July 12th, 2013

WATCH: Daily Politics Week in 60 Seconds


  1. 1
    Balanced BBC says:

    What do the Beeb say though

  2. 2
    Ethiopian dreamliner says:

    How the feck does Ethiopia afford dream liners FFS
    It was only a few years ago we have pop concerts to feed them

  3. 3
    I do not want to share the same air as the leeching Edinburgh dogshite on my shoe. says:

    Daily Politics
    Week in 0 Seconds. I don’t watch the Labour arselicking guff!

  4. 4
    Bunny Sundial hate crime activist says:

    After Sunny Hundal says Tories are “evil”, Hugo Rifkind delivers a crushing verdict:

    How is he allowed to day this? If I said that about XYZ that was of a certain persuasion plod would knock on my door. So how the fuck does this guy get away with hit

  5. 5
    A lying tit on the BBC. says:

    So Ed Militit reformed the Unions? My arse. Ed is as bent as the Aids riddled lying Hunt Bradshaw the B.liarite.

  6. 6
    Jess the arsewipe says:

    All of the toxic Tony’s tribe have been crawling out from under their stones in the past few weeks. The lying tit Bradshaw is still a serving B.liarite. No one is fooled by this publicity Stunt.


  7. 7
    Confused U.K. Taxpayer says:

    Willybum Vague — Urgent — The Syrian rebels are now busy murdering each other — which lot are we supporting and sending assistance to? — please advise asap

  8. 8
    Point of Information 2 says:

    Gone a bit sectarian hasn’t it ?

    Keep away or risk blow back here.

  9. 9
    Point of Information 2 says:

    Watched the summary: Not really week in politics, more just filler with annoying music erring on Labour Party Political soundbite.

  10. 10
    Jess the arsewipe says:

    2 little 2 late! Do not let these B.liarites ruin the country again!


  11. 11
    Labour = Filth says:

    Which unions approved that for transmission ?

  12. 12
    The Great Geldorf Truck Rip-Off says:

    They were only hungry because their government was stealing all the food and resources. People are so naïve about Africa. They think the countries there are run by people trying to ensure they are fairly and well managed and that all the disasters are unforeseeable and natural. Au contraire.

  13. 13
    The British Public says:

    Syria is none of our business

  14. 14
    Airbus R Us says:

    The Comets had square window cracks. The Dreamliners have got crap batteries. Boeing are fucked just like D.H.

  15. 15
    Mess says:

    No one has an appetite for another war. Politic suicide to intervene in Syria. Diplomacy is the only option.

  16. 16
    Len Miliband says:

    The Union of Arsehole & lying tits?

  17. 17
    International Statesman David Camercnut. says:

    I totally disagree. We are having a major influence on the situation.

  18. 18
    Ed Militant squeaks says:

    I’ve reformedth the Unionsth. Phew! I gotth away with that Bullth!

  19. 19
    Andy Burnham - Murderer, but not alone says:

    Ben Bradshaw was in health at the time of the NHS killings ?

    That should be enough to discredit him.

  20. 20
    Perse O'Nally says:

    I wonder if our politicians realise how much they are despised!

  21. 21
    LibLabConners are all thieves too. says:

    Their politicians are corrupt, unlike our honest, genuine, upstanding Westminster occupants.

  22. 22
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Of course people are not aware that your Telly Tax (TV Licensing fee) buys you all free Labour membership, and indirect funding of the Labour party.

    Think of it like Unite, but more subtle and bringing annoying gay people and no real news to the remaining screens which are tuned in.

  23. 23
    Point of Information 2 says:

    ‘Union of Arsehole & lying tits’ : Is this confirmation that the Bercow’s really are Labour plants ?

  24. 24
    UKIP Poll Increases, after all legitimate attempts to massage down says:


  25. 25
    V Putin, a real leader in Russ!a says:

    Yes, indeed you are.

