July 16th, 2013

Tories Call For Burnham to Resign

Last night around 50 Tory MPs were briefed by Jeremy Hunt ahead of today’s statement on Bruce Keogh’s mortality review. One attendee tells Guido they will call for Burnham to resign for “failing to defend patients”, accusing him of a “catastrophic failure” and insisting his position is “untenable”. The Tories will claim “these hospitals failed on their watch”, that Labour “ignored the warnings” and “instead tried to cover things up”. One Tory MP warns Guido “we really want to do the business today”. Justice for the 13,000…

UPDATE: Ominous:

13,000 dead and somehow Burnham is portrayed as the victim. Pull the other one…


  1. 1
    Peter Grimes says:

    Burnham will need more sinew than in his 7 inches.

  2. 2
    Old Holborn says:

    13,000 NHS dead and Andy Burnham is shrieking that he is the victim. No need to ask where Andy comes from.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    war graves in the background. classy guido, classy.

  4. 4
    John Bercow says:

    Pompous idiot

  5. 5
    Sir William Waad says:

    How about honours for NHS whistleblowers?

  6. 6
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Burnham always was a typical New Lab. chancer – this story does not surprise me one bit….I wouldn’t give him a pi**-up in a brewery to organise but the BBC give him loadsa. coverage. Wouldn’t you just know it. Ghastly self-righteous little boy and I don’t just mean this latest bit of news.

  7. 7
    Mad Nad Unclad says:

    I wonder where he buys his eye-liner from?

  8. 8
    V1le Labour improved my Country says:

    Old Holborn i liked it when your fat face and your Mrs were plastered all over the net and you had a massive hissy fit

  9. 9

    Good morning, I’m James Naughty-naughty and this is the Toady program.
    Jeremy Hunt is with me in the studio…

    “In 2001 Labour was warned of alarmingly high death rates in 25 NHS hospitals and told inspections by health watchdogs appeared ‘fundamentally flawed’.

    more than 20,000 lives could have been saved if Labour Health ministers and the NHS had paid attention to alerts about higher than average mortality rates.
    The then Health Secretary Andy Burnham had a list of hospitals where he warned there were alarming numbers of patient deaths but he did nothing and deaths continued…”

    So, Mister Hunt… Why did the coalition allow this to happen?

  10. 10
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    SEVEN inches – he’s lying to you….again.

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    So, all these calls for Burnham to resign…. are we talking merely to resign his position of shadow health minister or should he go further, like a by-election level of resignation?? Just curious, you see. I’m a tad unsure as to whether the former would be sufficient.

  12. 12
    JJ says:

    “13,000 NHS dead and Andy Burnham is shrieking that he is the victim. No need to ask where Andy comes from.”

    I didn’t know he was Je*wish!

  13. 13
    Andy B says:

    Maybe it’s Maybeline!

  14. 14
    Not me Guv says:

  15. 15
    fruitcake says:

    Seven LABOUR inches, long on promise, short on delivery

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    do the tory mps really want to press for him to resign? Think of the consequences. He could be replaced with someone better (certain) and establishing the principle of resigning for being an incompetent pillock could be a disaster for Deadman Stiff, Gobby Gove and many other useless ministers.

  17. 17
    Hilary 2016 says:

    Or a Democrat

  18. 18
    Sal E Bercow says:

    You talking to me Johnnylove?

  19. 19



    Labour are KILLERS running the NHS



  20. 20

    New Labour same old problems, but this time it’s not money you pay with, but your life

  21. 21
    It is all the coalition's fault. Andy Burnham says:

    The Coalition failed to act on my concerns about the NHS


  22. 22
    Kill the grasser says:

    the Leftists consider them traitors.

  23. 23
    s says:

    all the more reason to keep the blighter!

    if he’s that bad he’s an electoral asset to other parties

    gad sir is there no sense in the world?

