July 11th, 2013

Another LibDem MP Smears Israel

If anyone was wondering whether Bob Russell was a good judge of character, all they need to do is take a look at his choice of old flatmate: that Mike Hancock fella. The LibDem MP is in hot water for comments about Israel. Questioning Michael Gove about the new curriculum on Monday, the oddball repeated a now common smear from LibDem lawmakers: that the State of Israel is organising the government-sponsored and mechanised ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Remember Jihad Jenny Tonge and David “the Jews” Ward? Well Russell is clearly on the same page:

“On the assumption that the 20th century will include the Holocaust, will he give me an assurance that the life of Palestinians since 1948 will be given equal attention?”

One for “questions to which the answer is no”…

Via The Commentator


  1. 1
    Mossad says:

    Free Pizza for Comrade Fawkes!


    • 12
      Django Shalom says:

      The legally constituted democratic state of Israel has been attacked twice, suffers from continuous terrorist threat and has enemies whose constitutions call for it’s destruction by whatever means (genocide!). With enemies like that the Lib Dems are about as dangerous to Israel as a used tampon.


      • 14
        HRH Queen consort Camilla says:

        that you charles?


      • 46
        Summer bed linen is on a long wash says:

        Because they have been forced to be- first by the UK and then by others manipulating the Palestinians well founded anger (I certainly do not defend Israel’s every policy) for their own geo political ends – and Syria wonders why it’s going to get arse f^cked by the West, followed by the grindingly relentless destruction of the Mullahs in Persia. He who lives by terror, will die by it.
        Two shots and a splash please barman.


        • 136
          Anonymous says:

          Yes, Israel does ethnic cleansing, and will most likely die by the same sword.


        • 224
          Hypocrite Alert! says:

          The British government does ethnic cleansing too, just to ‘rub peoples noses in it’ yet where is the left’s outrage at that?


        • 239
          socialism is a mental illness says:

          Fuck the Palestinians……any people that celebrate and dance in the street to the destruction of 3000 souls by crashing aircraft into towers deserve to be eradicated, exterminated, wiped from the face of the earth. And burn Jennifer Tonge and other pro-Paly cretins to death.


          • Anonymous says:

            You forgot the dancing and laughing Israelis on 9/11, you twisted Loon. The ones who later admitted on Izzy TV to having been sent there to “document the event”.


      • 63
        MB. says:

        Israel is a nation founded by terrorists and has not changed much in the way the IDF behaves.

        Never forget that some of the founders of the state of Israel were involved in the murders of Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice of the British Army.


        • 101
          Summer bed linen is on a long wash says:

          And the 6 counties? Grow the f^ck up.


        • 237
          Grrr says:

          It wasn’t founded by terrorists, but there was a small faction of terrorists in it.

          But why let facts get in the way of conspiracy nonsense.


    • 16
      Handycock says:

      Come to my Campaign Day in Portsmouth on Saturday folks and you can have as much Pizza as you like all courtesy of my old pal Dave Gardner at Pizza Hut Delivery in North End.

      And don’t forget all the fun of the brothel at Comrade Fuller’s house in Fareham on Friday night.

      We can all sink or swim in the whirlpool together Guido.

      Tally Ho son :D


    • 33
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Bob Russel has a “GIFT*ed mind”

      *translate to german.


    • 40
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      That silly bitch, Baroness Jenny Tonge has complained to the BBC that they are TOO pro-Israel in their reports about the Middle East. Apparently she’s complained under her position as head of some Lib-Dem pro-Palestinian apologist organisation. Typical of the Beeb bosses to meet with her to discuss her complaints. Yet they still won’t release the findings of the Balen Report which looked into allegations of bias against Israel. Still, this silly cow’s complaint will be spun into them getting it “just about right”.


    • 70
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Even more disgusting it was on the day before Lee Rigby’s funeral: Drum parade for murdered soldier



    • 95
      Sir Patrick Mower says:

      Maybe not. How come there’s a total eclipse of the moon whenever you fall out of The Plug And Moat then, boney?


    • 177
      CarryHole is the porcine homunculus says:

      Celebrating murderamadan


      Expect a new celebration every day!


    • 240
      giant gonad says:

      Dirty Desmond loves him.


  2. 2
    Luciana Berger says:

    Should I be pro or anti Israel? Decisions, decisions…


  3. 3
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    Only ethnic cleansing where the “cleansed” population grows faster than those doing the idiotically alleged “cleansing”.

    http://www.pizzaidf.org Killing terrorists so we don’t have to


  4. 4
    Gazza says:

    Unfortunately, this yokel idiot is my MP. Mind you, a day out to London must be a treat for him. Usually his only interest is watching useless Colchester United – how’s that for a broad hinterland.


    • 18
      The diary of Owen Jones aged 13 3/4 says:

      Are you Gazza the disputed territory or Gazza the alcoholic soccer player ?
      Or a completely different Gazza altogether?


      • 31
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

        Gazza is italian for thief. Since most “palestinians” are “booted-out-of-jordan”ians, ’tis very apt name for their stolen land.


    • 55
      Cornish Pilchard says:

      I went to Colchester once. Forgive me but it was like stepping back to around 1967


      • 67
        Gazza says:

        When was that? 1968?


