July 2nd, 2013

Indy Splash Scooped By the Indy

“Education for sale: Gove plans to let firms run schools for profit” bleats today’s Indy mega exclusive splash, citing a leaked memo giving the inside line on DfE policy:

“A memo prepared for Mr Gove by senior DfE staff last October revealed that expansion of the academies and free schools programme would “not reach much beyond 5,000 [schools]” unless additional central resources were found. The Education Secretary was urged to begin planning a “fundamental shift” in academies’ status before the 2015 election.”

Just the one problem: the Indy were unfortunately scooped on their “exclusive”… by the Independent on Sunday six months ago. Headlined “Secret memo shows Michael Gove’s plan for privatisation of academies”, the old Sindy story clearly came from the same leaked memo:

“The minutes, seen by The Independent on Sunday, state: “it is difficult to see how we could manage expansion of the academies and free schools programme much beyond 5,000 without increasing central resource.””

Another roaring success for the new editor…


  1. 1
    The daily oligarch independent says:

    We are the laughing stock of left wing media.
    Imagine just how sad you need to be to get that accolade.
    We make the huff puff look credible.


    • 8
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      State schools are a total loss.


      • 16
        V1le Labour trashed my Country says:

        So is the BBC and only privatising will fix this.


      • 33
        Mine d'Boggles says:

        Can anyone name a profitable school that is also a good one in terms of outcome for the pupils?

        Wiki: For more, see Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference for a list of 242 leading day and boarding independent boys’ and coeducational schools in the United Kingdom, Crown dependencies and the Republic of Ireland.

        Mind you, I am not wholly in favour of single-sex schools.


    • 18
      Bottle Neck in the Left Lobe says:

      The Lefty is a very confused character.

      He likes to oft quote how the Scandinavians do their education so much better than the British, except when it conflicts with their Left streak. Such as Scandinavian schools making a great success of schools for profit.


  2. 2
    Ah! Monika says:

    O/T but
    Ministers set on collision course with judges after giving go-ahead for televised crown court verdicts
    Plans will include r4pe and murder cases but senior judges fear repeat of US-style show trials.

    At last decent TV


    • 6
      ITV says:

      Can we have a public vote at £1.50 a minute?


    • 14
      George Zimmerman says:

      Boring as fuck, unless you have a colorful witness like that young Mammy lookalike from my trial. Trust me on this.


    • 20
      Brian Leveson says:

      Live Telly in the courtroom ruined my career.


      • 26
        Head of BBC 6+1+ digital on demand Blue Sky Thinking and nose candy fan says:

        We should show this on a respected , unbiased British institution, that would treat this with the respect and dignity due to these sensitive procedures.

        The r4pe verdicts could be fronted by Ant and Dec, so they can work something in that is reminiscent of “Bush tucker Trial”. Anyone think of a rhyming double entendre for that?


  3. 3
    ye olde independente says:

    Norman Invasion of Sussex Coast imminent!

    Cobblers Committee Convened!


    • 5
      ye angl saxon daily chronicle says:

      ‘ere – that was our story


    • 21
      Ye olde BBC says:

      It be very hotte due to divers tory villaines burning ye woode and making ye aire reek of noxious green-thatch vapoures


      • 25
        Lord Luvvaduck says:

        Thou art naught but the usual blamer of Thatcher– lie me no lies, varlet! Thou hast been rumbled! Wherefore, it must needs be then that someone goeth mediaeval on yo’ ass!


        • 27
          Guillame le Bastard says:

          Yo, ‘Arold! We gonna pop a barb in yo ass, Homes! Doncha go standin’ on yo head at me, bwoy!!


  4. 4
    P l e b says:

    There is nothing wrong in bringing this to the public’s attention again.

    After all, they didn’t vote for profit-making schools did they?


    • 9
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Why do you think profit is a dirty word?
      I think it’s marvelous that parental choice will lead to profits and hopefully to the end of state “provision” of “education”. It’s totally unsuited to the task.


    • 10
      Plebs are a curse says:

      pleb – guaranteed to grab the wrong end of every stick available.


    • 12
      Ah! Monika says:

      No, but the kids will learn a thing or two about the real world, where profit is not a dirty word, but a pre-requisite to pay for EVERYTHING!!!


  5. 7
    GG says:

    Dave is a middle class left twat so it fatty Balls


    • 28
      Don't give a shit about Liebore, UKRAP or the Lim Dumbs says:

      And “Fag Ash” Farage is too – ex banker, tax avoiding (but lying about it) scum politician, pretending to be a mixture of Churchill and Thatcher.

      More like a mixture of the Churchill dog and A Thatcher – a head shaking puppet and a man of straw on a plastic base.


  6. 11
    Owen Jones says:

    Snoweden’s location on January 1st 2014? 6/4 Russia, 10/3 USA, 7/2 Ecuador, Venezuela, 5/1 Iceland: http://pdy.pr/3uZ3rd

    Place your bets please gents.


    • 15
      Ah! Monika says:

      100/1 you can’t spell Snowden


    • 17
      Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

      I don’t think this poor chap’s got as a great future behind him as you have Owen.

      His biggest asset is his nerdy looks – goes down well with the femmes!


      • 29
        GCHQ Crossword society says:

        I think it’s an anagrammatical clue to his KGB handler to meet him in “Owen’s Den”


  7. 13
    Gazza says:

    In any case, it’s a really excellent idea from the always excellent Michael Gove. So why the alarmist Indy headline.
    We just need to do the same with the ghastly NHS.


  8. 19
    beast says:

    So poor children will be forced to go to a shit school and somebody trousers a ortune


    • 22
      Gerald Hoffmann says:

      No. What you have identified is the status quo. Gove’s idea is to give children from poor backgrounds the very best of educations. For some odd reason the Left think this is a bad idea.

      An unrelated observation of perverse human nature:
      Go to any third world country where education is not free and the children want to learn and make sure that they do learn. Go to any Labour borough where the education is free and all the children want to do is burn the school down and play truant.


    • 23
      Everard says:

      They go to shit schools anyway-and are lucky if their classmates speak English. The poor white ‘working class’-completely f**ked by Labour.


      • 31
        Dagenham Dave, left of Dickhead Nick Griffin, right of Leon Trotsky says:

        I went to a shit school, but at least I can spell fortune – although to be fair, under labour there is no f in fortune.


  9. 30
    Pavlovs Dog says:

    This was the obvious conclusion to the Thatcher plan. In all its terms, Labour did not rock the boat.

    Corporate schools, for corporate kids in a corporate world.

    Sorta like communism, but with more channels on the TV.


    • 32
      Dagenham Dave, left of Dickhead Nick Griffin, right of Leon Trotsky says:

      No, Labour just built hundreds of state owned, non rocking, leaky PFI boats that we didn’t need, while they spent 13 years achieving BBC Digital levels of success in all departments.

      In the words of that great 20th century philosopher Joe Walsh in Rocky Mountain High “Time to change the batter” (but he could have been referring to a fish supper.)


  10. 34

    Secret memo with whiskers on it! Whistle my blow.


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