  26. 26
    Point of Information 2 says:

    After oil, coffee is the next biggest global commodity.

    Ethiopia is where coffee comes from.

    When you break through the stereotypes the old adverts implanted, it all becomes a bit obvious.

  27. 27
    Tony Blair should be surgically machine gunned with slow rusty bullets says:

    Could this be a Mandelbum-Blair carpe diem to save the party ? Get back into UK politics before Europe collapses ? Or avoid Chilcott ?

  28. 28
    Ol' Crummy says:

    They do well who remember my remark, uttered as I rode through the streets of London in a carriage, after a sycophant had told me that the cheering of the throng was evidence they loved me as they had not loved the King:

    “They would cheer as loudly were I being hanged.”

  29. 29
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Another week goes by and,
    No Chilcot report.
    No Andrew Mitchell plebgate report.
    No Burnham resignation.

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    So nothing about the trial of Bill Walker MSP. The evidence is not looking good for him

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Did you hear Burnham yesterday becoming very shrill because an A&E dept was being closed and Dave hadnt ok`d it with the local MP !how he has the nerve to speak on NHS matters after the Stafford debacle i have no idea !

  32. 32
    V1le Labour trashed my Country says:

    All the aid money is in Geneva and Zurich banks. Real shame about the incident in Tipton. About time they realised what their moronic brothers were doing elsewhere!

  33. 33
    Political Week in 60 Seconds says:

    1) Fags kill people – Tory government funded by fag companies – fag companies given the nod by Tory government to carry on murdering citizens – Tories protect and consolidate the interests of their rich friends and kill poor people at the same time – Doubles all round!

    2) Osborne’s fiscal policy continues to tank – Osborne keeps robbing poor people to protect the interests of the rich and because he has Aspergers he doesn’t care!

    3) Osborne says no tax rises if Tories re-elected – will protect interests of rich at all costs (see point 3) – despite autism and being on asperger spectrum doesn’t seem to have any problems empathising with rich people (because he is one? – ed)

    4) Cameron attacks unions because he hates working people because they are upstarts who take action as they resent being exploited by millionaires in Tory cabinet

    5) Miliband attacks unions because he hates working people too but has to pretend he doesn’t which must be quite stressful for him

    6) Michael Gove makes another butch statement – he’s getting fatter by the day – go on a diet you lard arsed bitch

    7) Guido bangs on about how he hates paying tax and whingeing about the unions because he too hates working people – Gove will really have to stuff those sausages down his throat if he wants an arse as fat as guido

    Er, that’s it.

    Until next week.

  34. 34
    Tony Mandelson. says:

    Yes. But only as puppet masters pulling the strings of the shadow puppets for their own ends. The Shadow of B.liarism ist upon us. *cue for creepy music*

  35. 35
    Tony Mandelson. says:

    Yes. But only as puppet
    masters pulling the strings of
    the shadow puppets for their
    own ends. The Shadow of
    B.liarism ist upon us. *cue for
    creepy music*

  36. 36
    Tony Mandelson & the Shadow Cabinet puppets says:

    Phworohahahaha. We’re back.

  37. 37
    Bliar United says:


    ‘Blairites manipulating
    Labour selection
    process’ – Len
    McCluskey hits back
    Unite leader accuses Lord
    Sainsbury and Progress of
    funding party in order to get
    favoured candidates into safe

  38. 38
    Gordon Brown MP (zero hours contract) says:

    Malala says that I am the most wonderful person she has ever met and that every time she’s on camera I should try to get into the shot. This is true. Honest.

  39. 39
    21st century person says:

    Are you still wearing your gaberdine mac? Make sure you have the belt done up neatly. It set’s off those National Health spectacles a treat!

  40. 40
    21st century person says:


  41. 41
    A GP on £150,000 + private work says:

    This heatwave should see off some of my doddery old patients who block up the surgery. They’ve had a good innings and also they smell of widdle.

