July 2nd, 2013

Third of MPs Earn Between 400% to 700% of Average Earnings


First the facts and figures; MPs are paid a handsome £66,396 plus another £14,582 if they chair one of the 39 Select Committees. If they number among the 169 MPs who are ministers they also receive extra payments to compensate them for the burdens of the Red Box. If they make it to Cabinet they add an additional £68,827 – more than doubling their MP’s salary to £134,565. In short whereas the basic pay of an MP is more than triple the average £19,000 income of UK workers, almost a third of MPs are earning between 4 and 7 times average earnings. This is of course before any outside earnings are taken into account.

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  1. 1
    Bobby says:

    How about we increase MP wages, but make it a rule that they can gain no income whatsoever from any other source (excluding through right gained from property ownership). So they wouldn’t be able to be directors of companies, or paid to speak at dinners, or ANYTHING at all other than the job we paid them to do.


    • 7
      The LibLabConners says:

      “We’re all in it together…though some more than others”


      • 11
        Tall Tails. says:

        ppl love tall tails….to hold onto.


        • 46
          Boris says:

          Oy vey! Amnesty (and the chance to be PM) for the nation wreckers!


          • Tall Tails. says:

            in the world of heads or tails…..

            it has now come to lite that the tail is to be used at pp time.
            that makes wimmin the cursed species.


          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            MPs should be allowed to vote on the issue of their pay.

            Not so that they can give themselves pay rises, but so we can see which of the self-serving, greedy, corrupt troughers have this perverse sense of entitlement, and deal with them accordingly.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      How about 1/2 their pay and fixed travel expenses.

      Then we might get a few that were there for the good of the people.


      • 56
        MB. says:

        ‘Then we might get a few that were there for the good of the people.’

        No we would just get even more professional politicians who have never done a day’s proper work in their life having just been political advisers, trader union officials etc. They will all be very politically motivated with more interest in their own particular political objectives than the good of the country.

        Just imagine one set of benches full of people like Owen Jones.


        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          Do you mean funded from other sources than the people they represent?

          Conflict of interest.

          That is easy to fix.


    • 20
      Fan, blowing Guido's trumpet says:

      Guido from the Sunday Star to The Times in less than a year.


  2. 2
    Ugly as coyotes says:

    So Tessa, Harriet, Hazel, Emily etc CAN afford facelifts.


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    Newspaper columns
    TV programmes
    Work as Lawyers
    Etc Etc

    They can also ‘cash in’ when they are no longer an MP

    Don’t feel sorry for them.

    Obviously some MP’s a bit dim so won’t be able to profit from any of the above


  4. 4
    We're on our way to a town near you. says:

    One day last month, someone asked him for a free cup . “Not even if the Prophet himself returns,” he had replied, laughing. That remark was a death sentence.

    Moh amm ed Qataa, 14, was condemned for a joke he made when asked for a free cup of coffee
    It was overheard by three armed men. They dragged him to a car and took him away. Half-an-hour later, a badly beaten Moh amm ed was dumped back in the road by his cart. And shot.


  5. 6
    Chief Whippy says:

    Look, it’s really not helpful pointing out what we can make, or our generous expenses that fund everything the plebs have to pay for out of their own pockets.

    It would be far more helpful if you stopped pointing out our lengthy and frequent holidays too.

    May I suggest a safe seat be offered at the earliest convenience as an, err, incentive to shut up?

    You don’t even have to show up for work either, refer to Gordon B. for details.


  6. 8
    jingouk says:

    It is a circular argument.

    MPs say they need to pay themselves more so that they can get a better quality of MP.

    The current lot are such poor quality that they cannot see that what they get is more than enough for what they are worth.

    If they do pay themselves even more, how much will some donate to their union bosses?


    • 18
      Because I'm worth it (NOT) says:

      Is there a shortage of applicants for the position as an MP?
      I thought not.
      So, to me, that indicates that the salaries are suficient for thejob.
      Pay peanuts and you get monkeys (like now), but pay more and you’ll get better paid monkeys.

      By ‘shortgae’ I did not mean to cast any aspersions upon the wonderfully inept Bercow.


