July 8th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View


  1. 1
    mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

    Dave, you’re a wanker.


  2. 3
    The EU says:

    We would like to ban people buying original artworks there.


  3. 4
    steve smith says:

    About as funny as bubonic plague


  4. 5
    Alex Salmond says:

    I feel very Scottish


    • 32
      Dykey Socialist Broad says:

      Is that a gun in your sporran or are you just pleased to see me?


      • 51
        Alex Salmond says:

        I am always pleased to see dyke socialist broads. Did I mention that I feel Scottish?


        • 69
          Dykey Socialist Broad says:

          And you look Scottish with that frock on, how’d yer like ma breeks?


        • 97
          Maqboul says:

          Did I mention that Murray’s girlfriend is English and that the happy couple choose to live in England and will have English kids?


    • 52
      Right Hon Member for Feelingshire says:

      Try feeling your own… And then you’ll only feel a little Scottish.


    • 74
      Trinny says:

      77 years and we are still waiting for an English winner of Wimbledon


      • 95
        Stopfordian says:

        In Stockport there is a Fred Perry way ( footpath )

        No doubt they will name the Public Urinals after Murray.


    • 96

      Hey ! Salmon , Cameron is a more Scottish name than yours


      • 103
        Maqboul says:

        Yes but Salmond’s name is indicative of his wholly inappropriate cosy relationship with the Scottish salmon farming industry which is single handedly destroying the ecosystem of Scottish coastal waters with all the disease and billions of sea lice these floating dung heaps produce.


        • 122
          JACK DROMEY winner of all female short list for Birmingham Edrington says:

          And with his bulging eyes , he does resemble one


  5. 6
    Dan Hodges says:

    “RT @bbcone: Andy Murray and Owen Jones will be appearing on @BBCBreakfast at 8am this morning.”

    Is there no stopping that lobbyist,Owen Jones?


  6. 9
    Executive Principles says:

    Just watched yet another teacher moaning on the news about having to improve the standard of education of her pupils. Wish they would just drop their politics and get on and teach and teach well.

    But that’s not what caught my attention, it was the strap line “Executive Principle”. What the fuck is an executive principle, how much is it paid and why is she allowed to let the TV film her pupils while she plays politics with their education?

    I hope parents call and rightly call for her dismissal, they deserve better than a teacher with s negative can’t do outlook.


    • 12
      Big School says:

      I have long held the view that we test the wrong people. Teachers should be made to sit an annual exam in order to keep their jobs.


      • 19
        Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

        My understanding is an Executive Principal is the new buzz word adopted by public servants to mean Deputy Head. They really want to be publicly funded YUPPIES, don’t they.
        BTW, I also think they are paid a gross sum not dissimilar to £60k p.a.

        Tough job though.


        • 63
          Anonymous says:


          ‘Principal’ is Wanker Gove’s name for the headteacher of his shit useless academies (- the ones that get worse results than community schools but he doesn’t like to mention that).

          ‘Executive’ is Wanker Gove’s name for the headteacher of more than one school.

          ‘Executive Principal’ is therefore Wanker Gove’s name for someone who is the headteacher of more than one academy school [or at least of an academy school owned by a company (i.e. pretend educational ‘charity’) that hopes to acquire more than one school]. Typically each of the schools in such an arrangement are headed up day-to-day by an assistant principal with the executive principal going from school to school depending on need or whim.

          Old joke: How do you recognise an Executive Head? You don’t, they’re never in school.


          • Maqboul says:

            Academies are Blair’s baby. And actually one of the few things hapless Labour got right.


          • Lefties Bed wet, it's in their nature says:

            You’ve had too much sun anonymous mong. Lots of Limers and a long lie down in the shade should sort you out.


          • Anonymous says:

            Only a totally different type of academy. Still, don’t want to confuse you vermin with too many facts.


      • 102
        Ah! Monika says:

        I said some time last year that teachers should be made annually to take the same exams as their pupils and achieve a 98% pass rate.


        • 167
          Saddos watch says:

          You also along with many others on here, said Murray would never win Wimbledon. Hahahahaha !


    • 46
      It is hard work cycling through the Pyrenees with three Sturmey Archer gears produced in Nottingham says:

      With proper use of Ipads education can be transformed and there will be no need for armies of teachers in the future.


      • 62
        Village Idiot says:

        I actually did that in 1971 and saw gold in a shop in Andorra and I had a single speed bike that I sold in some town in morocco.


      • 100
        It's a Piece of Piss Cycling through flat York says:

        Shimano bought them out. The Nexus 8 is very good, wouldn’t mind trying the Alfine 11 though.


