July 9th, 2013

Gordon’s Alive!

Perfectly timed as Ed goes for MPs with second jobs, the Prime Mentalist will speak in the House this evening for just the third time in the last year:


Until 7.30pm or for half an hour (whichever is later) (Standing Order No. 9(7))

Dalgety Bay radiation: Mr Gordon Brown

Always an occasion…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Did he not have a debate on this a while ago?


    • 17
      fido says:

      Its his annual pension collection engagement.
      Even then the local voters had to insist on pain of deselection that the chubby fuck fly down and try and get their orange glowing beach cleaned up


      • 35
        Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

        Isn’t the environment one the areas of legislation that was devolved to Holyrood?


        • 56
          General Kala says:

          You mean Hollywood not Holyrood.
          Gordons alive -bring me his body!


          • V1le Labour trashed my Country says:

            Why doesn’t this moron just disappear and stop annoying us. Oh yes he’s still getting salary and expenses. I’m feelin enriched and overjoyed in my super diverse multicultural eu dominated UK shithouse of a Country.


          • Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

            Just lie back and think of the Boom Years when he was Chancellor.


          • Soporific Halfwit says:

            How Gordo The Great Ruiner (along with his hench-nongenderaligned people) escaped the dangly piano wire/lampost combo is simply beyond me.

            The utter, complete fucktard.

            Still, good to see he’s still being well paid for his leet skillz.


      • 38
        everyone says:

        Hang-on of team Murray teased him about how no good luck message gave them good luck.

        Just keep away from us.


      • 47
        The hypocrite and liar returns says:

        Luckily, there was no problem at all with Dalgety Bay between 1997-2010.

        It was miraculously, only when the heartless, toxic and thoroughly nasty coalition were elected, that McRuin decided his number one priority ( after making millions for his ‘charidee’ ) was the health and safety of his poor wee constituents.
        Who he decided, he should fight tirelessly for, well three times a year anyway, because they were risking their lives, walking their dogs on the horribly polluted sands.


    • 44
      NuAttackDog says:

      Yes there was – however sufficient supplies of tinfoil and toilet roll were not forthcoming so Mr Courage himself is back with the begging bowl.


      • 46
        M102 says:

        b!lly why don’t you go up to dalgety and do a spot of sun bathing?


        • 58
          Realist says:

          Everyone knows there is NO sun in Scotland, just rain and midges. And winos. That’s what’s made them the dour miserable sods they all are.


        • 68
          Officer Dibble says:

          I guess when they said they could stick McDoom where the sun don’t shine, they mean Scotland


    • 48
      General Kala says:


      • 85
        One Term Tories says:

        It’s interesting that David Cameron failed to beat Gordon Brown during the last general election. Maybe that’s why the comments on this thread are so bitchy.

        When he was voted out of office the economy was growing at 1.7%.

        Under George Osborne it is growing at less than a quarter of that amount.

        The inconvenient truth is that Labour ran the economy better than the Conservatives.

        Under Labour there were ten consecutive years of growth.

        Under the Conservatives there have been three returns into recession due to the implementation of George Osborne’s failed economic policies.

        George Osborne has banged his head against a brick wall so many times he must be suffering from brain damage by now.


        • 102
          thy says:

          How much of our money did he give to the Banks ?


        • 103
          CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

          oh do fvck off and save your Labour bullshit for those dumb enough to beleive it. Labour built a ponzi economy until the money run out.


        • 114
          Rod sporon says:

          Wot a tosser.
          Still I suppose that bullshit works on some folks.

          Pity labour birds are all fuggly muntters. They must be gullible as fuck.
          They’d swallow anything.


          • Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

            Mr Skinner got it right (in 2008) when said it was all the fault of the friends of the party opposite and not the unions.

            Perhaps people took notice of that.


          • One Term Tories- Two Term Obama! says:

            Facts gentlemen, only facts.

            Nothing to be afraid of, unless you are George Osborne the failure of course.

            Let us be honest, the only reason he hasn’t been sacked for incompetence is because he is David Cameron’s friend.


        • 162
          Col. Nut says:

          Ten years of growth fueled by reckless borrowing and spending until the country was on the edge of bankruptcy. Keynesian economics.


        • 166
          reality chk says:

          You need to set your alarm clock it seems not to have gone off. It appears you are still dreaming.


        • 177
          Dweeb says:

          I say, One Term, what a clever chap you are! Never noticed the economy had been booming until the Tories took over. Must be their fault then. No other explanation, is there?


        • 179
          Magaluf Engerlander says:

          No, he definitely defeat Gordmong. He just didn’t have quite enough to form a lasting majority government. But Gordmong lost. Which was novel, because he normally just lost it.

