July 2nd, 2013

Labour Wars: Labour Sources Hit Back at Hodges

More Labour wars today as Dan Hodges accuses Miliband of ordering Labour bigwigs not to attack St Owen of Jones. According to Hodges, orders have gone out from on high in Labour that Owen is not to be criticised, lest he was to go for Ed’s jugular:

“…just about the only person who hasn’t properly felt Jones’s progressive wrath is Ed Miliband himself. And Labour’s leader wants things to stay that way. In particular, he’s desperate to keep him onside over his stance – or non-stance – on welfare. “Ed’s terrified of being attacked on welfare,” said one MP. “At the last PLP meeting he did a presentation of polling on the key battleground issues. There was no polling on welfare. Nothing. Ed just doesn’t want it seen as a battleground issue.””

Hodges alleges that Lord Wood, Ed’s consigliere, has been charged with handling Owen and keeping him off of Ed’s back. Something Guido has heard before but people around him insist is not true. A Labour source puts the boot in:

“Don’t worry. Dan’s USP of being 100 per cent wrong 100 per cent of the time is still intact. It’s nonsense to claim we have told people not to criticise Owen Jones.”

So it’s official: fire away reds.


  1. 1
    Gerry Mandering says:

    Slow here today.

    May I say Vote UKIP!


    • 22
      Django says:

      You may indeed… And may I say, why should I as all that will happen is that Red Ed will get in we vote UKIP!


      • 28
        PC Dixon says:

        Can someone please explain who the f*** Jones is and were did he come from? He speaks absolute left wing rubbish so again please WHO IS HE?


        • 32
          Lord Stansted says:

          I seem to remember him on the radio talking about some book he’d written about “chavs” to another BBC luffie and non-entity “Professor” Laurie Taylor.


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        The fact that you use that straw man argument, the one favoured by all three thieving scumbag parties, shows us all that you’re a part of the problem.


    • 38
      You've been Tesco'd says:

      Lady Porter, how you doing!

      Still hiding in the promised land?


    • 62
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      If Labour consider Owing Jones an asset, then let’s let them hoist themselves with their own trust-funded petard.


    • 71
      The Sheikh Of Arabeee says:

      May I say I wish someone would punch that little fucking ranting Lefty faggot in the gob.


  2. 2
    Man from middle earth says:

    I was about to ask “Who is wen and what the fuck gives him the right to opine on everything” but then again I could ask that about all politicians and talking heads that the BBC embraces.


  3. 3
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Dan is the only person in the MSM who has the nerve to criticise Owen Jones.


    • 8
      A mad swivel-eyed loon says:

      What about Owen Jones’ mother??


      • 39
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        It is true that Owen’s mother does come on here and criticise him for staying up past his bedtime, but this is not the MSM, unfortunately.


      • 52
        Batman says:

        Jones has no mother,he was pissed up a wall.


  4. 4
    Popeye says:

    I’ll criticise Jones, I find him to be a detestable, self-opinionated little turd.
    You should hear my views on a bad day.


  5. 5
    Graham says:

    Owen Jones is just a fart-arsed little shit,usually spouting a load of bollocks. A typical Liebour moron aka Miliband, Balls and the rest of the fucking party.


  6. 6
    Tom Fatson says:

    wher can i contribte tomowen jones he is a twat


  7. 7
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Taking lessons in life from a posh,rampant, homosexual journalist who hasn’t had a real job – should be interesting!


  8. 9
    David Blunkett says:

    And he stank of shit and coconut oil as well.


  9. 12
    bergen says:

    If Milliband is frightened of that ghastly little squirt then it tells us everything we need to know about the strength of his backbone.

    It is shortsighted anyway. Every Labour leader needs occasionally to pick a (bogus) fight with someone on the left to show how “moderate” he is.


    • 19
      Knob Ed says:

      If Owen Jones tries to take me on I will get him in the Thargian neck-grip I learnt at my last Trekkie conference.


    • 76
      Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

      Mr Miliband needs to beat a yob up in a restaurant or something like that.


  10. 13
    Tony Benn says:

    Well done Simon Danczuk. About time someone we took on that faggot Owen Jones and others who spend all their time attacking Labour from the left


  11. 14
    Anonymous says:

    great fun watching our middle class hero Owen puffing jones, spouting his usual drivel on behalf of us down trodden workers, loved it when Simon got his back up about puffing’s background, as we all know his mother was a cleaner who had three jobs and his father worked in a car factory, if I am wrong can puffing put me right


  12. 15
    Bazinga! says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing the Ramadam call to prayer on Channel 4. The BBC must be pissed off not getting in first for that one.


    • 18
      John Humphrys says:

      I am currently growing a beard, which I will dye ginger. Innit


    • 23
      Token white. says:

      Tokens must have their wit, life is a ration.
      for abundance …go mental.
      give away everything by the ton, or hold onto every micro.
      that is the toptip.
      nan…before the “o”.
      nano tip.
      world is upside down?
      no worries. nan is the new tipper.


