July 10th, 2013

It was Acceptable in the 80s

If 22-year-old Vicky Fowler beats the incumbent Tory MP Marcus Jones in Nuneaton in two years’ time, she will become the first MP to have been born in the 1990s. His majority is only 2,069 so it is not beyond the realms of possibility. Vicky defeated former BBC reporter Miriam O’Reilly for selection. By comparison Sir Peter Tapsell (b. 1930) has served the House since 1959.

H/T @LabourHistory


  1. 1
    Tony Blair says:

    Hi girls!


  2. 2
    Merlot or Pinot Grigio says:

    Sir Peter’s been served the house? Is that the house white or house red?


  3. 3

    Great, a 22 year old with what non political exp exactly? Not someone I would vote for


    • 8
      Lukewarm says:

      At least she’s probably got another job


      • 9
        Lukewarm says:

        “not got”, not “got”


      • 10
        Anonymous says:

        No, she hasn’t. Just out of Uni and a Local Cllr.


        • 17
          do pigs fly? says:

          Has she ever had a proper job?


          • This Century says:

            She has never even used a typewriter.


          • Lord Stansted says:

            Unlikely at her age. Another blasted kid out of school.


          • This Century says:

            She wasn’t even born during the Winter of Discontent and the Falklands War and will have very little experience of decent pubs.


          • Knocker Watcher says:

            Has she any mam’s ..???


          • Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

            Does she do a turn? Boaz.


          • much too young should be... says:

            Proper job…..aaah

            never done anything warranting experience of deciding for us

            large organisation
            got up and running something new

            can do a MPs job. Why not apply to help out the incumbent one.

            Voting on any thing in Parliament; just PLEASE don’t bovver.


        • 94
          Don't Give A Shit About LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:

          A Labour… councillor? Tells you everything you need to know – a groundless sense of entitlement based on ego, a morbid desire to suck at the public teat, rather than get a job where you are held responsible for things, and the self belief of a bull elephant in full must. Pass the 375Holland & Holland, there’s a good chap.

          WTF does a 22 year old know, beyond that within a few multiples of months, the silly witch has discovered it’s not just for pissing through. I give up. No wonder we got taken up the Miliband for 13 years, and my Miliband is still too sore to sit down on.


          • Grumpy old git says:

            Pitt the younger became PM at 24 and is usually counted as one of the greater holders of that office.


          • M102 says:

            If she knows how to suck a teat, at least that is something. Any pictures?


          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            GOT – yes, that may be what is said, but firstly WHO says it, how different we’re the times ( I think you’ll find a bloody great portion of the atlas was coloured pink) and there were no intrusive press second and third guessing his every move.
            He also came to power AFTER the American war of independence, and in the very year that trading returned to normal between us and the Americans, causing our economy to boom just after he took office.
            It’s amazing what people will attribute to one or two men in power.


          • Nick the sorry horsefly says:

            I’m the pits so I should be PM.


          • Anonymous says:

            “Grumpy old git says:”
            thinks @~&*^
            PM elect 2015


        • 264
          Yeah, right... says:



  4. 4

    One hopes she has the correct Union Membership Card.


  5. 5
    The Queen Vic says:

    Vicky Fowler? Isn’t she an EastEnders character?


  6. 6

    Way too old for Hancock.


  7. 12
    Maurice Hancock says:

    Thank heaven for little girls
    But not because they get bigger every day


  8. 13
    Owen Jones says:

    Where is my safe Labour seat?


  9. 14
    Penfold says:

    Hasn’t Miriam been whining about ageism after losing out ?


  10. 15
    Maqboul says:

    Is she one of Watson’s Babes?


  11. 16
    Luciana Berger says:


    “Fowler has previously worked for Birmingham MP Shabana Mahmood and was briefly a researcher for a London-based Public Affairs Company.”

    But isn’t this the kind of party-machined candidate that Ed Miliband was wanting to avoid?


