June 18th, 2013

Mercer Declares £2,000 Payment From Fake Sting Company

Alistair Andrews Communications was the fictitious company created by the Telegraph and Panorama to string disgraced Tory MP Patrick Mercer. Its non-existent offices in Sydney and London and less-than-convincing website somehow duped Mercer, whose suspicions failed to be raised.

Deliciously, Mercer has just declared a £2,000 payment from Alistair Andrews Communications in his Register of Members Interests. Apparently he did two days’ “consultancy” work for them back in May. The fake name, fake Old Queen Street address and fake job all on official record. £2,000: the price to sting a corrupt MP…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Great article


    “The triumph of UKIP is being minimized by the conformist choirs of conventional commentators in London. It is “just a blip.” It is “mid-term revolt,” and so on. Be cautious about accepting this analysis. These commentators are themselves part of the establishment that does not understand why it is dying. They will say anything rather than recognize that the backlash is in fact a long-delayed and irreversible confirmation of a crucial truth.”


    • 3
      nellnewman says:

      Difficult to judge what UKIP can achieve at the moment. It should do well in the 2014 EU elections – but it’s big test will come in 2015.

      At the moment it’s benefitting from weak leadership in all of the other 3 parties – but as they say a week is a long time in politics and much may have changed by 2015.

      I do hope that UKIP will at least get NigelFarage into the HoC in 2015 – he’d be a grrea breath of fresh air.


      • 5
        joolz says:

        will be great when he stands up and tells the 649 arse licking idiots the truth


        • 11
          David laws LibDems fiddler says:

          Clarke scaremongering with falsehoods about why the UK should stay in the EU. The same type of person who would have us in the Euro, loss of jobs, destitution etc. all points against his article. Europhile propaganda of the highest order. He needs to be sacked for not having a job in the cabinet other than EU s1te.


          • mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

            Clarke is evil and a chief Bilderberger to boot. He would happily sell us down the pan, for more OWG, money and power. A fair bit of stuff about him on the blogosphere.


          • V1le Labour trashed my Country says:

            Competition, How much has the eu bunged Ken Clarke? I think it’s about £ 10 million but may be a lot more. Other views are welcome.


      • 9
        Anonymous says:

        Another great snippet

        “What if all the morally and socially conservative people in Britain were to unite across class barriers and demand an end to the cultural revolution that has transformed their lives for the worse since the 1960s?”


        • 16
          nellnewman says:

          Well I don’t know about you but my family’s life is a great deal better than it was in the 60’s. Remember the outside loo and the electric copper in the outside water shed that heated all our hot water and had to be brought indoors by hand? No central heating just an open fire in the lounge that acted as a back heater to the cooking range in the kitchen – and lord help you if the wind was in the wrong direction because the damned thing wouldn’t draw properly – no heat – no cooking!

          The most backward step has been the advent of the car – we were all much healthier when we had to cycle everywhere.


          • Lampshade says:

            Nell, you are not a silly person. You know full well that the 1960s cultural revolution had little if anything to do with the upgrading of domestic heating arrangements.


          • Nothing Better To Do says:

            “morally and socially conservative people”
            I think he’s hankering after some sort of closet fascism where anything he and his socially and morally conservative friends don’t like is made illegal. Like naughty pictures on the internet and unmarried couples or, heaven forbid, gay people.
            That sort of thing has been tried before and never ends well.


          • Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

            What did technology do for us?

            Well there’s the computers.

            Ah, yes computers. Of course, computers but what else has happened since the 60s?

            What about the internet?

            Oh go on then the internet thingy, but what else?


            Oh bugger!

            And better weather forecasting and artificial body parts.

            Look, just fuck off.


          • Those were the days says:

            Electric Copper? Ours was heated from the coal fired grate beneath. I used to love as a kid the smell of the wash house on washing day and had great fun turning the clothes mangle. :)


          • nellnewman says:

            Too true lampshade – but sometimes we allow our view of the bigger picture, cultural/social or otherwise to block our view to the good things that have happened.

            We argue bitterly over education nowadays, and so we should, but we tend to forget that prior to the 1944 Education Act children were poorly educated for the most part,apart from being taught to recite the odd poem, and not at all educated after 14. Education is in a far better place today than it was then.

