June 19th, 2013

Cyber Wars: UKIP Trumping Tories

UKIP’s efforts to do battle online are clearly paying off. According to analysis done by UK General Election 2015, the party is gaining Twitter followers and Facebook likes at a considerably greater rate than its opponents, with the Tories in particular falling way short. By way of comparison, over the same period @GuidoFawkes gained some 7,000 followers and now has 109,745 followers – more than any UK political party. Social media campaigning will have a big part to play over the next two years, so these stats make interesting reading…

UPDATE: Just noticed that LetBritainDecide.org seems to redirect UKIP.org. Not to be confused with CCHQ’s LetBritainDecide.com, or rather it is…


  1. 1
    Peter Grimes says:

    Vote Ukip – you know it makes sense.

  2. 2

    In the last month!!!

    Please Guido.

    How many do they have in total would be a more useful number

  3. 3
    Hang The Bostards says:

    It’s about momentum and trends you knob….. Not who liked Labour in the days of cloth caps and whippets

  4. 4
    Hang The Bostards says:

    Like !

  5. 5
    UKIP Official Policy Dept says:

    Bloody foreigners, coming over here taking all our twitter followers

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Ed Miliband says:

    Me, Balls and Clegg – the A team!!

  8. 8
    G8 Family + 2 EU Commissars says:

  9. 9
    TPA says:

    what is more shocking is that UKIP supporters can even use twitter.

  10. 10
    Barry says:

    Some say. I am the black Sheep of the family.

  11. 11
    Peter Grimes says:

    Would make a good target for a firing squad.

  12. 12
    Egg Milibrand says:

    Thanks Kippers!

    You know, without your help, I’d be in real trouble in 2015.
    But thanks to your hard work and swiveley eyed foaming at the mouth frothing, I’m going to be PM in 2015.

    And I promise you, yes..I mean really promise you, a referendum in 2020..

    Well..possibly 2025.
    2035 at the outside, OK?

  13. 13
    Joe the Plumber says:

    I gets the impression that those brand spanking new houses were especially built for the G8 peeps.

  14. 14
    Nick Barber says:

    Facebook social graph also shows you what else UKIP followers are liking…and it’s all a bit stereotypical http://www.hazemagazine.co.uk/all-your-stereosypes-were-right-what-facebooks-social-graph-tells-us-about-voters

  15. 15
    Paniagua v5 says:

    The bundies

  16. 16
    Demetrius Skortou says:

    I hope UKIP continue to do battle over the internet and gain even more support.

    There is now a significant enough of the electorate out there that have become so fed up & angry with the policies of ConLabLib, that I don’t believe any of them will gain an overall majority at the next election.

    So, we can all kiss good bye to an in/out referendum on the EU?

    We need an EU referendum now, that is what the majority of the British people have been crying out for, for 40 years!

  17. 17
    Forgotten Labour Voter says:

    UKIP : Tough on the EU. Tough on the causes of the EU.

  18. 18
    Paniagua v5 says:

    To be fair I would expect Labour to have lots of FB likes as their demographic are at home a lot more than most, and like to use their tax payer funded internet connection as much as possible (saves walking etc)

  19. 19
    TPA says:

    UKIP Top Likes:

    1. RIP Woolwich Soldier
    2. Nigel Farage MEP
    3. Nigel Farage
    4. EDL
    5. Maximum Respect for the British Armed Forces supporting the RBL
    6. Ron Paul
    7. Armed Forces Day
    8. Supporting the Met Police Against The London Rioters
    9. Shameless
    10. Chris Moyles Show

    Favourite Activities: Politics, Drinking, Partying
    Places They’re From: Bradford, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Blackpool, York

  20. 20
    Don't Give A Shit about UKRAP, LieBore or the Limp Dumbs says:

    Winning on Twitter? Wow.
    Next they’ll have a bigger collection of Moshi Monsters trading cards.

    Give me a f√cking break.

  21. 21
    MI5 says:


    Re your tweet on “moral markets”

    Hits the nail on the head

    It is vital that those of us who believe in the market economy to accept that the whole system came off the rails

    And to deal with why, and how to avoid a repeat..

    Keep it up please…

    PS Just as it is vital to enforce the law when it comes to criminality in the Press…..we all want a free press, but not a mob…

  22. 22
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    U nlimited
    K leptocracy
    I n
    P rogress

  23. 23
    couldn't make it up says:

    As Ronnie Reagan said ‘there you go again’

  24. 24
    Wyle Cop says:

    Ah, the tieless wonders, looking like a bunch of low-grade sales reps on a training day out.