    • 19
      Red Ed says:

      You don’t believe anything I say do you?


    • 21
      Luciana Berger says:

      Doesn’t really stand out as the “One Nation” approach does it?

      UK Youth Parliament aged 17.
      Politics at the University of Warwick.
      Fowler became involved in Student Union Politics,
      position of First Year Councillor.
      Democracy Committee Chair
      President of Warwick Speakers public speaking society
      worked for Birmingham MP Shabana Mahmood
      Researcher for a London-based Public Affairs Company.


      • 32
        pedantic buffoon says:

        Just the experience we need to make sure that the country is completely and finally b*ggered.


      • 47
        Maqboul says:

        One of the Party elite.

        Never been down a coal mine; never stood on a factory production line; or did a paper round; or served a Big Mac and small fries; has she ever washed an office floor? Indeed has she ever spoke to people who have? In fact has she ever had a job and contributed one penny to the economy? No. But she deems to speak on their behalf.

        Unalterably middle class, New Labour Party careerist through and though.


        • 56
          Grubby Tory Party says:

          David Cameron:

          One of the country’s elite.

          Never been down a coal mine; never stood on a factory production line; or did a paper round; or served a Big Mac and small fries; has he ever washed an office floor? Indeed has he ever spoken to people who have? In fact has he ever had a job and contributed one penny to the economy? No.


        • 57
          Grubby Tory Party says:

          George Osborne:

          One of the country’s elite.

          Never been down a coal mine; never stood on a factory production line; or did a paper round; or served a Big Mac and small fries; has he ever washed an office floor? Indeed has he ever spoken to people who have? In fact has he ever had a job and contributed one penny to the economy? No.


        • 59
          George Osborne's CV says:

          Towel Folder.


      • 55

        I despair, I really do.

        The days when an MP had a few failed directorships under their belt, had fought some police action against fuzzy wuzzies in some fetid jungle, been photographed boozily kissing the Archbishop of Canterbury in mistake for the Ghanaian ambassador’s wife are long gone.

        Even the labour lot had had a string of failed jobs on various lefty unread newspapers. Had blackmailed plotted and bribed their way into union strongholds and sold countless secrets to the soviets.

        I dunno…young people today have it so easy.


      • 234
        Great aunty Beatrice says:

        But he was on Sky news yesterday – and seemed such a nice man.


  12. 18
    Tony Blair says:

    What is important is that I don’t care why there were a group of unhappy looking 15 year old girls in mini skirts and make-up standing outside Gaddafi’s tent. What is important is that it was perfectly appropriate for me to say “Hi girls”. What is important is..


  13. 20
    Lying tit on the BBC says:

    So? Still Labour scum.


  14. 24
    Homosexual BBC employee says:

    Is she LGBT?

    If not it is homophobic


  15. 25
    Trent says:

    Australia 31-3


  16. 26
    Tony Blair says:

    What is important is that I made some lucrative deals while I was in Libya. I don’t know about any atrocities that were taking place and I don’t know about any underage girls being ràped on a daily basis by Gaddafi. What is important is that no one dare smear my name. I am someone of the highest integrity and what is important is that anyone who embarrasses me will be taken for a walk in the woods. I have to go now, as I have a meeting with some dictator, I mean important leader who’s paying me lots of money to provide my consultancy services as to how to handle accusations of human rights abuses. Oh, look, there’s a bunch of 12 year olds outside his bedroom. Hi girls! What is important is!


  17. 27
    Joss Taskin says:

    Apart from the Students Union, which other union does she have to be in ?


  18. 28
    Libertarian says:

    ‘former BBC reporter Miriam O’Reilly’ – anyone remember if there’s ever been a former BBC reporter-MP candidate who wasn’t Labour?


  19. 41
    Trent says:

    Australia 53-4


  20. 42

    But…but..but she won’t even know it was all Thatcher’s fault.