          Vote Labour! For more clueless fuckin6 w4nkers like the two retardEds or that sh!t stain Owen Jones, the pink pimpernel.


          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            BTW- would you care to bet some of your bennies on RetarEd Militwat and his cabal of the brain dead, the ugly, the stupid (Skinner) and the wimmin (how could anyone want to breed with them is beyond me, but I guess that’s what alcohol is for) winning the next election? I’ll give you 3/1?


          • W.W. says:

            Just seen a picture of Miliband at Wimbledon, spitting image of Dwain Dibbley.

            Obviously, not as cool.



          • The Kenyan president says:

            What a loser !



        • 184
          Klondilke says:

          Brown left a shit link in the pan and now it has to be dealth with


        • 242
          Robbo says:

          Conservatives beat Labour by 7 clear percentage points – only the Labour gerrymandered anti-democratic system denied Conservatives a proper clear majority and you know it you socialist worm


          • Tin Foil Hatter says:

            Ed Balls scraped in by a post bag.


          • Democracy Now says:

            The national voting system is a disgrace. How we can permit the Boundary Commission and the Electoral Commission to remain as they are is beyond me. Packed with placemen and vested interests.

            ‘One man one vote’ is a cynical joke in the UK


        • 284
          Yeah, right... says:

          Time doesn’t permit….


        • 288
          Charlatans says:

          One Term Tories comment just shows how utterly shallow and totally thick Labour trolls are. They really believe they left a Golden legacy. God help us if they ever get anywhere near the reigns of power again.


        • 290
          Mrs Havisham says:

          To suffer brain damage it is essential to have a brain..


    • 274
      Gordon McMental says:

      When are we going to take action against these islam bast*rds and their religion of piss.


  2. 2
    innit4gelt says:

    Wass this second job nonsense?


    • 23
      Careers Advisers says:

      Ed doesn’t value unpaid work, so he wants to ban it. No more are MPs to sit on boards of schools or local charities, or to advise outside bodies. Their energies are to be expended solely on representing their constituents.


    • 28
      broderick crawford says:

      Dalgety Bay Radiation debate eh Gord ??

      Just back from Fukushima I see … you look well on it .. Bright of eye and florid of face … i bet the whole “exposure” to the local environment was surprisingly bracing .


      • 181
        Dweeb says:

        Ed doesn’t want MPs to have second jobs because it would mean admitting Labour members are unemployable, other than by quangos and similar leeches.


  3. 3
    Boy Mulcaster says:

    His nurse needs to keep a close eye on him I’d say. Seen it lots of times, chap goes off the rails then months of ‘therapy’ and then as soon as he’s back at the day job he gets the ‘old gentleman’ out and starts scaring the locals. Not a pretty sight. Much better for everyone just to lock him up and let him play with himself out of sight.


  4. 4
    Perse O'Nally says:

    Who’s paying him to speak?


  5. 7
    Owen Jones says:

    My hero !!


    • 129
      Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

      Was he one of the first to recognise you had a great future behind you Owen?


  6. 8
    john@loggerheads says:

    Who gives a sh*t?


  7. 9
    Penfold says:

    Tsk tsk, the message clearly hasn’t got through to Gordo’s cerebral cortex.

    Dalgety Bay and any, alleged, residual radiation is a matter for the Scottish Parliament not Westminster.



  8. 10

    Lets not listen


  9. 11
    Owen Jones says:

    Great. Because of a small minority of Muslims, champagne for Premier League’s MOTM (Man Of The Match) is being phased out. How absurd is that?


    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      Give it 20 years and we’ll be rioting in Trafalgar Square over our new Muslim government


  10. 12

    Gordon radiates.

    He radiates inactivity, bad choices, errors of judgement, poor ethics, lack of public service, greed for personal enrichment, expenses for doing nothing, lack of remorse for fucking the UK more up than the next 100 worst offenders all put together.

    And so much more.

    He should be lowered into Sizewell B and sealed in.


    • 16
      Turnkey says:

      Make sure to beat him unconsciousness with the Lisbon Treat first.


    • 86
      Village Idiot says:

      Where is he flocking from?


      • 112
        shortbread fingers says:

        Surely this is an issue for Alex Salmond to sort out?


        • 133
          Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

          If Scotchland becomes independent Mr Salmond will be too busy clearing out the White Settlers.

          Anyone will be welcome in the New Scotland – P*kistanis, Afghans, Turks, North Africans, Iraqis, Roma, Somalis etc.



    • 265

      Yes, BW.

      You recognise that my comment is quite deliberately provocative, hopefully without descending into outright savagery. The tongue-in-cheek reference to Sizewell B is obviously to draw attention to Brown’s faux concern for his constituents, whose plight he ignored until he needed to use it as self-justification.