  42. 42
    TonEd Militant says:

    For ffs the Labour Party is a mess. The lying Militit should have had the Labour Party renewed & rebranded by now. All unions & Blairists and fuck all else. Disgraceful.

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry, it is impossible for them to understand that statement. The concept does not occur in their world.

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    If we all corrected ourselves Gobby Gove would never have time for anything else….

  45. 45
    political week etc etc says:

    Can I have it back when you’ve finish with it please?


  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    We could solve both the African problem and the world financial crisis if Parker Farage were to pay back all the expenses he boasted about scamming.

  47. 47
    Man from the street says:

    Hi Dave

  48. 48
    Gonk says:

    I’d have walked.

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Blow back? I thought that was a task usually assigned to Little Willy’s drivers and aides.

  50. 50
    P l e b says:

    Why can’t the arabs sort it out?

  51. 51
    P l e b says:

    Why is no one going on about the bankers, hedge funds, pay day loan companies, booze and fag merchants tossing money at the Tories?

    Any plans to curtail that?

  52. 52
    Jimmy says:

    Try ‘searchthemoney.com’ to see who’s bunging your friendly Tory MP

  53. 53
    Jimmy says:

    George Osborne invited Beecroft, a Director of a Payday Loan Company and major Tory donor to write policy for the Government on Employee rights. If the last Labour Government had invited a Trade Union Boss to advise on Board Room Policy for setting Pay,Conditions and Bonuses the Tories would have been outraged. However with Osborne the Donor asks his mates at the Pub about Policy and Gidiot announces it as Party Policy at the Tory Conference, even though it was totally barmy

  54. 54
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  55. 55
    Sit Petra says:

  56. 56
    Gonk says:

    Burnham upholds the tradition of the actor-manager/liar/careerist extremely well,
    face paint ‘n all.

  57. 57
    John Inver....an analymouse says:

    Can I emerge yet? Has that woman gone back to frogland?

  58. 58
    Saffron says:

    to 46.
    Why don’t you feck of and peddle your crap elsewere.

  59. 59

    Alan Whicker RIP

    The fact that you have stimulated people to travel can only be good.

    Could not have been a Labour man then, nor a Green.

    Bless his cotton socks.

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    I see Groper Nuttall has expanded his vocabulary. Perhaps it is an attempt to replace Louis the Chimp, so sadly recently deceased.

  61. 61
    Educated under Labour says:

    Effiopia? I fort coffy cum from asda.

  62. 62
    Dweeb says:

    See the Guardian. You and its other reader.

  63. 63
    Shove IT up your Arthur. says:

    The BBC can take a hike on its bike. Left wing tripe presented by a pensioner and his tranny. Utter shit.

  64. 64
    Saffron says:

    This country is now in one unholy mess:-
    1) Politico’s of all shades who lie through their teeth to try to convince us to stay with them.
    2) Unions who are hell bent on going back to a communist failed agenda.
    3) Multiculturism nightmare thrust upon this once settled country by a left wing mafia.
    4)The EUSSR controlling parliament and what we can do in our own country,which is an absolute disgrace.
    5) The ECOHR deciding that multiple killer have human rights,another disgrace.
    6)3-4 million extra people invade our shores,result services stretched to breaking point in all area,s.
    7) Tensions now really rising and can politico’s stop this.
    Well I think not we are only just seeing what may happen in this country in that if you if you try and change the identity of a country which is at peace with it’s self then you are sailing into uncharted waters.
    Back in history we once had a king who thought he would ride roughshod over the people,well he was stopped dead in his tracks by a guy called Cromwell.
    Parliament would do well to learn this lesson from history in that they exsist because of what he did.
    Question:- Are any of you politico’s of the same ilk of that guy who put country first as rule of the people by the people,I suspect not as greed has taken over.

  65. 65
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Travel good. Emigration bad.

