June 22nd, 2013

Miriam Clegg is Friends With Nigella

According to LibDemVoice, Clegg’s wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez and Nigella are friends. They knew each other before they did this video for The Stylist in 2011. Miriam wears the trousers in Chez Clegg and Guido suspects that Nick was on the receiving end of more than fleeting spousal abuse for his less than trenchant line on Saatchi’s throttling of her friend…


  1. 1
    Jimmy says:

    Sadly these things are cyclical. For many years Nigella’s father was regularly abused by a female neighbour until he found the courage to leave.

  2. 2
    M102 says:

    Quick! Get a comment in before nell realises there’s another thread to spam!!

  3. 3
    Clegg, useless parasite says:

    Cleggovers are indeed off the agenda right now :(

  4. 4

    I’ve been abused all my life. I’m getting used to it.

  5. 5
    Bored says:

    Who the Hoon are these people?

    When do we get the Blair-on-Deng and Coulson-on-Brooks stories confirmed?

  6. 6

    Imagine all that dark carpet…

  7. 7
    nick clegg says:

    Nigella to Miriam : “Les be friends!”

  8. 8
    Wyle Cop says:

    Oh, I am, Cat, I am.

    Indeed, I would.

  9. 9
    Comrade Delta says:

    Thats where all women should be in a kitchen.

  10. 10
    You don't get many of those to the pound says:

  11. 11
    Owen Jones says:

    ‘Pay your taxes you greedy right wing political blogging bastards!!’ – Len McCluskey to the rich right wing political bloggers tax avoiders

  12. 12
    Comrade Delta says:

    I know the right way to treat women.

  13. 13
    albacore says:

    Ho hum. More celebrity fatuous prattle
    You’d think that this blog was just for tittle-tattle
    As an old manager once confided archly
    They’ve only got one arsehole, same as you and me

  14. 14
    Miriam says:

    Me gusta una mano alrededor de mis tetas, en cuanto a mi, pero a cada una su propia gusto.

  15. 15
    So this is the Radio Times website? says:

    Saw 10 minutes or so of Question Time for the first time since the Nasty Nick Circus debacle a few years ago. Is it always this bad? The old fool Dumblebore had lost control of the carefully selected lefty audience and he and the director were allowing shouting nutters to interrupt and be given airtime. Surely he must have a son to hand over the dynasty to. Russel Brand (!?) thinks the rich should pay more tax, unless they don’t like the government, in which case they shouldn’t have to pay any. Harperson thinks the financial crisis was caused because there aren’t enough wimmin in Banking (emale politicians have certainly proved themselves honest, after all), some hatchet-faced woman went off on one about the muzzies and the audience were allowed to howl her down so no point was made on either side. Boris looke dlike he had spent three hours having his hair styled to look “raffish” and, well, I turned off and tried to find “The Wright Way” on youtube.

  16. 16
    I agree with Nick says:

    I wouldn’t mind stirring Miriam’s pot for her.

  17. 17
    Dick the Prick says:

    Tbf to Cleggy, it’s a bit OTT to have a whinge about his take on Nigella’s choking the chicken moment. Seemed pretty reasonable.

  18. 18
    nellnewman says:

    Just as well we women are in the kitchen. Men, for the most part, would starve if we didn’t cook! Or at the very best men would become obese and die early from eating junk food because they’re too lazy to do anything else.

  19. 19
    io says:


  20. 20
    MB. says:

    The feminist are having a great time attacking him over his answer when all he seemed to say was that he would like to know the facts before commented. Usually it is politicians getting hassle for making comments when they don’t know the facts.

  21. 21
    Rubber chicken says:

    As with so many crimes, the law does make it clear and there is abundant legislation to deal with all aspects of Domestic Violence.

    It all falls down when the perpetrators are brought to court.

    The judiciary have made it very clear that their sentencing ideology is not compatible with society attempting to root out and appropriately deal with criminals who engage in Domestic Violence.

    Time the government acted. Cameron actually promised minimum mandatory sentences for crimes as part of the Tory manifesto for 2010. Naturally, it’s not happened because Cameron is useless.

  22. 22
    nellnewman says:

    Creo que es un poco idiota

  23. 23
    nellnewman says:

    ‘fleeting violence’ in cleggie’s book is much the same as ‘fleeting economic common sense’ in militwit’s

  24. 24
    Adman says:

    Saatchi’s excuses aren’t working!

  25. 25
    Owen Jones says:

    I’d go straight after a night with Nigella,and that’s a cast iron promise.

  26. 26
    Busman's Holiday says:

    But why does Nigella eat out at expensive restaurants when she is a top cook?

  27. 27
    CASH FOR QUESTIONS part deux says:

    Has it never occurred that the Cleggs might be good friends with both of them
    He’s hardly going to slag off someone he may have to face later is he ?
    The way to be a successful politician is to be able to never answer a direct question , and give a long drawn out answer that totally avoids the original question
    Unfortunately this is not a skill Clegg possesses , and come the next election Clegg will be lucky to find a job picking sprouts with his eastern european friends that he loves so much

  28. 28

    Do you like yours cooked or raw?

  29. 29
    Guidola says:

    At least Nigella’s Dad talks sense about Windmills and the global warming. Perhaps she can give Cleggy a few home truths

  30. 30
    Clare Baldbeavering says:

    I’d imagine that Miriam would be the man in the relationship if her and Nigella were a lesbanese couple.

  31. 31
    Laurie Penny says:

    Want to end food bank Britain? Want to transform the greedy banks?

    Let’s take action together! http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/food-bank-britain-nearly-half-1920587

  32. 32
    Bob Fleming says:

    Not sure what theyre supposed to be cooking but it looks a bit calorific. No wonder they’re both ‘in the arse’ as an old mate of mine used to say

  33. 33
    Bob the Builder says:

    Two fatties who are quite an example for British cuisine

    What a horror story

    Both of them

  34. 34

    Los chicos siempre serán chicos.

  35. 35
    nellnewman says:


    Nigella and Miriam are fatties??

    You need to go to specsavers!!

  36. 36
    Bazinga! says:

    Blimey, most women can’t cook water never mind feed someone.

  37. 37
    Connaisseur says:

    Please show us some presentable Totty, Guido

    Why the hell are you promoting these wannabe WAGs?

    And they don’t even seem to be very good at being wannabes…

    What with getting throttled etc in some sordid scene in a Mayfair restaurant

    Brain bleech

  38. 38
    nellnewman says:

    Tal vez sea el momento para que actúen como hombres

    Although in militwit’s case that won’t happen – he’s still struggling with his puberty and sulky schoolboy attitude.

  39. 39
    Comrade Delta says:

    your my next victim bitch

  40. 40
    Purpleline says:

    Has anybody noticed the cigarette burn in Nigella’s arm? Alleged.

    Also on twitter rumour Qatada is on way to airport noth west of London for flight to Jordan. Mrs May will be prime minister very soon if true.

  41. 41

    And all done without cymbals symbolism.

    *boom tish*

  42. 42
    Lloyd George knew my father says:

    Dimblebore never had control of anything

    He is the Kim Jong Uno of the BBC

    An hereditery, self-appointed, self-contented State troughing functionary

    He was past his sell by date when he left the Bullingdon Club

  43. 43
    Lloyd George knew my father says:

    At least 10 kilos overweight both of them

    Ever seen their backsides Nell?!

  44. 44
    alf garnett says:

    women should be kept chained to the bleedin’ sink!

  45. 45
    nellnewman says:

    Well I hope you’re right about senor qatada – but I trust they have his extensive family on that plane with him. They hated Britain anyway and said their luxury house in London paid for by us, their free health care and education etc, wasn’t good enough for them.

    Hope they enjoy jordan!! With luck they’ll find all the spare houses in jordan taken up by deserving hard pressed syrians and find themselves having to live in a tent as he waits for justice.

  46. 46
    Just saying says:

    He’s known as Baghdad Bob Saatchi now…

    Quite an achievement for a PR man

  47. 47
    nellnewman says:

    It is , of course, the consequence of good living . sarah brown suffers the same problem as indeed does gordon!