    Still, I suppose the sight of that lot plus ties and lampposts would be too good an opportunity to miss for some.

  25. 25
    Dave's copy for the family album says:

  26. 26
    Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

    3096 Twitter followers. Nearly 10 times as many as Ian Brady. Super job guys – next stop, the world!

  27. 27
    Steve Miliband says:

    They are in LegoLand

  28. 28
    Prince Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin says:

    You’re probably right; I tried that scam too.

  29. 29
    Apathy says:

    I win.

  30. 30
    Conclusion says:

    People who don’t work have time for twitter and FB.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    The oldies have learned how to log on. I miss the days when they couldn’t use a mobile and were proud of it.

  32. 32
    MI5 says:

    No arrests today Guido?

    Is the BBC still broadcasting then?

    And News International still printing?

    Must be something wrong there…

  33. 33
    Dave Camouflage says:

    I’ve been trying to get fired for ages. the job is much tougher than i thought.

    But as Egg seems just as determined not to get voted in, I seem to be stuck with the role for another year.

  34. 34

    I have told Ed to start another enquiry into whether the UK will still exist in 2020

    It must be in depth and never published, like Chilcot…

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Those houses! A perfect back drop to global regulation.

    What happened to the windows?
    No roof overhangs, yet the dormers have huge overhangs!
    Plain walls yet the chimneys are corbeled!

    Live in a box with a cake decoration on top.

  36. 36
    Jarrovian Freeman says:

    I see a lot of criticism without substance. The reason UKIP are on the rise is due to a lack of substance from the opposition parties.

    @Ghost of Marx

    I think the lack of following for all parties is shocking, the electorate is fed up with politics or rather politicians in general.

    We should encourage debate and who can deny that UKIP is doing exactly that?

    If we make jokes our only argument then surely we will end up with a joke government?

  37. 37
    Thames Dover Wight says:

    UKIP have to base their policies on article 50 and until Farage admits this and stop fluffing around they will not get the serious voters to elect more MPs.


    Article 50

    1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

    2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

    3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

    4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.

    A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

    5. If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article

  38. 38
    Peter Grimes says:

    Al JaBeeBa aren’t part of the free press, of course. They charge a lot so that they can feed us lies and ZaNuLieBor propaganda whilst drinking champagne and/or molesting under-age children.

  39. 39
    Jeff says:

    No, No, No, Ed Miliband is ‘Decker and his follow on’s’… always the looser!

  40. 40
    b-b-p says:

    Why do a large % of the Population watch TV soaps and Reality TV . To try to escape the daily drag of Reality ,do we really live in reality . G8 is a prime example the Media hype up as constructive the issues over Tax Avoidance ,Syria and World Poverty all that’s happened is an expensive exercise in gestures and posturing by Ego inflated Politicians paid for by us.
    The DWP this draconian department is run by a Fascist Gobbels Clone ,Jobcentre is run on the lines of a Gulag mentality . Welfare Reforms have become a very expensive well over budget Exercise in Social Control .Banks are Legalised Criminal Institutions similar to Utility Service Companies . Britain today is the head of a Bent Financial Brokerage ,no Industry ,lack of Infrastructure ,increased Poverty ,Increased Unemployment ,Increased Lack of Freedom run on Deceit .We are Run by the EU ,G8 and Bilderbergers .Time to doff your cap .


  41. 41
    Ed Ballsup says:

    Stop your Jibber jabber – You ain’t getting me on no plane – fool!!

  42. 42
    Uninvited guest says:

    Is that Barroso or an Anthony Gormley?

  43. 43
    Bollocks says:

    Stereotype. I have a whippet and several cloth caps (what else would they be made of, BTW?). I live in southern England and I’m a right-winger.

  44. 44
    Hang The Bostards says:

    3096 in the last MONTH Mary.

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    U nite
    K ids
    I n
    P olitics

  46. 46
    Sir Anthony Wedgwood Benn says:

    Justin Bieber has more followers than all of you combined. I’ll be voting for him!

  47. 47
    GnosticBrian says:

    Many twitters lead inexorably to a twat.

  48. 48
    Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

    Of course the reason the UKIP are on the rise is disaffection with Government, who are cutting everything, putting up the price of everything and achieving bugger all to see – although in practice, the results of much of the policies implemented will take years to show any results – positive and negative.