    Go to some beach town and act like a complete idiot, get intoxicated every night, mangle the local language if you even attempt to speak it at all, turn your nose up at the local food and insist on a proppa breccie– this is all to the good.

    Take retirement and live in a beach town in the former Yugoslavia or anywhere else, for that matter, act somewhat as you had done back in the old country whilst not on holiday, enjoy the odd slivovits or whatever the local plonk or horse-piss is, make a faltering attempt to pronounce words correctly and string them in passable grammatical order, and eat as the locals do– this is not to be borne!

    Why, we can’t allow people to move freely between nations when they are perfectly capable of paying their way wherever they go and not becoming a burden on the welfare system of their new hosts– by doing that they’re spending dosh that, by rights, should remain in the UK economy so it can go to paying benefits to those who freely moved to the UK and are incapable of paying their own way, and must rely on the welfare system of their new hosts!

    But I’m just some idiot who actually thinks the Wick might have been onto something as far as stimulating some people to travel, even if it is a one-way trip; so bless my little cotton socks, I suppose.

  66. 66
    Copper Top says:

    The BBC is criminal. Mugged for that shite!

  67. 67
    13 A* GCSEs says:

    Nah it cum from starbucks like, dont u no nuffink

  68. 68
    nellnewman says:

    C’mon Saffron you’re being depressive here and OTT.

    government and local government don’t impact that much on our daily lives – though they’d like to think they do.

    there’s no multiculturalism where I am – we’re all integrationist here.

    and cromwell thank the lord came to a bad end – I suspect he was the militwit of the 1600’s

  69. 69
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I just thought Burnham was a scumbag hypocrite shyster.

  70. 70
    Saffron says:

    To Jimmy and his Mate Pleb.
    Why is it not penetrating into your thick skulls that all politic’os including your liebour are in in for themselves and not for the genuine peoples of this land.
    IMHO there are thick’os and ultra thick’os and you pair take the buscuit,wakey wakey and smell the coffee.

  71. 71
    aimeee-chardonnay, 18 A* GCSEs says:

    your all rong, it coms from sheep or da milk duz eniwayz XXXXXX

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    What should be done is to highlight the timing of all historic planned/forced immigration episodes.

    Look up the date that an industry or area was at its prime. Then the date that the immigration started of cheap labour. Finally the date of the downfall of the industry or area.

    There is a clear pattern. Mass immigration only occurs after the industry/area becomes non-competitive and is already doomed.

    Sobering thought.

  73. 73
    Dweeb says:

    Rubbish. Cromwell was a warmonger and religious nutter of a puritan bent. He was more interested in imposing his theological doctrines than improving the lot of “the people”.

    Extract: The “Leveller,” or “Agitator,” movement was a political movement that emphasised popular sovereignty, extended suffrage, equality before the law, and religious tolerance. These sentiments were expressed in the manifesto “Agreement of the People” in 1647. Cromwell and the rest of the Grandees disagreed with these sentiments in that they gave too much freedom to the people; they believed that the vote should only extend to the landowners.

  74. 74
    Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

    Best laugh I’ve had all day!

  75. 75
    Bob Fleming says:

    Sadly Nell, Saffron is right IMHO – ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’ as the song goes. Even an optimist must see that there will be a re-ordering in this country in the next few years – how unpleasant or violent is yet to be seen

  76. 76
    albacore says:

    A week ain’t a long time in politics
    When all we’ve got in Parliament are pricks
    They’ve sorted out nowt and buggered up more
    Defining themselves, as ever, piss-poor
    A cur that absurd, you’d shoot it, poor mutt
    Not prolong its pain by kicking its butt

  77. 77

    Whilst he was in America, he heard about an Alan Whicker impersonation contest. He entered and came third.

    That’s my man!

  78. 78
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    union funded liars, that are going to get sued.

  79. 79
    Plane Truth says:

    The Ethiopian Dreamliners were partly funded by UK International Aid, according to sources. Money well spent then…

  80. 80
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Billy Walker eh? Is he still going?