  24. 24

    Keep up the pressure rebuttal team.
    You are going to be under immense pressure today. But if you stick to deflecting blame, denial, false accusations, muddled and fabricated statistics, spin, deceit, blame games and outright lies you should be ok until lunchtime.

    So…turn to page 1 of he Labour Party spin doctors bible, by A Campbell and get tweeting…

  25. 25
    Lord Levy says:

    Nah!…there’s no money in it.

  26. 26
    Owen Jones says:

    These 13,000 were traitors to the Communist revolution.

    They were purged in the same way Stalin did.

  27. 27
    sir boffton toffton mp - what? says:

    nearly forgot m’name there – where’s the sherry bottle?

  28. 28



    Burnham presided over KILLING in the NHS



  29. 29
    John Bercow says:

    No I wasn’t .
    And for God’s sake put some clothes on you old slag. This is an official private residence not an Amsterdam hooker’s window!

  30. 30
    This is not a love song says:

    The trouble with the BBC is the parody could easily be the truth.

  31. 31
    Ron Barras says:

    We can see Labour closing ranks to protect one of their own rather than apologising for the deaths of the weak and frail.

    They are lower than vermin.

  32. 32
    Sal E Bercow says:

    But I’m expecting visitors!

  33. 33
    Another Engineer says:

    Burnham has to go, for the complancency and denial if nothing else.

    They have to be careful throwing statistics around though – obviously some hospitals will be ‘below average’ merely through chance, and proving any particular institution is significantly worse is hard.

    I have witnessed poor care in hospitals at first hand, and I doubt that it is localised to only a few places. The discussion should be about the whole rotten system and not just individual hospitals.

  34. 34
    Ear, Ear says:

    First of all, of course there are incidents of poor care in the NHS. There would have been from 1997-2010, these should not happen, and they can not be defended. However, the figure of 13,000 avoidable deaths is spurious:

    Let me say this very slowly so that all can understand. Mortality rates vary, from region to region, from hospital to hospital, from bed to bed. When combined and divided by the number you will get an average mortality rate. Obviously, in any sample, a good proportion will fall below the mean average. This is INDICATIVE of poorer performance, especially COMPARED to the those with lower rates than the mean.

    But that is it! It’s COMPARATIVE and not ABSOLUTE. It may well be (indeed, IS) that mortality rates are lower across the board than in previous years, as the NHS IMPROVES.

    One of the reasons why the NHS is broken down into trusts is that these comparisons can be made. The flip side, indeed it is part of the Conservative Party ideology with the NHS (and mistakenly adopted by Blair) is that some trusts WILL FAIL, compared to others, and thus (market forces) the stronger trusts will predominate. Add to this “local decision making” in which the ‘local decision makers’ bear the blame for failure – but as we can see governments cannot abrogate all responsibility!

    This, with the 50% fact 50% fiction destruction of the CQC last month, IS the biggest political stitch up of all time. Unfortunately, the Tories have learnt that you can have failing (economic) policies and still scare and spin the electorate into falling into line. I’m wondering what will happen if a focus group suggests that the rounding up of unter-menschen would prove popular?

  35. 35
    Len McCluskey says:

    Could’ve been “Martyrs to the Socialist cause” Owen, see me afterwards.

  36. 36
    David Ward says:

    13,000 dead.

    Is that all? Phhhtttt!

  37. 37
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:

    Burnham is a fucking Scouse chancer who is more concerned with “justice for the 96″ than facing up to the fucking lethal shambles that happened on his watch.

    If there were justice for the 13,000, then this fucking mascara’d little arsewipe would be in prison. If there were “justice for the 96″ then there would be about another 10,000 Scouse cvnts in there with him.

  38. 38
    Paul Daniels wig says:

    They should go BUPA like me.

  39. 39
    Dr Terrific says:

    Shouldn’t you be playing golf until your weekend off doc?

  40. 40
    The Labour View says:

    13,000? A mere statistic

  41. 41
    Peter Grimes says:

    Paying visitors?

  42. 42
    John Bercow says:

    Well if its that little tinker again will you tell him the Tarmac on the drive is of very poor quality.