            We argue bitterly over health nowadays but prior to the NHS there was no access to health professionals unless you paid, which most couldn’t afford. In our neck of the woods ,there was always some village midwife who knew how to nurse pneumonia, deliver a baby or set bones. Very rough and ready. Health is in a far better place today than it was then.

            Nowadays our children have tv, access to theatres and concerts and museums, music and dance lessons, sports from sailing to badminton, and they don’t have to work until they’re 18 or 22 if they go to college.

            My father, if he were alive today, would not recognise the life we now live.

            I know the sort of cultural things to which you are referring, but they are in the big scheme of things that does not much impact upon our daily lives.

            It is the little things that have made the difference and they have made things better not worse, even if there is still need for debate and room for improvement.


          • Anonymous says:

            @Nothing Better To Do

            Crikey, if your socially conservative you are actually a Fascist?


          • Anonymous says:

            No UKIP aren’t fascist. Poujadist is the term. Still toxic.


      • 88
        fruitcake says:

        The problem is persuading the sheeple to consider an alternative to a 2 and half party system that all share the same vision and single ambition of lining their own pockets.


    • 4
      Bazinga! says:

      Been saying this for ages. But UKIP is part of the establishment full of old right wing Tories.


      • 12
        Anonymous says:

        They couldn’t be further from the establishment if they tried, “the establishment” are the ones who are photoshopping Facebook feeds to smear them.



      • 13
        The EU has failed says:

        Liblabcon – liars, thieves and thugs.


      • 21
        You are wrong and wrong at your EU peril says:

        Crap. Trying to make out that UKIP is for old timers of he right wing persuasion is the now accepted attack method of LbLabCon and the Gardianstas, the are all over the air waves with this diatribe.

        It won’t work because they forget until recently Conservatives were the pro EEC party and Labour were the anti EEC party.

        There is no such thing as left or right when it comes to Europe, or age divide.

        They also tried the age divide hen it came to homosexual marriage as if somehow older people are less able to think rationally, well that is a nonsense but has not yet been challenged but the backlash will come as will the current LibLabCon put down of the Christian faith.


    • 81
      Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

      Just wait until the first coach load of Bulgarians arrive and see what happens to the UKIP vote.

      The establishment just don’t get it, look what has been happening this week

      Cameron is talking about arming the Syrian rebels – he doesn’t even know who they are

      Clegg is having a hissy fit about removing universal benefits for wealthy pensioners, without defining what wealth is.

      Libdems senior politicians implicated in a sexual harrassment scandal and Clegg says he new about it but not any detail – so that make it ok

      Stephen Timms and labour have done a U turn on free schools

      It just goes on and on week after week and all the while the real issues of the national debt, immigration, child porn, drugs, unemployment, law and order are ignored other than for an occasional sound bite


      • 107
        Anonymous says:

        500,000 immigrants under a Conservative PM, I would say it doesn’t matter if you vote Cons or Lab we will still be in the EU, immigration will still be out of control and the PC agenda will still be furthered.


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:



    • 27
      mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

      We don’t have any left, some fool sold it to stop a US investment bank going bust.


      • 37
        Peter Madelson says:



        • 101
          V1le Labour trashed my Country says:

          Geneva Banks say to the UK “please keep wasting your overseas aid as it’s all ending up in our banks”. This is making us all really rich as the African dictators don’t know what to do with it so they put it in their accounts with us. Thank you so much UK you are such mugs.


  3. 6
    Casual Observer says:

    Where are the other 600 or so other little piggies that have fucked off into the undergrowth, leaving this one stuck in the headlights?


    • 10
      nellnewman says:

      scuttled off into the undergrowth is right indeed. vaz and his sister , who is also, surprise surprise, an mp, were attracted to this little scan and then hastily scuttled away when the media spotlight turned their way.


    • 15
      Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

      UKIP are the only party fighting to end this corruption. Liblabcon are doing their best to preserve it – both in Westminster and in Brussels.


      • 25
        lolwut says:

        Holy christ, do you really believe UKIP are any different to what we have at the moment?

        Farrage already trousers enough money from his MEP expenses, and you think he won’t do the same over here?

