June 24th, 2013

New Indy Editor’s First World Exclusive

A great first week for the new Indy editor Amol Rajan. Last night the paper scooped the world with the first picture of Edward Snowden arriving at Moscow airport and using the shuttle train transfer between terminals. The exclusive was set to remain just that though: it clearly was not the wanted man. A new edition was quickly rushed out but the damage was done. Who was the picture editor, Piers Morgan?


  1. 1
    Staff says:

    Shut it.


  2. 2

    Can’t tell a lie
    Can’t tell the truth
    Can’t tell the difference.


  3. 3
    Mayor 'Diamond Bo' Johnson says:

    Obviously not Morgan. If it had been there would have been no difficulty in finding him with the trace on his mobile phone.


  4. 4
    Piers says:


  5. 5
    Major Disaster says:

    Where’s Wally?


  6. 7
    Owen Jones, journalist / 'op-ed' says:

    I write for the Indy. Just sayin’


  7. 8
    Double standards, n'est ce pas? says:

    Hey righties. Bet you’re all looking forward to Mandela dying, so you can post vicious comments. Now, what was that you were saying a few months ago about “horrible lefties” making jokes about Thatcher?


    • 12
      Iron Lady says:

      Payback time….


    • 13
      Jonty Pryor, Labour liar says:

      Get back to work.Those sardines don’t pack themslves you know.


    • 14
      Anonymous says:



    • 15
      Right v Wrong says:

      There is a world of difference between a great ady who used the Law to change her country for the better. And an African Terrorist who has changed his country by arms for the worse.

      But Lefties and the BBC can’t see that.


      • 30
        Anonymous says:

        I dont think some people actually know much about Mandela except for him seeming to be a nice old man who has his picture taken with celebs ! they arent aware of the violence etc in SA when he was a Terrorist.A lot of Brits arent very well educated, im afraid.


        • 46
          Joe Scunner says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Owen Jones believes that he is some sort of latter day Nelson Mandela.


    • 16
      A Terrorists's view of a Terrorist says:


    • 27
      JH349324890234023 says:

      The last time I checked, Denis Thatcher did not advocate tyres being put around the necks of his partner’s political enemies and then set on fire.

      But lefties love to ignore shit like that. Elephant? What Elephant?


    • 37
      JH349324890234023 says:

      I remember being forced at School to sit through some biopic about Mandela featuring Danny Glover.

      Winnie was portrayed as a sort of black mother Theresa. At no point did she exort a baying mob to ‘necklace’ their enemies.

      Strange that.


    • 41
      SpAd says:

      I think you’ll find that quite a few “righties” opposed apartheid, so you’re going to be disappointed.

      In addition to which, we haven’t wasted our entire lives raging impotently about things that happened 30 years ago like you lot have re Thatcher.


    • 68
      Mrs Leslie says:



  8. 9

    Grauniad? Indy? FT?

    All at the bottom of the sales graph.


  9. 10
    Ed Miliband says:

    The trains are very busy; they’re packed in like sardines


  10. 11
    Tony Blair says:

    Can we hurry up and have a war with Iran? I need to top up my millions.


    • 28
      Libyan investigator says:

      Go and see your chum Saif in jail, Toni

      He’s still got billions hidden away


    • 29
      Is'rael Firster says:

      Don’t worry Tony, Melanie Phillips is doing a “sterling job” fro you every time she appears on QT and loses it!


  11. 18
    Putain the pr*** says:

    Ziz is him. It is clear that his great grandmother was of western extraction, deport him from the motherland. Also can we please move on and allow my Russian Empire to grow, after Syria I’m interested in a strategic purchase of Beirut.


  12. 19
    Vlad the Punker says:

    I punked Evgeny

    His Dad has not taught him the tricks of the trade

    So much for your transparent press

    ROFL on the Red Carpet of the Kremlin

    PS I had dinner with your Mr Mandelson of Transparency International last night. He knows a few tricks, wow..


    • 36
      Vote LD for (as yet undeclared) expenses says:

      Like how to subdue the masses into not wanting a country that can stand on its own financially? That indebts itself more and more, year on year on year.

      Like, yes Mr Putin how would you like us to serve you master, and Mr Rompuy and the French oh yes and Eastern Europe while we’re at it.


      • 45
        Vlad the Punker says:

        You don’t understand

        I just enjoy punking you all

        You ridiculise me

        I punk you

        I am happy with my oil, gas, gold and diamonds and a few long term deals with the Chinese

        The rest is for the birds

        You are just decadent fools


  13. 20
    Oops says:

    So, in the replacement picture, are we seeing the soon to be fired picture editor being shown Snowden in the staff canteen ?


    • 23
      Cornish Pilchard says:

      Its an easy mistake. Tall thin bloke with glasses

      But their circulation may be a blessing . the guy they alleged is unlikely to sue as the Indy’s sales are so low noone will have seen the picture


      • 33
        Oops says:

        The guy in the picture should profit now by selling his story of what really happened, do a few TV interviews and make some money on a uTube music vid.