    In rural areas , we walk more , eat more healthily, and exercise in the gym and the pool on a daily basis.

    Londoner’s, especially politically aligned one’s, are just lazy and used to what they call ‘the good life’ paid for by us!!

  48. 48
    Jack says:

    Almost as good as Lord Bellend of “we don’t traffic internet entries” fame

    But once a PR man always a liar…

  49. 49
    Lloyd George knew my father says:

    Of course

    And I bet your cuisine is better than all these wannabe celebrity chefs who look like Lady Gaga…(with her pants on)

  50. 50

    Even Corinthians need some innocent fun.

    (Do you know, I just Googled that – with quotes – and no one has said it on the net before?) :-D

  51. 51
    Tony, International Statesman says:

    Happy to put on record I’ve not enjoyed a ménage à trois with Miriam and Nigella where I ate strawberries dipped in chocolate off their naked bodies, today.

  52. 52
    Universal Hiss says:

    That’s a bit of a sweeping statement.I very rarely cook. I keep someone else of the male variety to do that, in fact he’s cooking as I type.

  53. 53
    Sir William Waad says:

    They should wear something over their hair when preparing food.

  54. 54
    judge. says:

    always always.
    judge the judge.

  55. 55
    Sit Petra says:

    Maybe tomorrow ?.

  56. 56
    The neo nuts looney loons OBE says:

    Piss off you spastic

  57. 57
    Sir William Waad says:

    I shoot the food. The cook prepares it. Lady Waad eats it.

  58. 58
    Celebrity chef says:

    Silly questions get silly answers

  59. 59
    nellnewman says:

    Don’t know about that LG – just enjoy cooking with stuff I grow in my garden – when I can.

    This year it’s spinach, swiss chard, spring onions, french beans, coriander and basil plus the usual soft fruits which are going to have a really good year this year.

    The problem with London is that it’s utterly removed from reality and mother earth!!

  60. 60
    Universal Hiss says:

    Quite correct.

  61. 61
    Celebrity chef says:

    Are they natural is the question?

  62. 62
    Tony, International Statesman says:

    On the Sabbath, I am an RC you know! Monday, defo.

  63. 63
    Anonymous says:

    Boring but true. That’s why I was always put off by Huge Fanny Twatingstall.

  64. 64
    Sir William Waad says:

    Oh dear, it’s that noisy kid from next door again with his bloody saxophone.

  65. 65
    Sit Petra says:

    I agree, nothing worse than finding a pube in your salad.

  66. 66
    Universal Hiss says:

    & P.S. cook doffs hat & requests you stop shooting the vegetables.It’s a bugger getting the shot out of the broccoli.

  67. 67
    Celebrity chef says:


    Like a burka

    It would improve my day

  68. 68
    choice. says:

    …..choice is to do nowt.
    but to see yr value.
    a grownup can always say.
    isolate oneself.
    be an isosceles.
    i. so so. see less.
    i=1……………………..charles saatchi s the 1. his misery= his value.

  69. 69
    Celebrity chef says:

    In the soup dear boy..

    It happens to the best of us

  70. 70
    choice. says:

    hubbie like beans on toast.

  71. 71
    Celebrity chef says:

    You take the scaffolding off

    And it all collapses

    Like a soufflet

  72. 72
    The big Tory donor says:

    “Payday lender Wonga has raised the standard interest rate it quotes on its website by more than 1,600 percentage points to 5,853% – a move that is likely to increase calls for a cap on the cost of short-term credit”

  73. 73
    Universal Hiss says:

    I know you get out a lot Cat but perhaps you should try to increase this.

    I imagine no one has ever before written that.

    Polished nails & blows on them.

    Wonder where that man is with my dinner?

  74. 74
    fucking cuпts says:

    Stick a root vegetable up my bumhole and I’m a happy bunny. You know it makes sense.

  75. 75
    Celebrity shirt lifter says:

    Forget about Nigella and her two minutes of fame and look at me

  76. 76
    Jim Pooley says:

    That the owner of Wonga is a Tory donor would of course be totally unrelated to the ending of interest free loans to benefit claimants via the Social Fund.

  77. 77
    Sir William Waad says:

    Of course bankers are greedy. They couldn’t do their jobs otherwise. You wouldn’t want a banker who thought that love of money was the root of all evil. (S)he’d be useless. What we need isn’t mystical, philanthropic bankers but competent ones. It is the massive, inexcusable bungling that shames them, as well as the regulators, central bankers, reporters and finance ministers who egged them on.

    The banking crisis of 2008 was the biggest cock-up since the Second World War and it was the result of crass incompetence, wishful thinking and stupidity, not greed.

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Semper Fi, NCIS, FiveUSA channel, Freeview TV.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:


  80. 80
    Proverbs 22:7 says:

    The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.

  81. 81
    Ed Milltwat says:

    Is that pilchards she’s cooking there? I’ve banned them you know it’s the first policy on my blank piece of chip paper

  82. 82
    Universal Hiss says:

    If the dunderheads who run the banks opened their eyes they might see that there is a great deal of money to be made by er lending money.

    Just think they only need charge a very reasonable 4,000% & they could put all the wongas out of business.

  83. 83
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Free range breast of British ;-)

  84. 84
    Stella Drinker says:

    Gentled throttled with a few slaps.

  85. 85
    Dave should resign now says:

    Ending ‘food bank Britain’ is easy: Close down the food banks.

    Ed Balls is leading the way with the Co-Op group.

  86. 86
    National Socialist says:

    The government won’t deal with this as they have directly benefited from this.

    Adrian Beecroft one of the main beneficiaries of Wonga.com has donated almost 600,000 pounds to the conservative party.

    He also famously recommended to Cameron in the now infamous “Beecroft report” that removing all workers rights was how the government should make the economy “competitive”.

    A social Darwinist of the highest order and a major Tory party donor

  87. 87
    Wogna says:

    1) We Overtly Nobble Gullible Applicants.
    2) We Offer Naive Gits Arrears
    3) We Opportunists Nick Grannies Assets
    4) Work Owe Never Gain Anything
    5) Wonderful! Our Nefarious Goals Achieved
    6) Wretches Overpay; Newcastle FC Gratefully Accep

  88. 88
    The Peoples Assembly says:

    Tories: we can’t afford to support disabled people & their needs, but we can afford to spend £120,000 on our tea and biscuit needs.

  89. 89
    W o g n a says:

    1) We Overtly Nobble Gullible Applicants.
    2) We Offer Naive Gits Arrears
    3) We Opportunists Nick Grannies Assets
    4) Work Owe Never Gain Anything
    5) Wonderful! Our Nefarious Goals Achieved
    6) Wretches Overpay; Newcastle FC Gratefully Accept

  90. 90
    nellnewman says:


    I do hope cameron gets rid of this idiot really soon and that his own electorate make sure he isn’t elected an mp in 2015.

    What an utter fool he is!!

  91. 91
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    ‘Make what you can,
    Save what you can,
    Give what you can.’

    Quote favoured by Baroness Thatcher

    Take what you can,
    Spend all you can,
    Claim all you can.

    I prefer my motto.

  92. 92
    Thatcher would be proud says:


    Tory replacement for benefits!

  93. 93
    P l e b says:

    Cameron hasn’t the guts to get rid of anyone.

  94. 94
    Rampant Rabbit says:

    Cameron’s (I’m on your side) broken loan shark Britain.

    If our politicians were representing us these interest rates would be illegal. Credit Union rates are limited why as these crooks rates not limited?

  95. 95
    Jack21 says:

    … Clegg is the man-wife in that combo … and ghastly Miriam holds out until he gets that euro job suited to his mediocrity …

  96. 96
    R@ppjw says:

    Would have been easiest to just stop the police guarding his house . Let the EDL burn it down with him and his family inside – job done ! – no court in the land would convict them fof it either !

  97. 97
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


    Advice rejected by lefties !

  98. 98
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

  99. 99
    Fitbad the Tailor says:

    What sort of rural area has a gym and a pool handy?

  100. 100
    The LibDemon party says:

  101. 101
    Universal Hiss says:

    I was only joshing with Cat,as he well knows.