        • 105
          C S Lewis (Gas) says:

          I went to Cornwall once – it was like stepping back through the f^cking wardrobe.


          • Kernow says:

            Cornwall is beautiful.
            Sadly it’s full of rich BBC staff who own second homes there.


          • C S Lewis (Gas) says:

            Sadly it’s full of the Cornish, who detest visitors.
            Try Norfolk! It’s warmer, rains less than anywhere else on mainland UK, and they only occasionally eat Holliday makers!


          • Emmet News says:

            Correct, for all it’s undoubted beauty, Cornwall is infested with surly, indifferent yokels, who’s main occupation is to behave as unpleasantly as the North Walians, towards anyone who decides to visit, or spend money there.


      • 238
        Great Granddad says:

        Like 1967? Colchester, here I come!


  5. 5
    Albert says:

    What happened to ethnic soiling?
    Are our Government guilty of that?


  6. 6
    Why the exception says:

    For a blog that claims to champion free speech, why is there always a special exception given to any criticism of Is*ael? No country is above reproach. If he smeared J*ws as a people, that’d be different but he didn’t.


    • 22
      The diary of Owen Jones aged 13 3/4 says:

      But he is though isn’t he?
      He is trying to equate the occupation of disputed territory lost by aggressor states in wartime to the previous systematic genocidal murder of millions because or heir race, politics or sexual preferences.

      He is a typical lefty. One who thinks a bottle feeding new mum is committing child abuse or a bloke smoking a fag in his van is the equivalent of a Savile.

      No sense of scale these left twats. No touchstone on planet earth.


  7. 7
    Right Full Rudder says:

    Did you know the Israelis have allowed so many outsiders to settle on Arab land that just the ones they lost track of would be enough to fill a city the size of Manchester?

    Oh no wait, that’s our government and our land.


  8. 8
    The Voice of Reason says:

    The oppressed have become the oppressors. Show some support for the Palestinians.


    • 11
      Get Fvcked says:

      Fvck ‘em. A jihadding loon is a jihadding loon. End of!


      • 49
        Change the record guido, this one's scratched says:

        Ah, so you are saying that Israel is holding the line against the muslim hordes?

        Israel is fighting a holy war then.

        Which would make the IDF jihadists.


        • 53
          Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

          Nope they’re DEFENDING AGAINST a holy war.

          Was Churchill fighting a national socialist war or fighting a war against national socialism?


          • Dr. Jethro-Holmes says:

            54 CHIAPH – please! don’t remind them that ‘NAZI’ was short-hand for National SOCIALIST (they’ve got to remember: ‘National, bad; Socialist, Good!’). And always make sure that you prevent any connection at all being made between Palestinians (Good!) and Philistines (BAD!!!)


          • CarryHole is the porcine homunculus says:

            When it’s Nation Good, Socialism Bad.


        • 235
          Club Of Rome says:

          So if I attack you in the name of Jihad, and you defend yourself, now you are a Jihadi too, because it’s a holy war? Mindblowing stupidity. Are you a leftie by any chance?


    • 19
      Scottish Chav says:

      nope. long live Israel


  9. 13
    The MacCabees says:

    Flatmate with Mike Handicapkok? Bloody hell!


  10. 15
    Knowledge is Power says:

    I do not see how his question amounts to an actual ‘smear’. He is asking about what else is going to be taught and how much prominence it will be given. A perfectly reasonable question if somewhat barbed.

    I personally would prefer it if we gave equal prominence to some British history, but if we must teach kids ‘foreign’ stuff, the behaviour of the Japanese in China during the mid 20th Century would be high on my list.


    • 58
      Cornish Pilchard says:

      I want the curriculum to document the decline of the Liberal Party from a great ideologically driven movement to a squabbling agglomeration of useless interest groups led by people like him


    • 69
      The hoboiest hobo says:

      Don’t mention that. No one ever mentions that.
      Strangely not even us. Our grandparents fought Hirohitos barbaric hordes but our parents bought Datsuns and seiko without a thought.


    • 78
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Probably better to warn children about marxism and the murder and starvation it always causes.


    • 110
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      The Japanese are a people who, living on a set of islands off the coast of a continent full of wars and rumours of wars at any given time, stayed mostly isolated. They felt they were an indomitable race specially ordained of God, with a Divine Emperor. Realising they could not stay isolated forever, they developed into an industrial giant with a formidable Navy. They set about to create an Empire called the Co-Prosperity Sphere, and conquered many of the lands of Southeast Asia.

      And after WWII, they invited the people of the former Co-Prosperity Sphere to settle in Japan and remain unassimilated, practicing a religion completely at odds with the traditional Japanese way of life, whilst the native Japanese were told to suck it up and not to whinge, lest they be called racists. Hinoku Poweru, a member of their Diet, warned them against doing so, but they didn’t listen to him.

      N-a-a-h-h-h, I just made up that last paragraph. There’s no country that ever did that. In fact, Japan’s history is unique– no other land’s history is similar.

      In fact, I don’t think there really IS anything we could learn from the experience of Japan.


  11. 17
    Scottish Chav says:

    in ten years (1935-45) millions of jews are killed.
    in the years since 1948 the palestinians have grown 8 fold in number.

    for the jews = massive empathy
    for the palestinians = get some fecking contraception!


