July 19th, 2013

Labour’s iCampaign Inspiration

Labour have taken their quest to get an answer from Cameron on Lynton Crosby to social media, getting hundreds of tweeters to ask the PM the same question again and again. Where might they have learned that little trick? Back in 2011 Guido used exactly the same technique to hijack an #AskEd twitter Q & A session, bombarding Miliband with enquiries about his dinner with lobbyist Roland Rudd. Then there was the #HodgeTheDodge hashtag, which hundreds of co-conspirators used to tell Margaret Hodge to answer Guido’s questions about her tax hypocrisy last year.

Guido has plenty more ideas to help Ed win, just get in touch…


  1. 1
    broderick crawford says:

    yeah but the stemcorian legions are still in place and so is millie !!!

    did your twitter mob really achieve anythin gweeds ??

  2. 2
    Social Media Guru says:

    #LabourWinning #Miliband #NewKinnock #UnionControl

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but, he has answered.

    He’s just not given the answer they want, which is a completely different thing.

    Still, if they want to waste time going after a man who only 11% of the population think they know, go ahead……

  4. 4
    Lady DingDong says:

    Let’s start a campaign to twitter the fuckwit and ask him why he is such a useless twat.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Guido: There is no news today, Guido Jnr.

    Guido Jnr: Well what do we normally do when there is no news?

    Guido: Gloat about something incredibly irrelevant we did some time ago and that nobody cares about.

    Guido Jnr: I guess we’ll have to do that again then.

  6. 6
    Neo Guido says:

    Pass me another bottle of Krug old boy

  7. 7
    Clickbait says:


  8. 8
    Durham says:

    Why is ed millibland such a prick?

  9. 9
    Rt. Hon. Baron Howard of Gympe says:

    Perhaps I can field this one

  10. 10
    broderick crawford says:


    A labourer in Italy lost fivethousand euros in a bar on slot machines coming back with an axe to calmly destroy them all and calmly wait to be arrested . He was duly tried and sentenced to six months in chokey but ( this being Italy ) WAS IMMEDIATELY RELEASED because italian law says that prison sentences less than two years are immediately commuted to full pardon in order to avoid overcrowding …..

    …. and then we wonder why berlusconi laughs all the way to the courtroom as well as the bank

    bello eh ??

  11. 11
    broderick crawford says:

    coz he was born with a fairly loose jaw structure giving him a resemblance to a village tomfool every time he smiles .

  12. 12
    broderick crawford says:

    mr paxman you have asked me this question fivethousand times and i have refused to give you a direct answer fivethousand times . if you will allow us both a toilet break we will return and if you wish you can ask it me another fivethousand times to see how many other forms of reply i can dredge up to continue defying your insistence to a direct answer .

    ( i m not a top silk for nothing sonny boy !!)

  13. 13
    M102 says:

    Cammo or Miliband?

  14. 14
    Lord Stansted says:

    Not sure if this is the funniest or saddest story of the week.


    I wonder how the BBC would report it – if they did, which they wont.

  15. 15
    Andy Burnham says:

    This is easy to deal with: Ignore it.

  16. 16
    I'd rather prefer an alternative to more socialism says:

    “Cammo or Miliband?”

    Hmmm, tough call, both pro EU, tax and spend, loony eco-greenomic nutters and lefty twats, can I get back to you on that?

  17. 17
    Post hoc says:

    They might do better to ask why Ed is using Curly and Moe as his advisors!

  18. 18
    Labour can fuck off & get their own ideas says:

    Demand to be paid. Who wants to be an unpaid Slave for Labour Hunts!

  19. 19
    Holly says:

    This might go down like a cup of cold sick, but these are the aspirational young Brits we need.
    These cars are a million times ‘classier’ than the stretch limousines.

    Could aspiration/capitalism be the way to beat terrorism?

  20. 20
    only arsk'd says:

    is this labourlist?

  21. 21

    Make me want a fag

  22. 22
    Concrete Jungle says:

    The race is on to who can cover the country in concrete at the fastest pace – Labour, Conservative or LibDem

    Labour had 14 years to sort out all these issues. Wait until your not in government then kick up a stink & pollute the atmosphere & smoke out the answer.

  23. 23
    dogs breath says:

    Surely the text over hodge should have been ‘cluck here’?

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