      He can take his moral compass, inherited from his pastor father, and stuff it just as far up his arse as he possibly can, for all it is worth in terms of ethics. (Again they would not publish this, would they?)

      Your comment also serves well to illustrate the essential need for this blog. Some things have to be said with more force than the PC censorship brigade will tolerate.

      Is it not ironic that the chief defender of commenting freedom in the UK is in fact the First Amendment to the United States Constitution? Is it not just as ironic that the person who has brought this freedom to the UK is actually an Irish citizen?

      Yet some come on here to whinge about him when they would not even get an outlet for their pathetic rantings anywhere else.

      So a huge fuck off to the PC brigade, the fawning media at large (with specific exceptions), the BBC, the politicians (again with specific exceptions), the lawyers and judiciary and last but not least, the petty carpers who attempt (and fail) to despoil these very pages.


  11. 14
    The Noble British Voter (last of his kind, hunted to extinction) says:

    It’s all being orchestrated.

    Do they take me for a fool?


  12. 15
    socialism is a mental illness says:

    No £35K speaking engagement tonight Mr Brown? I would string you up with piano wire for the damage you have done to this country you simpleton twat, and no charge, i would gladly give my time for this task.


  13. 18
    David Cameron says:

    Len McCluskey


  14. 19
    Anonymous says:


    • 27
      Sir Jekyll Appliances says:


      The b&p ARE the far left


    • 49
      Not Dan Hodges says:

      Has that Labour MP forgotten to state that Owen Jones is a lumbering dinosaur and behaves more like Stalin IMHO.

      Over to you Owen !


    • 52
      Far Left Loon. says:

      There’s a space on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar square?


      • 53
        Not Dan Hodges says:

        “People on the extreme left are just as dangerous for society and for our economy as those on the extreme right.”


        • 69
          Far right? Get a grip says:

          There is no ‘extreme’ right in this country.

          B&P: National Socialist.

          Labour: International Socialist.

          Green: Communist.

          Liberal Democrats: International Corporatist.

          ‘CON’servative: International Corporatist.

          UKIP: Libertarian Conservative.

          Apologies for any other obscure sect left out.


        • 83
          Maqboul says:

          Both are extremists ho want to dictate the way you think. As far as I’m concerned Nick Griffin and Owen Jones are both a pair of Welsh poofs.


      • 55
        Steve says:



      • 60
        Chocolate Starfish says:

        Owen Jones for Prime Mincer!


      • 106
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        Suck it up rude-boy.

        Now you are going to learn what it feels like to be thrown under the bus.

        Penny Laurie: When you have finished in make up we really need a new credible voice for what remains of the sane left.


      • 111
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        First they ignore you.
        Then they laugh at you.
        Then they beat the living shit out of you.
        Then they keep beating the shit out of you, etc, etc,
        Then you learn to keep that gob of yours shut…assuming you’re still alive, that is…


      • 168
        News you can use says:

        Just had a monumental dump and I dedicate it to OJ.


        • 250
          Planning officer Simpson says:

          You have my full permission to do your next one on top of OJ.
          Feel free to build on that.


  15. 20
    The Bruins. says:

    So is being an MP Brown’s second job?


  16. 21
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    Well done Ed. Now for some reform for Tory donors, stop the second and third jobs, put a halt to voting with vested interests and investigations for donors making massive profits from this government.


    • 25
      Bloop says:

      How about a law that states all shareholders of any company donating to the Tory party must agree before any donation is made?
      Nobody is given any choice about that.
      Tories bleating about funding reminds us of pot and kettle, especially when their main donor is a tax exile cheating the country out of billions and their other donors are the very hedge fund casino bankers who caused the financial crisis in the first place.


      • 30
        Pollytwaddle says:

        How about it?



        • 37
          broderick crawford says:

          As my East London associates would say

          “You lookin for “afters” ?? — Outside now !!”


      • 33
        Sharevote says:

        If you had ever seen an AGM agenda you would have seen the item for political donations for shareholders to vote on, and if a private company the owners can do what they please.


      • 36
        Len McCluskey says:

        In the United Kingdom
        political donations are allowable by law
        but the UK Companies Act of 2006 requires shareholders to approve
        the specific amounts allocated.

        Dickhead you are moussey. And stop posting to yourself tiny brain.


        • 39
          broderick crawford says:

          Leonard sir … how nice to hear from you

          We thought you had gone the way of Silent Bob since your last verbal ejaculation at Milliband’s speech last week which as I recall consisted of the word ” Rubbish !”


        • 74
          Joe Stalin says:

          Look we all know where this rubbush is leading to , taxpayer funding for political parties to ensure that we take out corrution, its the usual party bollocke create a problem and then suggest the solution.

          You know it makes sense.

          It always worked for me.