  12. 21
    OyVaGoy says:

    What an idiot. As the Lib Dems’ popularity descends, the nutters among them seem to come out with ever more antisemitic crap.


  13. 23
    Duplucitous cunts R Us. says:



  14. 24
    Perverts R Us says:

    What is happening Miko Hancock? Has he not resigned yet?


  15. 25
    Colchester Man says:

    Bob is so popular in Colchester that people go around dressing up as tramps to impersonate him.


  16. 27
    Django says:

    Oh my you truly are an ignorant dirty little nazi slime ball… Your parents must be so proud of you and you probably think your a credit to the nation as well. The truth is people like you are beyond logical enlightened education….. Utterly useless!


    • 50
      nellnewman says:

      Would have been nice to know what or who you are talking about.

      But suspect that is the debating technique taught in state school during te 13 years of labour terror.


      • 107
        Django says:

        The above was a comment I made concerning an extremist comment posted by someone earlier, which was removed and my comment was posted down here???? I suspect Guido is playing guardian angel to us all once again.


  17. 28
    Owen Jones,The Champagne Socialist says:

    Did you know? Since 1948, 10 million+ Muslims have been killed by Muslims? (this number is growing daily) http://tiny.cc/ik1lyw


    • 41
      Scottish Chav says:

      muslims have never killed muslims … they keep telling us that. its a religion of peace.


      • 66
        Make it Right says:

        The religion of piss


      • 91
        Sheikh al' Jethro says:

        43 Indeed: at the moment of death, they cease to be Muslims. Much as the Aga Khan found that Alcohol became water, the moment it touched his lips.


    • 65
      The Shah says:

      Long may it continue (speed it up if possible, chemical weapons might help)


      • 113
        I've got a (Marie) Cur(I)e for thath says:

        Or let Iran develop the bomb, which “prematurely” detonates. Oh dear. F^ck me, what a catastrophe. Still, that’s what happens when you let sky fairy custodians play with fireworks.

        Need some humanitarian aid? We’ll be there in about, say , 2,500 years. You know, when the rocks have stopped glowing..


  18. 29
    Sir Aston Martin says:

    Re MPs’ pay. What does this actually mean ” PM to tell IPSA MPs should not receive increase” ?
    Another pompous, self-serving pronouncement from a multi-millionaire who is living his own personal dream while hundreds of thousands go hungry and 1 in 4 children will be living in poverty by May 2015.
    These are the cruel, empty words of a PR man who is presiding over the destruction of civil society in our country while he and his colleagues laugh, make merry and cash in.


    • 32
      IDS says:

      I can live on £53 a week.


      • 82
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

        After rent and other bills.
        So 53 quid for food.

        I just bought my weekly shop, 49 quid, including a bottle of Kahlua (on offer).

        So at least those on dole won’t have to miss out on cocktail nights.


        • 100
          Get your facts right dipstick says:

          Prick! £71.50 minus money for council tax..gas..electric..water rates..insurance..so, if you are good at maths and I very much doubt you are, the £53 after rent and bills is absolute bollocks. Howevfer, don’t let the truth get in the way will you.

          In reply to CH.


    • 42
      Anonymous says:

      It does not take an Einstein to come to the conclusion that perhaps their economic policy is at the least misguided and coming apart at the seams. But Cameron is certainly no Einstein, more a cornered Artful Dodger. This man cares little for anything other than his immediate circle and their demands on him – hence the Tax Windfall. Ipsa could of course look at the pay and conditions of Public Sector Workers and perhaps provide a clearer picture of the “fairness” or otherwise that Cameron keeps banging on about


      • 81
        Anonymous says:

        He is no Artful Dodger.

        Oliver maybe. He makes people like him, and allows the criminals to corrupt him for his own survival. He also answers to corrupt master. Will defect to another life as soon as a better offer comes along.


  19. 30
    nellnewman says:

    The news that mcshame is to be charged is very welcome.

    All I can say is vickipryce has a shocking taste in men!


  20. 34
    Handycock says:

    Bob is a very good flatmate who will get a good reference any day.

    He knows a nice bird when he see’s one and Katia was such nice company too.

    Most importantly though folks.

    Free Pizza for anyone who comes campaigning with me on Saturday.

    My party are really under the cosh.

    Gerald has cocked up big style at The Pyramids.

    We are getting non stop abuse from Southsea holidaymakers for closing all the loos.

    And most importantly, even though I’m an Independent in Westminster me and my Mrs are both up for election in May and both Labour and Ukip are breathing down our necks.

    All help greatly appretiated Guido.

    Tally Ho!


  21. 35
    Followed about by scabby leeching fuds in Edinburgh sponsored by that rancid pile of leeching shite that is C4 says:



  22. 36
    Why is HADDOCK BANNED ? says:

    I see G4S are back in the news again , not content with fucking up the Olympics, they are now being investigated for over charging the government “Tens of Millions of pounds for monitoring people on tags some of whom were actually dead
    How this company was chosen to supply “security” (and i use that term very loosely)for the G8 after the olympic clusterfuck is beyond any straight thinking person ?
    But alas we are not MP’s
    So my question is to Guido and his “Moles”in Westminster , Which Mp’s are “directors , non executive directors , major share holders or on the board of this so called security company ?