    • 44
      Vicky Fowler says:

      Who is Thatcher?


    • 46
      BBC red bottom says:

      This does present a problem.

      Even our alternative history of Britain is going to struggle to blame Maggie for everything when there will be MPs who only took office after she was dead.
      We might need a new finger pointer too after 2015.

      It was all Blair’s fault?

      Yeah, why not? No one likes Blair.
      And we only need imply he was the Tory Prime Minister from 1997 to 2010 to wipe away the stain of the labour years of waste and wars.


      • 50
        Maqboul says:

        Tell the numpties of today that Blair was a Tory and they’ll believe it.


      • 51
        Maqboul says:

        PS McCluskey already does.


        • 61
          Phoney Tony says:

          Nope.. I was always a true red. Always.
          Working class. Muck ‘n brass, ferret taming, tin bath soaking, mining fa,ily stock.n
          Money never meant anything to me. Only the good of the ordinary working person….

          Nope..can we go again? I just can’t stop from giggling at that money bit.


  21. 52
    J. Inverdale says:

    She’s no looker.


    • 109
      Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

      By normal standards, no, but by Layabout party standards, she’s not too bad.


    • 245
      Halal bacon butties going cheap says:

      I have had worse. and if they are old enough to bleed they are old enough to butcher.

      The big Mo


  22. 53
    Never heard of him says:

    Someone should ask Vicky who Ian Botham is….


    • 144
      B!ll Shankly says:

      That should “stump” her.

      And I’m pretty sure Luciana Berger still has no clue who I am.


      • 225
        Luciana's gynaecologist says:

        Euan Blair broke up with her when he found out how many blocks she’s circuited in and outside the Labour Party.


  23. 58
    Once a Plunkett Always A Plunkett says:

    So, the man who never saw all the illegal immigrants flooding the uk, can go by feel when it comes to the filthy lucre!



  24. 60
    WET BEHIND the EARS says:

    Yes her immense experience of life , work and raising families will bode well in parliament


  25. 66
    Why is HADDOCK BANNED ? says:

    Jesus H ! , I’ve got underpants older than her
    Which union does her daddy run ?


  26. 67
    Ed Miliband says:

    Bedroom Tax
    Andy Coulson
    Rebekah Brooks
    Food Banks
    Leon Brittan
    Peter Morrison
    Osborne’s paddock scam
    Children left in the pub
    43 Government U-turns
    Cigarette packaging
    Minimum alcohol pricing
    Anthony Bamford
    Adrian Beecroft
    Michael Spencer


    • 72
      Ed it's never my fault Miliband says:

      I only lied and cheated because the tories made me do it.
      My friend Len only lied and cheated because the tories made him do it.
      My fried Tom Watson only lied and cheated because the tories made him do it.


  27. 70
    Chris Teflon Patten says:

    I’m shocked, outraged, but I knew nothing of the payments. Must go now got to beat the wife.


  28. 71
    Whoaarr! says:

    Form an orderly fantasy queue Gentlemen. No jostling.


  29. 73
    Frank Zappa says:

    What would you do Frankie? If she were my daughter I’d cover her in chocolate sauce and start all over again.


  30. 75
    Observer says:

    She should come back in a couple of decades.


  31. 76
    Sir William Waad says:

    I could I’ve seen Miss Fowler out with the North Warwickshire Beagles, or someone damned like her, although all the chasing about does make my vision blur rather…..but if it was her, she should be fit enough to run for Parliament!


    • 81
      Maqboul says:

      if she’s into hunting wth dogs then maybe we’ve misjudged the lass. But if she wanted my vote I’d would beed to know if knew the proper way to hold a ferret.


  32. 80
    EppingBlogger says:

    And the significance of her age is, err what exactly?


    • 82
      Maqboul says:

      That she’s not ready for office by a decade or two. You a bit fick or sumfink?


