting the nod on everything ?


        • 159
          The State We're In says:

          No my friend, that is the CV of Vicky Pryce. Of cours it misses out the bits where she was imprisoned.


          • If he's a PR man then Ive got a massive cock says:

            Hah but of course the wiki entry doesnt really go into her parents background. No doubt rich as fuck which would explain their influence. She is beyond stupid but with loads of initials after her name. A sure sign signature of the ‘elite’.


  48. 150
    Jerome "Curly" Howard says:

    “Truth is stranger than fiction, Judgie-Wudgie!”
    I figured you’d appreciate this one, BW– it seems to confirm everything you think about the courts:


  49. 154
    Stating the Obvious says:

    That explains it cause his daughter is as stupid as they come.


  50. 155
    Magic 8 Ball says:

    Did Cameron ever talk to Lynton Crosby about cigarette packaging?

    I’m not quite sure.


  51. 157
  52. 162
    Err! says:

    139: http://tinyurl.com/ox2mmkm

    liar liar pants on fire


  53. 165
    If he's a PR man then Ive got a massive cock says:

    Talking of Oakeshott read this to see how to try and blame someone else for your ambitious idiocy http://www.newstatesman.com/staggers/2013/03/isabel-oakeshott-vicky-pryce-double-crossed-me


  54. 168
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:


    {___}                                       *** ## ***    
     | |_________                           *##             ##*                   
     | |`-._`-._(___________            *##                     ##*
     | |`-._`-._|   :;    |(__________##                           ##*
     | |    `-._|   :;    || _.-'_.-'|                               ##*
     | | _ _ _ _|._ :;    ||'_.-'_.-'|                                 ##*
     | |--------|._`:;    ||'_.-'    |         *#      *#               ##*
     | |        |----      |' _ _ _ _|         *##     *##               ##*
     | |________|          |---------|          *       *                 ##*
     | |- - - - |____      |         |                                    ##*
     | |     _.-|.--:;    ||_________|                                    ##*
     | | _.-'_.-|.-':;    ||- - - - -|                                   ##*
     | |'_.-'_.-|   :;    ||`-._     |       *##          ##*           ##*
     | |~~~~~~~~|   :;    ||`-._`-._ |         *##      ##*            ##*
     | |        '~~~~~~~~~~|`-._`-._`|           *######*            ##*
     | |                   '~~~~~~~~~~*#                            ##* 
     | |     UUUUUUUU     UUUUUUUU       *##                     ##*
     | |     U::::::U     U::::::U           *##             ##*             
     | |     U::::::U     U::::::U               *** ## *** 
     | |     UU:::::U     U:::::UU
     | |      U:::::U     U:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U::::::U   U::::::U
     | |      U:::::::UUU:::::::U
     | |       UU:::::::::::::UU
     | |         UU:::::::::UU
     | |           UUUUUUUUU
     | |
     | |     KKKKKKKKK    KKKKKKK
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K  
     | |     K:::::::K   K::::::K
     | |     KK::::::K  K:::::KKK
     | |       K:::::K K:::::K
     | |       K::::::K:::::K
     | |       K:::::::::::K  
     | |       K:::::::::::K
     | |       K::::::K:::::K
     | |       K:::::K K:::::K  
     | |     KK::::::K  K:::::KKK
     | |     K:::::::K   K::::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     KKKKKKKKK    KKKKKKK
     | |
     | |         IIIIIIIIII        
     | |         I::::::::I        
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         II::::::II
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |         II::::::II
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         IIIIIIIIII
     | |
     | |     P::::::::::::::::P    
     | |     P::::::PPPPPP:::::P   
     | |     PP:::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::PPPPPP:::::P   
     | |       P:::::::::::::PP    
     | |       P::::PPPPPPPPP      
     | |       P::::P              
     | |       P::::P              
     | |       P::::P                
     | |     PP::::::PP            
     | |     P::::::::P            
     | |     P::::::::P            
     | |     PPPPPPPPPP            


  55. 173
    Cheer up, vote UKIP says:


  56. 174
    Boney 'Call me Gay Marriage Dave' M: Putin says:

    Ra Ra Vlad Putin
    Hater of the Russian queens
    There is a cat that really was gone
    Ra Ra Vlad Putin
    Russia’s greatest love machine
    It was a shame how he carried on… ;-)

    Toodle Pip, duckies.


  57. 175
    jesus is real says:

    I cannot wait for Tuesday, are you sure he is away for the week ?
    should I bring the toy ?
    Oh shit wrong window


  58. 184

    Sound waves can be used to levitate and move objects


    What sounds can we use to move the Labour party, Unite, David Cameron and Owen Jones as far as possible?

    Things can only get better! :-)


  59. 190
    Chukar Obama in waiting Wikipedia version says:

    Fewer than one in four voters believes Ed Miliband will become Britain’s next Prime Minister
    Just 22 per cent of people expect him to win the next election
    Rising star Chuka Umunna, Miliband’s business spokesman, appears a more popular choice
    42 per cent think that Labour would have a better chance without him as leader

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2370891/Fewer-voters-believes-Ed-Miliband-Britains-Prime-Minister.html#ixzz2ZYnDgzAN
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  60. 206
    Lord Mosley says:

    Well Said


  61. 212
    John Inver....analmouse says:

    Bartoli will be a looker after her Harley Street appointment paid for by her massive winnings beating a wimpy german. They just get too much these women don`t they? Have I done it again?


  62. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Will the Misery Index be adjusted to take account of: Food Banks, the Bedroom Tax, pot holes, private train companies. . . ?


  63. 220
    praed street perambulator says says:




  64. 221
    praed street perambulator says says:





  65. 222
    broderick crawford says:

    testing is any one awake yet


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My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

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