  23. 37
    Cable guy says:

    “I am the crisis that will leave you homeless,
    The heart attack you have through stress,
    The reason the hospital you need is closed,
    The prescription you cannot afford,
    The food shopping you cannot buy,
    The reason you feel ashamed to be disabled,
    The reason you no longer have a job,
    I am the reason you are called a scrounger,
    I am David Cameron,
    This is the Tory Party,
    We are your crisis,
    And we don’t care who or what you are”

    Thanks to STAND UP IN BOOTLE for tweeting this


    • 60
      Sir William Waad says:

      The statements implied above are counter-factual. For instance, unemployment has fallen.


      • 76
        Cheshire Cat says:

        Don’t worry Sir W, Cable Guy is just another troll and not to be confused with that other Cable Guy, Vince


    • 85
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      People are called scroungers because they live on the backs of taxpayers.

      It amazes me that a load of partly-able people travel long distances to protest holding signs, proving they could get to and perform office work.

      The reason there is a shortage of jobs is simple, working and employing are heavily punished i.e. taxed (employment is fined upto 60% of wage)

      The reason food is so expensive is that the above taxation of work requires exponential debt to cover over it’s damage. Pretending to pay the debt has the effect of decreasing the purchasing power of existing money.


    • 90
      Point of Information says:

      I am the crisis that will leave you parent less,
      The medical mistake caused by targets,
      The reason the hospital you need is closed,
      The prescription you don’t really need,
      The food shopping you cannot buy,
      The reason you feel ashamed to be disabled,
      The reason you no longer have a leg,
      I am the reason you are thirsty in an NHS bed,
      I am Andy Burnham,
      This is the Labour Party,
      We are your crisis,
      And we don’t care who or what you are.


      • 162
        And the truth is says:

        There would be more homes for families,jobs for the workers and room in hospital beds if Labour hadn’t “trawled the world” for immigrants to satisfy their attempts at social engineering.


  24. 38
    Colonel Blimp says:

    A very facile and stupidly biased interpretation and reporting.

    A bit like asking whether Guido knows what whiskey is, and then accusing him of being a raving dipsomaniac.


  25. 39
    McSHANES laptop emporium ? says:

    My other office is a shed !


  26. 43
    the whole story says:

    Hansard’s quote from Sir Bob is written ‘holocaust’ [small h] Guido- perhaps referring to the 17 to 20 million victims of WWII persecution from all walks of life, not just the 4.2 – 6 million Je-wish victims [Holocaust / Shoah] {figures differ from different sources] which you choose just to promote.
    Makes me wonder whether Catholics / Journalists make up the lost tribe of Isr-a-el. You do have a way of bastardising the English language/ bending the truth to suit yourselves.
    Will nobody remember the Soviets, Ethnic Poles, Physically and Mentally disabled, Romany. homosexuals, Slavs, Serbs, Croats, Coloured /Asian, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons etc etc and those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time who suffered an equal fate?
    But then some seem to feel that their extermination was ‘ordinary’ and only the much publicised ‘Je-wish big H’ should count, Mr Speaker with his Holocaust Educational Trust being a case in point.


  27. 45
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    WE are the real Nasty Party ! :)


  28. 54
    Sir William Waad says:

    Israelis are Palestinians, because they live in Palestine.


    • 61
      nellnewman says:

      Well then the reverse is true. The Palestinians who live in Israel are Israelis!!


    • 210
      a visitor says:

      But does “Palestine” actually exist? Used to be called Jordan (or Trans-Jordan) when I was younger. The current inhabitants of that strip of sand seem to have renamed it for their own benefit and to attract sympathy. Had their brother Arabs not closed all their borders to these folk thus preventing them from dispersing to other regions of the Arab world, much of the current problems would not exist – and neither would their wonderful culture of permanent “victimhood”.


  29. 62
    jack russell mp says:

    I was never mike Hancock s flat mate. I have never heard of him neither has nick Clegg
    Or Vince cable. Nobody in the libdems has heard of him even in Portsmouth.
    Stop these slurs or I shall call g4s and ask them to tag you and charge the appropriate
    Amount to the taxpayer.


    • 217
      Rinka says:

      The dog, the dog, he’s at it again, shooting his mouth off.
      What is it with these bloody liberals ?


  30. 71
    Hope Springs says:

    ‘LAWMAKER ?’……Marxist New speak !

    In the Free World elected political representative make Laws.

    In Marxist Societies any government appointee can be given Law Making Powers.

    Like…. .’ ISSUES ‘. There are no problems in a Marxist Society. Only Issues to be addressed.

    Pay attention Muppets


  31. 72
    Balanced BBC says:

    A game for you all

    BBC report on McShane.


    The simple challenge

    1 spot the word Labour MP anywhere in the report

    2 For bonus points rewrite as if it were a Tory MP being reported by the BBC

    Use only the pixels provided


    • 74
      Denis MacShameless says:


    • 102
      Jethro (job-seeker...BBC, Gruniard, Mew Stoatsman... says:

      72 ‘Tory M.P. Denis McShane, has, once again, fallen foul of the Law: already having been embroiled in ‘Duck-house’/Wisteria-type expense claims, McShane – whose forebears had earlier foresworn his actual family name of Makiowiecz, to escape Czarist persecution, had been encouraged and cultivated by the then-Prime Minister. Whether the Conservative Prime Minister at the time knew of his protege’s shady dealings is an open question, but, without a doubt, there will be calls for the Tories to be open about this whole matter. Time will tell whether Right-wingers succeed in encouraging our beleaguered P.M. to succumb to the pressure to sweep it all under the carpet – or indeed, to try and shift the blame to the Opposition – or whether…


      • 123
        Balanced BBC says:

        Congratulations we have a winner.
        You have won a visit to the saturday minors cinema with Owen Jones 9 3/4 and either a years free subscription to the Guardian or the Beano.


