July 12th, 2013

Dave Wants Sir Bob Kerslake Out

Looks like the PM has had enough of his panjandrum-in-chief Bob Kerslake. Sir Bob has been a constant brake on Civil Service reform, blocking Francis Maude’s attempts to give Secretaries of State greater powers to hire and fire Permanent Secretaries. His ill-advised Thatcher tribute that drew accusations of “prostituting high office” went down spectacularly badly as well. Then there was his decision to take away two privilege days - where civil servants get extra days off in addition to bank holidays – and add them to their leave. Just the sort of thing to test Number 10′s patience a step too far…



  1. 1
    Dave is a CUNT says:

    So Dave wants to sack a bloke who admires Mrs T and reduce civil service paid leave?

    what a cu nt Dave is.

    • 3
      The fact is says:

      Kerslake is a crook and a Common Purpose insider.

      His tribute to Maggie T. was manufactured bullshit and probably a huge ‘in joke’ with his Common Purpose chums.

      For confirmation Google ‘Sheffield corruption’ and see for yourself what kind of person Kerslake actually is.

      • 29
        Parasite says:

        Oi vey, we’ve got a tin foiler!

        • 35
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Bollocks, Oy Vay! Kerslake came to prominence when Chief Executive for Sheffield City Council when it was being run by David Blunkett and Clive Betts. He was one of the first council C.E.s to be paid more than the Prime Minister. He’s an extreme Socialist drone and will be doing no favours for anyone other than Labour.

    • 4
      Penfold says:

      He added privilege days which can be taken away to holiday entitlement.

      That’s no reduction, unless you’re Gordo the Incompetent Twat.

    • 9
      Pundit Too says:

      It does seem like this man Kerslate is doing a good job, and in doing so made some powerful enemies.
      Pity Cameroon cannot see this – wonder which yes man he has in the wings?
      Reform of BBC, Education, NHS, Civil Service and Westminster is long long long long overdue as well as better initiatives in business growth – £200 million on Growth Accellerator undertaken by vested interests is derisery.
      Gove seems OK as does Hunt and Maude.
      Pity about Patten, Clegg, Cameron, and Uncle Vince Incapable as they love the limelight but they are not in the true reformer mould and in Patten and Cable’s case well past their best.

      • 18
        bergen says:

        Certainly leaving the BBC unreformed will be one of Cameron’s greatest errors. If he thinks that they show gratitude with their election coverage then he’s going to be disappointed.

        Appointing Purnell was priceless. They know they’re untouchable.

    • 16
    • 17
      Gregory Bellend says:

      Who do they think they are? The clue is in the name “CIVIL SERVICE”

      PUBLIC SERVANTS????? get it?????

      You make no money, the private sector has to make all the money you spend

    • 22
      Common Sense says:

      Dave is a massive cnut irrespective of what this bloke says…

  2. 2
    Penfold says:

    Never trust a man with a beard.

    Typical panjandrum, obstructive and obfuscatory.

    Bet he voted New Labour and now Lumpen-Proletariat.

  3. 5

    Couldn’t he spend more time with his credit cards?

  4. 8
  5. 10
    Owen Jones,just another champagne socialist says:

    Well played, Kevin Pietersen. Digging in for the team last night, his acceleration this morning has taken him to a 31st Test half-century. Naturally, it comes in flamboyant fashion, a Starc half-volley driven through the covers with a flourish. Although the 120-ball effort is his fourth-slowest, you’d fancy that two sessions of Pietersen would go a long way to winning this game for England

  6. 13
    dai laughing says:

    i thought the civil self-service had 365 privilege days – is nothing enough?

  7. 15
    Tina says:

    Hard working Bob? The man with the “Two Jobs Bob” mug? No way. Seriously – this guy is run off his feet trying to keep the pols in line and deliver for them. Ingrates!

  8. 19
    A Mandarin says:

    Ironically, the planning assumption in the home Civil Service is for a Labour administration returning in 2015.

  9. 20
    albacore says:

    If it’s Cameron-contaminated
    It ain’t exactly platinum-plated
    In the past they called such rubbish ersatz
    And two-bob, like now with Dave’s “Tory” rats

  10. 26
    Anonymous says:

    He will no doubt opt for a BBC retirement plan.

  11. 33
    socialism is a mental illness says:

    What a scruffy looking cnut, shave the beard and head you numpty. What does he see in the mirror every morning?

  12. 36
    "Tubby" Tom Watson says:

    Bob is our man. Keep him there and he will facilitate the Unite strike which will bring down this government. Then we can have old Labour back and borrow more to support new jobs and homes for the workers. Paradise will be restored.

  13. 37
    The Mentor from Mumbles says:

    How did this one slip through the net ? Shocking in the extreme! http://acoba.independent.gov.uk/media/26236/letter%20to%20applicant%20-%20crest%20advisory%20-%20website.pdf

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