    • 95
      CarryHole is the porcine homunculus says:

      That she’s got fuck all real-world outside-politics experience doing anything!


    • 99
      Handycocker says:

      The significance is whether it’s legal or paedle


    • 117
      Wun Tu-yung says:

      “By comparison Sir Peter Tapsell (b. 1930) has served the House since 1959.”

      If I’ve done my sums correctly then, he was either 28 or 29, depending on his birthday and the date of the General Election, when he got in. Not like he had had a whole lot of outside real-world experience either.

      Just as a sidelight, would her election make her “Baby Sister of the House”?


      • 122
        Helpful suggestion says:

        Check out Sir Peter Tapsell’s background.
        He’s got more life experience than the whole of the Labour party put together.


  33. 83
    We are well and truly f*cked says:

    Another sprog who was still swimming in pater’s ballbag long after Maggie T resigned.


  34. 84
    Owen Jones says:

    This is ridiculous!

    How will politics ever be taken seriously in the country when folks who look like should be finishing their maths homework are on serious TV discussions programmes?


    • 123
      Labour's union backers says:

      We want young impressionable nobodies who we can manipulate.
      Isn’t that right Ed?


  35. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Her brain is not completely online. It will still be involved in the final stages of developing the prefrontal cortex. The higher reasoning functions have not had time, or by the account of her life, experience to develop.


  36. 88
    A lying tit on the BBC. says:

    Never ever any nice male totty watch on Guido’s blog! Where do I complain?


  37. 89
    Biased BBC producer says:

    Yes! I’m seeing some ticked boxes for a true voice of the people to be on the BBC ad nauseam

    Yoof? Yep!
    Female? Yep!

    RoP faith? Ah, maybe not…
    Lesbian? Nope, seems to co-habit with a man (spit!)
    Yer effnic? Oh, horribly white
    Disabled? Can’t see anything palsied..
    Bog standard comprehensive school? Oh no, ex. fee paying!
    Chav name? Hmm, Victoria doesn’t sound that chavvy…

    Christ on a bike, looks like it’s back to Diane Fatbot


  38. 92
    bubbles says:

    22! Christ she’s even still got her puberty induced acne What does she know about life & to think she’ll be making laws that affect the rest of us


  39. 97
    Bazinga! says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see the endless whining from the left about intervention in Syria? Last night it was the BBC and tonight once again it’s lefty John Snow and Channel 4 news.

    Yet this is the same lot that opposed EVERY single intervention of the evil ‘Boosh’ when he was in power. The lefties also ignore the role their beloved commies Russia and China play in destabilising these Countries and of course it’s them blocking any action by the UN. Not a single bad word for Putin or their beloved Obama who seems totally uninterested.

    I really don’t understand the left, they seem to have no brains, why the fuck should we give two shits about Syria or any other Muslim Country? We get no thanks for it.


    • 100
      Dave the Prick says:

      We give two shits because it enables Willybum Vague and me to pose on prime time telly as dynamic international statesmen.


      • 102
        dick says:

        fvck off back to labourlist


        • 125
          Why says:

          I can’t understand why the liberal left would prefer Egypt to be run by Islamic militants who treat women,gays,liberals,etc so appallingly.
          Am I missing something?


          • a bacon butty says:

            just to be serious for a second,
            I think the liberals and the hysterical left have some hole in their understanding where there should be a relationship with nature and humanity, it exists either as a birth defect or maybe from a bad life experience. They feel the presence of this space and when they are unfortunate by circumstance to meet a predator socialist this hole is filled with synthetic theoretical understanding but not the natural understanding.
            I think this is why they are so irritating


  40. 103
    Elephant in da room says:



    • 110
      Mr Quelkch says:

      Never mind that: whose c%%%s will she have to suck to get elected. Far queue please.


    • 207
      I wore pink toenail varnish at 22 says:

      Her “partner” is another bloody lawyer — probably with an eye to the wealth of Cherry.