        He’s a politician, so he’s a liar and a thief. It doesn’t matter what colour his rosette is.


        • 30
          Meanwhile, back in the USSR says:

          Who do you think is best then?


          • Londoner says:

            There are a lot of vested interests who want the public to expect less of the powers that be. Offering nothing but making all hopes of change seem distant and corruption and crime seem normal is part of their strategy.


          • Tommy Robinson. says:

            The future looks bright.


        • 54
          albacore says:

          And so, what would be your solution –
          An outright, bloody revolution
          Or just lie back and think of England
          (If you still recall a thought so grand)?


      • 61
        Nothing Better To Do says:

        Your faith in Farage is almost childlike and really quite sweet. It’s easy to be sanctimonious when not an MP but Farage is actually managing it whilst being a member of the most corrupt group of political whores on earth. Remarkable. Just remember he is a politician and therefore a criminal.


        • 77
          albacore says:

          Farage is the only game in town
          That’s not fixed to bring Great Britain down
          Sticks and stones, they might well break his bones
          But he shines bright over Daves and Tones


      • 114


        your comment is idiotic – UKIP have had 2 MEPs jailed for fraud – Tom Wise was sentenced to 2 years in prison for embezzling public money aided, wittingly or unwittingly by Tory would be PPC Lindsey Jenkins!

        UKIP Press Officers Clive Page conviction for benefit fraud, and Mark Croucher failure to settle debts of around £13,000 based on his attempt to make a malicious court case4 seemingly on behalf of UKIP.

        Derek Clark MEP found guilty by OLAF of misuse of public funds and ordered to repay the monies purloined as with Tom Wise, Graham Booth and other UKIP MEPs.

        Just as Stuart Agnew UKIP MEP & David Bannerman political prostitute currently ex UKIP MEP with Tories desperately trying to get a chance of a new seat on the Gravy Train with Tories in the EU’s UK Eastern Region! Both of whom are under investigation for abuse of the public purse as exposed by Daniel Foggo (Panorama: Patric Mercer MP exposure for cash for questions!) and The Sunday Times!

        Do not believe the UKIP spin – just look at their extremist, racist, anti homosexual partners in Nigel Farage’s sordid ‘Pan EU EFD Political Group’.



        • 116
          Burgers are bad for you says:

          Greg, while you are on, can you please get OLAF to dig out the past 18 years worth of EU accounts? We’d all like a quick peep. Much obliged.


  4. 7
    nellnewman says:

    I think the Members Register of Interests should be renamed Book of Bribes.


  5. 8
    Quentin & Tarquin says:

    Hurry up Dave. We can’t hold off much longer waiting for our conjugals.


  6. 14
    Labourunionsbbc = EU says:

    Please mister Barosso, why do they call it the G8 when there are nine of us? if you don’t mind me asking sir.

    Well, Rumpy, it wont be for long you see, I, err, I mean we, don’t really need France, Italy, Germany, and the UK anymore because I, I mean we, speak for them now, and my plan is to do away with them, and bring in Brazil, the sixth richest country, India, the ninth richest, and of course China, the second. After which we will be back to eight and I will be as important as Obama and Jinping.

    But wont Merkel, Hollande, Letta, and Cameron object?

    Letta is allready our man, and I make Merkel, Hollande and Cameron an offer they don’t refuse.

    Oh I luv you mister Barosso, can I still be president, please?

    We’ll see, Rumpy, we’ll see.


  7. 17
    Stephen Byers says:

    Anyone need a cab?


  8. 18
    You meet a nicer class of bumboy on this blog says:


    Get her.


  9. 19
    Pat M says:

    When I heard from a chap about Fiji
    I pranced like a galloping gee-gee!
    “Well, what am I bid?”
    He said “Two thousand quid!”
    And I sucked the cash up like a squeegee.


  10. 20
    Bernard Hyphen-Howe says:

    It just takes one bad apple to rot the barrel. And I should know!


  11. 26
    Mercenary Tactics says:

    I take it he declared these payments to prevent Guido from calling in the Old Bill.


  12. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Look at UKIP’s Welfare policies and see them for what they are “Tory’s” I am all for us leaving the EU but UKIP have to seriously pull themselves away from the right and regain some balance in their plans for the future before they can become a credible party.