    • 122
      CarryHole is the porcine homunculus says:


      Front Page main Headline TORY! MINISTER LOSES to CPS
      ANALYSIS: TORY CRISIS! Will Dave go?
      Interview with 7 “random” Labour candidates.
      Previous TORY! Sleaze.

      Continue for 10 years.


  32. 79
    Saltpetre says:

    If an MP wants to be anti-Israel then that is his right in a free society that values freedom of speech. He shouldn’t have to back down or apologise to anyone. Israel is a bully and can look after itself.


  33. 87
    doctor death says:

    Talking of social cleansing ….. Last night MPs ( you know, the one’s with the £10,000 a year pay rise) voted not to undertake a Comprehensive Assessment Review on the outcomes of their policies for disabled people – including benefits and services and attitudes in society – because they don’t fucking care.


  34. 94
    Anonymous says:

    This used to be a good site but nobody speaks out about Israel without Guido crushing them.

    Give it a rest dude


  35. 96
    Wierd Ed says:

    As a response to the very small problem that politics has encountered in Falkirk, it’s important for the sake of democracy that Cameron addresses the issue of party funding, donations and MP’s second jobs.

    Having constituencies of equal size and everyone’s vote having equal value is, though, not that important.


    • 220
      Clarification, please says:

      Should we really be counting being an MP as a first job ? Most MPs seem to regard the position merely as a golden opportunity to steal from the taxpayers.


  36. 97
    The Lib Dems are J Hating Mongs ? says:

    I take that troll as a compliment: Thank you.

    If you had the hyperlink to order-order in your moniker one may believe you were our gracious host.

    Still doesn’t change the fact that the most pro-EU of the allegedly main stream parties seems to find it fit to attack !srael: Usually this is Galloway territory – except Galloway engages in reasoned and researched debate.

    This could suggest that perhaps the EU line is moving against !srael. A worrying sign.

    Would be interesting to hear if UKIP have any statement either way on this latest Lib Dem faux pas.


  37. 102
    Pat Rant says:

    Oh yes it’s that time again!


    • 112
      Point of Information says:

      It’s a good point which is put across.

      Attacking the people who are actively attempting to shut down opinion needs to be done.

      However – Those who implanted these ideas and formed the pattern of behavior (which is learned) are the real problem.

      Look to the education system, the media (particularly the BBC) and the political leadership.

      This is Labours legacy.

      Those in the university who are acting in this way are fine to explore their political and personal development, and some of that does involve doing dumb stuff.

      However that they are not being educated, so are shouting off whilst not realizing that they are getting into debt for a qualification which is imparting zero skill of real value in the world today is what they really need to wake up to.

      One guesses the universities don’t mind what the lefty students are doing. Keeps them quiet on the academic side – not complaining about not being taught anything. Gives cover as to why their students don’t get jobs when they ‘graduate’ : They are clearly unemployable.


      • 142

        Whenever I hear about a mob of students shouting somebody’s opinions, I can’t help wondering how many of them are studying philosophy…

        I like Pat. I really like him. He speaks a lot of sense. But, with the above words, he has most unfortunately tainted his message.

        My posting on this site started in 2009 under different monikers. My study of philosophy goes back at least to 1984. It is a subject that I think should be taught to all students but, like most of my views, this is distinctly unfashionable.

        I would recommend Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, William of Ockham, Duns Scotus, Francis Bacon, John Locke, David Hume, John Stuart Mill, Francis Herbert Bradley, Thomas Hill Green, Edward Caird, Bernard Bosanquet, R G Collingwood, Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, Isaiah Berlin and many other living philosophers whom I have been lucky enough to meet.

        The important aspect of any of the above is that they would not have shouted down anyone who opposed them but would have used the language of reason.

        I can listen to anyone who can argue any cause under such terms. Shouting people down merely to shut them up is not on and will not succeed. Think again Pat as you are using your enemies’ tactics here. And I speak as a friend.


        • 147
          Anonymous says:

          There is a distinction between those that attend a philosophy course and those that study philosophy. Both claim to be “studying philosophy”.


          • Indeed. I have no quarrel with either. But to denigrate the subject as an area of study is entirely wrong IMO.


          • The Philosopher Officer says:

            “Philosophy” (like “Fascism,” as George Orwell noted) is one of those words so misused that it has lost any real meaning, and is, at this point, merely a boo-hiss word. To the extent that it denotes the study itself of the “meta-rules,” i.e., are there any and how could you possibly tell what they would be?, it may be a worthwhile pursuit, but so much beard-stroking, arm-waving, navel-gazing and willy-wagging goes on in that field, because people think it’s too rarefied and “out there” for the normal Joe Soap to understand (the dodge which every profession tries, which is to anoint themselves a priesthood and keepers of a flame), and the charlatans are able to get away with bloody murder.

