June 27th, 2013

Labour’s Favourite Think Tank Say Eds are Wrong

IPPR made a living out of producing pleasant reading for Labour, though even they couldn’t spin these figures in Ed’s favour. A YouGov poll commissioned by the Labour wonk-shop finds massive public opposition to the party’s position on welfare. 76% say the system is too soft on people who could work that don’t, with just 10% taking up Ed’s line backing those on benefits. Who is the type of person the public is most sympathetic to protecting? Pensioners, the very group that Balls has targeted for pension cuts if Labour win in 2015. With friends like these…


  1. 1
    Caption comp entrant says:

    Two Ed’s aren’t better than one


  2. 2

    Shock horror – Labour wrong on economy


  3. 4
    DAVE spend spend spend CAMERON one term wonder and Liam Byrne MK 2 says:

    Danny Alexander ” Shale gas will produce 1,300 trillion cubic feet of gas , thats twice as much as the shadow chancellor produces in a year ”
    and “i wish the opposition front bench would stop fracking about ”

    Did he really say that ?


  4. 5
    Truth Will Out says:

    BBC finally admits that the “double dip recession” never happened …..


    Didn’t stop them leading every news story with this myth for months. Anybody with a real job knew that they were talking bollocks.

    BBC with an “agenda” – of course not!


    • 11
      BBC News (on a lighter note) says:

      The main news though is that Nelson Mandela is still alive and in a stable condition,We will keep you updated on his stable condition all throughout the day as his condition stabilises.


      • 18
        Nelson Mandela says:

        I’ve been “stable” for days.

        Very very “stable”.


      • 37
        Generalissimo Francisco Franco says:

        Those persons of, shall we say, a certain age past their first blush of youth, may find this sort of drip-drip-drip release of the news of someone’s worsening medical condition to be oddly familiar. Just sayin’.


    • 12
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      And all it took was a trillion or so of QE…

      There’s no more net wealth creation only extra borrowing.


    • 41
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      >BBC finally admits that the “double dip recession”

      Admits is a far too strong. They’ve worked out the spin now. It’s now the governments altered the figures (implying some statistical meddling rather like what happened during the blair/brown regime which was always accepted without negative comment)


      • 64
        Labours Beeboid FLetheny Slanders says:

        It will always be caveat end with by a whisker , just missed and someone else anyfuckingone will be the person for saving the uk but not the coalition and certainly not Tories …even though they did you BBC CNuts


  5. 6

    E’s off ‘is ‘Ed.


  6. 7
    Woman on a Croydon tram says:

    Them’s farkin’ farkey, farekrs beeter learn sum bleedin’ English. Them’s Immies don’t not know how to farkin’ open them’s gobs and get on the social.

    They all want to farkey fark orf back to them’s places that them come from and leave the beneis for us that needs them for us-selves.


  7. 8
    No such thing as society says:

    A nice loaded question there…could find work? Anyone can find work IF it existed.

    Also helps depicting the scumbags who are the problem as the everyday unemployed person.


    • 29
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Have you stopped beating your wife?

      Of course when you put it that way, people will answer “Yes, they should work!”, as the question is morally fraught; it’s like “Will no-one think of the children?” and other such formulations. Likewise, of course “People who have worked hard all their lives deserve [whatever is threatened with being cut]!” will strike a chord.

      But of course, when you caveat shit ahead of answering a question, such as, “Well, as long as there’s work to be had, and the person is at least minimally-qualified for it, and it’s not some boondoggle lean-on-your-shovel-all-day job paid for by taxpayers, sure, them skivers ought to be working!”, YOU end up sounding like a politician by trying to give a thoughtful answer to a vexing question.

      Pollsters, and the politicians who love them, thrive on simple thumbs up/down answers to loaded questions– like this one: “Don’t you think there’s too many pusillanimous politicians who base everything they do on polls?”


      • 65
        Wayne and Waynett's 60 inch TV remote sitting on a table in an 8 bed council mansion says:

        Well all we can do is feed and breed. Gets us the bennies like n’stuff.


  8. 9
    ERIC lean government PICKLES says:

    “A pint of chip fat with a slimline tonic top please”


  9. 10
    Andrew Efiong says:

    We need to downclamp the scroungers.

    We’ve created hundreds of thousands of Poles, proof that few people are genuinely out of work, instead they’re just being picky at our expense.

    All parties are soft on welfare, far too much money is doled out to the idle.


    • 13
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Shouldn’t hand out money. They should allocate you to the cheapest part of the UK and deliver healthy food that the doleys cook.


      • 17
        keep em down south mate says:

        let the metrosexuals lay in the bed they made for themselves and enjoy the stink of an authentic Romany campsite.


