June 26th, 2013

PMQs/Spending Review Live Blog

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  1. 1
    Bruce says:


  2. 2
    Sheila says:


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    Where is everyone?

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    What is meant for willy wavers Guido Fawkes?

  5. 5
    Bruce says:

    Putting prawns on the barby

  6. 6
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Brilliant tactics, brilliant strategy, brilliant performance by Ed.

  7. 7
    A member of the public says:

    The government taxes people and then wastes the money.

    That is all I have to say about that

  8. 8
    An ordinary member of the public says:

    Watching these children in the Commons is truly pathetic. One moment ago they were chanting like yobs at a football match. I want my money back. Voting UKIP for sure

  9. 9
    Tony Abbott says:

    Budgie smuggler

  10. 10
    Steve Miliband says:

    So Ed complaining the coalition not spending enough

  11. 11
    Minister in a state says:

    The question is,whose ring is going to be fenced?

  12. 12
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Yes, the Tories would love it if the debate was dumbed-down to this moronic level.

  13. 13
    Buster Gonad says:

    I saw 10 stone balls on telly the other night.Has Ed lost weight?

  14. 14
    Point of Information says:

    Deficit was cut by cutting investment, not spending.

    If Labour are not over that then they are mongs.

  15. 15
    Alex Jones Is Sane [From the Broadmoor Special Cases Unit] says:

    People of the world, don’t pay any attention to your Premier Minister and his PDQ. He is a Bilderberger! The plan among the Rothchilds to eliminate at least 97.4% of the global population by May 4th. 2019. This is the Global Rothschild Plan to be implemented by the Bilderberg Committee and legions of David Icke followers as David Icke is only a cover man for the global reckoning that will come about through a shift in the currency that will devastate the world and cause famine and pestilence. David Cainan, your Premier Governor, knows this and will not stop with this plan to crystallise the global conspiracy which is in line with the Blood Covenant of the Bourbon Kings and their origins in the Middle East that go back to the Kelts and can be seen manifested in the American assassinations.

  16. 16
    Is Andy Burnham a baby killer ? says:

    This NHS stuff has got to be taken to the ICC.

  17. 17
    M102 says:

    Maybellines face a picture. Thought he was going to blub.

  18. 18
    Point of Information says:

    I think they need a different lens for the Osborne shots.

    This is getting p0rnographic.

  19. 19
    Windy-Pop says:

    The deficit has not been cut. Taxes are still being wasted on a grand and rising scale and the national debt has continued to rise.

  20. 20
    Is Andy Burnham a baby killer says:

    He should himself just come clean. He was involved at the end, and it is not credible to believe that he had no knowledge.

    If he didn’t then he could confirm that it was the civil service out of control. Still does not get him off the hook.

    Johnson / Hewitt are for sure in the frame.

    He cannot remain in politics for much longer, and the others involved should not either.

  21. 21
    Ms Gillard says:

    I am as unpopular as a week old lamington.

  22. 22
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Of course Labour understands that. But the wider British public don’t. For instance, Cameron and co. have won the argument that the words spend and borrow are interchangeable. It’s widely believed that for Labour to announce “We’d spend some money to…” is political suicide.

    That is why (putting Party politics to one-side) that the Country is being straight-jacketed into a policy that, at the very least, has major doubts over the efficacy.

    That’s democracy for you!

  23. 23
    Lampshade says:

    No politician ever made a successful investment. They simply tax people more to cover us for their past, present and continuing waste while lying through their teeth.

  24. 24
    Judge Dreadful says:

    Andy Burnham should be under arrest

  25. 25
    M102 says:

    Andy Burnham should be under a concrete slab.

  26. 26
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    No comments on the ‘Met Police bug Stephen Lawrence’s friends and family’ questions.

    Can’t think why?

  27. 27
    Point of Information says:

    Quite right.

    The deficit in any case is only the rate of change of over debt.

    The scary figures are in the public sector debt which has gone through the roof, albeit somewhat slower with the slight deficit reduction.

    However this has been a false economy as the future cost due to investment cuts will cost more on top of increased interest payments.

    People should just look at the ratio of total debt to GDP.

  28. 28
    Point of Information says:

    Is Osborne going to make a big thing about his new Ponzi housing scheme ?

  29. 29
    Rudd says:

    If I can oust the horrible Ms Gillard, why can’t the Labour Party ditch a no-hoper like Ed Miliband?

  30. 30
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    ROFL that Osborne and Balls are both nervous and intimidated at these events!