    • 25
      BBC News Editor says:

      We will be broadcasting Strictly and Gladsonbury from Mecca. Wont we?


    • 27
      Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

      During Ramadan Fiona Bruce will be reading the news in full gear with only a slit so she can read the teleprompt.


    • 66
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:


      The slammers tend to up their attacking other slammers during ramadingdong.


  13. 16
    Owen's boyfriend says:



  14. 17
    Industrial Light & Magic says:

    We wish to employ the photo editor that touched up this piece of shit work of art


    • 21
      Tachybaptus says:

      Ain’t it Rich?


    • 31
      Token white. says:

      it is important know the position of the sun son.
      He must always be behind.
      and a
      always keep the bumhole close, an english saying.
      so the button hole is a bum hole.
      so “oh button up”.
      the world is menta, designed by a menta for the menta and voted for by the. .
      sounds like anyone who is for democracy is menta. However the alternative is worse.


      • 34
        Token white. says:

        the sane die laughing.
        only the sane are insane,
        the insane most certainly are.


  15. 20
    Where Do They Get Them From says:

    Owen Jones, what a horrible little boy.

    I’d heard the name but never really watched him in action.


  16. 24
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Q: Why can’t Owen Jones drive faster than 68mph?

    A: Because at 69 he blows a rod.


  17. 30
    Kid's Stuff says:

    Well I never knew Owen Jones moonlighted singing childrens nursery rymes!


  18. 33
    Dougie says:

    If you want to be a clever-dick by using posh Italian words Guido, best you get it right. Consigliare is a verb meaning to recommend or advise. Did you mean consigliere?


    • 35
      A bit of Spanish says:

      Tu Paja


    • 48
      Token white. says:

      the pre…….fix is a con.
      is the world fixed.
      by golly.
      ……..we are watching the end of the beautiful game of football.
      ………dogs are out.
      ……….so bullies are to get,
      ……….billies are hypos……….loves to sleep on top.
      if Queen doggies are no more……she has been upgraded.


    • 50
      Mr Merriam-Webster says:

      I think Guido meant concierge!


  19. 37
  20. 40
    Owin Jones says:

    There’s been a gravel spill on the A406 NCR on the off slip to the A41 Hendon Way northbound. Contractors are on route to clear it :-)


  21. 41
    Yawl says:

    ““A shame,” the 28-year-old Jones replied, “you haven’t grown out of the slightly juvenile ad hominem approach to political debate.””


    Isn’t Owen the one who calls anyone who attacks him “homophobic nutters”?


  22. 44
    fearless Frank says:

    Serious question: what is wrong with Dan Hodges’ face? His left eye looks like a mouse’s arsehole.


    • 47
      Glenda Jackson says:

      Oi that’s my son you are calling.


    • 51
      Sir William Waad says:

      He lost an eye when he was attacked in a pub.


      • 79
        Hodges Never Dodges (But Maybe Should Have Done) says:

        Sez who; “attacked”? Or “came to the aid of a friend, butting into the friend’s beef with a yob (whom Dan didn’t see was brandishing a broken glass), whilst Dan was feeling his beer muscles,” was how I heard it…makes him sound a bit more heroic if foolhardy one way, a bit like a poor unfortunate victim the other. And a bit too intoxicated however it took place, if we’re being completely honest.


    • 57
      Token white. says:

      a punch a day……….
      mars….marrs………on the way back.
      what about coutts?
      ……..coutts make you ill……..must be the Bill innit.
      anda…..egg………i owe you.
      one is hard……cons.tip.hater. …..
      the other runny,,,,,,,,,,,mouse innit.
      in the world of who came first…..consider the etonian blade on a feather.
      the world may be be nuts, but is our nut….innit.


  23. 45
    Angela Merkel says:

    Look at his little baby face.
    He looks like a softie.

    Achtung Pansy!


  24. 46
    Owen Jokes says:

    I love a bit of butt but I don’t want to be the butt of your jokes.


  25. 49
    Sir William Waad says:

    Owen Joes in 25 years’ time. Either:

    (a) attempting his third comeback by appearing on Celebrity Dancing on Roller Skates (Jungle Edition); or
    (b) ex-Labour/UKIP coalition minister, hated for his decision to microchip all welfare claimants at a cost of £12 billion (but the system doesn’t work).


    • 61
      Token white. says:

      what matters those is to stay protected for the next 50 years.
      so be with someone who is from the futcha.
      a .lie. in suffers.
      so have a . lie. in with them.
      same house…..separate bedrooms.
      stay virginally pure.
      start with the “stay”.
      please do. But the owner of the house decides.


  26. 53
    Out Of Touch says:

    So from the general drift of things on here, are we saying that the boy is an uphill gardener as I don’t even know the boy.


    • 65

      His carefully constructed public image means that, unless he had declared himself to be a chocolate speedway rider, he would not be seen to be so effective as an alleged public figure.

      Where his rectum or reproductive tract stands in this is not exactly clear. Maybe he had to be anally invaded once just to satisfy some truth criterion. Maybe he relishes riding the starfish frequently. Maybe he is just what they refer to as a bottom. Or maybe, as I once saw, he is what is known as versatile. I shall leave you to imagine what position he adopts in this plethora of ways to misuse the lower part of the digestive tract.