    I remember him knocking out Brian London, the horizontal heavyweight, some time in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s.

  81. 81
    Abbott and the BBC says:

    Diane abbott wanking on about not putting fags in plain packets will kill thousands of Children. Well Mizz Diane since when were children allowed to buy ciggies?

    and what about her bigging up the greenpeace criminals climbing the Shard? How many children will she have killed by encouraging them to illegally climb London’s tall buildings?

    And why are the BBC reporting her fag packet comments but not her pro break the law comments?

  82. 82
    Ear, Ear says:

    There was a famine 30 years ago. Therefore you can’t accept that a country such as Ethiopia can ever be prosperous?

    Where to begin!

  83. 83
    abbott proves breast feeding is bad for health says:

  84. 84
    Drogheda, County Louth says:

    Cromwell was a lovely man.

    He came to visit us on 3rd September 1649.

    3,552 dead.

  85. 85
    Biased Bolshevik Corporation says:

    Because we are the BBC and you should listen and respect your betters.

  86. 86
    Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

    He let the RSP’s back in the country.

  87. 87
    Dweeb says:

    What a wonderful, caring person is Ms Abbott. She describes a baby being stabbed 90 times as “horrible”. It had never occurred to me until she tweeted it and, on reflection, it is indeed horrible.

    Thank you, Diane. I only wish I was as sensitive and caring as you.

  88. 88
    Thing from another world says:

    So Diane, no sexism or racism or “it’s all those cracker arsed honkeys fault” comments? And what the fuck are you doing reading the Daily Mail anyway?

  89. 89
    Gok Wan says:

    PR darling PR… now work it girl friend!

  90. 90
    Brillo says:

    Horrible indeed, a black woman would never do such a thing and go to the wall for their kids.

  91. 91
  92. 92
    news just in says:

    muslims in northern Finland starve to death observing Ramadan

  93. 93
    Ol' Crummy says:

    “Cromwell was a warmonger and religious nutter of a puritan bent. He was more interested in imposing his theological doctrines…”

    You are saying that, as if ’twere a bad thing!

    Someone had to keep the more licentious and libertine of ye in line, and it befell me to so do.

    ‘Twas a bounden duty. I derived no pleasure therefrom; virtue its own reward, and all that sort of thing.

    I derived no pleasure, full stop, which is why I was so successful at what I did, namely to ensure that nobody else did, either.

  94. 94
    Point of Information 2 says:

    Another detail of the mess you missed is that UK economic policy is now dictated by a Canadian puppet in the B.O.E and New York now controls LIBOR.

    Agree that the frogs are noticing the water is a little on the warm side, and are now beginning to get agitated.

  95. 95
    Point of Information 2 says:

    Saw a black woman be really racist to a Ch!nese woman who was trying to buy a pair of shoes in a shop.

    As a white guy, I was for want of a better word: Shocked.

    This was a few years back, and caused the penny to drop for me: It isn’t just people of my colour who are racist: they all hate each other.

    PC thought ended at that point in a puff of hypocrisy.

    Not that Diane would engage in such schadenfreud over this terrible incident with the child because the incident happened in Ch!na.

    The mother sounds like she needs some support – perhaps a little post partum blues ? Diane is just a racist shit.

  96. 96
    Point of Information 2 says:


  97. 97
    Point of Information 2 says:

    Major changes in societies always involve violence at some point.

    Labour lit the touch paper by opening the borders.

    Soon the fabled rivers of blood will be flowing.

    If the real people of this land do not want to be crushed under the boot of some immigrant then they need to re-arm and prepare now.

  98. 98
    albacore says:

    Half a million – just statistics to bend
    Parliament’s wonders, will they never end?
    At brass tacks level, they haven’t a clue
    Who’s here or not, or even what to do
    Just to make it look like they ain’t wet farts
    Letting any sod in from foreign parts
    Running an army, navy and air force
    When invasion’s now just par for the course
    Is a trifle on the profligate side
    Come one, come all, here they’ll let them abide
    I reckon you can guess what’s coming next
    Already printed, the amnesty text?