            One can easily imagine a philosophy professor in a film being played by Bud Abbott. The MO is the same– just spout enough nonsense, dress it up in something plausible-sounding enough that an unsophisticate like Lou Costello will swallow it even though he probably should know better, or else make it so convoluted that it becomes meaningless and poor Lou gives in just to shut Bud up.

            Of course, by doing what Bud does to Lou, you poison the conceptual well so sufficiently that the whole idea of philosophy falls into disrepute, and what you get is the common attitude that the only thing worse than anyone teaching it is anyone learning it, and most people will shy away from it, as well they should.

            Ayn Rand, herself enough of a boo-hiss in her own right, once spoke on the subject of a convention of philosophers, in which she offered that if anyone delivering any papers or any criticism was told that to do so, they had to declare interest in terms of explicitly announcing what all their axiomatic beliefs were, the room would clear out so fast you’d swear there was a fire.


          • I understand completely what you say but, by the very fact you said it, you are perpetrating a philosophical act!

            Hawking said ,at the Google’s Zeitgeist Conference back in May, that philosophy was dead and thus committed the same error. So you are in good company, or maybe I should say bad company… ;-)

            There are so many things that one should avoid inhaling; sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, methane, other toxins, fertilizers, small dust particles, smoke, smog, water; that one might reasonably come to the conclusion that it is better and safer not to breathe altogether. However there is an obvious flaw in that argument too.


    • 116
      Fabians are Evil. says:

      He is talking to you too Owen


    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      “Like a toddler proud of a turd”

      My wife just lost it. Thanks.

      On a serious point the myelination of the prefrontal cortex does not really complete until early 20’s. That means those areas which control long term reasoning and reasoned inhibition of basic drives has not fully formed. Even when formed, they still need to be “activated” by learning.

      So please do not expect university students to ever have long term sense. They will have learned life strategies, and will have honed a plan based on their upbringing, but they are not freed of the ties of the childhood yet. They are programmed but not adaptable.

      In essence they “know” what is right, but literally can not see that there are other long term alternatives.

      It is absolutely essential that humanity is like this, else we would not have survived. That is the age we propagate. The parent then grows, as the child grows, and they become wise and can direct the tribe.

      Humanity has always known this, but only recently we can actually prove it with scans. So do not get hot under the collar about students. Get hot under the collar about the misuse of students. Why do you think so many cult and fanatic organizations target student populations?

      However, a problem occurs when an ex-student never actually sees real life. If they are very fixed in their set solution, and subsequently write and pontificate, about it without any actual real life experiences they fail to develop the prefrontal cortex. With just vocal repetition of old ideas there is no learning. No experience of long term effects and they just become walking history books with no ability to apply the lessons to the present.

      That is why I said certain people should be looked after.


    • 131
      Achmed says:

      Silence! I kill you!


    • 133
      Henry Offellberry says:

      Sweeping statements, insults and no empirical based evidence. This is what is making people switch off right wing politics. People of a right wing nature come accross as rude and ignorant.

      Why can’t the right accept some of the criticisms of the left. The left have had to accept some right wing philosophies in their time, such as excepting the need of an open market. No one group has all the answers, so why not sit and listen and compromise.


    • 135
      Anonymous says:

      “Like a toddler proud of a …”
      My wife just lost it. Thank you.

      On a serious point the myelination of the prefrontal cortex does not really complete until early 20’s. That means those areas which control long term reasoning and reasoned inhibition of basic urges has not fully formed. Even when formed, they still need to be “activated” by learning.

      So please do not expect university students to ever have long term sense. They will have learned life strategies, and will have honed a plan based on their upbringing, but they are not freed of the ties of the childhood yet. They are programmed but not adaptable.

      In essence they “know” what is right, but literally can not see that there are other long term alternatives.

      It is absolutely essential that humanity is like this, else we would not have survived. That is the age we propagate.

      Humanity has always known this, but only recently we can actually prove it with scans. So do not get hot under the collar about students. Get hot under the collar about the misuse of students. Why do you think so many cult and fanatic organizations target student populations?

      However, a problem occurs when a student never actually sees real life. If they are very fixed in their set solution, and subsequently write and talk only about it, without any actual real life experiences they fail to develop the prefrontal cortex. With just vocal repetition of old ideas there is no learning. No experience of long term effects and they just become walking history books with no ability to apply the lessons to the present.

      That is why I said certain people should be looked after.


  38. 104
    Point of Information says:

    With LIBOR management handed to New York, and a Canadian running the bank of England, why has no one complained that the higher aspects of UK economic management have been given over to North America ?

    Could this be front running exit of the EU or will the EU simply take over wholesale the non-economic administrative functions of the UK ?

    In this situation: Why are we still paying for 650 representatives and funding Parliament ?


  39. 111
    David Cameron was my fag at Eton says:

    Israel has god on their side all these closet jew hating lefty’s should remember that.


  40. 114
    John Inver....anonymouse says:

    Is it safe to go to the shops yet?


  41. 118
    Resented for his leading role... says:


    • 159
      Owen Jones says:

      Diversity is good, diversity is a strength, diversity will save Britain!


      • 225
        polythesis says:

        Yeah, it worked a treat in the former Yugoslavia, everyone got on like a house on fire, in fact several tens of thousands of houses on fire.