        • 78
          Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:



          • Maqboul says:

            Moussa Koussa – the Frank Spencer (Ooh Betty) of the trolling community.


          • and says:

            If you don’t like the way a business operates, or the donations it makes, you have the choice to boycott it. I’ve “opted out” of supporting loads of companies over the years.
            Union members don’t have the choice of opting out from affiliation or funding of the Labour Party.


    • 29
    • 45
      Melrosechick says:

      A brave decision from Milliband and I think it is the right move.

      I can hardly believe the idiotic words of Grant Twatts however…. I would strongly suggest the Tories shut the man up though because he is an embarrassment!

      It will of course dramatically alter the way Labour are funded, and it may have hefty implications for the party funding but I still think it is the right move.

      I would however just like to repeat that I still think the best way for our political parties to be funded is that it should be state funding. By all the criticism heaped at each side and the unseemly mud-slinging, one thing is apparent, it is the people who put the money in the party coffers who are listened to and they get to dictate policy. I for one would be willing to put my hand in my pocket if it means that the money in the coffers is mine and therefore it is my voice that is listened to.

      Ok the Tories….. the ball is now in your court….. will you be kissing goodbye to your rich donors now?????


      • 50
        Pollytwaddle says:


        They get enough of our money as it is.

        Make them fight for it.


        • 62
          C2H4n says:

          Of course all of this is actually peripheral!

          It doesn’t matter what Shapps/ Green/ Fox says or the whole of the coalition cabinet of millionaires.

          The truth is that the majority of the electorate are still being stiffed rotten by the few for the few & with upcoming privatisations of GPO & the NHS will have their condition worsen so that the obscenely rich can make yet more money


          • Haribo Halfwit says:

            GPO? Most of the mail I get has TNT labels stuck on it.

            I’ve even seen post-folk riding around on TNT-branded bicycles.


      • 89
        Maqboul says:

        I got as far as “brave decision by Milliband…” then realised I’d stumbled upon Willy Wonka or a pathetic Labour spin merchant.

        This is the same “brave” guy who stabbed his brother in the back and cowers in the wardrobe when Len McCluskey calls him on the phone.

        The man’s a fucking joke. He’s the only reason Cameron’s still in power.


        • 126
          don't give 'em a penny says:

          This whole alleged spat between Labour and the unions has been an obvious set-up. Labour’s skint, it’s Co-op Bank is skint, and McCluskey was only backed by 15% of Unite members in the leadership election so hardly has a mandate.State funding of politicial parties would be a godsend to Labour.

          They’ve been as useless running their own financial affairs as they were running the British economy.


          • Economist says:

            Coalition could have cleaned this up, but the chips were against them.

            Labour’s worst nightmare is winning 2015 and then having to become the really nasty party by necessity.

            Let’s hope for UKIP: Business are with them.

            In the event of Labour or another coalition, and further faffing over EU referendum, UK industry could simply go Galt.

            Then we are fucked.


  17. 22
    The Bruins. says:

    SNP will gain from Brown’s unwillingness to represent his constituents properly. Quite right too.


    • 26
      Pollytwaddle says:

      I do hope so.

      I hope the SNP achieves its aims ASAP and the oleaginous Alex Almond is shown to be the empty suit he is.

      Plus, we’ll be rid of the spongers north of the border and a whole raft of Labour MPs.

      What possible reason is there not to vote for Scottish independence?

      (Can the English get one too?)


  18. 32
    White Briton says:

    I hope I live long enough to spit on his grave


  19. 54

    Lionel has written in the Grauniad:


    Only a return to New Labour could split the movement apart


    • 262

      No. I was on the road for a day. Post a link and I will look at it. My moniker suffix is only because of the automated symposiarch.

      Whilst your suggested contingency would certainly be amusing, it won’t ever happen. Ed has spoken with a forked tongue in his latest speech and would adopt the same approach. All of us here can see that but his constituency at large is only concerned that he looks strong, not that he is strong.


      • 270
        Magaluf Engerlander says:

        The Kim Jong Un of Labour. Looks like a Mong and only has the job because of who his dad was and his older brother got shafted to make way for a puppet of the powers that got him in.


  20. 63
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    If Scotland votes for independence and all the Jocks leave our country, will Gordon be able to apply for political asylum ? He’s certainly well qualified for the asylum bit.


  21. 64
    'Jeffrey' Osborne says:

    I am going to pass a substantive motion.


  22. 65
    David Cameron says:



  23. 67
    Tachybaptus says:

    Dan Hodges has “U” turned and thinks Ed is brilliant.

    Have the Blairites just staged a coup? What are Mandelson and Campbell up to?


    • 82
      Dougal says:

      It’s pass the parcel. When the music stops, whoever holds it gats blamed for losing the next election.