  99. 99
    ME Exspurt says:

    … because they are too busy trying to kill each other – and have been for the past 1500 years or so. Plus ca change and all that.

  100. 100
    ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' says:

    Can I have my apostrophe back when you have done with it?

  101. 101
    Cheerer upper in chief says:

    Cheer up mate – at least you’ll know some folks will be there to see you off!

  102. 102
    Cheerer upper in chief says:

    Would you care to volunteer to stand in as the example to help them understand what is being intimated then? I’ll get the boys and girls prepared and warned so they are in good voice.

  103. 103
    Cheerer upper in chief says:

    Please refer to Box 6 above. Maybe he could be used to illustrate a point?

    I see the telly tells us this morning that the Liverpool Care Pathway has been closed. So the question is: Permanently, or merely for repair?

  104. 104
    Doomed, I tell ye, doomed says:

    Now she has met you, she had better keep that flak jacket and helmet on permanently.

  105. 105
    October Generian says:

    Well, let’s all hope you follow the desires of pop musicians to ‘die young’ – and do so.

  106. 106
    Generation Gap says:

    ’twas ever thus mate. Did you not do history of the Scottish Labour Party at your bog standard comprehensive?

  107. 107
    Burgers are bad for you says:

    I still have to as I’ve misplaced my bus pass.

  108. 108
    Burgers are bad for you says:

    Next year TKP will be able to emigrate to Scotchland.

  109. 109
    Burgers are bad for you says:

    Is that a bee in your bonnet we detect?

  110. 110
    Dim Cvnt says:

    Scyooz my iggerunse, but wot’s an RSP? Romanian Sugar Puffs?

  111. 111
    Dim Cvnt says:

    Well, you must have been REALLY misbehaving yourselves then.

  112. 112
    Dim Cvnt says:

    Why didn’t Di get round to mentioning parental responsibility? As I kid my dad caught me having a quick puff of one of his fags – and I got a well deserved (and painful) clip round the ear. Not because I had nicked one of his fags, but because I was still far too young to know how dangerous to health they were. When I grew up I indulged for a while, but then realised that just burning money really was not a very good idea (especially as I had my eye on a new sports car!).

  113. 113
    Dim Cvnt says:

    HTF did they manage to infiltrate that far north?

  114. 114
    E Z Peezy says:

    The simple answer is: ISSUE NO MORE VISAS. until the backlog is cleared and all the illegals have been returned whence they came.

  115. 115
    Bloody repeats says:

    Yawn …..

  116. 116
    another Alan Whicker lookalike says:

    Now you’ve Donne it. No man is an island.

  117. 117
    Bob Peary says:

    Satnav on the blink again.

  118. 118
    Met Office Computer says:

    Why’s it so damned hot – I never predicted this! I am infallible.

  119. 119
    The Red Sea says:

    A pedestrian

  120. 120
    Londoner says:

    Half a million, my bottom. The true figure is probably nearer two or three million. There could well be a million illegals in London alone.

  121. 121
    Chlöe Sal Gerbeeba says:

    Oddly enough, it usually warms up in summer and then cools down again in winter.
    A visiting alien would never realise this just listening to the BBC, though.

  122. 122

    Good thing BW is not up now. He hates lawyers.

  123. 123
    Chukker says:

    Tell me about it. That Luciana bit my four skin right off.

  124. 124
    another Alan Whicker lookalike says:

    So he does. :-)
    The Devil makes work for Idle lawyers.

  125. 125
    riley says:

    There are some exciting points in time on this page but I don’t know if I see these center to heart. There’s some credibility but I will take hold view until My partner and i look into this further. Good article , thanks and that we want much more! Added to FeedBurner too

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