    • 101

      Executive Principle is the Senior principle over all the other principles / depaartment heads within the school


  7. 10
    Labourunionsbbc = EU says:

    Further proof of C4’s islamasisim, not once did they mention that it was the anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings on their news last night.

    Shame on you worthless traitors.


    • 14
      Spank the monkey day. says:

      Piss off. Every day is an anniversary of something. It doesn’t matter.


    • 15
      Jez Bowen says:

      News reports made up of anniversaries, celebrity news, film puffs, reporters standing in the rain outside buildings, tractor statistics and set-piece press conferences are a total bore. What we need are more massive bandages round our heads.


  8. 11
    So What? says:

    Man wins game of tennis.


  9. 13
    A BBC leftie says:

    The BBC would like to apologise for our Wimbledon broadcasts being so horribly white and lacking in vibrancy, an’ that.


    • 16
      Women's Hour says:

      Today we investigate why there were only men competing in the final of the men’s tennis at Wimbledon.


      • 22
        Harriet Manhater says:

        Ball games are masculine and should be stopped


      • 23
        Women's Hour says:

        Thank you Harriet. Well, that is all we have time for today.

        Tomorrow we will be discussing why there are not enough women being selected for candidates in places like Falkirk and what the Unite union would like to do to bring about more diversity.


        • 86
          Dai Versity says:

          Leave me out of this boyo…


        • 91
          Women's hour says:

          What we won’t be discussing is why women are under-represented in fields like front line military service, oil rigs, deep level mining and high rise construction.


      • 107
        JACK DROMEY winner of all female short list for Birmingham Edrington says:

        “Today we investigate why there were only men competing in the final of the men’s tennis at Wimbledon.”

        Absolutely Outrageous


      • 163
        Disgusted of Neasden says:

        And tomorrow, why there are no male role-models in women’s tennis.


  10. 17
    Andy Murray and his girlfriend. says:

    Has Andy Murray’s girlfriend got another name other than Andy Murray’s girlfriend?


  11. 18
    albacore says:

    Well, with happy Cameron playing the ball
    Labour’s contretemps will amount to sod all
    You can bet, if there are commies in a hole
    Dave’s cast iron sure to miss an open goal


    • 21
      Tholer says:

      So you reckon Dave is a crypto-Red
      Who won’t say boo to the lefty goose named Ed?
      I fear that your suspicions may be true,
      And his inclinations are not quite true blue


  12. 24
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Cameron can wear a collar and tie when he attends Wimbledon in a private capacity.

    However when he represents our interests at international summits he is always being photographed in an open shirt without a tie.

    As my grannie used to say: never do serious business with a man in an open neck shirt.


  13. 26
    Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

    Has everyone else a spring in their step this morning because we have the first male Wimbledon winner in over 70 years?


    Thank goodness we’re spared anything like that.

    NO! NO! NO! NO!

    I’s just a day like any other with me wondering if my parcels from Amazon will arrive.


    • 31
      Rob Roy says:

      Less of the “we” please.


    • 33
      Tony Eden from Eton says:

      There will be plenty of opportunity to invade Suez in the days weeks and months ahead.


      • 35
        Dr Fox says:

        I suggest compulsory military boot camps for all 18 to 25 year olds throughout the summer.


      • 37
        Lord Mandelbum of Dives says:

        Why invade when you can buy a lovely timeshare apartment. For a free brochure, just contact me and Ivgeny at ‘Riddle of the Sands Investments (Moscow) Ltd’ (if we are not in try our Cyprus office).


  14. 27
    Lost in Clacton says:

    As everyone seems to be having so much fun at the tennis does this mean Iceland have repaid all the money they took from us?


  15. 38
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

    Did yous see me on the telly, ya bas?


    • 42
      Scottish Tea-Towel Marketing Council says:

      We at the Scottish Tea-Towel Marketing Council are very grateful for all you have done on our behalf, your weightiness.


    • 60
      Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

      Saw you waving the Scottish flag behind Our Dave.

      Really Mr Salmond, if you are possibly a future prime minister of a Western European nation you must stop acting as though you have the mentality of Robert Mugabe.


  16. 40
    Anonymous says:

    The bullying of councils by Eric pickles to video meetings is discriminatory.

    There are two groups of people who speak at council meeting: the public and the council officers. Neither are elected. They are simply locals that are doing their jobs to either promote their local cause, or do their function in the council.

    For those that do not understand the councils, there are many of them that are disabled, and some I know severely deformed. These people are now forced to be ridiculed on the internet by videos for simply doing their jobs. Something this site does well at.

    Why should there be discriminatory activities forced on these councils, against the express wording of our laws, by Eric Pickles? In a democracy the elected council members should have the right to protect their vulnerable voters and workers. Especially since their appearance has nothing to do with the decision.