    No need to be quite so rude to Cat is there? Anyway he certainly doesn’t need me to champion him!

    I think he writes interesting & funny posts. So do you sometimes.

    Did a bee bite you on the arse this afternoon? Be nice.

  102. 102
    RED, RED WHINE says:

  103. 103
    Legal Eagle says:

    If the DV issue goes the same way as it has over in places like the Canada and the US, but particularly Canada, the following goodies are in store.

    Boyfriend / Girlfriend are at a party, perhaps it is close to Christmas. Both are drunk, they have a little argument. The girlfriend is seen slapping her boyfriend, who of course does not respond. A concerned friend reports this to the police.

    Now: The police are compelled to take the report seriously, and the legislation forces them to arrest the girlfriend. She is then charged with assault.

    Now both parties explain that they were a little drunk, it is not a regular thing etc., and the police themselves do not really want to be wasting there time with this. But the problem is, the decision to prosecute is now in the hands of the Crown, and they see a case which they are duty bound to pursue. So they do.

    In the mean time the girlfriend now has to go to the expense of securing a lawyer, arrange bail variation so as she can spend time with her boyfriend over the festive period (as there was a mandatory restraining order imposed shortly after her arrest) and now only has two choices: Go to trial, or seek plea bargain.

    This of course is putting a strain on the relationship as the general perception is that the two can no longer be together as a repeat of the incident or a subsequent report would all but guarantee a custodial sentence for her. The Crown’s are still convinced that the boyfriend is really the violent one despite the case so are really looking for any way to get at him. This they tried with their victim witness support, but failed.

    Now: The reason why the case cannot collapse is because the person who reported the incident, quite honestly and rightly, is sticking with their story. Which means that the option of collapsing because the victim-witness (boyfriend if he had reported it) is unable to be a hostile witness and deny, as the actual witness is ‘doing the right thing’.

    In the mean time, this has cost the girlfriend her job after word got back to her employer, and she had to miss days whilst seeking bail following her initial arrest. Which was at her place of work.

    That is some of the future here: Is it right ? Maybe in some instances, but on the whole given the impact this has across the board it can be seen that a simple situation like this creates more harm to more people than if the police were given discretion to issue a warning and leave at that.

    If you are living in an area with the new DV schemes in the UK and wish to get a head start on divorce with a partner, constructing a DV claim is a very good way to do this under the new law. Just don’t get caught out in the lie, and if it isn’t a lie make sure you act first and have a couple of medical reports to back you up. The system is still geared against men.

    For the record: Males are more likely to murder their partners – those homicide rates are real. Females are more likely to hire or coerce someone to kill theirs. The female killing men homicide rates are about equal if not a little more if the numbers of direct homicides and ‘contract’ killings are aggregated.


  104. 104
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Nigel Farage likes a pint and a fag down the pub. Just like Harold Wilson before him. Who would you rather have a chat to in the pub, Nigel Farage or Ed “Tea Total Non Smoking Geek” Miliband.

    UKIP are committed to ending the ban on smoking in pubs & clubs brought in by Blairite New Labour.

    UKIP are the only party committed to getting us out of the EU and thus saving the Royal Mail (whos privatization is an EU directive).

    More reasons for Old Labour voters to switch to UKIP.

  105. 105
    Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

    Econo-von-Mises : The solution.

  106. 106
    control and delete says:

    Hubbie looks like he scoffs much more than mere beans on toast.

  107. 107
    how does she do it says:

    I’d get splashback if I didn’t wear an apron.

  108. 108
    Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

    That guy should stick to his Johnny Cash.

  109. 109
    how about this Les? says:

    Has Labour repaid the Co-op bank it’s millions yet?
    Or are they happy to see pensioners lose their investments?

  110. 110
    do me a favour says:

    I must have missed the allegedly funny and interesting post BW contributed.

  111. 111
    it's not rocket science says:

    Saatchi was cautioned for assaulting his wife.
    That fact speaks for itself.

  112. 112
    A worker says:

    Our local scummy mums head to town once the giro has cleared on a Friday morning straight to an expensive coffee shop for breakfast,knocking back the lattes, smoking and moaning about how hard done by they all are.
    I couldn’t afford to do that.

  113. 113
    Owen says:

    Did someone mention in the arse?

  114. 114
    sounds painful says:

    A swede is a root vegetable.

  115. 115
    Fishy says:

    Just zapping the TV and have come across some talent show on Al Beeba. There’s a blonde bird presenting the show, flashing her rather ample charlies.

    They look rather nice, so nice in fact, I’ve just had a twitch.

    Should I now report myself to Ms Harman for corrective training / re-education?

  116. 116
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    “…[T]he allegedly funny and interesting post BW contributed.”

    The one where he complimented the Cat by saying that the Cat at least had the brains to be a Global Warming sceptic, no doubt?
    (Unless, of course, that was an impostor…)
    Interesting, to be sure, and, considering the personalities involved, funny in context, definitely.

  117. 117
    nellnewman says:

    My rural area. These days even rural areas are not without their facilities.

  118. 118
    nellnewman says:

    No that wouldn’t do.

    Why would we want such a thing on our conscience?

    Let the jordanians deal with him.

  119. 119
    Wyle Cop says:

    Succulent, truly succulent.

  120. 120
    Afriqu'a says:

    Its all so North London – including the man-wife Clegg part …

  121. 121
    Sit Petra says:

  122. 122
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Grow a pair and stop paying the telly tax (i haven’t paid it for 8 years), then put the money towards a faster internet connection and surf all the big titted porn you can handle ;-)

  123. 123
    Jack says:

    You are a naive fool or blind if you think that there was not massive fraud, money laundering, rate and foreign exchange fixing and other multiple offences that are all well documented now

    That is called criminality and it is the direct result of greed

  124. 124
    Allan, you at t'bar says:

    The religion of piss.

  125. 125
    Fishy says:

    Harold Wilson?

    Thanks, I knew there was something strangely familiar about ‘Parker’ Farridge. I bet he’s got a Gannex in his wardrobe too.

    They were / are both fond of Islands as well; the Scillies and the IoM, respectively.

  126. 126
    Fishy says:

    OK, will do.

    Stopped watching anyway…the acts were crap, so for a laugh I’ve been over on the #pplsassembly feed where all of the lefties are creaming themselves, dreaming of revolution.


    Wonder if Comrade Mason was there with some of his BBC colleagues? He’s the biggest tit around.

  127. 127
    do me a favour says:

    Sadly there’s no avoiding the bollocks you contribute.

  128. 128
    doubtful says:

    Has Laurie Penny checked her privilege lately?

  129. 129
    don't believe all you read says:

    My rural area also has decent local authority pool and a gym.

  130. 130
    Neocon says:

    Let’s invade them all

    You see how good the results have been…

  131. 131
    Fishy says:

    Sorry. I meant fellow BBC activists, not colleagues

  132. 132
    Aparat says:

    No doubt Clegg dreams of doing the same to Miriam.

  133. 133
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Guilt-Trip Monitoring Service says:

    The partially-taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting System, America’s BBC-lite which subsists primarily on tax-advantageous foundation grants and corporate donations, and selling overpr!ced swag to its in-the-main Champagne Socialist viewers during “Beg Weeks,” presenting a report on how, according to a University study, being wealthier creates a false sense of “being better” than other people, not as a person, just more entitled to whatever life has in store:


    It would be risible in its predictability and the motives for its being presented, but for the fact that it acknowledges that “even” Lefties fall prey to this attitude.

    Obviously, expiation on the part of the wealthy is necessary, in their view, and, “Your local PBS station DOES rely on contributions from viewers like you…”

  134. 134
    Neocon banker says:

    Good God man, your’re nuts

    We put all the depositors cash into the market casino

    When it goes up, we take huge bonuses

    When it goes down, we take huge bonuses

    The losses are picked up by the taxpayer


    PS We pay bugger all tax as well, just to make you feel good

  135. 135
    Mayor Boris says:

    Nice pair of pure British knockers there girl

    I approve

  136. 136
    Crap Smack says:

  137. 137
    Fan says:

  138. 138
    Splatter says:

  139. 139
    Reuters always first with the news says:

    Don’t forget the huge scandal emerging


    This will bring down more than one household name

  140. 140
    China hand says:

    Yea Brillo…

    But eveyone doubts the numbers you see?