        Indy could pull a PR coup by offering him a job as picture editor.


        • 65
          BBC - Bias (in) Bashing Conservatives says:

          We will not be speaking to him. Now if the Mail or Telegraph had made this mistake we would have done.


      • 40
        Abbotty says:

        Bloke looks a bit like Stepen Merchent.

        Ricky Gervaise doing another office based sitcom set in the world of uber-liberal, Popmpous PC, social climbers and backstabbers, lefty media?

        Sounds like an idea that might run..better than that care home one anyway.


  14. 24
    Mr Womble says:

    It looks like Andy Murray.


  15. 25
    Engelbert says:

    Snowden can still count himself lucky he’s not dead yet. Look what happened to whistleblower reporter Michael Hastings over in LA last week.

    “Michael Hastings Probed the CIA Before Fatal Hollywood Crash”


    The engine of his car was found 70 yards away from the burning vehicle.


    • 31
      Abbotty says:

      Funny isn’t it. The CIA kill off a hack, yet George Bush is free to write his memoirs with the names of everyone ever involved in Iraq in them.


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, but those names will be out of date, you muppet. This clerical assistanf for CIA, is outing current names and operations.You have to wonder why he has ruined his life like this, is he a bit thick ?


        • 53
          Dr Faustus says:

          He’s winging his way to a lifetime in a shitty flat in Quito wondering if that knock on the door is a pizza, or a US frogman come to repossess him.


    • 44
      White Hat Geek says:

      Hearing voices: Easy to do with microwave technology. Can induce ‘sound’ in the audio centers remotely. CIA and Russ!ans did this all the time to wind up their opposed diplomats during the cold war.

      Drugs etc. sound like prescription. Abusing prescription drugs ? The doctors prescribing should be prosecuted. This is if he was actually taking them, rather than prescription records simply existing.

      Engine jumping 100 feet after the impact: This is not normal. The engine is usually bolted in very securely to the chassis in a number of places. For all of those to shear, releasing it, is a little implausible.

      It is easy to disable the breaks or jam the accelerator remotely on modern automobiles. These systems are tied together on a network bus using ‘CAN’ which has zero security and is easy to compromise with access to the vehicle.

      The question needs to be asked again:

      Can car management systems such as this be compromised without any direct physical interference using mobile phone transmission towers ? The signals involve going to logic low, so unlikely.

      With physical intervention it would be relatively easy to disable breaks, jam accelerator, and if the engine itself exploded (taking it out the chassis), adjusting the air / fuel mix / timing in order to stimulate that.


    • 66
      Just Saying says:

      I would not call Micheal Hastings a whistleblower.
      He attacked McCrystal because he was not allowed to be part of his inner sanctum and McCrystal was naive enough to allow him to follow him around with an incompetent minder.
      Hastings got his revenge after a stupidly drunken night in an Irish bar in Paris, in which McCrystal and his aides opened their mouths too wide while he observed and noted, as journalists do.
      Listening to Hasting’s rants on interview you know he was a nasty piece of work much in the mould of the rabid lefties in the UK.
      As for Snowden he is rather speedily moving from being a whistleblower with public sympathy to a common traitor to his country without any sympathy.
      If he gets whacked then Obama will run for the hills as he hates facing truth.


  16. 32
    Lord Levinson says:

    Hackers getting punked

    Where will it all end Guido?

    I see your long arm in all of this mess..

    Mr Jay, summon the Star Council


    • 50
      Vote LD for (as yet undeclared) expenses says:

      That’s it. 12 months in jail for CPS worker who passed a file to his girlfriend, revealing their tactics . Nothing for Libor fixing Bankers and NHS managers who go straight after money and ignore those dying in the beds. Lovely.


      • 54
        Exactly says:

        Offences of collusion and defrauding shareholders are reserved for Mr Ponzi like conmen only in our now 100% rotten criminal law system.

        The offence of gross incompetent manslaughter is reserved to train drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. It’s nice to know once you get to a certain level in this country in most circumstances you become immune from prosecution.


      • 56
        Major Disaster says:

        Re dying in their beds; the NHS managers are NOT ignoring those dying in their beds, and they are going straight after the money as well;

        “In 2012, it was revealed that just over half of the total of NHS trusts have received or are due to receive financial rewards to hit targets associated with the use of the care pathway.[1] These payments are made under a system known as “Commissioning for Quality and Innovation” (CQUIN), with local NHS commissioners paying trusts for meeting targets to “reward excellence” in care.”



  17. 38
    Bloomberg is the hottest says:


    Markets in turmoil, Guido

    Ben Bernanke has fallen ouf of his helicopter


  18. 43
    who gives.. says:

    Probably came from the same source as the mysterious EDL graffiti which the Met have now went all quiet about.


  19. 51
    Spartacus says:

    Before the c1inton witch gets you, Go Eddy Go!


  20. 67
    The puppet master says:

    Igor arrives for debriefing.


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