    • 68
      Smeary steel says:

      Can you create hundreds and thousands of lap dancers for these poles?


  10. 15
    Rob says:

    How do we know pensioners worked hard all their lives? How does that mash up with the fact that the UK’s economy has had low or moderate growth for much of the post-war period?


    • 19
      Pam Fritter says:

      My great granddad whose just turned 65 had a job once about 30 years ago.


    • 24
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      It doesn’t matter if they worked hard or not.

      It’s if they worked productively and SAVED.


    • 62
      Norman Tebbit's Dad's Old Bike says:

      Study history..after the second world war the UK was a “basket case”, most of the country had been “bombed to buggery”; there were massive areas of slums/bombsites; we were in hock to the yanks…industry was totally fucked and we still had rationing until 1954 almost 9 years after the war ended Who the fuck do you think actually got the country back on its feet sufficiently enough to pay all the benefits scroungers who refuse to get off their arses and find work and are happy doing nowt but spending time whinging about how hard done by you are on “Facebook” whilst letting the rest of us who have paid into the system for 44 tears and claimed nothing pay for their cushy existence??


  11. 23
    Pentangelis says:

    I believe that one of the fundamental problems with the present government is that they seem completely unable to anticipate criticism of their policies or their record and to lucidly explain themselves when it is levelled at them.
    They seem to think that because they, as intellectuals can see through the inflammatory lurid headlines, the rest of us can too.
    That simply is not the case; the ‘man on the street’ needs to hear a proper explanation of the policy, why it is necessary and why the opposition scare-mongering is wrong.
    Time and again I find myself shouting at the telly with words to the effect of ‘explain yourself ‘ or ‘ don’t let him get away with that rubbish’.
    It really seems that they simply don’t understand the need and their lack of proper response, with the single exception of Michael Gove is lamentable.
    Whilst I do not condone any criminality, it is obvious to all that the talent for understanding how to do this effectively has been lost since the departure of Andy Coulson.
    When there was a great hoo-haa over his appointment, I was very much in favour of him for that reason alone and sadly it now seems I am vindicated – at least in that respect, if not other spheres of his activity.
    If Cameron doesn’t get a grip very soon, we are all needlessly doomed.


    • 25
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Perhaps the central problem is mentioned in your last sentence?


      • 31
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        There’s plenty of people who would like to get a grip on Dave, a grip of a Saatchi-Lawson nature to be precise: “Wake up, you half-sozzled chillaxing idiot of an imbecile!” as they slap some sense into him.


      • 76
        Pentangelis says:

        To a large point yes, but do you think they are too ‘lofty’ to understand the need to persuade us pebs?


    • 46
      Curly says:

      Mr P – I admire your exceptionally mild tone. Such sentiments are expressed rather more, er, coarsely, shall we say,in this household.


      • 75
        Pentangelis says:

        One has to maintain some sort of . . er dignity!
        I was told by a particularly good senior policeman I once worked with, who was talking about interviewing techniques ” if you shout or swear, no-one has to listen to you. But if you speak softly – they do!” Wise words.
        Anyway, Dave – getting a fucking grip!!!!!


  12. 26
    Scottish Chav says:

    old labour – old stupidities
    new labour – new dangers
    current labour – frak the workers, soak them to buy votes from their clients (nhs, public sector, immigrants, bone idle)


  13. 28
    ERIC PICKLES says:

    I fantasize about eating Luciana ‘s Burger


  14. 32
    Iain Duncan Shithead, poncing off his wife's money says:

    Smash the poor.

    All money to the rich.


    • 43
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Er they’re poor because they do fuck all of use.
      It’s those who work who are getting smashed (and not on booze) massive taxes for green rent-seekers and fecklessness rewards.


      • 69
        Labour champagne warriers says:

        If anyone at all understands the plight of the poor in that den of thieves it’s IDS. He certainly understands it far better than labour and union ” I think I am going to puke” leaders.


  15. 33
    Northern unwaged miner says:

    I deserve every penny of my pension! OK, I haven’t done a days work since 1985 but Thatcher closed t’pit, see?

    Work in a call centre or warehouse was an insult to a time-served miner like me, with our proud heritage of flying pickets and Marxist militancy.


    • 35
      Whitehall Warrior says:

      Why should I have to carry on sitting at my desk doing fuck all just to support you?


    • 48
      Pencil Sharpener says:

      You could have used your expertise as a gravedigger. Or as one of those chaps who dig holes in the roads and then fill them back in again. Really, you are just a lazy slob, aren’t you.


      • 70
        Shagged pit pony says:

        Fact Labour and the left wing closed twice as many pits before and after Thatcher than Thatcher ever did in here entire premiership Just go check the facts son and don’t expect the BBC ever to mention this.