  41. 108
    One Term Dave says:

    I believe the BBC is an excellent institution and whilst I am PM I will make sure the status quo is maintained. As with gay marriage, I know I am correctly reading the public mood on this.


  42. 112
    David Cameron says:

    I will cut the deficit, not the NHS.


  43. 130
    Richard Timney says:

    This week I shall be watching new blockbuster Pacific Rimming.


  44. 130
  45. 132
    a bacon butty says:

    and God looked at his handy work and decided it was a bit crap so he rummaged in the draw for the plans for the Amazonians with the big boobies and the reptilian Martians


  46. 133
    Ed it's never my fault Miliband says:

    Why does no one believe a word I say. Why is it I can’t con all but the thickest public.


    • 143
      Ed Militant says:

      Who is pulling Ed’s strings today? The Unions or B.liar’s evil stunts? The Labour Party is a mess.


  47. 137
    BBC says:

    Dear Inverdale,

    As you know we have had an opportunity to consider your recent indiscretion which followed your appearance before us on the carpet on Monday.

    You have submitted character reference from J. Clarkson, R. Keays, A. Gray and a Mr Pikey. Unfortunately these will not do being representative of 70s males at its worst and this decade has been bad for us before.

    The offer of the proceeds of your autobiography, When the Sh@@ hits the Fan, is not considered adequate as you have not yet commenced to write it.

    So, we expect the best course would be either a new career at Talk Sport or submission to the Star Chamber, Mr S. Fry and M/s C. Balding where a subsidiary module to the LGBT training study is now available for unreconstructed males who insist on pandering to the opposite gender.

    Kindly respond on your intentions within 24 minutes,

    Lord General Patton


    • 150
      John Anony ...mous says:

      Her moustache was, practically, poking my brain out, ffs. What the fuck was I supposed to say?


  48. 140
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:


  49. 145
    Len Miliband says:

    The people’s flag is deepest red,
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead,
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and
    Their hearts’ blood dyed its ev’ry
    Then raise the scarlet standard
    Within its shade we’ll live and die,
    Though cowards flinch and traitors
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here.


  50. 147
    William Pitt the Younger says:

    The way Millicnut is performing, she might equal or beat my record of P.M. at 24


    • 158
      Tinker's Shit-Tray says:

      It a shame Stew won’t release piccy of militurd playing Jenga. It WERE funny, but socialists IS funny.
      *Craps in flowerbed, anyways*


  51. 149
    Elect-Trick-all Engineering says:

    Did Vicky Vermin get selected fairly & squarely?


  52. 151
    WestEnder says:

    She’s fiddled her birth cert. Everyone knows she was born in 1986 after Den watts got lucky one night in 1985 with michelle Fowler.

    Hence she’s really 27. However, as if she’s a lying little toe rag she’s ideal LabLibConner material.


  53. 165
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Chris Patten and the other BBC bigwigs do not give a fuck about the pay off issue. They are lying.


  54. 166
    Ed Miliband says:

    Bedroom Tax
    Andy Coulson
    Rebekah Brooks
    Food Banks
    Leon Brittan
    Peter Morrison
    Osborne’s paddock scam
    Children left in the pub
    43 Government U-turns
    Cigarette packaging
    Minimum alcohol pricing
    Anthony Bamford
    Adrian Beecroft
    Michael Spencer.


  55. 167
    She let child abuse carry on when she was at Islington Council says:

    I really am sick of Margaret Hodge’s obnoxious showboating at select committee hearings. The fact she was laying into the bbc today is neither here nor there. She’ll lay into whoever’s in front of her. The problem is that it’s all utterly disingenuous and self-aggrandising histrionics. She doesn’t give a shit about overpayments or tax avoidance. When is this vile cretinous Blairite going to be brought down a peg? There should be a concerted campaign to expose her tax affairs and rid this vile creature from public life.