    And those are gross figures dummy

  141. 141
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  142. 142
    elephant man says:

    i bet nell loves andre rieu – he’s on sky all the time – he’s a scrap as she is

  143. 143
    Ed Miliband says:

    I got into politics to make a difference and improve people’s lives. As Prime Minister, I promise I’ll be tough on sardine imports, whilst increasing welfare spending by £20 billion.

  144. 144
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    “Sadly there’s no avoiding the bollocks you contribute.”

    Yeah. It’s a bloody crying shame it is, innit?
    Orta be a law against it, even.

  145. 145
    CASH FOR QUESTIONS part deux says:

    She has produced some fine dumplings !

  146. 146
    Ed Pilchards Miliband says:

    Someone will have to carry the sardine can for this.

  147. 147
    no more boom just bust says:

    Proof positive that socialists shouldn’t be let anywhere near running a bank, let alone a fucking country.

  148. 148
  149. 149
    Predator Fish says:

  150. 150
    Bert says:

    They looked like fried turds to me.

  151. 151
    Mayor 'Diamond Bo' Johnson says:

    Hubbie should be getting used to cold porridge and scratchy uniforms. Why someone didn’t just flatten the shit – given the numbers who saw the incident – I cannot understand. Bullies only understand one thing – more pain than they can deliver themselves.

  152. 152
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    I expect the walk to the gym/pool alone, assuming that’s how people get there in fair weather (not in their pickups), would be practically enough in itself to keep people fit and trim, eh, Nell?

    Give my best to Mr Brittas et co next time you’re there…

  153. 153
    Thick Labour voter says:

    Oh dear!

  154. 154
    Mayor 'Diamond Bo' Johnson says:

    When Rupie gives Guido permission.

  155. 155
    Squiff811 says:

    The axle of diesil & the terroRising two plane triple trade tower demolition for rebranding to the flea meerkat pissoffole

  156. 156
    China hand says:

    Second helpings

  157. 157
    nellnewman says:

    Well that matches militwit who hasn’t the guts to develop any policies.

    Today’s politicians = utterly gutless!

  158. 158
    Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

    So how much is this going to cost the tax payer ?

    Or is this the moment to fix the moral hazard mistakes of the past.

    The latter situation is better, and could provide cover for Osborne’s housing Ponzi scheme – Another bit of bad economics and scandal in the making.

  159. 159
    The Insurance Firm of Kray & Kray says:

    We used to ‘ave a sayin’ in our profession, regardin’ exorbitant interest:

    “YOU call it ‘usury'; WE call it ‘user fee’.”

  160. 160

    I have a Christian upbringing even if I am a non-theist (as opposed to an atheist.)

    So I recognised the reference to First Corinthians. It then struck me that probably fewer would recognise that link.

    So in the spirit of mischief, which is part of my psyche and identity, I made my remark.

    The really interesting aspect is that it is comparatively easy to come up with what might be an original thought. Of course, the internet does not contain all original thought but it has a great deal of what has been thought.

    In summary, there is hope for us all. In my belief, we can all contribute something lasting to life if we wish to and if we apply ourselves only moderately rigorously.

    I apologise if I have read too much into what you said but you opened up a very rich vein.

  161. 161
    my knob is an alien, deal with it! says:

  162. 162

    I greatly appreciate the remarks by UH and TKdP who are both serious contributors to thinking here. (Sorry TKdP if I shoot your moniker’s fox by saying this!)

  163. 163
  164. 164
    Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

    In their defense, and this is purely devil’s advocate, none of them have a majority and they are in coalition.

    Cameron has already lost a number of guys to Labour with the various scandals, and if they weren’t all running with the same policies then this would be a problem.

    They will not get rid of anyone as ‘honor’ or normal moral code no longer applies to much of politics. This is the example being set to the country and possibly a vital one for survival moving forward.

  165. 165
    R@ppjw says:

    On my conscience ! Ha! I’d give it no more thought than laying out slug pellets.

  166. 166
    The BBC Causes serious mental illness says:

    The BBC were criticized for some TV series which they ran on BBC America and some of the local channels last year over the fact that the programs seemed to be designed to stimulate racial divides and even a degree of conflict.

    They presented some very stereotyped and somewhat exaggerated if not plain fictional portrayals of apparent inequalities in American inner cities with a slant on race.

    After seeing some of these myself, I would have to agree (knowing directly the locations presented and people there) that they were false, and on reflection seemed to want to stimulate at the very least a class division.

    Many in the US are aware of this which is why much of BBCs output is treated with skepticism and generally ignored.

    It is a shame that UK license fee payers money is wasted on such negative and unwarranted propaganda.

  167. 167
  168. 168
    smack my bitch up says:

    You actually found that funny did you SC, you sad bastard? Proves my point yet again that a desperado like you would do anything to get laid.

  169. 169

    @do me a favour

    I took some time to compose a constructive response to BW here:


    His response can be read below this but can be summed up in this section of it Get fucked SC.

    I think that the absolute unwillingness this attitude emphasises about being unable to engage in substantive discussion outside of his narrow belief area adequately explains why I shall never engage him in argument again. I have better things to do with my time. He may malign me as much as it pleases him.

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    “So in the spirit of mischief, which is part of my psyche and identity….”

    No you’re not mischievous SC, you’re just a cuпt as per usual.

  171. 171

    The remark immediately above my last one only speaks further to my point.

  172. 172

    Yes. UH can be very funny but I would not expect for the slightest moment that you would have the mental subtlety to recognise this.

    Go in peace!

  173. 173
    Ed Miliband says:

    Pilchards on toast.

    Tomato sauce or Brine?

  174. 174

    I have just got back from having a delicious pepper steak with a most interesting Norwegian friend and one other close acquaintance.

    The timing of my post/s relates only to what I found on the comment board upon my return. I imagine this approach will be the same for most other posters, save for the OCDs.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    “….serious contributors to thinking here…..”

    You fucking idiot, the blog founder and owner wants this blog to be a cross between Popbitch and Kelvin MacKenzie’s Sun, not the Lewisham West and Penge debating society ffs.

  176. 176
    smack my bitch up says:

    Yes she CAN be but not on this occasion, so STFU.

  177. 177
    Anonymous says:


  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    Nigella can have our spare room.

  179. 179
    Bob Fleming says:

    Any more on Abu?

  180. 180

    He was probably lying…

  181. 181
    Anonymous says:

    “I have just got back from having a delicious pepper steak with a most interesting Norwegian friend and one other close acquaintance.”

    I rest my case….

  182. 182
    Saffron says:

    Feck the sardine crap ala red ed the idiot.
    Lets talk about the NHS attempted cover up of their life ending failures.
    Will eventually anybody face a court of law about their all to see attempts to protect their own assholes.
    The families concerned have my utmost regrets as to what they have gone through to expose the truth.
    Hopefully the truth will come out as to what went wrong and the culprits of this state of affairs will be brought to book no matter what their level of responsibility was.
    We owe it to these people to get to the bottom of this scandal.

  183. 183

    What makes you the arbiter of all opinion?

    Jus’ curious.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    durrr…..probably not.

  185. 185

    Yeah. Someone just nicked it.

  186. 186
    Bob Fleming says:

    Look no further than 13 years of socialist bollocks. The bar dropped so low that the NHS and the rest of the public sector was swamped with assorted commies, common purpose, third worlders and crooks

  187. 187

    No comment to make but just a handy point for all hate post to be deposited. Think of it as a service for those who value heroin above thinking.

  188. 188
    fruitcake says:

    You carry on, I’m buying shares in Kleenex

  189. 189

    Is there any particular rational argument defending the contention that we ought to be fair to Cleggy, DtP? Always open to persuasion…

  190. 190
    fluck says:

    ….and don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    You could probably knit a sweater out of that dark carpet.

  192. 192
    fruitcake says:

    You wouldn’t survive.

  193. 193
    Bob Fleming says:

    Well spotted

  194. 194
    sad, desperate old twat says:

    “It’s a bugger getting the shot out of the broccoli.”