  16. 39
    UKIP voter says:

    The rich are not rich enough yet. The poor not poor enough. Keep wringing the middle classes. Ain’t that right Dave you total ****


    • 71
      UKIP very naive voter says:

      Let labour in through the back door by voting UKIP
      You know ED Millitwat and ED Ballsache in charge of the UK make sense


      • 82
        Man from the street says:

        Don’t split the UKIP vote by voting Tory, look what happened in Eastleigh.


  17. 40
    Dan Hodges says:

    Owen Jones turns everything to shit, that he touches.


    • 72
      Not holding my breath says:

      I expect to see Owen knobhead Jones all over Sky and BBC saying the poll is wrong and perhaps toilets Macguire on SKy paper review agreeing


  18. 45
    Owen Jones says:

    Well I for one will be really upset when Nelson Mandela dies next.

    We had a sweep at “The Independent” and I drew Prince Philip.


    • 50
      Pencil Sharpener says:

      It’s all gone very quiet about him. Have the press boys been told to keep away from that hospital? Perhaps he’s keeping the bed warm for Kate.


      • 73
        Spring bok says:

        If he does I hope they don’t extend the BBC news there’s a good movie on at 10.30pm


  19. 47
    b-b-p says:

    Payday lenders have been called to a government summit to discuss “widespread irresponsible lending”, as the £2bn industry braces for an inquiry by the competition watchdog. Payday loan companies, financial regulators and debt charities will attend the meeting with the government’s consumer minister, Jo Swinson, on Monday, to discuss whether more regulation is needed to protect borrowers. News of the summit came before an announcement by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) on Thursday about whether it will refer the industry to the Competition Commission.
    (Osborne’s increased war on Jobseekers and other draconian cuts have forced people into the hands of loan sharks)
    Job seekers will now have to sign every 7 days and job search will be intensified.On your singing day you may be interviewed for approximately an hour to see how best to get you back to work .A first claimant will now have to wait 7 days before they qualify for benefit instead of 3.Immigrants shall have to speak English to qualify .Changes to take effect next April.


    • 52
      Pencil Sharpener says:

      As half the population don’t speak any recognisable form of English (have you heard some of the BBC reporters lately?) do they also have to go for tuition?


      • 57
        Senior politician (UK-born, public-school educated) says:

        Lemmy be absolutely clear. The fing is is, like, we’re gonna take benefits off dem what should of been lernin English.


  20. 55
    Fabians are evil says:

    Socialists are wrong? – Gosh! that IS a headline.


  21. 58
    Owen Jones says:

    Calls for testing on Osborne’s left over burger… rumours it’s a peacock, venison combo… bet he didn’t leave the coke!


    • 67
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Oh, you’re a card, Owen!

      Of course Gideon’s burger wasn’t peacock or venison– it was that same good old-fashioned horsemeat burger that we’ve all come to know and love in recent years! He’s a man of the people, isn’t he!


  22. 59
    Fabians are evil says:

    BTW When mandela does die all hell is going to be let loose in South Africa; thousands are going to die and the tribal wars will have the liberal press press in a right old panic as the black on black violence explodes – can’t blame the whites for the coming storm this time!


    • 74
      Flethany Slanders says:

      Nah BBC will blame it on the whites legacy like they always do for example Fatcher gets blamed for everything here.


    • 79
      Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

      No C4 News or Newsnight for me for a few days when he does kick the bucket.

      Jeez, there will be three times as much coverage than the Rt.Hon and Noble Lady passed on!


  23. 61
    Labour lying is what they do says:

    Of course they are wrong. They are oppsong not for opposing sake, not because its wrong not because it will hurt the people no… They opposes solely to make it as difficult as possible for this government to sort out their mess and hence they believe there are votes in it for them

    Message to these two EDs you are utter fucking scumbags


  24. 78
    Anonymous says:

    But pensions is the only part of the welfare bill that will actually rise.

    You know you could get the working age welfare bill down by ending the 5 year depression we’re currently in.


    • 81
      Placard-wielding campaigner for social justice says:

      The Government should create jobs and growth now!


  25. 83
    John Tandy says:

    LOL when will Balls get in line with public opinion ?


  26. 84

    No doubt the YouGov poll was unable to reach the hundreds of thousands of voters, most of them decent, honest people striving to make ends meet and keep their kids fed,who can no longer afford the luxury of internet access.


  27. 85
    Anita Bellows says:

    Based on manipulated statistics. Whether in favour or against Welfare, it should be at least based on objective data. Not the case, and using public opinion who would given a chance bring tomorrow the gallows is also manipulation.


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