    • 104
      Maqboul says:

      Mandelson wants back in. Must have another property in mind to be added to the portfolio.


    • 172
      Tachybaptus says:

      @ fake Tachybaptus: I’m beginning to get a little tired of being sockpuppeted. Would you mind getting your own moniker?


  24. 70
    Left Unity says:

    “In England UKIP provides a growing political identity for numbers of white working class people.”


    • 108
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      Perhaps because white working class, and other decent working class folk have figured out that the libertarian path is the one they want to be on.

      UKIPs social / working policy is more about protecting UK jobs and bolstering UK prosperity than any of the LibLabCon.

      It starts with a referendum and frank debate on how the EU negatively impacts UK job security and curbs economic growth.


      • 132
        well says:

        The white working class are those most affected after Labour “trawled the world looking for immigrants”.
        They’re the ones who’ve lost out in housing, schools, jobs, health services and seen their traditional areas fragmented and turned into ghettos.
        They’re the ones who’ve seen their local community building turned into a mosque, or the corner shop become a Polish deli.


        • 143
          The BBC causes serious mental illness says:


          I was only trying to aim for a little balance.

          But you are 100% correct.

          Eastern euro-trash / Muzzie menace which Labour let in is the forge upon which UK society is being broken. Time for the push back.


    • 158
      BBC PR dept says:

      White working class people? Novel, but not our core target audience.


  25. 72
    Sall E B'Acow says:

    >>>>>>Where’s ALKY ADA when you want her?>>>>>>


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      Do you mean our Nell?


    • 90
      Tachybaptus says:

      Іf Іѕlаmіс tеrrоrіѕtѕ hаd dіrесtеd thеіr саmраіgn аgаіnѕt оur роlіtісіаnѕ thеу wоuld bе nаtіоnаl hеrоеѕ. Іt wаѕ blооdу ѕtuріd оf thеm nоt tо rеаlіѕе thіѕ. But rеlіgіоn mаkеѕ реорlе ѕtuріd — thаt’ѕ whаt іt’ѕ fоr, tо kеер thе рrоlеѕ quіеt.


      • 110
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        Agreed. Citizenship test / training for Muzzie-Brit wannabees:

        First: The bad

        i) Running grooming gangs targeting young white girls: Bad
        ii) Killing members of armed forces on street: Bad
        iii) Attacking members of the public and getting shirty with muzzie patrols: Bad

        Now: The Good

        i) Attacking politicians and those the rest of us are pi$$ed off with: Good
        ii) Going with the flow, but stating case against moral decline calmly and offering a non-conversion dependent solution: Very Good
        iii) Being more vocal about the sanctity of marriage between man and woman: Good


        • 134
          this is England says:

          Whether you like it or not, politicians are democratically elected.
          If you don’t like them, vote them out.
          Physically attacking them is not acceptable.


          • The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

            I did not say physically attack them – that was your inference and a possibly prejudiced assumption jumped at because of the direction of the advice to foreign muzzie nationals.

            However, there are some circumstances in a healthy democracy when direct action is acceptable. That would be in revolutionary situations.

            We are not there just yet, and one would prefer for the military to step in ahead of certain sections of the citizenry.

            The price of bad governance can be your life.

            That is acceptable and should never be forgotten.


          • Point of Information says:

            To be fair, Labour have denied Muzzie candidates selection for election in their seats on a number of occasions. Rochester and Rotherham are two notable examples.

            If the Muzzies are being denied the right to stand, and hence to vote for candidates they would like then it is their democratic responsibility to stand up to this.

            If they are denied their right to the ballot by the mainstream parties they should set up their own.

            If that doesn’t work then they will have no other choice but to resort to other means.


          • optional says:

            Do “the other means” including fucking off back whence they came? Now paying for that would be a very good use of taxpayer funds.


          • Vote NOTAPARTY says:

            politicians are democratically elected’ … er….no.


            We are denied true democracy; our political system has been subverted by denial of choice. There is no real difference between any of those who comprise the LibLabCon ruling criminal elite. They only pretend that they are different from each other and rely on fear of letting ‘the other lot’ in to maintain the disastrous status quo.
            Time to destroy the mould that British politics has become, restore morality and liberate our country.


          • Mrs Havisham says:

            Attacking them is speedy. Waiting for an election too slow.


    • 135
      Australian Cricket XI says:

      Oh do come back to bed Sheila


  26. 73
    Little Grebe says:

    Why didn’t St Tony, the only, Blair, who was in power for 11 years, not do all those things that he has been calling for to be changed over the past six years? Beware Miliband! If Blair supports any of your ideas then drop them. He is a Tory in disguise.


  27. 77
    Bazinga! says:

    You have to love the left. Now that crank Euro judges have allowed mass murderers to demand that they have the right to a sentence review we know what will comer next.