    Hahahaha, hehehehehehe, hohohohohoho…..that’s soooooo funneeeee!

  195. 195

    Where does a person like you find the money? You do know that Co-op Bank are not lending… don’t you?

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    With an abundance of wankers like SC around you’ll make a killing….

  197. 197
    M102 says:

    …or a welcome mat :)

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    Sc, why don’t you do us all a favour and open up a rich vein? There’s a good fellow.

  199. 199

    Agree completely, Sir William!

  200. 200
    ...but it is brain surgery says:

    But what of Saatchi was bullied into accepting a police caution, and did so under duress?

  201. 201
    Fishy says:


  202. 202
    One I thought of earlier says:

    Being eaten alive by cockroaches while listening to a monologue by Angela Eagle would, arguably, be slightly worse.

  203. 203
    Fishy says:

    The disgusting Labour Party are now blaming the Tories for what happened at Morecambe Hospital (the deaths and the cover up that occurred on their watch).

    And Burnham is now accused of leaning on the CQC to suppress bad news in the run up to the GE.

    The shithouse claims that far from suppressing information – he was pressing for open-ness. Remember it was Burnham who repeatedly refused a request for a public inquiry in Stafford, refused to meet the families of the dead and blamed them for not speaking up.

    Burnham out

  204. 204
    Labour Lynch Mob take control of Stafford says:

    So Labour activists have run the Lady who exposed the Stafford hospital negligence out of town.

    Nasty horrible people, they should be sent to prison for hate crime.

    WTF are the police doing??

  205. 205
    Stafford Constabulary says:

    Sorry Madam as a white Christian hetrosexual woman not claiming benefits or dependent on drugs there is nothing we will do for you.

  206. 206
    Anonymous says:

    Just watched that Andrew Neil/EDL Leader interview what a disgrace Neil should hand in his resignation, he is on the wrong side of the righteous.

  207. 207
    EU Watch says:

    Nothing really surprising here: European banks, including those in the UK have not been safe since Cyprus


  208. 208
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    In all seriousness, the proprietor of this blog is happy if people come here to view the comments for any reason, as those viewers are also exposed to Guido’s advertisers.

    What GF will not tell you, however, is that he is well-chuffed if the posters on here reflect a certain attitude which is a bit less superficial than the celebrity websites, but is much less numbingly earnest than many of the other political blogs. It shows that there is a public out there which will react to the doings of the Westminster Bubble crowd with the scepticism they so richly deserve and perpetually engender just by being what they are.

    Guido is glad if people from all over and from all backgrounds get to feel a certain proprietary interest in what’s going on in the halls of power and their echo chambers, and express that feeling using his blog. In a way his blog and the viewpoint he and his posters express can be likened to that of a more wry and sardonic type of UKIP voter than anything else, and as recent results have shown, it is not a bloc you want to disregard or take too lightly. He has a certain power in that regard, and you had best believe the staffers for the Government and Opposition realise that.

    I may be well overstating the case and overrating our influence by putting it in these specific words, but there is a sense that the politicians and hacks must have, however deeply submerged and unacknowledged openly, of “How will the ‘Guido’ voter view this?”, if only as a way to avoid having whatever it is they say die a-borning in its sheer fatuousness.

    Thus endeth the rant for tonight.

  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    In light of how the Police have acted in the wake of the LR terrorist attack, would we now feel a little less outrage if the next head to roll was one of the Met’s finest? I certainly wouldn’t shed a tear which is sad considering I nearly join the City police upon leaving school.

  210. 210
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

  211. 211
    Bob Fleming says:

    Interesting that 2 of the BBC’s Rottweilers, Brillo and Paxo have both struggled with Tommy R. Maybe Tommy R actually has a point and they know it

  212. 212
    Point of Information says:

    Tommy has changed his tack, and is in tune with the people.

    The BBC are not anymore.

    The reason they struggled is because the argument Tommy is putting forward is both reasonable and straightforward. You cannot argue that down using hyperbole without destroying your own credibility. Especially when you know that public opinion is on that side.

    The interviews on the BBC these days are no longer about presenting facts or throwing information into the public domain, they are all about trying to coerce public opinion back to the BBCs political position.

    This is why the quality of the interviews are so poor these days, and why many are switching off.

    EDL are doing a good job. Am under no illusions with the act myself, but even though their politics I do not agree with at all, when they put their view that they wish to defend my rights as an English and that we should be proud of our country etc. I cannot disagree.

    If only they were more libertarian in their outlook like UKIP.

    The do no harm maxim they are not subscribed to which is a problem.

  213. 213
    Andy Bumhum says:

  214. 214
    Point of Information says:

    Ch!na’s numbers are ‘dodgy': They are government issued.

    They are no more dodgy than those figures released in the West, and less dodgy than many other countries numbers.

    Ch!na’s government is ultimately underwriting the whole shebang at present. Whilst they are doing that, and they have access to resources in order to feed their people and keep their industry going then all is good.

    This is ultimately all b/s though.

    What the BBC need to report, very clearly, is that Ch!na is #1 creditor to the US, and whilst that situation exists, as Confuscius of Canary Wharf would put it: They can do whatever the fuck they want.

  215. 215
    Bob Fleming says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I’d go as far as to say that Brillo and Paxo agree with TR and know the majority of Brits do also – it’s clear that they’re only going through the motions for their BBC paymasters, who must be getting increasingly perturbed that they can’t keep the British public on message

  216. 216
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    I didn’t snub him. I forgot I had the meeting.

  217. 217
    Legal Eagle says:

    Your conspiracy ‘theory’ is fact. Follow the money.

  218. 218
    Legal Eagle says:

    And consider another little development from Canada:


    The combined criminal + family court system is rolling out over there.

    Any trouble in a family which gets reported, true or false, the state will smash the family.

    This is the Frankfurt agenda in overdrive, a good money spinner for the lawyers, and absolutely awful if you get caught up in it.

    The whole caboodle of ‘Childrens Aid Society’ – charity which deals with stealing children, social services and those in medical sphere – particularly pediatrics and family doctors are involved.

    For good measure it should not be forgotten that prison privatization is now a big agenda item over there with certain sections of criminal justice being actively privatized right now – G4S are major contractors involved.

    And a term to look out for: ‘Families in Transition’.

    The families which the state are breaking up, or which are breaking up naturally (not all marriages last forever) fall into the transition bracket.

    This is all being rolled out in the UK at present if you (not you Whilste’s as you are already aware) look around.

    It will result in a higher rate of single dysfunctional families, children taking into care by the state and an increase in male suicide rates.


  219. 219
    Legal Eagle says:

    And consider another little development from Canada:


    The combined criminal + family court system is rolling out over there.

    Any trouble in a family which gets reported, true or false, the state will smash the family.

    This is the Frankfurt agenda in overdr!ve, a good money spinner for the lawyers, and absolutely awful if you get caught up in it.

    The whole caboodle of ‘Childrens Aid Society’ – charity which deals with stealing children, social services and those in medical sphere – particularly pediatrics and family doctors – are involved.

    For good measure it should not be forgotten that prison privatization is now a big agenda item over there with certain sections of criminal justice being actively privatized right now – G4S are major contractors involved.

    And a term to look out for: ‘Families in Transition’.

    The families which the state are breaking up, or which are breaking up naturally (not all marriages last forever) fall into the transition bracket.

    This is all being rolled out in the UK at present if you (not you BW as you are already aware) look around.

    It will result in a higher rate of single dysfunctional families, children taking into care by the state and an increase in male suicide rates.


  220. 220
    Legal Eagle says:

    To be fair, if there are witnesses to the alleged incident which took place in a public place, there is not much defense in the real world.

    You’re done.

    If there are no witnesses though and it did not happen, this could be defamation in the making and a good libel case.

    The damage to his reputation is settled for the time being.

    If he had the other brain cell he would have retained a good lawyer immediately (not that retard from Mishcon though, a decent criminal lawyer) issued a statement and then: Shut the fuck up and follow the lawyers advice to the letter.

    Max Clifford is a good example of where trying to spin your way out of trouble doesn’t work.