    • 173
      JadedJean says:

      There is a reason for her (and her kind’s) behaviour. It’s not difficult to work out why, if you are medically inclined.


  56. 168
    albacore says:

    Considering the current lot are nowt but E U poodles
    We’d be a damned sight better off just electing Pot Noodles
    Labour’s resorting to kindergartens in desperation
    Indicates the state of democratic degeneration


  57. 169
    Why is HADDOCK BANNED ? says:

    Is anybody really going to be taken in by Disasterous Daves Royal mail sell off ?
    The royal mail has not made a penny since the year dot (bit like the BBC) so last year they trippled the price of sending parcels to make it look like it makes a profit
    Other parcel companies still operate by charging less than Royal mail did before the price hike , as soon as people catch on it will be finished , gone , caput and the shareholder will have lost their money


    • 176
      Remind me, again says:

      Your last job was what, dear ??


    • 183
      anon says:

      Hmmmm .

      I woz the most erotic postie , EVER , weren’t I ??

      Times woz simpler then an we never haggled over postage , an that , babe .

      I use to park my bike wherever there woz space , sweetheart .

      E x x


  58. 170
    Saffron says:

    Politics today,what a shady lot some of them are.
    We now have for starters,Red Ed Millicrepe and his backer Lenstalin Cloosky,what a witches brew this along with the other unionised troughers and in it for themselves merchants is.
    Thought it would be on the agenda state funding and I was right,well inmho all of you can feck off and paddle your own canoe wherever that takes you.
    The british public need to wakey wakey as how these so called smart politico’s are making fools of them.
    Wonder from times past what Cromwell would have done regards politics today.


  59. 172
    A just punishment says:

    I am outraged that the child killer Mark Bridger has had his throat slashed by another inmate.

    The inmate should’ve stabbed him in the eyes and cut off his dick and stuffed it down his throat.


  60. 177
    Saffron says:

    The BBC as regards lashing out with fee payers cash is out of control.
    Who has the b-lls to take them to task.
    Their bias is plain to see,they are no longer the without fear or favour broadcaster we used to rely on.
    Overpaid and Liebour biased is what I would describe them as,and actually day by day their bias is sickening.
    Who the hell is going to put this outfit where they belong and that is in the commercial markets,just what are politico’s afraid of to do this?.


  61. 182
    a bacon butty says:

    If I made a deal with a guy to do a job for a certain amount of money I would do the work and expect that money. If I wanted more money for the same job I would have to say well I will be doing more work than I have doing up ’till now and I am going to up my productivity because I have spotted a couple of areas where I can make improvements; for example.
    I can’t see that our MPs have exactly covered themselves in glory to put things mildly and they have got a cheek asking for more money.


  62. 184
    anon says:

    Your a boring twat. Isn’t this mind-numming blod alined to Murdock ‘s shitty outpoot??


    • 185
      anon says:



      • 186
        Guido Staynes' Pet Daughter says:

        Has you ever read one of my Dad’s ads, E?


      • 188
        anon says:

        Ur FUNNY !!

        Has ur little anus ever bin expanded beyond it’s limitations , Ms. Sta**ns ??

        *Sniffs it*

        anon x x


      • 191
        Guido Staynes' Pet Daughter says:

        I DID try the lava lamp, yeah?? Daddy (Wee Stain) says to unplug it and bring it him, IMMEDIATELY, or he cut me outta inheritance, or something neggy.


    • 192
      Guido Staynes' Pet Daughter's vaginal discharge says:

      You need to get out into the world again.


      • 201
        Guido Staynes' Pet Daughter's vaginal discharge says:

        I didn’t read it. But you’re so vain you, probably, think this is about you.


      • 202
        Mouldy an Skully says:

        The bassist never seems to fully rezz in these vids?


      • 205
        Brenda-Botty Linden, CEO Second Life says:

        He doesn’t like being shafted *notes it*


      • 206
        Reg Linden, CEO Second Life says:

        The guy is stuck up his own


      • 208
        *Yawns* says:

        Pray, tell me.