    Don’t know the definite answer on their levels of competence and intelligence but it’s ironic that you do need the presentational ability of Blair and Cameron to really carry the show in modern politics.

  31. 31
    Scum in suits says:

    I turn it off within five minutes, every week now. Tedious, duplicitous and pointless.

  32. 32
    Lord Stansted says:

    How about cutting my fucking gas bill.

  33. 33
    Point of Information says:

    So the Olympic legacy is for sure over now with the cuts in non-elite sports funding.

  34. 34
    Elite running shoes for the masses says:

    Good. If Addidas wants Joggers then Addidas should pay for the fuckers.

  35. 35
    The office of Sarah and Gordon Brown says:

    They couldn’t even get rid of me in very similar circumstances.
    The Labour party frighten easily.

  36. 36
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Have got to admit, the ‘Waterloo’ line was a pretty funny.

    Maybe Cameron could borrow Osborne’s joke writer?

  37. 37
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    Looks as though George’s Spending Review is going to be buried news later if happenings in South Africa continue at this rate.

  38. 38
    Point of Information says:

    Osborne sucking up to his potential new boss ? Or an olive branch ?

    He’s right though ;-)

  39. 39
    There's No Money Left says:

    BBC Headline


    Alternative BBC Headline


    Dream BBC Headline


    (Yeah right!)

  40. 40
    Len len len len len len len len says:

    What! Cutting off the automatic promotion and pay rise for public secties.
    Wot! No pay rise just for sitting in a chair doing the same job as yesterday but now having done it for a bit longer.


  41. 41
    David Milibland says:

    if you ever need someone renditioned away..just give me a call. i know people.

  42. 42
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    I would only be right and proper that you dropped the word ‘left’ from your moniker.

  43. 43
    An ordinary member of the public says:

    What was funny about it? Read the history of the run up to the battle. Old Nosey was a dreadful man and would have eaten for breakfast the likes of Useless and Hopeless

  44. 44
    Point of Information says:

    HS2 will be a total waste of money.

  45. 45
    An ordinary member of the public says:

    I can absolutely assure you that come the next election the Conservatives are going to get wiped out

  46. 46
    An ordinary member of the public says:

    More Conservative voters who will be voting UKIP

  47. 47
    Dave Fib's alota says:

    GosBourne is fully sh1t. How he can stand and lie with false figures for so long.

  48. 48
    Gary J says:

    So the 2020 general election is going to be a quiet affair. With the UK population down to about one and a half million, UKIP should have no trouble convincing the survivors that it is all the foreigners fault.

  49. 49
    Waldo Parskrupp says:

    Free museums was Gordon’s idea and a total waste of money.

  50. 50
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    I suppose, like all good jokes, it plays with a persons expectations.

    I for one was expecting Osborne to describe it as a ‘famous British victory’ and would thus have been irked that he omitted the decisive role of Blucher’s late-arriving Prussians.

    So he correctly described it as a victory for a ‘coalition’, which led to the rest being a pretty effective and humorous political swipe.

    But, if you over analyse jokes you tend to spoil them!!!

  51. 51
    Point of Information says:

    As a Keynesian idea for macro stimulation, on paper it is good.

    The routing of it shows the political influence.

    The orders are coming from Brussels to build it.

    The technology proposed is out of date.

    It is not in the interests of the country.

    Proper route with up to date technology would be a different story.

  52. 52
    I piss on muhammad says:

    Just caught up with today’s PMQs. I didn’t think it was possible to hate Labour any more than I already did. These people are beyond reprehensible. When Cameron was quoting the report that laid bare the culture of secrecy and corruption under Labour, the look on Andy Burnham’s face was both funny and disgusting. Funny because he was fuming, and disgusting because it means he and his cronies are STILL avoiding taking responsibility for their crimes. These people are criminals, nothing less, nothing more. Burnham and the other former Labour health secs belong in prison.

    Labour have always put themselves ahead of everyone and everything else. The revelation in the report that Labour covered up NHS deaths because it feared that it would be seen as criticism of them just shows what a horrifically evil, corrupt and self-serving bunch of monsters populate that party.

    I hope Labour never ever return to power.

  53. 53
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  54. 54
    I piss on muhammad says:

    Andy Burnham should be stabbed in the face with a rusty iron bar studded with nails lined in rat poison, followed by the Human Centipede treatment.

  55. 55
    The BBC Causes serious mental illness says:

    Questions should be asked as well as to how the media missed this.

    In particular the BBC.

  56. 56
    I piss on muhammad says:

    Stephen Pound has a nerve to raise the issue of rich donors, given the tax dodging donations they’ve had, and not forgetting cash for honours.