    • 33
      Londoner says:

      People should not underestimate how fed up the general public are with the nanny state.


    • 39
      Bazinga! says:

      Well said. UKIP need to be radical and not simply ‘Tory lite’ but it’s not easy when most of your party is full of those who trashed our economy in the 1980’s


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      The welfare budget for London is bigger than the entire defence budget, do you not think this country has a problem with welfare? How much debt are we in again?


      • 93
        British policies for British Taxpayers says:

        They should class the London Welfare budget as foreign aid and be done with the other hand outs.


      • 117
        Benny Scroungers Esq says:

        Well, if all the benny scroungers of this world were moved to, say, Liverpool or Sunderland, then the problem in London would go away. Wouldn’t it?


  13. 29
    'Call me Dave' Dave says:

    So the Lough Erne waiter asked “what about the vegetables?”, and I said “They’ll have what I’m having!”.

    I think something must have got lost in translation as Vlad Putin didn’t laugh at all :(


  14. 35

    Well bugger me , the horse has bolted , i’d better shut this stable door


  15. 44
    Good with food ... crap with money says:

    £2000 eh? That’s handy. Why not buy Co-op Bonds and make an ethical investment in the Labour Party.


  16. 47
    Muscles says:

    Hasn’t Putin gone forms swim in Lough Erne yet?


    • 49
      Three Cheers for PUTIN says:

      Have to say, I am mightily impressed with Putin for pissing Obama off and wiping the grin from his smug face.


      • 57
        err says:

        Putin is the only of them who’s talking sense.
        The British public know this- why don’t our politicians?


    • 56
      nellnewman says:

      Apparently he did go for a swim in the lake because Obama got to the gym first and his security men wouldn’t let anyone else in.


      • 80
        Muscles says:

        The youtubes of the bi-lateral meetings with Putin and the others are hilarious. Well worth checking out.


  17. 48
    DELICIOUS says:

    LOL…. Labour are running scared of UKIP


    • 50
      Cockermouth says:

      And so they should be. UKIP could potentially wipe out the Labour party in large parts of the North.


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      The vast majority of the electorate are scared of Ukip.


      • 76
        Self determination or exist in a Socialist European Block? says:

        Yes, I suppose taking charge of your own destiny can be rather scary. But it’s better to have lived than not lived at all.


  18. 55
    nellnewman says:

    Is mercer like gordon going to try and hand on for another term in the 2015 election?

    I’m not sure whether one would classify them as limpets ar parasites. Possibly both.


  19. 58
    Owen Jones says:

    Really excited about going to Royal Ascot today!

    My boyfriend and myself look so pretty in top hat and tails,and we have a crate of Bollinger champagne to quaff.

    Oh what a gay day in prospect !


    • 97
      Mummy Jones says:

      Don’t forget the condoms Owen, otherwise you might get infected by the all those Old Eatonians poncing around at Arsecot


  20. 59
    The Office of Tony Blair says:

    Tony Blair, departing from the coasts of Tyre and Sidon, came unto the sea of Galilee. Twice.


  21. 60
    Chuka meets real people...for once says:


  22. 62

    Thank you and Goodbye !

    The message Dave will send to thousands of our troops today !
    I can’t help but wonder how many troops jobs could have been saved by holding this ludicrous G8 summit elsewhere , the cost of £60,000,000 would have helped quite a bit

    Where is All the money going ?
    Cameron seems to be cutting it with one hand and increasing the give aways with the other

    My guess is he is building a (hidden war chest) to pay the massive benefit claims , once the Eastern European invasion starts
    “Oh things aren’t that bad only a few turned up “will be the official line but behind the scenes they will be forking out billions and insisting that the E U is working
    you only have to go over to Yorkshire / Lancashire there are fuckin millions of them already here !


    • 65
      A real investment says:

      Hosting the G8 is money well spent. And proves the whole EUSSR thing is a load of bollocks


  23. 64
    Nigel Farage says:

    EU rules are preventing a local Cornwall pasty shop from selling its goods as, er, Cornish pasties. http://chn.ge/19M7jlq

    GET BRITAIN OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. 68
    UKIP's foreign policy is better than Barry Obama's says:


  25. 71
    Pathetic wife beater says:

    THAT’S what I should say when I beat the crap out of my wife! It’s just a playful tiff! Thanks, Charles!