    The first time one of these killers gets his review turned down he’ll appeal it to the crank Euro nuts and then lawyers will earn even more money to appeal this for years until the cranks in Europe demand mass killers are released.

    Let’s release these murderers but set them all up in houses in Brussels


  28. 80
    Yorky Boy says:

    Many years ago I HAD TO BE A MEMBER of a trade union (or no job) when I went to the meeting rooms to pay the subs every two week, the only ones there were the militants, spouting off, we used to be in and out like whippets. And it was a brave man who elected not to pay the political levy, my bet it would be the same today, for anyone opting out of the levy.


    • 91
      Maqboul says:

      Me too. I remember some foul old harridan threatening me mate with his job coz he was two weeks late with his subs. Nazi bitch,


    • 98
      Tachybaptus says:

      I was an unwilling member of the NUJ, and the meetings were compulsory. You were reprimanded if you didn’t attend. Not sure what the ultimate sanction was, probably a re-education camp in Merthyr Tydfil.


      • 100
        Maqboul says:

        In a closed shop the ultimate sanction was you were out of your job. If the employer could only employ union members and the union kicked you out then the employer had no choice but to let you go.

        But Maggie stopped all that fascist nonsense.


        • 136
          Keep Our Press Free says:

          I resigned from the NUJ in the 90’s when I belatedly realised they couldn’t give a shit about normal members, only politically motivated action.
          Seeing the NUJ leadership shamelessly back the Hacked Off campaign for press censorship made me realise I made the right decision.


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            Who are the NUJ leadership? Anyone we know? Do they work for the Guardian by any chance?


  29. 81
    C.O.Jones says:

    I do believe that this radiation thing was known about in the 1990’s or earlier. Why did he not do something about it during his tenure?

    The radiation comes from aircraft instrumentation and Gordon Brown comes from a genetic mutation that gets someone else to sort out the problems that were of no interest to him on his shift.

    No more boom and bust.


  30. 84
    Elect Tricks says:

    Dougie ‘fiasco’ Alexander.


    David Militwit’s campaigner is a disaster!


  31. 87
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Gordon is a moron, Gordon is a moron.


  32. 88
    SIR ANTHONY BLAIR middle east PEACE envoy says:

    Hi people it’s your demi god Anthony Charles Linton Blair AKA Tone
    I’d jusl like to say that as middle east peace envoy, my work in this region alone should have got me a knighthood , I’ve raked in millions ! and i’m not finished yet
    Next on my middle east peace tour is Kasakhstan , Usbekistan , Turkmanistan
    Lots of spondoolies to be made from war in these shitholes
    and of course lots of human rights violations will follow for slotgob to cash in on

    I’m such a wonderful; guy !


    • 96
      Maqboul says:

      Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan FFS. You spelled them all incorrectly. PS they are all in Central Asia not the Middle East.

      Apart from that, wonderful satire. Not.


      • 139
        Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

        You don’t have to earn a knighthood Tone, you’re automatically entitled to a peerage surely?


      • 287
        The prophet Maqboul says:

        The spelling might be of importance to you and your religion of piss , but it wouldn’t bother me if they were turned into pig farms


    • 254
      optional says:

      Can you please arrange for this revolution to be deferred until after the Test Match series h been completed?
      Most grateful.


  33. 92
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Are we sure that’s not a robot?


  34. 95
    • 167
      Mengele says:

      Excellent. Show this to Wales now they’ve legislated to whip your organs out of your body before you are dead


  35. 97
    Owen Jones says:

    There is a world of difference between the left and hard left militancy.

    I make no bones about it,I am proud to be part of the hard left militancy,now if you will excuse me I am off to enjoy a pre-Ramadan meal and a crate or 2 of Bollinger champagne with my mate,Mehdi Hasan.



  36. 101
    A. Muzzbot says:

    Fuckin’ hell, I’m starving!


  37. 105
    Casual Observer says:

    Comparing Owen Jones with Nick Griffin.

    I feel that is a bit unfair to Nick.

    For all of his faults, Nick is very polite and does usually work from a position of fact.

    Owen is just rude and talks out of his arse.


  38. 107
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    If Stephanie Flanders could shag Boris, then we need a picture of her with a Boris Bike on the front of the Sun.

    People: We can make this happen !


  39. 116
    Ah! Monika says:

    The Indy have taken the Flanders Bike Photo down :(


    • 118
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      Google will have cached it for posterity.

      As will have Twitter / Facebook etc. etc. etc.


    • 120
      BBC / Labour Savile Victims Choir Presents: Bicycle Race says:


  40. 121
    Living in 97.3% white Merseyside says:

    Judging by the photo above he still has an air of authority (Stalin) about him.