      • 209
        Dave Figgley says:

        Ha ha, mate. Does a wanker explain to the seagulls that his rod is just an extension of his ego?

        Must strip the lead of this old lady before it screams, geezer.


      • 217
        This cunt is so destructive says:

        I was quite NOT interested in what you had to say, dickhead. Thanks for that.


      • 218
        Dave Figgley says:

        Ha ha, sunshine. He’s a willy-wally internet tart.

        Must motor, mate……………… Me and The Corsair are going to run Ewa down when she emerges from our local McDontdoits. Why should I not bother, ha ha?


  63. 190
    UKIP or bust says:

    Interesting to compare the moderate way paxman questioned the spokesman (a foreigner) from a P ak l$tani organisation (MJQ) which news night claimed had killed hundreds of people to the aggressive way he questioned Tommy Robinson an Englishman from an organisation that has killed no one (EDL).

    And now they’ve got the treacherous openhimer crud on again . . .


    • 204
      a bacon butty says:

      yes that is interesting, I wonder why that would be. I’m guessing Paxman’s brain is so full of information and thoughts and experience that if he looks at an EDL supporter he thinks that he understands his mind so he can dismiss any danger to his own “balance of thought” coming from that direction. But then if he confronted by an alien thinker he knows that he is on dodgy ground so he has to be more cautious in his inquisitivness in case his brain should suddenly have a twitch or a frumpish moment and might say “stop, do not photograph that dying child, run to her, save her life, take a side.


    • 211
      Fishy says:

      And the way he set about that Tory woman on Tuesday


    • 219
      Achmed says:

      Silence! I kill you!


  64. 195
    Don Key'ote says:

    Blimey, we had the Zi*onist Is*rael Firster Malcolm Rifkind the centre of attention on NN last night…and tonight we have the Zi*onist Is*rael Firster Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer)!

    Funny old world eh!


  65. 197
    stupid, moronic, fart faced imbecile, fettid fish smelling cunt, spaz. says:

    Let’s face it. Calling a Labour MP a stupid woman is politeness itself.


    • 240
      Aunty Beatrice says:

      That thick Jacky two bedrooms in my sister’s house so she’ll now have to pay the tax as I’ve moved out Smiff was on the Sky news review frothing away about Hague’s mutterances as the editor of the Sun took her apart.

      Why is this thieving woman still allowed in the public eye? Why is she not in the local lock-up – or at least wearing an electronic tag?


  66. 198
    Tanya Hyde says:

    Latest Snowden Poll Results: 55% Say Whistleblower; 34% Say Traitor



    • 200
      Traitor says:

      He signed the official secrets act.


      • 214
        Piss Stainers says:

        Get a job you sad, balding, little man. And stop poncing offfa my adverts.


        • 224
          The Moderately Grand Inquisitor says:

          Quite wrong, eh? So you’re officially not balding, not little, not sad and not male. On the contrary, you’re a large jolly woman with a full head of hair (possibly groomed in an “Afro” style, with loads of extensions and highlights). I always suspected it.


    • 229
      Like, I just says:



  67. 215
    Bill Hague says:

    “Stupid uninformed bovine labourite woman”


  68. 220
    a bacon butty says:

    so that american shooting/bomber guy is obviously guilty so why ask him to plead ? would it not be easier to just take his life and move on ?


    • 221
      Roy Bean, District Judge, Langtry TX USA says:

      Yeah well, I at least let them come into my courtroom, so that it would look somewhat like due process of law. “What do you have to say before I order you hanged” at least let the defendant have his say to tell his side of things for the record. Not that it made any difference, mind you, but, you know, you want to make everything appear as if it’s all on the up and up.


      • 222
        a bacon butty says:

        I think everybody gets annoyed when the islamic terrorist arseholes use our openness to smirk in our face


    • 272
      Captn P says:

      They had a good go, about 400 bullet holes worth in the boat when they captured him unarmed.