  43. 43
    Equal misery for all says:

    Alexander expressing “strong support for Burnham” is the kiss of death for him.

    Different sort of death from that meted out by the NHS under his watch though!

  44. 44
    Adolph Milklipede's Ministry Of Truth says:

    Thought so. Didn’t happen then.

    Move along now – nothing to see here.

  45. 45
    Bill Cheetham says:

    Keogh does not include 1200 higher than expected patient deaths at Mid Staffs. And how many more Trusts, hospitals and patient deaths?!

    Perhaps time for Burnham to pull out and tweek his poignant Anfield #JFT96 script:


    #JFT14533 and counting!

  46. 46
    Ear, Ear says:

    Wish I was a doctor!

    I’m sorry I fall into an even less loved bracket of society – the unemployed!

  47. 47
    Admiral Burnham at sea says:

    What dead people, I see no dead people!

  48. 48
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    Looks like Labour have given the BBC their spin instructions.

    End the BBC, and the NHS. Soviet broadcaster, soviet treatment rationer. Equally on the wrong side of history.

  49. 49
    Another Engineer says:

    The trouble is that it is obviously correct that some hospitals and trusts will be below average.

    By using dodgy statistics it allows this kind of response, and undermines the argument that the NHS needs sorting out.

    Which it clearly does.

  50. 50
    Dr Terrific says:

    Unemployed eh? then you really have no excuse for not playing golf.

  51. 51
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    If you could go back in time and kill Aneurin Bevan before he setup the murderous NHS would you do it?

  52. 52
    Hypocracy isn't when the Hippos take over you do know that ? says:

    Yes so unlike the lefts Thatchers grave T-shirts isn’t it ?

  53. 53
    Fishy says:

    ‘Very strong support for @andyburnhammp at Shadow Cabinet this morning in face of latest transparently party political attacks by the Tories’

    That was pretty much the defence that Allegra Stratton was using on behalf of Burnham and Labour on Last night’s BBC Newsnight

  54. 54
    auth0r says:

    As an NHS consultant whose specific warnings were repeatedly ignored by managers and politicians throughout this period, I can say that Burnham, Milburn and Hewitt do really have blood on their hands.

    The management were told to ignore patient care and to override professional advice if that meant that arbitrary and meaningless targets were achieved. It was Stalinism writ large and thousand of patients suffered appallingly and unnecessarily. Frail, elderly people being discharged in the middle of the night was one small repeated example.

  55. 55
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    If you wanted to come up with asystem to
    a) ruin the economy
    b) encourage people to ignore their health

    it would look a lot like the nhs.
    funded by punishing people for working
    subsidises poor health choices.

  56. 56
    Ear, Ear says:

    And, ah! Got it now!

    Comes the day after the decision / media coverage on the Liverpool Care Pathway* so that the public will conflate a statistical figure of 13,000 with individual cases of (let’s face it, what is in reality) patients intentionally being left to die.

    *Obviously LCP was not a perfect system, and there are clear instances of seriously flawed implementation. But show me a perfect system?

  57. 57
    Right Full Rudder says:

    Number of prosecutions of…

    * Hospital managers & staff for causing thousands of deaths with their neglect and incompetence — ZERO

    * Police and social services for ignoring hundreds of reports about muslim child grooming gangs for years because of PC paralysis — ZERO

    * BBC managers and producers for turning a blind eye to prolific child molesters in their organisation and attempting to cover the issue up — ZERO

    * Banking executives for causing the financial crisis with their reckless investment strategies — ZERO

    UK has a culture of ZERO management responsibility for anything no matter what the consequences of their actions or inaction.

  58. 58
    Bluto says:

    Unfortunately so close to what happens that it is sad.

    The BBC and Labour appear to have no shame when it comes to spinning and lying to protect themselves and their bogus claim to moral superiority.

  59. 59
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    LCP is as far away from a oerfect system as it’s possible to get.