      • 39
        Spartacus says:

        pay peanuts and you get monkeys

        pay lots and you get bankers


      • 52
        What's good for the goose... says:

        Sack them, slash their salary and time off by half and import some Poles to do the job our lazy MPs won’t do.

        That’s what the rest of us have to put up with, so why not the thieving 650?


      • 81
        Tall Tails. says:

        common boys.
        monkeys are for spanking.
        play the game……the game is for minkeys.


    • 114
      Vice-Prezident Chicken-Drumsticks Recycling Division says:

      The tried the same argument with council executives. They said the only way they could get people with talent in from the private sector, was to offer grand salaries.
      Then they told the headhunters only to interview people with council experience …
      So what happened? The same useless institutionalised council officers all promoted each other, or swapped around with pals from neighbouring councils.
      It would be very interesting to see where all the £100k-plus salaried council executives came from, betcha 90% came from within the ranks.


  7. 10
    Jake says:

    According to what I read the other day, IPSA claimed we had to have the pay rise to attract the right people into Parliment.
    Is this statement official confirmation that all our current MP,s are shite?


    • 16
      Lord Stansted says:

      Interesting argument. The IPSA may have to evoke quantum field theory to by-pass the conumdrum.


    • 45
      Anonymous says:

      No it is the same mantra spoken by all parasitic groups. We hear it from councillors and we hear it from bankers.

      Yet the real profits and advancement come from start-ups that grow the new ideas. These people work for 5 – 10 years on very little pay and get their rewards from the ideas success. Only those that complete the work receive the appropriate returns. This, in general, is then re-invested in their next advance.

      So can we now demand that all engineers and scientist must be paid high wages by the state, so that the right people are attracted to this essential work.

      I will not hold my breath waiting for this enlightenment to sink in.


      • 90
        Kinder to put him down surely (and I don't mean the dog says:

        Blunkett, the womaniser with a dog, is still around, though why I cannot understand. I can never understand why a has been is still listened too, especially the wife of the porn-lover, Jacqui.


        • 94
          Blair's Industrial Shredder says:

          Where’s the evidence that it was the hubby who watched the porn, not Juggie? She was the one who claimed for it. He just took the all blame as he isn’t a professional politician, like Jowel’s pathetic crook of a husband


  8. 13
    Can't be arsed to calculate it says:

    Be interesting to see what they get per hours worked.


    • 50
      Gordon Brown says:

      Worked? Is that like “turn up”?


    • 58
      Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

      MPs might make 400%-700% of average incomes, but they certainly don’t earn the money. To me, the word “earn” implies that they’ve done some work, and that they deserve the pay.


  9. 15
    Common Purpose is evil says:

    Pay rise they should be getting a pay cut as all their ‘work’ is outsourced to the EU.


  10. 22
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    We are all in this together!


  11. 23
    Dweeb says:

    Parliament costs about £500m pa. If you paid MPs absolutely nothing it would still cost £350m supporting the infrastructure.

    In the grand scheme of things MPs’ running costs are a speck of dust on a gnat’s cock. I just want them to get this bloody country back on its feet and screwing them to the floor is not the answer.


  12. 24
    This has got to stop says:

    “Channel 4 to air daily Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan”


    • 34
      Britain in 2013, or This Is What People Died for in WW II says:

      Did you hear about the muslim terrorist with poor eyesight who blew up the wine aisle at a supermarket?

      He thought he had to punish all zinfandels.


    • 63
      Ch 4 collaborators says:

      I think it’s called rubbing our noses in it.


  13. 25
    A Taxpayer says:

    I do not begrudge them a decent salary. £80K seems reasonable.

    But they should get NO expenses money at all, nor should they receive payments to run their constituency offices. All their personal wealth should be audited on being elected and declared and a reconciliation made on leaving office and again five years later. Any discrepancies should be repaid to the taxpayer at double.

    Their constituency office should be owned by the state and run using administrative staff paid directly by the state. If an MP wants a political adviser, he or his political party should pay for that.

    On leaving office the MP should receive No money from the public for any purpose. His time in office should not be pensionable.


  14. 26
    Britain in 2013, or This Is What People Died for in WW II says:

    Of course, the greatest irony here is that the same executives who’ve made this decision, some of them women, some of them gay, some of them Christian, some of them J*wish, some of them atheist, all of them alcohol drinkers, would be first in line to be slaughtered by muslims.