      Don’t worry they will probably fry him at some point.


  69. 227
    "Tubby" Tom Watson says:

    Vicky Fowler can suck my wand and swallow the protein goodness.


  70. 230
    The EU says:

    Good Morning

    It’s going to be a fine day


  71. 236
    A man with a blue Skoda says:

    David Cameron promised a 10% reduction to the 650 MPs.

    The reality is the full 650 are staying and getting a 10% pay rise plus the subsidies in the canteen still apply with the whole shooting match exempt from the Liquour Licensing Laws.

    I have decided not to vote for Mr Cameron in 2015.


    • 237
      no balls says:

      Believe Clegg refused to accept boundary changes restricting Daves’s attempts at change.
      Just not cricket eh?


    • 238
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      If you got rid of 10% of MPs you could give the rest 10% pay rises and still save money.


    • 239
      albacore says:

      With the British being immigrated to kingdom come
      Young, old, stuffed or whatever, every LibLabCon bum
      Takes the biscuit like never before historically
      In personifyng the essence of state treachery



      • 242
        National Catastrophe says:

        The word is ‘invaded’. Without the British Army firing a single shot in defence of the realm.

        What a bunch of cowards.


  72. 246
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Six people are trying to climb up the Shard. It’s about £25 to go to the top via the lifts. So this was bound to happen


  73. 247

    Just in case anyone is interested in looking at Cllr Donna Edmunds.


    • 251
      Lib/Lab/Con elites says:


      Don’t, under any circumstances put this woman on the BBC, she is fart too sensible and worse still she seems honest and to have the peoples concerns at heart.

      Ordinary viewers will start to think that UKIP is not a party of fruit-cakes, loonies, and racists, then what?

      No better send in the Unite, UAF or Hope Not Hate, Brown Shirts to disrupt her talks.


      • 253
        Anonymous says:

        UKIP people could be tasered so that they then suffered “medical episodes”. No problem any more.

        No blame either. Move along, nothing to see.


    • 261
      Hythlodaeus says:

      Thank you for that 17.5 minutes of common sense.


  74. 249
    D Blunkett says:

    ‘Sir Peter Tapsell (b. 1930) has served the House since 1959′.

    No, sonny, we serve ourselves.


    • 259
      long John Silver's parrot says:

      I have never heard of him.

      What has he actually achieved in public office during the last 54 years?


  75. 252
    Owen Jones says:

    InshaAllah :-)


  76. 254
    Hargret Splodge says:

    why is that woman Margret Hodge on so many committees and pontificating about all that is wrong when most of it happened under a Labour government?


    • 257
      loopy Lou says:

      if it had not been for the financial crisis this woman would be at home with her pension today.


  77. 255
    Long john Silver's parrot says:

    Terrorist attack in London this morning.

    Those eco terrorists are stuck up the Shard so it should be fairly easy for the Met to nick them and bring them to justice.


    • 256
      Unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

      If the Police need any help perhaps they can go to the local Job Centre and whistle.


      • 258
        On the beach,sunglasses in the car says:

        They are damaging the very finest new building in London.

        All damage should be repaired at their expense.


        • 262
          Ivor Welsh says:

          I have met a few members of Greenpeace over the years.

          They are always very scruffy and invariably smell terrible.


  78. 267
    Caligula says:

    I really went off Vicky Fowler when she rather strangely lost her American accent overnight and started speaking like a proper Eastender.


  79. 274
    Richard McGrath says:

    What a coincidence – over here in New Zealand we had a Sir Peter Tapsell in parliament, born eight days before your own Sir Peter Tapsell. Ours was a former orthopaedic surgeon, of Maori ethnicity, who ascended to the role of Speaker of the House – while your Sir Peter is Father of the House.

    Just saying.

    Keep up the good work, Guido.


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