    The NHS is socialist, therefore it’s main talent is killing.

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Whistle-blowers only get threatening letters from tax funded solicitors.

    Especially when they start revealing what they did to cover their killing up.

  61. 61
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    it needs scrapping.

  62. 62
    jax says:

    This really is just a tory blog now. Shame

  63. 63
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s not as though Messrs Lansley and Hunt have done much to make the NHS safer.

  64. 64
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    Banking regulator who encouraged banks to load up balance sheet and changd regs to make it happen. Zero.

    Remember banks control WHO gets debt, Regulators control HOW MUCH debt, and gordos lot wanted as much as possible.

  65. 65
    Sir William Waad says:

    What about all the surplus deaths from deliberately making gas and electricity much more expensive? What about all those human sacrifices to Gaia?

  66. 66
    Sit Petra says:

    So around the time all this was going off in the NHS we had ‘Pilgrims’ performing full time union activities whilst being paid as (supposedly) trained nurses, it seems the political officers adopted the tactics of the NKVD.

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    It is a tabloid number not a statistic

  68. 68
    Bob Diamond Geezer says:

    Tories and Guido in cahoots again on misinformation campaign (AKA its was then what done it). Burnham was only in post for under a year so hardly time to be responsible for all the ills of the NHS. But don’t let that get in the way of a nice deflector campaign. Lots wrong with the NHS, many problems not helped by target culture (though it did slash many waiting times) a lot being made worse by Jeremy Hunt.

  69. 69
    Sarge says:

    Dear anon – a new low for the Labour Party – death has been politicised; Burnham is an irrelevance. If he is proven to have suppressed requests to solve this problem he needs to be held to account.He should understand this as he has been on the Hillsborough case for a long time.

    Nothing at all to do with politics;everything to do with justice.

  70. 70
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Burnham’s evidence to the Francis inquiry dhowed thst he had no clear ideas about what was happening in Staffs- yet he bower and others are promoted. The nhs lost sight of responsibilities of care and burnham and others did little to clean up a callous indifference to patients. It beggered belief that deawood miliband reappointed him

  71. 71
    Another Engineer says:


    If you only argue about a set of (possibly) bad hospitals, pretend you are going to fix them, and argue about who is responsible, you are missing the point entirely, and you will fail to improve anything.

    It is the whole system of the NHS which needs removing, not just a few managers here and there.

  72. 72
    Raving Loon says:

    Labour: tough on patients, tough on the causes of patients.

    On another note, can we change the NHS to NDS; National Death Service?

  73. 73
    Old Holborn says:

    Apparently I am facing a LIFE SENTENCE for taking the piss out of the feckless wankers


  74. 74
    Officer Dibble says:

    Like the lovely people targeted the grave of Stoke Hospital campaigner Julie Bailey’s mother, who died at the hospital in 2007?

    Ms Bailey said: “I’ve been getting this abuse for a while, about three times a week. I think it’s just a small group of people. But the final straw came when they started desecrating my mum’s grave. That really is unforgivable. So I’m going to be leaving Stafford by the end of the summer.”

  75. 75
    Point of Information 2 says:

    When folk realize that this is not some party political fighting – ie The reason why call for resignation now is that investigation to this point has enough evidence that Burnham and others are guilty – then it may go to a few byelections.

    Burnham and Labour are missing the point that if Burnham falls on his sword now then the governments job of brushing this back under the carpet will be easier.

    If Burnham remains – and the support is there is Labour only because those others who are guilty are mulling their options – this issue remains hot and will be harder to draw a line under.

    The way this will pan out may be: keep it going over Summer and Burnham quit quietly if public wake up properly. Keep spin against Tories until Labour credibility gone. Labour may prefer to damage brand NHS to prevent privatization but it is not clear if they would do that at the expense of 2015 which is the ultimate cost they would pay. They may be looking to throw that election anyway given the divisions existant in the party we can see now.

  76. 76
    LibLabCon says:

    Think of all that money saved and the number of council flats that became vacant.