    Mittals, Hindujas, Ecclestone… Blair is a pretty shite kinda guy.

  57. 57
    Point of Information says:

    Centipede treatment with whom ?

    Stabbed in the face with a hot and dirty soldering iron as well, please.

    Before the bar, which I hope also has: ‘Arse Hole’ written on it.

  58. 58
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Come on, he’s been doing it for years now. 10 more minutes isn’t going to be that difficult.

  59. 59
    Too Little, Too Late says:

    It’s all bread and circuses.

    The IMF will no doubt implement the necessary cuts following Labour tanking the economy 12 months after the 2015 election.

    Apparently a wallpaper salesman is no better than a historian at running the economy. Go figure..

  60. 60
    Point of Information says:

    This is unlikely to fix the growing debt problem, or help convince the rating agencies that they should not further reduce the UK’s credit rating.

  61. 61
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Osborne kicking the unemployed at the end of his speech for political reasons.

    I cannot find words to describe what a disgusting human being he is.

    Wen has he ever worked?

  62. 62
    You Know my ISP Ref. says:

    Ball’s George / Jeffrey / Bungle joke also a corker!

    (To those of us of a certain age)

  63. 63
    Too Little, Too Late says:

    Fix it? It doesn’t even touch it. The cuts needed to stop GROWING debt are an order of magnitude above what Bungle is doing.

    It will have to crash, no one has the courage or competence to do what is needed.

  64. 64
    Alex Jones Is Sane [From the Broadmoor Special Cases Unit] says:

    My friend, you need to learn to READ and open your eyes. The assassination conspiracy is long-standing but the Global Bilderberger-Rothschild Axis Plan to turn humans into robots and software programmes is REAL! Up to now, only your perceptions were affected, so you see the world the way the Bourbon-Medici-Middle Eastern lizards want you to see it, but now we are going beyond that stage to technological interaction. People of the world, wake up! Google is in on this, so is David Icke, who is a deep cover provocateur and has shares in the micro-chipping company that is based in Grimsby and registered in Leichtenstein. This is all known by David Camera and his fellow members of the Cabinet who are all millionaire off-spring of the Rothschild bloodline.

  65. 65
    Portfolio says:

    New Labour but Old Communism

  66. 66
    Sesachili says:

    Quite a number of us “of a certain age” didn’t get it. Did it come out of a cracker?

  67. 67
    Portfolio says:

    As part of the Economic Drive for Savings in Poland, all teachers now have to work an Extra Two Hours per week, without PAY. Holidays have been Cut and all Teachers are on a ONE YEAR CONTRACT per subject, renewed every year but open to competition, it works well there as is confirmed by Poland’s standing in World Education Tables.

    Poor quality Teaching is just not tolerated as contracts are not renewed.

    Would that not be a GOOD IDEA in this Country

  68. 68
    Politicians are scum says:

    Big question.When will Nigel Evans ring be fenced,big savings on KY possible

  69. 69
    Labour Loser says:

    Ed says he could not possibly comment, as he has not yet asked the Unions, what his position is.

  70. 70
    La Belle Francoise says:

    The one liner reply to that should have been “I may be Bungle, but there is only one muppet in this room”.

  71. 71
    La Belle Francoise says:

    The problem with ladder-style pay scales is that nobody is quite sure what the proper ‘rate for the job’ should be. If the proper rate is at the top of the ladder, then thousands of folk are being swindled in the pay chits.

  72. 72
    La Belle Francoise says:

    Why don’t they just build a hovercraft lane on the M1-M6. Faster and cheaper too than any old train. Plus door to door service.

  73. 73
    Captn P says:

    Here is your explanation why there hasn’t been a general strike. Year on year all the dossers have still been getting above inflation pay rises.

    In the meantime everyone in the private sector has been screwed up the arse.

    There is no fairness in any of this.

  74. 74
    Captn P says:

    I can tell you right now they aren’t telling the public what is going on now.

    I saw the figures for negligent deaths in the English NHS, it wasn’t 3,000 it was 33,000.

    Most of the mongs that manage the NHS couldn’t care less about it, just making sure when the music stops it isn’t them that’s standing up.

  75. 75
    John Bellingham says:

    Nelson will be kept alive on machines (as he has been for a week now) until after Obama has had the opportunity to visit. When poster boy flies off the plugs will be pulled–so look to a death day of 1 July. (If they were clever, they would cut the power on 4th July–but they are not clever.

  76. 76
    John Bellingham says:

    International Cricket Council?

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