  41. 123
    R dodger says:

    Gordons Alive..really?got any proof of that?.


  42. 124
    Admiral Ackbar says:

    That man is a fucking idiot!!!


  43. 142
    REd 'Ed says:


    When is Red Ed going to tackle postal voting fraud?


  44. 150
    Meanwhile says:

    Josie Cunningham, Aspiring Model Who Had NHS Breast Enlargement Wants Free Reduction

    She is one ugly mare………


    • 159

      A national breast enlargement occurred in May 1997 when more tits were elected to parliament than ever before.

      You can interpret that in any way you see fit. It will remain true.


    • 170
      Sir Lancelot Spratt says:

      Who’s the Surgeon, that’s what I want to know?

      He should be required to pay the costs incurred by the NHS.


    • 176
      Hamish Macbeth says:

      If I can do a “hands on ” assessment – I’ll throw a quid into the pot for them to be reduced


  45. 160
    What happened to the bike says:


  46. 173
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    There are only two stories worth reporting today. Firstly Ed’s magnificent, epoch-changing speech and secondly the unlawful death of an Angolan deportee.


  47. 174
    Tony Blair says:

    Gordon who????


  48. 178
    True!! Oh so true says:

    On a recent trip to the United States, Tony Blair, addressed a major gathering of Native American Indians.

    He spoke for almost an hour on his plans for a Carbon Trading Tax for the UK and Europe

    At the conclusion of his speech, the crowd presented him with a plaque
    inscribed with his new Indian name – Walking Eagle.

    A very chuffed Tony then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds..

    A news reporter later asked one of the Indians how they came to select the new name given to Tony Blair

    They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.


    • 186
      I'd forgotten how crap this blog really is says:

      *Gives you the clap, one-handed*


    • 214
      Tonto says:

      That joke suck, kimosabe.
      Suck almost as bad as box office for new Lone Ranger film.
      No one want see crazy pirate/cutthroat barber/bizarro chocolatier play action hero’s sidekick in Western picture.
      Me coulda told them that.
      Save them much wampum— unnnhhh…


  49. 187
    Saffron says:

    Bliar and Broony,what a pair of twisters in different directions,and this is what we have accepted in voting for this so called party of the workers in it for themselves gangsters.
    Today we see REd Ed and Red Mc Clueless at odds with one another,don’t be fooled people they are cheeks of the same ass.
    They as is Cammoron and his ilk in it for themselves,and they don’t give a toss about the ordinary people of this land who keep voting these parasites in.


  50. 189
    Ear Candy says:



  51. 193
    Suffolk Free Press says:

    Wasit s@turday?


  52. 195
    Suffolk Free Press says:

    If you went to Mr Yeo’s surgery on S@t ur day, we would like to hear what you asked him and your thoughts on the situation. Call 01787 886904, comment below or email elliot.pinkham@suffolkfreepress.co.uk with your contact information.



  53. 197
    Bazinga! says:

    More middle class cuunts on Newsnight plotting to get yet more white British working class males killed in Syria.


    • 215
      Don Key'ote says:

      Quite right.

      But look into the backround of their chief protagonist – Malcolm Rifkind.

      This Isr*ael Firster and Zi*onist is all for the West sending arms and fodder to this embattled region.

      Note what the young black international lawyer said, in that Russia and Iran are sending arms to the legitimate Syrian secular govt which is within the law. The west are backing the rebels which is tantamount to regime change or overthrow of the legitimate govt which is against international and UN law. Then did you note how Rifkind turned on him?

      Remember what the Russians did in the 1930’s when Stalin purged the Bolsheviks (who were mainly J*ewish) from Russia. Where did the emigres who fled Russia, Eastern Europe and Germany go to – The UK and NYC.


      • 216
        Don Key'ote says:

        Rifkind is a protagonist for free market (anarchists/libertarian) liberal democracy where the rights of the individual and businesses to make profits is paramount above all else. He still sees Russia as predominantly socialist and sees Russia as the enemy of the Zi*onist neocons.
        As the neocon think-tank The A Project for a New American Century proclaimed… The road to Tehran is through Damascus.

        Russia were hoodwinked over Libya. Putin and China certainly won’t let this happen again in Syria. Because if Syria falls then Iran is next and Iran is central to Chinese and Russian interests. It is in their backyard.


        • 218
          2:2 PPE BS says:



          • Is king-sized banana peel less cancerous than tea leaves? says:

            Someone needs to get out more often, methinks.


        • 235
          Point of Information 2 says:

          Methinks Russ!a will capture North Afr!ca.

          They need to in order to gain total control over European gas supply.

          Now the small piece of grit in the gears of big power is !srael and its gas production in Eastern Med. What is going to happen about that ?