    You think these guys would have figured this out by now ?

    If you are going to throttle your partner in public, or be accused of that, the first thing is to stay out of the media, keep quiet (anything said could be incriminating), record all communication with the other party (think Br!scoe type situation / Huhne), and at the least consult with a criminal lawyer.

    The lawyer is duty bound to keep everything confidential.

    Watching your own back is your responsibility and a bit of fame / money is no longer a credible defense. Especially at a time when there is a clear political agenda looking for a way in to the public arena.

  221. 221
    Economist says:

    A better way to make a killing would be for a bank to start paying 4-5% interest on a deposit account.

  222. 222
    Point of Information says:

    The BBC should be perturbed by that as with their propaganda failing to ‘keep the public on message’ their central justification for continued public funding is dead.

    This of course overlooks the more important point that the BBC should adjust to reflect the views of the public. Since the public are its paymasters, this is not a moot point.

    In the mean time they shall continue to squirm.

    Optional funding would help cut them down to size, like with public service broadcasting over in the US.

    A public body trying to act as an all encompassing corporate propaganda agent for the UK government, or ‘Auntie’ as they previously like to describe themselves, never works.

    At this point they are going through a transition from respected world class state broadcaster, to third rate ‘Pravda’.

  223. 223
    Fat Tony says:

    “Horse’s head in the bed, anyone?” is more like what’s going to have to happen. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Sta zitto, my watchword. Capisce?

    (Although, oe madonn’, Clegg is more a horse’s ass than anything else, it must be said. Actually, it goes without saying, all I’m gonna say…)

  224. 224
    albacore says:

    Where the buck stops is not with the cops
    Endless propaganda and psy-ops
    Disinformation and barefaced lies
    Can’t fool you if you open your eyes
    Look around now and what do you see?
    It sure as hell ain’t our old country
    All courtesy of the LibLabCons
    Every one of them an E U ponce

  225. 225
    Fishy says:

    While Miliband comforts himself in his sardine speech, the left are on the march; not just the nutters at the #pplsassembly, but also burrowing away using Trotskyist entryist tactics in the constituencies.


    Keep it up Labour

  226. 226

    @TKdP @11:41 pm

    In all seriousness I think you set out the position with some accuracy here, if at the risk of compromising your moniker.

    What some people cannot adjust to is the subtle change which has occurred here in the life of this blog. It was, as its founder admitted, a sideline (purely to make mischief at the expense of politicians and for the author’s own self-gratification) which mushroomed into something transformative.

    He has ridden that tiger with great skill (the Chinese might say it would be unsafe to dismount anyway!) As it becomes more noticed, and everyone in the know reads or knows of it (Dave by admission in the first category, McDoom in the second) then there has been a clear need to accommodate some contributions of a polemical nature.

    Mister Ned used to be the man PBUH. Of late, Casual Observer has provided some excellent contributions.

    Your How will the ‘Guido’ voter view this? is not fanciful at all IMO. Therefore some contributions may involve words with more than three syllables and go on for more than one paragraph if we are not to be dismissed merely as anarchists. It will present difficulty for those who have learning difficulties or other disorders. Let us hope that, given time, they can catch up.

  227. 227
    Confucius of Canary Wharf (without the s, please) says:

    I could not have put it better, my son
    Except that my language is more chaste
    You are right about our being the #1 creditor of the US, but also of Europe
    But it is all ying and yang
    We need eachtoher like never before
    That will ensure peace
    And, BTW, some Confucian numbers for you
    We have a growth rate of about 7% nowadays
    But 10 years ago, the economy was roughly half the size
    So that would mean a growth rate of 14% on 10 years ago
    No bad..

    And concenring Brillo, who we like in normal circumstances
    We think he is spreading the rumours of the lizards to cause
    panic in the markets and pay for their Summer holidays
    So be careful…

  228. 228
    Misheard says:

    He’s a denier in denial.

  229. 229
    gove says:

    daily mail reader huh?
    intelligence factor – zero

  230. 230
    Misheard says:

    What if Saatchi was cautioned about doing it in public?

  231. 231
    Wombat 18 says:

    Has Brillo declared he’s a four be two yet, Adolf?

  232. 232
    Joe Lambton says:

    If you are a bloke with ambition best to get sterilized and stay single these days.

    Women and the CSA are dangerous.

    They just hold you back.

  233. 233
    Burnham says:

    Lefty huh? Max Factor + 1000 NHS deaths

  234. 234
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    How old are their daughters? Boaz.

  235. 235
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    When I was on holiday in Greece a couple of years back I had a lovely plate of freshly cooked sardines.

    Every cat in the village was around my plate and the bones and heads all disappeared completely.

    A plate of sardines is a perfect meal for the environment and landfill sites.

    It was also the cheapest meal on the menu.

  236. 236
    Anne.D.Burnbum says:

    Bloody Tories.If they keep letting the truth out im going to have to resign.I am trying but its very hard to blame Jeremy Hunt for those 1200 needless deaths in Mid Staffs.Sadly the dam of deceit is starting to crack.If only we had won in 2010 none of this would have come out.x Anne.D.Burnbum

  237. 237
    Mandy retirns says:

    Good morning Guido

  238. 238
    Mandy returns says:

    Sorry…. pre-mature ejaculation

    I was going to say that I am on a lovely yacht with the whole family offshore Porto Montenegro

    We know that Montenegro is regarded as a “Mafia state” (US report)

    But we love everything that stinks

    We have invited Jeffery (again), Tony and to improve the conversation your friend Nigel Farage

    I will keep you posted as we do our crawl down the Adriatic (or is it up?)

    PS How are my old riends at the Coop doing? Long time since I took cash off them…

  239. 239
    UKIP or bust says:

    So, now it seems we are beginning to get mooslam sectarian violence in England.

    This can’t be right. What is going on here?

    This country worked so well for generations before it was destroyed by labour

  240. 240
    The Peoples Assembly says:

    We don’t like crass salacious accounts either, but we do enjoy debunking the pompous and self righteous Owen Jones.

  241. 241
    Court reporter says:

    It is now not only Scottish Labour that is organised crime

    We have known that for years

    But English Labour seems to use the same tactics

  242. 242
    Mad Mel says:

    Let’s add fuel to the fire

  243. 243
    Connaisseur says:

    Note to the unpaid intern who is running this blog while Guido and Co are off at GQ’s latest gig

    Please change threat and take these scrubbers out of my sight

    They give me indigestion

    Or, put some attractive WAGs up…

  244. 244
    Court reporter says:

    He certainly filled Mr Jay’s coffers for a few years

    The lovely Justine’s boss

    It seems to be wheelies in wheelies..

  245. 245
    Club Med says:

    I’m surprised the inhabitants did nick the sardines as well

  246. 246
    Strangers' Barman says:


    The thing to do is to cross dress

    I now wear a pretty skirt to work

    The Members of Parliament do not molest me any more

    Though I still get punched up, occasionally…

    PS though one or two memebrs of the Lobby try to feel up my beetocks…I will not name them…

  247. 247
    Dan Hodges says:

    “You cannot now, if you ever could, spend your way out of a recession”


  248. 248
    Police cell for Mr Burnham says:

    Of course you can spend your way out of recession.

    All you have to do is remember not to borrow more money to do it.

    Use existing tax revenues and cut Quangos and Welfare benefits as Mr Cameron has done.

    You then inflate the economy with the money you have in front of you.

    More people in employment means more lovely taxes next year.

  249. 249
    Balls bounces back says:

    Bollock Ed about to go on the Telly and back track on all the shit he’s been spouting since becoming Shadow Chancellor

  250. 250
    Andy "Maybelline" Burn'em says:

    When selecting eyeliner always choose a shade to complement your hair tones. By the way, the murders at N Staffs had nothing to do with me. It was definitely someone else’s fault.

  251. 251
    White Fridges ot, Black Fridges in...until next year, then it's all change. says:

    What’s so bad about recessions anyway? Sometimes its OK to be satisfied with what you’ve got.

  252. 252
    Russell Ganesh says:

    Send more money abroad, send aid..etcetera

  253. 253
    Wisdom Lite on the BBC says:

    Russell Brand is the new Norman Wisdom

  254. 254
    BBC looks after its own says:

    Sky running with the story, BBC ignoring the story.