    More money to spend on translating benifit claims for our thirld world immigrants and lots of lovely flats to house them in.

    I think its what you call a win win situation.

  77. 77
    Officer Dibble says:

    If it’s all the coalition’s fault, why aren’t Labour calling for a Public Enquiry?

  78. 78
    LibLabCon says:

    Vote LibLabCon for the above.

  79. 79
    LibLabCon says:

    Better that than a Labour Bog

  80. 80
    Andy 'always the victim' Burnham says:

  81. 81
    Tuna baguette please says:

    Are you related to albacore by any chance? He is also poetically very fishy.

  82. 82
    Peter Grimes says:

    No, it was an all-too-rare confession.

  83. 83
    Officer Dibble says:

    Yes, it’s quite clear that all the unnecessary deaths at Stafford between 2005 and 2009 are the coalitions fault.

    “Assistant Chief Constable Nick Baker, who is chairing the review, said: “Between 2005 and 2009, there were 4,253 deaths at Stafford hospital. However, we’ve identified between 200 and 300 cases where alleged neglect may have contributed to a patient’s death and they are being thoroughly reviewed.”

  84. 84
    Peter Grimes says:

    Well his todger is certainly smaller than his schnozz.

  85. 85
    Matilda says:

    Because the cupboard is already full of unpublished reports that we are all waiting to see the light of day.

  86. 86
    Matilda says:

    Throw the election? If they do that Len will be simply furious!!

  87. 87
    Glyn H says:

    John H let Burnham have his overbearing New Labour way with barely a quibble this morning. Extremely one sided, he’d never let a Tory have such as easy ride!

  88. 88
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Look they were going to die anyway …………. probably

  89. 89
    The BBC Bias Unit, headcount 14,263 and rising says:

    Do we care? Do we buggery! Look, we’ve just p1ssed away another 5 Million on enquiries into our chum Sav1le!

    Keep paying the Licence Fee, Suckers!

  90. 90
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    PS Burnhan’s not very effective is he. Just 13000 in 4 years – Tony managed that in Iraq in a month

  91. 91
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Will anyone dare complain that this amounts to the criminal offence of misfeasance in public office? How many senior mangers will get a knock on the door from Knacker

  92. 92
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    No its not but Labour offer such a rich field of opportunity

  93. 93
  94. 94
    Lost in Clacton says:

    I think the correct procedure is to pass over all the evidence you have against Andrew Burpham to the Police so they can prosecute.

    Upon conviction he can then resign.

    By demanding that he resigns now you are giving the man a “get out of jail ” card and that is very poor politics indeed.

  95. 95
    My hamster has just bitten Freddie Star says:

    Jimmy Savile has cost me five million pounds in Inquiry fees and I was not even born when he was around.

    I think I am going to top myself.

  96. 96
    Zippo the fire-eater says:

    did Burnham indirectly kill my mum ?

  97. 97
    Commander P R Johnson on Mars flight 247 says:

    It’s not really suprising that Labour spin doctors (and the obedient BBC) are pulling out all the stops on this issue.

    Labour have already lost the public’s confidence on running the Economy.

    They have lost the argument on benefits and are in the process of a screeching policy u-turn to align themselves with public opinion.

    High youth unemployment suggests Labour’s education policies bred a whole generation of unemployable teenagers.

    Voters are waking up to the strain that Labour’s open door immigration policies put on Schools, Housing, Hospitals and Jobs.

    So if Labour lose public confidence on running the NHS as well, they really are going to be stuffed.

  98. 98
    PC Dixon says:

    Alexander supporting Burnham – How disgraceful that they all gang together over such a terrible record – lightweights every one following a useless featherweight leader – 13,000 deaths is unforgivable.

  99. 99
    the big Belowski (aka) Zippo the fire-eater (aka) says:

    faced with an advanced society that makes scientific and cultural progress Islamics huddle in a corner and go on and on and on and on about old shit they read.