  42. 121
    Saffron says:

    Lieboors legacy is crap as it has been throughout their history,yes they were formed to represent the workers and in this they have failed.
    This lot from ideals have only one objective in mind and that is to look after the high up’s and the rest of lieboor voters can take their chances.
    Bliar/Gordoom/Millipede and a lot more of lieboors including all of lieboors union backers are now being seen as to what they are really about.
    UK voters wake up and understand what these present crowd of lieboor supporters are all about,and it is communism,which has been dicreditted as a failed system.
    As for cammoron/clegg this is now also a failed system,wakey wakey people do you want any of these parties next time round.


  43. 130
    Henry Offellberry says:

    I do not see any reason why both sides should not be covered. Zionism is just as bad as fascism in many ways. Of course, I’m guessing the readers of this blog would think fascism is a “left wing” ideal due to Hitler dubbing his party the National socialists.


    • 143
      CarryHole is the porcine homunculus says:

      “Just because Hitler was a marxist doesn’t mean the left can’t lie about it” arguments don’t work.

      Hitler was against INTERnational socialism (death toll way more than his national socialism) but he basically combined a nationalistic cult with conventional marxism. His main twist was the group he choose the murder and rob was different from international socialism.


      • 165
        tabblenabble01 says:

        Lets get this right…

        Stalinist Russia (national socialist) signed the ANTI-COMINTERN (Anti COMmunist INTERNational) pact with Hitler’s National Socialist Germany the NAZIS (aka NAtional soZIalismus). Think socialism in one country.

        International socialism is actually right wing (a shill), think libertarianism, think free markets, de-regulation= anarchism, anti-statist. The rights/freedoms of the individual are paramount above responsibility to the group (Bolshevism = Trotskyism=Judaism), secularism, the individual, atomised society, gay rights etc

        National socialism is left wing, think anti libertarianism, think nationalisation, regulation/opposite of anarchism=order, statist, the responsibilities of the individual to the group are paramount, religion, family values, cohesive socity. Catholocism/Islamism, the family unit etc


    • 175
      a little green man says:

      if he did that on purpose that is quite funny


    • 215
      a visitor says:

      So why did you not name him here?


  44. 140
    Ed Moribund says:

    Let me just be clear .. I want to be very clear..being very clear is the thing I want to be. Don’t mistake my lack of clarity for not being clear, because, and this is important,..I want to be very clear. Transparent. Even lucent. On this point, and let me make sure I am being clear here, I must be clear.

    Thatcher done it!


    • 199
      General Question says:

      When QE ends and the economy collapses properly:

      Then – Can we please start executing the scum which Labour let in, and erase the Miliband / Blair clans Savile style ?

      Just sayin’


  45. 149
    Sales by mail says:

    Club Notice:

    To all of you who purchased the deluxe Sally Bercow inflatable.
    There is no manufacturers fault.
    The latex fabric is supposed to feel dirty to the touch.

    Also there are still several hundred Sarah Brown’s available. All unused and at 1/3 price. They make a good sized kid’s slide in this hot weather. .


  46. 151

    Oh no why cant we have peace in our time tut tut


  47. 155
    Ah! Monika says:

    If MPs don’t take second jobs, what are they to do with their time?


  48. 157
    tabblenabble01 says:

    Crikey! The star of NN tonight was a “certain” Steve Rosenberg reporting for the beloved BBC from Georgia.

    Zi*onist, Is*rael Firster, blah, blah, blah.

    It’s the “*” that give it all away…isn’t that right Guido?

    You would be smeared/put-out-of-business within 5 minutes if you admitted so?


  49. 161
    Joe says:

    No QT and only Brillo tonight thank fuck.


  50. 163
    The FibDemon party says:

    Liberal Democrats: bringing fuel poverty to every household in the Country


    • 168
      PFFFT! says:

      lol @ his poncy moniker . The poor boy wou;dn’t even know wot a libertarian woz if it danced naked on his mother’s grave , ffs .


      • 171
        California 'Sole says:

        You’re feeling sore, E. We understand but don’t take it out on the little people, you beautiful, cozmik conundrum. Pour another and dance around your imaginary bedroom to this one: TURN IT UP!! *Pfff-pufff-ffffp*


        • 174
          anon says:

          It jus a caricature , ffs ;p

          Why is I , universally , banned from evrywhere , an beyond ??


          • sugar + sodium chlorate says:

            your modesty is very endearing, dear :)


          • Lew T. Roll says:

            You must keep going. If you’re getting banned/bounced/muted it’s because you have, absolutely, hit the nail on the head, E. Bullshitters deserve your closer inspection. We must not let ourselves drown under this tsunami of wiffle-waffle.


          • anon says:

            Oh , okies .

            Spose .


          • Prof. Dan Gleebitz B.S.E. (retd.) says:

            Thanks for giving me life and sending me out into the field, Ewa!


          • anon says:

            Oh , okies , Prof :)

            does I know u , then ??


          • Prof. Dan Gleebitz B.S.E. (retd.) says:

            Not biblically, although I and Mrs. Gleebitz did have the occasional rubber with your parents.