  255. 255
    Russell Ganesh says:

    Where is Brihhhain?

  256. 256

    Things have come to a pretty pass if the only critics exposing government criminality and censorship via the apparent misuse of the D-Notice system are The Guardian, Noam Chomsky and the World Socialist Web Site.

    Normally all of these I am completely opposed to ideologically. One must conclude that pluralism in the media is even more important than we might always understand.

  257. 257
    Phwoarrr says:

    That BBC woman’s legs have got a pair of knickers fitted at the top. Livens up a Sunday morning though.

  258. 258
    Hogan Wash just finishing off Plebgate says:

    Have you any films of Welsh witches singing songs?

  259. 259
    Ashamed or rather exasperated at what Britain has become says:

    I am for the first time ever not proud to be British. I also can not see the point of joining up and fighting for Queen and Country anymore. Blair and Cameron have ruined what it meant to be British. IMHO the Russians are very fortunate to have a country to be proud of.

  260. 260
    Gonk says:

    The Boris hairstyle raffish look no more than balding camouflage.
    Easily recognised by experienced slapheads.

  261. 261
    Knob Ed says:

    I would be just as tough on Saatchi as I would be on sardines.

  262. 262

    Cleggers gets throttled!

  263. 263
    A wondering welsh minstrel says:

    Is that really Bonnie Tyler?

  264. 264
    Breaking... says:

    Snowden leaves Hong Kong on own Concorde.

  265. 265
    Ff says:

    Balls is in TV

    He really is a lying piece of shit

  266. 266
    Pensions are Contributary says:


    That’s Labour lost the next election then.

  267. 267

    I looked on my above post as a fly-paper but, present company excepted, it is interesting to see who do value heroin above thinking!

  268. 268
    Labour Hate Ordinary Sensible People says:

    I think its obvious from what Balls said that Labour will means test the State pension.

    Yet again the people who can’t be bothered to save but piss it up the wall will be supported by the socialist state and those who paid in all their lives will get nowt or next to nowt back in retirement.

  269. 269
    La Belle Francoise says:

    Didn’t know you were into S&M Alf. You live and learn though!

  270. 270
    Lost in Clacton says:

    Is Nigella Lawson really friends with Miriam?

  271. 271
    The Libor party says:

    Same old lefties.

  272. 272
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    So for the first time you are not proud to be British?

    You should really have been getting out more ever since 1209 when the British massacred every man woman and child in Beziers.

  273. 273
    Dan Hodges says:

    Owen Jones saying Gideon should quit running the economy and run marathon instead. Classic

  274. 274
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:

    Balls dreams of running the economy when he should concentrate on running the marathon.

  275. 275
    La Belle Francoise says:

    A WHITE horse?

    For goodness sake don’t let La Hippo see that; she’ll go quite spare.

  276. 276
    La Belle Francoise says:

    What choking or cooking? There is but one letter different, so beware of typos…

  277. 277

    Maghreb minger! Just what you would expect from that lot from N Africa…

    Where is our apology from the Danes for their invasions from 800BC to 954BC?

    It’s all gone silent ever since.

  278. 278
    Anonymous says:

    gilipollas de cuarto nivel.

  279. 279
  280. 280
    Expat Geordie says:

    That reminds me of an old joke.

    I did time in prison once. I got five days for burning down a mos.que.

    The judge said that I’d have got ten if there had been people in it.

  281. 281
    La Belle Francoise says:

    No problem. They print their own currency, so just set the presses running for a day or two and all will be well.

    Manipulators of currency? Who us??

  282. 282
    Universal Hiss says:

    & another army of civil servants to means test millions of people costing shed loads of money.

    Talking of fuckwits George Smith has been very quiet lately.There can’t be anything wrong with that very expensive new IT system can there?

  283. 283
    Anonymous says:

    I find it very difficult to believe that Nigella would sit there and be throttled if it was genuine, they were in a public place with photographers around and other diners. It just doesnt ring true. Before anybody starts on about domestic abuse, i know as much as you do about it, thanks.

  284. 284
    nellnewman says:

    “Documents released over the CQC scandal show a letter from Andy Burnham, then health secretary and now Labour’s shadow health spokesman, telling the health care regulator in November 2009, just before the General Election, that its role was to “restore public confidence in the NHS” which he did not want criticised.

    Another document shows how Mr Burnham’s special adviser said she was “frankly disgusted” by television coverage exposing a hospital scandal ” They clearly were trying to stop the public from finding out that the NHS on their watch had become a death trap for anyone needing to use it. (Can anyone name the Spad?)

    So there we have it – labour andyburnham squarely implicated in the cover up – when is he going to resign as an mp and scurry away into a hole in the ground shame??!!

  285. 285
    Anonymous says:

    Is it my imagination or are there a lot of lesbians around now ?

  286. 286
    nellnewman says:

    With onne major difference, Norman Wisdom was funny.

  287. 287
    Anonymous says:

    So how much did you borrow Sir Wil ? it must be nice to be able to rant at Bankers when you made a mess of your own finances! people are on to your little game you know !

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    People go to the gym more in the countryside?? Think you’ve been have too much of that scrumpy.

  289. 289
    Squiff811 says:

    The axle of diesil & the terroRising two plane triple trade tower demolition for rebranding to the flea meerkat pissoffoles

  290. 290
    BBC mong says:

    Andy who?

  291. 291
    Anonymous says:

    Why is the Andrew Mitchell case taking so long ? am i the only one a bit suspicious of Hogan-Howe ?

  292. 292
    Anonymous says:

    Spot on ! this is what a lot of the people commenting dont seem to be aware of.I actually think Cameron is doing a good job in the circumstances, imagine if Milliband was PM !

  293. 293
    nellnewman says:

    andyburnham all over sky news this morning professing his ‘innocence’ but I note he didn’t dare respond to the request that he release all his emails and letters that he wrote to the CQC as he was said to be pressurising them into covering up the scandals.

  294. 294
    Anonymous says:

    Some of those extra 10 kilos haven’t gone to waste.

  295. 295
    Bert says:

    It is a shame that UK license fee payers money is wasted on such negative and unwarranted propaganda.

    Fixed that for you!

  296. 296
    Dave should resign now says:

    Booed at the Olympics and now told to go for a long run by Owen Jones.

    Gideon is deserving of such irony.

  297. 297
    Anne.D.Burnbum says:

    I hate to say it but we will be in deep s–t at the next election when we say the NHS is safe in Labours hands.That nasty Lynton “bing”Cosby will be drip feeding deaths on Labours watch to the media every day not to mention potential criminal trials of those involved nearer the election.Its all Jeremy Hunts fault.x

  298. 298
    Ding a Ling says:

    Hi there,
    I posted about this on yesterday’s thread, but nobody seems to have noticed.

    Is that an alarm bell I hear? says:
    June 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    A small paragraph in my paper today which states that the EU are drawing up Europe-wide (including non-euro countries) plans to raid bank customers’ accounts as a matter of course to bail out the failing banks they keep their cash in.

    Better get your savings into Swiss francs or Singapore dollars while you still have time. You have been warned.

  299. 299
    Anonymous says:

    I value dog shit more than your posts, believe me.

  300. 300
    Diane Abbotopotamus says:

    I am going absolutely   S P A R E !

  301. 301
    Matilda says:

    PR is likely to be the only way they will ever get an MP in the future. Most of the country have already got the message of their underhand duplicity since the last election, but there are still outlying reaches where this may not be the case. We may need to consider cutting the Outer Hebrides and Cornwall adrift.

  302. 302
    Gordon McMoron says:

    I ruined the economy and didn’t even get a medal.

  303. 303
    Matilda says:

    So who is in charge of budgets? Osbourne should just tell him his budget is cut with immediate effect – and then tell him to piss off.

    Alternatively Cameron should just replace the useless duffer.

  304. 304
    Matilda says:

    No no – we have all known that Labour is organised crime for several years now. Plus ca change….