  100. 100
    Mrs Havisham says:

    So 200-300 out of 4,000 and only ‘neglect may have contributed’. More lies, damned lies and statistic I think.

  101. 101
    the big Belowski says:

    Be having no doubts the canker that we have let into our midst will be the undoing of the society we have spent over a thousand years to bring about.

  102. 102
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    + googolplex

  103. 103
    Socialists have form says:

    As a care home operator we were told, off the record, that we took too much care of our residents and, as a result, they “lived too long”. That Labour were going to push for care in the community as ……..yep…. you guessed it they would ……… saving millions.

    When you have big government you get cold hearted jobsworth bureaucrats who work to targets; you also get creatures of the system who bully their way into positions of power; Stalin, Gordon Brown, to name but two.

    Hospitals are frustrated by their local social services who protect their local authority budgets by way of bed blocking surgical hospital beds with the elderly.

    This is the real crime of Labour.

  104. 104
    Peter Grimes says:

    ZaNuLieBor CLAIMED that waiting times were cut. The truth is likely to have been entirely different.

    When they wasted as much as they did, ‘targets’ achieved was the measure used to allay the public’s concerns. Typical NVKD/ZaNuLieBor behaviour.

  105. 105
    Had enough says:

    Burnham, the man who presided over the NHS holocaust and punished the whistleblowers. Sounds like a future party leader.

  106. 106
    Officer Dibble says:

    I’m sure the family and friends of those who died will feel a lot better knowing “it was only 200-300″.

  107. 107
    A leftwit says:

    10,000s of dead in Labour’s NHS must seen in the context of regrettable but necessary actions to advance international Socialism.

    Stalin’s collective farms, Pol Pots killing fields, Mao’s purging of the ‘revisionists’.

    Until the Eternal Victory!

  108. 108
    Col. Nut says:

    Burnham and Cameron have both expressed strong support for Sir David Nicholson, who remains in post.

  109. 109
    Col. Nut says:

    And how many budget friendly G.P.s like Harold Shipman and nurses like Beverley Allitt have remained undiscovered in the N.H.S. shambles?

  110. 110
    jax says:

    Only a moron would make the distinction

  111. 111
    Andy Burnham says:

    If there is any more of this entirely justified criticism of me, I will resign my seat as an MP and apply for a well paid job with the BBC.

  112. 112
    Paniagua v5 says:

    That is the length of the surgical steel blade he uses.

  113. 113
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Nice job OH…

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:

    John H was like a little mouse this morning. Never interupting, never challenging and never saying boo to a goose. Please let me know how much this man gets(I cannot says earns)for his morning stint. He tried to shout down IDS yesterday but it was a different story this morning. John H is becoming totally partisan and unreliable. I wait now to see if interviewee is Lab,Lib or Con. and just know who is going to get a easy ride. Never the Con.

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Likewise, did he indirectly kill my sister?

  116. 116
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Quite appropriate with the war graves as this is a war with socialism, with very real dead casualties…

  117. 117
    lojolondon says:

    13,000 poor people dead. Liebour doesn’t care about poor people. Fact.

  118. 118
    Hope Springs says:

    Butcher Burnham top quality Marxist bureaucrat.

    Up there with Yegoda and others.

    Power without responsibility. Same old same old.

    The British wouldn’t have put up with this crap.

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    What a difference 24 hours make. All the huffing and puffing of the Tories to blame labour and there is nothing in the report that says it was a problem. Labour had already put in place procedures to deal with these issues.
    one hospital trust has now set out to find more nurses. having shed around 6000 this Tory led government needs to start looking at itself.

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Q. Labour go on about “there should be no top-down reorganisation of the NHS” but did the last Labour government install a top-down culture of bullying within the NHS?

  121. 121
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    No. the basic idea at the time was good. What happened much later could be called corruption, as happens in all organisations the size of the Red Army.

    BTW, when I was much younger Wilfred Pickles went around children’s hospitals with his show. the number of children with TB hip, diptheria, polio, and other diseases was truly enormous.