    Well, they’re called useful idiots for a reason.

    Channel 4 is to air the Muslim call to prayer live every morning during the month of Ramadan. The broadcaster said it was an act of “deliberate provocation” aimed at viewers who might associate Islam with extremism.

    The headline-grabbing move will see Channel 4 broadcast the three-minute call to prayer at about 3am for 30 days from the start of Ramadan on 9 July. In addition, on the first day of Ramadan Channel 4 will interrupt programming four times during the day – to mark subsequent calls to prayer – with a 20-second film to remind viewers of the approaching prayer time.


    • 33
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Thanks – this is one person who won’t be switching to Channel4 then.


      • 41
        Britain in 2013, or This Is What People Died for in WW II says:

        I remember the time when Channel 4 genuinely pushed boundaries. Whether you liked it or hated, things like the Red Triangle and screening world films in prime time made it stand out. It was the channel that found new talents like Sacha Baron Cohen. Since the mid-90s, it’s been turned into a low-grade shit merchant specialising in retarded reality shows and cheap shock tactics. Instead of world films or even independent American cinema, it’s all Transformers type films, and and now this pathetic ramalamadingdong decision is another grab for headlines. Just about the only things worth watching on Channel 4 are the imports like The Sopranos, and that finished a while back.


        • 51
          Londoner says:

          I have not watched C4 since the Sopranos finished


        • 53
          Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

          I don’t watch daytime TV – dreadfully common.

          I’m not even watching Wimbledon. If Novak wins I can always catch up on YouTube.


          • Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

            Here’s hoping Novak does win it, if that’s what it takes to stop Murray winning it.


          • Tall Tails. says:

            the key word is “norah”.
            keys and doors……what will they think of next….. electronic keys?
            electrons is the ansa.
            elect ron.
            he is an actor.
            actors play the part.
            at least he was a professional?


        • 62
          Bluto says:

          I was surprised (not really) at the amount of subliminal lefty propaganda inserted by Tony Robinson (Labour Party) into his C4 programme on Lincoln Gaol. One got the impression that all the convicts held there in the past were just ‘victims’ of reactionary oppression and there was a nice line in undermining the concept of property crime as well as totally discrediting justice in historical Britain pre-1997.

          When he looked at Victorian photos of some of the convicts he almost welled-up, as though they were innocent war dead, whereas it was obvious from their faces that most of them, even the 11 year old, were nasty, vicious, criminal thugs.


    • 35
      MP says:

      I’ll be up. Votes in it for me.


    • 36
      This England says:

      It’s the anniversary of the 7/7 jihadist bombings on Sunday.
      I expect that C4 will have loudspeaker vans touring London blaring out ‘Allah Akbar’…


    • 40
      Aggro Saxon says:

      Channel 4 exec: broadcasting Muslim call to prayer reflects how Islam is “flourishing” in UK
      Head of factual programming says Ramadan will have far more participants than the anniversary of the Queen’s coronation


      • 44
        Britain in 2013, or This Is What People Died for in WW II says:

        I’d like to invite one of these execs to visit Finsbury Park mosque and tell them about his alcohol intake and sex life. I have a feeling he/she would come out of the mosque feeling rather differently towards muslims. That is, of course, if they’re still alive.


      • 100
        1400-year-old nine-year-old says:

        More participants than the queen’s jubilee? Yeah, let’s wait for the viewing figures. (which I suppose are excluded from the queen figures)

        … So, hubby will be out of bed by 3am. That’ll be a relief.


    • 43
      P l e b says:

      Can our spineless Prime Minister please remind Channel 4 that the religion of the British Isles is Christian?


      • 59
        Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

        A few months ago 4Thought which comes on after C4 News was about charity. Of course you know who was well represented and inevitably mentioned the Pr*phet as indeed they always manage whatever the subject.


        • 68
          Bob Sleigh says:

          It’s all about testing the boundaries, deciding on which line is to be crossed next.
          When are we going to see Christmas broadcasting in Pakistan, FFS?


    • 47
      E.D.L. says:

      “deliberate provocation”… yup, this’ll do it!