  305. 305
    Matilda says:

    This oozing incestuosity is amazing…

  306. 306
    Spotted: Guido Fawkes Blog says:

    Will the cuпt posting under the name of Schrödinger’s cat please go and put his head on a railway line. That is all, you may go.

  307. 307
    La Belle Francoise says:

    Threat? Has one of them threatened to cook your goose?

  308. 308
    Tony Soprano says:

    That googootz Miliband is oobatz, talkin about sardines and all that shit. He and his buddy Ballsack are gonna be sleepin with the sardines.

  309. 309
    Dan E Boil says:

    Every day and every way I love the NHS.

  310. 310
    According to Sky news says:

    If I buy fuel to throw on the fire, I won’t be able to afford to drive to the bonfire..

  311. 311
    Anne.D.Burnbum says:

    Im the one who fought on behalf of those 92 fans that died on thatchers watch.Dont mention the 1200 who died on my watch.

  312. 312
    Boo Dicka says:

    We are extremely sorry for kicking the legions up the arse and will be paying lots of compensation to the Italian government.

  313. 313
    According to Sky news says:

    Oops, done it again; I keep forgetting about this mistake. Try again..

    If buy fuel to throw on the fire, I will not be able to afford to dr1vve to the bonfire

  314. 314
    nellnewman says:

    The 1200 were the tip of the iceberg – when the truth comes out it will be found that labour and andy burnham and alan johnson are guilty of the deaths of thousands, not to mention the many more who have been left disabled because of a sub standard NHS that labour promoted.

  315. 315
    Mustapha ben Effit says:

    I never work since come to this country and looking forward to my upgraded state pension in 2016. Thank you.

  316. 316
    GCHQ says:

    We have made a note of this gibberish/code and will be paying you a recruitment visit.

  317. 317
    According to Sky news says:

    Balls couldn’t even be trusted to run a bath

  318. 318
    Andy "Maybelline" Burn'em says:

    Always wash carefully before applying night moisturising cream to achieve the full benefit. Also I’m definitely not guilty of the N Staffs murders.

  319. 319
    nellnewman says:

    You’re getting a taxpayer funded generous salary and expenses for life it seems , without even having to lift a finger or get out of bed, what more do you want?!

  320. 320
    Mullah Owen Jones says:

    Next weekend the EDL have invited two of the world’s leading anti-Muslim rabble-rousers to speak at their demonstration in Woolwich – at the site where Lee Rigby was murdered.
    Tomorrow we will be handing in a letter to the Home Secretary asking for Pam Geller and Robert Spencer to be prevented entering the country.
    Geller and Spencer do not believe there are any moderate followers of Islam. They believe that there is an Islamist plot to take over Europe and multiculturalism is allowing it to happen. They believe that President Obama is a Muslim and that the young people killed by Norwegian Anders Breivik were not innocent victims. Geller even posted a picture on her website of the prophet Mohammad with a pig’s face.
    We don’t want these anti-Muslim extremists here. We don’t want them whipping up an already fragile situation. If you agree then please co-sign our letter. 14,000 people already have.

  321. 321
    Bring a friend. says:

    I don’t mind lesbos, it’s the feminists I can’t stand.

  322. 322
    Anonymous says:

    14,000 of the terminally deluded.

  323. 323
    Dave should resign now says:

    So Netanyahu and Blair are in town ? Scoop ! Where do I buy tickets.

  324. 324
    archiepo says:

    Who said: “I’m so old, I watch Nigella for the cooking!”

  325. 325
    Shadowy Co-Op creditor says:

    They will make excellent bait for Marlin.

  326. 326
    Dan Boyle - almost missed entirely NHS murder in Olympic opening ceremony says:

    My films are total shit. But after I got away with communist propaganda like ‘The Beach’ and ‘Trainspotting’ – I figured it was probably best for me not to mention this and just give scary nurses torturing kids in a bed before a demon.

    Classic family fun !

  327. 327
    Ah! Monika reformed says:

    Yesterday a spokesman for Nigella said: “There is no comment or statement.”

    I wonder how much he got paid for that?

  328. 328
    Mark Oaten says:

    Balls couldn’t even be trusted with diarrhea.

  329. 329
    Point of Information says:

    And Norman Wisdom was not a reformed smackhead, but was liked by the Queen.

  330. 330
    Point of Information says:

    As long as they keep it among themselves, who cares.

  331. 331
    Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

    I actually agree with you Anon!

  332. 332
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Scrambled Clegg on toast!

  333. 333
    Shrills full of shit says:

    What a splendid interview with Peter Bone as he exposed the whining shrill vacuous nonsense of the three feeble panellists on Daily Politics.

  334. 334
    Lord Alpine says:

    There’s a Bercow that’s been on my mind
    All the time
    Su-su-sue that ho

  335. 335
    Failed social policy, aka Multi-Culti says:

    The idea was simple.

    Bring down costs of Labour and Pensions by importing cheap third world types to help break union grip on industry and dilute wages.

    Do this by manipulating credible lefty do-gooders to run with the selling and social conditioning to make it seem acceptable.

    Have government pass employment and various other legislation to keep the locals in line.

    When real competition, like Ch!na, comes along, attempt to head off at the pass by really ramping the intake of cheap third world labor.

    Unfortunately, when Ch!na keeps going and remains cheap (because they have more people, government foots more of the costs and their locals are working for a higher purpose rather than personal material gain) this breaks down as the third world types you have imported to the UK do not have the same level of skill / motivation or know how to work cheap and help UK industry.

    So this potters on until the third worlders children realize the error of their parents and the less than appealing situation they now find themselves in (marginalized, unemployable and divorced from their real roots, so culturally adrift), they will gradually polarize. Not having anything better to do, what comes next.

    And we do have Labour to thank for this as they made the problem worst. Without all the extra imports there would still be a problem but it would be much more manageable.

    The amusing thing is that the governments we helped out (by taking the ass-holes they would otherwise have had to ‘cleanse’) are having a right laugh at us as UK competitiveness dies and their own grows.

  336. 336
    Frankie GooGootz says:

    Speaking of GooGootz, am I going to end up becoming a crappy lounge act in Las Vegas, Mr Soprano? I thought, by my being an Italian and all, “youse guys” would take an interest in me, like you did with another “Frank” about two or three generations back…

  337. 337
    In Fairness, says:

    Remember when the Queen almost apologised to the Irish last year:
    “we would prefer if it had happened differently…..or not at all”.


  338. 338
    Lesbo says:

    I don’t mind sun readers, it’s the sun readers with a mental age of 9 who still use words like bum-sex and homo I can’t stand.

  339. 339
    archiepo says:

    With that one comment you’ve utterly destroyed TKdP’s and SC’s thoughtful and I dare say entirely accurate dissertations on the purpose and function of this blog! Even though some people have had to flee and return under deeper cover for some real or imagined indiscretion, I am a huge admirer and I like to think that we few DO make a difference to the political landscape in a frequently witty and – dare I say – erudite fashion, and where else can one rant until the air turns blue against our so-called betters? OF COURSE QT is a load of shite, OF COURSE the audience more often than not resembles feeding time at the zoo and OF COURSE Dimblebore has lost control (if he ever really had it)! I know for a fact that the audience is selected for their left-wing views and the entire farce is nothing less than intimidation of the kind practised by the Brownshirts in pre-war Nazi Germany and is a prime example of why al-Beeb should have the licence tax revoked! End of rant.

  340. 340
    Anonymous says:

    The 14,000 equal the great unwashed,illeducated morons.

  341. 341
    Salmondnet says:

    Well, if you didn’t enjoy it Tony, why did you do it? Some things are too high a price to pay even for a few strawberries.

  342. 342
    2112 says:

    What an arrogant statement! How do you know how your knowledge of domestic abuse compares to that of anybody else here? Also, I wonder if your knowledge on body language matches your supposed knowledge on domestic abuse. If so, then take another look at those photos.

  343. 343
    2112 says:

    Two months dead and you still can’t stop obsessing about her.
    Get help, Jimmy.

  344. 344
    Anonymous says:

    Mates with a Clegg – a good enough reason to wring anyone’s neck in my book.

    Saatchi is innocent. OK.

  345. 345
    ANON says:


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