    Not now.

  122. 122
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Why is it so hard to set up a decent Health Service? Germans managed very well at the time when I worked there for some years: AOK basic care (like NHS) and back-up from superlative insurance systems. Worked well for us. Maternity was truly excellent, just for the dad’s breakfast, never mind the superlative treatment of mother and baby.

  123. 123
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Too many superlatives, sorry about that. But you got the drift, I expect.

  124. 124
    An Englishman says:

    Have you never heard of Statistical Significance?

  125. 125
    anonymous says:

    yes. It happened in schools too.

  126. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Ah, yes, good point. I may have been focusing rather too narrowly on the NHS and so missed the possibility of a ‘bigger picture’ consideration. Bet it don’t end there either!

  127. 127
    Jim Brown says:

    Congratulations on your magnificent prose, which lends weight to the argument that you are an unmitigated, scurrilous swine.

  128. 128
    Vote L/L/C for (as yet undeclared) expenses says:

    Why aren’t these people held accountable in this stupid system!

  129. 129
    Jim Brown says:

    If Burnham is responsible, then Cameron carries the can for the number out of work, Hammond is responsible for the state of the Armed Forces and Osborne is reponsible for the ever-increasing burden of debt which ratchets up every month.

    Your comment is logically bankrupt.

  130. 130
    Dogs breath says:

    You need to get on stage like the rest of them,

    Think your a funny Hunt !!

    No you’re a complete prick.

    Run back to your mum now.

  131. 131
    Dogs breath says:

    I remember it too. OH shit his pants him and his ugly missus for all to see.
    What a ugly pair of fuckers. Nothing else to do. Shitbag wouldn’t dare give his details out.

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Always the victim. never your fault………..

  133. 133
    Jonathan says:

    7 inches? That’s being over generous! I heard it was more like five.

  134. 134
    Left wing retarded Fuckwit spotter says:

    you are fucking joking you total twat

  135. 135
    Mr Weetabix (and NSA) says:

    The problem is that these guys are just a rounding error compared to what’s happening in some trusts.

  136. 136
    Concrete Jungle says:

    The race is on to see who can cover the country in concrete at the fastest pace. Labour Consevarive or LibDems

  137. 137
    superman says:

    Posh Boy Hunt. Has he ever been in an NHS hospital? Ah well it won’t be long before we are asked for our credit card when we turn up at A&E and told to fuck of if it bounces a la SA

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    I d*nt know what you mean by that, care to *xplain ?

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    He was a real pain on this mornings Today prog.I would have more respect for him if he said, yes i was in charge im sorry.

  140. 140
    Anonymous says:

    The Coalition have been in since 2010, how can they be responsible for deaths in 2006 ?

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    Nice try, but Cameron wasnt in power when Stafford happened Burnham and nicholson were.

  142. 142
    Anonymous says:

    I bet if something fab had happened in that year Andy would have taken the praise for it.He dines out on the fact that he is from Liverpool enough, which is nothing to do with him!

  143. 143
    Anonymous says:

    What a stupid comment, nobody has suggested paying for the nhs in any other way than it is now.

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    I must say, i do wonder where all these relatives were when their family member was “drinking from vases” or “lying in their own ordure” they seem to imply these were all regular occurances, how would you let it happen twice ?

  145. 145
    Maqboul says:

    Stand back, stand back stand back! Stop pushing you idiot at the back, there’s room enough for all you pissheads to have a go at OH.

  146. 146
    R. Swatch says:

    dear jim
    congratulations! looks like you’re the blog’s new “most massive aaaarse’ole”

  147. 147
    Brownbadger says:

    BBC are paying Burnham £23.08 for each dead person

  148. 148
    johnpreid says:

    Your trolling is so obviously lie a guido, you’re actually trying to criticise the opposition, for the Tories mishandling, next you’ll be telling us it was john majors fault or the 2007 recession,

  149. 149
    Pickles Catchphrase says:

    Give ‘im the money, Mabel.

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