    • 69
      The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

      I have long had the impression that their coverage of the celebrations of Christmas were also a deliberate provocation


    • 75
      Ch 4's p1ssing in our faces says:

      We, the r@ped white children of Rochdale, Oxford, Oldham, Telford…. thank ch 4 from the bottom of our hearts.


      • 84
        Bob Fleming says:

        Indeed – all reminders of this moronic idealogy are a good thing – just brings the day of reckoning nearer


        • 106
          La Belle Francoise says:

          If the call is to be made at 3am, when most folk are sound asleep, how are they mozzys going to hear it? If they leave their radio on all night that will disturb their sleep and if they leave the volume turned down they will not hear it anyway.All seems a bit daft to me. If they are awake, they won’t need the call to prayer as they will already be in the process of answering it. Can somebody find out what CH4 producers and programmers are smoking?


  15. 28
    Herman van Rumpboy says:

    Ve vill control you completely….


  16. 29
    The everso, everso honest and principled Member for your constituency says:

    Why do we require Parliament when it seems that decisions are made in Brussels anyway?


  17. 37
    Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

    Nice to know I earn more then £19,000 pa with my bennies and pensions!


  18. 42

    Not forgetting how much they trouser from expenses fiddles
    bungs , cash for questions
    non exec seats on boards of companies who need someone on the inside
    passing laws to benefit their own family and other business interests

    These really are the most loathsome individuals on the planet
    piano wire and lamp posts for them all !


    • 80
      Tall Tails. says:

      trousers are essential.
      when pressed a bulge shows.

      protects the balls.
      balls, no shortage.
      balls are under the turban…..hence it is now true that balls are for girls.


      • 107
        La Belle Francoise says:

        It is rumoured that policemen have the biggest balls…..

        ….because they sell the most tickets..


  19. 54
    Tachybaptus says:

    ‘MPs can’t take a big rise and cut other people’s pay.’ They can, have done and will do again.


  20. 55
    Bluto says:

    An English Spring is long overdue.


  21. 57

    Look. There are only 650 jobs. And a nationwide contest is required to fill them.
    So clearly, we are the very cream of the cream of the cream.

    I mean, no business person has to get elected do they? No.
    No doctor has to have a ballot to see if they can still be a doctor after 5 years.

    So as we are the most highly selected people in the land I think a basic salary of £99,000 + select chairs, quangos, ministerials and cabinet top ups, + final salary x 2 pension,keep the houses and associated perks seems fair.

    Plus, I’ve long been concerned that we aren’t properly remunerated for all the work we do for Brussels.
    Those documents don’t just rubber stamp themselves you know.


    • 66
      A Local says:

      Bill, you only have to compete locally on a local basis with local wannabe troughers.


    • 108
      La Belle Francoise says:

      Creme de la creme?

      The problem with cream is that it usually goes off/sour after a few days. So MPs are really no different – and we have begun tionotice too.


  22. 65
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    we are here, waiting.
    We are always here, all we can do is wait with patience, our love is boundless, our patience is unlimited.
    3 generations, 10 generations it makes no difference, time passing can only bring us closer because we are the same.


  23. 67

    Something that the report seems to have overlooked.
    It is comparing full time salaries.

    But the average Jo/Joe gets 5 weeks holiday + 8 days of bank holidays all paid for.
    The average teacher gets 13 weeks + the bank holidays and some other assorted non working-working days

    For an MP. Well, for starters, parliament isn’t in session or its conference time for 22 weeks.
    And anyway there are no set hours of work at all.

    Gordon Brown works less than 1 hour a week and STILL collects maximum pay, expenses, pension and any fiddles–erm, I mean expense incurred costs, he wishes.

    So the comparison isn’t very fair.

    But I trust you chaps to keep quiet about all this. Don’t want the public going off on one again.


    • 72
      Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

      I do very nicely thank you and I don’t have to work at all. Mind you, I am above retirement age.