    You are definitely “on the money” about lack of substance from the opposition – they are taking their lead from their former leader – don’t haver anything to say, take the money and expenses and hope the Tories Huhne it up. Just the sort of decisive and charismatic approach you would expect from two SPaDs, the thick Eds.

    But I do not buy the UKIP mantra – seen it all before. If the answer looks simple, you haven’t asked ALL of the difficult questions and received substantive answers. Debating skills and charm do not equal substance – they don’t even signal an ability to understand substance.

    IMHO, Farage and UKIP are,In the words of that famous Jock Macbeth:

    …a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

    But I have been wrong before – once.

  49. 49
    Jimmy says:

    I think it’s sweet how many Lemon Party supporters have got their grandkids to explain Twitter to them.

  50. 50
    Dick Meon says:

    All this shows is how utterly irrelevant Twitter and Facebook actually are in political analysis. Numbers like these are pitiful, so I hope that UKIP isn’t planning on hanging it’s hat on them. Nothing to see here, move along…

  51. 51
    Peter Grimes says:

    Have you never been to Norrn Ironland, Anonymous? It’s the vernacular there.

    You can look up ‘vernacular’ now, you ignorant fuckwit.

  52. 52
    Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

    Yes we do use the interweb thingummy jig.. i even use my smart portable telephone to log in to my twitter profile thingummy.. every smart person knows that the world wide webby thing is the future of spreading the word.. LIBLABCONS.. Are dead entities.. Long live UKIP.

  53. 53
    Fart in the lift says:

    Who trumped? It’s making my eyes water.

  54. 54
    Old Fart says:

    Even an old fart like me who’s been programming these electrickery thingies for youngsters to use and then tell me I don’t know what I’m doing when sitting in front of one, votes UKIP.

  55. 55
    Old Fart says:

    U sually
    K ept
    I n
    P rison.

  56. 56
    Old Fart says:

    And you are wrong again.

    Vote UKIP :-)

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Good job that this site has so many followers. It would have absolutely no content otherwise.

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    getting a bit worried are we Mr TPA , hah hah.

  59. 59
    Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

    Nice try – but dogma never trumps intelligence – go back to collecting top trump cards.

    Vote UKIP – get something else – even if they get in!

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    PG: No they are not. The windows are small, but square, and the roof overhangs the front. The chimneys are squat and wide.

    These are concrete architects adaptions that looked good on paper.

  61. 61
    Kelvin Potter says:

    I have been a member for 14years & am very excited with the support we are now enjoying

  62. 62
    edward balls mp says:

    so what?

  63. 63

    You for got the extra likes on The Rise of UKIP facebook page. Even more support. Facebook.com/NoToEU

  64. 64

    Like “The Rise of UKIP” on facebook

  65. 65

    Yes some of us even own multi million pound Internet companies. fool

  66. 66

    Probably David Cameron!!

    Like The Rise of UKIP at facebook




  67. 67
    bencorde says:

    Future elections will be won and lost in cyber space. Huge weapon for the
    disaffected electorate. UKIP should take full advantage

  68. 68

    I liked it, but there’s other UKIP Facebook Pages, and though you can read those pages, you must be a Facebook Member to comment at those blogs (Unlike Guido’s Marvellous Organ). Still lets have a look at ALL the facebook results at a Google site search.


    You may not be surprised at the vast number of UKIP Facebook accounts.

  69. 69

    I liked it, but there’s other UKIP Facebook Pages, and though you can read those pages, you must be a Facebook Member to comment at those blogs (Unlike Guido’s Marvellous Organ). Still lets have a look at ALL the facebook results at a Google site search.


    You may not be surprised at the vast number of UKIP Facebook accounts.

  70. 70
    Ellen says:

    So all of you who are against UKIP if you against UKIP but support Cameron or support no political party or government, tell please “what would you do to stop all the krap going on in England? & do give an answer that makes sense & is not a joke! if all you can do is sit by your computer laptop or mobile & just make remarks that make no sense or is a stupid answer then you are all fools & need to wake up as to the real problems we face with the muslims & economy off our country….my vote goes to UKIP as Nigel Farage tells it like it is and is not influenced by outsiders….& he truly cares about his people….UKIP UKIP

  71. 71
    Gorbalsballs says:

    Just don’t make a habit of being wrong – or do you?

    UKIP is the ONLY party to offer us ANYTHING! The other 3 failed, tired, old parties are just EU fodder.

  72. 72
    Gorbalsballs says:

    Barroso and Humpty Dumpty Rumpy, replacements for Morecambe & Wise.

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