      I shall now go for a swim and consider nicer parts of the anatomy on full display here and try to bleach my mind of these other thoughts.


      • 75
        Out Of Touch says:

        Thank you for those pointers, I thought as much. Well at least in due course he will be assured of a seat in the House of Lords.


  27. 54
    Pentangelis says:

    I’m just amazed that anyone listens to this idiot – let alone comments upon his utterings.


  28. 56
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I’ve never done any work at all for the BBC, so can I have a massive pay-off?


  29. 59
    David Miliband says:

    Is Owen Jones leading the Labour party now then?


  30. 60
    Fishy says:

    The BBC has a ‘so-called’ left wing bias. With regular appearance from Trots like Owen Jones and the SWP members like Charlie Kimber on Nicky Campbell’s show, I think that the question should be just how far to the left are the BBC? It’s now certainly left of Miliband – he should be worried.

    And as for the BBC’s Owen Jones (just how many times has he been on in the last year?), I notice that he follows the same well hones formula, whether it be DP or QT that he is on.

    The Jones Modus Operandi:

    1. Criticise what he has just heard. Start with, ‘I’m disappointed with what you’ve just said…’ Shouting helps.

    2. Introduce (with conviction – even more shouting helps) a load of obscure or made up ‘facts’. The more lies the better. This ‘bullshit baffles brains’ principle will illicit copious applause from the unwary and those lefties planted in the audience

    3. Quickly attack opponents who do not hold the same point of view. Undermine their arguments by a) interrupting them and b) attacking and insulting them

    4. Avoid, at all costs, being drawn on the substantive issue

    5. If all of this fails and when he gets nailed by someone who is; a) more knowledgeable b) more intelligent c) more mature (most people), adopt the Jurgen Klinsman defence, i.e. take a dive and feign injury. Complain indignantly about being interrupted, attacked and insulted

    6. Afterwards, tweet details of the pain suffered at the hands of people who turned out to be; a) more knowledgeable b) more intelligent c) more mature

    7. Ring Polly Toynbee and ask her to write a glowing account of the encounter in the following day’s Guardian – including an account of how beastly others were to the poor ickle boy.

    8. Pick cheque up from the BBC

    No wonder Miliband’s running scared.


  31. 63
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Why the fvck do the Labour Party big-wigs give a toss about this snot-nosed, middle-class wannabe armchair revolutionary, practicing dinosaur politics?

    The fact that they do, shows why they are going nowhere and destined to remain in opposition for a long time. Which is fine by me!


  32. 64
    Johann Hari says:

    I’m putting the finishing touches to my world exclusive interview with Edward Snowden, which took place in a secret military bunker in Kiev. I was almost killed. All around us was gunfire and grenades. I just about made it out alive. As for brave Edward, I can’t say what his fate was. But I’ll always remember that sombre interview and his poignant last words “tell the world my story”. As I ran for cover from the shelling, all I could think of was the urgency to get the interview published online, in the papers, on a wall…heck, anywhere! At that terrifying moment, I was journalist first, human being second. Few know the risks and dangers of being a brave journalist on the front line, fighting to bring the truth to the world.

    I do.


  33. 69
    Dan Hodges says:

    Q: What is Gay Pride?

    A: a group of homosexual lions.

    One of the better gags of Owen Jones.


  34. 72
    ...and another one says:

    He’s all over Youtube!


  35. 73
    Polly Tinypee says:

    Leave him alone he is a lovely little boy, misguided of course but lovely.


  36. 81
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    I have no problem whatsoever with Labour being in thrall to a 12 year old, reality denying, massively out of touch, gob shite like Owen Jones. Hopefully they will slavishly follow his, dinosaur era, opinions and so find themselves consigned to electoral oblivion as they so richly deserve.

    With friends like Owen Jones, Len McClusky and Tom Watson Labour truly do not need enemies!


  37. 82
    M.Wouters says:



  38. 83
    Anonymous says:


  39. 84
    Anonymous says:

    How many times does a person need to be on the BBC before they are treated as an employee and the BBC start paying NIC’s for that person?

    On the BBC again…


  40. 85
    Anonymous says:


  41. 88
    Anonymous says:

    The more Jones speaks, the more chance he has of following in Mummy and Daddy’s (who met through the militant tendency) footsteps by keeping the Labour party out of power for another generation.

    Let the man speak publicly as often as possible.


  42. 90
    fitz says:

    … oh, no : not that controversy about aligned squat closets in council flats in Bradford, again ?


  43. 92
    Displaced Brummie says:

    So Ed says do not attack Owen as Ed is frightened of Owen?

    Any road up, as we Brummies say, Fearful Ed will make an ideal Prime Minister…


  44. 94
    johnpreid says:

    Hodges isn’t wrong all the time, I believe this

    It’s the toy town revolutionaries who’ll make it difficult for the next labour leader to win in 2020


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