    • 109
      La Belle Francoise says:

      Bill, old fellow, can you please ask the Committee to extend your little breaks to 52 weeks a year – and leave the rest of us alone with our thoughts. Thanks


  24. 70
    Googler says:

    Where’s this £19k figure from?
    My extensive research (1 min) reveals 26k as the median (which would be less than the average) gross full-time salary, and 21k as the median off all workers, both full and part time (2010)

    Of course being an MP is only ever a part-time job, so perhaps that is what the 19k average is based on.


    • 110
      La Belle Francoise says:

      There are a lot more people earning less than 19k than their are over 50k. Statistics, damned statistics and plain eyewash.


  25. 73
    corridor of uncertainty says:

    We can all get hot under the collar about c650 MPs earning £67k, but that sort of salary would be sniffed at by middle management in town councils where there are over 2,500 bringing in more than £100k. We’d all be a hell of a lot better off if we gave the MPs another 10 grand and capped Council salaries at the same amount. Also makes me laugh when beeb presenters on multiples of an MPs salary intone gravely about how well remunerated our MPs are.


    • 76
      Town Clerk says:

      Council salaries can be capped at £70K and there will still be no shortage of grubby mediocrities applying for the work. The ‘fringe benefits’ are fabulous.


    • 78
      MPs can eff-off says:

      They get paid more than enough for the thieving treasonous scum that they are.

      Bunging them another 10k a year will do precisely what? Make them more patriotic? Make them less greedy? Make them honest?

      How about MPs leading from the front for a change, and take a pay cut to show solidarity with the ordinary people in these times of austerity?


      • 83
        corridor of uncertainty says:

        ok, go on then, lets give the MPs a token pay cut and we’ll all feel better but that’s a drop in the ocean compared to the enormous salaries elsewhere in the tax funded sector


    • 87
      Delboy says:

      Alright clever clogs I will hire 200 Mps at 100k per annum.

      Should sort things out nicely.


  26. 85
    The blue Skoda in the carpark says:

    Women are being sexually assaulted in the streets of Cairo.

    Not one homosexual has come to their aid and MPs are more concerned with getting a payrise.

    UKIP are too busy to help filling in expenses claims.


    • 86
      Captain Pedalo says:

      We told you to stand up and fight in Suez but you bottled out of it.

      What you are seeing in Egypt now is the result of your own cowardice and ineptitude.


    • 101
      Hitler's Plan B says:

      UKIP MEPs don’t need to fill in claim forms. All EU leeches get the exes paid without needing to apply for them.


  27. 89
    Bomber Command Ghost says:

    Double their pay – (more than) halve their numbers – remove the Recesses. 25 days hols per year like the rest of us.

    Lets get some WORK out these ba$tards


    • 111
      Thyme keeper says:

      Given all the bloody damage these people do, you must be a sodding masochist. Just think how many more than 3000 laws Blair and co could have got through if they had been working full time.


  28. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Who is responsible for appointing IPSA and who was responsible for setting their excessive pay levels for carrying out a simple audit function?


  29. 93
    Jimmy says:

    In other news, the last editor of the Times picked up 1.3m for getting sacked.


  30. 95

    Nice little earner innit?


  31. 97

    Can we have an Petition to behead Gordon Brown at the Tower of London, preferably in public.


  32. 98
    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    a handsome £66,396 – Guido’s annual bar bill – get a life


  33. 99
    b-b-p says:

    If like me you are totally disillusioned with the disciplinary procedure administered against a corrupt MP or one who is not Representing your Interests please sign the Petition .It will be the responsibility of the Local Party Chairman to Advertise and Organise our Voice on an MP’s Future.
    It’s time the Public had their say on who Represents Us is made Accountable.
    Member of Parliaments have an important role in ensuring the government is accountable to the citizens they represent. However, MPs, given their access to political power and influence, are themselves vulnerable to corruption and must be held accountable to the general public.



  34. 112
    Lets get rid of the loons says:

    I love Guido’s hypocrisy.

    Oh those nasty, grubby politicians. Who just happen to be the sole reason this blog exists.

    He’s a parasite living off the MP’s.


  35. 113
    Tom Catesby says:

    ‘MPs can’t take a big rise and cut other peoples’ pay’. Oh yes they can!


  36. 115
    Anonymous says:



  37. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Pay them more in order to attract better MPs but not, as seems to happen, when it is too late for the local party to select anyone better.


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