    • 94
      the desire of chs cha cha. says:

      charles is all about desire. his.
      the law does what the law does.
      the focus is on the missing ” secretary”.
      un limited power goes to unlimited heads.
      the changemaker is missus.
      she is shackled by “lawson”
      “…move beyond the son and make the law.”


  26. 79
    Mr Putin THE G1 says:

    You 7 wankers can arm the Syrian rebels if you want , but i will be making shit loads of cash arming the regime , while you give yours away for Nothing
    Bozza !


  27. 83
    Pay your licence NOW! says:

    Officials have exposed some of the excuses people give for not having a television licence.

    One thought he was exempt because his pet corgi was said to be related to one of the Queen’s dogs.

    Another household claimed they merely used the glow from the set as a lamp to help them read.


    • 87
      The Law says:

      Number 2 is legal as long as there is no live telly on the screen.

      Not sure about number 1. As the TV licence is officially classed as a tax, are corgi dogs tax exempt?


    • 95
      The office of Sarah and Gordon Brown says:

      Pay a licence fee?
      I’m sure someone gets one from expenses for me.
      I only have BBC for the pets. The goldfish seem to like it.


    • 105
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      I haven’t paid it for 8 years now :-)

      Grow a pair and just stop paying it.

      The Aussies got rid of their telly tax by having a mass tax payers revolt in the 70s.


      • 115
        Cardinal Biggles says:

        Yes, but Oz still has the ABC, which is despised by people for the same reasons many despise the BBC here. It’s just funded out of general taxation I believe.


        • 123
          The off switch says:

          So be it, but we’ll all be 145 quid richer to spend on things we want rather than what other people say we want.


  28. 89
    Anon...........but Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    WHAT IF the Cons*Liela*borLeb*Dims have secretly conspired
    amongst themselves to have the election BEFORE 2015 either this
    autumn 2013 or May 2014 ?

    The good news stories are beginning to flow from the coalition…….

    Million Plus New jobs in Private sector !

    Pensioners have the fastest growing incomes !

    Action being taken on Tax avoidance !

    Plus many more being dripped every day into the public domain

    by helpful hacks & there editors.

    All HoC needs is a two thirds majority to dissolve Parliament as
    all THREE parties have a big vested interest to ensure that UKIP
    is destroyed as a result, especially with a MAY 2014 election @ the
    same time as the EUSSR elections which the Media in general
    are saying UKIP will win !!

    Don’t under estimate Cons*Lie*Labo*rLeb*Dims to use every
    dirty trick in the book plus more in there deception of the electors
    to ensure they retain POWER at any price.
    They will as they all inhabit the same rotten stinking cor*rupt se*wers !!
    & there is no difference between them…….


  29. 91
    The office of Sarah and Gordon Brown says:

    Idiot Tory.
    If he’d shoved the payments through a fake shell company, maybe even a convenient charity office, he wouldn’t have had to declare them at all.

    No time for a novice.


  30. 98

    I think the Labour Party is rather like Stemcor

    Except that they should repay us about £400 billion that they pissed up the wall one way and another


    • 124
      The off switch says:

      But as they have no money, it looks like we are just going to have to hang them all from the Westminster lamp posts instead.


  31. 99

    The BBC is clearly out of control

    Unaccountable apparachnics siging cheques for eachother at our expense

    Break it up and sell it off

    There are many potential bidders…


  32. 100
    Dave the Disaster says:

    Inflation’s up again. Yippee. Who cares about the National Debt. This will solve it.

    Fuck all those small savers and those on fixed pensions. All the deserving public sector and M.P.s are on nice gold plated inflation proofed pensions, so we’re all right.

    Poodle Tit.


  33. 110
    Anonymous says:

    We are no happier now than 50 years ago, just more comfortable perhaps.


  34. 125

    This dishonourable geez fell for this neat little con, hook, line ‘n’ sinker. Now he’s sunk for £2000. One must wonder and ask, how many other £2000’s has he cashed from other real lobbiest companies?


  35. 126
    Heike says:

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