June 19th, 2013

PMQs LIVE: Dough Ball Dave Edition

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  1. 1
    Call Me Useless says:

    Pile of shite.


    • 28
      Morgan's Organ says:

      You shouldn’t speak about Caroline Lucas like that. By the way what she was wearing today was even worse than last week, but then I suppose you can’t do much with low carbon, sustainably produced, organic potato sacks.


  2. 2
    Simple Ed is not so simple says:

    It’s all the bankers’ fault and nowt to do with Politicians


    • 43
      Not the Nigel Evans says:

      Why did Dave not take the opportunity to sink Ed by stating that the Government would not rewrite (a la Greek bank deposits) existing Student Loan contracts to double the interest rates. Is this a present to allow Clegg to recover his standing with the 25-35 year old voters, or one to sink the Tories?


  3. 3
    Dick Scratcha says:

    Why have NHS incompetents been sent to jail?


  4. 4
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    Pfft. I’ll stick to Twitter where I’m allowed to make my own big-boy comments. For the moment.


  5. 6
    I piss on the Labour frontbench says:

    MiliHunt. I hate him.


  6. 7
    Apply this Law to Politicians too says:

    I bankers can be imprisoned for lying and cheating, Why not Politicians?


  7. 8
    Dick Scratcha says:

    Ozzy looks like a scared rabbit.


  8. 9
    Uninteresting says:

    Miliband needs to give up. He is boring from his very first question.


  9. 11
    I piss on the Labour frontbench says:

    Is it bad that I wish Ed Balls would ironically be struck down with testicular cancer?


  10. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    1993.Blame thatcher


  11. 13
    Dick Scratcha says:

    Too many old farts on both benches. Need a cull.


  12. 14

    How do you fly this thing? Ah!

    OK guys, this is a coup. You are all fired.


  13. 15
    Wombat says:

    Harman really must read the instructions from Ann Summers. You do not wear anal beads round your neck.


  14. 16
    Politicos and Bankers says:

    We all piss in the same pot.


  15. 17
    Gawd Help Us says:

    Who is he talking about then?


  16. 18
    WTF says:



  17. 19
    Labour Doublespeak Buzz Words says:

    “One Nation Britain”


  18. 20
    Lightbulb says:

    It is more fun, and probably just as informative, not to watch PMQs and merely try to find out what is going on by reading the comments here on Order Order.


  19. 21
    JLost. One Jockanese MP says:

    Where is Gordon?


    • 45
      Gordon Brown says:

      Fuck off, I’m too busy raking in £1.37 million in my other jobs to bother attending parliament


  20. 22
    Dick Scratcha says:

    Graham Brady for PM. Anyone except this useless twat Cameron.


  21. 23
    Dick Scratcha says:

    Anyone else getting the feeling that the House of Commons is totally irrelevant?


  22. 25
    Red says:

    Doesn’t Caroline Lucas do green anymore?


  23. 26
    Phwoarrrr says:

    That Lucas chick has a nice rack


  24. 30
    No such thing as society says:

    Dennis skinners question about what Daves been upto with his mortgage and expenses sounded interesting, needless to say Dave never bothered even acknowledging it..

    But what has he been upto and why has no one been all over it?


    • 33
      Dave is a Top Trougher says:

      The press have been all over it but there seems to political will to take it further.

      In a nutshell Dave arranged his finances so that he could claim the maximum mortgage possible on expenses for his Chipping Norton Estate. Even though he had no financial or domestic need to do so.


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      You really need to pay attention Dave is not going to get picked up on this by any main line media and he knows it. Move along tax cow and earn the elite some more dosh.


  25. 32
    Dave Wins Again! says:

    That’s the election in the bag.


  26. 40
    Tosspot says:

    If this is true, how can Cameron critcise others for using the Law to their advantage and remain credible in the eyes of the voters.


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