    Or do you all think democracy is only for pretty?


    • 43
      The Public says:

      Nice try. But we all know the real reasons for banning videos, you corrupt bastards.


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        But I am the public. I have been going to meeting for years. I wish that they continue in their open manner. I do not want, as some have said, for them to just become rubber stamping sessions.

        I want to see real local people working for the advantage of their area.

        I remember once an old lady was torn apart by a Barrister at a meeting. She was only trying to help, but he used their normal courtroom tactics to ridicule the old lady. He was there representing a company.

        She was distraught at what he said about her. It was extremely rude and caused gasps from the audience.

        If that was recorded she would have had to live with that for ever.

        Council meeting are a amazing mix of people. Do not destroy them.


        • 71
          How Sweet says:

          You must live in one of the last parts of the UK where people still don’t realise that the council meetings are fixed in advance. I feel for you.


        • 80
          Lenin McClusterfuck says:

          “real” local people? What are you trying to say? I am absolutely dismayed and disgusted that you are suggesting that our bussed-in Unite local people are not real. Take that back or you will be hearing from our legal team forthwith.


        • 92
          Witty Moniker says:

          Council officers generally don’t speak at council meetings, councillors do. And a barrister questioning someone? Sounds more like a public inquiry than a council meeting. Get your facts right before pontificating.


          • Anonymous says:

            Try going to real meetings. For example the last one there were 3 long presentations by council officers. Then a few short clarification questions. Which were answered by different officers and the council legal team. Then the councillors left to go on a “site visit”.

            After the elected members returned they just made a few one sentence statements and raised their hands. Typical meeting.


    • 47
      Maqboul says:

      Many of them are as bent as nine bob notes. If they don’t like the glare of the public eye then they should stay out of public service.


    • 64
      I've been to plenty of them says:

      “some that are severely deformed” – LOL you make council meetings sound like freak shows. THEY’RE NOT.


      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        Obviously a barrister as you cannot quote correctly.


      • 78
        Anonymous says:

        That is the point, they are not shows of any sort, they are just people doing their jobs. They are generally well controlled and free of abuse.

        What Pickles wants is to extend the meeting into the internet world, to allow those that have no peer pressure, to make them into something they are not..


        • 83
          Maqboul says:

          Most people don’t know what goes on at these meetings and so they usually get away with all sorts of shenanigans. Being able to broadcast proceeedings will open peoples’ eyes as to what’s going on and change all that.


          • Anonymous says:

            The meeting is too late. If you knew the whole process you would understand that.

            For example, a video of the last 6 seconds of the F1 race yesterday would not have given any clues as to the mistakes that were made during the race.

            I agree the lack of education in the process is the problem, but this is not the solution.


    • 98
      Fog says:

      Anon 8.17
      It’s called transparency. The last council meeting I went to, where filming was banned, it transpired that two council people had secretly agreed to close recreational facilities (to sell the land for housing) and had let the community go on campaigning for months to keep the community assets, despite the decision to sell off having already been made behind closed doors. These meetings should be video-linked. It could stop some of the corruption and possibly help get us back to some democracy, but I won’t hold my breath.


      • 108
        worzel. says:

        This is typical. For example, Warwick District Council is selling off public land in Warwick to the Jockey Club so that they can build a cheap hotel on it. Disgraceful. People won’t know about it until it is too late. Well done Mr Pickles, sir.


        • 145
          Anonymous says:

          But as you both have so well have stated, the corruption occurred outside the meeting.

          Videoing the meetings will only force it behind closed doors more. It does not matter how noisy and disruptive anyone gets they will not stop doing corruption simply to avoid having a video of a show of hands. The outcome of which is in the minutes anyway.

          The campaign should be BEFORE the meeting. That is why there is so many weeks between the public notices and the meeting. If any of you understood the process you might see that the meeting is generally too late. It is why you fail to get these people under control.


          • worzel says:

            Best way to understand the process and to publicise it is to video it and put it up on Youtube. Hands off Warwick Common !!!


          • Anonymous says:

            I just looked up your problem.

            First there was very little opposition except the poor confused facebook site. If I missed something then take it as a test: I missed it.

            The original application was refused by the councillors. Do not read into the recommendation of officers too much. Read the report they usually give options for the councillors to refuse it.

            Now behind closed doors you say they have now decided the other way. Yet I see neither a new application, a land sale, or anything like say support for an appeal. But maybe if they do exist the face book page should have a more explicit campaign area. You have to market your campaign.

            What they are doing is investigating a want by a local business in a manner to which they are obliged. They have to enter into discussion and provide advice. There is no decision yet.