          • Dave Figgley says:

            Ha ha, son. It’s not like you to get down, gal. Think of all those probing comments you’ve posted, mate.
            I particularly liked the one involving loose change and infertility, or was that Briananonny in The Femail ??
            Whatever. Keep your pecker skywards, sunshine ; )


          • anon says:

            That were one of URS , dave !!!

            *sobs harder*


          • Col. M.T. Kernel (ret'd) says:

            COOOEEEE, sir.

            Yours, trying to inject some Frosties, Col. M.T. Kernel (ret’d)


          • anon says:

            Hiya , Marilyn , honey *blows u*

            Is I jus a washed-up has-bin , does u think , babe ???

            *a kiss*

            E x x .


          • Col. M.T. Kernel (ret'd) says:

            Well, sir.
            One still stands, every morning, on the single platform at Little Cockup-By-Widdling station, staring at the weeds growing from the ballast and wondering whether the 0635 to Oxford will ever arrive, sir.
            You are, probably, interrogating the wrong Colonel, Miss Botha.
            Yours, as ever, Col. M.T. Kernel (ret’d)


          • anon says:

            I use to rattle u off in 20 seconds , darlin !!

            Now it take 20 minutes , an that scare me , I spose :(



          • Col. M.T. Kernel (ret'd) says:

            SIR- Try updating your graphics drivers, sir. Beyond that, yours truly is rather flummoxed.

            Yours, not ever going to let the little brains grind me down, Col. M.T. Kernel (ret’d)


          • anon says:

            lol – the pathetic tosser is gonna mod The Kernel . Soul destroyin , ain’t it ??


          • Betty Bitter says:

            His output is mind-numbing but he seems to think we want to read it? When this hoon pops his clogs, I’ll be arranging a street-party.


          • Vicious Jenny says:

            lol, Betty! E introduced the P – B=rain concept. He hates it.


          • Betty Bitter says:

            He IS the personification of a p e a – b r a i n , though. Why get all humpetty about it?


          • *waves to the tiny SL shitters* says:

            *Goes outside a bit*


          • To dear Steve/Ewa/Igonikon/Old Holborn et al says:

            This world deserves people like you.


          • Lady Knightly says:

            Up yours, Coulter.


          • Nice to see The Underwoods being used says:


          • Ike, Stevie, Scott, Chad, Frank and others doing a passable parody, LIVE, of a band playing LIVE says:


  51. 166
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    I was just following orders from my EU masters….


  52. 179
    a little green man says:

    that’s an old trick, smoking a cigarette inside a milk packet


  53. 181
  54. 203
    Labour are Filth says:

    4 million +, not counted correctly, sacks of filth from Europe let in during Labour’s reign of terror, and this shit still appears to be coming in under the coalition:


    Time to go home.


    • 205
      albacore says:

      Here that link won’t work, regrettably
      Its message, though, ain’t arf clear to see
      Whoever Parliament’s working for
      It’s not British folks – and that’s for sure


    • 228
      Man from the street says:

      Labour’s Terror? We are still letting 500,000 in per year to this day……Why?


  55. 207
    Did i miss something? says:

    Help me out here…the titles says “Another Lib Dem Smears Israel”

    and the quote concerns lack of parity in news coverage on Israel / Palestine affairs / conflict.

    What is going on here? How is that a smear?!

    Surely we all know that the ‘founding’ of Israel involved at least some theft of property / land and so raise some legitimate concerns….this is nothing to do with being anti Israeli…its purely a moral issue.


  56. 209
    "Tubby" Tom Watson says:

    Why does anyone vote for the dib Lems? they’re all closet homosexual boy botherers and anti-semites who routinely break their promises to their own electorate. The only “different” thing they stand for is PR and the public spat that idea out. Here’s an idea if you dont want to vote for the main political parties – just dont vote – its actually more meaningful than putting in a set of twats who spoil everything like an inverted Midas touch. They’ve pissed off their own voters so hopefully will be annihalated next time.


    • 213
      albacore says:

      If the disenchanted abandon their votes
      Then we’ll end up with yet more LibLabCon scrotes
      There are not alternative parties galore
      Try the one they instruct you not to vote for


  57. 214
    Klondilke says:

    £1 BILLION credit card spree by civil servants: How Whitehall mandarins spent your money on gourmet meals and fine wines

    Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Commons public accounts committee, said: ‘We investigated this issue last year and were assured things were getting better.
    ‘The idea that people are drifting back into old habits is so depressing. Civil servants have got to start walking the walk and not just talking the talk on this.’

    Bollocks to walking the walk, How about stop spending our fucking money?

    Hodge needs to go and we need someone who will do the job they are paid for


    • 216
      albacore says:

      With Parliament permanently on the fiddle
      Why would they expect underlings not to diddle?
      If the rot is endemic right up to the top
      When they take a hike there’s a slight chance it might stop


  58. 226
    Ah! Monika says:

    “Head teachers in England are being urged to ban packed lunches to increase the take-up of school dinners and promote healthy eating.”

    Better to feed them horse meat, camel and goat meat than a most nutritious meal of a cheese and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread.

    If you must, produce packed lunch recipes and “strongly advise” that such items must be included in packed lunches. Cheaper and safer than 300 meals being prepared for kids by a cook who hasn’t washed her hands after going to the loo.

    What is it about a “good hot meal ” anyway. The stomach prefers food at body temperature.


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