          Has Russ!a moved in to take over from Austr!a in G0lan yet ? And is the Black Sea fleet still active down there ?

          !ran will not fall as Russ!a does not want them to bring their gas online for Europe. They and Ch!na are fine with the pipel!nes heading east to !ndia and Pak!stan: No one there wants a war over the central As!an resources, and they have the economic / technical muscle to sort this out themselves. Ch!na and !ndia certainly do not want confrontation, but prefer trade.

          Russ!a is not interested in building unnecessary infrastructure and ‘competing’

          US has little interest now its fracking is on track.

          Europeans are the energy paupers.

          Now why is the UK following the European lead ?


  54. 198
    Post hoc says:

    If Ed’s latest supremo photograph (pink edition) is anything to go by, he’s been taking gurning lessons from Gordo. (Sounds of vomiting off stage left…)


  55. 205
    nellnewman says:

    So gordon’s sole contribution to kirkcaldy is his annual debate in the HoC, after 8pm of course, when most MP’s have cleared off home!!

    And that debate will have absolutely no effect on the issue. So why are kirkcaldy residents even bothering with him!!


    • 241
      Tachybaptus says:

      The world is full of clever, energetic, successful Scots who, of course, have all left Scotland. The rest stayed, and the Kirkcaldy voters are typical of them.


  56. 221
  57. 223
    Kipperess says:


  58. 224
    £9,000,000 in the hole... Call the The Co-operative Bank says:


    • 232
      Owen Jones' Proctologist says:

      Whole subject is Labour and Unite and dodgy deals – interviewer wouldn’t let the Conservative MP even talk – typical lefty fucking BBC. Unite = BBC = Unite = BBC


      • 233
        Owen Jones' Proctologist says:

        Channel 4 actually…..Jon Snow is a lefty twat as well though. Meejia types suck Labours cock


  59. 227
    Owen Jones should get a job says:


    Have they both shagged Stephanie Flanders ???


  60. 234
    Hargeret Modge tax hypocrite thief and Lsbour MP for the Amalgamated Union of Piano Tuners and Gas l says:

    Gordons ALIVE! Dispatch war rocket Ajax for his body.


  61. 239
    Economist says:

    UK has lost control of LIBOR oversight:


    This should be big news…


    • 246
      An honest wanker says:

      The dishonest bankers who created this situation should all have been lined up against a wall and shot.


  62. 249
    Owen Jones' Proctologist says:

    Fucking hell. Where are the blokes that did the Kennedys? Its not too late to make a point and do Brown in. Fucking cyclops.


  63. 259
    optional says:

    What’s a mazar when it’s at home?


  64. 264

    Where is the bottom of this mess?


  65. 266
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    I am delighted to announce that Owen Jones is now toast !!!!


  66. 269
    Anonymous says:


  67. 271
    Not Dan Hodges says:

    Presumably Owen Jones on his bike and wearing his traditional check shirt will get the contract to deliver Royal Mails share prospectus.


    • 289
      I Hate Tesco AND The Pope says:

      Seeing the face of that one-eyed, slack-jawed fuckwit again brought my lunch straight back up.


  68. 273
    The EU says:

    Good morning

    It’s going to be a fine day


  69. 275
    London Metro Beobachter says:

    According to the Metro London this morning Millitwat has slayed the unions and went a step further and states the limit but…. as a result of a Tory MP caught fiddling. (2nd paragraph in)

    No mention of the fact that Brown has not turned up at all in this paper. Anyone fiddling or not doing the job should be jumped on but the media just constantly point this as a Tory problem when its the union and Labours problem. With propogander like that the Tories so stand a chance even though all indicators prove they wer right.


    • 279
      An observation says:

      You are one of those people who believes that everyone else is stupid except themselves.


  70. 277
    The Terrace Outside says:

    Ed Miliband walks into a bar in the House of Commons. He sees a beautiful, vaguely familiar woman sitting on a bar stool alone.

    He walks up to her and says, “Hi there, how’s it going tonight?”

    She turns to him, looks him straight in the eyes and says, “I’ll screw anybody at any time, anywhere — your place or my place, it doesn’t matter to me.”

    Ed Miliband recoils in horror and says, “Oh shit, you’ve been sent by Len McCluskey as a replacement for Tom Watson”


  71. 281
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Our viewers have told us that they are not bothered about watching live test cricket on the BBC. They would much rather their money was spent on huge payoffs for departing executives.


  72. 282
    Frances Crook, The Howard League for the Abolition of Punishment and Prisons says:

    Mark Bridger’s human rights have been violated. He deserves £50 million in compensation.


  73. 285
    The Blair Money Project says:

    3 speeches per year on back bench pay= £22k a pop- baragin basement prices- I wouldn’t do it so cheap


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