            This is your time now to make sure you know all the facts you need. A hint for you, is that planning is not the only way to stop something. All the ones I know that have been stopped are due to land restrictions for the site, or ownership of land required for other essential works. You are the community, so will have access to many more documents than the developer. Use them. This fight will be lost if you just intend to intimidate by videoing.

            They will use the financial case, so have as much information on competitive courses and their facilities and look at the facilities offered in the town that will be in competition. Note that race day is transient but other uses are continuous.

            Also get experienced planning advice. If your campaign is marketed well, and has backing local businesses that might suffer, they might have some professional legal help to offer.

            I suppose you know Pickles changed the village open space rules to make it harder for you to fight.


  17. 41
    The Peoples Assembly says:

    “Unite is a mafia operation with McCluskey its capo dei capi and Tom Watson his consigliere …”

    Owen Jones


  18. 45
  19. 48
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    This is a joyous day !! We must punish the industrious, prosperous and successful people in this Country !


    • 54
      The Adams Family says:

      There are enough taxes on mansions as it is. VAT, Stamp Duty, Inheritance Tax, Council tax. I expect there are more.


  20. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Yep. Another Monday mystery.


  21. 53
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:


  22. 59
    Nast hussain says:

    So, Egypt’s going well….do we support this lot, or oppose them or what?
    Any chance little William could clarify?


  23. 61
    not a cretin says:

    what sort of cretin would buy the original “artwork” (i use that word advisedly)?


  24. 65

    Why are they at Roland Garros?


  25. 66
    Owen Jones says:

    There are few things more awkward than a boner in a miniskirt.


  26. 70

    The BBC is edging closer to criminality
    Damian Thompson – DT



  27. 72
    Lest we forget says:

    If Murray gets a K, lets not forget the darts champs, the snooker champs, the tiddly winks champs, the welly throwing champs and the burger eating champs.


  28. 84
    Ian Bunghole Smut says:

    What a marvellous day to be English!

    Another triumph for Blighty!

    Nigel Farages visit’s to Scotland certainly seem to have upped the Murray game.

    Go Forth and vote Ukip!


  29. 90
  30. 105
    Eddie Izzard says:

    Tennis is for Poofs


  31. 106
    ken says:

    i hear gove is expecting three yer olds to sit te neww eleven plus in 2014?


  32. 113
    And it came to pass says:

    I think I’m in trouble with the Abbot Nanny Plod.

    Yesterday I exposed my skin to the sun, had and ice cream with a fizzy drink, went through Leicester and caught doses of Xeno and Homo phobia, and to cap it off saw a white policemen dividing a gang of black youths and ruling over them.


    • 125
      Les Annit Liverpool comedian says:

      That was my opening line.

      ” Mentioned in the Bible ”

      Annit came to pass.


  33. 118

    Anyway, who is this Ed Miliband you have been talking about?


  34. 121
    Owen Jones says:

    Unite union official chosen as Labour candidate for Deptford http://bit.ly/11ueUm5

    Get in there Len,my son.


    • 157
      Lenin McClusterfuck says:

      *Sings to the tune of My Ol’ Man’s a Dustman*

      Workers, peasants, we are
      The great party of labourers.
      The earth belongs only to men;
      The idle will go to reside elsewhere.
      How much of our flesh have they consumed?
      But if these ravens, these vultures
      Disappeared one of these days,
      The sun will shine forever.


  35. 124

    Is the BBC blonde?

    Is Stella Creasy a public service broadcaster?


  36. 127
    Pentangelis says:

    I think that Mr. Watson was probably recruited as a lad by the Tories in West Bromwich and has been working undercover all this time.


  37. 130
    Ex Blair Labour minister says:


  38. 131
    Concerned of Surbiton says:

    How is Chris Huhne these days?


  39. 133
    Dan Hodges says:

    A classic from our Owen.

    “Better to be bankrolled by gays and transvestites than hedge fund managers and bankers” – @OwenJones84


  40. 137
    widescreen2010 says:

    I can see that one of them is meant to be Cameron, but who are the others and what is it about? Genuinely stumped this morning.


  41. 142
    Ah! Monika says:

    Ed Miliband explains who is in charge…

    “There can be absolutely no question about who runs the Labour Party. It is Ed Miliband and he has my full support.”


  42. 143
  43. 144
    Anonymous says:

    The race is on to who can cover the country in concrete at the fastest pace – Labour, Conservative or Libdem


  44. 158
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Hollywood are making a new horror film “Unite of the Living Dead”


  45. 161
    A Bubble So Big We Can't Even See It says:



  46. 171
    jiblets for tea says:

    the whole cartoon looks like a punch & judy mish-mosh, I cant tell whose fu**in who?


  47. 175
    EdMil says:

    When will this heat end?


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